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Super Dragon slaughtering System

Author:一眉道长 Genre:Fantasy
Status:Unupdated Num.:38340.00 k

In the mainland of the dragon, humans can also cultivate. But ev... more


  1. 518C518 Why not leave?
  2. 519C519 Follow me back to Sword Emperor City
  3. 520C520 ultimate escape
  4. 521C521 Not Sold
  5. 522C522 Euphorbia indica Thunb.
  6. 523C523 Guizong
  7. 524C524 Black Ghost Dragon
  8. 525C525 Stand aside
  9. 526C526 Who else
  10. 527C527 A brain is a good thing
  11. 528C528 breakage
  12. 529C529 Retreat
  13. 530C530 Busy guy Ning Qi
  14. 531C531 Mo Wen Hui
  15. 532C532 Do you have any use coming back?
  16. 533C533 Left foot or right foot
  17. 534C534 kyphosis
  18. 535C535 So protective
  19. 536C536 Successor Appearance
  20. 537C537 One Step One Lotus Flower
  21. 538C538 Dazhuang
  22. 539C539 Arena Ning Yan
  23. 540C540 Blue Luan Fire Phoenix Bow
  24. 541C541 Er Xiao had a breakthrough
  25. 542C542 acne
  26. 543C543 Help me kill people
  27. 544C544 Old Patriarch Xue Sha Exit
  28. 545C545 Get the fuck out of here!
  29. 546C546 How was he to deal with this fellow?
  30. 547C547 White Emperor Tower
  31. 548C548 Goodbye to old friends
  32. 549C549 New members of the Temple of War
  33. 550C550 wind and clouds
  34. 551C551 The origin of the Sword Emperor of the Purple Sun
  35. 552C552 This knife is sufficient
  36. 553C553 It's him!?
  37. 554C554 amputated finger
  38. 555C555 Not Heavy enough
  39. 556C556 Ning Qi who couldn't be defeated
  40. 557C557 coveting
  41. 558C558 Threat
  42. 559C559 A long-lost face
  43. 560C560 Dollar One
  44. 561C561 Was he crazy?
  45. 562C562 Cute old man Jin
  46. 563C563 domineering qi
  47. 564C564 Eunuch Savior
  48. 565C565 Door-to-door Challenge
  49. 566C566 I am very busy
  50. 567C567 Crazy Challenge
  51. 568C568 Thirteenth Prince
  52. 569C569 zither sound qi transformation
  53. 570C570 contract
  54. 571C571 celestial phenomenon
  55. 572C572 Insane Demon Saber Emperor
  56. 573C573 Demon Slaying Sword
  57. 574C574 World Exterminating Dragon-slaying Bullet
  58. 575C575 Departure
  59. 576C576 crescent
  60. 577C577 moon statue
  61. 578C578 There's a grocer's shop out of the blue
  62. 579C579 What kind of pill is this?!
  63. 580C580 100,000 Spirit Crystals
  64. 581C581 Wen Lan
  65. 582C582 scalable heat
  66. 583C583 Playing with clapping
  67. 584C584 Nine Suns with Women's Dexterity
  68. 585C585 Ladies' Group Buy
  69. 586C586 Champion of the crescent cup
  70. 587C587 I'm not a businessman
  71. 588C588 Surprise
  72. 589C589 associate peer
  73. 590C590 I want this beast of yours!]
  74. 591C591 meet an old friend
  75. 592C592 Ancient Dragon Tribe
  76. 593C593 Who is he?!
  77. 594C594 A good poem, a good poem
  78. 595C595 stratagem
  79. 596C596 Witness
  80. 597C597 Huang Guxiao
  81. 598C598 blemish
  82. 599C599 Archaeopterygitis
  83. 600C600 Dragon Rankings First
  84. 601C601 If he didn't come, it would be a puppy!
  85. 602C602 Eastern Divine Kingdom
  86. 603C603 four headlamps
  87. 604C604 The chuan
  88. 605C605 Chantai Lingyin
  89. 606C606 I don't care if you don't want me to …
  90. 607C607 Yin-yang fish
  91. 608C608 Poisoning
  92. 609C609 Inheritance
  93. 610C610 Conversation of Ideas
  94. 611C611 Advanced Tasks Completed
  95. 612C612 preponderance
  96. 613C613 Visitors from the Blue Mist Sect
  97. 614C614 The first stage of life and death
  98. 615C615 Qiongqi City
  99. 616C616 Bastard
  100. 617C617 homocentric Gu
  101. 618C618 cues
  102. 619C619 Ancient demon clan
  103. 620C620 amputated foot
  104. 621C621 Pond Turtle
  105. 622C622 Terrible radiation
  106. 623C623 Ancient demonic language
  107. 624C624 The Foundation of the Ancient Devil Race
  108. 625C625 Spiritual God's Stone in hand
  109. 626C626 provocation from the enchanter
  110. 627C627 Life and Death Pill
  111. 628C628 Power Crushing
  112. 629C629 Buy bloodline
  113. 630C630 retrograde origin
  114. 631C631 enchantment pupil
  115. 632C632 tiger-like clue
  116. 633C633 compassionate heart
  117. 634C634 fortuitous encounter with an old friend
  118. 635C635 Dan Tong assessment
  119. 636C636 Unparalleled Qi and Energy
  120. 637C637 Xiao Lu's hand
  121. 638C638 Scheduled When
  122. 639C639 water dragon sword
  123. 640C640 Got it
  124. 641C641 agnosia
  125. 642C642 Meteorite Valley
  126. 643C643 Cang Ming Feng
  127. 644C644 Ancient Forbidden
  128. 645C645 She also met Ning Xuandong.
  129. 646C646 Break through
  130. 647C647 Taotie San Ye
  131. 648C648 I'il deal with you when I get back
  132. 649C649 Sword Sage Descendant Li Dongjun
  133. 650C650 Mind your own business
  134. 651C651 The Holy City's Underground Palace
  135. 652C652 I saved you too
  136. 653C653 Water Dragon Annihilation Array
  137. 654C654 mental retardation
  138. 655C655 Terror Experience
  139. 656C656 Bronze-ranked Gambling Gift Pack
  140. 657C657 Many acquaintances
  141. 658C658 cloud body
  142. 659C659 [I have a tough life!]
  143. 660C660 The Madman of the Tuotu
  144. 661C661 Are you a fool?
  145. 662C662 To see through or not to tell
  146. 663C663 The richest man in the Dou Huang
  147. 664C664 The sanguinarum fructus in his hands
  148. 665C665 search and capture
  149. 666C666 Woof, woof, woof
  150. 667C667 Break for me!
  151. 668C668 Terrible as this …
  152. 669C669 Kill Tuo Baqingfeng
  153. 670C670 Instruction of the demon clan transformation technique
  154. 671C671 Preside over Selection Congress
  155. 672C672 long resemblance
  156. 673C673 Conspiracy
  157. 674C674 Liu Suifeng's Terror
  158. 675C675 Hidden in gold?
  159. 676C676 methotrexate
  160. 677C677 To live in the shadow of a melon seed shell
  161. 678C678 Tuo Bashenjian
  162. 679C679 together in one room
  163. 680C680 First
  164. 681C681 The bloodline of the Tuotu
  165. 682C682 blow up with one punch
  166. 683C683 Primary school building
  167. 684C684 purple bamboo forest
  168. 685C685 Bamboo forest forbidden area
  169. 686C686 Ning Qi's backup
  170. 687C687 Death of the Flowerless
  171. 688C688 waste cultivation
  172. 689C689 one arm
  173. 690C690 Departure
  174. 691C691 Aggressive
  175. 692C692 World Exterminating Dragon-slaying Bullet Enhanced Edition
  176. 693C693 physics
  177. 694C694 Ranking Competition On
  178. 695C695 protracted war
  179. 696C696 I'm satisfied now
  180. 697C697 Ares
  181. 698C698 Sect Master Token
  182. 699C699 Kaishan Liangzong
  183. 700C700 Lingwu Continent
  184. 701C701 I'll count to three
  185. 702C702 You're dead
  186. 703C703 reappearance of spirit refining stone
  187. 704C704 store bullying
  188. 705C705 send you to heaven
  189. 706C706 Returning to the Dongxuan
  190. 707C707 Three Star Dou Zong
  191. 708C708 Wedding
  192. 709C709 Gift from Ning Qi
  193. 710C710 Bad news
  194. 711C711 The Cruelty of the Dragon Tribe
  195. 712C712 Advancing again
  196. 713C713 dragnet
  197. 714C714 Breaking through the third stage consecutively
  198. 715C715 Great Luo Dynasty
  199. 716C716 magic bell
  200. 717C717 It was fine if he did not refine it
  201. 718C718 A child under the Emperor Tongxuan
  202. 719C719 Do you believe it or not?
  203. 720C720 Nine Apertures Spirit Bell
  204. 721C721 assassination
  205. 722C722 Pheasant
  206. 723C723 Intermediate Bloodline of World Exterminating Titan descendant
  207. 724C724 Refining Nine Contained Spirit Bell
  208. 725C725 Zhong Li Hua Tian
  209. 726C726 Seven days duration
  210. 727C727 acquaintance
  211. 728C728 North Black Master
  212. 729C729 abnormal change of heaven and earth
  213. 730C730 soul hunting
  214. 731C731 reunion with Four Devils in the Heavenly Cave
  215. 732C732 slaying four ghosts
  216. 733C733 Return to War God Shrine Ruins
  217. 734C734 Halt
  218. 735C735 You're too close to me
  219. 736C736 Slaughter Sky Sovereign!
  220. 737C737 Three Siebs Attack
  221. 738C738 burn to ash
  222. 739C739 Upgraded Eight Star Dou Zong
  223. 740C740 Broken Bronze Puppet
  224. 741C741 Pengniao
  225. 742C742 first three cuts
  226. 743C743 Lucky Draw
  227. 744C744 A dragonblood fruit lost for hundreds of thousands of years
  228. 745C745 A thousand pieces of low grade spirit refining stone
  229. 746C746 probing
  230. 747C747 natural enemy
  231. 748C748 Advanced Tasks
  232. 749C749 behind closed doors
  233. 750C750 scotoscope
  234. 751C751 Ziyuan City
  235. 752C752 Seven Mysteries Sect
  236. 753C753 Is this guy crazy?
  237. 754C754 Kneel and beg for mercy
  238. 755C755 Layout
  239. 756C756 To Taihang Mountains
  240. 757C757 The birth of a dragonblood fruit?
  241. 758C758 Let me hit you with a palm
  242. 759C759 Put him down
  243. 760C760 Bewilderment
  244. 761C761 first-class soul
  245. 762C762 ten-feet-long soul
  246. 763C763 I took it
  247. 764C764 ransom
  248. 765C765 [I am such a bully!]
  249. 766C766 Visitors from the Red Lu Zong
  250. 767C767 Ximen Lanshan admitted to it
  251. 768C768 blood essence
  252. 769C769 Su Xing
  253. 770C770 Ten thousand low grade spirit refining stone
  254. 771C771 If we don't kill the saint, we won't be able to do it
  255. 772C772 "I will kill your entire clan!"
  256. 773C773 [That's it!]
  257. 774C774 Refining the soul with blood essence
  258. 775C775 Hui Qin Tang
  259. 776C776 irritant
  260. 777C777 dragonslayer is back
  261. 778C778 overturning hand suppression
  262. 779C779 An outsider in the Human Realm
  263. 780C780 Titan Legion rudiment
  264. 781C781 Why is it you!
  265. 782C782 abnormal change of heaven and earth
  266. 783C783 redbud
  267. 784C784 Suppressing Crimson Gold
  268. 785C785 Business is business
  269. 786C786 Two Stars Dou Zun
  270. 787C787 How do you want to fight
  271. 788C788 The Power of the Soul
  272. 789C789 predication
  273. 790C790 Dou Sheng made his move
  274. 791C791 trapping beast fight
  275. 792C792 I am going to slaughter the sage today
  276. 793C793 go too far
  277. 794C794 Why don't you play with me
  278. 795C795 What do you mean?
  279. 796C796 Bullying the weak?
  280. 797C797 The mountain came
  281. 798C798 Stinky kid
  282. 799C799 war machine
  283. 800C800 lion's mouth
  284. 801C801 Unfriendly
  285. 802C802 The strong are respected
  286. 803C803 Tuo Bachixiao's Backhand
  287. 804C804 The Power of the Nine Ingredients Spirit Bell
  288. 805C805 old dog
  289. 806C806 This bottle of liquid is called truth serum
  290. 807C807 chopping
  291. 808C808 Tricolor
  292. 809C809 Geezer Jin had broken through
  293. 810C810 A three hundred meter tall Titan's Soul
  294. 811C811 dead spitting
  295. 812C812 Aren't you going to kneel?
  296. 813C813 one stomp to death
  297. 814C814 News from Dongfang Haojie
  298. 815C815 Long Haoran
  299. 816C816 shatter with one punch
  300. 817C817 Heaven and Earth Deafness
  301. 818C818 Nine Suns Palace
  302. 819C819 Four Great Supreme Heaven's Pride s
  303. 820C820 To die or to live?
  304. 821C821 Supreme Heaven's Pride was only so-so.
  305. 822C822 Ancient Water Dragon Holy Land
  306. 823C823 Golden Crow Bloodline
  307. 824C824 Chinese golden crow
  308. 825C825 Saint Ruler's betrothal
  309. 826C826 waste cultivation
  310. 827C827 Suai
  311. 828C828 Borrowing a knife to kill someone
  312. 829C829 Peak Dou Zun
  313. 830C830 Death of Jin Longxiang
  314. 831C831 Hidden Hidden Narcissus
  315. 832C832 Where is Ning Beixuan?!
  316. 833C833 Don't leave until you get here
  317. 834C834 Reversing Black and White
  318. 835C835 Emperor Qing's War Monument
  319. 836C836 Arcane Art
  320. 837C837 Saint Monarch Fang
  321. 838C838 I am very well
  322. 839C839 Am I late?
  323. 840C840 Come and die!
  324. 841C841 Like fireworks
  325. 842C842 Explanation
  326. 843C843 War God Shrine leveled up
  327. 844C844 Top Sects
  328. 845C845 The opportunity for the soul to advance
  329. 846C846 Nine Extreme Refining Godly Flower
  330. 847C847 Transactions
  331. 848C848 Whose fist is big
  332. 849C849 The power of one punch
  333. 850C850 Elder Li
  334. 851C851 Long really watery
  335. 852C852 There was a girl who had just matured
  336. 853C853 tai chi
  337. 854C854 tempestuous storm force
  338. 855C855 dragnet
  339. 856C856 Suppressing
  340. 857C857 royal spirit
  341. 858C858 Breakthrough! Dou Sheng!
  342. 859C859 I'm sorry I'm late
  343. 860C860 A statue
  344. 861C861 The blackmailed Dou Di.
  345. 862C862 The Trouble of the Rich
  346. 863C863 Seventy-Two Wargods
  347. 864C864 The new Supreme Heaven's Pride s of the Dongfang Family
  348. 865C865 slap
  349. 866C866 internal disorder
  350. 867C867 Eastern Slaughterer Old Fool
  351. 868C868 It's your turn
  352. 869C869 captive
  353. 870C870 two thousand heads per knife
  354. 871C871 To live in fear
  355. 872C872 enough to sweep across Dongxuan
  356. 873C873 It was time to go to North Black.
  357. 874C874 Top Ranked Monster Killing Training Ground
  358. 875C875 Peak Dou Sheng
  359. 876C876 suicide
  360. 877C877 Heavenly Dragon Kingdom
  361. 878C878 Sacrificial God Sect
  362. 879C879 Where's your present?
  363. 880C880 I also have a proposal
  364. 881C881 Fist
  365. 882C882 Mad talk?
  366. 883C883 Fishing
  367. 884C884 slave collection
  368. 885C885 Cloud House mutation
  369. 886C886 Exit
  370. 887C887 Three Great Dragon Emperors
  371. 888C888 Power of Law
  372. 889C889 omnidirectional movement
  373. 890C890 Tuo Tuo
  374. 891C891 white-haired god killer
  375. 892C892 Great Array Disintegrations
  376. 893C893 Seventy-two Dou Emperors
  377. 894C894 Let's all go
  378. 895C895 meat on the cutting board
  379. 896C896 Changtian
  380. 897C897 Guest
  381. 898C898 white tiger asarum
  382. 899C899 Cloud Rising Holy Land
  383. 900C900 intermediate grade spirit refining stone
  384. 901C901 Together with Three Great Dragon Emperors
  385. 902C902 Who am I?
  386. 903C903 The Book of Life and Death Appears True Name
  387. 904C904 re-entry into the Dragon Prison
  388. 905C905 soul attachment
  389. 906C906 Who dares to hurt my Tu Ba's man?!
  390. 907C907 in-situ explosion
  391. 908C908 nine kings congregating
  392. 909C909 the soul of the Sword Emperor of the Purple Sun
  393. 910C910 Emotional Xu Zhen
  394. 911C911 The sorrowful Ning Yan
  395. 912C912 Greedy Wolf Sect
  396. 913C913 Leaving the Dragon Prison
  397. 914C914 Move
  398. 915C915 Nine Phases Deity Technique
  399. 916C916 Mystery
  400. 917C917 early stage of Warrior Core
  401. 918C918 Immortal blood
  402. 919C919 great change of heaven and earth
  403. 920C920 Changes in the Lingwu Continent
  404. 921C921 I want your life!]
  405. 922C922 Ancient War God's Slash
  406. 923C923 'This brat is dead for sure! '
  407. 924C924 Beiming Mo Zun
  408. 925C925 Become a Dou Di!
  409. 926C926 Di Men
  410. 927C927 Buy your life
  411. 928C928 hunting
  412. 929C929 fratricide
  413. 930C930 Magic tool?
  414. 931C931 fatal blow
  415. 932C932 World Exterminating Immortal Clan Bloodline
  416. 933C933 frigidity
  417. 934C934 Insight
  418. 935C935 A guest with ill intentions
  419. 936C936 No Unforeseen Calamity
  420. 937C937 Candidates for the contest
  421. 938C938 Last person
  422. 939C939 Are you a woman?
  423. 940C940 Weak chicken
  424. 941C941 lick clean
  425. 942C942 law of phagocytosis
  426. 943C943 Ning Qi's Road
  427. 944C944 You're sick to your stomach
  428. 945C945 Dragon God Battlefield
  429. 946C946 Cold Song
  430. 947C947 Crazy Upgrade
  431. 948C948 exhumation
  432. 949C949 Hi, everyone.
  433. 950C950 two laws
  434. 951C951 Fishing in Muddy Waters
  435. 952C952 Why are you running so fast?
  436. 953C953 Advanced Tasks Completed
  437. 954C954 Breakthrough! Early stage of Warrior Core!
  438. 955C955 warm hand
  439. 956C956 A tiger eyeing its prey
  440. 957C957 out
  441. 958C958 Get out
  442. 959C959 Am I wrong?
  443. 960C960 sudden murder
  444. 961C961 Goods
  445. 962C962 There was a lack of support
  446. 963C963 Help
  447. 964C964 Temple of War Return
  448. 965C965 pattern change
  449. 966C966 Zhu Family
  450. 967C967 Slap
  451. 968C968 nearing the Cloud House again
  452. 969C969 Third option
  453. 970C970 Blood-Spitting Man
  454. 971C971 You are Warrior Core?
  455. 972C972 My name is Ning Beixuan.
