Transmigrate with Profound Sky


"!?" This scene caused Lin Qingrou's body to tremble. It was as if her heartstrings had been broken, causing her to turn pale with fright. She was so frightened that she could not believe her own eyes.

Lu Xiaofeng felt as if he had been struck by a ten thousand jin iron hammer, the huge boulder in his hand shattered into pieces, the snake tail's might did not decrease at all as it struck Lu Xiaofeng's body. An unimaginably immense power caused Lu Xiaofeng's body to be sent flying backwards, fiercely smashing into the stone wall and then bouncing up and rolling down the mountain wall. He then crashed onto a rock and stopped his falling body. Lu Xiaofeng wailed and spat out a mouthful of blood, then stood up shakily.

However, after she finished her sentence, she realized … It couldn't be transmitted!?

It was also because Lu Xiaofeng's body was too strong, that he was not severely injured from such a strong impact. If it was another person, even if he did not die First Rated Expert, he would have at least lost half of his life, when Lu Xiaofeng just stood up the giant python howled towards him, Lu Xiaofeng immediately dodged and the giant python shot forward again, but the tail once again struck towards Lu Xiaofeng. Lu Xiaofeng took a horse stance using his Qi and used both of his hands to grab onto the giant python's tail, locking the giant python's body with both of his hands, causing Lu Xiaofeng's body to sway a few times. Lu Xiaofeng could now lift a weight of nine hundred kilograms with one hand. It could be said that beneath his arms, there was a power of over a thousand kilograms, which had already reached the limits of the human body's muscle strength, and under the threat of life, he displayed extraordinary strength, which also meant that he possessed a strength of nearly three tons. In addition to the miraculous effect of the Ancient Wu Thousand kilograms Pendant, Lu Xiaofeng, whose weight was not even one tenth of that of a python's, was actually able to throw the giant python into the air and roll it down the mountain under his own weight.

An enormous wave suddenly exploded without any warning, and in the midst of the separated enormous wave, a purple light pierced straight towards Feng Xue'er's chest … After the purple glow, Lin Qingrou's hair was in disarray, and he was completely naked. Her eyes were filled with violent hate, as if she was an irreconcilable enemy!

Lu Xiaofeng heaved a sigh of relief, then felt that his muscles were a little sore. Evidently, he had used too much strength, and had exceeded his own limits, so his strong body had to bear a lot of pressure. As soon as he arrived at the foot of the mountain, he received a crazy attack from the giant python. Although the giant python did not have any intelligence, it had been injured twice today by the little guy in front of him, and although it did not receive any injuries, it was extremely painful. Thus, Lu Xiaofeng activated his beast nature and hurriedly sent the giant python into the thistles and shrubs in front of him. The giant python's strength was too great. It would do him no good to drag it down, but he had no choice, and barely dodged the giant python's powerful tail whip. The huge force smashed into a large tree beside him that was being embraced by two, and with a loud 'ka!', the huge tree suddenly broke apart and started moving towards Lu Xiaofeng, its momentum becoming extremely stable, Lu Xiaofeng did not dare to block it, and immediately leaped forward, not expecting the giant python to take the chance and charge towards him. The big mouth of the giant python wanted to devour him, but Lu Xiaofeng could not avoid it. He channeled his inner strength to his right palm and struck the giant python's head.

In the south of the Profound Sky Continent, countless profound beast let out terrified howls under the terrifying auras. They either scuttled around like headless flies or trembled uncontrollably. Everyone raised their heads to look towards the south. In front of their widened eyes, the southern sky was actually split into red and purple … An indescribable feeling told them that it was the light of fire. It was a light that could even pierce through the heavens, something they could not understand.

This time, he did not use his physical strength but used his inner force to use Wu Dang's absolute cotton palm. The power of his cotton palm was huge, but when it reached the Large Success stage, he could smash the huge rock underneath the tofu, but the tofu was not damaged at all, it was a kind of mystical inner force that was similar to beating a mountain apart a cow, although Lu Xiaofeng's inner force was not strong enough, with Zhang Sanfeng's memory and the Xiantian Qi's mystical powers, he could still barely manage to do it. Lu Xiaofeng believed that no matter how strong the scales on the giant python's body were, they would definitely be injured. It was too late, he was enveloped by the purple qi. Lu Xiaofeng immediately held his breath, but it was still too late, his body immediately felt weak, his head started to feel dizzy, and Li Xiaofeng's body started to feel dizzy. The Xiantian Qi helped him out this time, and quickly forced the poison out of his body. His strong body quickly came to its senses, but the crisis had just started, and Lu Xiaofeng felt his body tighten, as if a huge rope had tied him up. A terrifying term flashed in his mind — — python strangled.

