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Peerless War God

Author: Genre:Fantasy
Status:Completed Num.:14260.00 k

Three thousand years ago, Chen Xiao was the strongest of the Win... more


  1. 126C126 Burning Sky Sword
  2. 127C127 Reversal of the situation
  3. 128C128 Rescue
  4. 129C129 Sun-Moon Shuttle
  5. 130C130 Flee! Flee! Flee!
  6. 131C131 Green Fire Wolf King
  7. 132C132 Chen Xiao's Counterattack
  8. 133C133 Kill Martial King!
  9. 134C134 Return
  10. 135C135 Charity
  11. 136C136 'Little girl's innate talent … '
  12. 137C137 Time elapse
  13. 138C138 Silver Moon Sect
  14. 139C139 Presumptuous princess
  15. 140C140 siege
  16. 141C141 You think that trash can save you?
  17. 142C142 I've offended someone
  18. 143C143 Killing in anger
  19. 144C144 A sheep in a tiger's den?
  20. 145C145 You've given me a lot of face …]
  21. 146C146 Mayor Yue's Shock
  22. 147C147 Fifty thousand elite soldiers
  23. 148C148 Kill! Crazy slaughter to stamp on the feast!
  24. 149C149 Martial King?
  25. 150C150 Instant kill three Martial King
  26. 151C151 Risky situation
  27. 152C152 Ji Bai's father-in-law
  28. 153C153 Death of Ji Bai
  29. 154C154 Are you looking for me?
  30. 155C155 killing intent
  31. 156C156 Crisis Emerges
  32. 157C157 Conspiracy
  33. 158C158 Only one alive
  34. 159C159 Explode!
  35. 160C160 Jade Soul Pavilion
  36. 161C161 shock rage
  37. 162C162 Breakthrough, Martial King!
  38. 163C163 reappear
  39. 164C164 Upper Green Spirit Sect
  40. 165C165 intense battle Martial King
  41. 166C166 Sword Qi Crossing
  42. 167C167 fist vibrate Martial King
  43. 168C168 You deserve to die
  44. 169C169 You are Martial King?
  45. 170C170 sword formation
  46. 171C171 Frost Sword Technique
  47. 172C172 binocular congestion
  48. 173C173 chilliness
  49. 174C174 Instantaneous Variations
  50. 175C175 Was I scared?
  51. 176C176 Arrogant departure
  52. 177C177 Tianwu City
  53. 178C178 Dan Hui Large Competition
  54. 179C179 Tianwu Chamber of Commerce
  55. 180C180 wind wave
  56. 181C181 good stuff
  57. 182C182 stellar sands
  58. 183C183 Start of auction
  59. 184C184 Crazy bidding
  60. 185C185 Closing of auction
  61. 186C186 You are courting death!]
  62. 187C187 kill them all
  63. 188C188 Beginning of the Pill Assembly
  64. 189C189 The difficulty of the Xueshan City
  65. 190C190 Wen Dou Zhu Dan
  66. 191C191 Beginning of dantian pill
  67. 192C192 Stunning Four Seals
  68. 193C193 smack in the face
  69. 194C194 Xueshan City bowed his head down.
  70. 195C195 Break through 5-Star Martial Emperor
  71. 196C196 Genius Cloud
  72. 197C197 Initial Test Spirit Containment Pill
  73. 198C198 Trash pill?
  74. 199C199 Leakless Pills
  75. 200C200 fame
  76. 201C201 Final
  77. 202C202 Luo Mowei's Trust
  78. 203C203 Tianxuan Concomitant Powder
  79. 204C204 The Clear Sky Indestructible Pill!
  80. 205C205 The dust settles
  81. 206C206 The last bit of madness the Luo Family brothers had …
  82. 207C207 Four Martial King
  83. 208C208 Kill you like chickens
  84. 209C209 Kill the Luo Family Brothers
  85. 210C210 Go to Eastbound City
  86. 211C211 Genius of all nations
  87. 212C212 Humiliation of the Guissé
  88. 213C213 danta
  89. 214C214
  90. 215C215 Primary Test of White Heat
  91. 216C216 heart demon tribulation
  92. 217C217 Clearing the Pill Pagoda
  93. 218C218 Black Flames for Fierce
  94. 219C219 The Birth of the Half-Seven Stars Pill
  95. 220C220 A real Seven Stars Pill!