  456. 973C973 Improving Dragon-slaying Bullet
  457. 974C974 Ning Beixuan came
  458. 975C975 It is impossible to live with self-inflicted evil
  459. 976C976 It doesn't matter who comes
  460. 977C977 Master
  461. 978C978 Recruitment
  462. 979C979 Goodbye to Tuo Baning
  463. 980C980 Why don't you come over and get it?
  464. 981C981 The Power of the Three Great Laws
  465. 982C982 Magic tool? I have one too!]
  466. 983C983 wishful thinking
  467. 984C984 Transactions
  468. 985C985 Code of Dragon-slaying Bullet
  469. 986C986 Tuo Baning's origin
  470. 987C987 Immortal origin
  471. 988C988 eternal immortality
  472. 989C989 apoplexy
  473. 990C990 White Wolf with Empty Glove
  474. 991C991 Small Ascends
  475. 992C992 stone tablet exhumation
  476. 993C993 Wind up Dongxuan
  477. 994C994 adding oil to vinegar
  478. 995C995 Old People Meet
  479. 996C996 Ready
  480. 997C997 reappearance of the Jianghu
  481. 998C998 A good dog is not in the way
  482. 999C999 Bullying the weak?
  483. 1000C1000 This was bullying the weak!
  484. 1001C1001 Herba Maleidae
  485. 1002C1002 Snatch/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob/rob
  486. 1003C1003 Where is Ning Qi?
  487. 1004C1004 dismemberment
  488. 1005C1005 Old friends seek revenge
  489. 1006C1006 Knife up and down
  490. 1007C1007 deterrence
  491. 1008C1008 long-awaited beep
  492. 1009C1009 seclusion cultivation
  493. 1010C1010 I met an old friend again
  494. 1011C1011 HP down to 100 million
  495. 1012C1012 Mashan leopard
  496. 1013C1013 big search
  497. 1014C1014 black gold
  498. 1015C1015 Seeker
  499. 1016C1016 hedonistic son of a bitch
  500. 1017C1017 Let me
  501. 1018C1018 Do you know fear now?
  502. 1019C1019 Return to original form
  503. 1020C1020 virulence
  504. 1021C1021 The Law of Hundred Paths
  505. 1022C1022 Special Forbidden
  506. 1023C1023 Dongxuan
  507. 1024C1024 Dongxuan Chu Family
  508. 1025C1025 And unceasing?
  509. 1026C1026 I killed him
  510. 1027C1027 acknowledgment of ancestry
  511. 1028C1028 Gongzi, please hold your steps
  512. 1029C1029 Demoness Mixture
  513. 1030C1030 human rod
  514. 1031C1031 Six-Eared Goblin King
  515. 1032C1032 Free accommodation
  516. 1033C1033 Law Dragon Heart
  517. 1034C1034 Central Continent
  518. 1035C1035 Black Turtle Auction House
  519. 1036C1036 [That's it!]
  520. 1037C1037 preponderance
  521. 1038C1038 What do you want!
  522. 1039C1039 Traitor
  523. 1040C1040 Saying and Saying
  524. 1041C1041 Excavate Corner
  525. 1042C1042 Start of auction
  526. 1043C1043 Chu Kuang
  527. 1044C1044 I'm gonna kill you for a piece of gold
  528. 1045C1045 Reject
  529. 1046C1046 foggy monk
  530. 1047C1047 Buy spirit refining stone
  531. 1048C1048 Titan Dragon
  532. 1049C1049 corydalis, radix
  533. 1050C1050 Breakthrough, Middle stage of the Warrior Core Stage!
  534. 1051C1051 Call Out
  535. 1052C1052 Start of fight
  536. 1053C1053 Scared?
  537. 1054C1054 Kill Meng Shaoyin
  538. 1055C1055 "All of you, come at me together!"
  539. 1056C1056 breakthrough again
  540. 1057C1057 Late Dou Dan Stage
  541. 1058C1058 100% confident
  542. 1059C1059 apocalyptic thunder
  543. 1060C1060 Article 3 of the Meng Ancestor's Tribute
  544. 1061C1061 projection descent
  545. 1062C1062 dog slaughtering knife
  546. 1063C1063 Meng Tianlin's background
  547. 1064C1064 immortal cultivators arrived
  548. 1065C1065 mutation
  549. 1066C1066 mysterious helper
  550. 1067C1067 I'll remember your breath
  551. 1068C1068 Mountain of Creation
  552. 1069C1069 Prison
  553. 1070C1070 obscenity
  554. 1071C1071 real body of blood god
  555. 1072C1072 When a great calamity befalls us, let us fly
  556. 1073C1073 Deceiving Mission
  557. 1074C1074 Dull Dragon Lady
  558. 1075C1075 Can you be quiet now?
  559. 1076C1076 Her face was full of astonishment …
  560. 1077C1077 addiction
  561. 1078C1078 Third Wish
  562. 1079C1079 karmic law
  563. 1080C1080 Fair law enforcement
  564. 1081C1081 Why bother?
  565. 1082C1082 Dragon Emperor, we meet again
  566. 1083C1083 Father and daughter
  567. 1084C1084 Thunder Dragon Pearl
  568. 1085C1085 Return to Dongxuan
  569. 1086C1086 Master Refiner
  570. 1087C1087 Cultivation
  571. 1088C1088 peak of five methods
  572. 1089C1089 Shaozhenine
  573. 1090C1090 to ask Ning Beixuan to come out and have a look
  574. 1091C1091 Faerie Fighting
  575. 1092C1092 You may take me as your master
  576. 1093C1093 exoskeleton
  577. 1094C1094 Who was an ant?
  578. 1095C1095 Get lost!
  579. 1096C1096 True Monarch Xuanwu
  580. 1097C1097 Phoenix-nine
  581. 1098C1098 Just who is he?!
  582. 1099C1099 'Is it a blessing or a curse? '
  583. 1100C1100 Immortal Emperor Daoyan
  584. 1101C1101 regression
  585. 1102C1102 There was a girl who had just matured
  586. 1103C1103 delay time
  587. 1104C1104 Playing
  588. 1105C1105 law of yin and yang
  589. 1106C1106 If he didn't leave, he would die!
  590. 1107C1107 Goddess of Five Poisons
  591. 1108C1108 Bombing the Wargod Hall
  592. 1109C1109 Who do you think your boss is?!
  593. 1110C1110 Her momentum was like a rainbow
  594. 1111C1111 Primary Holy Land
  595. 1112C1112 Departure from Frigid Sky
  596. 1113C1113 His name was Ning Qi.
  597. 1114C1114 I can't let you stay
  598. 1115C1115 Revenge
  599. 1116C1116 The Crisis in the bogu
  600. 1117C1117 qi swallowing
  601. 1118C1118 furnace reformation
  602. 1119C1119 Departure
  603. 1120C1120 Smash
  604. 1121C1121 Send them on their way
  605. 1122C1122 Horrible Eyeballs
  606. 1123C1123 thousands of years of seclusion
  607. 1124C1124 mantis
  608. 1125C1125 desert region
  609. 1126C1126 Additive Pill
  610. 1127C1127 The Struggle for Magic Tools
  611. 1128C1128 How dare you set a trap for me!
  612. 1129C1129 You're not my son
  613. 1130C1130 One move is enough
  614. 1131C1131 New Valley Master
  615. 1132C1132 Alchemy
  616. 1133C1133 nearing the Desert Market City again
  617. 1134C1134 Duskfall cicada
  618. 1135C1135 Decline
  619. 1136C1136 Advanced Tasks
  620. 1137C1137 Pill Emperor
  621. 1138C1138 You dare to kill me!?
  622. 1139C1139 Emperor Dan Jiang
  623. 1140C1140 First round of the competition
  624. 1141C1141 pill formation
  625. 1142C1142 So his name was North Black.
  626. 1143C1143 Endless Pill of Growth
  627. 1144C1144 pill making dragon
  628. 1145C1145 Grand Sage Xuanzhen
  629. 1146C1146 probing
  630. 1147C1147 Breakthrough! immortality!
  631. 1148C1148 Informer
  632. 1149C1149 Rising Sun
  633. 1150C1150 Mad
  634. 1151C1151 Qingzhou Prefecture
  635. 1152C1152 Replacing
  636. 1153C1153 Orders from the Palace Master
  637. 1154C1154 You can roll out now
  638. 1155C1155 This is a misunderstanding
  639. 1156C1156 Mysterious Core Sect
  640. 1157C1157 drop a stone in a well
  641. 1158C1158 Three days' engagement
  642. 1159C1159 Big blunder?
  643. 1160C1160 Questioning
  644. 1161C1161 Lan Chensong's recruitment
  645. 1162C1162 Kunlun Cave
  646. 1163C1163 nether organ
  647. 1164C1164 Meng Tianshu
  648. 1165C1165 Inheritance Pills
  649. 1166C1166 pill formation
  650. 1167C1167 Hades' tears
  651. 1168C1168 Let me do it
  652. 1169C1169 yaksha phase
  653. 1170C1170 Blind eyes and lie
  654. 1171C1171 complete crushing
  655. 1172C1172 Do you dare to leave?
  656. 1173C1173 djinni phase
  657. 1174C1174 Three year agreement
  658. 1175C1175 A man's heart is full of gold
  659. 1176C1176 Meng Tianshu's request
  660. 1177C1177 Call an update
  661. 1178C1178 Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land
  662. 1179C1179 Normal people
  663. 1180C1180 The Land of the Falling Gods
  664. 1181C1181 Herba Vermiculae
  665. 1182C1182 walking carcass
  666. 1183C1183 Immortal Corpse
  667. 1184C1184 Entering the city
  668. 1185C1185 His descendants
  669. 1186C1186 divine grace
  670. 1187C1187 Don't run!
  671. 1188C1188 You are shameless!
  672. 1189C1189 Blessed By Misfortune
  673. 1190C1190 Mysterious fruit of 100,000 years
  674. 1191C1191 Cultivation base surge
  675. 1192C1192 Treasure picked up
  676. 1193C1193 Wang Family Ancestral City
  677. 1194C1194 Fishing
  678. 1195C1195 Wang Lin
  679. 1196C1196 Casanova
  680. 1197C1197 kookaburra
  681. 1198C1198 Apologize
  682. 1199C1199 Dharma Idol? Clone?
  683. 1200C1200 [1,200]. Old Wang's letter for help
  684. 1201C1201 Devil's Hall
  685. 1202C1202 Kongtong Holy Land
  686. 1203C1203 Next Door Old Wang
  687. 1204C1204 kyphosis
  688. 1205C1205 Old Lord Taishang
  689. 1206C1206 direct killing
  690. 1207C1207 Wang Family Main yard
  691. 1208C1208 Swap
  692. 1209C1209 If I want to leave, who can stop me?
  693. 1210C1210 seclusion
  694. 1211C1211 Rising 720 degrees in the air
  695. 1212C1212 I'll make you a son
  696. 1213C1213 Battle Immortal Body
  697. 1214C1214 high activity
  698. 1215C1215 Mysterious True Arrival
  699. 1216C1216 As long as thirty years
  700. 1217C1217 North Black Patriarch
  701. 1218C1218 spirit weapon
  702. 1219C1219 King Mist
  703. 1220C1220 Tier 9 Heavenly Dragon Pill
  704. 1221C1221 Thirty Years
  705. 1222C1222 pellet searching
  706. 1223C1223 innate
  707. 1224C1224 Chess
  708. 1225C1225 Inevitable Crime
  709. 1226C1226 Ice and Fire
  710. 1227C1227 residual efficacy
  711. 1228C1228 Not enough for an outsider
  712. 1229C1229 Kunlun Cave
  713. 1230C1230 slap
  714. 1231C1231 Dragon-slaying King Kong, King Zhong
  715. 1232C1232 divine grace
  716. 1233C1233 Kunlun cave master
  717. 1234C1234 Immortal Ruins Paradise
  718. 1235C1235 A meeting between acquaintances is a red flag
  719. 1236C1236 Undying in the Heart of a Thief
  720. 1237C1237 This enmity must be avenged
  721. 1238C1238 Return
  722. 1239C1239 evidence
  723. 1240C1240 The End of the Dark World
  724. 1241C1241 On the eve of marriage
  725. 1242C1242 Goodbye to Meng Tianshu
  726. 1243C1243 half-step creation
  727. 1244C1244 palm-strike
  728. 1245C1245 method of resurrection
  729. 1246C1246 You dare to kill me?
  730. 1247C1247 Qianxu Pagoda Secret
  731. 1248C1248 I will kill whoever moves
  732. 1249C1249 I killed Wang Mu.
  733. 1250C1250 Why don't you take me as your Master?
  734. 1251C1251 remains of the underworld
  735. 1252C1252 Hades' passage
  736. 1253C1253 dragon-slaying crystal exhausted
  737. 1254C1254 Advanced Tasks
  738. 1255C1255 black market
  739. 1256C1256 3000 artefacts
  740. 1257C1257 I met an old friend again
  741. 1258C1258 Down
  742. 1259C1259 dodecahedron
  743. 1260C1260 The Second Generation of the Xiu Dynasty
  744. 1261C1261 Four Law Energies
  745. 1262C1262 one cut, two halves
  746. 1263C1263 Kneel down and acknowledge me as your master
  747. 1264C1264 Clearly, he is not your distinguished self …
  748. 1265C1265 cauldron phase
  749. 1266C1266 Dragon City
  750. 1267C1267 Completion 110
  751. 1268C1268 Big World Lottery Draw Wheel
  752. 1269C1269 A Class War Fortress
  753. 1270C1270 Quentin Large Data Network
  754. 1271C1271 You ate a lot of people, didn't you?
  755. 1272C1272 Instant kill
  756. 1273C1273 conquest of purpura
  757. 1274C1274 Old People
  758. 1275C1275 alarmed uncertainty
  759. 1276C1276 The mountains flew up
  760. 1277C1277 Challenge qualifications
  761. 1278C1278 Passing through
  762. 1279C1279 array eye
  763. 1280C1280 dead metamorphosis
  764. 1281C1281 god of the Styx
  765. 1282C1282 Overlord Contract
  766. 1283C1283 Wang Wei made his move
  767. 1284C1284 Wash your neck and wait for me
  768. 1285C1285 Thirteen Entrances
  769. 1286C1286 Suspected Creator
  770. 1287C1287 Golden Light
  771. 1288C1288 Victory or defeat in ten moves
  772. 1289C1289 What kind of palm technique is this!?
  773. 1290C1290 KILL
  774. 1291C1291 Pure Yang Wonderland
  775. 1292C1292 The pursuers arrived
  776. 1293C1293 wild species
  777. 1294C1294 retrograde origin
  778. 1295C1295 deadlock
  779. 1296C1296 The might of the divine grace!
  780. 1297C1297 Seven Orders
  781. 1298C1298 double deficiency
  782. 1299C1299 The appearance of experts
  783. 1300C1300 encircling and annihilating
  784. 1301C1301 Who do you think you are?
  785. 1302C1302 silly suspension
  786. 1303C1303 Beiming fish
  787. 1304C1304 Deathly situation
  788. 1305C1305 He's gone
  789. 1306C1306 One year
  790. 1307C1307 Nine Nether Abandoned Disciples
  791. 1308C1308 Jian Xilai
  792. 1309C1309 Advanced Tasks Completed
  793. 1310C1310 condensed phase
  794. 1311C1311 sucking adult trunk
  795. 1312C1312 Victory
  796. 1313C1313 Blinking for more than ten years …
  797. 1314C1314 overflowing anger
  798. 1315C1315 Don't be so malicious
  799. 1316C1316 Er Xiao had a breakthrough
  800. 1317C1317 'Big sister must be a good person! '
  801. 1318C1318 jadeite
  802. 1319C1319 Eternal Immortal Emperor Dharma Appearance Mantra
  803. 1320C1320 The power of one punch!
  804. 1321C1321 If you don't want to talk, don't want to talk
  805. 1322C1322 mental knowledge
  806. 1323C1323 The Great Sage couldn't sit still any longer
  807. 1324C1324 "Come on, come on out."
  808. 1325C1325 one move
  809. 1326C1326 Speak with the Law
  810. 1327C1327 "Great Sage, please help us!"
  811. 1328C1328 Last person
  812. 1329C1329 Gelatine
  813. 1330C1330 Sword aunt
  814. 1331C1331 Argument
  815. 1332C1332 Wang Lin was heavily injured
  816. 1333C1333 I'm giving you a new life
  817. 1334C1334 Return to the Wargod Hall
  818. 1335C1335 You are finished
  819. 1336C1336 Uncle Ning
  820. 1337C1337 Just you wait!
  821. 1338C1338 Recurrence
  822. 1339C1339 Greedy Wolf Sect
  823. 1340C1340 nearing the Dongxuan again
  824. 1341C1341 big fat pig
  825. 1342C1342 The pattern of Dongxuan
  826. 1343C1343 Mutations in Qin and Tang Dynasties
  827. 1344C1344 residual disease
  828. 1345C1345 Killing-Ning
  829. 1346C1346 Leaving no Chicken or Dog
  830. 1347C1347 finger flick
  831. 1348C1348 Give me a reason not to kill you
  832. 1349C1349 Things are different from people
  833. 1350C1350 cues
  834. 1351C1351 Let him see me himself
  835. 1352C1352 blood rain
  836. 1353C1353 Old friends ask for an audience
  837. 1354C1354 Thread delivered to the door
  838. 1355C1355 You are Ning Beixuan?
  839. 1356C1356 preponderance
  840. 1357C1357 Is the Disciples of the War God Shrine here?!
  841. 1358C1358 Arriving at the Heavens
  842. 1359C1359 Try again
  843. 1360C1360 ice seal
  844. 1361C1361 result of operation
  845. 1362C1362 itching of hand
  846. 1363C1363 You've lost
  847. 1364C1364 breakthrough
  848. 1365C1365 Victory is zero
  849. 1366C1366 Prison Dragon Elephant Art
  850. 1367C1367 Thirty-three kinds of Para-class
  851. 1368C1368 Nine Days Old Man
  852. 1369C1369 Nine Heavens Sword Sect,
  853. 1370C1370 Nine Flames Great Luo Palm
  854. 1371C1371 transfer array
  855. 1372C1372 Tibetan Sendai
  856. 1373C1373 Oh, it's you!]
  857. 1374C1374 Roll
  858. 1375C1375 Poetry
  859. 1376C1376 He turned around and left …
  860. 1377C1377 Central Continent
  861. 1378C1378 300 Immortal Dynasty
  862. 1379C1379 Best not to provoke forces
  863. 1380C1380 third order augmentation pill
  864. 1381C1381 Alchemist Alliance
  865. 1382C1382 Swap
  866. 1383C1383 It is imperative
  867. 1384C1384 Life Prolongation Millennium
  868. 1385C1385 Information
  869. 1386C1386 Xidu
  870. 1387C1387 "You, don't count if you say so."
  871. 1388C1388 Taichung Great Revitalizing Pellet
  872. 1389C1389 two-month period
  873. 1390C1390 Don't make a sound
  874. 1391C1391 Destroy Caojiangpao
  875. 1392C1392 Immortal Medicine Auction
  876. 1393C1393 lower sheath
  877. 1394C1394 dou dan
  878. 1395C1395 Grasp Victory
  879. 1396C1396 It is difficult to fly with wings
  880. 1397C1397 Yue Feng
  881. 1398C1398 War creature
  882. 1399C1399 Go down and ask Hades
  883. 1400C1400 Crazy Pill Refiner
  884. 1401C1401 Blacksmith's Union
  885. 1402C1402 refining
  886. 1403C1403 Pick Up Cheap
  887. 1404C1404 Who do you think you are?!]
