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The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron
隐藏 显示工具栏

Chapter 467 - Supreme Growing Soil

Chapter 467 - Supreme Growing Soil

Inside the cave was pitch-black. However, to the Soul Eyes, it was almost as if there was no hindrance. Hence, Su Yu could clearly see everything within the cave.

The cave was not very deep, and Su Yu managed to reach the end with ten steps. He then realized that, at the end of the cave, there were another five to six smaller caves. Without thinking, Su Yu took out his cloak, and concealed his body and aura. After that, he chose a small passage in the middle and entered it quickly.

After just entering it, Xue Ling, who was behind him, managed to catch up with him with lightning speed. He stood in front of the five caves, and his face wore a ferocious expression.

Su Yu’s aura had disappeared at that point, and with the six passages in front, it was impossible for him to continue pursuing Su Yu. Xue Ling wore a dissatisfied expression, turned around, and left the cave. He then returned to the place below the blood red-colored light membrane.

He would not land himself in various dangerous situations again, at least not just to pursue Su Yu. Instead, he had to leave the place quickly, to ensure that he was in a safe place.

After exiting the cave, Xue Ling raised his head and looked at the top. He then immediately unleashed his spiritual energy, flew up, and approached the red light membrane. Xue Ling’s eyes brightened up. He had remembered that, when Su Yu used his spiritual energy to attack, the attack was reflected back.

Hence, he naturally would not use his spiritual energy recklessly. Instead, he chose to use his body! Xue Ling held his breath in concentration. He then gathered ten percent of his strength into his right palm, and attempted to hit the light membrane.


However, what caused Xue Ling to be shocked, was that a giant strength that was twice as strong, was reflected back, sending him flying. With a groan, a tiny bit of blood streamed down from his mouth. It was obvious that he did not suffer light injuries.

If the injuries caused by just a mere ten percent of strength were already so frightening, and if he had used his full power previously, there was a high chance that he would have been killed directly already. Xue Ling looked at the blood-colored light membrane with fear. His gaze then shifted, landing on the cave in the surroundings.

After thinking for some time, he used thirty percent of his strength to attack the cave. A deep hole was then created by his attack. However, after that, Xue Ling was stunned.

What came into view after the cave, was not the outside world. Instead, it was a silvery white-colored metal material, which was extremely hard. Also, it did not shake at all from the attack previously.

Filled with surprise, Xue Ling tried for a few times to move it. Up until the point where he unleashed his full power, he still could not do anything to the silvery white metal material at all!

His expression finally turned serious, and he chose a few different areas again. After breaking the cave apart, he found that, what came after the cave, was all the silver metal!

The whole interior of the monster was covered by the metal. With his strength, it was totally impossible for him to break open the body and escape!

“Damn it! This is all thanks to that damn little kid! If not for the sake of killing him, which caused me to be distracted, would I have allowed this monster to have its way?” Xue Ling’s forehead was filled with an extremely strong murderous aura.

If he had been more vigilant previously, there would no reason for him to not to have noticed the monster approaching him. Thinking about it, the monster had most probably set its mind on Su Yu and Xue Ling. Since both of them were focused on their matches against one another, it chose to attack both of them.

Thinking about that, Xue Ling was filled with even thicker murderous intents! His pale eyes brightened up, and he returned to the place where Su Yu had escaped with dissatisfaction. Within the cave, he chose the most right cave among the five caves, then entered it with a flash.

Back to Su Yu, who, after entering the passage, discovered that the small cave was linked to other caves. These other caves were linked to even more caves, and so on!

Those caves were linked to one another densely, and they were crisscrossed heavily. However, all the caves had passages. After choosing a few passages, Su Yu could no longer tell where he was heading. The good thing was that, when he felt that Xue Ling did not come after him, he was a lot more at ease.

After thinking for some time, Su Yu looked for a random corner, and tried to break the flesh wall. However, the results that he obtained were the same as Xue Ling. He was faced with an extremely hard layer of silver metal.

What caused Su Yu to be slightly astonished was that, it was unknown what kind of item was the silver metal. It was so tough and tensile, that it was frightening!

The Golden Scale Dagger could result in a white mark on the Eternal Stone King Armor, when it was scratched against the Eternal Stone King Armor. However, when the Golden Scale Dagger was scratched against the silver metal, a tiny bit of scratch appeared on the Golden Scale Dagger!

This caused Su Yu to find it unbelievable. Could it be that the silver metal within the monster was even harder than the Eternal Stone King Armor?

Su Yu was surprised and bewildered for some time. He then completely cast aside the idea of breaking the flesh wall, and focused on finding other exits.

Just like that, Su Yu shuttled back and forth within the caves. Half a day passed, and Su Yu felt extremely exhausted, as he had been using his Soul Eyes for a long time.

Combined with the continuous fierce fights from the ghost of the Evil Ghost Valley, to the Ghost Prison Envoy and then to the most recent Soul Seizing Palace, there was not enough time given to him to rest. Hence, Su Yu felt extremely exhausted at once.

“I need to find a place to have a good rest,” Su Yu said to himself.

Suddenly, a lump of fragrance, which caused Su Yu’s body to react, blew against Su Yu. That refreshing fragrance did not tally with his current location, which was a dark and moist environment that reeked of blood.

Su Yu’s expression changed, and he carefully headed toward the fragrance by feeling his way along the sides of the cave. Gradually, within the darkness, a facula appeared in front of him. It had come from the end of the passage, which was right in front of him.

Su Yu held his breath in concentration, and approached the front with great vigilance, while feeling along the walls. When he reached the end, he discovered that the facula had come from outside the cave.

