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Chapter 1102 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

Chapter 1102 rainbowturtle's Thoughts

The elves suffered from a severe gender imbalance. Despite their long lifespans, they lacked breeding power and had a very small population. They were one of the smallest populations on the planet. However...

“Black thing...?”

“Your old colleague. I need the flesh of the fallen.”

“Let’s see. I don’t know what you mean.”

Today, the elves were occupying forests across the continent despite their small numbers. Why was this possible? That was simple. It was because they were supreme predators. As it had been revealed a long time ago, the elves were an upper species beyond the vampires and evil eyes. What if they didn’t seek harmony but wielded full strength? What if they retaliated every time they were exploited and betrayed by humans?

“Human, this is the final warning. Get out of the forest right now.”

“Shut up and tell me where the black thing is.”

“I’ll kill you.”

If so, the planet would’ve been divided between humans and elves. Five elves hid in a giant tree while watching the intruder. They shot at the intruder who had repeatedly disregarded the warning. There was no hesitation. After being betrayed once again by the human Kir and after one of the 12 Te fell, the elves awakened. They concluded that it was impossible to be in harmony with humans. The elves’ new policy was that they would rather reign over humans and defend their rights and nature.

“Human beings will have to realize this. We will no longer be swayed by you,” the voices of the elves echoed through the forest. Dozens of arrows turned the man into a hedgehog. The elves’ arrows were extremely fast because they had the blessing of the wind elementals.

Cough... The man coughed up blood. The name ‘Agnus’ floating above his head shook as he fell down. He was hit by dozens of beasts that emerged from the bushes. They gnashed, ripped, and clawed at the man, breaking his bones and destroying his insides. Blood poured out and stained the forest red.

“Go back.” The elves killed the invaders and came down from the tree to gather the predators. They looked back as they attempted to return to their original positions.

“It hurts.” The intruder, who they thought was dead, raised himself up. His mouth twisted as he turned his neck in a bizarre direction toward the elves. “It is annoying if you hide in the trees.”

“You... aren’t a human.”

Every life had an end. The notion of creating opportunities from death was contrary to providence. The elves got a chill down their spine and started to step back. As beings beyond death, they felt a strong rejection to it. The elves’ white skin contrasted with the dark hands that emerged from the ground. The hands grabbed all the elves and beasts in Agnus’ sight and absorbed their health, swelling and becoming more powerful.

Uh... Kuoock...

The elves with eternal youth started to age rapidly. The beasts had all their health drained, and they died. Meanwhile, Agnus was recovering from all his wounds. This was due to the transfer of vitality from the elves and beasts to Agnus.

“You persevered for a long time because of your long life.” The elves, who didn’t die immediately like the beasts, delighted Agnus. He approached the elves who were now completely old and grabbed the wrinkled neck of a white-haired elf. “Looking at the color of your hair, it is the same lineage as that black thing. I truly came to the right place.”

K... Kuock...

“Tell me the whereabouts of the black thing. Then I’ll kill you painlessly.”

“...Shut up. I... I don’t know.”

“Really? Then I’ll have to set the forest on fire to find her.”

There was no madness in Agnus’ gold eyes as he literally strangled the elf to death. With only one step left to achieve his dream, he was cautious and calm, unlike before. This meant he was even more brutal. He slaughtered all the remaining elves and turned his attention to the center of the bizarrely tranquil forest.

“Come out, Beniyaru.”

A dark elf, the first elf to accept demonic energy—her special body would be a wonderful vessel when combined with the Stone of Life... 

Agnus walked into the deep forest while feeling convinced by the information he had received. His dry hands held a portrait of his former lover.


[You have been defeated in a spar.]

[You have been defeated in a spar.]

[You have been defeated...]

Thanks to Grid, Teruchan was able to improve his characteristics and obtain new weapons. Not only did his attack power, defense, and health co-efficient rise, but he also gained the skills ‘5 Joint Attacks’, Bisect, and Crush which didn’t consume mana.

“Wow, it is hard to win.”

Grid had requested for a duel against Teruchan while waiting for Greed to proliferate, and he suffered a series of defeats. Did he find it unpleasant? Of course not. Grid was so happy that he wanted to cry. The damn game formula of ‘the strongest enemy will weaken the moment they become an ally’ was broken. Grid was pleased and grateful for his new colleague Teruchan’s outstanding performance.

‘The people who can beat him can be counted on one hand, regardless of whether they are players or NPCs.’

As King Maxong had demonstrated, the ‘peak of the species’ was better than the usual nameless NPCS. In fact, Teruchan was a huge level 500 NPC. There were few people in the world who could stand up to Teruchan wielding Failure, which weakened enemies more than 10 levels lower than the user.

‘I think Piaro and Mercedes can easily beat Teruchan.’

They were immune to fear and could see through all of Teruchan’s skills. The two of them also had high stats, so they wouldn’t be too affected by Teruchan’s stats. Of course, the racial characteristics of the ‘orc’ would put Teruchan ahead in strength and stamina. 

“Let’s stop. I’m so tired that I can’t move a finger.” Grid reached out in order to declare his surrender.

