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  • Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor's Swallow

Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor's Swallow

Author:Jie Mo Genre:Historical Romance
Status:Completed Num.:10990.00 k

She was a peerless genius in medicine, with the Medicine King's ... more


  1. 332C332 King Jing doesn't defy me, I don't defy you
  2. 333C333 Not to help you, don't get me wrong
  3. 334C334 There should be a lot of the same thing
  4. 335C335 She didn't want him less
  5. 336C336 Wants to know his reaction
  6. 337C337 This General is relieved
  7. 338C338 It's dangerous, hide under the pillow
  8. 339C339 Familiar with, topple cities and topple empires
  9. 340C340 The promise of marriage, the promise of King Jing.
  10. 341C341 This King wants to hug her
  11. 342C342 It was originally a phoenix
  12. 343C343 Beauty is marked, get it
  13. 344C344 There will be no need to wait any longer
  14. 345C345 King Jing and Ice Block
  15. 346C346 They are all liars
  16. 347C347 I can't like you
  17. 348C348 She understood too much about this loneliness …
  18. 349C349 Conditions of King Jing
  19. 350C350 'Is this prince crazy?! '
  20. 351C351 They'll all be finished
  21. 352C352 What if …
  22. 353C353 Warm and unpleasant
  23. 354C354 Almost eleven years of searching
  24. 355C355 He had seen through her …
  25. 356C356 He was so calm that it was scary …
  26. 357C357 Just for a moment
  27. 358C358 inner thief, the truth was not simple
  28. 359C359 If you can't find it, don't cry
  29. 360C360 Otherwise, sell off the debt
  30. 361C361 Conditions of Gu Feiyan
  31. 362C362 Suspicion of Han Town
  32. 363C363 Three, complex relationship
  33. 364C364 spy Qian Duoduo
  34. 365C365 Meeting by chance, respectful and respectful
  35. 366C366 Real responsibility
  36. 367C367 This prince will win for sure
  37. 368C368 Bold guesses
  38. 369C369 Three at most
  39. 370C370 'Toss! I really want to … '
  40. 371C371 Raising the price is not a provocation
  41. 372C372 It was actually a deal!
  42. 373C373 Missing, it turned out to be like this …
  43. 374C374 Bloodline, after Dragon Clan
  44. 375C375 Suspected Baili Mingchuan
  45. 376C376 Decision on Jun Jiuchen
  46. 377C377 Mid-Autumn Festival
  47. 378C378 war, change of weather
  48. 379C379 Victory is a thousand miles away
  49. 380C380 That year, the youth in white clothes …
  50. 381C381 Concern about Nanny Qian
  51. 382C382 Astonishing clues
  52. 383C383 She actually bumped into him …
  53. 384C384 Remember what I have said
  54. 385C385 This matter is definitely a scam
  55. 386C386 However, it had been a long time since they last met …
  56. 387C387 I am his wife
  57. 388C388 Buddha beads, deep in memory
  58. 389C389 You've been exposed
  59. 390C390 astonishing Phoenix Shadow
  60. 391C391 first sight of the Great Royal Uncle
  61. 392C392 familiar place
  62. 393C393 "Who could ever have predicted that such an intense battle would happen?"
  63. 394C394 return of phoenix to its original owner
  64. 395C395 I have seen the Shading Arts before.
  65. 396C396 Don't ever let it be you
  66. 397C397 found Gu Yunyuan
  67. 398C398 Are you sure you want to use it
  68. 399C399 You're worried about This King
  69. 400C400 Imprint, Phoenix Spreading Wings
  70. 401C401 Who are they?
  71. 402C402 The melancholy in his eyes
  72. 403C403 the true mystery of Ice Sea
  73. 404C404 'Could it be true? '
  74. 405C405 Subtotal, double eagle with one arrow
  75. 406C406 'How could he be so fast?! '
  76. 407C407 second gold needle
  77. 408C408 "A crisis is a crisis, but it is also an opportunity"
  78. 409C409 They all want to save them
  79. 410C410 domineering spirit, duping the hearts of the people
  80. 411C411 This is an opportunity
  81. 412C412 Their conjecture
  82. 413C413 She actually forgot about it!
  83. 414C414 I was waiting for you to say that
  84. 415C415 "Geng Zhi, the first to strike, the first to strike"
  85. 416C416 total feeling inadequacy
  86. 417C417 If only it were a dream
  87. 418C418 As it happens, hiding place
  88. 419C419 All sorts of unexpected things
  89. 420C420 prepare for the worst
  90. 421C421 Presumably, his Royal Uncle was wise
  91. 422C422 Either good or bad luck, red-handed
  92. 423C423 evil act
  93. 424C424 Words are not enough to frighten people to death
  94. 425C425 He wanted to let her have a free and unrestrained relationship with him …
  95. 426C426 This was the truth …
  96. 427C427 Extremely angry
  97. 428C428 What do you want me to do
  98. 429C429 The greatest fortune of my life
  99. 430C430 Thirty Masters
  100. 431C431 The truth of weirdo
  101. 432C432 To bear grudges, to smack you to death with a single slap
  102. 433C433 [Strange medicine, suddenly enlightened!]
