Difficult to be a Concubine


Killing intent erupted from Qin Yu's body as he unsheathed the ancient sword in his hands.

Xiao Tong stared at the fine and fair hands, wishing for nothing more than to hug them everyday, and was grinning from ear to ear.

"Xiao Tong? "Don't worry, this ointment was prepared by my uncle's wife as backup. I heard it came from a tribute from the Western Regions, and the emperor bestowed some to my uncle's lord. My uncle's wife saw that my lady often came to my hometown, so she prepared a few boxes for my lady to prevent any accidents."

Chun Yi thought that Xiao Tong had been shocked, but any rich and knowledgeable servants, who had some experience, had all seen this tribute before.

Thus, he mocked him in such a disdainful manner.

"Oh, oh, I've seen it before in our Marquis's study, but I heard it was bestowed by the Emperor." Oh, oh, I've seen it before in our Marquis' study, but I heard it was bestowed by the Emperor.

Xiao Tong reached out to take the ointment in her hand, and said: "The method that Miss taught me is really effective, my hand doesn't hurt anymore now, after I apply some ointment on it, it should be alright."

His body trembled, and he suddenly stopped.

After he finished speaking, he sneaked a look at Chun Yi, his heart becoming more and more interested in this straightforward young lady, and fervently hoped that Yang Zixuan could quickly return with a beauty in his arms. In the spring, he hoped that Yang Zixuan would be able to marry Mu Rousang.

When the smoke and dust dispersed, he stared at Qin Yu who was in front of him, his eyes turning blood-red as if he had been possessed.

"Let me take a look. It really isn't as red and swollen as before. Why don't you take another shower for a while?"

The originally dark mountain belly instantly became filled with smoke and dust. Qin Tian used the smoke and dust to conceal himself, and violently shot everything on his body towards Qin Yu's direction.

Xiao Tong still wanted to say something, but when Mu Rousang heard the commotion inside, she immediately sent the spring wind out to ask.

"Are your hands better?" Spring, did you find the ointment? Young lady has instructed me, if I am unable to find anything, I can ask the village's doctor to come and have a look, so that I can be at ease. "

Xiao Tong hurriedly stood up and said: "There's nothing else. I'm going to rub some medicine on it to send the water over. My family's young master is still waiting for his thirst to be quenched."

When Chun Yi and Chun Feng saw that his hands were fine, they returned to the kitchen to talk and help Mu Rousang cook. It was only at noon that the two brothers were brought back, and they sat and chatted while eating tea.

Following a cold ray of light that emitted a ray of starlight, the darkness was instantly illuminated.

Mu Jinzhi thought of how the servant had come in a hurry to find him, and asked: "Little sister, why did you send someone to find me earlier? And you didn't mention it when I got back. "


She had just recounted what had happened earlier to him, causing Mu Jinzhi to instantly become angry, and he immediately ordered, "Go and find Manager Zhang right now."

Qin Yu felt that he had played enough with him.

"Young master, young lady, this servant has been waiting outside for a long time!" Zhang Fukang hurriedly walked in from outside.

Seeing his guilty face, Mu Rousang became annoyed and said indifferently: "You are right outside the door, there is no need for me to say anymore!"

He felt that his Wu Yuan had risen to another level.

Zhang Fukang came to the main hall and knelt down in front of Mu Rousang and his sister, then said angrily: "Please help me young master, this servant requests you to let go of that woman."

Hearing that, everyone felt shamelessness, Zhang Fukang's character was really bad, seeing that his wife was in trouble, not only did he not protect her, he even added insult to injury.

He felt that his Wu Yuan had risen to another level.

Seeing that everyone looked down on him, Zhang Fukang became more anxious and uneasy as he looked at Mu Rousang.

"Why?" In the end, she still asked. If the answer didn't satisfy her, she could only chase them out.

The poisonous short sword in his hand hacked towards Qin Yu crazily.

Zhang Fukang was afraid that the Mu Family would send the two of them off, and immediately replied, "This servant has already been married to her for more than eight years, but has yet to come out."

His strength was constantly increasing.

