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  • Landing in the Fantastic World

Landing in the Fantastic World

Author: Genre:Fantasy
Status:Unupdated Num.:5010.00 k

Mu Yu, who just started college life, accidentally downloaded a ... more


  1. 135C135 bone cracking fist
  2. 136C136 sonar bone fist
  3. 137C137 Name destined
  4. 138C138 Invincible Punch
  5. 139C139 Huang Aer went on stage
  6. 140C140 Reed Shi Longhuang
  7. 141C141 Imperial party
  8. 142C142 Match the little princess to you
  9. 143C143 Refusal to enter into marriage
  10. 144C144 Little Princess Missing
  11. 145C145 Mu Yu made his move
  12. 146C146 Poison Sage Scroll
  13. 147C147 Radiant Moon City
  14. 148C148 Du Qiu knocked on his door.
  15. 149C149 an incredible situation
  16. 150C150 Sword God Liu Qian
  17. 151C151 Even the person in charge ran away
  18. 152C152 Kick-Down
  19. 153C153 Would you like to join my Immeasurable Sect?
  20. 154C154 strong invincibility
  21. 155C155 Do you want to be as strong as I am
  22. 156C156 Invite that expert
  23. 157C157 Agree to join the war
  24. 158C158 Liu Qian's First Victory
  25. 159C159 Who else
  26. 160C160 Could it be that Jia Brothers is one of them?!
  27. 161C161 Xu li acme shake on blade
  28. 162C162 You're too weak
  29. 163C163 'A young man is terrifying! '
  30. 164C164 end of internal test
  31. 165C165 Xia Qingxue's Memories
  32. 166C166 Back to the real world
  33. 167C167 Mu Yu's past
  34. 168C168 Inviting Xia Qingxue to take a seat
  35. 169C169 Internal Test List
  36. 170C170 Li Haobo
  37. 171C171 public beta start
  38. 172C172 Hall of Blood Blood Cave Pool
  39. 173C173 Let your true form be revealed
  40. 174C174 Kill Li Haobo
  41. 175C175 Destruction of the Hall of Blood
  42. 176C176 Young Man, save us
  43. 177C177 unstoppable force
  44. 178C178 Bloody Hall of Blood
  45. 179C179 Finished running away
  46. 180C180 Ice Emperor Bracers
  47. 181C181 raiding
  48. 182C182 Violet Sky Sect Disciple
  49. 183C183 The birth of profound fire
  50. 184C184 Wasteland Wolves
  51. 185C185 Beiluo Wasteland's cave
  52. 186C186 reunion
  53. 187C187 Vampiric Bats Attacked Again
  54. 188C188 You sacrifice yourselves to cover me
  55. 189C189 a giant bat
  56. 190C190 'Go back and save Senior Sister-in-law! '
  57. 191C191 Jump into the lake
  58. 192C192 Back to shore
  59. 193C193 dragon reflection
  60. 194C194 Shining Sun Sacred Flame and Dry Blue Ice Flame
  61. 195C195 Saint's Tomb
  62. 196C196 Rising levels
  63. 197C197 self-detonating draconic crystal
  64. 198C198 'Junior Sister has been ruined! '
  65. 199C199 hand tap
  66. 200C200 You must have done something in the dark
  67. 201C201 Protecting Master of the Shining Sun Sacred Flame
  68. 202C202 You think too highly of yourself
  69. 203C203 Why explain to people
  70. 204C204 Confronting Yan Lingfei
  71. 205C205 He is my junior brother
  72. 206C206 Zhao Wuqi was brutally abused
  73. 207C207 Against the Three Temples of the Demonic Sect
  74. 208C208 great prophecy
  75. 209C209 Your egg will shatter
  76. 210C210 You don't understand the world of the Prophet.
  77. 211C211 Bladestorm
  78. 212C212 Who's Next
  79. 213C213 'Another defeat! '
  80. 214C214 Sentinel Tasks
  81. 215C215 Sneaking into enemy camp
  82. 216C216 diabolical plotting
  83. 217C217 tenderness
  84. 218C218 A clear conscience
  85. 219C219 Senior Sister, you just need to trust me …
  86. 220C220 Attacked
  87. 221C221 A crushing situation
  88. 222C222 Xiao Chenfeng who hid his true self
  89. 223C223 Yan Lingfei's Memories
  90. 224C224 Base Camp Ends
  91. 225C225 identity exposure
  92. 226C226 The shameless Xi Luohui
  93. 227C227 Mu Yu went on stage
  94. 228C228 Space exchange and space collapse
  95. 229C229 Mu Yu, the vengeful spirit
  96. 230C230 Tackling Banyan fairy
  97. 231C231 Who Destroyed the Sect's Base Camp?!