  96. 221C221 Complete End
  97. 222C222 Enter the Eminent Holiness Mountain Secret Realm
  98. 223C223 uninterrupted harvest
  99. 224C224 Enter the Eight Star Martial King
  100. 225C225 Kill the Blood Moon Wolf
  101. 226C226 Push your luck guy
  102. 227C227 The arrogant Liu Chong
  103. 228C228 Whose Lord do you want to be?
  104. 229C229 "If you kill someone in ten steps, you can kill him."
  105. 230C230 Martial Saint Zhan Tian's Tomb
  106. 231C231 enter mausoleum
  107. 232C232 Alliance of Five Internal Fighting
  108. 233C233 Red Cloud Sword promotion
  109. 234C234 I'm gonna kill you guys
  110. 235C235 Crushing the Spirit with Two Fingers
  111. 236C236 crazy killing
  112. 237C237 The calculation of the Martial Saint Zhan Tian
  113. 238C238 out of the secret realm
  114. 239C239 The rage of the five great sects
  115. 240C240 Fighting the 5-Star Martial Ancestor fiercely
  116. 241C241 The mysterious pagoda made its move
  117. 242C242 seriously injured body
  118. 243C243 Qinglei Martial Arts School
  119. 244C244 four kinds of danger
  120. 245C245 frighten off Wang Guang
  121. 246C246 Enter Sky Dragon City
  122. 247C247 The difficult problem of the Qinglei Martial Arts School
  123. 248C248 Approval of the Battle of the Meeting
  124. 249C249 Three To
  125. 250C250 Crushing Zhao Yang
  126. 251C251 Iron Defeat Hand
  127. 252C252 Jade Spirit Sect Leader made his move
  128. 253C253 Battling Jade Spirit Sect Leader
  129. 254C254 waging war
  130. 255C255 forceful crushing
  131. 256C256 To the chamfer.
  132. 257C257 Enter chamfer
  133. 258C258 the minds of the three old fellows
  134. 259C259 Angry Jade Spirit Sect Leader
  135. 260C260 small orb
  136. 261C261 out of the valley
  137. 262C262 2-Star Martial Ancestor
  138. 263C263 Three Families Out
  139. 264C264 group attack
  140. 265C265 Hand-to-hand
  141. 266C266 Yin and Yang Disturbed by Three Fingers
  142. 267C267 End of Curtain
  143. 268C268 City Lord's request
  144. 269C269 Expansion of the Qinglei Martial Arts School
  145. 270C270 All parties move
  146. 271C271 Sky Fire Valley Xiao Ling
  147. 272C272 Talent convergence
  148. 273C273 Opening Heaven Stairway
  149. 274C274 A mediocre person?
  150. 275C275 smack in the face
  151. 276C276 Crazy climbing
  152. 277C277 Everyone was shocked
  153. 278C278 never-ending pursuit
  154. 279C279 Transcend Again
  155. 280C280 Struggle for first place
  156. 281C281 Liu Cheng's methods
  157. 282C282 full-field boiling
  158. 283C283 The remnant ancient sword intent …
  159. 284C284 End of the Heavenly Mountain Trial
  160. 285C285 Return to Sky Dragon City
  161. 286C286 collecting materials for artifact forging
  162. 287C287 Red Cloud Sword leveling up to low quality immortal equipment
  163. 288C288 Tieli City Reunion
  164. 289C289 life and death battle opening
  165. 290C290 initial test hand
  166. 291C291 Lu Yu was shocked
  167. 292C292 Top 10 Generation
  168. 293C293 Admit defeat
  169. 294C294 Trends on all sides
  170. 295C295 Lin Huayu against Xu Xu
  171. 296C296 Top 5
  172. 297C297 Fight Xu Xu
  173. 298C298 three fingers to one
  174. 299C299 Defeating Xu Xu
  175. 300C300 decisive killing
  176. 301C301 Final combat
  177. 302C302 breaking the formation at random
  178. 303C303 Grab first place
  179. 304C304 Promotions to Four-Star Martial Ancestor
  180. 305C305 An olive branch thrown by the Sky Fire Valley
  181. 306C306 The Great Clan Elder of Spirit Sword Sect descended.