On the other hand, Teruchan was robust. As expected of the orc lord, he didn’t seem tired. “Grid. Gruruk. I would’ve lost if you had fought seriously.”

Haha, you don’t have to comfort me. I’m glad to have lost to you.”

Teruchan was very caring despite only being 19 years old. Grid smiled and brought up the information of the God Hands.

[God Hand]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: Infinite

Dexterity: 2,583  Strength: 1,795

An artifact created out of ‘Greed’ by Grid, who is becoming a myth.

Since it reproduces Grid’s hands, all items can be used without restrictions, and it can also act as a blacksmith.

Hexetia, the god of blacksmiths, is amazed by the phenomenal performance and covets it.

* 50% of the owner’s net strength and dexterity are applied.

* Can reproduce the owner’s unique skills. However, the power of the skills is limited to 30% and the owner’s mana is consumed when using the skill.

On the other hand, skills belonging to equipped items can be fully displayed without consuming resources. Buff skills will affect the owner.

* Has the Advanced Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship skill.

* Has Advanced Weapons Mastery and Shield Mastery.

* There is a high probability of triggering ‘Crush’ when attacking.

* There is a chance to trigger ‘Reconstruction’ when hit.

* Defense will increase by 10% in canyon terrains.

* The power of wide-area skills will increase by 20% in canyon terrain.

* Decreases the target’s defense and magic resistance by 10% when encountering great demons weaker than rank 22.

* If damage to the extent of destroying it is received, the durability is fixed for a minimum of 5 seconds. There is a 10% durability recovery after this effect is over (24 hours cooldown).

* There is currently no magic attached to it.

* Depending on the usage, it is easy to raise affinity.

Conditions of Use: Grid.

Weight: 21]

The new God Hands had a significantly improved performance compared to the old God Hands. Yes, it was only improved. There were no special changes. It was natural. The God Hands were items modeled after Grid’s hands. The essence of the God Hands was to reproduce Grid’s hands, so there was no reason for any special changes. The moment a change was made, they wouldn’t be the God Hands anymore. 

‘Don’t blur the essence.’

Grid reiterated again and again that Hexetia coveted the God Hands. He was very pleased that even a god coveted an item that reproduced his hands. Myth... 

He couldn’t help realizing that he was reaching the realm of the gods.

‘Will I really become a god when I reach the myth rating?’

In the past, he didn’t seriously consider this type of question. Now that he knew the reality of the gods, he was seriously curious. In Satisfy, the gods weren’t almighty beings. That’s why players could become gods as well...

Grid was troubled by the thought.

‘I want to increase the quantity of the God Hands.’

There had been limits to controlling the four God Hands. However, the new God Hands were items that made judgments and moved on their own. It was helpful enough to leave them unattended without controlling them.

‘I will be invincible if I make 100... Of course, that isn’t possible.’

The balance...

It was clear that some penalties would occur using the excuse of the game balance. He had to check how many God Hands he could hold.

‘Okay, let’s make a helmet and then some God Hands for a while.’

Grid was still using the degraded item, the Cone Helmet. It was uncomfortable, and he wanted to quickly change the helmet. Of course, it was a plan that could only be implemented after Greed proliferated.

‘Until then, I’ll decide where to use the Water Clan King’s Tear. No, it would be better to keep it for now.’

The Water Clan King’s Tears...

Previously, it was used to assign Magic Missile to the God Hands, but Grid’s current intelligence exceeded 3,000. Even though the second class ‘Great Magician’ was changed to ‘Duke of Wisdom’, Grid still hoped to learn Fireball.

‘Once Braham wakes up, he’ll see my increased power and teach me new magic. I’ll keep it in preparation for then...’

The tears of the water clan’s king were rare. He used to get one lot every five months, but recently, it was only once a year. It was because the number of times Maxong cried had reduced. He missed his dead daughter, but as a king, he declared that he should take care of his people. 

‘It is unfortunate but also a good thing. Well, I’ll leave the tears for now. If I use and disassemble then, I can’t overlook the possibility of them being damaged during the decomposition process.’

Learning new magic...

It was on the premise that Braham woke up, but Grid decided to feel hopeful. He believed that the more his intelligence rose, the more Braham’s soul would be restored and that Braham would someday wake up.

‘Okay, let’s hunt during this time. I have to work hard for Braham.’

It was at this moment when the determined Grid stood up that...



A girl appeared without warning. It was a girl whose presence made even Teruchan freeze. The dragon child—it was the appearance of Nefelina, who was a hatchling.

“W-Why did a shabby person like you come to this precious place?” Grid was so panicked that he twisted his words.

Nefelina frowned and brought up the main story. “The movements of the different species and the attitude of the great evil’s agents have provoked her.”

Huh? Grid was bewildered by Nefelina’s words. 

“The being who was deeply asleep.”


“The woman who can become the vampire king.”


“It seems that she is interested in the world.”

What a bolt from the blue? Once the absolute being of a different dimension was suddenly mentioned, Grid became speechless.

Nefelina warned, “I don’t want to lose my current home. You have to soothe her well.”

This was the end. Nefelina left without any further explanation while Grid, who was left behind, became as stiff as a stone statue.