  888. 1405C1405 selling pellet
  889. 1406C1406 essence of sun
  890. 1407C1407 Shen Bai
  891. 1408C1408 Calling Brother Brother
  892. 1409C1409 sun essence exchange
  893. 1410C1410 artifact spirit
  894. 1411C1411 Nuwa
  895. 1412C1412 So what?
  896. 1413C1413 KILL
  897. 1414C1414 manyflower rhododendron herb
  898. 1415C1415 play the pig to eat the tiger
  899. 1416C1416 snakehead
  900. 1417C1417 Their respective cards
  901. 1418C1418 fireworks
  902. 1419C1419 Hunting Start
  903. 1420C1420 Cultivation
  904. 1421C1421 acacia fruit
  905. 1422C1422 Failed to steal chicken
  906. 1423C1423 The field of good fortune
  907. 1424C1424 cleaver
  908. 1425C1425 Send you down to see the sun
  909. 1426C1426 Is Ning Beixuan here?
  910. 1427C1427 taunt
  911. 1428C1428 Wang Lin woke up
  912. 1429C1429 Departure immortal realms
  913. 1430C1430 fortuitous encounter
  914. 1431C1431 It was you I beat
  915. 1432C1432 It's too tiring to live like you
  916. 1433C1433 All Clans
  917. 1434C1434 dragon dengshu
  918. 1435C1435 A broken pill furnace
  919. 1436C1436 Bidding
  920. 1437C1437 Heaven and Earth Chess Board
  921. 1438C1438 King of Immortals of Pudol
  922. 1439C1439 One Color
  923. 1440C1440 Goodbye to Lie Kong
  924. 1441C1441 This child is not allowed to stay
  925. 1442C1442 I will cut you down
  926. 1443C1443 Bloodline advancement
  927. 1444C1444 Visiting
  928. 1445C1445 So what if you know?
  929. 1446C1446 Mysterious Night Immortal Dynasty
  930. 1447C1447 Late Night Visits
  931. 1448C1448 acquaintance
  932. 1449C1449 Tower of Mind
  933. 1450C1450 dragon Senior Dan
  934. 1451C1451 mountain animal
  935. 1452C1452 South Heaven Gate
  936. 1453C1453 fifth layer
  937. 1454C1454 It's just a dream
  938. 1455C1455 scalable heat
  939. 1456C1456 The Field of Residual Creation
  940. 1457C1457 Opening Alchemy Inheritance
  941. 1458C1458 entanglement
  942. 1459C1459 Pill Dao Fragment
  943. 1460C1460 We submit, we submit!
  944. 1461C1461 slave collection
  945. 1462C1462 I choose three
  946. 1463C1463 dismemberment
  947. 1464C1464 Suspect
  948. 1465C1465 Dragon Devouring City
  949. 1466C1466 A City of Demons
  950. 1467C1467 Countermeasures
  951. 1468C1468 Time is up
  952. 1469C1469 phagocytosis
  953. 1470C1470 head robbing
  954. 1471C1471 face tearing
  955. 1472C1472 No need to compare
  956. 1473C1473 Do you have any objections?
  957. 1474C1474 infatuated person
  958. 1475C1475 Pill Emperor of Savage Pill
  959. 1476C1476 Fighting
  960. 1477C1477 There is a condition
  961. 1478C1478 leave
  962. 1479C1479 false depression
  963. 1480C1480 common triticale herb
  964. 1481C1481 Start
  965. 1482C1482 Away
  966. 1483C1483 Temple of War Return
  967. 1484C1484 metazocarp
  968. 1485C1485 Are you also a half-step-to Manifestation?
  969. 1486C1486 Refining Soul Returning Pill
  970. 1487C1487 arm full of black hair
  971. 1488C1488 Rotary Indestructible Pill
  972. 1489C1489 Kill Lie Kong
  973. 1490C1490 Immortal King Niu Zun
  974. 1491C1491 Search
  975. 1492C1492 Sorry
  976. 1493C1493 I have your child
  977. 1494C1494 Matchmaker
  978. 1495C1495 a seal
  979. 1496C1496 Launch
  980. 1497C1497 Enclosure
  981. 1498C1498 black eating black
  982. 1499C1499 Receive Warship
  983. 1500C1500 serendipity
  984. 1501C1501 Back to Earth
  985. 1502C1502 Ready
  986. 1503C1503 The beauty is breathtaking
  987. 1504C1504 Get rid of them
  988. 1505C1505 Bring them all back!
  989. 1506C1506 Wang Nan
  990. 1507C1507 A game of cat and mouse
  991. 1508C1508 Who is your master?
  992. 1509C1509 cross-refining master
  993. 1510C1510 Killing level task
  994. 1511C1511 100% confident
  995. 1512C1512 treatment
  996. 1513C1513 Past Years
  997. 1514C1514 Identity
  998. 1515C1515 He can fly!
  999. 1516C1516 Ten Spring and Autumn Seals, Beginning Immortal Ascension
  1000. 1517C1517 You give me an explanation
  1001. 1518C1518 Seeing Zhang Feiyu again …
  1002. 1519C1519 challenge
  1003. 1520C1520 rolling
  1004. 1521C1521 Hong Wenju
  1005. 1522C1522 Start of military training
  1006. 1523C1523 Come on, hit me
  1007. 1524C1524 Instructor Zhao
  1008. 1525C1525 approx.
  1009. 1526C1526 sudden death
  1010. 1527C1527 true control of a person
  1011. 1528C1528 What's the matter?
  1012. 1529C1529 Old People
  1013. 1530C1530 interstellar portal
  1014. 1531C1531 The whereabouts of the fortune jade plate
  1015. 1532C1532 As long as they didn't die, there was hope …
  1016. 1533C1533 Concealment
  1017. 1534C1534 Blood Dragon Priestess
  1018. 1535C1535 fortune jade plate
  1019. 1536C1536 A city
  1020. 1537C1537 Heaven Dao List
  1021. 1538C1538 [The Heavenly Dao is dead in this place!]
  1022. 1539C1539 Xu Wen
  1023. 1540C1540 Scratch rice
  1024. 1541C1541 Crash
  1025. 1542C1542 You must know your limits
  1026. 1543C1543 card, bottom
  1027. 1544C1544 Xu Wen's hidden cards
  1028. 1545C1545 I broke his limbs
  1029. 1546C1546 Who exactly are you?!
  1030. 1547C1547 Master
  1031. 1548C1548 Li Xin was shocked
  1032. 1549C1549 Task Complete
  1033. 1550C1550 low grade immortal equipment
  1034. 1551C1551 Bomb
  1035. 1552C1552 Killer International
  1036. 1553C1553 strike
  1037. 1554C1554 Shameless villain
  1038. 1555C1555 He came
  1039. 1556C1556 That's all?
  1040. 1557C1557 supernatural method
  1041. 1558C1558 exterminated
  1042. 1559C1559 breakthrough
  1043. 1560C1560 Married
  1044. 1561C1561 Home
  1045. 1562C1562 Arrest
  1046. 1563C1563 Return of Jianjin to the Countryside
  1047. 1564C1564 A Wealth
  1048. 1565C1565 nouveau riche
  1049. 1566C1566 Let you be a pawn
  1050. 1567C1567 From today onwards, you are my wife
  1051. 1568C1568 world recovery
  1052. 1569C1569 Immortal descent
  1053. 1570C1570 Advanced Tasks Completed
  1054. 1571C1571 Cultivation under Lightning Tribulation
  1055. 1572C1572 Heavenly Dao Exclusion
  1056. 1573C1573 Remnants of the Wargod Hall
  1057. 1574C1574 dilapidated wall
  1058. 1575C1575 point of creation
  1059. 1576C1576 Pending
  1060. 1577C1577 watchdog Lie Kong
  1061. 1578C1578 self-severed arm
  1062. 1579C1579 Guarding the Wang Family
  1063. 1580C1580 teaching
  1064. 1581C1581 dark surge
  1065. 1582C1582 Hang these three people up
  1066. 1583C1583 big fish
  1067. 1584C1584 Monster Clouds
  1068. 1585C1585 Immortals
  1069. 1586C1586 Just who are you!?
  1070. 1587C1587 despair
  1071. 1588C1588 See also Senior Dan of Black Water
  1072. 1589C1589 frightened urine
  1073. 1590C1590 open kill
  1074. 1591C1591 Breakthrough, the Creator of the Second Calamity
  1075. 1592C1592 resurgence
  1076. 1593C1593 If you want to fight, fight!
  1077. 1594C1594 Wait till you count the money
  1078. 1595C1595 Immortal King Shield
  1079. 1596C1596 I mean what I say
  1080. 1597C1597 Give back the head of our Master
  1081. 1598C1598 twenty breaths
  1082. 1599C1599 Yuan Zun
  1083. 1600C1600 Second Step Cultivator
  1084. 1601C1601 eavesdropping
  1085. 1602C1602 Despite coming
  1086. 1603C1603 Who said there was no evidence
  1087. 1604C1604 I pay my respects to Martial Uncle
  1088. 1605C1605 Grand righteousness
  1089. 1606C1606 Immortals' Prison
  1090. 1607C1607 Demons
  1091. 1608C1608 Mind your own business
  1092. 1609C1609 Who exactly are you?!
  1093. 1610C1610 I want to borrow something from you
  1094. 1611C1611 Heaven and Earth Tree Ranking
  1095. 1612C1612 covetous ecstasy
  1096. 1613C1613 I am not Xu Xian
  1097. 1614C1614 Blood River Marketplace
  1098. 1615C1615 Better talk than nothing
  1099. 1616C1616 I'm talking to a dog
  1100. 1617C1617 send them flying with a kick
  1101. 1618C1618 oriental purple crescent flower
  1102. 1619C1619 You are already a dead man
  1103. 1620C1620 I'll give you two hours
  1104. 1621C1621 unlucky ghost
  1105. 1622C1622 encephalophagy
  1106. 1623C1623 Enclosure
  1107. 1624C1624 Son of a bitch!
  1108. 1625C1625 Euphorbia hysssssopogonis Maxim.
  1109. 1626C1626 Killing to silence
  1110. 1627C1627 You are a demon!
  1111. 1628C1628 Why is it you!?
  1112. 1629C1629 You're welcome!]
  1113. 1630C1630 What is the name of your Sect Master?!
  1114. 1631C1631 I can do it alone
  1115. 1632C1632 cacophony
  1116. 1633C1633 Who is he?!
  1117. 1634C1634 thunder tribulation
  1118. 1635C1635 breakthrough
  1119. 1636C1636 bear the consequences for oneself
  1120. 1637C1637 Arrival early
  1121. 1638C1638 Sky Gu Yuan Zun
  1122. 1639C1639 burst
  1123. 1640C1640 Immortal-slaying demon
  1124. 1641C1641 Goodbye to Meng Tianshu
  1125. 1642C1642 Transactions
  1126. 1643C1643 toying with
  1127. 1644C1644 pressure shock
  1128. 1645C1645 Things are different from people
  1129. 1646C1646 Who is this?
  1130. 1647C1647 Enclosure
  1131. 1648C1648 Break!
  1132. 1649C1649 "Everyone, it's better if you come down first."
  1133. 1650C1650 frightened to death
  1134. 1651C1651 cut down grass and root
  1135. 1652C1652 Obtain The Land of God's Ruins
  1136. 1653C1653 germination
  1137. 1654C1654 predication
  1138. 1655C1655 decisive killing
  1139. 1656C1656 Wanted
  1140. 1657C1657 Pill Emperor's Convenience
  1141. 1658C1658 You're lying!?
  1142. 1659C1659 Great Bazaar of the Wasteland Region
  1143. 1660C1660 Desperate God's Stone
  1144. 1661C1661 acquaintances on the street
  1145. 1662C1662 Join Team
  1146. 1663C1663 Ready to go
  1147. 1664C1664 Flying Dragon Team won't let you off!
  1148. 1665C1665 They have come
  1149. 1666C1666 Are you trying to frame me?
  1150. 1667C1667 The trump card of the Old ghost Du
  1151. 1668C1668 Split up
  1152. 1669C1669 total extinction
  1153. 1670C1670 Dead Man's Valley
  1154. 1671C1671 Bold ideas
  1155. 1672C1672 Terrifying black gas
  1156. 1673C1673 'It turned out to be him! '
  1157. 1674C1674 Day of Extreme Yang
  1158. 1675C1675 The Dead Fellow Daoist does not die
  1159. 1676C1676 bronze coffin
  1160. 1677C1677 self-deception
  1161. 1678C1678 Verondil
  1162. 1679C1679 The Forbidden Land of the Gods and the Ghosts
  1163. 1680C1680 You guys get out of here too
  1164. 1681C1681 flowing foot
  1165. 1682C1682 Sold again!
  1166. 1683C1683 Threat
  1167. 1684C1684 ancient immortal ring
  1168. 1685C1685 Chapter 1685 - Dead Man's City
  1169. 1686C1686 Chapter 1686 - Bloodbath Dead Man's City
  1170. 1687C1687 A single slash was enough to cut him in half!
  1171. 1688C1688 Carnival!
  1172. 1689C1689 A carnival? Don't stop?
  1173. 1690C1690 So thick …
  1174. 1691C1691 a crushing of strength
  1175. 1692C1692 Giving people fish is better than giving people fish
  1176. 1693C1693 Skyfox Desolate Domain
  1177. 1694C1694 We were fooled
  1178. 1695C1695 Big sister will send you to heaven
  1179. 1696C1696 What are you doing! Stop!
  1180. 1697C1697 chase
  1181. 1698C1698 Your strength is too small …]
  1182. 1699C1699 Despicable!
  1183. 1700C1700 What can I do for you?]
  1184. 1701C1701 harvest
  1185. 1702C1702 Senior Jadewater
  1186. 1703C1703 'This brat is very arrogant! '
  1187. 1704C1704 You may go
  1188. 1705C1705 snake lifeless
  1189. 1706C1706 Too terrifying!
  1190. 1707C1707 I'm in charge
  1191. 1708C1708 I already have a master
  1192. 1709C1709 You, very good
  1193. 1710C1710 garbage
  1194. 1711C1711 Even standing can attract hatred
  1195. 1712C1712 Demoness
  1196. 1713C1713 Ten Ghost Village
  1197. 1714C1714 Task
  1198. 1715C1715 Do you have any objections?
  1199. 1716C1716 augmentation of divine power
  1200. 1717C1717 Regret
  1201. 1718C1718 Yunqi Village
  1202. 1719C1719 Ning Qi's Demonic Pet
  1203. 1720C1720 Devil Tiger
  1204. 1721C1721 Fatty, come out and receive our guest!
  1205. 1722C1722 identity exposure
  1206. 1723C1723 Fellow Daoist, please wait.
  1207. 1724C1724 Mad
  1208. 1725C1725 It was him …
  1209. 1726C1726 Qiu Zhan
  1210. 1727C1727 lunatic enough
  1211. 1728C1728 Happy
  1212. 1729C1729 Have mercy on others and have mercy on them
  1213. 1730C1730 Roar for all damage output
  1214. 1731C1731 Explode for me!
  1215. 1732C1732 three punches
  1216. 1733C1733 It's all over …
  1217. 1734C1734 Three hundred villagers
  1218. 1735C1735 Kneeling billboard
  1219. 1736C1736 Come back and kneel together
  1220. 1737C1737 Complete Task
  1221. 1738C1738 Heaven Evil Command
  1222. 1739C1739 Kneel down and speak
  1223. 1740C1740 Long-term billboard
  1224. 1741C1741 Buddhist illumination
  1225. 1742C1742 Advanced
  1226. 1743C1743 What do you mean?
  1227. 1744C1744 Let's make a bet
  1228. 1745C1745 Who could it be?
  1229. 1746C1746 Ninth on the list of combat strength
  1230. 1747C1747 Undefeated Against Nine Tribulations
  1231. 1748C1748 like teacher
  1232. 1749C1749 wind and clouds
  1233. 1750C1750 extortion
  1234. 1751C1751 You can dissolve the village
  1235. 1752C1752 Is it my turn now?
  1236. 1753C1753 List of combat strength
  1237. 1754C1754 seven major valleys
  1238. 1755C1755 Kill people, dance
  1239. 1756C1756 five protections one
  1240. 1757C1757 One punch
  1241. 1758C1758 I wonder if you will accept a disciple
  1242. 1759C1759 Impassable Battlefield
  1243. 1760C1760 Son of Yanzhi
  1244. 1761C1761 Dragon Lake City
  1245. 1762C1762 Familiar!
  1246. 1763C1763 All of you will die!
  1247. 1764C1764 nulliparous carbuncle
  1248. 1765C1765 Lucky for you
  1249. 1766C1766 Holy Dragon City
  1250. 1767C1767 etc.
  1251. 1768C1768 Do you know the Evil Asura?
  1252. 1769C1769 complete crushing
  1253. 1770C1770 Eight family names
  1254. 1771C1771 Borrowing a knife to kill someone
  1255. 1772C1772 The Great War drew near
  1256. 1773C1773 Impassable Battlefield
  1257. 1774C1774 little Thunder Emperor
  1258. 1775C1775 The Thunder Emperor was furious!
  1259. 1776C1776 No need to …
  1260. 1777C1777 Yin
  1261. 1778C1778 Cheap Attack
  1262. 1779C1779 pill concocting by living person
  1263. 1780C1780 They, refined!
  1264. 1781C1781 Fight back!?
  1265. 1782C1782 Do you dare?
  1266. 1783C1783 mad suppression
  1267. 1784C1784 [Nine Dragons Supreme Grade Pellet]
  1268. 1785C1785 Lord Demonheart
  1269. 1786C1786 Blood Gu escape
  1270. 1787C1787 Transactions
  1271. 1788C1788 massacre
  1272. 1789C1789 Tentative Wind and Rain
  1273. 1790C1790 Visit
  1274. 1791C1791 Soul Eating Insect
  1275. 1792C1792 A Worm
  1276. 1793C1793 You think you're invincible?
  1277. 1794C1794 The end of the war
  1278. 1795C1795 Get lost!
  1279. 1796C1796 The fight for the quota
  1280. 1797C1797 Not a single entry
  1281. 1798C1798 One more day
  1282. 1799C1799 Cultivation base skyrocketing
  1283. 1800C1800 Advanced Six Tribulations!
  1284. 1801C1801 possession
  1285. 1802C1802 Little friend, do you mind?
  1286. 1803C1803 mysterious imprint
  1287. 1804C1804 Extinguishing
  1288. 1805C1805 Imprint that cannot be copied
  1289. 1806C1806 Clone of the Heavenly Gu Master
  1290. 1807C1807 We meet again
  1291. 1808C1808 Go ahead and fight
  1292. 1809C1809 Do you understand?
  1293. 1810C1810 Master will not let you die!]
  1294. 1811C1811 reverse bite
  1295. 1812C1812 detach
  1296. 1813C1813 Viper
  1297. 1814C1814 I'm threatening you
  1298. 1815C1815 Malassezia
  1299. 1816C1816 You think it's beautiful
  1300. 1817C1817 prince son
  1301. 1818C1818 White Bone Villa
  1302. 1819C1819 Kneel down and kowtow
  1303. 1820C1820 Zhuge Tao
  1304. 1821C1821 Full scale war
  1305. 1822C1822 More Than People
  1306. 1823C1823 Explode! Explode! Explode!
  1307. 1824C1824 Are you dogs or humans?
