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  • Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation

Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation

Author:缸里有米 Genre:Fantasy
Status:Unupdated Num.:13580.00 k

After waking up, Jiang Tian found out that it was not too late.I... more


  1. 970C970 This was his home, and he could not take a single step back
  2. 971C971 The Curse of the Nefarious Almighty Immortal Body, Jiang Tian's Worry
  3. 972C972 Qing'er's mother's wish, three hundred years of Nalan family
  4. 973C973 The chance to do a trial and destroy the Church and the Brahmin.
  5. 974C974 To China, the Polo Sect of the Holy See invaded China.
  6. 975C975 Arrived in hidden dragon, charges of the strong
  7. 976C976 Yellowish page, Qing'er's life
  8. 977C977 [What the hell is Jiang Taisui? Jin Zixuan's Pride!]
  9. 978C978 Each of the Nalan Clan's banquets had their own ulterior motives …
  10. 979C979 The party break up and break up on bad terms
  11. 980C980 A big fight and the appearance of a drop of blood
  12. 981C981 The Dragon Guardian Branch could not withstand a single blow.
  13. 982C982 Nalan Jie's Fury, his attitude is clear
  14. 983C983 Jiang Tian, you should die from Nalan Li's plot …
  15. 984C984 Dense fog, a crazy fight!
  16. 985C985 Unite the royal martial family to deal with Jiang Tian.
  17. 986C986 Jiang Taisui was going to die soon.
  18. 987C987 He home upheaval, Jin Zixuan visit
  19. 988C988 He crushed Jin Zixuan with a single palm strike and knelt down in worship …
  20. 989C989 Holy Orchid, domineering and overbearing
  21. 990C990 Saint Augustus killed the Imperial Advisor and provoked Jiang Tian.
  22. 991C991 Battle Sage Agu, One Finger Across the Sky
  23. 992C992 Killing St. Augustine with a flick of a finger, scaring him to death
  24. 993C993 Fighting against the Church and Brahmin alone would shock the world
  25. 994C994 The Crusade to the East, the First Way
  26. 995C995 A thousand rumors about a super war erupting
  27. 996C996 The most important battle in the last two thousand years
  28. 997C997 The great battle of Lancang had left my life in the hands of the Heavens.
  29. 998C998 Fighting for five kilometers, exterminating demons and defending the road …
  30. 999C999 China's underworld royal experts mocked without restraint
  31. 1000C1000 The true god ghost fell, the Vatican is very strong
  32. 1001C1001 "When Jiang Tian arrives at the battlefield, he wants to wipe out the enemy."
  33. 1002C1002 Medium-sized sunflower lotus, it had appeared today!
  34. 1003C1003 Such a cruel team wipe, he had killed three thousand experts in an instant!
  35. 1004C1004 The underworld dynasties are not to be insulted, let me humiliate you
  36. 1005C1005 The confidence of the reclusive royal family
  37. 1006C1006 He has been to star ferry, frighten to death detached imperial family
  38. 1007C1007 He had to kill six hundred fairy, one pressure boundary
  39. 1008C1008 The Nalan Clan regretted it too late, so Jiang Tian started a massacre
  40. 1009C1009 'In the mind of an emperor, killing people like grass without hearing a sound '
  41. 1010C1010 The Holy See was stunned, united with the reclusive royal family of Europe.
  42. 1011C1011 Jiang Tian pushed the Church to the west
  43. 1012C1012 A thousand miles of blood stained the sky, and ten thousand people were killed …
  44. 1013C1013 The big black dog attack, roasted flying horse to eat
  45. 1014C1014 Witchcraft westward, kill to make dawn
  46. 1015C1015 The strong to two thousand, most major world war I
  47. 1016C1016 Eternal secret account, after yi shoot day with the family of light
  48. 1017C1017 What was a devil, what was evil!
