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Supernatural Bodyguard


His target was naturally the Sage Temple. Fighting 19 had three Empyreans behind it, so it was not easy to provoke them. But now that the Sage Herb Division was facing a calamity, perhaps there was a possibility for it to happen.

Three Cities, development zone.

At the gate of the beautiful school by the lake.

The profoundness of the Ancient Sand Heavenly Dao Technique was indescribable. At his current cultivation level, he could not possess a Martial Emperor, but he could possess a Martial Emperor first. Thus, he could not feel anything out of the ordinary.

"Aiya …" What the f * ck! " Zheng Haotian was struck, a cup of coffee was just bought, and then out of the gravity, it accurately splashed onto someone else's body. He hadn't even smelled it, or touched it with the tip of his tongue! At this moment, he was looking up into the sky with all sorts of speechless expressions …

"Oh!" "MyGad!" At the same time, the girl opposite of Zheng Haotian screamed in anger. Because the cup of coffee splashed on her and he began to dye her clothes. Of course, this was also because of her. If she hadn't bumped into Zheng Haotian, this cup of coffee wouldn't have flown from the cup onto her body and deeply kissed her clothes.

"The world is gone!" At the most crucial moment, the Martial Emperor activated some sort of secret technique, causing his own world of dust to suddenly collapse and explode.

"Girl, aren't you walking too fast?" Zheng Haotian helplessly said as he looked at the girl. I just bought a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Leaving him just like that, who did he offend this early in the morning? Thinking of this, Zheng Haotian's attitude must definitely not be good.

Moreover, the Martial Saint's Wonderland was split into three and did not condense any power. Even if they met force with force, Gu Dustsift had absolute confidence in controlling the sphere and breaking through the Martial Master Stage.

"Oh!" MyGad! I'm a walking tiger? You poured coffee on me and you say I'm a walking tiger? " The girl was unhappy.

It was impossible for Martial Emperors to trust anyone.

"Stop making a 'cough'. Spouting coffee is an instinctive reaction, because it was you who bumped into me first. It was you who was in the wrong." Zheng Haotian said in a speechless manner. It was easy for him, but he only had to live on eight hundred a month. Today, he was finally going to taste the legendary Starbucks. He hadn't even had a sip of it!

"Reporting to your majesty, I don't know either." How could Wu Dang have known that such a change would occur in his body? In an instant, he controlled various parts of his body. Then, he clasped his hands together, and his entire body emitted a forceful suction force. One tentacle after another began to emanate from his body, firmly taking root in the Martial Emperor's Tiny World, and forcibly absorbing the energy of the world.

"Do you know how much my clothes are worth? Several tens of thousands! They became a bunch of flowers just like that. In any case, you're in the wrong." The girl said rudely. The girl's name was Qi Dian, and she was nicknamed Qi Dian. Everywhere they went, there were a lot of suitors and Flower Protector, just like a princess arriving here. Other than the appearance of a princess, the essence was that of a tigress.

"Your majesty, this subject is willing to take the risk to help Your Majesty obtain the secret of the Dragon Creation Mantra." Wu Dang suddenly seemed to be in high spirits.

"Did you eat congee this morning?" Zheng Haotian looked at Qi Dian and asked.

At this moment, deep in Wu Dang's dantian's Qi Sea, a bloodline seed was born. This seed was the result of the transformation of the Ancient Sand Heavenly Dao Art.

"How did you know?" You followed me? You are also a fan of mine? Particle size? " Qi Dian looked at Zheng Haotian with his big eyes, and asked suspiciously. If he said that, then the other party was using this method to strike up a conversation with her.

"Anger? Yes, I am very angry. You are still arguing with me even though I don't have any coffee for more than ten dollars. Do you think I am angry? If it wasn't for the fact that you are a woman, I would have slapped you with my big mouth. However, you drank too much porridge in the morning, so your brain was completely muddled by the white porridge. Otherwise, I won't be finished with you. " Saying that, Zheng Haotian casually flung his hands. Whoosh! The empty cup was accurately thrown into the trash can. This was called being accurate!

Zheng Haotian shook his hands and was about to leave. He didn't get to drink Starbucks, but a brain-dead man found fault with him, so he decided to leave quickly. He couldn't care less about this stupid child. Going out early in the morning was not good! Who did I offend? Seriously!