  103. 434C434 I am under the command of my teacher to save people
  104. 435C435 Ancestral Rules
  105. 436C436 'It really is a barrier! '
  106. 437C437 "Emergency, escape to the top of the list."
  107. 438C438 Anxious, angry snow wolf
  108. 439C439 Lead the way to Bai Xi Glacier.
  109. 440C440 An accident, incredibly is you
  110. 441C441 Suspicion of Boss Cheng
  111. 442C442 save others, the Shading Arts will come to fruition
  112. 443C443 Secrets of Gu Yunyuan
  113. 444C444 Lifetime
  114. 445C445 Confession
  115. 446C446 know how to be merciful and brave and cruel
  116. 447C447 I miss him so much
  117. 448C448 Shock, the truth of Dream Clan
  118. 449C449 In the name of the wife
  119. 450C450 One accident after another
  120. 451C451 Warnings from Baili Mingchuan
  121. 452C452 Got one
  122. 453C453 'Portrait, it's actually him! '
  123. 454C454 decided to take a gamble
  124. 455C455 Contract, Dream Clan Bloodline
  125. 456C456 Probing into Jun Jiuchen
  126. 457C457 It was actually after the Lone.
  127. 458C458 'Is that face in the right place? '
  128. 459C459 'Must be a wonderful person! '
  129. 460C460 She had experienced it herself
  130. 461C461 The name of the Queen Mother
  131. 462C462 The name of the Royal Father
  132. 463C463 "Be cautious, be your enemy or friend"
  133. 464C464 Otherwise, no talk
  134. 465C465 'Can you still recognize me as your master? '
  135. 466C466 Tempest Eve
  136. 467C467 two-handed preparation
  137. 468C468 It is very dangerous here to chase people away
  138. 469C469 Then let me say
  139. 470C470 Guess who I am
  140. 471C471 "Friends and enemies, try it and you will know."
  141. 472C472 It's time for us to go back
  142. 473C473 what Gu Feiyan wants
  143. 474C474 the trump card of Gu Feiyan
  144. 475C475 Struggle for an hour
  145. 476C476 He is selfish
  146. 477C477 Ice Fish Banquet, Hongmen Banquet
  147. 478C478 The fish have been hooked
  148. 479C479 Tang Jing was fine work.
  149. 480C480 reunion
  150. 481C481 It was actually Shading Arts!
  151. 482C482 Say it again
  152. 483C483 I'm out of strength
  153. 484C484 He is not heartfelt
  154. 485C485 fine work, put it into place
  155. 486C486 'Has been bullied! '
  156. 487C487 He wanted to try to go into the sea
  157. 488C488 Bullying someone in the early hours of the morning
  158. 489C489 I've finally found you
  159. 490C490 venomous tongue of the Madame Su
  160. 491C491 What did you do to her
  161. 492C492 The Secret of Not Entering the Sea
  162. 493C493 I know who you are
  163. 494C494 This scene was very familiar …
  164. 495C495 My name is on it
  165. 496C496 So it turns out that I was also involved
  166. 497C497 It is fated not to be afraid of late
  167. 498C498 the true secret of Ice Sea
  168. 499C499 Lone, Icy Sea Spirit Realm
  169. 500C500 Stay by my side all the time
  170. 501C501 I only loved you one time
  171. 502C502 one big fine work
  172. 503C503 Does your father-in-law agree?!
  173. 504C504 disappear, draw upon blood
  174. 505C505 Be obstinate and wait together
  175. 506C506 dart, the intentions of the Tang Jing
  176. 507C507 It was a woman …
  177. 508C508 "Brother, it's a promise!"
  178. 509C509 Who exactly was Uncle Xiao?!
  179. 510C510 What do you have in mind
  180. 511C511 He could be a pawn
  181. 512C512 Can you forgive me
  182. 513C513 busy, unable to reward
  183. 514C514 force the madame into a corner
  184. 515C515 You and I are at home
  185. 516C516 Seventh Young Master Gu again
  186. 517C517 with this idea in mind
  187. 518C518 If you have the guts, come over here!
  188. 519C519 Ready
  189. 520C520 Daughter Unfilial
  190. 521C521 Promise for three years
  191. 522C522 You might as well make another guess
  192. 523C523 Taste the taste of regret
  193. 524C524 There are still secrets in Qi Family
  194. 525C525 In the future, I will give you one
  195. 526C526 Warm, Intense Burning Body
  196. 527C527 'I really know how to play! '
  197. 528C528 Could it be that his Qi Family was showing his trump card?