  49. 1018C1018 Annihilation of the reclusive dynasties of Europe, The Western Trembling
  50. 1019C1019 Blow off defeat ng, alone, two big strange
  51. 1020C1020 Ten Thousand Swords Explosion, Killing like Numb
  52. 1021C1021 The Godly Tree Burst, killing to the enemy's despair
  53. 1022C1022 The Messiah was born, and it was a glorious and endless battle
  54. 1023C1023 Stepping on the Messiah like a dog, killing until your faith falls apart
  55. 1024C1024 Messiah surrender, annihilate Van Tien
  56. 1025C1025 "The might of a god slayer enters the heavens"
  57. 1026C1026 The God Slayer's name shocked the entire world
  58. 1027C1027 The whole world shook. The devil, Jiang Taisui, had come to attack
  59. 1028C1028 To heaven at the beginning of the world, kill
  60. 1029C1029 Sin Chasers break out
  61. 1030C1030 Into hell, wave sleeve defeated hell wing dragon king
  62. 1031C1031 You are not fit to be my mount.
  63. 1032C1032 Enter the Holy Mountain, Fallen Angel
  64. 1033C1033 Competing with me in a mental attack, you are courting death!]
  65. 1034C1034 The Tenth Holy Mountain revolution, killing its way towards the Holy Church.
  66. 1035C1035 The frightful devil of the earth, the fear of the kingdom of heaven
  67. 1036C1036 The power of a single kick defeated the Angel of the Ninth level of the Flame.
  68. 1037C1037 Invincible, breaking the Holy Mountain consecutively
  69. 1038C1038 The elven clan chief, Mei Ji, had come to warn him.
  70. 1039C1039 Ancient Witch Houyi, Historical Mist
  71. 1040C1040 Mei Ji was disappointed, Jiang Taisui was short-sighted
  72. 1041C1041 Getting the Heaven Shaking Bow, Yi Xiao Man's Doubts
  73. 1042C1042 The Holy Hall's arranged battle, the decisive battle had arrived
  74. 1043C1043 There was no other choice. He would fight to the death!
  75. 1044C1044 The battle before the sanctuary was the focus of everyone's attention
  76. 1045C1045 "God Slaying Knight is like killing a chicken, an ancient scroll has appeared!"
  77. 1046C1046 Immortal Master Jiang is invincible, he's able to break through the heavens
  78. 1047C1047 St soyama ballooned out nine miles, tapping
  79. 1048C1048 "Stepping on the Saint King, shaking the heavens!"
  80. 1049C1049 Stepped the deathly huang, may see the holy father
  81. 1050C1050 The Sacred Ancient recovered, the battle shocked the world
  82. 1051C1051 The power of the Sacred Ancients was dominating the world!
  83. 1052C1052 The Heaven Shaking Bow was released, and the Shooting Sun Arrow was formed!
  84. 1053C1053 Shot the progenitor, shot through your abdomen
  85. 1054C1054 A single arrow shot out to blow up the sun, breaking mountains and rivers …
  86. 1055C1055 He flipped over the sanctuary and dared to call the sun and moon a new sky!
  87. 1056C1056 The Sun's crystal eye, the biggest harvest
  88. 1057C1057 The refined sun jade eye entered the dantian and created a supreme divine body …
  89. 1058C1058 "To cut the grass at its roots, to stain the earth in a thousand miles"
  90. 1059C1059 The Death Hills Outbreak and the Western Land Invasion
  91. 1060C1060 The Destiny of Mankind, Civilizations
  92. 1061C1061 Death Hills, Global Disturbance
  93. 1062C1062 Lightning thunder door now, the kingdom of heaven is the strong
  94. 1063C1063 Refining the divine body of the Radiant Vermillion Bird was a luxury.
  95. 1064C1064 Devouring the sun … this was an inexhaustible power!
  96. 1065C1065 Break through, complete the Vermillion Bird Divine Body, and return to Earth.
  97. 1066C1066 The western gate opened, and the Gold rank experts arrived.
  98. 1067C1067 "Where is Jiang Taisui? Come out and die!"
  99. 1068C1068 The powerhouses of the Western Lands were like gods …
  100. 1069C1069 The trumpet of death blows, the launch of the Absolute Beginning
  101. 1070C1070 "Deicide weapons, Western powers perished one after another."
  102. 1071C1071 Heavy artillery swing three miles, tu god world war I
  103. 1072C1072 The Great War of the Western Lands brought fame to the world
  104. 1073C1073 Jiang Tian had come back with a life on the line
  105. 1074C1074 Big pen like rafters writing, I want to revive the spirit
  106. 1075C1075 The sect head of the Kunlun Sect, Li Wuji, had appeared!
