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Dragon Marked War God

Author:苏月夕 Genre:Fantasy
Status:Unupdated Num.:41820.00 k

Jiang Chen, the first saint in the Holy Land, opened the door to... more


  1. 3382C3382 [Life and death are predestined!]
  2. 3383C3383 Take his life while he is ill
  3. 3384C3384 Jun Family, no regrets
  4. 3385C3385 Barbarian Land
  5. 3386C3386 Radix Polygoni multiflorum Thunb.
  6. 3387C3387 Honorary Sword Master
  7. 3388C3388 Bamboo Sea Mountain Range
  8. 3389C3389 Shangguan Hongyan
  9. 3390C3390 A beast in every sense of the word
  10. 3391C3391 blood knife without shadow
  11. 3392C3392 redemption of death
  12. 3393C3393 escape far away
  13. 3394C3394 News from Wu Ningzhu
  14. 3395C3395 Emotional Dilemma
  15. 3396C3396
  16. 3397C3397 True strength was far more than this!
  17. 3398C3398 red-clothed youth
  18. 3399C3399 Identity Disclosure
  19. 3400C3400 metacarpus
  20. 3401C3401 We are waiting for you
  21. 3402C3402 hellfire
  22. 3403C3403 I can't do without you
  23. 3404C3404 Refining karmic essence
  24. 3405C3405 Struggle for Source
  25. 3406C3406 Father's Call
  26. 3407C3407 Inhibition arrays
  27. 3408C3408
  28. 3409C3409 change of dynasty
  29. 3410C3410
  30. 3411C3411 wind of danger
  31. 3412C3412
  32. 3413C3413 matrix breakdown
  33. 3414C3414 My duty is also to
  34. 3415C3415 endless despair
  35. 3416C3416 Stepping on the Sword
  36. 3417C3417 Radix Astragali
  37. 3418C3418
  38. 3419C3419 Master of Northern Cold
  39. 3420C3420 Huang Fu
  40. 3421C3421 Jiang Chen's thoughts
  41. 3422C3422
  42. 3423C3423 Door of Destiny
  43. 3424C3424 floating array
  44. 3425C3425
  45. 3426C3426 Struggling
  46. 3427C3427 Entangled Wu Chong Jiu
  47. 3428C3428 Long Yinyue
  48. 3429C3429 Half Master
  49. 3430C3430 I can't see the beginning of the formation
  50. 3431C3431 Eighteen Sword Shadows
  51. 3432C3432 Defeat! Retreat!
  52. 3433C3433 [She isn't young anymore …]
  53. 3434C3434 Contention on the Heaven's Altar
  54. 3435C3435 Stars for the Moon
  55. 3436C3436
  56. 3437C3437 white-haired youth
  57. 3438C3438 Boundless Severing of the East
  58. 3439C3439 Both of you have to die
  59. 3440C3440 Rescue
  60. 3441C3441 apathy
  61. 3442C3442 Heaven's End
  62. 3443C3443
  63. 3444C3444
  64. 3445C3445
  65. 3446C3446 cinnabar
  66. 3447C3447 No one can stop me
  67. 3448C3448 Great Heavenly Secrets? Me too!
  68. 3449C3449 Destiny's Door Collapse
  69. 3450C3450 [3,450]. [It is hard to go against the will of the heavens!]
  70. 3451C3451 Emotions since ancient times have hurt the separation
  71. 3452C3452 Don't forget before you give up
  72. 3453C3453 Lord of the Door of Destiny
  73. 3454C3454 The Phantom of a Terrible Skeleton
  74. 3455C3455 Your tears are my pearls
  75. 3456C3456 Mission and inheritance
  76. 3457C3457 stellar transformation
  77. 3458C3458 Millions of years of conspiracy
  78. 3459C3459 epoch cycle
  79. 3460C3460 People who cannot be seen
  80. 3461C3461 Heaven as I am, I am Heaven as I am
  81. 3462C3462
  82. 3463C3463 It's good to have you
  83. 3464C3464 Someone from the Dongfang Family
  84. 3465C3465 "If you dare to touch my woman, I will kill you with no mercy!"
  85. 3466C3466 Helian Family, protect your left and right
  86. 3467C3467 Sunrise East
  87. 3468C3468
  88. 3469C3469 hidden scale
  89. 3470C3470 Unconcealable Lost
  90. 3471C3471 Who is your Third Mistress?
  91. 3472C3472 Master Lin Kun
  92. 3473C3473
  93. 3474C3474 conclusion
  94. 3475C3475 His hatred overflowed to the heavens
  95. 3476C3476 Desperate to take the risk
  96. 3477C3477 Ming Xiu Shou Road, An Underpass Chen Cang
  97. 3478C3478 Slaughtering Fossil Sect
  98. 3479C3479 Moral Decline
  99. 3480C3480
  100. 3481C3481 Killing intent had been resolved!
