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The Strongest System

Chapter 434

Three days later…

A thousand miles away from the Glory Sect, on a continuous ridge of valleys…

Lin Fan stood on top of the valley. Looking far into the distance, he took in a deep breath.

‘Relax, relax! There’s nothing great about this at all! It’s just an all-out fight, isn’t it? I can definitely win this! If worse comes to worse, I will just drag him within the Heaven and Earth Smelt and perish together, that’s all!’ Lin Fan was consoling himself.

This was the first time he was feeling such nervousness after all these years.

“Chicky, you need to take care. Go ahead and join up with the rest of them.” Chicky, who was standing beside his big bro, looked up. His eyes shone with unwillingness.

‘Cuckoo…’ Chicky cried out reluctantly. He did not wish to leave Lin Fan’s side.

It had been a number of years since he had been with Lin Fan now. The hearts of this chicken and man duo were pretty much connected in thoughts and feelings.

Chicky could feel the sense of unease within his big bro’s heart. He knew that the opponent this time around must be really strong. Otherwise, there was no way his big bro would ask him to go away like this.

“Stop cucking. The more you cuck, the more frustrated I’ll get.” Lin Fan waved his hand, requesting for Chicky to leave.

‘Cuckoo…’ Chicky stood right there, not wanting to budge a single inch. His eyes were hesitant.

“Hurry up and get lost! Don’t get me angry! You know that if I were to get angry, even I would be afraid of myself!” Lin Fan raised his hand, wanting to slap Chicky.

Chicky lowered his head gently and shrunk it under his featherless wings, evidently looking really pitiful right now.

Sighing heavily, Lin Fan squatted down. He patted Chicky’s head gently, “Don’t be afraid, alright? No matter what, you’re the direct descendant of the Ancient Beast, Phoenix. Don’t throw the face of your big bro here, alright?”

‘Cuckoo…’ Chicky nodded his head obediently.

“Off you go then. If anything goes awry, just run. No matter what, you must ensure your chicken life.”

Chicky glared at Lin Fan. He leaped forward into Lin Fan’s embrace. Using his small little head, he rubbed it against Lin Fan’s chest gently for a couple of times.

He then left. Every few steps he took, he couldn’t help but look back at this dear owner of his, until he eventually disappeared from Lin Fan’s sight.

Lin Fan gripped his fist tightly. He wondered if he could get out as luckily as before.

But no matter what the case was, he had to get rid of this Ancient One.

What was the worst thing that could happen? At most, he would just perish together with the Ancient One.

But of course, his heart would definitely be set at ease if all of this had nothing to do with the Ancient One. That would make things easier.

Lin Fan was just making preparations for the worst.

On the other side of the valley…

Grandmaster Yan, Senior Elder Wuya, Xia Youtian, He Yuhan, Ye Han, Flame Overlord, Zong Hentian, Jian Wudi, Meng Hao, Lu Yan, Mie Qiongqi and the others were all hidden in a dark corner.

Everyone’s faces were grim.

Battles were breaking out at every single last part of Dongling Continent right now. Each of the sects were busy helping out and fighting their own battles, ensuring the safety of their locations.

In these desperate and extreme times, the righteousness and evil of mankind no longer had any say in their actions. After all, both sides had a common enemy.

They knew that if they didn’t chase these beasts away from this world, Dongling Continent would cease to exist.

Even though the sects had suffered major casualties, the ones who had it the worst were the commoners after all.

Under the trampling of these beasts, be it dynasties or cities, all of them were destroyed instantaneously, without any chance of survival.

In the valley…

Lin Fan shut his eyes, standing tall between the Heaven and Earth. His white robes swayed along with the wind.

Suddenly, his eyes burst open. The moment he did so, his mental energy had reached its peak state. Along with a fervent fighting intent, his aura shot through into the Heavens.

‘Eternal Donger, come out!’

Slapping his storage bag, the Eternal Donger was released. If the hidden mastermind behind the Beast Spirit World’s invasion were truly the Ancient One, then the aura that was released by the Eternal Donger would definitely be enough to lure him over.

With a tremendous aura, the Eternal Donger was released.

Somewhere in a forbidden ground of Dongling Continent, a black-robed figure was burning with rage, looking at an empty secret chamber.

Suddenly, the black-robed figure moved. He had felt a familiar aura. This was something that belonged to him.


