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Physician’s Odyssey
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Chapter 559 - Redefining the Master-Disciple Relationship

Chapter 559 - Redefining the Master-Disciple Relationship

The office room suddenly became silent. He Deqiu was surprised; he was clearly in disbelief by this conclusion.

“That’s right. We saw her lying on the ground when we came back with fragments of porcelain beside her and blood was flowing from her wrist. At that time, we were extremely terrified.” Wang Yudeng’s mother sobbed.

Lightly shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “This isn’t the first time that she tried to take her life. There are many wounds on her wrist, and as parents, both of you have been too careless to actually miss that. Furthermore, I suspect that there’s something fishy about this matter.”

“Oh?” The three people instantly looked at Su Tao, perplexed. They had no idea how he came to this conclusion.

“Have you guys heard of the Blue Whale Challenge?” Su Tao sighed.

“I’ve heard of it!” Wang Yudeng’s father widened his eyes and asked, “She wouldn’t be involved in this game, right?”

The Blue Whale Challenge originated from Russia; this was a suicide game with participants between the ages of 10-14 completely under the threat and control of the game’s organiser. However, no one who participated in this game survived. There were a total of 130 youths from Russia that took their own lives because of this game, and this game was still expanding its reach internationally.

Nodding his head, Su Tao asked, “Can you log into your daughter’s social media accounts?”

Immediately taking her phone out, Wang Yudeng replied, “I have her account on my phone, but I will have to try her password.”

After several attempts, Wang Yudeng’s mother successfully logged into her daughter’s social media account, which a notification flashed the moment she entered, it was a message from the Blue Whale Challenge Group.

“Let’s call the police!” Su Tao immediately urged and continued, “We have to avoid allowing more children to fall victim to this game.”

Without any hesitation, Wang Yudeng’s father immediately took out his phone and dialled 110.

Roughly half an hour later, the police arrived at the hospital and collected evidence before they started searching for suspects in the country.

Seated in the office, news of Wang Yudeng’s condition stabilising swiftly came. In the end, He Deqiu couldn’t resist the curiosity in his heart and asked, “You might be able to tell that Wang Yudeng tried to commit suicide from her wounds, but how did you find out that she was enticed?”

“I can find out the patient’s physical state and mentality from their pulse. Patients with autism have a typical pulse of weak kidney and palpitating liver pulse. Furthermore, there’s also a blurred image on her wrist. Although it wasn’t especially large, you can see that it’s the picture of a whale. This girl must have tried many times, but she wasn’t resolute enough in each attempt, which was why she did not manage to complete the drawing.” Su Tao smiled as he frankly replied.

Filled with admiration for Su Tao’s observation skills, He Deqiu sighed, “This must be TCM’s observation down to the finest detail realm, right? It’s simply amazing!”

Thereafter, He Deqiu gave a deep bow to Su Tao.

Helping He Deqiu up, Su Tao immediately smiled. “You can’t do that, you’re my teacher here!”

“I know my own capability, and what I just did was a ceremony to take you as my master.” He Deqiu bitterly smiled.

“Ah?!” Su Tao was astonished as he speechlessly looked at He Deqiu for a long time.

“You’re a National Healer, and it’s completely normal for me to take you as my master.” He Deqiu laughed.

Frantically shaking his head and hands, Su Tao replied, “We can’t do that!”

He Deqiu flung his hand and said in a grave tone, “I know what you’re worried about. The academy certificate is just a piece of paper, and as doctors, we ultimately have to depend on our practical ability. If you insist on refusing to take me as your disciple, then I can only reject you from learning in the university.”

Wearing a bitter smile, Su Tao knew He Deqiu well. This was a stubborn person, and if Su Tao really rejected him, then it might be impossible for him to get that academic certificate.

“Since you’re so persistent, then fine. But this matter has to be kept between us. If we announce it publically, it will definitely affect both of us.” Su Tao suggested.

“As you wish!”

At this moment, He Deqiu felt extremely happy that he finally resolved this matter that had been bugging him. In the future, he wouldn’t have to feel nervous anymore when he’s teaching in class.

After all, Su Tao’s attainments in both TCM and Western Medicine exceeded him, and he would often feel like he was displaying his pitiful knowledge before an expert.

With the two of them redefining their relationship, He Deqiu could be at peace now. If he made a mistake during his lecture, then that’s his inability as a disciple. Not only would Su Tao show tolerance for it, but he would also be provided with proper guidance.

At this same time, Su Tao didn’t think that accepting He Deqiu as his disciple was a terrible thing. After all, didn’t that mean that all the students in this School of TCM were his third-generation disciples? That also meant that there would be an endless source of talent for the Three Flavour Hall.

Then again, it was just an initial thought of him roping He Deqiu into his recruitment system. After all, it’s still a nominal relationship right now, and the two of them still needed some grinding to deepen their relationship.

In fact, Su Tao had been thinking of founding his own TCM specialist academy, but it’s too complicated. So if there’s an alternative route for him to accomplish his objective, he’s willing to give it a try.