  101. 3482C3482 Blood dyed the sun!
  102. 3483C3483 The world was silent. The four seas were silent …
  103. 3484C3484
  104. 3485C3485 Why
  105. 3486C3486 The scars of the corpses
  106. 3487C3487 The Battle of Pill Swallowing
  107. 3488C3488
  108. 3489C3489 At across the world
  109. 3490C3490 Who is behind this
  110. 3491C3491
  111. 3492C3492 Best choice
  112. 3493C3493 "I owe you my life, I will make sure that you are safe!"
  113. 3494C3494 The Mysterious Power of the West
  114. 3495C3495 wind sister
  115. 3496C3496 Scaphus
  116. 3497C3497 If you are not enemies, don't meet up
  117. 3498C3498 Heaven has the virtue of living well
  118. 3499C3499 A person who kills Pagoda.
  119. 3500C3500 Dragon Realm Pond
  120. 3501C3501 Taurus and the Northern Dragon Tribe
  122. 3503C3503 A dragon with internal and external problems
  123. 3504C3504 blood drinking table
  124. 3505C3505
  125. 3506C3506 Yet another bloodline of the eighth level …
  126. 3507C3507 I've been low-key enough
  127. 3508C3508 Endless Western Sea
  128. 3509C3509 Ascending Dragon Feast, open!
  129. 3510C3510 If you don't pretend, you won't die
  130. 3511C3511
  131. 3512C3512 The Terrible Undersea Overlord
  132. 3513C3513 Spirit of the Shark
  133. 3514C3514 He was truly worthy of standing between heaven and earth
  134. 3515C3515 Bloody Battle Ao Lie
  135. 3516C3516 Be self-willed
  136. 3517C3517 total absence of interest
  137. 3518C3518 dragonslayer
  138. 3519C3519 lightning
  139. 3520C3520 Phantom Guard
  140. 3521C3521 [It's all my fault for being too greedy!]
  141. 3522C3522 The one who walked out of the whirlpool
  142. 3523C3523 Magic Xuan
  143. 3524C3524 Battle of honor
  144. 3525C3525 zhenqi
  145. 3526C3526 More and more Eaglefish
  146. 3527C3527 Victory is too much
  147. 3528C3528 Repaying Virtue with Resentment
  148. 3529C3529 Shameless
  149. 3530C3530 Evil Spirit Island now
  150. 3531C3531 It was supposed to be my place
  151. 3532C3532 Enter Pillar of the Sea
  152. 3533C3533 There are monsters
  153. 3534C3534 sinner of great evil
  154. 3535C3535 glacier tunnel
  155. 3536C3536 Dragon's Epic
  156. 3537C3537 corydalis herba production
  157. 3538C3538 dimensional heavy water
  158. 3539C3539 killing
  159. 3540C3540 There's nothing he can't do
  160. 3541C3541 Celestial Dragon's Shadow
  161. 3542C3542 strenuous combat
  162. 3543C3543 [Sky Phantom Shadow] (Sky Phantom Shadow)
  163. 3544C3544 The coveting of the Wudd
  164. 3545C3545 Big brother Jiang Chen, quickly go!
  165. 3546C3546 sword twenty
  166. 3547C3547 The corydalis herba is mine.
  167. 3548C3548 "You're lucky!"
  168. 3549C3549 "Dad, I'm back!"
  169. 3550C3550 I treat you as a brother and you sleep with my daughter
  170. 3551C3551 Struggle on the Basis
  171. 3552C3552 Ancient Dragon Land
  172. 3553C3553 Emperor Dragon Qi
  173. 3554C3554 conspiracy to stop and kill
  174. 3555C3555 The human and dragon body were going to evolve …
  175. 3556C3556 Seven Generals of Black Light
  176. 3557C3557 Profound Realm
  177. 3558C3558 Bone Dragon Chase
  178. 3559C3559 Reveal Identity
  179. 3560C3560 Keep them for me
  180. 3561C3561 "If you are not of my race, then you will not be of the same mind."
  181. 3562C3562 So what if you're a beautiful lady, you're a thief?
  182. 3563C3563 There will be a battle
  183. 3564C3564 Draconians
  184. 3565C3565 "So what if all beings are enemies?"
  185. 3566C3566 Who is the traitor?