  107. 1076C1076 The Law of Enemy Commandment and the First Law of the Universe
  108. 1077C1077 Li Wuji's Great Rite, All of the Ruins of Immortality
  109. 1078C1078 Spirit out, Lao tze valley close out letter of truth
  110. 1079C1079 A heavy shoe in China, visiting an old friend
  111. 1080C1080 Huaxia guardian alliance was established, in a cage bird
  112. 1081C1081 China's new generation of strong people, the mainstay
  113. 1082C1082 "Goodbye, Ye Ke. It seems like a long time ago."
  114. 1083C1083 Jiang Taisui came back and covered the sky with his shadow
  115. 1084C1084 Jiang Tian's warning, do not be a dog in the Ruins of Immortality
  116. 1085C1085 News of Ye Kexin versus Linglong and Zhang Qianlei
  117. 1086C1086 'This old man, Zhang Qianlei, is very bad! '
  118. 1087C1087 The Western Land is full of strange things and wonders
  119. 1088C1088 The little girl becoming a demon was too surprising!
  120. 1089C1089 The Golden Roc Temple of Thunderclap Mountain felt as if it was in charge!
  121. 1090C1090 The first worshippers of the West.
  122. 1091C1091 You are bluffing and bragging
  123. 1092C1092 Arriving at Mao Forest City, the Longevity Sect used to bewitch the masses
  124. 1093C1093 Sunny Jiang Taichu, come out the longevity
  125. 1094C1094 "The Beastmaster Sect has arrived, and they want to kill us!"
  126. 1095C1095 "Too many people should be killed. Let's start a massacre!"
  127. 1096C1096 A palm shoot to death, acoustic shock maolin town
  128. 1097C1097 Fairies of the Dumplings, Tales of the Canon of Rites
  129. 1098C1098 The sermon will be the focus of thousands of eyes, and the strong will gather
  130. 1099C1099 On the Golden Lotus Mountain, the Beastmaster Sect had arrived to attack …
  131. 1100C1100 Feng Batian's provocation tested Jiang Tian's cultivation
  132. 1101C1101 The might of a single strike sent the shield flying …
  133. 1102C1102 The Beastmaster Sect was questioning the arrival of Prince Mo Yang.
  134. 1103C1103 Prince Mo Yang, give me your woman
  135. 1104C1104 "Do you agree that I will take your mother as my servant?"
  136. 1105C1105 The Dao of the Immortal Execution Archipelago determined life and death!
  137. 1106C1106 [If you want to die, I will help you!]
  138. 1107C1107 A stamped on the days in the wind, was full
  139. 1108C1108 Even if I have to bully you, so what?!]
  140. 1109C1109 True fire burning day kill beast, tianjiao alone
  141. 1110C1110 To kill a Zen Master with no heart, to crush a Jindan like stepping on a dog
  142. 1111C1111 Soaring nine miles, magic
  143. 1112C1112 The wolf pack at the tiger's den, his time of death is up
  144. 1113C1113 With your identity exposed, you are Jiang Taisui!
  145. 1114C1114 The trump card of Fairy Luomei, the Great Firmament Star Formation
  146. 1115C1115 Killing ten golden cores and breaking through the Great Firmament Star Formation
  147. 1116C1116 A handbreadth kill deadwood, presence plum fairy
  148. 1117C1117 Immortality hierarch ghost, a saint in five hundred
  149. 1118C1118 Ghost of ruyi is strong, domineering monstrous
  150. 1119C1119 Arrows on a bow, set out to teach the Longevity Sect
  151. 1120C1120 His brows drawn out the sword, a sword of flat
  152. 1121C1121 All the way to annihilate, animal such as the sea's anger
  153. 1122C1122 Arriving at the Longevity Sect, the dragon's lair and the tiger's lair …
  154. 1123C1123 He walked quietly and the fire was high
  155. 1124C1124 Outside door disciple arrogant provocation, to die out
  156. 1125C1125 Provoke and revenge followed one another
  157. 1126C1126 "You are not worthy enough to challenge me, so this disciple will show off."
  158. 1127C1127 You can't even beat my disciple, you clown!]
  159. 1128C1128 Whoever insults my Master, dies!
  160. 1129C1129 "I refuse to accept this, but my life belongs to me!"