  182. 307C307 Conflict between the two sides
  183. 308C308 Enter the ancient ruins
  184. 309C309 Enter Tianyang City
  185. 310C310 face-to-face meeting with the mayor
  186. 311C311 A mark left behind by a Realm Lord of the Profound Realm
  187. 312C312 Terrifying speed of advancement
  188. 313C313 The Four Great City Lords
  189. 314C314 Entering the Mystical Jade Realm Lord Tomb
  190. 315C315 Bodhi tree
  191. 316C316 The's Supreme Elder's threat
  192. 317C317 Mysterious Great Hall
  193. 318C318 The Mystical Jade Realm Lord appeared.
  194. 319C319 Glyph Divide
  195. 320C320 Capturing Profound Rank Symbol Puppet
  196. 321C321 yin difference and yang error
  197. 322C322 Confronted the Elder Hu again
  198. 323C323 direct killing
  199. 324C324 Submit to me
  200. 325C325 Instant kill
  201. 326C326 Subduing The Four Great City Lords
  202. 327C327 Tower of Void variation
  203. 328C328 interior space of the tower
  204. 329C329 Heaven and Earth pressure
  205. 330C330 Exiting an ancient ruin
  206. 331C331 eerie hovercraft
  207. 332C332 ambush
  208. 333C333 Change of Sky Fire
  209. 334C334 So blatant
  210. 335C335 Fight!
  211. 336C336 iron wrist cleaning
  212. 337C337 With the death of the Valley Master, the War God was infuriated
  213. 338C338 Demons
  214. 339C339 phagocytosis and counter-phagocytosis
  215. 340C340 New Valley Master, Xiao Ling
  216. 341C341 nine heavens mystical fire
  217. 342C342 high-grade immortal equipment Red Cloud Sword
  218. 343C343 is to kill your Spirit Sword Sect.
  219. 344C344 deterrence
  220. 345C345 Slaughter the Spirit Sword Sect.
  221. 346C346 open kill
  222. 347C347 Three Star Martial Saint s
  223. 348C348 Battling three star Martial Saint
  224. 349C349 Kill Gu Xingfeng
  225. 350C350 Whoever offends against Chen Xiao, however distant, shall be destroyed …
  226. 351C351 The three sects gathered together to suppress Chen Xiao.
  227. 352C352 Let a person can't stand the rash fellow
  228. 353C353 Ergouzi is a little bit tough
  229. 354C354 Unexpected discovery
  230. 355C355 I took a fool
  231. 356C356 I am Chen Xiao.
  232. 357C357 The five great sects have become a thing of the past
  233. 358C358 Outcome of the punitive congress
  234. 359C359 Invited
  235. 360C360 Black Dragon territory
  236. 361C361 Back to the Chen Family
  237. 362C362 Chen Family Relocation
  238. 363C363 On the way
  239. 364C364 Chen Er whose strength had increased explosively
  240. 365C365 Little Bie Sheng New Marriage
  241. 366C366 I was caught
  242. 367C367 Extraterritorial Village
  243. 368C368 Chen Er's mother
  244. 369C369 In the village to spy on
  245. 370C370 forest magic array
  246. 371C371 Immortal Cave Mansion
  247. 372C372 A pool!
  248. 373C373 Absorbing Earth Spirit Element
  249. 374C374 black fire body tempering
  250. 375C375 War God's Sect
  251. 376C376 second layer of Tower of Void
  252. 377C377 Great War Phantom
  253. 378C378 Bold attempt
  254. 379C379 Heaven Covering Soul Suppressing Technique
  255. 380C380 Imperial City
  256. 381C381 It's you!]