  186. 3567C3567 Achievement and Retreat
  187. 3568C3568 zodiac foetus
  188. 3569C3569 Tremor Mountain
  189. 3570C3570 gemstone
  190. 3571C3571 You are a bad old man
  191. 3572C3572 Real purpose
  192. 3573C3573 thunder in the sky
  193. 3574C3574 'This is a dead end! '
  194. 3575C3575 The darkness was boundless, reaching straight to the netherworld
  195. 3576C3576 The divine court fell, the thunder palace collapsed
  196. 3577C3577 In a fierce confrontation, they would meet in a narrow path
  197. 3578C3578 Astral Sword Intent
  198. 3579C3579 idol collapse
  199. 3580C3580 Thor's Guard
  200. 3581C3581 Whose pity is it that the fragrance vanishes and the jade dies?!
  201. 3582C3582 Aren't you a little reserved?
  202. 3583C3583 Thalidomide
  203. 3584C3584 "To give one's all; to die"
  204. 3585C3585 Ba Chao Yuan
  205. 3586C3586 We owe each other nothing from now on
  206. 3587C3587 If the heart be cold
  207. 3588C3588 Such as the morning dew, time was bitter
  208. 3589C3589 like a lark
  209. 3590C3590 The place where you are is home
  210. 3591C3591 macrosomia
  211. 3592C3592
  212. 3593C3593 In life, sometimes, there must be
  213. 3594C3594 Vajra Pagoda body
  214. 3595C3595
  215. 3596C3596 [The murderer is him!]
  216. 3597C3597 The mountain lord's good intentions!
  217. 3598C3598 Love is selfish and selfless!
  218. 3599C3599
  219. 3600C3600 I have a bad temper
  220. 3601C3601 amorous infatuation
  221. 3602C3602 I won't let you be lonely again
  222. 3603C3603 Reject Mountain Sea Sect
  223. 3604C3604 The Power of the Bullshit Sect
  224. 3605C3605 He would rather lose the Heavens than lose the Earth.
  225. 3606C3606 Sword Finger Liao Yunsheng
  226. 3607C3607 The Lord of the Mountain and Sea
  227. 3608C3608 true regression
  228. 3609C3609 mental oppression
  229. 3610C3610 Surprise
  230. 3611C3611 wolf ambition
  231. 3612C3612
  232. 3613C3613 come to the aid of others
  233. 3614C3614 Experts are as common as the clouds
  234. 3615C3615 An unbreakable killing array
  235. 3616C3616 The Devilish Palm of Samsara
  236. 3617C3617
  237. 3618C3618 Enemy Manchu Central State
  238. 3619C3619 The might of the hegemon
  239. 3620C3620 No brothers, no fighting
  240. 3621C3621 Ten thousand miles of golden light, it was as if the light was on his back …
  241. 3622C3622 Buddhist Sect
  242. 3623C3623 looking ahead of the dust road
  243. 3624C3624 Reinforcements To
  244. 3625C3625 When had he ever lived for himself?
  245. 3626C3626
  246. 3627C3627 Grand, Silver Fox
  247. 3628C3628 Jedi Counterattack
  248. 3629C3629 Was this fellow courting death?
  249. 3630C3630 Everyone will submit to you
  250. 3631C3631 Mountains like a dragon, seas like a beast
  251. 3632C3632 Mountain and Sea Giant
  252. 3633C3633 Jade face like an immortal, one hand holding the sky
  253. 3634C3634 War God of Buddha, octopus
  254. 3635C3635 I am a stranger to see you again
  255. 3636C3636 Swallowing a demon god
  256. 3637C3637 The combination of a Demon Suppressing Tablet and a Pantheon Monument
  257. 3638C3638 "To live together, to die together, to die together"
  258. 3639C3639 Last will to fight
  259. 3640C3640 Mysterious man in black
  260. 3641C3641 Emotions since ancient times leave behind a lingering hatred
  261. 3642C3642 Crunch
  262. 3643C3643 serious rhubarb
  263. 3644C3644 Phantom In My Mind
  264. 3645C3645 Barrier Space
  265. 3646C3646 Undead Hades
  266. 3647C3647 I can't say
  267. 3648C3648 that God can't get over
  268. 3649C3649 The Avenger of the Earth Spirit Race
  269. 3650C3650 He could not withstand a single blow
  270. 3651C3651 Thirteen Devils of Ghost Domain
  271. 3652C3652 Only the will and spirit remained
  272. 3653C3653 Rhesus monkey Long Shisan
  273. 3654C3654
  274. 3655C3655 Crushing Red Butt Monkey
  275. 3656C3656 I should find a few more boys to play with now …]
  276. 3657C3657 Naphtha Reappearance
  277. 3658C3658 The Crisis of Fall
  278. 3659C3659 The last inheritor of the Undead Hades.