  198. 529C529 I will never stop you
  199. 530C530 Portrait, familiar eyes
  200. 531C531 Mind you, remember it in your heart
  201. 532C532 There was no way out for Dragon Clan.
  202. 533C533 Red Spirit Key, dry-nether sword
  203. 534C534 Just who are you?!
  204. 535C535 Bo Master of Cloud Chasing Palace smiled
  205. 536C536 The paper cannot hold the fire
  206. 537C537 "Unfortunately, I was right about that."
  207. 538C538 I'm afraid it's the man guarding the tomb
  208. 539C539 Reminder of Gu Yunyuan
  209. 540C540 I didn't expect you to be here
  210. 541C541 Let me guess
  211. 542C542 history of the Protector Ling
  212. 543C543 Secrets of Cloud Chasing Palace
  213. 544C544 "My dear teacher, you look more and more alike …"
  214. 545C545 We're on the same side in the future
  215. 546C546 It turns out to be a coward
  216. 547C547 Can I call you grandpa or not?]
  217. 548C548 You're paralyzed in the eye
  218. 549C549 To see one's brother as one would see one's father
  219. 550C550 Progress is the same with each other
  220. 551C551 Hey, help people to the end
  221. 552C552 It was actually a man with a venomous tongue!
  222. 553C553 The Truth about the Three Forces
  223. 554C554 She actually recovered …
  224. 555C555 This trip was the right one …
  225. 556C556 'Medicine Valley ',' Legend 'came true
  226. 557C557 My master is a great hero
  227. 558C558 The Dark Lake was related to Dragon Clan.
  228. 559C559 Urgent, must be excused
  229. 560C560 An agreement between three people
  230. 561C561 Very good, just right for me
  231. 562C562 unwitting exposure
  232. 563C563 Which woman have you seen
  233. 564C564 General, an important guest has arrived
  234. 565C565 Either you die or I submit
  235. 566C566 Both are angry with each other
  236. 567C567 I can only take my cheap life
  237. 568C568 Bitch can only scold me
  238. 569C569 A baffling anger
  239. 570C570 "Uneasiness, why do you have to do this?"
  240. 571C571 Then hold on tight
  241. 572C572 One more clue
  242. 573C573 There was something fishy about it …
  243. 574C574 astonishing Heaven Nether Sword
  244. 575C575 His Uncle Xiao was also deceived
  245. 576C576 'Trying to escape? This is too terrifying! '
  246. 577C577 The trap, a drama
  247. 578C578 It's not a burden, but behind the scenes
  248. 579C579 A trick of the Uncle Xiao
  249. 580C580 "If it's real, then let's give it a try!"
  250. 581C581 I will stand guard for you in person
  251. 582C582 Key, True or False
  252. 583C583 A pendant suddenly appeared
  253. 584C584 Tell him to get the fuck out of here
  254. 585C585 finally see Heaven Nether Sword
  255. 586C586 He said, "Yes, sir."
  256. 587C587 Jealousy is a form of recognition
  257. 588C588 rescue Qian Duoduo
  258. 589C589 You can jump down again
  259. 590C590 Find, want to live
  260. 591C591 Master of Cloud Chasing Palace Identity
  261. 592C592 recognized as lacrimal retention
  262. 593C593 You're the one who didn't grow up
  263. 594C594 Billing, good
  264. 595C595 I do not allow
  265. 596C596 Gu Yunyuan also have a temper
  266. 597C597 'It's not like I haven't kissed before! '
  267. 598C598 Unwittingly Telling the Mysteries
  268. 599C599 Explanation of Gu Yunyuan
  269. 600C600 Kindness, you guys continue
  270. 601C601 "Finally meeting with my parents …"
  271. 602C602 Be generous in your praise
  272. 603C603 He couldn't help but laugh
  273. 604C604 Tang Jing, what happened to you?
  274. 605C605 Give me a chance
  275. 606C606 Then what else do you want
  276. 607C607 It's all a loss, isn't it?!
  277. 608C608 'More than a month? '
  278. 609C609 It's exclusive to you Jade Dragons.
  279. 610C610 Hurry, who taught him that?!
  280. 611C611 The luck of Gu Feiyan
  281. 612C612 [Yes, he must be a fool!]