  98. 232C232 Stop fooling yourself
  99. 233C233 Shatter her pride
  100. 234C234 Another Tactics Attack
  101. 235C235 Confronted with Hall of Blood Palace Lord
  102. 236C236 Kill Chang Xiao
  103. 237C237 Fight against two auxiliary hall masters
  104. 238C238 A flood of water washed the Dragon King Temple.
  105. 239C239 Shining Sun Sacred Flame displayed its might
  106. 240C240 Jose senior world-beater
  107. 241C241 Distant reputation
  108. 242C242 steal bellyband
  109. 243C243 To the True Dragon Church.
  110. 244C244 Do you know Mu Yu?
  111. 245C245 You and Chen Tianjun are indeed the same hill's worth
  112. 246C246 Who gave you the right to execute my brother?!
  113. 247C247 poke him with your finger
  114. 248C248 Weak is the original sin
  115. 249C249 Reversing Black and White
  116. 250C250 I'm going to feed you a Heart Pill.
  117. 251C251 I made it all up
  118. 252C252 Reveal Si Feiyang
  119. 253C253 The True Dragon Church is in danger
  120. 254C254 The dogs that came out of True Dragon Church are so obedient
  121. 255C255 He actually turned out to be Mu Yu!
  122. 256C256 Drop all mountains
  123. 257C257 Master Chu
  124. 258C258 unreasonable requirement
  125. 259C259 Yang Luomei who had gone to offer his life
  126. 260C260 a swaggering swindler
  127. 261C261 Fire Dragon Tower
  128. 262C262 I know more than one kind of fire pill
  129. 263C263 Enter the Fire Dragon Tower
  130. 264C264 Shining Sun Sacred Flame Evolution
  131. 265C265 red star stone
  132. 266C266 The Sky Region came flying over …
  133. 267C267 open sky finger
  134. 268C268 Try to fight again another day when your body is not feeling well
  135. 269C269 Kill Wan Tianyu
  136. 270C270 I like your character
  137. 271C271 Unscramble the board game
  138. 272C272 The Land of the Origin
  139. 273C273 feminine tenderness
  140. 274C274 Nalan Yanran who did not understand the matters between men and women
  141. 275C275 Arriving at the Land of the Source
  142. 276C276 Young An Ji
  143. 277C277 An Xiaonan and Android
  144. 278C278 secondary caning
  145. 279C279 'Is he even human?! '
  146. 280C280 An Ji who couldn't be defeated
  147. 281C281 "I don't think so."
  148. 282C282 animal taming
  149. 283C283 Enter taming forest
  150. 284C284 Ji Linger
  151. 285C285 It was just a sneak attack …
  152. 286C286 Tianyan Lie Leopard
  153. 287C287 Surrender to me at once
  154. 288C288 Subdue the Tianyan Lie Leopard
  155. 289C289 call for a bet
  156. 290C290 Start of battle
  157. 291C291 Sky Dream Silk
  158. 292C292 Little Demoness had become a lady!
  159. 293C293 Mu Yu brandished his sword
  160. 294C294 Northwest Spiritual Academy
  161. 295C295 Beast Taming Activities End
  162. 296C296 is disbanded
  163. 297C297 I want to marry An Xiaonan
  164. 298C298 Your daughter is going to fail you
  165. 299C299 deliberately humiliate us
  166. 300C300 Only Rank Five Spirit Beasts
  167. 301C301 Mu Yu's request
  168. 302C302 wuwu decision
  169. 303C303 worship as a god
  170. 304C304 goad Ji Linger into action
  171. 305C305 Start of Martial Arts Competition
  172. 306C306 Counterattack
  173. 307C307 Why not
  174. 308C308 An Yuan returned
  175. 309C309 Telling of the past
  176. 310C310 Raider
  177. 311C311 Andersen's tribe met with calamity
  178. 312C312 An Xiaonan was humiliated
  179. 313C313 Rescue Task
  180. 314C314 Consecutive beheading of two heads
  181. 315C315 Stepping forward to kill a person
  182. 316C316 Another one-shot!