  161. 1130C1130 Kill the High Priestess and destroy their faith
  162. 1131C1131 Blood Bathing Competition: Ruthlessness and Ruthlessness
  163. 1132C1132 Flesh altars, bloody body XuanGong easily
  164. 1133C1133 A feast of blood, a dance of demons
  165. 1134C1134 Challenge the Sect Leader, a world-shaking war
  166. 1135C1135 Powerful beyond compare, sweeping away six golden cores …
  167. 1136C1136 Ghost satisfied all sublimation, endless power
  168. 1137C1137 Jiang Tian had come forth to challenge the Sect Leader, the Nether Ruyi.
  169. 1138C1138 Against the big four elders he worked tirelessly, bully gas clouds
  170. 1139C1139 A dao tu ten thousand people, one hundred thousand people buried again!
  171. 1140C1140 The High Priestess is willing to be your Dao-companion and make peace with you
  172. 1141C1141 "Don't even think about coveting my beauty, I'll kill you!"
  173. 1142C1142 Extreme Ascension, Yuanying Stage
  174. 1143C1143 It is because you are too stupid, I can turn into a god in 30 years
  175. 1144C1144 Summon the immortal divine emperor's heroic soul and kill him
  176. 1145C1145 Mother, mother!
  177. 1146C1146 There was no time to waste. His Dao was destroyed!
  178. 1147C1147 To ascend to the throne of the Lord of the Longevity Sect, to shake the West
  179. 1148C1148 He had obtained a world-shocking seed, the Spirit Concentrating Golden Core!
  180. 1149C1149 The galactic crystal sand, as a quasi-divine material, made a fortune.
  181. 1150C1150 The divine material of this world, the Primal Chaos Cauldron.
  182. 1151C1151 I will kill a million people and avenge myself
  183. 1152C1152 Slaughter the city and exterminate the family, Prince Mo Yang is proud again
  184. 1153C1153 "Wherever you fall, just lie down."
  185. 1154C1154 Continuous breakthrough, condenses the thick soil should be the dragon body
  186. 1155C1155 Buddhist Buddha had come for the sake of slaying Jiang Taisui.
  187. 1156C1156 Buddhist Buddha, talking about killing ants!
  188. 1157C1157 The beginning hierarch DengJi ceremony, Nemesis
  189. 1158C1158 Clown Jiang Taisui, just wait for your death!]
  190. 1159C1159 When experts gathered, their killing intent was limitless …
  191. 1160C1160 "If you wish to add to your crimes, you will be executed."
  192. 1161C1161 A descendant of the sun will never be a slave
  193. 1162C1162 He had prepared all five types of False Dan, a trump card from the heavens.
  194. 1163C1163 Blood stained Mao Forest City, Jindan (Jindan) fell like rain
  195. 1164C1164 Killed three son, thick soil should be of the dragon
  196. 1165C1165 Sweeping away millions of soldiers and cleaning up brutally …
  197. 1166C1166 He deserved to kill the crown prince of the emperor
  198. 1167C1167 I will go to the Great Games and kill the Buddha!
  199. 1168C1168 The might of Tathagata is merciful in the Buddhist Sect
  200. 1169C1169 Do you know, those who disgrace others must be disgraced by others
  201. 1170C1170 Turn over your lotus seat and wash this golden crown with blood
  202. 1171C1171 Facing Tathagata the Golden Roc Temple, the entire world was shocked
  203. 1172C1172 One Punch Breaking Five Thunder Heaven Clock, Eight Heavenly Dragons Appear
  204. 1173C1173 Fighting against eight Heavenly Dragons was still an instant kill!
  205. 1174C1174 Killing the gods and monsters in succession shook the Western Lands.
  206. 1175C1175 All Heavens, the Ten Thousand Blessed Buddha Pagoda, appear!
  207. 1176C1176 Primal Chaos Stone Cauldron, Breaking through ten thousand pagodas of Buddha
  208. 1177C1177 Killing the Buddha with one hand, shaking the Western Lands!
  209. 1178C1178 Jiang Jushi, the Monarch of the Western Lands
  210. 1179C1179 Kill, flagrantly American state
  211. 1180C1180 The Gate of Destiny was a heaven shaking secret
  212. 1181C1181 Thunder Marsh Forbidden Area, Divine Beast Thunder Hou.