  279. 3660C3660
  280. 3661C3661 Suiren and Gaelin
  281. 3662C3662 Child, I am not wrong
  282. 3663C3663 deep magic root species
  283. 3664C3664 Life and Brotherhood in the World
  284. 3665C3665 He was still alive!
  285. 3666C3666 Battlefield of Tiangang
  286. 3667C3667 heavenly relic
  287. 3668C3668 Gates of Hell, six paths of reincarnation
  288. 3669C3669 Dao Yan Tiangang, Dharma Idol Samsara
  289. 3670C3670 The real secret of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda
  290. 3671C3671 What's at the end of the cycle of reincarnation?
  291. 3672C3672 People from the Xuanyuan Family
  292. 3673C3673 strong killing
  293. 3674C3674 "Kill him!"
  294. 3675C3675 tearing formation
  295. 3676C3676 Isn't this too hungry?
  296. 3677C3677 He gods
  297. 3678C3678 Xuanyuan Chen
  298. 3679C3679 The source of the desert, never to be seen or seen
  299. 3680C3680 Best Harbour Bay
  300. 3681C3681 Treadmill Central State
  301. 3682C3682 The Most Beloved Traitor
  302. 3683C3683 Death penalty pronouncement
  303. 3684C3684 Crisis brought by the Emperor Stage Expert
  304. 3685C3685 Boundless Transformation, Sword: Twenty-Two
  305. 3686C3686 The Battle before the City
  306. 3687C3687 The War God
  307. 3688C3688 Quiet Listener
  308. 3689C3689 They were all forced to give up their lives …
  309. 3690C3690 Liar is a puppy
  310. 3691C3691
  311. 3692C3692 Treasure Chest
  312. 3693C3693 Recasting Ares-class Weapon
  313. 3694C3694 The strong and the strong complement each other
  314. 3695C3695
  315. 3696C3696
  316. 3697C3697 I'm laughing at you, but you're just a bludgeon
  317. 3698C3698 opening of curtain
  318. 3699C3699 The obvious purpose
  319. 3700C3700 I am a grandpa, and you are a grandson!]
  320. 3701C3701 Awkward Dan Qiusheng
  321. 3702C3702 It's not that simple
  322. 3703C3703 The limelight has been stolen again
  323. 3704C3704 Above Central State! The peak of the Sacred Martial Realm!
  324. 3705C3705 Heavenly Emperor
  325. 3706C3706 Temple
  326. 3707C3707 saint rank pill
  327. 3708C3708 Such a dilapidated and terrifying pill
  328. 3709C3709 An ice sculpture that has been asleep for hundreds of millions of years
  329. 3710C3710 In the past
  330. 3711C3711 'This guy is crazy! '
  331. 3712C3712 Keep the delicacy until last
  332. 3713C3713 Red Sleeve
  333. 3714C3714 Last Meet
  334. 3715C3715 It was all a conspiracy
  335. 3716C3716
  336. 3717C3717
  337. 3718C3718 Never fall down
  338. 3719C3719
  339. 3720C3720 break out
  340. 3721C3721 A peerless Dao, an unrivaled soul
  341. 3722C3722 Intimidate the Heavenly Emperor
  342. 3723C3723 febrile shot
  343. 3724C3724 Fighting the Monarch
  344. 3725C3725
  345. 3726C3726
  346. 3727C3727 I should have known better
  347. 3728C3728 Wuling's divine power
  348. 3729C3729 Wu Yunfang lost
  349. 3730C3730 Last Force
  350. 3731C3731 The Peak of the South China Sea, Purple Bamboo Forest
  351. 3732C3732 Last Pure Land
  352. 3733C3733 [Who in the world doesn't know who is king?]
  353. 3734C3734
  354. 3735C3735 Pure Land No More
  355. 3736C3736 Black Jade City
  356. 3737C3737 The Battle of Arms and Ink
  357. 3738C3738
  358. 3739C3739 through the passage
  359. 3740C3740
  360. 3741C3741 The good play is about to begin
  361. 3742C3742 Struggling
  362. 3743C3743 It was more painful than death
  363. 3744C3744 ruthless strangulation
  364. 3745C3745 When enemies meet, their eyes will turn red
  365. 3746C3746 Confusion
  366. 3747C3747 When a great calamity befalls us, let us fly
  367. 3748C3748 While the man be appointed, daughter
  368. 3749C3749 "Let's do it, we'll kill them all!"
  369. 3750C3750 You all deserve to die
  370. 3751C3751 How many ways before the end of the road
  371. 3752C3752 Strong Mo Family
  372. 3753C3753 invincible
  373. 3754C3754 Eastern Emperor Everlasting, Divine Bell Awakening
  374. 3755C3755 Startle Inner Court
  375. 3756C3756 Did he really think he was invincible?
