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Rebirth: Charming Qingluo
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C1 "If anyone offends me, I will return the favor."

C1 "If anyone offends me, I will return the favor."

Xiao Xin thought about it, then shook his head. Xiao Ting was surprised.

1. If anyone offends me, I will return the favor

"Third Miss, Mother Song has brought the new coat over. Would you like to take a look?"

Mo Li's cheerful voice came from outside the house. Following the sound of his footsteps, the curtain was opened and a girl wearing a green jacket and a light green skirt walked in.

Xiao Ting became more and more curious, and said coldly: "Promise, number one, in the future, everything for Chu Yun …"

About eleven or twelve years old, she stood respectfully by the door when she entered. Although there was happiness on her face, there was worry in her eyes. The Third Miss had woken up after falling down the stairs. Something was wrong.

Some of the quieter people became quieter, with headaches from time to time. Thinking about what had happened to the third miss in the past few years, Mo Li could only sigh, not having a mother.

"What?" "It's shocking news. Uncle Wang is famous for not getting close to women. How did you do it?"

Being trapped in this shabby little courtyard, he only served around three to five people, and they all ate poorly. If it weren't for the fact that children grew so fast, they probably wouldn't have been able to make a single set of clothes in three to five years.

"Come, come, let me pour it for you." As he spoke, he took out a small box from his bosom. After opening it, he saw two jade cups that were exquisite to the extreme.

This time, the reason why the Third Miss was able to make a new coat was because the Madam was taking the Third Miss to the banquet. For fear of losing face, the Third Miss was forced to make it, but she didn't know if she could be happier after making a new coat.

Third Miss had always been very good to her servants. Whether it was to her wet nurse, or to herself and Mo Ju, or even to the girl who cleaned the yard, she was gentle and gentle, and she had no idea how good her character was.

Xiao Xin obediently went forward to pay his respects, looking like he had a clear conscience.

Why did the madame always find the young lady's actions unpleasing to the eye, always being picky about the young lady's faults, saying that she was bad at doing it, then it was wrong, causing the old master to punish the young lady several times to keep her grounded, and more often than not, the young lady would not leave the courtyard again.

This time, they were going to the banquet because the third young miss was at the age where they should discuss marriage and needed to go out with the matriarch. After all, she was a lady of a boudoir.

Besides, the young miss had never gone to a banquet before, so she had no choice but to bring the third young miss out because she was afraid of being talked about. Everyone knew this and only the master was confused, thinking that the third young miss was being rude and unruly.

"Hmm? Who is it? How do you know? "

He was happy for the third lady and could finally walk out. Even if he couldn't walk around, it would be better to stay in this small yard and worry about the third lady.

Only then did Chu Yun look around and say, "natural son knows who attacked the Duke Palaces that night."

Although he said that he was taking her out to the banquet, in reality, she was just going out to be looked at by people. However, with Eldest Miss and Second Miss up front, how could Third Miss possibly find a good family?

"Bring it in, let me see what it looks like."

Hearing the voice coming from the inner room, Mo Li was still in a daze. This was the first time the third lady opened her mouth since she woke up, and Mo Li was unable to react.

After a while, he returned.

Xiao Ting was dumbstruck, what kind of king was this King Rui? It must be the royal family again.

"Yes, Third Miss. This servant will go now."

He happily turned around and ran out of the house. The third miss finally opened her mouth, she was worried that the young lady had fallen down and become an idiot.

Even after dinner, he was still a little drunk.

In the past, she hadn't said much, but it wasn't as if she hadn't said a word. However, during these three days, the Third Miss hadn't said a single word. Mo Li was so worried that she didn't know what to do.

Xiao Ting was dumbstruck, what kind of king was this King Rui? It must be the royal family again.

He turned around and ran out of the room with a fresh coat in his hands. He walked straight to the door of the inner room and softly replied.

The two chatted as they drank.

"Third Miss, I've brought the coat, your servant will come in now."

"Come in."

With the third lady's permission, Mo Lai carefully opened the door to the inner room and carried his jacket into the inner room. A quiet woman sat in front of the makeup table.