  213. 1182C1182 The might of a thunder Hou, the terrifying power of astral thunder
  214. 1183C1183 The weird Thunder Ze, the undying War God
  215. 1184C1184 The afterlife do brothers, fight again
  216. 1185C1185 "In the midst of the emperor's mist, someone is fighting for a treasure."
  217. 1186C1186 A treacherous woman, a hero's relic
  218. 1187C1187 Kneel down and admit your mistake, then scram!
  219. 1188C1188 I am kind enough to send you on your way
  220. 1189C1189 If he were to kill a Thunder Hou, he would be courting death!
  221. 1190C1190 Fairy market the flock the strong fog so
  222. 1191C1191 To kill a Giant Leviathan with a raise of his hand, it was as if he was an ant …
  223. 1192C1192 Fillip even killed, biting ruthlessly
  224. 1193C1193 The appearance of the Thunder Hou had shocked the world …
  225. 1194C1194 A baby's hand is too weak to withstand a single blow
  226. 1195C1195 Fellow Daoist, show mercy!
  227. 1196C1196 Of the pressure, baby I invincible
  228. 1197C1197 To sweep away all enemies to form a Nascent Soul, one must be invincible
  229. 1198C1198 "Fellow daoist, I can be your pet!"
  230. 1199C1199 The Thunder Hou self-destructed Demonic Core, and perished together with it …
  231. 1200C1200 [1,200]. Rebellion of the Ruins of Immortality, Grand Emperor Chong Li
  232. 1201C1201 The Origin of the Cage of Heaven and Earth and the Bitterness of the Ao Emperor
  233. 1202C1202 Not afraid derived wear full, don't cut hui huang also
  234. 1203C1203 Returning to the West, some people rebelled
  235. 1204C1204 Jiang Taisui is dead, you have to submit
  236. 1205C1205 Xuan is to go through the small Buddha, strong repression
  237. 1206C1206 Who gave you the guts to kill Jiang Taisui's disciple?!
  238. 1207C1207 [Lotus Birth and Tathagata's Coming], the suffering was swelling
  239. 1208C1208 Who would still refuse to accept this? Come out!
  240. 1209C1209 'A foot stepping on the Western Desert. Lian Sheng is just a stray dog! '
  241. 1210C1210 "Soul Devouring Curse"
  242. 1211C1211 [My words are the rules!]
  243. 1212C1212 Leave behind the root, master and disciple part
  244. 1213C1213 Return to Earth, Li Wuji's Secret
  245. 1214C1214 The Age of Revival, Myth Alliance
  246. 1215C1215 The pre-qin legend, big cat cat SanLiangZhi
  247. 1216C1216 Today was not the same as before. It was the first rule of the Tianqing Sect.
  248. 1217C1217 First gift, then troops, signing the Alliance of Gods agreement
  249. 1218C1218 This enmity must be avenged, leaving him in disgrace
  250. 1219C1219 Every fighter is a hero
  251. 1220C1220 Cases of public power, the weather is fine or live
  252. 1221C1221 First Qin Research Society, Party Opening
  253. 1222C1222 One fairy when guards, the pre-qin legend of ambition
  254. 1223C1223 The Ruins of Immortality were friends, Jiang Taisui was the bane of the world.
  255. 1224C1224 "Who is in favor, who is in opposition?"
  256. 1225C1225 "In order to retreat and seek unity, unity dies."
  257. 1226C1226 Mad provocation, arrogance
  258. 1227C1227 "The people's will is on our side, let the war begin."
  259. 1228C1228 The sixth divine body, the Thunder Hou divine body!
  260. 1229C1229 Submit to me, or perish in body and soul
  261. 1230C1230 The Mang Mountain Ghost Emperor was in an extremely sorry state
  262. 1231C1231 With a stomp of his foot, he crushed the Dragon Pool!
  263. 1232C1232 The arrogant Yu Jingtian coldly observed Li Wuji from the side.
  264. 1233C1233 In this world of great struggle, the strong gather at Mount Emei
  265. 1234C1234 The wind blade and the frost sword forced each other to do the same
  266. 1235C1235 Ling'er alone against the famous Qin was not inferior to anyone
  267. 1236C1236 A despicable siege put Huang Ling'er in danger
  268. 1237C1237 When Jiang Tian made his move, who was the ant?!