  257. 382C382 Nervous little princess
  258. 383C383 feel aggrieved
  259. 384C384 A good abacus
  260. 385C385 You are Chen Xiao.
  261. 386C386 To the Black Dragon territory.
  262. 387C387 Guide
  263. 388C388 Modify Luck Mode
  264. 389C389 collective breakthrough
  265. 390C390 Arriving at Black Dragon territory
  266. 391C391 As soon as they arrived, something happened
  267. 392C392 Wanyan Nuoda
  268. 393C393 Nocturnal exploration of Black Dragon territory
  269. 394C394 Reencounter with the demons
  270. 395C395 semi-sage old man
  271. 396C396 Flee!
  272. 397C397 Unfair competition
  273. 398C398 What to do
  274. 399C399 blood slave
  275. 400C400 Soul Suppressing Pagoda, blood slave
  276. 401C401 The Conspiracy of the Xi Xing Empire
  277. 402C402 blood lake
  278. 403C403 blood lake monster
  279. 404C404 kusen
  280. 405C405 Chen Er went on stage
  281. 406C406 Chen Er is dangerous
  282. 407C407 Back
  283. 408C408 one to four
  284. 409C409 scarier
  285. 410C410 Resurrection of Kusanagi
  286. 411C411 Grade Eight Medicinal Pill
  287. 412C412 Deep in the night, he wanted to kill …
  288. 413C413 A shout in the middle of the night
  289. 414C414 Wanyan Nuoda made his move
  290. 415C415 Fight against Wanyan Nuoda
  291. 416C416 Power of the Four Beasts
  292. 417C417 The Powerful Four Beasts
  293. 418C418 Power of the Black Dragon
  294. 419C419 Black Dragon's Wing
  295. 420C420 Some insider information
  296. 421C421 The Current Situation of the Demons
  297. 422C422 Black Dragon territory opened
  298. 423C423 giant blood-colored wolf
  299. 424C424 relic change
  300. 425C425 Transactions
  301. 426C426 Different demons …
  302. 427C427 blood monster
  303. 428C428 blood-colored bat
  304. 429C429 reunion with Elder Ku
  305. 430C430 The blood fine stone
  306. 431C431 blood qilin
  307. 432C432 Confronting the Blood Kirin
  308. 433C433 I'm being watched
  309. 434C434 injured blood kylin
  310. 435C435 Alone in battle with the blood qilin
  311. 436C436 Tower of Void Reappearance
  312. 437C437 Qilin Core
  313. 438C438 absorption complete
  314. 439C439 Holy Envoy of the Black Dragon
  315. 440C440 Truth
  316. 441C441 Journal
  317. 442C442 Blood-Thirsty Magic Pearl
  318. 443C443 spatial fissure
  319. 444C444 The Battlefield of Three Thousand Years Ago
  320. 445C445 The remnant soul of an expert
  321. 446C446 seven semi-saints
  322. 447C447 one against seven
  323. 448C448 Miserable battles
  324. 449C449 total berserk
  325. 450C450 Red Cloud Sword Savior
  326. 451C451 wake up
  327. 452C452 Status
  328. 453C453 Li Dynasty
  329. 454C454 Fighting three thousand years ago
  330. 455C455 True or False Chen Xiao
  331. 456C456 Exquisite Healing Drugs
  332. 457C457 Chen Xiao was now a father
  333. 458C458 Envoys from Soaring Cloud
  334. 459C459 just happened to meet
  335. 460C460 Better Wound Drugs
  336. 461C461 A big wave of medicine is coming
  337. 462C462 Recovery, Four-Star Martial Saint!
  338. 463C463 stronger
  339. 464C464 Chaotic Force
  340. 465C465 The Immortal Messenger descended.