  1308. 1825C1825 Return
  1309. 1826C1826 take the initiative
  1310. 1827C1827 Eighteen Entrances
  1312. 1829C1829 Wu Chongxian
  1313. 1830C1830 Instant kill
  1314. 1831C1831 Buddhist sound
  1315. 1832C1832 omnidirectional movement
  1316. 1833C1833 You, very good
  1317. 1834C1834 myriad demons
  1318. 1835C1835 The power of this strike
  1319. 1836C1836 Eyeball again
  1320. 1837C1837 What did an eyeball count for?
  1321. 1838C1838 Are you convinced?
  1322. 1839C1839 deserve to be killed
  1323. 1840C1840 Are you really not afraid of death?
  1324. 1841C1841 Trembling with fear
  1325. 1842C1842 Playing with a dragon in front of me?
  1326. 1843C1843 Tao Evolvement
  1327. 1844C1844 narrow-minded person
  1328. 1845C1845 Famous to the world
  1329. 1846C1846 New Sect Buildings
  1330. 1847C1847 Evacuation
  1331. 1848C1848 No Taboo
  1332. 1849C1849 Then I am his father
  1333. 1850C1850 Fist
  1334. 1851C1851 Goodbye Immortal Slaughterer
  1335. 1852C1852 combined
  1336. 1853C1853 Long story
  1337. 1854C1854 Soldiers on the Wall
  1338. 1855C1855 Rule
  1339. 1856C1856 insidious
  1340. 1857C1857 Inversion of the cycle of reincarnation is void for all time
  1341. 1858C1858 No more fighting, I concede
  1342. 1859C1859 Come on, don't go
  1343. 1860C1860 Bighead
  1344. 1861C1861 If there really was reincarnation …
  1345. 1862C1862 Broken City
  1346. 1863C1863 Do not regret
  1347. 1864C1864 If you can suppress me, then we'll talk!
  1348. 1865C1865 entanglement
  1349. 1866C1866 Half Year
  1350. 1867C1867 This line is not wasted
  1351. 1868C1868 I dye the sky with demonic blood
  1352. 1869C1869 "One will become a demon, one will become an immortal"
  1353. 1870C1870 One-eyed troll
  1354. 1871C1871 aristocratic language
  1355. 1872C1872 Your nostril
  1356. 1873C1873 Ling Xuzeduo
  1357. 1874C1874 Then what did you say?!
  1358. 1875C1875 Clan inviolability
  1359. 1876C1876 Recruitment
  1360. 1877C1877 Moon Breaker Team
  1361. 1878C1878 The real Heaven's Pride of spiritual deficiency tribe
  1362. 1879C1879 Stupid fool
  1363. 1880C1880 bewitchland
  1364. 1881C1881 demonic energy whirlpool
  1365. 1882C1882 ruining
  1366. 1883C1883 chicken killing
  1367. 1884C1884 Ready to leave
  1368. 1885C1885 half-step demon
  1369. 1886C1886 Curse Descends
  1370. 1887C1887 demonic qi body tempering
  1371. 1888C1888 Phantom
  1372. 1889C1889 teasing
  1373. 1890C1890 I live, you live
  1374. 1891C1891 balance of immortals and devils
  1375. 1892C1892 Eat my fist too
  1376. 1893C1893 Mysterious
  1377. 1894C1894 Myriad Immortals and Demons Body
  1378. 1895C1895 Platinum Gift Pack
  1379. 1896C1896 complex emotion
  1380. 1897C1897 Nine Inner Hidden Gates
  1381. 1898C1898 Yenshan Devil Region
  1382. 1899C1899 Mountain Sea Alliance
  1383. 1900C1900 Young Master Yang Gou
  1384. 1901C1901 I don't have a single magic crystal
  1385. 1902C1902 Xuanzhen's appearance
  1386. 1903C1903 What was he doing?
  1387. 1904C1904 Sky-piercing Cannon
  1388. 1905C1905 I don't want to fight anymore
  1389. 1906C1906 amnesia
  1390. 1907C1907 Lucifer tribe
  1391. 1908C1908 Three years
  1392. 1909C1909 Undercover City
  1393. 1910C1910 Northern Moon Cold Autumn
  1394. 1911C1911 magic refiner
  1395. 1912C1912 Auction
  1396. 1913C1913 Price hike
  1397. 1914C1914 The Woman in the Crystal
  1398. 1915C1915 I'll drop a low-grade magic equipment.
  1399. 1916C1916 A haughty magus
  1400. 1917C1917 Doyen's dragon
  1401. 1918C1918 body strengthening pill
  1402. 1919C1919 Best Foundation Building Pill
  1403. 1920C1920 liver pain from anger
  1404. 1921C1921 Do you have any objections?
  1405. 1922C1922 I want them all
  1406. 1923C1923 Fighting with Early Human and Devil Stage
  1407. 1924C1924 Putting down the bridge after crossing the river
  1408. 1925C1925 idle person, etc
  1409. 1926C1926 Rich profit
  1410. 1927C1927 Delivery
  1411. 1928C1928 Do you take me for a fool?
  1412. 1929C1929 Ling Xu Hehe
  1413. 1930C1930 Do you have the right to speak here?
  1414. 1931C1931 insufflation knife
  1415. 1932C1932 victorious
  1416. 1933C1933 Really? Then come on.
  1417. 1934C1934 indestructible
  1418. 1935C1935 middle finger
  1419. 1936C1936 Reliance
  1420. 1937C1937 Devil King's Manor
  1421. 1938C1938 "I'll have to trouble them to come up together."
  1422. 1939C1939 Want to learn?
  1423. 1940C1940 pummeling
  1424. 1941C1941 Rebellion
  1425. 1942C1942 He was cultivating the secret realm of the city
  1426. 1943C1943 Three Major Regions
  1427. 1944C1944 giant worm residue
  1428. 1945C1945 Kill him in the shortest way possible
  1429. 1946C1946 Dogs look down on people
  1430. 1947C1947 subtlety
  1431. 1948C1948 clear blue
  1432. 1949C1949 breakthrough
  1433. 1950C1950 They would rather provoke Pei En than the Spider Mark.
  1434. 1951C1951 senile asthenia
  1435. 1952C1952 healing injury
  1436. 1953C1953 puberty
  1437. 1954C1954 Eight hundred thousand Middle Tier Magic Crystal
  1438. 1955C1955 Second Gate of the Nine Inner Hidden Gates
  1439. 1956C1956 You are a fool
  1440. 1957C1957 This matter wasn't over!
  1441. 1958C1958 Nine Suns Body Tempering Fruit
  1442. 1959C1959 This is your junior apprentice-brother?
  1443. 1960C1960 Draconic Patriarch
  1444. 1961C1961 Where was he?
  1445. 1962C1962 Third Gate of the Nine Inner Hidden Gates
  1446. 1963C1963 camouflage
  1447. 1964C1964 We'll meet again next time
  1448. 1965C1965 re-entry
  1449. 1966C1966 The fourth door was open!
  1450. 1967C1967 'It was a misunderstanding! '
  1451. 1968C1968 It's him again!?
  1452. 1969C1969 The Young Master Beiming has passed through the tribulation again!
  1453. 1970C1970 moribund body
  1454. 1971C1971 Prison Dragon Elephant Art's Tenth Heavenly Layer
  1455. 1972C1972 The hapless guy
  1456. 1973C1973
  1457. 1974C1974 Three Rules
  1458. 1975C1975 evil servant
  1459. 1976C1976 mysterious message
  1460. 1977C1977 Don't kneel, get up
  1461. 1978C1978 Dragon-Demon Grandmaster
  1462. 1979C1979 Holy Maiden
  1463. 1980C1980 Different objectives
  1464. 1981C1981 ah! So many diabolic period s!
  1465. 1982C1982 Soul
  1466. 1983C1983 Who am I?
  1467. 1984C1984 A Jiang Clan disciple
  1468. 1985C1985 I have remembered this grudge …
  1469. 1986C1986 Holy Maiden Palace
  1470. 1987C1987 A white lie
  1471. 1988C1988 four wings
  1472. 1989C1989 hand slip
  1473. 1990C1990 It's a long way to go
  1474. 1991C1991 Devil Race Heaven's Pride Battle
  1475. 1992C1992 Demon God Talisman
  1476. 1993C1993 Port of Mohai
  1477. 1994C1994 Sea Dragon
  1478. 1995C1995 Great Immortal War
  1479. 1996C1996 Danger
  1480. 1997C1997 Master Solitary
  1481. 1998C1998 Do you want this leg?
  1482. 1999C1999 extermination
  1483. 2000C2000 forced marriage
  1484. 2001C2001 Betting
  1485. 2002C2002 Enter Ancestral Demon Mountain Range
  1486. 2003C2003 stone-throwing and killing
  1487. 2004C2004 Arrival
  1488. 2005C2005 'What a coincidence! '
  1489. 2006C2006 Isn't this face a bit too big?
  1490. 2007C2007 "You, please acknowledge me as your Master."
  1491. 2008C2008 Innocence of the Unknown
  1492. 2009C2009 But at Master's behest
  1493. 2010C2010 Tentative Wind and Rain
  1494. 2011C2011 Three million dragon-slaying crystal
  1495. 2012C2012 The Great War began
  1496. 2013C2013 macrofeminism
  1497. 2014C2014 I guess I'm not gonna die
  1498. 2015C2015 Tianguang fist
  1499. 2016C2016 Integral First
  1500. 2017C2017 Embarrassed
  1501. 2018C2018 dark horse
  1502. 2019C2019 Reply to unhappiness
  1503. 2020C2020 Great Chaos
  1504. 2021C2021 Things are changing in a matter of seconds
  1505. 2022C2022 Let's just watch and see
  1506. 2023C2023 One step wrong, one step wrong
  1507. 2024C2024 Who killed the Monarch Huang Huang?
  1508. 2025C2025 Scoreboard
  1509. 2026C2026 Senior Sister, over here …
  1510. 2027C2027 'Monster! '
  1511. 2028C2028 24 hours
  1512. 2029C2029 indestructible
  1513. 2030C2030 North Black of the Demon King's Mansion of the Yanshan City
  1514. 2031C2031 The name moves the four directions
  1515. 2032C2032 Return
  1516. 2033C2033 Cheap Attack
  1517. 2034C2034 The destruction of the Yang Family
  1518. 2035C2035 seclusion
  1519. 2036C2036 Sixth Gate
  1520. 2037C2037 The way back
  1521. 2038C2038 System update complete
  1522. 2039C2039 devil dragon pearl
  1523. 2040C2040 Also known as the Sea Dragon.
  1524. 2041C2041 Third Prince of Hades
  1525. 2042C2042 So he was …
  1526. 2043C2043 submissive
  1527. 2044C2044 mount
  1528. 2045C2045 provocation
  1529. 2046C2046 Let's bet on the devil origin pearl!
  1530. 2047C2047 1,000 crystals …
  1531. 2048C2048 come down to die
  1532. 2049C2049 Surrender
  1533. 2050C2050 Why don't you come and chop me up?!
  1534. 2051C2051 Return to the Central Continent
  1535. 2052C2052 sudden attack
  1536. 2053C2053 qi suppression
  1537. 2054C2054 Sucking them into a mummy!
  1538. 2055C2055 Celestial King Yu Ting
  1539. 2056C2056 four directions movement
  1540. 2057C2057 I'll go first!
  1541. 2058C2058 Fist
  1542. 2059C2059 second stroke
  1543. 2060C2060 I'll give you five breaths of time
  1544. 2061C2061 'Who was it that slashed this blade? '
  1545. 2062C2062 escape
  1546. 2063C2063 Beiming fish
  1547. 2064C2064 stepmother
  1548. 2065C2065 "Big fish, caught!"
  1549. 2066C2066 Just who are you!
  1550. 2067C2067 brave man
  1551. 2068C2068 Who could hold on?
  1552. 2069C2069 Who else wants to leave?
  1553. 2070C2070 alive capture
  1554. 2071C2071 waste cultivation
  1555. 2072C2072 Immortal Emperor Daoyan had arrived!
  1556. 2073C2073 Why didn't he just hide?
  1557. 2074C2074 That's all?
  1558. 2075C2075 Exhaustion
  1559. 2076C2076 Immortal Emperor of the North Black
  1560. 2077C2077 I can lead the way
  1561. 2078C2078 Notre Dame of the Frigid Sky
  1562. 2079C2079 Nine Desolations
  1563. 2080C2080 Spirit Spring Water
  1564. 2081C2081 large insect
  1565. 2082C2082 Isn't it you?
  1566. 2083C2083 Old People
  1567. 2084C2084 Threat
  1568. 2085C2085 This was a real beauty!
  1569. 2086C2086 Visit to Heavenly Fox Valley
  1570. 2087C2087 seclusion site
  1571. 2088C2088 third punch
  1572. 2089C2089 It is better to live than to die
  1573. 2090C2090 Crazy persistence
  1574. 2091C2091 Ascension
  1575. 2092C2092 Qing Xuan Palace
  1576. 2093C2093 Go down
  1577. 2094C2094 time-lapse
  1578. 2095C2095 opening stick
  1579. 2096C2096 underworld
  1580. 2097C2097 Menghuo Decoction
  1581. 2098C2098 Wrong person
  1582. 2099C2099 Why was it so painful?
  1583. 2100C2100 Kill them all …
  1584. 2101C2101 living things
  1585. 2102C2102 Cymbidium
  1586. 2103C2103 Down
  1587. 2104C2104 Black Mountain Old Devil
  1588. 2105C2105 fellow traveller
  1589. 2106C2106 It's just that today, you're the ant …
  1590. 2107C2107 It was the son of the Jiang Clan again!
  1591. 2108C2108 Soul Imprint
  1592. 2109C2109 Emperor of the Underworld
  1593. 2110C2110 Yi Yangxiuluo
  1594. 2111C2111 [Is there no one in the world above me?]
  1595. 2112C2112 envy, jealousy and hatred
  1596. 2113C2113 small forest
  1597. 2114C2114 You just talked a lot?
  1598. 2115C2115 vanishing
  1599. 2116C2116 Seventh Gate of the Nine Inner Hidden Gates
  1600. 2117C2117 battle force surge
  1601. 2118C2118 dog-beating technique
  1602. 2119C2119 jailbreak
  1603. 2120C2120 Penetrating through Nine Heavens
  1604. 2121C2121 transitional fruit
  1605. 2122C2122 Not qualified to stand here
  1606. 2123C2123 palmar mouth
  1607. 2124C2124 Force Task
  1608. 2125C2125 Surge In
  1609. 2126C2126 Undead cattlehead
  1610. 2127C2127 Spirit Embracing Divine General
  1611. 2128C2128 Yao Chi
  1612. 2129C2129 Dead horse move. The
  1613. 2130C2130 headless body
  1614. 2131C2131 large harvest
  1615. 2132C2132 Long time no see
  1616. 2133C2133 'In this life, do not lose again! '
  1617. 2134C2134 Yama Temple
  1618. 2135C2135 Killing Flames
  1619. 2136C2136 eternal fire
  1620. 2137C2137 Brat, don't move!
  1621. 2138C2138 First come, then go
  1622. 2139C2139 Task Complete
  1623. 2140C2140 Are you talking to me?
  1624. 2141C2141 A Jiang Clan disciple
  1625. 2142C2142 Where was this place?
  1626. 2143C2143 healing injury
  1627. 2144C2144 Cats and dogs
  1628. 2145C2145 Instant kill
  1629. 2146C2146 I'm not interested in knowing
  1630. 2147C2147 Tentative Wind and Rain
  1631. 2148C2148 It's that simple?
  1632. 2149C2149 I can endure it no matter how painful it is!
  1633. 2150C2150 psychic power
  1634. 2151C2151 Wall intertwined with true essence
  1635. 2152C2152 Cloud Hidden Sect to
  1636. 2153C2153 Coincidence?
  1637. 2154C2154 Say goodbye
  1638. 2155C2155 Starting with Cloud Hidden Sect
  1639. 2156C2156 New pattern
  1640. 2157C2157 He turned around and left …
  1641. 2158C2158 Ancient Fairy's Incense Fire body-tempering technique
  1642. 2159C2159 divine image between the eyebrows
  1643. 2160C2160 collective marrow cleansing
  1644. 2161C2161 The True Origin Stage of the gatekeeper
  1645. 2162C2162 Stop pretending!
  1646. 2163C2163 three hundred True Origin Stage
  1647. 2164C2164 So naughty?
  1648. 2165C2165 Do you believe it?
  1649. 2166C2166 apex technique
  1650. 2167C2167 annexation
  1651. 2168C2168 This place does not perish, nor does it burn
  1652. 2169C2169 cultivation waste
  1653. 2170C2170 Holy Rain
  1654. 2171C2171 Big brother will help you take revenge!
  1655. 2172C2172 National War
  1656. 2173C2173 There are people in the city
  1657. 2174C2174 Grandmaster!?
  1658. 2175C2175 Do you think you have won for sure?
  1659. 2176C2176 There is no limit to martial arts
  1660. 2177C2177 millions of believers
  1661. 2178C2178 war
  1662. 2179C2179 Ding Sheng Gong
  1663. 2180C2180 giant cow
  1664. 2181C2181 Should he come back?
  1665. 2182C2182 He was here to kill the Immortal!
  1666. 2183C2183 intoxicating power
  1667. 2184C2184 white bone of living dead
  1668. 2185C2185 I'll take you to see the Patriarch.
  1669. 2186C2186 God Emperor of the North Black
  1670. 2187C2187 rehabilitation
  1671. 2188C2188 Away
  1672. 2189C2189 Odd Planet
  1673. 2190C2190 mob
  1674. 2191C2191 The Eagle Grab the Chicken
  1675. 2192C2192 What are you?
  1676. 2193C2193 Nightmare Path
  1677. 2194C2194 Ouyang Ke Di
  1678. 2195C2195 "Martial Nephew, let's go!"
  1679. 2196C2196 Fellow Daoists, please wait
  1680. 2197C2197 step light dust
  1681. 2198C2198 Rest place
  1682. 2199C2199 Qin Lie
  1683. 2200C2200 Who was this person?
  1684. 2201C2201 Are you talking about him?
  1685. 2202C2202 white-bearded grandpa
  1686. 2203C2203 Immortal Cultivation Technique
  1687. 2204C2204 Black Demon
  1688. 2205C2205 Ten Days
  1689. 2206C2206 seven nights
  1690. 2207C2207 Jiang Family Token
  1691. 2208C2208 Fist
  1692. 2209C2209 Wang He
  1693. 2210C2210 infantile swallowing aunt
  1694. 2211C2211 You're the one who killed my son?
  1695. 2212C2212 Tremble!
  1696. 2213C2213 Heart Detonation Method
  1697. 2214C2214 hearsay
  1698. 2215C2215 This junior will leave now …
  1699. 2216C2216 'This should be a misunderstanding! '
  1700. 2217C2217 Cunninghamia lanceolata
  1701. 2218C2218 What a big shelf
  1702. 2219C2219 Please shut up
  1703. 2220C2220 You have a lot of face?
  1704. 2221C2221 gold-robed elder
  1705. 2222C2222 At any time
  1706. 2223C2223 test
  1707. 2224C2224 Stone Ancestor
  1708. 2225C2225 Coincidence?
  1709. 2226C2226 Three Hundred Years
  1710. 2227C2227 quirky iron ring
  1711. 2228C2228 followed by
  1712. 2229C2229 flat hand
  1713. 2230C2230 grand multiplication period from the starry sky
  1714. 2231C2231 spoken
  1715. 2232C2232 Rogue Immortals
  1716. 2233C2233 black dog
  1717. 2234C2234 A little bit of face?