A voice that was neither that of a beast nor a human boomed across the Heaven and Earth. Suddenly, every single last beast within the Dongling Continent stopped moving. Looking into the distance, they suddenly burst out with an extreme speed.

Tearing through the void, the headed towards that appointed destination.

‘Seems like my guess was right. This is indeed the most unfortunate outcome.’ Lin Fan sighed heavily. This was bad.

At that moment, a long howl permeated over across the sky. It rumbled the entire Heavens and Earth. The Eternal Donger, which was floating in the sky above Lin Fan, struggled furiously, as though it wanted to break free and head towards the direction of the howl.

“Come back!” Flicking his robes, Lin Fan leashed the Eternal Donger back into his storage.

The system’s storage was completely disparate from this world. It would be a fool’s dream if the Eternal Donger wanted to escape from within.

But that long howl was leaving Lin Fan extremely unsettled. This was a powerful being.

From the distance, the sky darkened gradually as it approached, covering the entire sky with a black mist. There seemed to be a peerless demon that was hidden within that black mist, howling uncontrollably and malevolently.

Lin Fan’s hands were behind his back. He remained sturdy as he gazed into the distance.

He couldn’t back down right now. If he did, everything would truly be over.

The aura from the distance was getting stronger by the second. That black mist that was carrying a tremendous aura had already filled half of the entire Dongling Continent by now.

The Flame Overlord, who was in hiding, was breaking out in cold sweat as well, “It’s here. That terrifying aura…”

He Yuhan’s face tightened as well. Her smooth hands gripped tightly together, as waves began to surge in her heart. This aura was simply way too strong. This was entirely beyond He Yuhan’s calculations. Just who was that is able to possess such horrifying powers?

Chicky shrank his head. Those beady eyes looked into the distance as well, unable to hide the worry within his heart.

“Since you’re here, come on out. Stop with the antics.” Lin Fan looked into the Heaven and said calmly.

This was Lin Fan’s most serious moment ever. Compared to even the big ancient demon from before, he had never been so solemn. This was because the aura from the big ancient demon was entirely different from the aura of this thing.

In that instant, the black mist began to concentrate together into a single point. Eventually, it turned into a black-robed man who floated in the sky gently. That serene gaze under the black robe glared straight at Lin Fan.

In that instant, the entire world seemed to have frozen over.

“You’re the one who has my body?” The black robed person’s voice was imposing. Every single word that came out of his mouth slammed down upon this world like a single mountain by itself.

“You’re the Ancient One?” Lin Fan’s eyes were fixed on this figure in the sky.

His cultivation state was incomprehensible. His entire body was lined with energy grid line chains. There was nothing that could be made clear about this person.

As for these energy grid line chains, Lin Fan could tell that there was something different about them. It was as though they were split apart.

“To think that there would still be someone who knows about me. Who are you?” The black robed person asked vehemently. That tremendously authoritative voice boomed out towards Lin Fan’s entire being.

Raising his hand, a sword glow lit up and sliced through that pressure that was incoming.

“Don’t resort to such trickeries in front of Yours Truly. And of course, I know all about you. Both your arm and donger are with me.” Lin Fan glared at him straight in the eyes.

“Hand them back to me, and I shall spare your life.” The Ancient One’s voice was sinister.

He could sense his very own aura emanating from this person before him. However, this aura had already broken its connection with him. It was as though they no longer belonged to him.

Upon this discovery, the Ancient One was filled with boundless rage. To think that this puny human would dare to occupy his own body?

But, how could that be as well?

His body was imperishable and indestructible! How could it have been converted over by a human?


At that moment, the ground began to shake violently. From the distance, dust clouds filled the air.

The beasts of the Beast Spirit World had finally arrived.

“Cut your crap. Since you dare to invade Dongling Continent, you shall stay here forever!” Lin Fan’s face was solemn. He couldn’t let this Ancient One interfere with those behind him and their affairs. With his strength, they would definitely not be able to fight against this Ancient One.

“Hmph…BRAZEN!” Looking at how this human dared to taunt him, the Ancient One snorted coldly.


“The beasts are here. Everyone, prepare.” Grandmaster Yan bellowed.

Everyone took in a deep breath. It was difficult to know if they would make it out of this alive.

All they could do was try.