Looking at it, he discovered that, outside the cave was actually a bright and beautiful ravine! The ravine was filled with greenery. Butterflies were flying all over, the grasses were tall, and the nightingales were flying about in the air. A peaceful and beautiful world was bathing in the sunlight.

What bright and beautiful spring scenery! Su Yu doubted his eyes slightly. Why would such a world exist inside the monster’s body?

When he raised his head to take a look, he saw that, on the flesh wall, close and numerous crystals were inlaid. Those crystals were the ones which were emitting a white light that made the ravine look especially bright.

Moreover, from the middle of the ravine, an abundance of spiritual energy was spread over faintly. This spiritual energy was prolonging the lives in the ravine, and also allowing them to grow.

Su Yu clicked his tongue in wonder. After looking once around around the area, he discovered that, only the cave that he was in led to the ravine, which could be said to be sealed.

Filled with curiosity, Su Yu entered the ravine carefully. When he stood atop a small hill, he discovered, surprisingly, that there was actually a thatched cottage, which was simple and crude, within the ravine!

Half of the thatched cottage had collapsed, and part of it had eroded. Hence, it looked like it had been present there for many years. Around the thatched cottage, there was a reclaimed nursery that was man-made, and it looked like it had been used to plant various kinds of food. However, at that very moment, it was filled with many different kinds of weeds.

Those weeds were clearly extremely normal grass. However, within the nursery, it grew extremely luxuriantly! It was ten times as big as normal weeds! Moreover, the spiritual energy in his location came from the soil of the nursery!

It was obvious that the nursery was not a normal place, and the soil within it was definitely not ordinary. After confirming that there were no dangers, Su Yu approached that thatched cottage, and entered it via the small cracks.

Within the cottage, most of the items had turned into dust over the years. The materials of furniture, such as tables and chairs, had all corroded as well. There was only a stone bed, which was filled with dust.

Moreover, atop the stone bed, Su Yu discovered, shockingly, that there was a body of a fox. From the looks of it, it had been dead for a long time.

Suddenly, Su Yu’s gaze turned serious, and he realized that, within the fox’s mouth, there was an emerald green-colored circular pearl. Su Yu made up his mind to take out the pearl.

What caused Su Yu to be shocked was that, the emerald green ball emitted a clear and blurry light immediately. The light shone upon the sky, and changed magically into a figure.

That was a snow white-colored fox. The fox’s whole body was filled with white hair, and there was not a speck of dust on it. It was also emitting layers of white light. Its emerald green eyes were crystal clear and clean, as if they were the purest eyes in the world.

At that very moment, it was lying on its stomach peacefully. Although it was clearly a fox, it gave Su Yu a feeling of magnanimousness, holiness, pureness and gracefulness. It was as if Su Yu were looking at a beautiful human woman.

“Has someone finally come?” the fox spoke the human language abruptly.

Su Yu was shocked. Was it a demonic beast, which was of the level of a Demonic Beast Emperor? No, even if it were a Demonic Beast Emperor, it would not be so intelligent.

“What you are seeing now, is an image that I have left behind. No matter who you are, as long as you take out my Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, you will become my successor, and become the Master of this ravine.”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu was shocked. An image that was left behind? He remained calm, and continued to listen.

“In the nursery within the ravine, the soil is the Supreme Growing Soil. It is a valuable soil-based treasure. Be it training or planting various kinds of rare fairy plants that cannot survive easily, its effect will be exceptional!”

“The Supreme Growing Soil in the nursery has been gathered by me during my whole life. Every grain of it is rare, and it can be used in exchange for a fairy level cultivation technique. Fateful person, all of them are now yours.”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu gasped coldly. Fairy level cultivation technique? A grain of Supreme Growing Soil could be exchanged for a fairy level cultivation technique!

Su Yu could not believe his own ears. His current location actually contained a nursery! Su Yu suddenly realized that he might have obtained an unimaginable treasure!

However, Su Yu calmed down quickly. For the fox to bestow all its items that it had collected for its lifetime for no reason, it was obvious that things were not as simple that…

“As long as you promise me one thing, this place shall belong to you!” The fox’s voice was gentle, and it said slowly: “I want you to go to the Demon World, and bring my remains to the demonic fox clan. Moreover, help me to pass on a message, saying that I have succeeded.”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu was extremely confused. The Demon World, what was that?

“If you agree to do so, please drip a drop of blood into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. This will then create an oath. If you do not complete the mission within a hundred years, your body will explode, and you will die.”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu’s expression changed slightly. Although the Supreme Growing Soil was precious, it was not to an extent where Su Yu would use his life to fight for it.

Moreover, if he wanted to take the growing soil away, he could have done it himself. Hence, why did he need to sign an oath with a dead person?

However, that white fox had already made preparations, and it said, “Within the Supreme Growing Soil, there is a seal. If you do not sign the oath, you will be unable to move it.”

“Similarly, for this Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, if you do not sign the oath, you will be unable to leave this thatched cottage. If you do not, an explosion will occur, and you will be destroyed, along with the ravine.”

That caused Su Yu to hesitate at once. The fox was extremely strange. He was afraid that the fox’s words were only eighty to ninety percent true.

After thinking for some time, Su Yu became lost in thought. After a long time, he gritted his teeth slightly, and offered a drop of blood.

A hundred years. It was unsure whether he could even live for a hundred years. Hence, it was natural for him to acquire the treasure in front of him.

After the speech, Su Yu dripped his blood into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, and the contract was complete. Within a hundred years, he must deliver the fox’s skeleton to the demonic fox clan, and pass on a message, saying that the fox had succeeded. That caused Su Yu to be extremely confused.

“Congratulations. This ravine is now yours, and you can bring it with you anywhere.”

A voice appeared in Su Yu’s mind abruptly.

Bring it with me anywhere? Su Yu was extremely surprised.