  269. 1238C1238 A great war broke out when his good offices failed
  270. 1239C1239 Killing Yu Jingtian would shock the world
  271. 1240C1240 Before the war in ten thousand, the fairy market powerhouse
  272. 1241C1241 We have no choice but to fight!]
  273. 1242C1242 Beat the dog, the pre-qin children face sweeping the floor
  274. 1243C1243 Qin mountain house of lords, qi jiang days
  275. 1244C1244 The Nine Winding River Formation, Reappears in the World
  276. 1245C1245 The slap on Ji Mu Xian's face was not right at all!
  277. 1246C1246 "In terms of fighting, in the entire universe, I have never given in to anyone."
  278. 1247C1247 He was determined to kill the enemy!
  279. 1248C1248 'Breaking through with a single punch, scared senseless! '
  280. 1249C1249 Blood stained the sky as he killed several famous sect leaders …
  281. 1250C1250 Broken playing god whip, bundle of fairy rope broken, vulnerable
  282. 1251C1251 He killed Jiang Fukai with a single punch and shot an arrow at Yu Men Ding.
  283. 1252C1252 Emperor Yu's Nine Cauldrons were bestowed with Embroidery.
  284. 1253C1253 Nine heavy splendid sunvo, ascend heaven
  285. 1254C1254 The Immortal-Imprisoning Formation erupted with a vast and mighty might …
  286. 1255C1255 Ancient deities descended, and the Dao mark was imprinted on his body …
  287. 1256C1256 You can't, I can!
  288. 1257C1257 Heaven change is not enough to fear, ancestor is not enough
  289. 1258C1258 Destroy the ancestors and fight the ancient emperors alone
  290. 1259C1259 The fate of the earth be leave to you
  291. 1260C1260 Our ideal, you do it
  292. 1261C1261 The counterattack began, the horn of slaughter
  293. 1262C1262 "The world belongs to you, the nine grandmist elders are born"
  294. 1263C1263 Talks broke down, each have the selfishness
  295. 1264C1264 When the Seafolk appeared, they provoked the Myth Alliance.
  296. 1265C1265 The Tengus Devil Lake was born, the Black Pyramid.
  297. 1266C1266 The world is in chaos, the last hope of the earth
  298. 1267C1267 Brilliant Sword of the Gushi Devil Lake, an earth-shattering battle
  299. 1268C1268 One sword slay all evil, challenge old devil Tongus
  300. 1269C1269 He was ambushed and killed!]
  301. 1270C1270 The young devil of Tunguska is but an ant
  302. 1271C1271 Destroy the Sea Race in the blink of an eye, invincible in this world …
  303. 1272C1272 Tengus Demon Army Tearing down, Universal Shift
  304. 1273C1273 Haizhu cast, frozen in the hundreds
  305. 1274C1274 "Fellow daoist, please let him go! He is still a child!"
  306. 1275C1275 [Jiang Taisui, you actually know how to sneak attack!]
  307. 1276C1276 Killing a Nascent Soul Stage old demon, shaking Tongus
  308. 1277C1277 The only ruler of this world …
  309. 1278C1278 To unify the entire world, the truth!
  310. 1279C1279 He was dressed in white, and he seemed to have met an old friend before.
  311. 1280C1280 Innate Demonic Soul, Star Destroyer Embryo
  312. 1281C1281 The mists of thirty years ago, the great change of Tunguska.
  313. 1282C1282 A demonic child unparalleled in history
  314. 1283C1283 The birth of one devil, the destruction of ten thousand stars
  315. 1284C1284 "Underground monster, ten thousand years of immortality!"
  316. 1285C1285 3000 loyal and brave men
  317. 1286C1286 Fellow Taoist is a skilful hand, a skilful hand
  318. 1287C1287 A hundred thousand years worth of beauty like a song
  319. 1288C1288 Global Myth Alliance, finally established
  320. 1289C1289 At this moment, the whole world was silent …
  321. 1290C1290 No matter what the wind and the waves, the world should be shocked
  322. 1291C1291 Spiritual Qi in the form of a dragon, nine dragons facing the phoenix
  323. 1292C1292 Qing'er gave birth to a daughter, and Jiang Tian was finally a father …
  324. 1293C1293 "Brilliant Great World, Aurous Core Formation!"
  325. 1294C1294 People called him a monk sweeping the ground, a hero of mortals!