  376. 3757C3757 Maybe the end is the beginning again
  377. 3758C3758 Prince Agreement
  378. 3759C3759 Sword Twenty-Three
  379. 3760C3760 as if it were the same
  380. 3761C3761
  381. 3762C3762 Contempt
  382. 3763C3763 Clear arrangement
  383. 3764C3764 The pain reached the depths of his soul
  384. 3765C3765 General Conference
  385. 3766C3766 Ecclesiastical instruction to dispel confusion
  386. 3767C3767 the horror of being unable to look straight at
  387. 3768C3768 To live forever, to die forever ….
  388. 3769C3769 Who was he?
  389. 3770C3770 Indra, Dishi
  390. 3771C3771 Attitude of Ling Tian
  391. 3772C3772
  392. 3773C3773 Unrivaled Dishi Tian
  393. 3774C3774 "If I don't go to hell, who goes to hell?!"
  394. 3775C3775 Buddha Tathagata
  395. 3776C3776 Cleaning Portal
  396. 3777C3777 Help me to enjoy the afterlife
  397. 3778C3778 rootless water
  398. 3779C3779 reunion with an old friend
  399. 3780C3780 Killing Deep Sea Blue Whale
  400. 3781C3781 Chicken and sheep slaughtering
  401. 3782C3782 mortal enemy
  402. 3783C3783 Decisive Xuanyuan Canglan
  403. 3784C3784
  404. 3785C3785 perilous deep sea
  405. 3786C3786 Emperor Yu
  406. 3787C3787 zodiac and the Nine Heavens
  407. 3788C3788 Protect the faith in your heart
  408. 3789C3789 The emperor ling the heaven and earth
  409. 3790C3790 hidden edge
  410. 3791C3791 Laughing and crying
  411. 3792C3792 Farewell
  412. 3793C3793 Recast Heavenly Dragon Sword
  413. 3794C3794 Different Buddhist Secrets
  414. 3795C3795 It is incumbent upon us to revitalize the Buddhist Sect
  415. 3796C3796 Embarrassment for others
  416. 3797C3797 The ambition of the devil ancestor
  417. 3798C3798 I have been with you for a long time
  418. 3799C3799 Golden Body Pagoda
  419. 3800C3800 Sword of the Twenty-fourth, Absolute Yin Regeneration
  420. 3801C3801 Brotherhood dilemma
  421. 3802C3802 hellwalker
  422. 3803C3803
  423. 3804C3804 Unforeseen changes in the West Extreme Divine Land
  424. 3805C3805 "Hell is not empty, I swear I will not become a Buddha."
  425. 3806C3806 Little Samsara's Gate!
  426. 3807C3807 Don't know what's good for you
  427. 3808C3808 Worry
  428. 3809C3809 Light of Death
  429. 3810C3810
  430. 3811C3811 Soul extinguished, lamp activated
  431. 3812C3812 Dishi Tianwei
  432. 3813C3813 Life as a wager
  433. 3814C3814 The Buddha and the Devil only had one thought …
  434. 3815C3815 conversion under heaven
  435. 3816C3816
  436. 3817C3817 The temptation of the past life
  437. 3818C3818 Occupying Northwest
  438. 3819C3819 Mission of the Luoshen Clan
  439. 3820C3820 I believe you, but I don't believe the Luoshen Clan.
  440. 3821C3821 Tianhe Avenue
  441. 3822C3822
  442. 3823C3823 "From then on, we will not owe each other anything."
  443. 3824C3824 Hutuluo Book, Black Yellow Dragon Armour
  444. 3825C3825 There were strong enemies in front of them, and pursuers behind them …
  445. 3826C3826 Boundless Sword, advancing without end
  446. 3827C3827 The War of the Dao
  447. 3828C3828 collision of life and death
  448. 3829C3829 Appear
  449. 3830C3830
  450. 3831C3831 devour for a day
  451. 3832C3832 Battling the Heavenly King
  452. 3833C3833 Back to the future, the sea and the sky
  453. 3834C3834 The vibrations of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda
  454. 3835C3835 Dragon Yuan
  455. 3836C3836 The return of a supreme being meant the return of a hopeless situation
  456. 3837C3837 The Danger of the Buddhist Sect
  457. 3838C3838 Pagoda out of the nest
  458. 3839C3839 "It is hard to find the true meaning of love."