"Oh oh oh? You're just going to leave right?" Qi Dian was immediately at his wit's end. She still needed dozens of dollars to dry clean her clothes. Why was this fellow preparing to leave? Did this fellow not take him seriously at all? No matter where she, Qi Dian, went, he had never been given such face before.

"First lady, you've made my coffee so bad, what do you want to do now? It's not bad that I didn't find your clothes to collect the coffee fee, okay? " Zheng Haotian rolled his eyes at this moment in time. Although pouring coffee was not a big deal, but meeting a highly brain-damaged person like Qi Dian, this problem was huge.

"You're the one who dirtied my clothes, alright? You must pay for the dry cleaning fee. "I told you, I'm not an easy target. Ah!?" Just as Qi Dian was standing on top of his body and speaking forcefully. A van suddenly stopped in front of Qi Dian. The car door opened, and a single hand directly grabbed Qi Dian inside, before leaving right after.

"Sure." The Martial Emperor said, "I will not only pass you the Dragon Nurturing mental cultivation method, I will even reform your true body so that you can cultivate the true body of the dragon that I have painstakingly cultivated!"

Zheng Haotian was stunned, he then shouted out: "What the f * ck, kidnapping!"

It was impossible for Martial Emperors to trust anyone.

"How can I ignore it?" Zheng Haotian muttered, and immediately caught up.

At the most critical moment, Gu Chensha even pushed this matter to Wu Dengkong. It could be said that he was meticulous and did not leave any loopholes.

As an arrogant fuerdai, Qian Chuanpai had chased Qi Dian for a long time yet couldn't take him down. This made him lose a lot of face, so he wanted to come up with this idea. He might as well just kidnap Qi Dian and start cooking. When the time came, everything would be settled.

"Very good, it seems like you have triggered your hatred towards Wu Dang Xing, and want to kill him." The Martial Emperor said, "Since you have that kind of thought, I have no choice but to help you. What are your requirements? We can all be satisfied. "

In fact, the power of the Qian Family and the Qi Family were similar. However, the biggest taboo amongst large clans was scandal, so even if Qi Family found out, they would only suffer.


"I didn't expect it to be you?" Qi Dian glared at Qian Chuanpai and said. The other party had always been courteous in their pursuit of her. She would never have thought that the other party would actually come up with a kidnapping like this.

Qi Dian had always lived in a beautiful world, so she had never realized that this world was actually not that beautiful. This world was actually dangerous. Now, even if he wanted to realize all of this, it was probably too late.

Of course, Martial Emperors were stronger than Xing Qian and Xing Sha.

"It's me!" Unexpectedly! How about it? Today, you were kidnapped by me. When the time comes, you will be one of my men. Even if you don't want to marry me, you can't. Anyway, he was in his third year. "In my fourth year, I won't be at school, so you can marry me." Qian Chuanpai said shamelessly.

"Hmm?" The Martial Emperor discovered that something was off. He immediately saw a squirming seed of a bloodline deep within Wu Dang's dantian's Qi Sea. He did not know what it was, but it looked like a treasure but it was not a treasure, a talisman but not a talisman, like a pill but not a pill, "Wu Dang, what is in your body?"

He had already planned everything. If only Qi Dian could win the bid today, then things would be even better. Next year, he might as well give birth at the hospital. After the baby is born, come back to the school to get your diploma. Actually, it didn't matter if he did it or not. Qian Family had a large background, he did not care about this graduation certificate at all.

"Even if I die, I won't follow you. You disgusting thing. " Qi Dian immediately spat all over Qian Chuanpai's face.

Today, she had finally seen Qian Chuanpai's disgusting side. She felt that it was a rather disgusting thing that she had known him for such a long time.

"Do you think you are a pure and strong woman? Tie it up for me! " Qian Chuanpai immediately ordered.

Immediately, the two boys inside the carriage tied up Qi Dian. This was an order from the Young Master Qian. No matter what the Young Master Qian wanted them to do, as long as the Young Master Qian opened his mouth, they had no other choice.

Qi Dian was immediately tied up, this time tightly, he was unable to move at all, even his mouth was covered by the tape. Now, even if Qi Dian wanted to spit, he couldn't.

The car drove on until it reached the Rich District. This was Qian Chuanpai's private villa.

"Thank you, your majesty!" Wu Dang seemed to have changed, his supreme spirit roused.

Under the bright sky, Qian Chuanpai directly brought Qi Dian into the villa. What he didn't see was that right after he entered, a figure quickly followed. The person who came, was Zheng Haotian.