  326. 1295C1295 Digging through the One Day Prison Formation, Uninvited Guests
  327. 1296C1296 Who exactly is the Weapon Refining King Zhuo Feng?
  328. 1297C1297 Zhang Chengen's choice was Zhuo Feng's subconscious mind
  329. 1298C1298 Tongus' seclusion to break through to the Aurous Core stage
  330. 1299C1299 Refining the divine body of the Kun Peng, the Kun Peng was extremely fast!
  331. 1300C1300 Dinghai, ice god power surge!
  332. 1301C1301 Nine great spirit body ready, LeiJie came down
  333. 1302C1302 The ultimate level of refinement … the condensation of a Chaos God body …
  334. 1303C1303 Sweep through the dimensional realm, leaving no one alive …
  335. 1304C1304 The Heavenly Star Change, The Intrusion of Yaochi
  336. 1305C1305 A terrifying army of Yao Chi with a great disparity in strength
  337. 1306C1306 A pot of chicken and dogs are all gone
  338. 1307C1307 Meeting a Nascent Soul Stage powerhouse, what bad luck!
  339. 1308C1308 Killing Duanmu Huanghun, returning as the absolute beginning ruler
  340. 1309C1309 Once you enter the Cloud Pavilion, start a massacre
  341. 1310C1310 Full of heroes, Yao Chi's geniuses
  342. 1311C1311 Little Princess Hai Lan was extremely terrified …
  343. 1312C1312 "What is his identity? Is he an enemy or a friend?"
  344. 1313C1313 "You still want to fight with me? You're courting death!"
  345. 1314C1314 'Could it be him? '
  346. 1315C1315 [What is there to tremble about when an old friend meets me?]
  347. 1316C1316 Just kill your son's heir.
  348. 1317C1317 Duanmu Ting, the veteran Nascent Soul Cultivator.
  349. 1318C1318 Cross attack on Wild Waves City, Ripping Jade Lake Army Formation
  350. 1319C1319 A thousand dead and one city, no surrender
  351. 1320C1320 Cultivators are not afraid of death, but fear it with their death
  352. 1321C1321 The strength of Patriarch Bind's Nascent Soul!
  353. 1322C1322 Bai Ze lost miserably, it was a crisis of the Heavenly Star Realm
  354. 1323C1323 Whoever offends an inch of me will return the favor
  355. 1324C1324 Yao Chi's experts all went out and joined hands to attack the enemy together …
  356. 1325C1325 The might of a single sword strike was terrifying to the extreme …
  357. 1326C1326 Break the forbidden domain, seriously injured, the bodhi old zu
  358. 1327C1327 Kill the Old Patriarch of the Bind Sun Sect and annihilate the Yao Chi army …
  359. 1328C1328 Ten tri-cities horizontal pushing nine miles, even broken
  360. 1329C1329 He had liberated the Heavenly Star Realm and returned as the ruler!
  361. 1330C1330 "Survival has always been a blessing, with murderous intent everywhere"
  362. 1331C1331 To set out on a journey to the Red Wilderness, the Yao Chi Tremendous
  363. 1332C1332 The rule of arrival in the refugee camps
  364. 1333C1333 Who, who were these people?
  365. 1334C1334 Zhang Qianlei is trapped, my brother Jiang Taisui
  366. 1335C1335 "How dare you bully my brother, go to hell!"
  367. 1336C1336 I can even call you godfather at your behest
  368. 1337C1337 There is no such thing as a Sect Leader.
  369. 1338C1338 He went to the Warm Jade Paradise and met a dog blocking his way …
  370. 1339C1339 "Bead of grains, unable to compete with the sun and moon."
  371. 1340C1340 He'd killed the Imperial Advisor, and now he'd become Crown Prince!
  372. 1341C1341 Yuan baby day jun qi to independent, so
  373. 1342C1342 A thousand years down, the brightest battle in Chiye.
  374. 1343C1343
  375. 1344C1344
  376. 1345C1345
  377. 1346C1346
  378. 1347C1347
  379. 1348C1348
  380. 1349C1349
  381. 1350C1350
  382. 1351C1351
  383. 1352C1352
  384. 1353C1353
  385. 1354C1354
  386. 1355C1355
  387. 1356C1356
  388. 1357C1357
  389. 1358C1358