He had also seen the cook before, and laughed coldly: "Now we have to add another thief, this way there will be two out of seven."

"Young master, young lady, this servant was not aware of this matter before I heard about it. Because this servant was moved by uncle and aunt's advances, I did not dare forget my duty. That woman was always quarreling with me, and in the past few years …" He looked ashamed. "She moved to another room!"

At this time, Chun Yan returned with a Accounts and said, "Young Master, Young Miss, we've checked and found that you have lost all of your potential in the courtyard. All these years, there have been chicken, rabbit, lotus seeds, eggs and all sorts of dried goods that amount to more than four hundred taels of silver."

"What?" 'This bitch, this is what this servant meant when he taught her a lesson. Young master, it doesn't matter if you tied her up for sale or beat her to death, this servant definitely won't complain at all. "

Zhang Fukang was flustered and exasperated, no wonder she was not willing to share the same room with him. All these years, he had already been full of money, but the amount of silver he had earned in all these years was only a hundred liang.

"Roar, Qin Yu, I want to kill you!"

"Zhang Fukang, you really don't know about this?" Mu Jinzhi stared at him coldly, while Mu Rousang had long since sent people out to investigate quietly.

"Young master, this servant really doesn't know. She usually likes to go to the town, and because this servant's uncle is old and has to take care of the orchard, she must have gone out to sell her things while he wasn't looking."

Zhang Fukang originally had a very good relationship with Fu Kang's wife, but after Fu Kang's wife came here, he slowly moved, and started to dislike Zhang Fukang more.

The short sword was soaked in extremely poisonous liquid. Once the dagger stabbed into it, one would die without a doubt without the antidote.

"Before today, she made a fuss about being separated from me, and I thought that my name would live or die with her, so I did as she said. I waited for young master, for young lady to come home and decide for me."

Mu Rousang lamented how ignorant she was. Looking at Fu Kang's wife, his delicate and pretty appearance, she never expected his to be so greedy.

"Forget it, get up first, if what you said is true, then big brother and I will listen to you. Moreover, if we committed the crime of stealing, then we should stop. "Go on, search her room!"

From time to time, Chun Yun brought someone to collect some things and brought them over to Mu Rousang. "Miss, there are 300 taels of silvers here, there are also several pieces of jewelry, but I am still short of 100 taels of silvers."

Following that …

"This servant knows!" Zhang Fukang suddenly shouted, scaring everyone present, Mu Jinzhi asked: "You know? "Speak!"

His body trembled, and he suddenly stopped.

Her family seems to have bought dozens of acres of fertile land, leading to the rise of a rich family. Speaking of which, this silver has come from an unorthodox origin, but, can this servant be afraid of young master and young lady falling from grace? Zhang Fukang originally did not take it to heart, and thought that his wife's brother had done something.

Mu Rousang touched her forehead, what the hell was going on, she could tell that Zhang Fukang was not a heartless person.

"Forget it. You can stay here for now. I've already sent some people to investigate this matter. I believe the truth will soon be revealed."

Qin Tian held his sword, every move was a killing move, aimed straight for Qin Yu's vital points.

In just a few breaths of time, Yan Mo came in and reported: "Young master, young lady, this servant has already inquired outside, all these years, Manager Zhang and his wife have not been on good terms, and all the outsiders know, just that Manager Zhang himself also married an outer village's young lady, and placed her in a small courtyard in the village, and have not heard of the rumors before."

The road suddenly turned.

Faced with Qin Tian's method of fighting, which was almost like a hooligan's, Qin Yu naturally chose to avoid it.

Amongst the few of them, only Mu Rousang looked at Zhang Fukang in shock. She was also a villainous person, but after seeing the other three, she had a look of shock on her face, and then she thought to herself: Is it true for all the men in the world? Their three wives and four concubines were as ordinary as drinking water. Unknowingly, their hearts felt even more stuffy.

"Roar, Qin Yu, I want to kill you!"

Yang Zixuan was the first to realise that Mu Rousang's expression was amiss, and then he thought about what had happened just now, and knew what she was thinking. He felt that her jealousy was funny, and thought that she was stubborn, and wouldn't accept it.