  459. 3840C3840 My tears are your tears
  460. 3841C3841 Can only succeed, cannot fail
  461. 3842C3842 The Rainbow Shadow Above the Western Sea
  462. 3843C3843 Brilliant youth
  463. 3844C3844 The Soul of Heaven
  464. 3845C3845 Tomb Keeper, sallow
  465. 3846C3846 With the opening of the tomb of the god, the gods have returned
  466. 3847C3847 Heaven Punishing
  467. 3848C3848 Hung-chun turned into smoke, see heaven and earth
  468. 3849C3849 The map of the universe space
  469. 3850C3850 cosmic tides
  470. 3851C3851 "How can there be a lack of comrades in this new world?!"
  471. 3852C3852 The Power of the Tide
  472. 3853C3853 Space Source Stone
  473. 3854C3854 realm of origin
  474. 3855C3855
  475. 3856C3856 frightening cyclone
  476. 3857C3857 Tetrandrine
  477. 3858C3858 Paid
  478. 3859C3859 reproducing Sacred Fighting Dharma
  479. 3860C3860 discontinuous flow
  480. 3861C3861 Red Dawn astral plane
  481. 3862C3862 Feather Clan
  482. 3863C3863 do one big ticket
  483. 3864C3864 Hit Me Together
  484. 3865C3865 Two-winged Feather People
  485. 3866C3866 follow
  486. 3867C3867 Lord Dog Want to Eat Roasted Wings
  487. 3868C3868 Turn on Invincible Mode
  488. 3869C3869 'Is there anything stronger? '
  489. 3870C3870 Heyuan Realm Master
  490. 3871C3871 Wild Long Shisan
  491. 3872C3872
  492. 3873C3873
  493. 3874C3874
  494. 3875C3875
  495. 3876C3876 mountain maze
  496. 3877C3877 Long Shisan's Summoning
  497. 3878C3878 No matter how big the world is, it still has a top
  498. 3879C3879 climbing ladder
  499. 3880C3880 Forced Collections
  500. 3881C3881 Red East Region
  501. 3882C3882 Fu Family Waves
  502. 3883C3883 I have something to say
  503. 3884C3884 One of the cat tricks
  504. 3885C3885
  505. 3886C3886 Fu Yunzhong was shocked
  506. 3887C3887 [What a godly man!]
  507. 3888C3888 guidance
  508. 3889C3889 rebirth
  509. 3890C3890 Famous Red East Region
  510. 3891C3891 The people of Fu Family were stunned.
  511. 3892C3892 homothallism
  512. 3893C3893 Not a One-handed Enemy
  513. 3894C3894 Loose Tiger Returning to Mountain
  514. 3895C3895
  515. 3896C3896
  516. 3897C3897
  517. 3898C3898
  518. 3899C3899
  519. 3900C3900
  520. 3901C3901
  521. 3902C3902
  522. 3903C3903
  523. 3904C3904
  524. 3905C3905
  525. 3906C3906
  526. 3907C3907
  527. 3908C3908
  528. 3909C3909 If a dog bit you, would you still bite a dog?
  529. 3910C3910
  530. 3911C3911
  531. 3912C3912
  532. 3913C3913
  533. 3914C3914 Don't try to rob me of my Eldest Brother's title
  534. 3915C3915 A place of pollution and scale
  535. 3916C3916 Call Dad
  536. 3917C3917 A hurry say, you have ass hurry fart
  537. 3918C3918 come late at night
  538. 3919C3919
  539. 3920C3920
  540. 3921C3921 Perfection
  541. 3922C3922
  542. 3923C3923 Immersion
  543. 3924C3924 animal fighting ring
  544. 3925C3925 copper-faced man
  545. 3926C3926
  546. 3927C3927 Scared silly?
  547. 3928C3928 The Boiling of the Colosseum
  548. 3929C3929 'Too much boast! '
  549. 3930C3930 Fire again
  550. 3931C3931 fused pangolin
  551. 3932C3932 Terrifying Power
  552. 3933C3933 invigorating vigor
  553. 3934C3934 Legend of the Colosseum
  554. 3935C3935
  555. 3936C3936 Fusion Tower again
  556. 3937C3937 vulnerable to a single blow
  557. 3938C3938 He was scolding the Flowers and Lotus Gang.
  558. 3939C3939 Correction of Flowers and Lotus Gang
  559. 3940C3940 identity exposure
  560. 3941C3941 Grandpa
  561. 3942C3942 The entire audience was stupefied.
  562. 3943C3943 That's your grand-teacher!]