  282. 613C613 You can hide for the rest of your life
  283. 614C614 Focus on Frigid Sword
  284. 615C615 self-styled perfect plan
  285. 616C616 The focus of his attention
  286. 617C617 What is her name
  287. 618C618 Don't want to also
  288. 619C619 I will deal with this matter
  289. 620C620 Decisive, surprise
  290. 621C621 Calm, trusting each other
  291. 622C622 Jealousy, admiration, admiration
  292. 623C623 Surprise and harvest
  293. 624C624 Goodbye Gu Yunyuan
  294. 625C625 This promotion to great calamity
  295. 626C626 Master is always by my side
  296. 627C627 'Truly an old fox! '
  297. 628C628 You can get it without any trouble
  298. 629C629 His mood was uncertain
  299. 630C630 If you have the balls, wait for it
  300. 631C631 A taste of meat debt for life
  301. 632C632 Tang Jing suddenly understood
  302. 633C633 without stagnation of the past
  303. 634C634 I'm a matchmaker, after all.
  304. 635C635 Do not cause trouble
  305. 636C636 second generation ancestor of Yu Family
  306. 637C637 I'm afraid you misunderstand
  307. 638C638 a little bit more than you like
  308. 639C639 set up an inescapable net
  309. 640C640 auction, deliberately high-profile
  310. 641C641 Obstinately keeping accounts with her
  311. 642C642 Their real purpose
  312. 643C643 The Old Fox's Counterattack
  313. 644C644 protection of Prince Jing
  314. 645C645 Give me a thin face
  315. 646C646 You are fighting over
  316. 647C647 Yu Family, returned to its original owner
  317. 648C648 Tropic to Tiger Mountain Riding
  318. 649C649 If you have the guts, don't hide
  319. 650C650 Don't look back when you hit the south wall
  320. 651C651 Winning a game at last
  321. 652C652 Conjectures on Jun Jiuchen
  322. 653C653 Jun Jiuchen? Mind
  323. 654C654 [What kind of evidence is this?]
  324. 655C655 Astonishing Evidence
  325. 656C656 Meditation on Bai Shaohe
  326. 657C657 'What kind of sacrificial ritual would it be?! '
  327. 658C658 Danger in a Trap
  328. 659C659 Was there a need to be so frightened …
  329. 660C660 Snow in soy sauce
  330. 661C661 come for walnut
  331. 662C662 Like a soldier in battle
  332. 663C663 Who is the Mayor?!]
  333. 664C664 It's all for you, isn't it?
  334. 665C665 If you die, I will live
  335. 666C666 'Is this it? '
  336. 667C667 If the human heart is not good enough, then it is a dead end
  337. 668C668 Who had the advantage
  338. 669C669 Beautiful win
  339. 670C670 Let's have a talk
  340. 671C671 a lie that tests the heart
  341. 672C672 It must not be a slave race, but it was most likely an enemy clan.
  342. 673C673 red awn, changed once again …
  343. 674C674 Is she not wrong
  344. 675C675 What a coincidence, this was the perfect opportunity to eat …
  345. 676C676 That was a force …
  346. 677C677 'Let her not suffer even the slightest bit of grievance! '
  347. 678C678 so-called rest
  348. 679C679 Shocking killing intent
  349. 680C680 This makes sense
  350. 681C681 'Could it be that this is … '
  351. 682C682 The Xiao Yuer returned home after all.
  352. 683C683 cannot outsmart Su Xiaoyu
  353. 684C684 blood sacrifice, another path
  354. 685C685 It's too late to say anything now
  355. 686C686 No matter how he searched, it would all be for naught!
  356. 687C687 Her Waiting and Searching
  357. 688C688 There are still people in the dark
  358. 689C689 A city, accepted
  359. 690C690 One's heart must be guarded against people
  360. 691C691 Tang and Cheng Tang
  361. 692C692 "If you agree, I will do it."
  362. 693C693 Yet, she had to come here …
  363. 694C694 There is one General Wu
  364. 695C695 New Seventh Sister
  365. 696C696 I don't want to argue with her
  366. 697C697 Focusing on the mood of the Tang Jing
  367. 698C698 It's just that I feel uneasy and kind
  368. 699C699 Half Truth
  369. 700C700 The rest is for you
  370. 701C701 'This prince doesn't want her anymore! '
  371. 702C702 'He is an old fox! '
  372. 703C703 I don't know yet
  373. 704C704 Shui Ji advanced
  374. 705C705 Must make friends
  375. 706C706 The secret of the prescription of medicinal food
  376. 707C707 100% success
  377. 708C708 Unless the Han Yuer fails
  378. 709C709 Both sides were surprised
  379. 710C710 profound Old Emperor routine
  380. 711C711 How he wished it was him!
  381. 712C712 Can It Be Saved
  382. 713C713 A way to return to one's former self
  383. 714C714 What is cruelty?!
  384. 715C715 yearn for his care
  385. 716C716 I was a bad guy
  386. 717C717 Clever more into
  387. 718C718 Kawasaki's temper is bad
  388. 719C719 Blood nourishing things must be evil
  389. 720C720 His lifelong desire
  390. 721C721 Not a single one can be missing
  391. 722C722 Hijacking rather than silencing
  392. 723C723 Another expert intervened
  393. 724C724 There are strange flowers and plants here
  394. 725C725 "Okay, let the money go."