This enormous python had clearly undergone some unknown mutation. It had a huge body, was invulnerable to swords and spears, and even had extraordinary strength; it could even shoot poisonous creatures, but it still maintained the characteristics of a huge python. The giant python took advantage of the opportunity and in the blink of an eye, it had circled around his body several times, firmly entrapping him within it. Only Lu Xiaofeng's flowing head had begun to contract with force outside, immediately causing Lu Xiaofeng to feel an enormous pain, as though he had been shackled by a huge iron chain. any air then suffocated to death under the enormous pressure emitted from his body. Although Lu Xiaofeng had once experienced a python killing its way through half a year of wilderness, and finally escaped by relying on his teeth, that python was only six meters long. Today, what he was facing was a gigantic python with a body that was over twenty meters long, so even if he used his sword, he wouldn't be able to injure it a single bit, let alone teeth, unless he used a Heaven Leaving Sword. However, Lu Xiaofeng didn't have time to think about those useless things at this time. He only wanted to live, and under the python's endless strength, he immediately found it difficult to breathe, his chest felt stuffy, and a surge of turbid air was forcibly pressed down into his chest cavity.

Even though his body was being wrapped by the python's full step and could not be seen anymore, it was obvious from the way the veins on his face were popping up and his face was turning purple due to lack of oxygen. Just like the sinister look of a demon from hell, it was obvious how much pain he was enduring, the strength of his muscles were starting to dry up and Lu Xiaofeng's brain had already started to become blurry. It was as if the turbid air was squeezing his energy which was hidden inside his muscles more and more and more tightly, as if it was burning it and the zhenqi's internal energy was also not being controlled at all. Due to the lack of oxygen, all of the muscles in his body became as stiff as zombies and the last bit of vitality was being squeezed out, the berserk in his body truly became faster and faster, and also started to boil. If Lu Xiaofeng was awake, he would feel that the energy flowing in his veins was not zhenqi s but lava, and the turbid air in his chest had also compressed to the limit.

In the eyes of everyone, Lu Xiaofeng was already dead. Because he was suffocating due to exhaustion, in the next moment, he would have all of his bones broken by the giant python and then be swallowed. But a miracle usually happened at this moment, which was Lu Xiaofeng's second choice. The air wave suddenly collided with the turbid air in his chest during the high-speed circulation, and struck the bottom of its flames with the fixed needle. The huge rumbling sound continuously exploded in Lu Xiaofeng's chest, and the already stopped heart beat crazily due to the intense stimulation, and the exploding air wave merged into his heart, followed the beating of his heart, dissolved into his blood vessels. The blood vessels that had been compressed to the limit due to the energy released by the outside as well as the blood that had been stopped flowing in the veins … Every cell in the body was filled with this energy, and the cells that had consumed all of their energy to face death once again obtained the motivation to greedily absorb the energy like cotton absorbing water. The energy undulations caused by the Xiantian Qi began to split and reform, and the muscles in his body also began to vibrate as the energy undulated. This was the end of the description, but in reality, it happened in an instant.

A Profound Practitioners of a lower realm had a level of profound arts that was far above hers … She had never heard such a ridiculous joke in her life!

The explosion continued for less than an incense stick of time. Every time the explosion occurred, there would be one in the lungs of the chest. After the air wave entered his blood vessels, it started to walk through every corner of his body. His dead body seemed to be filled with vitality as it continued to walk through the clear air and the Xiantian Qi s. The giant python's fate was not as good as Lu Xiaofeng's. Every time it exploded, Lu Xiaofeng's muscles would shake intensely and quickly, reaching ten thousand times in a second, and no matter how high the frequency of the vibrations, the energy would frantically enter the giant python's body, shattering its internal organs and blood vessels. No matter how powerful its life force was, it could not withstand such heavy injuries.