  563. 3944C3944 clear source pool
  564. 3945C3945
  565. 3946C3946
  566. 3947C3947
  567. 3948C3948
  568. 3949C3949
  569. 3950C3950
  570. 3951C3951
  571. 3952C3952
  572. 3953C3953 Promotions to the third sky of congener stage
  573. 3954C3954
  574. 3955C3955
  575. 3956C3956 make friends
  576. 3957C3957
  577. 3958C3958
  578. 3959C3959
  579. 3960C3960
  580. 3961C3961
  581. 3962C3962
  582. 3963C3963 free hand
  583. 3964C3964 Crazy Everlasting Pavilion
  584. 3965C3965 Xie Ting's invitation
  585. 3966C3966 Shen Wu Manor
  586. 3967C3967 wounding kamikaze
  587. 3968C3968 Reparation of 100,000
  588. 3969C3969
  589. 3970C3970 pointing again
  590. 3971C3971 Chiling Mountain
  591. 3972C3972 This is my teacher
  592. 3973C3973 Flight Glyphs
  593. 3974C3974 You are Jiang Chen.
  594. 3975C3975 Fighting the Feather People fiercely
  595. 3976C3976 dead thunbergium
  596. 3977C3977 A dog that can't be ignored
  597. 3978C3978 Xie Ting's Blood
  598. 3979C3979
  599. 3980C3980
  600. 3981C3981
  601. 3982C3982
  602. 3983C3983 Abnormal beast tide
  603. 3984C3984
  604. 3985C3985 Shocking Conspiracy
  605. 3986C3986
  606. 3987C3987
  607. 3988C3988
  608. 3989C3989 Genius Cloud
  609. 3990C3990
  610. 3991C3991
  611. 3992C3992 array in array
  612. 3993C3993 broken array
  613. 3994C3994 counterattack
  614. 3995C3995 Crazy Martial Pavilion Disciples
  615. 3996C3996 Teacher Jiang Chen
  616. 3997C3997 cardiac and abdominal disorders
  617. 3998C3998 prehistoric power
  618. 3999C3999 Killing Eighth Gongzi
  619. 4000C4000 The Sorrow of the Feather Clan
  620. 4001C4001 strong counterattack
  621. 4002C4002 Die seven childe
  622. 4003C4003 repetitive manipulation
  623. 4004C4004 Feather Clan's Despair
  624. 4005C4005 To establish a reputation
  625. 4006C4006 hallucinatory array
  626. 4007C4007 Zhao Lingxiao's worry
  627. 4008C4008 Star Lord Tomb
  628. 4009C4009 Queen Lin
  629. 4010C4010 His cultivation had advanced yet again
  630. 4011C4011 Furious Xie Yunpeng
  631. 4012C4012 Relic Reopening
  632. 4013C4013 The Sorrow of the Feather Clan
  633. 4014C4014 Ascending Stairway
  634. 4015C4015 I'm getting scared
  635. 4016C4016 Jiang Chen's request
  636. 4017C4017 Crazy kiss up to
  637. 4018C4018 Me too
  638. 4019C4019 His cultivation had advanced yet again
  639. 4020C4020 Teacher is not available
  640. 4021C4021
  641. 4022C4022 All Teachers
  642. 4023C4023 What face do you want?
  643. 4024C4024 Invited City Lord's Mansion
  644. 4025C4025
  645. 4026C4026
  646. 4027C4027
  647. 4028C4028
  648. 4029C4029 Save Xie Yunpeng
  649. 4030C4030 means of communication
  650. 4031C4031
  651. 4032C4032 Guidance to Chenyi
  652. 4033C4033 Zhao Qianqing's confidence
  653. 4034C4034 Worry
  654. 4035C4035 Fight the Red Ridge Mountain Again
  655. 4036C4036 A Dream of the Yellow Springs
  656. 4037C4037 Promotions to the Ninth Heavenly Layer of the congener stage
  657. 4038C4038 Reverse Killing the Fifth Young Noble
  658. 4039C4039 Unholy Desk displayed his might
  659. 4040C4040 Exiled Land
  660. 4041C4041 anophthalmia
  661. 4042C4042
  662. 4043C4043 derangement
  663. 4044C4044 Treasure Boy
  664. 4045C4045 killing on the street
  665. 4046C4046 bad identity
  666. 4047C4047 come and go
  667. 4048C4048 Concealment
  668. 4049C4049 hunting
  669. 4050C4050
  670. 4051C4051
  671. 4052C4052
  672. 4053C4053 Battlefield Fourth Young Master
  673. 4054C4054
  674. 4055C4055 brotherly union
  675. 4056C4056 geocentric region
  676. 4057C4057 tragic Fourth Young Master
  677. 4058C4058
  678. 4059C4059
  679. 4060C4060
  680. 4061C4061