  183. 317C317 Become a Grade Ten Alchemist
  184. 318C318 City Gate Wind Wave
  185. 319C319 Guo Lao
  186. 320C320 impersonate brother
  187. 321C321 Evil energy invasion or poisoning
  188. 322C322 Suspect again
  189. 323C323 Kick flying
  190. 324C324 You are worthy of me to give you face
  191. 325C325 Brother, let me cast a spell for you!]
  192. 326C326 Shao Ke's invitation
  193. 327C327 Good Fortune Pill
  194. 328C328 Yi Er fainted
  195. 329C329 Guo Lao and Master Qiu visited
  196. 330C330 concocting antidotes
  197. 331C331 Mu Yu arrived
  198. 332C332 life dish
  199. 333C333 Arrive at Li Tian City
  200. 334C334 purple star stone
  201. 335C335 Obtain Purple Star Stones
  202. 336C336 This Herba Coleopteris of his is fake
  203. 337C337 Habit of Herba Coleopteris
  204. 338C338 Tracing
  205. 339C339 No matter how many ants there were, they would not be able to shake the dragon
  206. 340C340 Li Tian City Wen Mansion
  207. 341C341 The Northwest Spiritual Academy assessment had begun.
  208. 342C342 Get the fuck out of here!
  209. 343C343 Qiao Minghan
  210. 344C344 Ungrateful
  211. 345C345 Tentative fight
  212. 346C346 'A lousy guy! What else is wrong? '
  213. 347C347 Comprehension Assessment Beginning
  214. 348C348 dawn mood
  215. 349C349 Demonstrate Sword Style
  216. 350C350 Continuous Demo
  217. 351C351 Next Mu Yu
  218. 352C352 dawn
  219. 353C353 Please guide me, my young friend.
  220. 354C354 Give him 200 points
  221. 355C355 Red Dust Restaurant
  222. 356C356 The embroidered shoes fell into Mu Yu's embrace.
  223. 357C357 zither music mystical technique
  224. 358C358 Restaurant Meet
  225. 359C359 flying hairpin
  226. 360C360 Want to leave without an apology
  227. 361C361 Go to the devil
  228. 362C362 Get out of here!
  229. 363C363 Beast Hunting Start
  230. 364C364 Man-Faced Demon Spider
  231. 365C365 Beast Tide
  232. 366C366 Draconis flavescens
  233. 367C367 Once again using dawn
  234. 368C368 Master of Red Cloth
  235. 369C369 [You are just ordinary!]
  236. 370C370 Sage awake
  237. 371C371 The Great Master Died
  238. 372C372 Beast Hunt End
  239. 373C373 I lost my bracelet
  240. 374C374 We believe in Brother Mu.
  241. 375C375 Chapter 375 - Beast Hunting Activities Zero Points
  242. 376C376 I want to take Mu Yu under the tutelage of training hall.
  243. 377C377 Enter training hall
  244. 378C378 I am the senior student
  245. 379C379 I have a token from the Elder Qiu.
  246. 380C380 Why should I refuse to be kowtowed to
  247. 381C381 forceful quibbling
  248. 382C382 Crash! Crack! Crack!
  249. 383C383 The overzealous Han Qianqian
  250. 384C384 Heaven Stairway Competition
  251. 385C385 Potential test
  252. 386C386 Potential Test for Multiplier Difficulty
  253. 387C387 'This test of potential is too simple! '
  254. 388C388 Potential score: 120 points
  255. 389C389 Put me in Mu Yu's secret room
  256. 390C390 Smell a scent of the weak
  257. 391C391 It was an extremely miserable scene to behold Feng Weitian.
  258. 392C392 minute
  259. 393C393 Shameless
  260. 394C394 Kneel on the ground and learn to bark like a dog
  261. 395C395 Blind eyes and lie
  262. 396C396 butylbane is pretty good.
  263. 397C397 I need you to teach me
  264. 398C398 Star Tasks
  265. 399C399 Accept Task
  266. 400C400 Elder Ge
  267. 401C401 It turned out to be him …
  268. 402C402 You talk a lot of shit
  269. 403C403 'Could it really be the Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill's pill formula? '
  270. 404C404 Alchemy
  271. 405C405 Hurry up and apologize to the master
  272. 406C406 What is the Hall of Fame?