  341. 466C466 A former subordinate
  342. 467C467 stellar iron
  343. 468C468 mad absorption
  344. 469C469 Battle Half Sage
  345. 470C470 Kill one to break through
  346. 471C471 Break through 5 Stars
  347. 472C472 Sun Xing made his move
  348. 473C473 Appear as
  349. 474C474 intense battle Martial Saint
  350. 475C475 finger of destruction
  351. 476C476 Kill Sun Xing
  352. 477C477 Voidboat
  353. 478C478 Red Cloud Sword Recovery
  354. 479C479 top-grade immortal equipment
  355. 480C480 Demon Emperor
  356. 481C481 The Demon Emperor made his move
  357. 482C482 Sword-Slaying Demon Emperor
  358. 483C483 Capturing demons
  359. 484C484 His sword shattered the void!
  360. 485C485 Iraqis heart
  361. 486C486 enigma
  362. 487C487 Disposal of Kusanagi
  363. 488C488 To the six domains.
  364. 489C489 Channels
  365. 490C490 channel change
  366. 491C491 chaos transformation
  367. 492C492 full breaking through
  368. 493C493 Three thousand years later, six domains.
  369. 494C494 pawn
  370. 495C495 This new person was not ordinary …
  371. 496C496 Supreme Member
  372. 497C497 Join Auction House
  373. 498C498 Tracing
  374. 499C499 I let you go?
  375. 500C500 Mission Guild
  376. 501C501 The heaven-step mission was released
  377. 502C502 The auction was about to begin
  378. 503C503 Elder Li's visit
  379. 504C504 Mysterious Land
  380. 505C505 prescience
  381. 506C506 Lei Ling Sect
  382. 507C507 Jiang Xiaofeng
  383. 508C508 Just one strike
  384. 509C509 Tianyan Clan
  385. 510C510 Guild Elder
  386. 511C511 divine stone
  387. 512C512 Activate! Third level!
  388. 513C513 law of destruction
  389. 514C514 Observations and Attempts
  390. 515C515 The forces of the Three Regions
  391. 516C516 moon bracelet
  392. 517C517 a mere Extermination Sect
  393. 518C518 undercurrent surge
  394. 519C519 Zhou Leng came to visit
  395. 520C520 I took it
  396. 521C521 Attack!
  397. 522C522 If I want to leave, who can stop me!
  398. 523C523 Fight against Zhou Leng
  399. 524C524 Ice Mirror Killing Array
  400. 525C525 Regret, it's too late
  401. 526C526 undercurrent surge
  402. 527C527 air robber
  403. 528C528 Captain of the Air Bandits
  404. 529C529 probing
  405. 530C530 Zhuang Yu
  406. 531C531 Let Zhuang Yu help out
  407. 532C532 Four Deities.
  408. 533C533 Meeting Qing Xuan.
  409. 534C534 Elder of Silver Moon Sect
  410. 535C535 Qing Xuan's Strength
  411. 536C536 Silver Moon Slash
  412. 537C537 Identity gap
  413. 538C538 impromptu breakthrough
  414. 539C539 The monster in general
  415. 540C540 strike
  416. 541C541 encampment outside the relic
  417. 542C542 Viridescent Eagle Group
  418. 543C543 Easily killed
  419. 544C544 Young Master of Thunder Clan
  420. 545C545 Search for Thunder Clan
  421. 546C546 Thunder Clan
  422. 547C547 Identity
  423. 548C548 Trouble with the Thunder Clan
  424. 549C549 Chasing Attack
  425. 550C550 And fight Zhou Leng again
  426. 551C551 Completely berserk again
  427. 552C552 three to one
  428. 553C553 stroke
  429. 554C554 critical moment
  430. 555C555 main hall array
  431. 556C556 intramedullary killing
  432. 557C557 Timely arrival support
  433. 558C558 God-level self-detonation
  434. 559C559 devouring heaven and earth
  435. 560C560 Strange scene
  436. 561C561 A former storage room
  437. 562C562 seclusion
  438. 563C563 Third Style, Flowing Tower
  439. 564C564 To the Auction Guild.
  440. 565C565 Arrival
  441. 566C566 Vice President Lin
  442. 567C567 Vice President Sun
  443. 568C568 hands-on
  444. 569C569 force back
  445. 570C570 Meet Qing Xuan again
  446. 571C571 Murong Yi
  447. 572C572 Eat
  448. 573C573 Ten Thousands Sect
  449. 574C574 sparring
  450. 575C575 Same Cultivation Method
  451. 576C576 Exposure
  452. 577C577 Murong Xiangtian
  453. 578C578 One of our own!?