  681. 4062C4062
  682. 4063C4063
  683. 4064C4064
  684. 4065C4065 Arrogant Big Yellow Dog
  685. 4066C4066 The obsession of swordsmanship
  686. 4067C4067 trample to death
  687. 4068C4068 Zhao Ba's Fury
  688. 4069C4069 Burning City of Myriad Evils
  689. 4070C4070
  690. 4071C4071 Dragon Palace restlessness
  691. 4072C4072 toxicolon
  692. 4073C4073
  693. 4074C4074 Exiled Land was in chaos
  694. 4075C4075 Centipede
  695. 4076C4076 Kill the Young Master
  696. 4077C4077 Escaping again
  697. 4078C4078 Black Tiger
  698. 4079C4079 dragonbone spear
  699. 4080C4080 The anger of poisoning the elderly
  700. 4081C4081 Enter the Dragon Palace
  701. 4082C4082
  702. 4083C4083 The Pagoda Prison Palace
  703. 4084C4084
  704. 4085C4085 I give you a chance not to
  705. 4086C4086 Let the neck be cut off for slaughter
  706. 4087C4087 fight against poison exterminating old people
  707. 4088C4088 Sweep across Exiled Land
  708. 4089C4089 Feather Clan's Big Action
  709. 4090C4090 Battleform
  710. 4091C4091 decisive battle on Mount Chi Ling
  711. 4092C4092 Threats by the Unholy Desk
  712. 4093C4093
  713. 4094C4094
  714. 4095C4095 The End of the Feather Clan
  715. 4096C4096 force to turn the tide
  716. 4097C4097 nameless body
  717. 4098C4098 To demand justice
  718. 4099C4099 To the Red South Region.
  719. 4100C4100 making a ruckus in the Crown Prince Palace.
  720. 4101C4101 shock
  721. 4102C4102 Battlestage
  722. 4103C4103 'A peerless little monster! '
  723. 4104C4104 Big matter …
  724. 4105C4105 To the Red Center
  725. 4106C4106 Flood Dragon Blocks the Road
  726. 4107C4107 flood dragon killing
  727. 4108C4108 Hurricane Sky Region
  728. 4109C4109 Hurricane Beast
  729. 4110C4110 The Source of Wind
  730. 4111C4111 scrape
  731. 4112C4112 Taotie Feast
  732. 4113C4113 Like the palm of his hand
  733. 4114C4114 Eternal Immortal Wind's Transformation
  734. 4115C4115 His cultivation had advanced yet again
  735. 4116C4116 violet-clothed woman
  736. 4117C4117 rescue to the end
  737. 4118C4118 Kirin Manor
  738. 4119C4119 First Battalion of Four Prefectures
  739. 4120C4120 Potential crisis
  740. 4121C4121 Second level of the Dragon Palace
  741. 4122C4122 Feather People blocking the way
  742. 4123C4123 underestimate the enemy
  743. 4124C4124 Power of the Dragon-Bone Spear
  744. 4125C4125 Long Shisan, the one who stood at the top of the heaven and earth
  745. 4126C4126 Why to die
  746. 4127C4127 vulnerable to a single blow
  747. 4128C4128 Brothers reunited
  748. 4129C4129 One Slash One Second
  749. 4130C4130 rekill
  750. 4131C4131 A complete victory
  751. 4132C4132 Eternal Ape Inheritance
  752. 4133C4133 wishful thinking
  753. 4134C4134 Nie Fu Sheng
  754. 4135C4135 Don't worry
  755. 4136C4136 The Horror of the Eternal Ape
  756. 4137C4137 Upper The Louvre door
  757. 4138C4138 Black King's power
  758. 4139C4139 kallikrein
  759. 4140C4140
  760. 4141C4141
  761. 4142C4142
  762. 4143C4143
  763. 4144C4144
  764. 4145C4145
  765. 4146C4146
  766. 4147C4147
  767. 4148C4148
  768. 4149C4149
  769. 4150C4150
  770. 4151C4151
  771. 4152C4152
  772. 4153C4153
  773. 4154C4154
  774. 4155C4155
  775. 4156C4156
  776. 4157C4157
  777. 4158C4158
  778. 4159C4159
  779. 4160C4160
  780. 4161C4161
  781. 4162C4162
  782. 4163C4163
  783. 4164C4164
  784. 4165C4165
  785. 4166C4166
  786. 4167C4167
  787. 4168C4168
  788. 4169C4169
  789. 4170C4170
  790. 4171C4171
  791. 4172C4172
  792. 4173C4173
  793. 4174C4174
  794. 4175C4175
  795. 4176C4176
  796. 4177C4177
  797. 4178C4178
  798. 4179C4179
  799. 4180C4180
  800. 4181C4181
  801. 4182C4182