  273. 407C407 mental malice
  274. 408C408 Star Seizer Pavilion
  275. 409C409 Lobster Duck
  276. 410C410 Blind Man's Golden Honor Card
  277. 411C411 Enter Star Seizer Pavilion
  278. 412C412 I want to submit my paper ahead of schedule
  279. 413C413 Are you a sparrow
  280. 414C414 full score student
  281. 415C415 teaching on the basis of aptitude
  282. 416C416 Teacher Huang, you better not be concealing your abilities!
  283. 417C417 These topics are too simple
  284. 418C418 Hate Aura
  285. 419C419 Chang Wei and Ceng Shuwu
  286. 420C420 Match Start
  287. 421C421 human strength
  288. 422C422 'What a monster! '
  289. 423C423 Blue Luan Rock Wall
  290. 424C424 Substitute Lamb
  291. 425C425 Women in the Painting
  292. 426C426 Demonstrating Sword Skills
  293. 427C427 combo sword array
  294. 428C428 white-robed man
  295. 429C429 Providing the sword on too
  296. 430C430 Yan Jinghong's Sword Intent
  297. 431C431 Feng Xianjun woke up
  298. 432C432 The distribution of power in the Divine Origin
  299. 433C433 Lian Er came to visit relatives
  300. 434C434 "I've never heard of it."
  301. 435C435 visible human heart
  302. 436C436 'It's really getting worse and worse every year! '
  303. 437C437 'They are simply inhumane! '
  304. 438C438 Additional awards
  305. 439C439 I don't want the Point of Honor.
  306. 440C440 You're the only one who can do it
  307. 441C441 Not recruiting a maid is against the rules
  308. 442C442 Draw Luo Li
  309. 443C443 Can I be his maid too?
  310. 444C444 The top of the Star Seizer Pavilion Tower
  311. 445C445 Luo Li crumbled
  312. 446C446 Have you become a ghost
  313. 447C447 Take care of Luo Li.
  314. 448C448 Be despised by others
  315. 449C449 selection of bow and arrow
  316. 450C450 test bow
  317. 451C451 Zheng Qi was nervous
  318. 452C452 Mu Yu helped him
  319. 453C453 Lone Bile Hero Wu Xiuyuan
  320. 454C454 repeated setback
  321. 455C455 Mu Yu went on stage
  322. 456C456 acuteness
  323. 457C457 A Shocking Arrow
  324. 458C458 Break the Questioning
  325. 459C459 Northwest Spiritual Academy is the champion
  326. 460C460 Luo Li's bad thoughts
  327. 461C461 Sister Luo, let us uphold justice for you
  328. 462C462 Sword Qi like Rain
  329. 463C463 It was an extremely miserable sight …
  330. 464C464 It was just a maid …
  331. 465C465 Why did you have to come to my pit
  332. 466C466 Your boxing is pretty good
  333. 467C467 Want to leave without compensation
  334. 468C468 Like a pickpocket
  335. 469C469 Remember to fill in the hole
  336. 470C470 training hall's year-end assessment
  337. 471C471 Please show some respect to my master
  338. 472C472 Miasma Avoiding Pill
  339. 473C473 That's because you have a short experience
  340. 474C474 A strange power
  341. 475C475 You go ahead and open the way
  342. 476C476 You are not possessed by a monster
  343. 477C477 The attacks of the werewolves
  344. 478C478 Knife cut off wolf's head
  345. 479C479 Absence of ointment for removing miasma
  346. 480C480 Demon of Hell Descent
  347. 481C481 It was time to recover some interest …
  348. 482C482 Mu Yu, come save me!!
  349. 483C483 How dare you sneak attack me …!
  350. 484C484 the struggle between life and death
  351. 485C485 death escape
  352. 486C486 The End of Greed
  353. 487C487 green star stone
  354. 488C488 You are Sky Splitting Demon King.
  355. 489C489 You, Monster King, don't live up to your name
  356. 490C490 Your pills work well
  357. 491C491 Fail again
  358. 492C492 This pill is worthless to me
  359. 493C493 Fight to the death
  360. 494C494 Temporal and spatial secret book Layer
  361. 495C495 phagocytosis of black hole
  362. 496C496 Killing the Demon King
  363. 497C497 Young Palace Master of the morning palace
  364. 498C498 Your ace attack is truly too weak to withstand a single blow
  365. 499C499 You have been surrounded by our men
  366. 500C500 Like a woman
  367. 501C501 occult method