  395. 726C726 An old friend of another country
  396. 727C727 We're the same as each other
  397. 728C728 Choose, stand as a priority
  398. 729C729 Bowing, see sword like people
  399. 730C730 How could he forget her?!
  400. 731C731 It must be nearby
  401. 732C732 Infuriating small medicinal cauldron
  402. 733C733 Deceit, Medicine King Valley Ruins
  403. 734C734 Such a figure …
  404. 735C735 Do you think so too
  405. 736C736 He said leave it to him
  406. 737C737 be robbed, and wait and see
  407. 738C738 Wait a minute, it's not time yet
  408. 739C739 Threats, one of the two
  409. 740C740 have the ability to make you stick
  410. 741C741 Silent Beautiful Men
  411. 742C742 'It seems like he really came to the right place … '
  412. 743C743 'This is really making things difficult for him! '
  413. 744C744 Who made the forgery
  414. 745C745 Subordinate is a witness
  415. 746C746 The day we meet again
  416. 747C747 but the story of the fulfillment
  417. 748C748 I'll listen to you for once
  418. 749C749 Unmarried wins a new marriage
  419. 750C750 abstinence, wrong timing
  420. 751C751 If you go in, you'il be courting death
  421. 752C752 I believe you
  422. 753C753 Date of marriage, 16 August
  423. 754C754 The Future, the Northern Way of the Southern Tang Dynasty
  424. 755C755 I've kept you waiting for a long time
  425. 756C756 "If you want to form an alliance, you have to take what you need."
  426. 757C757 I'm leaving before you come
  427. 758C758 Because Your Highness is a Royal Brother
  428. 759C759 Nanny Qian Complaints
  429. 760C760 Ah Ze, you go out of your way
  430. 761C761 Buddha is my mother!]
  431. 762C762 idiotic
  432. 763C763 I'm a big brother now
  433. 764C764 phobia
  434. 765C765 When you are ten years old
  435. 766C766 How good would that be!]
  436. 767C767 Nan Chen arrived late
  437. 768C768 If you don't, just call her your mother-in-law
  438. 769C769 No one has a chance
  439. 770C770 It's good that you know
  440. 771C771 She did not lie
  441. 772C772 So it was like this …
  442. 773C773 There was still a chance of survival!
  443. 774C774 'Could it be that he is the same as her?! '
  444. 775C775 There's one thing I don't understand
  445. 776C776 decided to test him
  446. 777C777 To see your guilty conscience
  447. 778C778 Two Bad News
  448. 779C779 A fox's tail is exposed
  449. 780C780 You are worse than a beast
  450. 781C781 [He is worse than a beast!]
  451. 782C782 'Forget, comfort her! '
  452. 783C783 My father would have done the same
  453. 784C784 How I am
  454. 785C785 I don't like you
  455. 786C786 Restraint, unsightly expression
  456. 787C787 Yes, he did.
  457. 788C788 Let go, I'll hold you
  458. 789C789 'It's actually so reliable! '
  459. 790C790 No way out
  460. 791C791 A smile can prevent old age
  461. 792C792 'In the end, I have to dream again! '
  462. 793C793 [Do you think we are easy to bully?]
  463. 794C794 domineering, psychological warfare
  464. 795C795 traitors of the Black Forest
  465. 796C796 'Domineering! Who is the real king! '
  466. 797C797 Yet another King had returned
  467. 798C798 Embarrassing three people
  468. 799C799 I'm not afraid of you
  469. 800C800 Don't allow others to see
  470. 801C801 Can pacify her
  471. 802C802 'Is he serious? '
  472. 803C803 final Cloud Chasing Palace
  473. 804C804 Something fishy was going on in the Cloud Chasing Palace.
  474. 805C805 I forgot again that it was the Emperor.
  475. 806C806 Changed name
  476. 807C807 'Shock! You did it on purpose! '
  477. 808C808 identical striations
  478. 809C809 This King will destroy you
  479. 810C810 I can control it now
  480. 811C811 They were all corpses …
  481. 812C812 How could they be different?!
  482. 813C813 what did you dig up
  483. 814C814 It really is the dragon skeleton.
  484. 815C815 It's not like him
  485. 816C816 There's not much time left
  486. 817C817 Don't blame me for being impolite
  487. 818C818 Ice Sea is more interesting
  488. 819C819 'Qin Mo, take care! '
  489. 820C820 the confidence of the Baili Mingchuan
  490. 821C821 He actually went by the river …
  491. 822C822 The more I look at it, the weirder it is
  492. 823C823 Unimaginable Identity
  493. 824C824 Venture success
  494. 825C825 Understand the intentions of the Aunt Min
  495. 826C826 You must win too!]