  1718. 2235C2235 The Phantom in the Mural
  1719. 2236C2236 Jiro Shinzo, True Lord Sage
  1720. 2237C2237 seven dragon pearls
  1721. 2238C2238 Roll
  1722. 2239C2239 Greater Teleportation of the Starry Sky
  1723. 2240C2240 System, I want to upgrade
  1724. 2241C2241 Achievement of immortals
  1725. 2242C2242 Celestial domain of the ancient heaven
  1726. 2243C2243 Fiery Eyes of the Golden Eyes
  1727. 2244C2244 Celestial Immortal techniques
  1728. 2245C2245 I can't remember
  1729. 2246C2246 Nanyue
  1730. 2247C2247 Yunruzong
  1731. 2248C2248 deliberately difficult
  1732. 2249C2249 Haoran's star
  1733. 2250C2250 Power of one punch
  1734. 2251C2251 Ancestral Mysterious Sword Sect
  1735. 2252C2252 Crush!
  1736. 2253C2253 He turned around and ran away …
  1737. 2254C2254 Arriving at the Mysterious Sword Sect
  1738. 2255C2255 Trials of Trials
  1739. 2256C2256 refining heart
  1740. 2257C2257 Little ghost is difficult to deal with
  1741. 2258C2258 sword elder
  1742. 2259C2259 Broken Flying Sword
  1743. 2260C2260 Dazzling golden light!
  1744. 2261C2261 weak white light
  1745. 2262C2262 disciple sweeping
  1746. 2263C2263 Immortal Execution Diagram
  1747. 2264C2264 palmar mouth
  1748. 2265C2265 Yinzhen
  1749. 2266C2266 It's you again?
  1750. 2267C2267 A good beating
  1751. 2268C2268 His name was Ning Qi.
  1752. 2269C2269 This fellow was finished!
  1753. 2270C2270 again
  1754. 2271C2271 Cultivating the Immortal Execution Sword Technique
  1755. 2272C2272 Wang Tao visited her
  1756. 2273C2273 He's here!
  1757. 2274C2274 Don't, don't fight anymore
  1758. 2275C2275 Suspend marquee
  1759. 2276C2276 hang them up
  1760. 2277C2277 pill making
  1761. 2278C2278 Five thousand Ling Xuan Wan
  1762. 2279C2279 Goldsun Swordplay
  1763. 2280C2280 Hua Yu, hang it up there.
  1764. 2281C2281 What business does Senior have?
  1765. 2282C2282 Wait! Speak slowly!
  1766. 2283C2283 Ancient Immortal Mystic Realm
  1767. 2284C2284 Negotiation
  1768. 2285C2285 nine swords
  1769. 2286C2286 Where is he?
  1770. 2287C2287 Stay as a guest
  1771. 2288C2288 one force to reduce ten
  1772. 2289C2289 Come on, hang him up
  1773. 2290C2290 shock rage
  1774. 2291C2291 The Ferocious disciple sweeping
  1775. 2292C2292 vitality
  1776. 2293C2293 What is there to be dissatisfied about?
  1777. 2294C2294 I'm in a lot of pain here
  1778. 2295C2295 breakthrough
  1779. 2296C2296 Bounty
  1780. 2297C2297 eliminating heart
  1781. 2298C2298 All five of you, come at me together
  1782. 2299C2299 Moon Sword Formation
  1783. 2300C2300 Do you still want to fight?
  1784. 2301C2301 Late stage immortals
  1785. 2302C2302 active spirit vein
  1786. 2303C2303 Genuine Visit
  1787. 2304C2304 I hope you won't let me down
  1788. 2305C2305 I'il give you three moves
  1789. 2306C2306 hamster
  1790. 2307C2307 Hang chuan
  1791. 2308C2308 flex finger
  1792. 2309C2309 He was looking at the heavens …
  1793. 2310C2310 Decline
  1794. 2311C2311 temperament
  1795. 2312C2312 'Monster! '
  1796. 2313C2313 The Great Circle of immortals
  1797. 2314C2314 Advanced Tasks
  1798. 2315C2315 deliberately difficult
  1799. 2316C2316 underconfidence
  1800. 2317C2317 On the eve of the Large Competition
  1801. 2318C2318 The royal family of the Phoenix
  1802. 2319C2319 Difficulties
  1803. 2320C2320 Two wins in a row
  1804. 2321C2321 dead knock
  1805. 2322C2322 Golden Sun Peak was completely wiped out
  1806. 2323C2323 Ancestor, there's something wrong here
  1807. 2324C2324 Old Devil's Poison
  1808. 2325C2325 Is there anything else?!
  1809. 2326C2326 Unsolicited
  1810. 2327C2327 ancestral dragon blood
  1811. 2328C2328 Draconite
  1812. 2329C2329 eight nine profound arts
  1813. 2330C2330 Who is your Master?
  1814. 2331C2331 Invitation from Yingzhen
  1815. 2332C2332 To the Ancient Immortal Mystic Realm
  1816. 2333C2333 Taijianfang Yuan Family
  1817. 2334C2334 roadside stand
  1818. 2335C2335 wind sword
  1819. 2336C2336 Regulating Tiger to Mount Li
  1820. 2337C2337 Real Tiger
  1821. 2338C2338 Activating Samsara
  1822. 2339C2339 Pei Kang Le
  1823. 2340C2340 secondary daoyin apparatus
  1824. 2341C2341 Dark Dragon Curse Killing Technique
  1825. 2342C2342 Dragon Scorpion
  1826. 2343C2343 Arm of the Ancient Immortal
  1827. 2344C2344 Cheap Attack
  1828. 2345C2345 Mountain and River Avenue
  1829. 2346C2346 What was he trying to do!?
  1830. 2347C2347 Suppressing the Celestial Immortal
  1831. 2348C2348 Merit Tower
  1832. 2349C2349 Wining's colour change
  1833. 2350C2350 You dare to kill me?
  1834. 2351C2351 second Mountain and River Gold Hammer
  1835. 2352C2352 I'm afraid I can't control myself
  1836. 2353C2353 Taiyi Turtle Rest Symbol
  1837. 2354C2354 Halfwidth stone tablet
  1838. 2355C2355 Guizong
  1839. 2356C2356 Is Primordial Dragon here?
  1840. 2357C2357 He lifted his head and left
  1841. 2358C2358 Smash flying
  1842. 2359C2359 Jedi
  1843. 2360C2360 Jiang Kun made his move
  1844. 2361C2361 Nalan Shijie
  1845. 2362C2362 should be at home
  1846. 2363C2363 Immortal Monarch White Emperor
  1847. 2364C2364 foster father
  1848. 2365C2365 I agree
  1849. 2366C2366 Send Next Task
  1850. 2367C2367 To the Taijianfang.
  1851. 2368C2368 Why not
  1852. 2369C2369 play dumb
  1853. 2370C2370 homozygous
  1854. 2371C2371 The might of the daoyin apparatus
  1855. 2372C2372 Sneakness of movement
  1856. 2373C2373 tripping
  1857. 2374C2374 Cancel Task
  1858. 2375C2375 supernatant Hidden Treasure Pavilion
  1859. 2376C2376 Merit Tower
  1860. 2377C2377 Shihedan
  1861. 2378C2378 Draconite
  1862. 2379C2379 KILL
  1863. 2380C2380 anorexia
  1864. 2381C2381 Law Enforcement Hall
  1865. 2382C2382 You don't know me
  1866. 2383C2383 Late Man-Demon Stage
  1867. 2384C2384 Grandmaster of the Pill Dao
  1868. 2385C2385 I've made it
  1869. 2386C2386 wager
  1870. 2387C2387 twelve
  1871. 2388C2388 On the Road to the Yellow Springs
  1872. 2389C2389 encircling and annihilating
  1873. 2390C2390 Dragon's Blood Pill
  1874. 2391C2391 Time is not up
  1875. 2392C2392 Northern Mysterious Devil
  1876. 2393C2393 I killed it
  1877. 2394C2394 Reschedule
  1878. 2395C2395 Familiar with Haoran
  1879. 2396C2396 instant extinction
  1880. 2397C2397 iso
  1881. 2398C2398 Staying by Trees and Waiting for Rabbits
  1882. 2399C2399 surge of strength
  1883. 2400C2400 Soul-Breath Card
  1884. 2401C2401 Give me the stick
  1885. 2402C2402 Take three of my sticks
  1886. 2403C2403 first rod
  1887. 2404C2404 Bon Voyage
  1888. 2405C2405 Day trap door
  1889. 2406C2406 Recruitment
  1890. 2407C2407 If you say so …
  1891. 2408C2408 Phoenix
  1892. 2409C2409 Update on the Heavenly Dao List
  1893. 2410C2410 Earthly Immortal Ranking First
  1894. 2411C2411 Ji Tianming
  1895. 2412C2412 demonized golden fairy
  1896. 2413C2413 backstabbing
  1897. 2414C2414 Zoromac
  1898. 2415C2415 protobilu
  1899. 2416C2416 Advanced Earth-demon initial stage
  1900. 2417C2417 enchantment
  1901. 2418C2418 A surge of believers
  1902. 2419C2419 I am angrier
  1903. 2420C2420 immortals Li Moxian
  1904. 2421C2421 Ning Haotian
  1905. 2422C2422 Shaft away
  1906. 2423C2423 controlling tigers to leave the mountain
  1907. 2424C2424 scalable heat
  1908. 2425C2425 play clapping
  1909. 2426C2426 Third floor of the Hall of Contributions
  1910. 2427C2427 Oh, I went the wrong way
  1911. 2428C2428 Master
  1912. 2429C2429 Yuqing Gate Scripture Pavilion
  1913. 2430C2430 descending of the fifth step
  1914. 2431C2431 The Secret Realm of Ancient Immortals
  1915. 2432C2432 First stage of the eight nine profound arts
  1916. 2433C2433 cast descent
  1917. 2434C2434 Another lower organ appeared …
  1918. 2435C2435 Chiu Shilong
  1919. 2436C2436 Where is my daoyin apparatus?
  1920. 2437C2437 Are you a fool?
  1921. 2438C2438 Have you forgotten Ning Beixuan?
  1922. 2439C2439 'Disperse '–' Disperse '–' Disperse '–' Disperse '
  1923. 2440C2440 It had changed!
  1924. 2441C2441 Shu Changfeng
  1925. 2442C2442 Tian Luo Star Yinyang Sect
  1926. 2443C2443 Earthly Immortal Middle Stage
  1927. 2444C2444 Nor give Jin Xian face
  1928. 2445C2445 Someone from Qing Xuan Palace
  1929. 2446C2446 Not a single person who could fight
  1930. 2447C2447 universal fifty percent discount
  1931. 2448C2448 Summoning on the spur of the moment
  1932. 2449C2449 The Man from Upper Zong
  1933. 2450C2450 I'il give you three moves
  1934. 2451C2451 Fist
  1935. 2452C2452 yew
  1936. 2453C2453 Tentative Wind and Rain
  1937. 2454C2454 Bai Shengxue
  1938. 2455C2455 Shi Yifan
  1939. 2456C2456 Pei Family's Revenge
  1940. 2457C2457 five Dao fruits
  1941. 2458C2458 Great Circle of Earthly Immortals
  1942. 2459C2459 Xuan Xian Shan
  1943. 2460C2460 If they were going to be destroyed, then so be it!
  1944. 2461C2461 Please grant me your wish, Ancestor.
  1945. 2462C2462 phenomenological onset
  1946. 2463C2463 meeting
  1947. 2464C2464 I'm waiting outside for you to come out
  1948. 2465C2465 I am Ji Tianming of the Celestial Sect of Vacuum
  1949. 2466C2466 Borrowing a knife to kill someone
  1950. 2467C2467 Black Armor
  1951. 2468C2468 Misty Peak
  1952. 2469C2469 Hutchison
  1953. 2470C2470 Absolute silence
  1954. 2471C2471 Fishing
  1955. 2472C2472 A man in a red apron
  1956. 2473C2473 Reencounter with Black Armoured Soldiers
  1957. 2474C2474 Instruction
  1958. 2475C2475 Another group of fearless people …
  1959. 2476C2476 Lei Gang
  1960. 2477C2477 Immortal Destroying Bow
  1961. 2478C2478 pedigree seed
  1962. 2479C2479 dauricus, fructus
  1963. 2480C2480 abomasum
  1964. 2481C2481 Tell the truth!
  1965. 2482C2482 He vowed not to become an Immortal!
  1966. 2483C2483 Again?
  1967. 2484C2484 A man can kill but not disgrace
  1968. 2485C2485 Is Ning Beixuan here?!
  1969. 2486C2486 Immoveable Bright King Burning Body Sword
  1970. 2487C2487 What bow is this?
  1971. 2488C2488 wind-washing
  1972. 2489C2489 Whose urine stench!?
  1973. 2490C2490 Zhao Tong's Opportunity
  1974. 2491C2491 Destroy Legacy
  1975. 2492C2492 Central Empire Jiang Family
  1976. 2493C2493 'It's him! '
  1977. 2494C2494 Gold Crow Road
  1978. 2495C2495 Where's Ji Tianming?
  1979. 2496C2496 You killed Ji Tianming?
  1980. 2497C2497 Accepting a disciple was equivalent to accepting Ning Beixuan.
  1981. 2498C2498 The sword can cut down everything
  1982. 2499C2499 female confidant
  1983. 2500C2500 remember constant contact
  1984. 2501C2501 Function of the Heavenly Talisman
  1985. 2502C2502 Nine Pictures
  1986. 2503C2503 Advanced Celestial Immortals
  1987. 2504C2504 I got it
  1988. 2505C2505 assigning daoyin apparatus
  1989. 2506C2506 Fake public interests?
  1990. 2507C2507 You seem a little bad
  1991. 2508C2508 Was the streamer an almighty Xuan Immortal?
  1992. 2509C2509 The Wonderful Function of Universal Live Platform
  1993. 2510C2510 Straight to the point
  1994. 2511C2511 Transaction Capabilities
  1995. 2512C2512 Qing Xuan Palace Attendant
  1996. 2513C2513 Jiang Wei
  1997. 2514C2514 Buy Old Devil's Corpse
  1998. 2515C2515 race for time
  1999. 2516C2516 Gambling Post
  2000. 2517C2517 dissuade
  2001. 2518C2518 Phantom Wormwood
  2002. 2519C2519 Qing Xuan Mansion
  2003. 2520C2520 Jiang Wei's arrival
  2004. 2521C2521 one shot
  2005. 2522C2522 Jiang Wei is dead
  2006. 2523C2523 Concurrence of Immortal and Devil
  2007. 2524C2524 Huanfan Dan
  2008. 2525C2525 old ginger
  2009. 2526C2526 mortal old man
  2010. 2527C2527 Old Immortal Emperor
  2011. 2528C2528 cut down grass and root
  2012. 2529C2529 He had once dreamed of walking the world with a sword
  2013. 2530C2530 Same last name
  2014. 2531C2531 When I'm tired, I'll go back to Green Stone Town.
  2015. 2532C2532 Heavenly Sword Zhang Chaozhong
  2016. 2533C2533 Bei Xiao
  2017. 2534C2534 Like I said, I know swordsmanship
  2018. 2535C2535 Missing
  2019. 2536C2536 wind-raising
  2020. 2537C2537 backlight
  2021. 2538C2538 The Heavenly Dao was like a dragon, slaying all living beings …
  2022. 2539C2539 Back?
  2023. 2540C2540 I will protect you for the rest of your life
  2024. 2541C2541 birthday feast
  2025. 2542C2542 bustle
  2026. 2543C2543 sword
  2027. 2544C2544 Call for help
  2028. 2545C2545 white bone
  2029. 2546C2546 Did he kill him?
  2030. 2547C2547 This cup of wine, I offer to you, Bai Guzong
  2031. 2548C2548 He is Ning Beixuan.
  2032. 2549C2549 Everyone, long time no see!
  2033. 2550C2550 Grand Perfection of the Celestial Immortal Realm
  2034. 2551C2551 This kind of fate …
  2035. 2552C2552 Destroy Bai Guzong
  2036. 2553C2553 Heavenly Dao Family's Doggie
  2037. 2554C2554 friendly army
  2038. 2555C2555 divine tomb opening
  2039. 2556C2556 The Heart of the devil ancestor
  2040. 2557C2557 Great Luo on the King's Bull
  2041. 2558C2558 macroblower
  2042. 2559C2559 Sonic attack to the west
  2043. 2560C2560 Immortal Beast
  2044. 2561C2561 Please take a step forward
  2045. 2562C2562 Illusion realm?
  2046. 2563C2563 Old People
  2047. 2564C2564 The Life of an Immortal
  2048. 2565C2565 Black Flag Soldier
  2049. 2566C2566 Are you qualified?
  2050. 2567C2567 a gourd
  2051. 2568C2568 Challenge
  2052. 2569C2569 wager
  2053. 2570C2570 What to do
  2054. 2571C2571 I admit defeat, I surrender
  2055. 2572C2572 You have to go all the way
  2056. 2573C2573 reincarnation formation
  2057. 2574C2574 tailing
  2058. 2575C2575 Feast Day
  2059. 2576C2576 Xuan Xian's Seat
  2060. 2577C2577 'Scared! Scared! '
  2061. 2578C2578 I am lower Langya
  2062. 2579C2579 Dong Yi
  2063. 2580C2580 Ginger
  2064. 2581C2581 The Body of the Great Way
  2065. 2582C2582 Shen Gongxueer
  2066. 2583C2583 point of spear
  2067. 2584C2584 Get lost
  2068. 2585C2585 But people don't like you
  2069. 2586C2586 Dao talisman
  2070. 2587C2587 You're pissing me off
  2071. 2588C2588 Full Moon
  2072. 2589C2589 immortal emperor of the moon
  2073. 2590C2590 I will marry him, but not Jiang You!
  2074. 2591C2591 One Sword Behead the Immortal Emperor
  2075. 2592C2592 Bullshit Jiang Family
  2076. 2593C2593 Farewell by destiny
  2077. 2594C2594 It's burning me to death!
  2078. 2595C2595 My name is Baby
  2079. 2596C2596 Should I know?
  2080. 2597C2597 ten thousand worlds reincarnation cycle
  2081. 2598C2598 Away
  2082. 2599C2599 I will kill as many as I can!
  2083. 2600C2600 Was this a coincidence?
  2084. 2601C2601 Immortals' Prison will not live past the year
  2085. 2602C2602 Betrayal
  2086. 2603C2603 Heavenly Demon!
  2087. 2604C2604 Missing
  2088. 2605C2605 It's better if you don't say anything
  2089. 2606C2606 resurgence of the Sea Dragon
  2090. 2607C2607 joyous laughter
  2091. 2608C2608 Which one of you still wants to kill me?
  2092. 2609C2609 I'm not kidding
  2093. 2610C2610 Better than me dying
  2094. 2611C2611 Fantasy Neptune
  2095. 2612C2612 Immortals' Stone
  2096. 2613C2613 Cough, pooh!
  2097. 2614C2614 exposed foot
  2098. 2615C2615 The clue to the devil ancestor's Heart.