Her long black hair was tied up in a bun, and she was wearing a small pink coat. Looking at her, Mo Li could not help but feel sad, this coat was not as new as her own.

Princess Zhao Hua was very curious about her good friend's gossip, and did not care if the target was her elder.

The Madam was afraid that if she walked around the mansion with Moyu, she would be seen to be too old for any stranger to be able to see and lose the people in the mansion.

As a result, when it came to the season, he had followed the house's rules to make a new set of clothes for himself and Mo Ju, but for the young miss, as she had been out of the courtyard for years, her clothes were inferior to his.

"Why are you standing there? Bring the coat over here."


Hearing the Third Miss's words, Mo Li hurried over and brought the coat to the Third Miss.

Hong Shao who was guarding outside looked at the other maids expressionlessly, and said: "No one is allowed to speak of what has happened today."

Third Miss, the Mother Song has brought the coat over. Your clothes do not look good, but if it fits, she will make the appropriate size for you to wear, but …

"Then Ruichi, do you really plan on letting him go?"

Mo Li wanted to say something but hesitated. He was initially happy for his mistress, but now he had new clothes. However, when he saw the coat, he couldn't help but be angry. This was clearly an ill-intentioned action.

The Zhaohua nodded and waved for everyone to go down. She then opened the seal and said: "I'm guessing you've never drank it before."

"What's wrong?"

Zheng Qingluo looked up. Mo Li was at a loss as to what to do under her bright eyes. It took him a while to suppress his displeasure.

The master was powerful, and the servant girl also established her prestige. Hong Shao, who was beside Xiao Ting, had become more and more impressive, and had even cleaned up the servants of the palace.

"This servant feels that this color does not match up to yours. If I go out to a banquet, this color is too gorgeous, it will make you appear too ostentatious."

She was also an attentive girl. Zheng Qingluo's heart skipped a beat and she reached out to take the coat. Just by touching the coat, she knew it was just top quality material, but because of its gorgeous color, it covered up the material's deficiency.

In this newly opened spring weather, the coat was obviously thinner. Needless to say, the servants saw that she had fallen out of favor, so they openly bullied her. Of course, it could also be due to some lady's coaxing.

Third Miss' position in the mansion really isn't that great. Zheng Qingluo laughed at herself while pinching her jacket. Who's better than anyone else? She herself once wore a gold and silver dress, calling out servants and girls to please her.

Xiao Ting curled her lips, "If you don't let me go, I will go tell the Duke."

However, the end result was not as good as this Third Miss. Even if Third Miss didn't have any status, she was still better off than if she had lost her life. Unfortunately, she thought that she was smart, but was tricked by someone and ended up losing her entire fortune.

They were all slightly drunk.

Fortunately, the heavens were kind enough to let him have the chance to start over. He could do it like this as an inner chamber. There was no struggle for fame, no gain, and there was nothing bad about living a normal life.

However, Chu Yun hid the thing in her hands behind her back and proudly greeted Zhaohua. She completely ignored Xiao Ting.

So what if she was the prettiest in the capital? It was just a piece of dirt now. However, that tall and handsome figure had become the last scene of her life.

"Um, aren't you going to stop him?"

Zheng Qingluo tried out the coat, and it fit her perfectly. She put on the old one and stuffed it into the hands of Mo Li.

"Mo Li, take it over to the Mother Song and have her make the skirt and inner clothes."

In the end, the guards turned around and ran over to report to him, telling him that it was impossible for him to say that they were the ones who said it, as the princess and young son would toy with him to death.

"That's it?"

"This king is actually worried for King Rui!"

"What else do you want?"

"Yeah, what do I want to do? Even if Third Miss says she doesn't like it, who would listen to it?"

"Which little fatty?" Xiao Ting blinked, and asked suspiciously.


Xiao Xin worriedly looked at the tall walls of the courtyard, then looked at his own small body, and felt a bit discouraged.

Mo Li's heart was clogged with pain.