  496. 827C827 What are you
  497. 828C828 respective odds
  498. 829C829 Victory or defeat is decided by who
  499. 830C830 Regret, just this once …
  500. 831C831 Who is threatening whom?!
  501. 832C832 the anger of Mu Ran
  502. 833C833 the true nature of the Master of Cloud Chasing Palace
  503. 834C834 lachrymal onset
  504. 835C835 Of course they would fight with their lives … …
  505. 836C836 'It must be a scheme, right? '
  506. 837C837 He didn't know what to do
  507. 838C838 Eighth Nine Mysterious Needles
  508. 839C839 You like him a lot, right?
  509. 840C840 You and I are strangers
  510. 841C841 Identity of the Ji Jianglan
  511. 842C842 Is deliberately
  512. 843C843 Last chips
  513. 844C844 The Truth of Legend
  514. 845C845 Whether or not, see you later
  515. 846C846 Why this
  516. 847C847 Who is in Nirvana
  517. 848C848 Her Determination
  518. 849C849 Suspicion of the Jun Jiuchen
  519. 850C850 He can afford to lose
  520. 851C851 She actually wanted to tattoo her face …
  521. 852C852 'She actually found out about it! '
  522. 853C853 The hellish silence
  523. 854C854 It's a relapse
  524. 855C855 Madam, long time no see
  525. 856C856 Identity, a variety of contradictions
  526. 857C857 trial, mild cruelty
  527. 858C858 Identity, Final Confirmation
  528. 859C859 Maybe it was just for him …
  529. 860C860 One yard to one yard
  530. 861C861 Suspicion of Jun Jiuchen
  531. 862C862 It is not a good thing for you
  532. 863C863 Daddy will take you home
  533. 864C864 What Big Brother Should Do
  534. 865C865 To make a noise
  535. 866C866 Spring Society Swallows Back to the Sun
  536. 867C867 The backlash worsened
  537. 868C868 He heard the sound
  538. 869C869 memory of the Li Qin
  539. 870C870 Don't even think about leaving us
  540. 871C871 The old man give you directions
  541. 872C872 This prince will not die
  542. 873C873 true backlash
  543. 874C874 You shut up for me
  544. 875C875 Halfway out
  545. 876C876 Unbreakable Black Ice
  546. 877C877 pure blood
  547. 878C878 His deadliest weakness
  548. 879C879 It is important for the living to live
  549. 880C880 This King asked him to discuss with him
  550. 881C881 How can you bear it?!
  551. 882C882 You don't have to worry about anything
  552. 883C883 The Baili Mingchuan is in the back of the pot
  553. 884C884 'This is truly heartless! '
  554. 885C885 This is immortality
  555. 886C886 Rejection of Jun Jiuchen
  556. 887C887 'It turns out to be her … '
  557. 888C888 [I don't think anyone believes it!]
  558. 889C889 He was not a match for Li Qin.
  559. 890C890 Argument
  560. 891C891 Mistress, you have been sad for a long time
  561. 892C892 Gu Nanchen, bearing the consequences
  562. 893C893 Cripple
  563. 894C894 You are shameless
  564. 895C895 Don't be afraid, and me too
  565. 896C896 You're right, aren't you?
  566. 897C897 There was an accident
  567. 898C898 Response from the Mu Ran
  568. 899C899 You're thinking too much about Qian Duoduo.
  569. 900C900 Seventh Uncle
  570. 901C901 I am not convinced
  571. 902C902 Who is threatening who
  572. 903C903 More promising than you
  573. 904C904 Stop the folly
  574. 905C905 There were only three days left …
  575. 906C906 Who said I can't marry another person?!
  576. 907C907 Let me just think about it
  577. 908C908 Selection of Xia Xiaoman
  578. 909C909 It hurts so bad here
  579. 910C910 To think you can laugh
  580. 911C911 This King promised her …
  581. 912C912 It's all settled
  582. 913C913 Such a shrewd and ambitious man
  583. 914C914 What are you nervous about
  584. 915C915 It didn't seem to be a good thing …
  585. 916C916 Finally, there was hope …
  586. 917C917 He knew best in his heart
  587. 918C918 What a great He Xiaohai!
  588. 919C919 They actually came …
  589. 920C920 They all had their own thoughts …
  590. 921C921 Jun Jiuchen, are you crazy?
  591. 922C922 Otherwise, don't even think about it
  592. 923C923 Southern Territory, his goal …
  593. 924C924 'It's not that easy to fool her! '
  594. 925C925 Identity of the He Xiaohai
  595. 926C926 Xia Xiaoman knows the truth
  596. 927C927 Just a little bit more and I'll believe it
  597. 928C928 If tears fall
  598. 929C929 Secrets of Qi Lianjue
  599. 930C930 It turned out to be such an ending …
  600. 931C931 The truth of Heaven Nether Power
  601. 932C932 I am a good man from my own family
  602. 933C933 are you alright with Little Yan'er
  603. 934C934 It was just a joke
  604. 935C935 'Could it be that he had already planned this beforehand? '
  605. 936C936 "I regret that I should have given in long ago."