  2099. 2616C2616 Return to Mount Innerheart
  2100. 2617C2617 Things are different from people
  2101. 2618C2618 ambition
  2102. 2619C2619 Fear
  2103. 2620C2620 Ancestor mercy
  2104. 2621C2621 Ancient Eunuch
  2105. 2622C2622 Reentering the Celestial domain of the ancient heaven
  2106. 2623C2623 Hostess
  2107. 2624C2624 You are too inexperienced
  2108. 2625C2625 toad
  2109. 2626C2626 blood washing
  2110. 2627C2627 expert style
  2111. 2628C2628 Toad Holy City
  2112. 2629C2629 seduction
  2113. 2630C2630 'Of course not! '
  2114. 2631C2631 Stockholm
  2115. 2632C2632 Let you live a life of wealth and prosperity
  2116. 2633C2633 Nanyue
  2117. 2634C2634 Ancestral Profound Sword Sect Wu Yin
  2118. 2635C2635 Xiang Yue
  2119. 2636C2636 Mo Qingcheng
  2120. 2637C2637 Eh, it's you?
  2121. 2638C2638 and also met Jiang Kun.
  2122. 2639C2639 body-tempering technique
  2123. 2640C2640 Either death or disability
  2124. 2641C2641 Aurora bloody hand
  2125. 2642C2642 Message
  2126. 2643C2643 Nanyue City
  2127. 2644C2644 Xiang Yue's backer
  2128. 2645C2645 Politeness
  2129. 2646C2646 Qing Xuan Palace Li Bingxian
  2130. 2647C2647 join in the fun
  2131. 2648C2648 meeting
  2132. 2649C2649 psychological shadow
  2133. 2650C2650 hidden danger
  2134. 2651C2651 The Holy Land of the Jiang Family
  2135. 2652C2652 Jiang Hao
  2136. 2653C2653 double ginger combination
  2137. 2654C2654 Shinro Realm
  2138. 2655C2655 Advanced Tasks Completed
  2139. 2656C2656 Forcing
  2140. 2657C2657 Beheading Two Big Rivers in a Continuous Way
  2141. 2658C2658 New Sect Master
  2142. 2659C2659 tribulation cloud
  2143. 2660C2660 immortal bone tribulation
  2144. 2661C2661 lightning tribulation
  2145. 2662C2662 omnidirectional movement
  2146. 2663C2663 A little pain
  2147. 2664C2664 Dragon Head!
  2148. 2665C2665 One after another
  2149. 2666C2666 Thirteen Tribulations of the Immortal Bone
  2150. 2667C2667 Advanced
  2151. 2668C2668 block the door
  2152. 2669C2669 The gourd in medicine
  2153. 2670C2670 Cheap Attack
  2154. 2671C2671 Wu Zhixin
  2155. 2672C2672 Monarch Peak
  2156. 2673C2673 reincarnation
  2157. 2674C2674 Do not forget the first heart
  2158. 2675C2675 anophthalmia
  2159. 2676C2676 Don't go, don't move
  2160. 2677C2677 I know who you are
  2161. 2678C2678 'Little Mother! '
  2162. 2679C2679 I'm staying here now
  2163. 2680C2680 A sword can also reason
  2164. 2681C2681 Bureau
  2165. 2682C2682 lost old man
  2166. 2683C2683 apostrophe
  2167. 2684C2684 Nearby Limestone Town
  2168. 2685C2685 mantis and cicada
  2169. 2686C2686 Yellow Sparrow Behind
  2170. 2687C2687 Who let you go?
  2171. 2688C2688 When I say 'fair', I mean 'fair'.
  2172. 2689C2689 South Star
  2173. 2690C2690 Xuanyuan Zhongtian
  2174. 2691C2691 avarice
  2175. 2692C2692 Dao Yuan Dan
  2176. 2693C2693 Thank you for your cooperation
  2177. 2694C2694 Ascension
  2178. 2695C2695 Ancient Dragon of Absolute Beginning
  2179. 2696C2696 Blue Mercury
  2180. 2697C2697 South China Sea Dragon City
  2181. 2698C2698 lake-heart island
  2182. 2699C2699 Why aren't you coming in?
  2183. 2700C2700 Steward Lin
  2184. 2701C2701 You killed my immortal pet?
  2185. 2702C2702 Reversing Black and White
  2186. 2703C2703 beheading
  2187. 2704C2704 four great taiyi
  2188. 2705C2705 compression axis
  2189. 2706C2706 5 million
  2190. 2707C2707 [2707 7]. Pocket
  2191. 2708C2708 Five-Color Sword
  2192. 2709C2709 Mo's puppets
  2193. 2710C2710 Three Flying Swords
  2194. 2711C2711 Poverty limit my imagination
  2195. 2712C2712 There was indeed a spirit …
  2196. 2713C2713 The true Immortal Slaying Sword Formation
  2197. 2714C2714 benign circulation
  2198. 2715C2715 Broken Immortal Monarch Token
  2199. 2716C2716 That fellow in Blue Mercury …
  2200. 2717C2717 1.1 billion
  2201. 2718C2718 He disappeared?
  2202. 2719C2719 Who are you going to kill?
  2203. 2720C2720 Exposure
  2204. 2721C2721 Struggle
  2205. 2722C2722 Ten Years
  2206. 2723C2723 Threat
  2207. 2724C2724 torture
  2208. 2725C2725 Ling-Eating Gu
  2209. 2726C2726 I want to drink tea
  2210. 2727C2727 Where was he?
  2211. 2728C2728 He's gone
  2212. 2729C2729 Give me an explanation
  2213. 2730C2730 Questioning
  2214. 2731C2731 Losses are heavy
  2215. 2732C2732 Golden Immortal Grand Perfection
  2216. 2733C2733 Do you think this sovereign looks like a beggar?
  2217. 2734C2734 hand haulage
  2218. 2735C2735 Fury
  2219. 2736C2736 Host is in combat
  2220. 2737C2737 Believe it or not, it's up to you
  2221. 2738C2738 Jianghu Vengeance
  2222. 2739C2739 The three style remains
  2223. 2740C2740 Martial Uncle Ning
  2224. 2741C2741 Sending Brother Ning away …
  2225. 2742C2742 Bold ideas
  2226. 2743C2743 Mo family mechanism
  2227. 2744C2744 dead ground
  2228. 2745C2745 old age
  2229. 2746C2746 World War
  2230. 2747C2747 Hengshan Pirates
  2231. 2748C2748 Yin Spirit Record
  2232. 2749C2749 soul-strengthening body
  2233. 2750C2750 pig farm
  2234. 2751C2751 Dugu Yun'er
  2235. 2752C2752 Trichophyton yunnanensis
  2236. 2753C2753 The enmity of the Dugu Family
  2237. 2754C2754 palm-strike
  2238. 2755C2755 duel
  2239. 2756C2756 Who are you?!
  2240. 2757C2757 Ghost sect
  2241. 2758C2758 shock change
  2242. 2759C2759 cryptology
  2243. 2760C2760 invulnerability
  2244. 2761C2761 supernatural method
  2245. 2762C2762 Answer the wrong question, die!
  2246. 2763C2763 seeing through
  2247. 2764C2764 Soul Extinguishing Crossbow
  2248. 2765C2765 Be sensible
  2249. 2766C2766 Soul Taste
  2250. 2767C2767 Lead the way
  2251. 2768C2768 Cheyenne
  2252. 2769C2769 Underworld
  2253. 2770C2770 Yan Zhibei's Opportunity
  2254. 2771C2771 Phantom King of Fengdu
  2255. 2772C2772 The reason of seeing blood
  2256. 2773C2773 Ghost King
  2257. 2774C2774 You are all on the verge of death
  2258. 2775C2775 50,000 merit points
  2259. 2776C2776 Ruthlessness and decisiveness
  2260. 2777C2777 Come with us
  2261. 2778C2778 'Let me die once more! '
  2262. 2779C2779 Flying Dragon
  2263. 2780C2780 How could he forget the truth?
  2264. 2781C2781 Rebirth Hall Patriarch
  2265. 2782C2782 You are an Ancient Immortal!?
  2266. 2783C2783 Jiang Tian Tree
  2267. 2784C2784 King Qinguang
  2268. 2785C2785 lower sheath
  2269. 2786C2786 Epic Tier Overkill
  2270. 2787C2787 rich flow of oil
  2271. 2788C2788 Blame me?
  2272. 2789C2789 netherriver crystal
  2273. 2790C2790 You two are enough!
  2274. 2791C2791 Mysterious Sword Grandmaster?
  2275. 2792C2792 Trials on
  2276. 2793C2793 Town
  2277. 2794C2794 Situation
  2278. 2795C2795 In fact
  2279. 2796C2796 Practice Mo Family Mechanical Arts
  2280. 2797C2797 test
  2281. 2798C2798 repair engineering
  2282. 2799C2799 I give you your name, Ning Yi.
  2283. 2800C2800 kill to death
  2284. 2801C2801 Heavenly Dao Family's Trial Monument
  2285. 2802C2802 Resentment
  2286. 2803C2803 Better talk than nothing
  2287. 2804C2804 decisiveness
  2288. 2805C2805 Emotional species
  2289. 2806C2806 twelve tribulations of Immortal bones
  2290. 2807C2807 Mubai
  2291. 2808C2808 demonophobia
  2292. 2809C2809 The Immortal Execution Sword Formation, stand!
  2293. 2810C2810 Defenses of Immortal Sword
  2294. 2811C2811 End
  2295. 2812C2812 Xiuxin River
  2296. 2813C2813 Rippling Wind and Wave
  2297. 2814C2814 Dao Guo Mystic Realm
  2298. 2815C2815 Dao Talisman Secret Realm
  2299. 2816C2816 Dao Protecting Fruit
  2300. 2817C2817 githine
  2301. 2818C2818 You have no right to speak to me
  2302. 2819C2819 self-righteousness and boldness
  2303. 2820C2820 Ji Wangu
  2304. 2821C2821 escape
  2305. 2822C2822 Old acquaintances
  2306. 2823C2823 Kill Lu Shufan
  2307. 2824C2824 Trade in small gourds
  2308. 2825C2825 [What a coincidence!]
  2309. 2826C2826 It is you who are going to die
  2310. 2827C2827 Do you have Dao Protecting Fruits?
  2311. 2828C2828 return horse gun
  2312. 2829C2829 consider clearly
  2313. 2830C2830 I want them all!
  2314. 2831C2831 What if I don't leave?
  2315. 2832C2832 godly essence
  2316. 2833C2833 Meng Qi
  2317. 2834C2834 Pick-up
  2318. 2835C2835 stupefied
  2319. 2836C2836 Shen-shen Mountain
  2320. 2837C2837 Life is too hard for divination
  2321. 2838C2838 disillusion
  2322. 2839C2839 immortal tree shadow
  2323. 2840C2840 Stop
  2324. 2841C2841 Advanced Dullae
  2325. 2842C2842 Either submit or die!
  2326. 2843C2843 mummified cadaver
  2327. 2844C2844 Saber slaying an Immortal Lord!
  2328. 2845C2845 Immortal Emperor Back
  2329. 2846C2846 The Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets
  2330. 2847C2847 middle finger
  2331. 2848C2848 I will wait for you on the ninth step
  2332. 2849C2849 White Emperor Ascension
  2333. 2850C2850 Identification of the air
  2334. 2851C2851 pneumophobia
  2335. 2852C2852 The look of helplessness
  2336. 2853C2853 Ji Family Paradise
  2337. 2854C2854 Ji Shengyuan
  2338. 2855C2855 If there is betrayal, then it is the enmity of the heavens
  2339. 2856C2856 Holy Dragon Society
  2340. 2857C2857 Is it him?
  2341. 2858C2858 Secret Realm
  2342. 2859C2859 Vermillion Bird Catalog
  2343. 2860C2860 Four Spiritual Sacred Techniques
  2344. 2861C2861 Four Saints
  2345. 2862C2862 Grand Perfection of the Xuan Immortal
  2346. 2863C2863 Unlucky
  2347. 2864C2864 Profound Nether Academy
  2348. 2865C2865 On the Southern Courtyard planet, they had arrived.
  2349. 2866C2866 Jiang Churan
  2350. 2867C2867 I heard you were coming to save someone?
  2351. 2868C2868 I am his boss
  2352. 2869C2869 The third slash, beheading Tai Yi!
  2353. 2870C2870 Ji Yue
  2354. 2871C2871 Did he have the ability to do so?
  2355. 2872C2872 Keep it for New Year's?
  2356. 2873C2873 Ancestral Star, Ning Beixuan
  2357. 2874C2874 I submit
  2358. 2875C2875 Consecutive seclusion
  2359. 2876C2876 I didn't mean to do it
  2360. 2877C2877 Coincidence?
  2361. 2878C2878 a good-for-nothing son
  2362. 2879C2879 You go on the road first
  2363. 2880C2880 Advanced Tasks
  2364. 2881C2881 wall with ear
  2365. 2882C2882 Tomb of the Great Sage
  2366. 2883C2883 mutation
  2367. 2884C2884 Nine Clans Arrived
  2368. 2885C2885 domineering
  2369. 2886C2886 A fight?
  2370. 2887C2887 one against one against one hundred
  2371. 2888C2888 In Lower Canopy
  2372. 2889C2889 Dao talisman inheritance
  2373. 2890C2890 This inheritance is not yours …
  2374. 2891C2891 quaternization
  2375. 2892C2892 Not the canopy
  2376. 2893C2893 Inheritance
  2377. 2894C2894 Tianshu
  2378. 2895C2895 Immortal Traitor
  2379. 2896C2896 Quentin's Great World
  2380. 2897C2897 captive
  2381. 2898C2898 Iron City
  2382. 2899C2899 It was as big as a fake mountain
  2383. 2900C2900 seclusion
  2384. 2901C2901 Duo Lan more
  2385. 2902C2902 Surrounding Cloud City
  2386. 2903C2903 Ants
  2387. 2904C2904 cacophony
  2388. 2905C2905 Inheritance
  2389. 2906C2906 Advanced Tasks Completed
  2390. 2907C2907 Sword Slash of the Starry Sky
  2391. 2908C2908 Preparations
  2392. 2909C2909 Taiyi Immortal Tribulation
  2393. 2910C2910 Wu Li Xing
  2394. 2911C2911 disaster comes from the mouth
  2395. 2912C2912 speak well
  2396. 2913C2913 big fish eating small fish
  2397. 2914C2914 Quentin's Great World
  2398. 2915C2915 Quentin's stone
  2399. 2916C2916 captive culture
  2400. 2917C2917 I am their captive
  2401. 2918C2918 Meeting of the higher-ups of the Ghost Dragon Company
  2402. 2919C2919 simultaneous firing of thousands of cannons
  2403. 2920C2920 Pick Up
  2404. 2921C2921 Presbyterian Society
  2405. 2922C2922 Chu Budi
  2406. 2923C2923 Master, you're awake?
  2407. 2924C2924 Gift Name, Wu Kong
  2408. 2925C2925 Away
  2409. 2926C2926 Cultivation without Time
  2410. 2927C2927 Sixth Floor of the Nine Hells Hammering Technique
  2411. 2928C2928 Changes in the Central Continent
  2412. 2929C2929 Am I dead?
  2413. 2930C2930 Misunderstanding
  2414. 2931C2931 New Qin Tang
  2415. 2932C2932 You should also kneel down
  2416. 2933C2933 Divine General Ouyang
  2417. 2934C2934 Emperor Ning
  2418. 2935C2935 Long time no see
  2419. 2936C2936 atonement
  2420. 2937C2937 despair
  2421. 2938C2938 'This monkey is so cute! '
  2422. 2939C2939 House of Destiny
  2423. 2940C2940 North Black Dragon-slaying Bullet
  2424. 2941C2941 mutation
  2425. 2942C2942 Return to the Celestial Realm
  2426. 2943C2943 siege
  2427. 2944C2944 Perpetrators
  2428. 2945C2945 Homicide by Losers
  2429. 2946C2946 Wuyou Mansion
  2430. 2947C2947 Do I sell it?
  2431. 2948C2948 live explosion
  2432. 2949C2949 Junior, you recognize me?
  2433. 2950C2950 Old People
  2434. 2951C2951 Heavenly Dao Immortal Battle
  2435. 2952C2952 Why don't you give it a try?
  2436. 2953C2953 decapitation
  2437. 2954C2954 Don't hit me!
  2438. 2955C2955 Senior, I am a bit of a piss anxious
  2439. 2956C2956 sitting wait
  2440. 2957C2957 Excuse me
  2441. 2958C2958 You're lying to me
  2442. 2959C2959 Cohort farmer Luo Hanguo
  2443. 2960C2960 Artemisia annuata L.
  2444. 2961C2961 Boil
  2445. 2962C2962 Just who are you!
  2446. 2963C2963 Do you even have any shame?
  2447. 2964C2964 enchantment
  2448. 2965C2965 Step 3
  2449. 2966C2966 Immortal Calamity Falling
  2450. 2967C2967 Dao Seeking
  2451. 2968C2968 strenuous support
  2452. 2969C2969 Master Bai, Master Black
  2453. 2970C2970 Super Saiyan?
  2454. 2971C2971 Stop hitting me
  2455. 2972C2972 five-fingered mountain
  2456. 2973C2973 Transactions
  2457. 2974C2974 suppressive killing
  2458. 2975C2975 Remember?
  2459. 2976C2976 anosmia
  2460. 2977C2977 Find People
  2461. 2978C2978 shock
  2462. 2979C2979 Go
  2463. 2980C2980 turbid water
  2464. 2981C2981 Sky Demon Lord
  2465. 2982C2982 Luo Xianxing
  2466. 2983C2983 false depression
  2467. 2984C2984 head blow
  2468. 2985C2985 Don't forget who you are
  2469. 2986C2986 recovery of consciousness
  2470. 2987C2987 Blind eyes do not recognize the ape-man
  2471. 2988C2988 Floating Star
  2472. 2989C2989 Demon Emperor of Hanbei
  2473. 2990C2990 comeback
  2474. 2991C2991 Time flies
  2475. 2992C2992 Forbidden Area
  2476. 2993C2993 mutation
  2477. 2994C2994 awakening
  2478. 2995C2995 delay time
  2479. 2996C2996 divine grace Academy
  2480. 2997C2997 octo
  2481. 2998C2998 semi-divine
  2482. 2999C2999 Goodbye to Jiang You
  2483. 3000C3000 His way of doing things is to do things to his own body. "
  2484. 3001C3001 My fist is bigger than yours
  2485. 3002C3002 Down
  2486. 3003C3003 Situation in the Immortal World
  2487. 3004C3004 cry for help
  2488. 3005C3005 Peach Blossom Star
  2489. 3006C3006 backhand punch
  2490. 3007C3007 Demonic Lord of the Soul, Pawn.
  2491. 3008C3008 Immortal Senior
  2492. 3009C3009 rebirth
  2493. 3010C3010 war fire
  2494. 3011C3011 negative perturbation of yin and yang
  2495. 3012C3012 son of the blood god
  2496. 3013C3013 I'm your father
  2497. 3014C3014 Nihility Immortal Palace
  2498. 3015C3015 Chang E Run to the Moon
  2499. 3016C3016 Devilblood Dragons
  2500. 3017C3017 Are you an Immortal or a Devil!?
  2501. 3018C3018 Coincidence?
  2502. 3019C3019 I send my benefactor to rebirth
  2503. 3020C3020 Next, burning lamp
  2504. 3021C3021 failure
  2505. 3022C3022 Heavenly Source Stone
  2506. 3023C3023 The situation is not optimistic
  2507. 3024C3024 possession
  2508. 3025C3025 Several hundred thousand juniors …
  2509. 3026C3026 Heartbreak
  2510. 3027C3027 Difficult to be at ease
  2511. 3028C3028 Unfriendly approach
  2512. 3029C3029 Cats and dogs
  2513. 3030C3030 thick burial
  2514. 3031C3031 Deduction of the Second Stage of the Sacred Art of Four Spirits
  2515. 3032C3032 The Great Circle of Taiyi True Immortal
  2516. 3033C3033 White Emperor City
  2517. 3034C3034 Sin Wearing Body
  2518. 3035C3035 Until you say so
  2519. 3036C3036 Ancestor, save me!