He continued, "The two of you should check if he is greedy. If he is, then you can sell him at once. If he is not, then you can only allow that woman to kill him, sell him, or send him to the government."

Mu Jinzhi originally wanted to just directly sell it, but Mu Rousang said fiercely: Go get someone to send her to the officials later. It's not like the silver in my house came from the wind, it's not even worth a hundred taels of silver, what's the use of that?

Although she despised Zhang Fukang's actions, she knew that this was normal in the men of the Great Zhou Empire. She could only helplessly accept the fact that marrying a wife was someone else's problem.

At this time, Shi Shu also came in to report: "Young Master, Young Miss, the Accounts s have registered that the harvest has not changed much, it's just that the consumption of some tools and output of the fields are slightly different, but the difference is not too great. Every year, it's only a matter of less than two hundred kilograms of grain."

He felt that his Wu Yuan had risen to another level.

She could not ask Zhang Fukang for even the slightest bit of profit. As long as they were able to get a decent harvest on the books, she would not probe further: "I know about this, sometimes I'll produce more, sometimes I'll produce less. However, the production in the fields over the years has not increased by much, and it's always good."

Zhang Fukang broke into a cold sweat after hearing this, and was carefully considering how he should answer when he heard Mu Rousang mutter to himself, "However, he's not too far off from that Guan Tian.

He suddenly roared like a beast, and then pounced towards Qin Yu.

Even if Zhang Fukang did something to it, it was unlikely for it to be too big, because every year there would always be a registration on the books. Moreover, once the grains were taken and dried, they would immediately be sent to the rice shop.

"What lady says is right. This production is to watch the sky while eating. Fortunately, the harvest these years is not bad."

Following a cold ray of light that emitted a ray of starlight, the darkness was instantly illuminated.

Mu Jinzhi also knew what was going on, Mu Rousang was just beating him up, she laughed: "You just have to take care of your work, the two of us will not treat you unfairly, hearing Yan Mo say that your wife is new."

In the blink of an eye, fifteen minutes had passed, yet Qin Tian did not even have a single strand of hair on Qin Yu.

When he heard Owner's question, he hurriedly replied, "Yes, because there has been no such thing as a descendant, this servant feels deeply guilty towards my parents and ancestors!"

He felt that his Wu Yuan had risen to another level.

Mu Rousang knew that Mu Jinzhi was secretly reminding her, and laughed: "Speaking of which, when Manager Zhang married, we had never had a cup of water before!"

Following a cold ray of light that emitted a ray of starlight, the darkness was instantly illuminated.

Zhang Fukang was perspiring cold sweat on his forehead. He didn't know if she meant this in joy or anger, afraid that his eight years of hard work would be wasted if this young lady who had been in charge for so many years got angry.

Qin Yu looked at him in ridicule and said slowly.

"Because young master and young miss are in the Shu City, this servant does not dare to disturb the two lords, not to mention that even though they are an equal wife, they have only invited a private matchmaker to marry them!"

"Take a guess, where did I get this sword from? If you guess correctly, I'll spare your dog life!"

A few of them had never interacted with these before, and did not understand the meaning behind Zhang Fukang's words. When he saw that the two masters did not speak, he could not help but be anxious.

, who had always been by Mu Rousang's side, warned her in a low voice, "Miss, you should have written a note about the heptachlor s that you sent to the official media palace to help them trade in the heptachlor s.

Killing intent erupted from Qin Yu's body as he unsheathed the ancient sword in his hands.

"Wasn't it written by his parents?" Mu Rousang asked, puzzled.

"Miss, although it is the orders of my parents and the words of the media, Manager Zhang has already signed the death contract, so she is a member of the Mu Family.

His entire being had lost its rationality, and his faith had long since been replaced by murder.

Aunt Liu knew that she had never heard of this before, so she explained everything to her clearly.

Qin Yu felt that he had played enough with him.

"Got it, you go back first. Tomorrow, I will send someone to take your two heptachlor to the official media palace to report it."