  606. 937C937 Your Highness, she is crazy!]
  607. 938C938 All that I have done is righteous
  608. 939C939 the destiny of the ShadowClan
  609. 940C940 Give me a hand
  610. 941C941 I just don't believe it
  611. 942C942 I've been waiting for you for a long time
  612. 943C943 You finally got what you wanted
  613. 944C944 My brother is here
  614. 945C945 The Calmest Way
  615. 946C946 within three days
  616. 947C947 Ten years is like a dream
  617. 948C948 Final preparation
  618. 949C949 Finally, it came …
  619. 950C950 Sorry
  620. 951C951 Have you thought it over clearly
  621. 952C952 That, congratulations to the first
  622. 953C953 Defend, go against the blade
  623. 954C954 One Cauldron Without Two Masters
  624. 955C955 Even you betrayed me
  625. 956C956 phoenix fire
  626. 957C957 You and I, break off all ties
  627. 958C958 "You and I, it all comes to an end in this way."
  628. 959C959 An accident, a quick victory
  629. 960C960 You listen to me
  630. 961C961 Will you come back
  631. 962C962 My tears fall down my face
  632. 963C963 Why did he come to you
  633. 964C964 They, were still the same …
  634. 965C965 I miss you guys
  635. 966C966 release
  636. 967C967 The Secret of Time
  637. 968C968 Son, what's wrong with you
  638. 969C969 Finally, he told her in person
  639. 970C970 'This boy shouldn't have his life … '
  640. 971C971 Think it through
  641. 972C972 My son is righteous
  642. 973C973 Do you think clearly
  643. 974C974 Mid-Autumn Festival, never to be seen or seen
  644. 975C975 He is wrongly accused
  645. 976C976 He finally knew what his intentions were …
  646. 977C977 It was long gone …
  647. 978C978 It's all for him, isn't it?!
  648. 979C979 Farewell, alcohol
  649. 980C980 Thank you
  650. 981C981 You look so good when you smile
  651. 982C982 Ah Ze
  652. 983C983 The one who has crossed you is the Buddha.
  653. 984C984 Add a dowry
  654. 985C985 There's got to be a guy next to you
  655. 986C986 Great Gan Empire
  656. 987C987 this life guard the North Sea
  657. 988C988 "Did you come back?"
  658. 989C989 III. There is only one waiting for reincarnation
  659. 990C990 He is a bystander
  660. 991C991 You are all liars
  661. 992C992 You can't do this to me
  662. 993C993 Remember to return the gift
  663. 994C994 Now, they were reunited …
  664. 995C995 Don't be mean to me anymore
  665. 996C996 This is very embarrassing
  666. 997C997 You don't have to be afraid of him
  667. 998C998 Your Highness, are you hungry?!
  668. 999C999 Yanzheng
  669. 1000C1000 I don't want to go back to vulgarity
  670. 1001C1001 betrothal gift for Jun Jiuchen
  671. 1002C1002 early supplement
  672. 1003C1003 Are you sure it's her?!
  673. 1004C1004 He's still a bit of a bad guy
  674. 1005C1005 In the end, the ceremony was completed …
  675. 1006C1006 Urged bridegroom
  676. 1007C1007 Fee for change of mouth
  677. 1008C1008 is not the same
  678. 1009C1009 recovery from loss
  679. 1010C1010 Diet
  680. 1011C1011 "Swift Moon": Valley Lord
  681. 1012C1012 [Annihilation] (Author): Don't regret it.
  682. 1013C1013 Outside of the sensitive moon: New Year's Eve
  683. 1014C1014 Yue Shan: Coming.
  684. 1015C1015 Minute Month: Child
  685. 1016C1016 Story on the Moon-sensitive: Little guy
  686. 1017C1017 The Story of Swift Moon: Accompanying
  687. 1018C1018 [Swift Moon]: Ming Chen
  688. 1019C1019 "Swift Moon": Ten Thousand Blessings
  689. 1020C1020 [Swift Moon]: Seventh Uncle
  690. 1021C1021 [Swift Moon]: Try your best.
  691. 1022C1022 Sensory Moon: Gentle
  692. 1023C1023 The Story of Swift Moon: Day
  693. 1024C1024 "Swift Moon": Anger
  694. 1025C1025 "Swift Moon" monograph: Weariness
  695. 1026C1026 "Swift Moon" monograph: Midnight Rice.