"Silly girl, how many years have you been like this? Why aren't you used to it? Since life can't be shifted away from our expectations, why not just live it up? Why bother looking for trouble?"

Yuchi Snow laughed coldly in her heart. Back then, she was in the wrong for the Ninth Prince and was forced to do so. Now, that person still dared to take the initiative to provoke her.

"You're quite open-minded."

Mo Li was on the verge of tears, so he turned around and left the room. Zheng Qingluo heard her footsteps pausing for a moment, then she left the room, feeling relieved.

Mo Li must have dried her tears and calmed down before she left the room. This Third Miss, with such a clever and capable girl by her side, had led a life like this. It was really hard for her.

Zheng Qingluo slowly sat back on the stool in front of the makeup table. In the last three days, besides eating and sleeping, she had been sitting here thinking about her previous life.

"This king is actually worried for King Rui!"

He was originally the eldest daughter of the Marquis of An, surnamed Zhao Min Yan. She had been pretty since a young age, was very smart and cute, was extremely favored by his parents, and his father was the third generation Marquis of An in the capital.

The duke of An, who had five generations of lineage, was one of the few noble families in the capital. He had followed his mother into the palace since he was young because his own people were sweet. He was well liked by the empress dowager.

The master was powerful, and the servant girl also established her prestige. Hong Shao, who was beside Xiao Ting, had become more and more impressive, and had even cleaned up the servants of the palace.

Seventh Prince was the son of the Grand Consort, but the current seventh brother of the Emperor was almost twenty years away from the Emperor's current age. He was doted upon by the Emperor and was raised like a son by the Emperor.

As a result, he had been surrounded by his parents and had studied diligently. He didn't dare to say that he was proficient in zither, chess, painting, and so forth. He was also a rare rival of a young lady.

Thinking about his previous life, his looks and appearance were incomparable to anyone else. His name had spread far and wide in the capital. Among all the ladies of famous sects, perhaps no one could match him.

However, when he was about to turn 15, he was framed by Aunt Liu and his concubine sister Zhao Mingzhi. Taking advantage of the spring feast, he let the man barge into his room.

"This king is actually worried for King Rui!"

Although he reacted quickly and his servant girl and mother chased him out in time, he had already missed the opportunity. Zhao Mingzhi, who was standing on the left side, shouted and spread the news, making him lose his reputation and his family's face.

The wedding naturally ended there and he was sent to the main hall by his father with the green lamp and the ancient buddha. Fortunately, at that time, his temperament was still quite calm and he didn't feel too miserable.

Only the two of them dared to say it.

He read and played chess every day in the Cathedral, and in his spare time he learned some medical skills from the head of the Hall, and helped the nunnery to look after the patients who came to him for help. Since there was no wealth in his life, he did not insist on it.

Chu Yun arrogantly said, "The son of the King Rui."

He had thought that he would always be like this, bland and indifferent until the end of his life. However, he had never expected that after the heavy rain, the mudflow would bury him under the mud, causing his soul to shatter and his body to shatter.


Zheng Qingluo looked at herself in the mirror on her makeup table. Within the finely polished bronze mirror, she saw a beautiful young girl with skinny bones. Her appearance was quite dignified and elegant, with delicate eyebrows and big eyes, and a straight nose.

It was just that he was too thin, his cheeks were sunken, and his skin had a tinge of dark color. At first glance, he looked malnourished, but when he gripped his wrist, it was as thin as a stick of firewood.

"Then what are you going to do?" But what did it have to do with her? She was the Ninth Princess.

Zheng Qingluo couldn't help but shake her head. This was her life. Looking at the situation, if she wanted to live in peace, she could only ask for more.

Xiao Ting was dumbstruck, what kind of king was this King Rui? It must be the royal family again.

In his previous life, he didn't want to fight over it and he wasn't going to end the day peacefully. In this life, he wanted to find peace and quiet and see if there was anyone who could stir up this spring's spring water.

To live a new life was the blessing of the heavens. He could not lose his life like he did in his previous life. If he could not find peace and tranquility, then the world would be turned upside down.