  2520. 3037C3037 alive capture
  2521. 3038C3038 I'm afraid that this person is not an immortal king!?
  2522. 3039C3039 frightened urine
  2523. 3040C3040 Rulers
  2524. 3041C3041 insanity
  2525. 3042C3042 Mo Clan
  2526. 3043C3043 Mo Clan Gathering
  2527. 3044C3044 Let's fight first
  2528. 3045C3045 uninteresting
  2529. 3046C3046 maidservant
  2530. 3047C3047 Transformation of Immortal Monarch Token
  2531. 3048C3048 loot
  2532. 3049C3049 Reminder
  2533. 3050C3050 Beat people along the net
  2534. 3051C3051 Killed with a Keyboard
  2535. 3052C3052 entraining monarch into urn
  2536. 3053C3053 upper hook
  2537. 3054C3054 Lord Dragon-Riding Immortal
  2538. 3055C3055 Three year period
  2539. 3056C3056 Third level of eight nine profound arts
  2540. 3057C3057 The attitude of the old man in green
  2541. 3058C3058 Accompanying
  2542. 3059C3059 Where to go
  2543. 3060C3060 Bad situation
  2544. 3061C3061 XIII Battlefield
  2545. 3062C3062 Unwelcome
  2546. 3063C3063 nonpassing secret
  2547. 3064C3064 Mortal Song
  2548. 3065C3065 The Demon Lord had arrived!
  2549. 3066C3066 Lucifer's Morning Star
  2550. 3067C3067 The situation in the Northern Wasteland
  2551. 3068C3068 What's your name?
  2552. 3069C3069 Wait a minute
  2553. 3070C3070 broken wing angel
  2554. 3071C3071 Retreat
  2555. 3072C3072 End of fight
  2556. 3073C3073 The Demon Emperor set off
  2557. 3074C3074 Jumping clown
  2558. 3075C3075 'It turned out to be her! '
  2559. 3076C3076 Asura Star
  2560. 3077C3077 Dugu Yunyue
  2561. 3078C3078 most intense toxicity
  2562. 3079C3079 self-severed arm
  2563. 3080C3080 scolding
  2564. 3081C3081 The Immortal King made his move
  2565. 3082C3082 Fist
  2566. 3083C3083 Anxious King Gesun
  2567. 3084C3084 The fish took the bait
  2568. 3085C3085 Protocosmic spirit-treasure!
  2569. 3086C3086 Slogans
  2570. 3087C3087 The Demon Emperor of Hanbei had come
  2571. 3088C3088 Baby, please turn around
  2572. 3089C3089 Ninety Jars of Mortal Songs
  2573. 3090C3090 Old Monarch Inheritance
  2574. 3091C3091 Gu Gu Dan
  2575. 3092C3092 Chi You
  2576. 3093C3093 Martial Uncle Ning?
  2577. 3094C3094 The original seed
  2578. 3095C3095 Flame Mountain
  2579. 3096C3096 heteromotor
  2580. 3097C3097 mountainside
  2581. 3098C3098 The Spirit of the Secret Realm Fire Qilin
  2582. 3099C3099 No hostility
  2583. 3100C3100 Seventh floor of the Nine Hells Hammering Technique
  2584. 3101C3101 Nine Devils
  2585. 3102C3102 Ancestral Star as One
  2586. 3103C3103 Rescue
  2587. 3104C3104 Flowing Cloud Demon Emperor
  2588. 3105C3105 Mitigating the situation
  2589. 3106C3106 probing
  2590. 3107C3107 Millions of Demons
  2591. 3108C3108 delaying stratagem
  2592. 3109C3109 undernesting
  2593. 3110C3110 deadlock
  2594. 3111C3111 Now, leave it to me
  2595. 3112C3112 Devil Slayer with Sword Formation
  2596. 3113C3113 come and go
  2597. 3114C3114 But I am a demon?
  2598. 3115C3115 Five years later
  2599. 3116C3116 Langya is here
  2600. 3117C3117 Stupid
  2601. 3118C3118 Execution
  2602. 3119C3119 Head Down
  2603. 3120C3120 captive
  2604. 3121C3121 Advanced Tasks Completed
  2605. 3122C3122 Threat
  2606. 3123C3123 symbiosis
  2607. 3124C3124 Devil Immortal Domain made a trip
  2608. 3125C3125 What was this ugly thing?
  2609. 3126C3126 Fire Kylin Appearance
  2610. 3127C3127 Rest assured
  2611. 3128C3128 mental shock
  2612. 3129C3129 'This woman is probably crazy! '
  2613. 3130C3130 Suspect
  2614. 3131C3131 Hunter or prey
  2615. 3132C3132 Search
  2616. 3133C3133 Shinro Secret Realm
  2617. 3134C3134 essence of heavenly fire
  2618. 3135C3135 Saint De Dynasty
  2619. 3136C3136 Zu You Courtyard
  2620. 3137C3137 You shut up for the moment
  2621. 3138C3138 There are no more Jiang Sheng Zong in the world
  2622. 3139C3139 Shen Yong Hou Wang Chao
  2623. 3140C3140 King of Nether
  2624. 3141C3141 To the Refinement of the Soul Devil Sect.
  2625. 3142C3142 Shinro
  2626. 3143C3143 Gai Donghuang
  2627. 3144C3144 The Soul of Wang Xue
  2628. 3145C3145 You like to laugh
  2629. 3146C3146 ambush
  2630. 3147C3147 Death from talking too much
  2631. 3148C3148 If you don't like to laugh, go die
  2632. 3149C3149 Bloody Cleaning
  2633. 3150C3150 Capital
  2634. 3151C3151 Duke of the Cauldron Kingdom
  2635. 3152C3152 Great Desolate King
  2636. 3153C3153 Visiting friends
  2637. 3154C3154 Do you know me?
  2638. 3155C3155 interposed hand
  2639. 3156C3156 Ruthlessness
  2640. 3157C3157 hundred officials impeachment
  2641. 3158C3158 Human Hope
  2642. 3159C3159 Holy Art of Prison Dragon and Elephant
  2643. 3160C3160 Pilgrimage
  2644. 3161C3161 'Disgusted! '
  2645. 3162C3162 I don't believe it
  2646. 3163C3163 Swallowing Light!
  2647. 3164C3164 contest
  2648. 3165C3165 The arrival of the demi-humans
  2649. 3166C3166 Valkyrie
  2650. 3167C3167 Saint
  2651. 3168C3168 Deducing the Third Heavenly Layer of the Four Spiritual Saint Techniques.
  2652. 3169C3169 Emperor of the Body
  2653. 3170C3170 serving left and right
  2654. 3171C3171 Taurus's Movement
  2655. 3172C3172 both
  2656. 3173C3173 Betting
  2657. 3174C3174 It was better to be the first to strike
  2658. 3175C3175 Cocktail
  2659. 3176C3176 Star Soul Stone
  2660. 3177C3177 Lin You
  2661. 3178C3178 Spiritual Treasure Master
  2662. 3179C3179 Arriving at yellow bell tribe
  2663. 3180C3180 deliver yourself to my door
  2664. 3181C3181 Madman?
  2665. 3182C3182 flame god column
  2666. 3183C3183 "Humans, you can no longer kneel!"
  2667. 3184C3184 Innocent
  2668. 3185C3185 Hanshan Tribe
  2669. 3186C3186 dragon chart
  2670. 3187C3187 Immortal Palace
  2671. 3188C3188 Five billion Club
  2672. 3189C3189 Invalid
  2673. 3190C3190 Imperial Puppet
  2674. 3191C3191 Old bird
  2675. 3192C3192 Both sides suffer losses and both sides suffer losses at the same time. "
  2676. 3193C3193 Twelve Emperor Realm Puppets
  2677. 3194C3194 Astral Souls
  2678. 3195C3195 Dao Realm golem
  2679. 3196C3196 dark tide
  2680. 3197C3197 Same name?
  2681. 3198C3198 escape from guilt
  2682. 3199C3199 Jiang Bu Xu
  2683. 3200C3200 Ghastly Shadow
  2684. 3201C3201 Transactions
  2685. 3202C3202 Saint A
  2686. 3203C3203 I do not intend to forgive you
  2687. 3204C3204 Informant villain
  2688. 3205C3205 bronze box
  2689. 3206C3206 Fifty Astral Souls
  2690. 3207C3207 Where are the heads of the Great Desolate King?
  2691. 3208C3208 Tassel
  2692. 3209C3209 take a detour
  2693. 3210C3210 Come and get it
  2694. 3211C3211 Don't kill me, I have something to say!
  2695. 3212C3212 Cunninghamia lanceolata
  2696. 3213C3213 Spider Man
  2697. 3214C3214 Buy money
  2698. 3215C3215 Jian Xuanji
  2699. 3216C3216 You have to be polite when you speak
  2700. 3217C3217 preponderance
  2701. 3218C3218 provocation
  2702. 3219C3219 I'll let you go first
  2703. 3220C3220 'This child is really unfathomable! '
  2704. 3221C3221 Puppeteer
  2705. 3222C3222 Nuwa
  2706. 3223C3223 Cold Immortal Worshiper
  2707. 3224C3224 You want face?
  2708. 3225C3225 Gambling God Ning Beixuan
  2709. 3226C3226 Who would come and die first?
  2710. 3227C3227 blood-needling showing its might
  2711. 3228C3228 rolling
  2712. 3229C3229 astragalus Thunder Ball
  2713. 3230C3230 Humans versus Dragons
  2714. 3231C3231 Eastern Emperor Bell
  2715. 3232C3232 is mine
  2716. 3233C3233 Just kill him
  2717. 3234C3234 Temple of Martialism
  2718. 3235C3235 Golden Crow Demon Lord
  2719. 3236C3236 Gerbils
  2720. 3237C3237 Three hundred and thirty Astral Souls
  2721. 3238C3238 late Dao Seeking Puppet
  2722. 3239C3239 Immortal Palace Indestructible, Immortal Soul Indestructible
  2723. 3240C3240 half-way intercept
  2724. 3241C3241 Dragon Commandments
  2725. 3242C3242 What was there to fear?
  2726. 3243C3243 I won't listen
  2727. 3244C3244 anastomosis
  2728. 3245C3245 great army pressure
  2729. 3246C3246 Sent here to die
  2730. 3247C3247 Do you regret it?
  2731. 3248C3248 Surrender
  2732. 3249C3249 Cracks in the Immortal Palace
  2733. 3250C3250 My loss is unjustified
  2734. 3251C3251 reincarnation fire
  2735. 3252C3252 Five years
  2736. 3253C3253 Prison Imperium Palace
  2737. 3254C3254 Cultivation base skyrocketing
  2738. 3255C3255 Dao Seeking Initial Stage
  2739. 3256C3256 Resentment
  2740. 3257C3257 Return to the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets
  2741. 3258C3258 frightened urination
  2742. 3259C3259 Tadpole, find mother
  2743. 3260C3260 Turtle
  2744. 3261C3261 You can't kill me
  2745. 3262C3262 Soul Assembling Card
  2746. 3263C3263 Situation in the Immortal World
  2747. 3264C3264 Don't know what's good for you
  2748. 3265C3265 watching the beating
  2749. 3266C3266 Fierce Ghost Demon Lord
  2750. 3267C3267 I have my way
  2751. 3268C3268 Wait and see
  2752. 3269C3269 Karmic Destiny Reincarnation
  2753. 3270C3270 [3,270]. Bodhi seed
  2754. 3271C3271 Live well
  2755. 3272C3272 Confusion between teacher and apprentice
  2756. 3273C3273 Strategic withdrawal
  2757. 3274C3274 revisit
  2758. 3275C3275 Ci Hang Zong
  2759. 3276C3276 Daoist Master Yan
  2760. 3277C3277 What cultivation level was this?
  2761. 3278C3278 apneic death
  2762. 3279C3279 Ning Ru Lai
  2763. 3280C3280 Ji Fei cried for help
  2764. 3281C3281 Brother Wu, receive the knife
  2765. 3282C3282 Erlang had revealed his identity as the Saint Lord!
  2766. 3283C3283 Ancient Concealment
  2767. 3284C3284 colonization
  2768. 3285C3285 Skyblade Base
  2769. 3286C3286 cues
  2770. 3287C3287 Heavenly Court
  2771. 3288C3288 How dare he disrespect Tathagata!?
  2772. 3289C3289 moon mountain
  2773. 3290C3290 Come to the door
  2774. 3291C3291 vulnerable to a single blow
  2775. 3292C3292 palmar mouth for one year
  2776. 3293C3293 Door in the Fog
  2777. 3294C3294 True or false Erlang
  2778. 3295C3295 It's time to end this farce
  2779. 3296C3296 The younger generation he immediately
  2780. 3297C3297 Owner of Black Palm
  2781. 3298C3298 devil ancestor
  2782. 3299C3299 Suppressing
  2783. 3300C3300 reverse absorption
  2784. 3301C3301 Punctuation doesn't believe
  2785. 3302C3302 Broken Star
  2786. 3303C3303 Do you know your wrongs
  2787. 3304C3304 adaxial rigidity
  2788. 3305C3305 return journey
  2789. 3306C3306 decoy
  2790. 3307C3307 Kobayashi lamp
  2791. 3308C3308 return to ancestral star
  2792. 3309C3309 Devil Buddha Axe
  2793. 3310C3310 Kneel
  2794. 3311C3311 Tooth for tooth
  2795. 3312C3312 Returning to the Divine Luo Mystic Realm
  2796. 3313C3313 What does it have to do with you
  2797. 3314C3314 accidental harvest
  2798. 3315C3315 tribulation experience
  2799. 3316C3316 The lightning tribulation is approaching
  2800. 3317C3317 divine tribulation
  2801. 3318C3318 Shinro
  2802. 3319C3319 He was allowed to cross tribulation!
  2803. 3320C3320 Failure to transcend tribulation
  2804. 3321C3321 Lowland of the Shinro Realm
  2805. 3322C3322 vast wealth
  2806. 3323C3323 Black Square
  2807. 3324C3324 Master Anlei
  2808. 3325C3325 The Way of Wealth
  2809. 3326C3326 Most Holy Parliament
  2810. 3327C3327 Trap
  2811. 3328C3328 Corrosive giant crocodile
  2812. 3329C3329 are pointed out
  2813. 3330C3330 Void Worm
  2814. 3331C3331 Message from the Purified Spirit Flower
  2815. 3332C3332 Have you ever experienced despair?
  2816. 3333C3333 blood-mate mask
  2817. 3334C3334 extermination team
  2818. 3335C3335 Shattered Fist Immortal Palace
  2819. 3336C3336 esoteric language
  2820. 3337C3337 Dragon Soul
  2821. 3338C3338 Gentianae
  2822. 3339C3339 dark monk
  2823. 3340C3340 Gap
  2824. 3341C3341 Tide Island
  2825. 3342C3342 One Chance
  2826. 3343C3343 hammering
  2827. 3344C3344 Billions of Clubs
  2828. 3345C3345 Mountain and River Monolith
  2829. 3346C3346 Devil Lord Shanhe
  2830. 3347C3347 Departure Heaven Realm Mountain
  2831. 3348C3348 Your suggestion is a good one
  2832. 3349C3349 Today, don't leave …
  2833. 3350C3350 The power of the mountain and river monolith
  2834. 3351C3351 fight over the Chinese honeysuckle fruit
  2835. 3352C3352 Qiu Changsheng, who was flustered and exasperated
  2836. 3353C3353 Get out of the way of the idle
  2837. 3354C3354 Reward
  2838. 3355C3355 smiley mask
  2839. 3356C3356 peeling flower
  2840. 3357C3357 Dragon-rider
  2841. 3358C3358 Lead the way
  2842. 3359C3359 Calculate
  2843. 3360C3360 entomophore
  2844. 3361C3361 Terror Existence
  2845. 3362C3362 I will take this child with me
  2846. 3363C3363 Citrus Titanicum
  2847. 3364C3364 ferryman
  2848. 3365C3365 System Advanced Tasks
  2849. 3366C3366 A dog barks
  2850. 3367C3367 hat-trick
  2851. 3368C3368 search and capture
  2852. 3369C3369 human evaporation
  2853. 3370C3370 Chao Feng Fang Cheng
  2854. 3371C3371 high-priced
  2855. 3372C3372 Bidding at a high price
  2856. 3373C3373 Old Banyan
  2857. 3374C3374 I am Jiang You
  2858. 3375C3375 complete purification
  2859. 3376C3376 Meet up
  2860. 3377C3377 Gestational Ghost Pill
  2861. 3378C3378 Peer
  2862. 3379C3379 Yin-Yang Pirates
  2863. 3380C3380 Phoenixide
  2864. 3381C3381 causal cause
  2865. 3382C3382 three moves
  2866. 3383C3383 Corpse Language Market
  2867. 3384C3384 Corpse Elegance
  2868. 3385C3385 You can try
  2869. 3386C3386 A Heaven's Pride of the Jiang Clan?
  2870. 3387C3387 Toad
  2871. 3388C3388 Dragon's Pool and Tiger's Acupoints
  2872. 3389C3389 Dark Council
  2873. 3390C3390 Master True Spirit
  2874. 3391C3391 flesh training camp
  2875. 3392C3392 annual
  2876. 3393C3393 universal explosion
  2877. 3394C3394 Early graduation
  2878. 3395C3395 I have money
  2879. 3396C3396 Kindling
  2880. 3397C3397 Nangong Yuanqing
  2881. 3398C3398 double-edged sword
  2882. 3399C3399 Departure Headquarters
  2883. 3400C3400 Phaseless executioner
  2884. 3401C3401 Arrival
  2885. 3402C3402 Heavenly Source Stone Trading Market
  2886. 3403C3403 Tianyuan Divine Art
  2887. 3404C3404 gambling stone
  2888. 3405C3405 hyperbola
  2889. 3406C3406 Tianyuan Pavilion
  2890. 3407C3407 intuition
  2891. 3408C3408 You bet, I bet
  2892. 3409C3409 blood loss
  2893. 3410C3410 Reliance
  2894. 3411C3411 Demon Refining Pot
  2895. 3412C3412 Rising prices
  2896. 3413C3413 Demon Emperor Nirvana Scripture
  2897. 3414C3414 Refining Demon Refining Pot
  2898. 3415C3415 Old Master Wei
  2899. 3416C3416 Again!
  2900. 3417C3417 peripheral opening
  2901. 3418C3418 Steady increase
  2902. 3419C3419 big money
  2903. 3420C3420 Lending money
  2904. 3421C3421 Secretary-General
  2905. 3422C3422 Greedy Wolf World
  2906. 3423C3423 Full Moon Tower
  2907. 3424C3424 initial contact
  2908. 3425C3425 Concerns from the Secretary-General
  2909. 3426C3426 upper hook
  2910. 3427C3427 Task Target
  2911. 3428C3428 strike
  2912. 3429C3429 All junk
  2913. 3430C3430 This old man is ashamed of his inferiority
  2914. 3431C3431 less than half
  2915. 3432C3432 humanoid Heavenly Source Stone
  2916. 3433C3433 Private transactions
  2917. 3434C3434 Half Year
  2918. 3435C3435 Exposure to Viciousness
  2919. 3436C3436 kyphosis
  2920. 3437C3437 Acceptance of promotion
  2921. 3438C3438 incense bath
  2922. 3439C3439 Allow tribulation
  2923. 3440C3440 peak state
  2924. 3441C3441 Calm and unhurried
  2925. 3442C3442 Please forgive this junior for not being able to comply
  2926. 3443C3443 Humiliation
  2927. 3444C3444 welcome
  2928. 3445C3445 Bountiful
  2929. 3446C3446 I'm here to find a place
  2930. 3447C3447 kudzu
  2931. 3448C3448 slightly heavier hand
  2932. 3449C3449 A smile obliterates grudges
  2933. 3450C3450 [3,450]. Did I agree?