  696. 1027C1027 "Swift Moon: Not Drunk"
  697. 1028C1028 Sensitive month designed article: xu you
  698. 1029C1029 The Story of Swift Moon: A Book of Absence
  699. 1030C1030 Swift Moon: "I'll let you go."
  700. 1031C1031 "Swift Moon" monograph: Small talk
  701. 1032C1032 Minute Month: Apologize
  702. 1033C1033 The Tempest of the Moon: The rest of Life
  703. 1034C1034 [Swift Moon]: In any case
  704. 1035C1035 The Story of Swift Moon: A Mission
  705. 1036C1036 "Nimble Moon": Willing
  706. 1037C1037 "Swift Moon": "Good"
  707. 1038C1038 "Nimble Moon Story: The Flower, the Moon, the Moon, and the Tempest"
  708. 1039C1039 Story on the Sensitive Moon: The Dependence of the Sensitive Moon
  709. 1040C1040 Special Topic on Yu Er: Old Residence
  710. 1041C1041 [Yu Er Monograph: Malicious]
  711. 1042C1042 Topic on Yu Er: Master
  712. 1043C1043 Special Topic on Yu Er: Affected
  713. 1044C1044 Yu Er Encyclopedia: Enemy
  714. 1045C1045 Special Topic on Yu Er: Plagiodon
  715. 1046C1046 Specialty on Yu Er: Intention
  716. 1047C1047 Special Topic on Yu Er: Dew
  717. 1048C1048 Topic on Yu Er: Three years
  718. 1049C1049 Special Topic on Yu Er: Growth
  719. 1050C1050 Specialty on Yu Er: I understand
  720. 1051C1051 Special Topic on Yu Er: Beneficence
  721. 1052C1052 Specialty on Yu Er: Pure
  722. 1053C1053 Special Topic on Yu Er: Anger
  723. 1054C1054 Yu Er monograph: Attitude
  724. 1055C1055 Special Topic on Yu Er: Expulsion
  725. 1056C1056 Specialty on Yu Er: No need
  726. 1057C1057 Topic on Yu Er: Take care
  727. 1058C1058 Special Topic on Yu Er: Poison
  728. 1059C1059 Her article: smiled
  729. 1060C1060 Special Topic on Yu Er: Young Lord
  730. 1061C1061 Yu Er Encyclopedia: Success
  731. 1062C1062 Special Topic on Yu Er: Coming
  732. 1063C1063 Yu Er Encyclopedia: Open mouth
  733. 1064C1064 Specialty on Yu Er: Enlightenment
  734. 1065C1065 Specialty on Yu Er: Special
  735. 1066C1066 Yu Er Monograph: Righteousness
  736. 1067C1067 Specialty on Yu Er: Coincidentally
  737. 1068C1068 Special Topic on Yu Er: Not available
  738. 1069C1069 Special Topic on Yu Er: Begonia
  739. 1070C1070 Her article: dare
  740. 1071C1071 Yu Er Encyclopedia: Unequal
  741. 1072C1072 Yu Er monograph: Endeavour
  742. 1073C1073 Special Topic on Yu Er: Old Place
  743. 1074C1074 Topic on Yu Er: In his name
  744. 1075C1075 The Northern Way of the Southern Tang Dynasty: Promoting Birth
  745. 1076C1076 The North of the Southern Tang Dynasty: All are in a hurry
  746. 1077C1077 Northern Tang Dynasty: Hope
  747. 1078C1078 The North of the Southern Tang Dynasty: A tacit understanding
  748. 1079C1079 The Northern Way of the Southern Tang Dynasty: Letters Received
  749. 1080C1080 Northern Tang Dynasty: Temporarily
  750. 1081C1081 The Northern Way of the Southern Tang Dynasty: Distinction
  751. 1082C1082 Northern Tang Dynasty: Reluctance
  752. 1083C1083 Southern Tang Dynasty's Northern Expedition: Politeness
  753. 1084C1084 The North Passage of the Southern Tang Dynasty: War
  754. 1085C1085 North Road of the Southern Tang Dynasty: Pit
  755. 1086C1086 North of the Southern Tang Dynasty: Reflection
  756. 1087C1087 Southern Tang Dynasty's Northern Expedition: Thousand Gold
  757. 1088C1088 Northern Tang Dynasty: Sisters
  758. 1089C1089 Amitabha, I'm sorry
  759. 1090C1090 Amitabha failed
  760. 1091C1091 Amitabha was drunk
  761. 1092C1092 Goodbye, Amitabha.
  762. 1093C1093 Extraterritoriality of snow wolf
  763. 1094C1094 The Sisters of Black Forest
  764. 1095C1095 the frontalis of the Black Forest section
  765. 1096C1096 The Worry of Black Forest Sections
  766. 1097C1097 The Boy in the Black Forest chapter
  767. 1098C1098 miscalculation of Black Forest section
  768. 1099C1099 Seventy-Day End