After returning to the university dorms, which Su Tao received an individual dorm under He Deqiu’s help, he saw Bian Bo standing at the entrance and seemed to have been waiting for a long time. When he saw Su Tao walking over, he immediately went up and greeted, “Hello!”

Although Su Tao did not have a favourable impression of Bian Bo due to their past, he still smiled. “Come on in!”

“It’s fine!” Bian Bo gave a deep bow towards Su Tao and swiftly said, “I’m here to apologise for how I judged a book by its cover and looked down on you in the past. At the same time, I hope that you won’t hold it in your heart. Furthermore, your help today has been engraved in my heart, and I never owe anyone favours, so I will definitely repay you in the future!”

The moment he finished his words, he immediately left.

Looking at Bian Bo’s silhouette, Su Tao inwardly sighed. Although that fellow wasn’t likeable, he’s still savable.

Although Su Tao was someone that holds a grudge, he’s not a narrow-minded person, so even if Bian Bo was arrogant, he had his praisable factors. Men must know how to occasionally lower their heads That didn’t mean that they did not have any dignity; it only meant that they’re wise to know how to submit to circumstances.

After taking a cold shower, Su Tao took out the Supreme Scripture of the Imperial Physician Scripture and looked at it for a long time till he’s starting to feel exhausted before he placed it aside and took out his entertainment read, Gaudy History. He had to admit that professional works were lacking in terms of entertainment compared to genuine entertainment books. Although the Imperial Physician Scripture had many cases that consist of many small stories, the interest was still several levels beneath the Gaudy History.

While he was reading the book with interest, he was interrupted by a sudden call, which surprisingly, Su Tao cursed. But when he saw who it was that called him, he slapped himself in his lips as his punishment.

Ever since Su Tao left Beijing, Ni Jingqiu would practically call him every day to chat with him. In the beginning, Su Tao would find it annoying, but he got used to it as time passed to the point that he would feel uncomfortable if he didn’t receive a call from Ni Jingqiu and would take the initiative to give her a call.

“I’m here to tell you a piece of good news!” Ni Jingqiu smiled and continued, “The Huadu’s Green Wine is done, and it will be broadcasted during summer vacation on Mango TV. Furthermore, it has been allocated in a good time slot, the prime 8 p.m.!”

“Congratulations, you will be able to earn a big sum soon!” Su Tao smiled.

“As for you, your confidante, Gu Rushan, might become an instant hit.” Ni Jingqiu ruthlessly exposed Su Tao’s inner thoughts.

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao replied, “I’m her creditor now, so if she can become popular, that means that I will be able to get my investment back.”

“Don’t worry about it. I have already reached an agreement with her management company. In the future, all dramas that are invested by the Newlight Media will have her as the female lead.” Ni Jingqiu smiled.

“If she doesn’t get famous with such packaging, then she’s truly out of luck.” Su Tao sighed.

Standing up from her seat, Ni Jingqiu held onto her phone and paced around in her office before she sat back down. “Oh, right. When are you coming to Beijing again?”

“I was just recently in Beijing, and you’re already missing me?” Su Tao teased with a smile.

As Ni Jingqiu blushed, she snapped, “You have a branch in Beijing, and I’m worried that my investment might suffer a loss!”

“With Ling Yu there, you can be reassured!” Su Tao explained as he smiled, “If I stayed in Beijing, it will be unfavourable to Ling Yu instead. You’ve heard of this term that there cannot be two tigers residing in a mountain, right?”

“You’re always the one making things sound reasonable!”

After a brief pondering, Ni Jingqiu continued, “I have an upcoming meeting in Qiongjin, so will you welcome me?”

“You’re not coming here on purpose since I won’t be going to Beijing anytime soon, right?” Su Tao spoke with a thick face.

“You’re really shameless!” Ni Jingqiu snapped, “I won’t ask you about it, then. When I finish my meeting at that time, I’ll return to Beijing immediately!”

“Don’t!” Su Tao immediately smiled. “But you have to let me know in advance so that I can show you around.”

But as Su Tao spoke, he blushed. Truth be told, even if he didn’t know Qiongjin that well.

“That’s more like it!” Ni Jingqiu smiled as she hung up the phone and came to the window.

Beijing had a population of tens of millions, and the city could still operate even without the presence of anyone. But for some reason, a city without Su Tao felt empty to Ni Jingqiu. At the same time, she also lost her motivation, and she would only briefly regain her motivation the moment she heard his voice through the phone.

What Su Tao didn’t know was that a woman was feeling depressed because of his absence.

When he ended the call, his door was knocked so Su Tao walked over and was shocked, “Shimiao? Big Sister Meimei? Why are the two of you here?”

Shoving Su Tao aside, Qin Meimei stepped into the dorm and looked around before she turned to Lu Shimiao and teased, “Surprise inspection passed, I didn’t notice anyone else.”

Lu Shimiao and Qin Meimei were both partners now managing the Qihuang Charity Funds. With the two of them, one handling the internal while the other managing the external, the both of them cooperated well.

Casually placing her bag on the couch, Lu Shimiao chuckled and gave an order to Su Tao, “You have ten minutes to clean yourself up. We’re bringing you to meet an important person.”