  2934. 3451C3451 Seven Stars Palace
  2935. 3452C3452 'Is that a fake? '
  2936. 3453C3453 Physical Test
  2937. 3454C3454 Power of the Stars
  2938. 3455C3455 Final assessment
  2939. 3456C3456 Stellar Giants
  2940. 3457C3457 Outer Court
  2941. 3458C3458 Protection fee
  2942. 3459C3459 Body tempering!
  2943. 3460C3460 outer court competition
  2944. 3461C3461 Mo Xie
  2945. 3462C3462 Exit
  2946. 3463C3463 Archaic Stellar Body
  2947. 3464C3464 Opportunity
  2948. 3465C3465 What are you doing in my room?
  2949. 3466C3466 Get out
  2950. 3467C3467 recognition
  2951. 3468C3468 Zhao Jin
  2952. 3469C3469 You have a bullshit qualification
  2953. 3470C3470 The power of one punch!
  2954. 3471C3471 Chief Senior Brother
  2955. 3472C3472 Basic cultivation technique fifth level!
  2956. 3473C3473 Enter
  2957. 3474C3474 Jiang Tian Tree had returned
  2958. 3475C3475 Seize the position!
  2959. 3476C3476 eighth stage Demon Refining Pot
  2960. 3477C3477 Stellar Body Strengthening Technique
  2961. 3478C3478 First-order Archaic Astral Body
  2962. 3479C3479 Mo Xie came out of seclusion
  2963. 3480C3480 Recruitment
  2964. 3481C3481 Exit from seclusion! Rank 6 Archaic Astral Body!
  2965. 3482C3482 Then you are very strong
  2966. 3483C3483 Elephant and Ant
  2967. 3484C3484 demon tree
  2968. 3485C3485 The fish will benefit from this?
  2969. 3486C3486 'Really weak! '
  2970. 3487C3487 Tired of living
  2971. 3488C3488 Ye Buhui's Tasks
  2972. 3489C3489 Wait a minute
  2973. 3490C3490 Return to the Forsaken Land
  2974. 3491C3491 noisy
  2975. 3492C3492 Senior, please come this way
  2976. 3493C3493 Thousands of eyes true gentleman
  2977. 3494C3494 Is senior serious?
  2978. 3495C3495 preponderance and postponement
  2979. 3496C3496 "Pavilion Master, please hold your breath!"
  2980. 3497C3497 Collective smuggling
  2981. 3498C3498 One punch kill!
  2982. 3499C3499 Are you still alive?
  2983. 3500C3500 Underground auction
  2984. 3501C3501 blocking road
  2985. 3502C3502 robbery
  2986. 3503C3503 battle achievement
  2987. 3504C3504 Arriving at headquarters again
  2988. 3505C3505 Do whatever you want
  2989. 3506C3506 Senior Xie Gui
  2990. 3507C3507 Descended Blacknether World
  2991. 3508C3508 None of your business
  2992. 3509C3509 stone door
  2993. 3510C3510 Life and Death
  2994. 3511C3511 Reward
  2995. 3512C3512 Taijiu Taili
  2996. 3513C3513 identity exposure
  2997. 3514C3514 Enrollment
  2998. 3515C3515 Ancestral ancestor of the Zombie
  2999. 3516C3516 Read more when you're free
  3000. 3517C3517 Heavenly Fate Thunder Tribulations
  3001. 3518C3518 Heaven's Mandate
  3002. 3519C3519 Pay close attention
  3003. 3520C3520 Do I know you well?
  3004. 3521C3521 Zeduo
  3005. 3522C3522 You're plotting against me?
  3006. 3523C3523 I refuse!
  3007. 3524C3524 Junior-apprentice Brother, take care
  3008. 3525C3525 Shinro's ball
  3009. 3526C3526 Grand Perfection of the Heavenly Fate Realm
  3010. 3527C3527 Three Hundred Years
  3011. 3528C3528 hold back
  3012. 3529C3529 Senior Brother, please give me a chance to live!
  3013. 3530C3530 Knock on the door
  3014. 3531C3531 wheel tower
  3015. 3532C3532 Bai Shaoqiu came out of seclusion
  3016. 3533C3533 blow up with one punch
  3017. 3534C3534 Support?
  3018. 3535C3535 core position
  3019. 3536C3536 Pavilion Elder
  3020. 3537C3537 phalangeal bone
  3021. 3538C3538 It's you
  3022. 3539C3539 forbidden star
  3023. 3540C3540 Ancient Concealment
  3024. 3541C3541 Tibetan Star Palace Elder Yao Mu
  3025. 3542C3542 Decline
  3026. 3543C3543 delay time
  3027. 3544C3544 Kneel at the door
  3028. 3545C3545 cultivators of the ninja
  3029. 3546C3546 peregrination
  3030. 3547C3547 It's not too late, is it?
  3031. 3548C3548 I'll give you a little bit of experience
  3032. 3549C3549 physical confrontation
  3033. 3550C3550 stun
  3034. 3551C3551 vital refining
  3035. 3552C3552 Wanted
  3036. 3553C3553 encircling blockage
  3037. 3554C3554 Kneel down and call for your father
  3038. 3555C3555 Emperor's Cage
  3039. 3556C3556 Fulfillment of the bet
  3040. 3557C3557 messenger
  3041. 3558C3558 Silence!
  3042. 3559C3559 The origin of the Elder Duan
  3043. 3560C3560 Two ways
  3044. 3561C3561 Yes, it's you
  3045. 3562C3562 No need to be afraid of you!
  3046. 3563C3563 Go to Headquarters
  3047. 3564C3564 A child
  3048. 3565C3565 Xuanyuan Lin
  3049. 3566C3566 Billions of bets
  3050. 3567C3567 I have a problem
  3051. 3568C3568 Calculating Ning Qi's cost
  3052. 3569C3569 Immortal Pill
  3053. 3570C3570 NIng
  3054. 3571C3571 This is my little Daoist boy.
  3055. 3572C3572 Task
  3056. 3573C3573 Tragic Case Caused by Eyes
  3057. 3574C3574 See also Mudo
  3058. 3575C3575 mutation
  3059. 3576C3576 scam
  3060. 3577C3577 Now that you want to leave, do I allow it?
  3061. 3578C3578 hamster
  3062. 3579C3579 Pei Yuanqing
  3063. 3580C3580 Young one, make your move!
  3064. 3581C3581 Four Swords of Immortality appears!
  3065. 3582C3582 Swordmaster
  3066. 3583C3583 Reward
  3067. 3584C3584 Boundless Monk Jiang Tian Tree
  3068. 3585C3585 Nine Hells Mantra
  3069. 3586C3586 Chunxiao
  3070. 3587C3587 Reversing Black and White
  3071. 3588C3588 What a huge misunderstanding!
  3072. 3589C3589 Again!
  3073. 3590C3590 Ningshi
  3074. 3591C3591 Xuanyuan Immortal School Old Site
  3075. 3592C3592 travel to the beginning of time
  3076. 3593C3593 Tianmu Gate
  3077. 3594C3594 cold sweat on the back
  3078. 3595C3595 Appraisal
  3079. 3596C3596 I'll let you have three moves
  3080. 3597C3597 Surrender
  3081. 3598C3598 domineering
  3082. 3599C3599 unobstructed line of thought
  3083. 3600C3600 pressuring
  3084. 3601C3601 Who gave you the courage
  3085. 3602C3602 Gongsun Green
  3086. 3603C3603 weakling
  3087. 3604C3604 "It's a matter of life and death, even if one is superior to the other."
  3088. 3605C3605 Ten Years
  3089. 3606C3606 Door to Creation
  3090. 3607C3607 hallucinatory decoy
  3091. 3608C3608 No Buddha Leaving Pass
  3092. 3609C3609 Mission accomplished!
  3093. 3610C3610 quenching of bone
  3094. 3611C3611 Ten percent of Golden Body!
  3095. 3612C3612 charge to the eighth step
  3096. 3613C3613 Fist Explosion Gongsun Green
  3097. 3614C3614 This happened!
  3098. 3615C3615 Shen Gongzhen
  3099. 3616C3616 Arrest
  3100. 3617C3617 The Emerging Rebirth of the Mushroom
  3101. 3618C3618 broken gold body
  3102. 3619C3619 Golden Body Crushing!
  3103. 3620C3620 wind and clouds
  3104. 3621C3621 nine dead and one alive
  3105. 3622C3622 The Way of Escape
  3106. 3623C3623 Sakyamuni
  3107. 3624C3624 tomb dragon valley
  3108. 3625C3625 Look at the sword!
  3109. 3626C3626 Chinese willowflower herb
  3110. 3627C3627 The Undying that Is Ending Its Lifespan
  3111. 3628C3628 Southern Ancestor
  3112. 3629C3629 mutation of the divine pearl
  3113. 3630C3630 Open early
  3114. 3631C3631 Sun
  3115. 3632C3632 undefeated
  3116. 3633C3633 phoenix reincarnation fruit
  3117. 3634C3634 In life, sometimes, there must be
  3118. 3635C3635 Indestructible Realm!
  3119. 3636C3636 recovery of memory
  3120. 3637C3637 Ready to leave
  3121. 3638C3638 Wang Xue
  3122. 3639C3639 Change your life
  3123. 3640C3640 Crushing everything!
  3124. 3641C3641 You can all go on your way together
  3125. 3642C3642 Shen Gongju!
  3126. 3643C3643 Zhang Gang was in a bad mood!
  3127. 3644C3644 Universal World
  3128. 3645C3645 Subdue Indestructible Realm
  3129. 3646C3646 Primordial Spirit Strength
  3130. 3647C3647 10,000 Immortal souls in strength!
  3131. 3648C3648 great increase in strength
  3132. 3649C3649 Realm of the Gods Warrior
  3133. 3650C3650 slave mark
  3134. 3651C3651 The seven heads of major conferences
  3135. 3652C3652 identity exposure
  3136. 3653C3653 An eighth stage Demon Refining Pot!
  3137. 3654C3654 One year period
  3138. 3655C3655 Kneel down and beg for mercy?
  3139. 3656C3656 to return to the Archaic Stellar Pavilion!
  3140. 3657C3657 Thirty-One
  3141. 3658C3658 Only reincarnation is eternal
  3142. 3659C3659 Ruins of Reincarnation
  3143. 3660C3660 Jiang Feng Wei Yue
  3144. 3661C3661 rolling out of breath
  3145. 3662C3662 KILL
  3146. 3663C3663 imprint of previous life
  3147. 3664C3664 evil spirit
  3148. 3665C3665 shadow escape
  3149. 3666C3666 You, come out!
  3150. 3667C3667 smug oblivion
  3151. 3668C3668 mountain school
  3152. 3669C3669 Would I, Jiang Tian Tree, be afraid of you?
  3153. 3670C3670 sparring
  3154. 3671C3671 There is no such person as me in this world
  3155. 3672C3672 Jealousy makes one mad
  3156. 3673C3673 oral formula
  3157. 3674C3674 indestructible diamond
  3158. 3675C3675 Tenth Order Archaic Astral Body!
  3159. 3676C3676 Nightmare
  3160. 3677C3677 The Great Perfection of the Rebirth Realm!
  3161. 3678C3678 The gourd in medicine
  3162. 3679C3679 My wife is immortal
  3163. 3680C3680 Samsara Wheel of Myriad Realms
  3164. 3681C3681 Infinite Rebirth Invitation Voucher
  3165. 3682C3682 Master Chen
  3166. 3683C3683 Heaven Revolving Star Slaughtering Formation!
  3167. 3684C3684 leave
  3168. 3685C3685 talk on all fours
  3169. 3686C3686 Saint artifact of reincarnation
  3170. 3687C3687 Demon Sealing Domain
  3171. 3688C3688 Return to Tianmu Gate
  3172. 3689C3689 It is a pleasure to have friends from afar
  3173. 3690C3690 The ground is a little cold
  3174. 3691C3691 mass defection
  3175. 3692C3692 Long Qianjun
  3176. 3693C3693 Back to the Divine Luo Mystic Realm
  3177. 3694C3694 undernesting
  3178. 3695C3695 Great Sage Bull came out of the mountains again
  3179. 3696C3696 Life and death are indifferent, if you don't accept it, then do it!
  3180. 3697C3697 A sword to sever Karma!
  3181. 3698C3698 I will definitely behead your dog head!
  3182. 3699C3699 Let's see how I suppress your father!
  3183. 3700C3700 Let them kneel first
  3184. 3701C3701 rejuvenation
  3185. 3702C3702 Unique Holy Land
  3186. 3703C3703 Unconcerned
  3187. 3704C3704 Break through
  3188. 3705C3705 lure the enemy
  3189. 3706C3706 frost on snow
  3190. 3707C3707 Emperor Jiang
  3191. 3708C3708 Design
  3192. 3709C3709 Ningxie
  3193. 3710C3710 Betrayal
  3194. 3711C3711 Abandonment of dark to light
  3195. 3712C3712 infatuation
  3196. 3713C3713 Kneel!
  3197. 3714C3714 Master, you must be an Immortal Emperor!
  3198. 3715C3715 Never kneel
  3199. 3716C3716 Skeptical Demon Ox
  3200. 3717C3717 holy water
  3201. 3718C3718 fingernail cap
  3202. 3719C3719 King Li Tian
  3203. 3720C3720 Palms of Buddha
  3204. 3721C3721 Return to the Central Continent
  3205. 3722C3722 Wang family old address
  3206. 3723C3723 Old People
  3207. 3724C3724 She is your Wang Ancestor.
  3208. 3725C3725 Subordinate pays his respects to the North Black Immortal Emperor
  3209. 3726C3726 Cut yourself out!
  3210. 3727C3727 Eternal suppression!
  3211. 3728C3728 Name
  3212. 3729C3729 What kind of thing is your Master!
  3213. 3730C3730 Borrowing flowers to offer to Buddha
  3214. 3731C3731 You really came!
  3215. 3732C3732 The Emperor Appears
  3216. 3733C3733 You guessed right
  3217. 3734C3734 The Disaster of the Jiang Family
  3218. 3735C3735 Do you want revenge?
  3219. 3736C3736 The Jiang Clan was afraid …
  3220. 3737C3737 The Liuhuang of the Absolute Beginning lived up to its name
  3221. 3738C3738 The Jiang Clan was destroyed!
  3222. 3739C3739 Tremendous Strength
  3223. 3740C3740 I'm not willing!
  3224. 3741C3741 Too much talk!
  3225. 3742C3742 individual fortuitous opportunities
  3226. 3743C3743 Sword Emperor Long Life
  3227. 3744C3744 Abandoned Jiang Family
  3228. 3745C3745 Duan Yingjun's Opportunity
  3229. 3746C3746 Danlong
  3230. 3747C3747 To attack Immortality!
  3231. 3748C3748 Perfection of the Immortality!
  3232. 3749C3749 knife-testing stone
  3233. 3750C3750 dragon-slaying technique
  3234. 3751C3751 The City of The Hague
  3235. 3752C3752 Patrol
  3236. 3753C3753 Realm of the Gods Stone
  3237. 3754C3754 Tianding City Feng Family
  3238. 3755C3755 And also seeing the Heart of the Kirin.
  3239. 3756C3756 wishful thinking
  3240. 3757C3757 A Grade Eight Divine King!
  3241. 3758C3758 Flame God General
  3242. 3759C3759 Threat
  3243. 3760C3760 Nine Revolutions Heavenly Heart Pill
  3244. 3761C3761 Fight!
  3245. 3762C3762 pill in hand
  3246. 3763C3763 identity disclosure
  3247. 3764C3764 Spirit Fruit in Hand
  3248. 3765C3765 Member of Parliament
  3249. 3766C3766 Have you ever betrayed the Dark Council?
  3250. 3767C3767 True or False
  3251. 3768C3768 cold heart
  3252. 3769C3769 Trust
  3253. 3770C3770 Farewell to the True Spirit
  3254. 3771C3771 If I admit to being number two, who dares to claim that they're number one?
  3255. 3772C3772 Ascending Dragon Chamber of Commerce
  3256. 3773C3773 A Lesson
  3257. 3774C3774 kudzu
  3258. 3775C3775 A person who cannot afford to offend
  3259. 3776C3776 Bronze Token
  3260. 3777C3777 Chaos treasure
  3261. 3778C3778 Tongtian City
  3262. 3779C3779 Buying Homicide
  3263. 3780C3780 Your face is worthless
  3264. 3781C3781 Old People's Trail
  3265. 3782C3782 Forbidden land to be opened
  3266. 3783C3783 The Creation Mission of Nightmare Level
  3267. 3784C3784 Boundless Emperor
  3268. 3785C3785 meet an old friend
  3269. 3786C3786 Moon-Elephant Sect
  3270. 3787C3787 Nine-word generation
  3271. 3788C3788 Imperial Puppet
  3272. 3789C3789 Admission assessment
  3273. 3790C3790 separate assessment
  3274. 3791C3791 "I have to give it up."
  3275. 3792C3792 Passed the examination
  3276. 3793C3793 green light
  3277. 3794C3794 You're too weak
  3278. 3795C3795 Meritorious Elder Hong Kun
  3279. 3796C3796 Power Value of Cultivation Method
  3280. 3797C3797 Big business!
  3281. 3798C3798 Nether Sea Area
  3282. 3799C3799 Pleased when dad
  3283. 3800C3800 The truth
  3284. 3801C3801 Transactions Congress
  3285. 3802C3802 harvest
  3286. 3803C3803 Xie Gui
  3287. 3804C3804 Five
  3288. 3805C3805 The next time I see you, I'll definitely kill you!
  3289. 3806C3806 Chu Clan
  3290. 3807C3807 Feng Xuanji
  3291. 3808C3808 Breakthrough!
  3292. 3809C3809 Perfection of the Indestructible Realm!
  3293. 3810C3810 A huge prize!
  3294. 3811C3811 No return arrow on the bow
  3295. 3812C3812 Can I have a look?
  3296. 3813C3813 I want this kid dead!
  3297. 3814C3814 One punch annihilated!
  3298. 3815C3815 A defeat is a defeat
  3299. 3816C3816 Widespread Invitation
  3300. 3817C3817 High Price Acquisition
  3301. 3818C3818 Ascending Dragon Order showing its might
  3302. 3819C3819 Qilin Nirvana
  3303. 3820C3820 Guizong
  3304. 3821C3821 Rule
  3305. 3822C3822 The rules were unbreakable!
  3306. 3823C3823 The effect was extremely bad!
  3307. 3824C3824 Ignore rules
  3308. 3825C3825 disaster comes from the mouth
  3309. 3826C3826 framing
  3310. 3827C3827 I just want to give you a beating!
  3311. 3828C3828 As if we didn't come today
  3312. 3829C3829 Deputy Sect Master Yun
  3313. 3830C3830 Advanced Tasks Completed
  3314. 3831C3831 Force!
  3315. 3832C3832 Great Emperor Ning
  3316. 3833C3833 wandering relative
  3317. 3834C3834 City Lord of Hanging Light