  454. 579C579 More inside
  455. 580C580 Departure, a mysterious place
  456. 581C581 Xuanyuan Palace
  457. 582C582 Mysterious Land
  458. 583C583 nick
  459. 584C584 Primal Chaos Beast
  460. 585C585 The Red Cloud Sword showed off its might
  461. 586C586 Behind the Mystery
  462. 587C587 Fierce Fighting Primal Chaos Beast
  463. 588C588 cave
  464. 589C589 accidental attack
  465. 590C590 mysterious man
  466. 591C591 Inside the magic array
  467. 592C592 Discovery of Formation Aperture
  468. 593C593 Essence Extinguishing Chaos Array
  469. 594C594 broken array
  470. 595C595 detach
  471. 596C596 Split Again
  472. 597C597 New training methods
  473. 598C598 Attacked
  474. 599C599 One to Four
  475. 600C600 A siege of five Deities.
  476. 601C601 injury
  477. 602C602 Zhuang Yu quickly rushed over.
  478. 603C603 The clues of the Demon Suppressing Pagoda.
  479. 604C604 residual soul utilization
  480. 605C605 Dinner
  481. 606C606 Behind the scenes
  482. 607C607 Someone from the Extermination Sect had arrived!
  483. 608C608 Refining Symbol Puppet
  484. 609C609 Start of Elder Election
  485. 610C610 The Elders' Competition
  486. 611C611 Schedule Start
  487. 612C612 Zanthoxanthin
  488. 613C613 trap array
  489. 614C614 Besieged again
  490. 615C615 I have to go all out...
  491. 616C616 Dead?
  492. 617C617 law of destruction
  493. 618C618 surge of strength
  494. 619C619 Killing Four-Star Martial God
  495. 620C620 President of the Auction Guild
  496. 621C621 President has requested
  497. 622C622 Above the War God
  498. 623C623 Shiqiao 3: 2
  499. 624C624 Guild Secret Realm
  500. 625C625 A real twenty-four heaven beads
  501. 626C626 Special features of Xiao Miao
  502. 627C627 Start again
  503. 628C628 Identity gap
  504. 629C629 Trouble with the Thunder Clan
  505. 630C630 Trouble
  506. 631C631 Xiao Miao against his enemy
  507. 632C632 He attacked like a thunderbolt …
  508. 633C633 Capture a few of your men
  509. 634C634 Once upon a time
  510. 635C635 Lingyin cryptolith array
  511. 636C636 I found the alien domain
  512. 637C637 Qing Xuan's Trouble
  513. 638C638 Sneaking
  514. 639C639 Discovered
  515. 640C640 plead
  516. 641C641 Arriving at Silver Moon Sect
  517. 642C642 Arrangements for Chen Xiao
  518. 643C643 Alternative approaches
  519. 644C644 Someone is doing it
  520. 645C645 Feast is not a good meal
  521. 646C646 further training
  522. 647C647 killing intent
  523. 648C648 Match Start
  524. 649C649 Confronting Yin Hongguang
  525. 650C650 Stimulation to exudate
  526. 651C651 Face smacking! A strong slap to the face!
  527. 652C652 Old woman's hand
  528. 653C653 A fierce battle!
  529. 654C654 Qing Xuan appeared
  530. 655C655 Anger!
  531. 656C656 Mysterious fox girl
  532. 657C657 Hu Mei'er's help
  533. 658C658 Secret Realm
  534. 659C659 Secret Realm Vicious Beasts
  535. 660C660 The Monster Race in the Secret Realm
  536. 661C661 Save the Village Chief
  537. 662C662 black wolf attack
  538. 663C663 rescue
  539. 664C664 Radix Sophorae Flavescentis
  540. 665C665 Celestial Dan Thunder
  541. 666C666 The pill was completed!
  542. 667C667 Someone from Black Wolf Village had arrived
  543. 668C668 delay time
  544. 669C669 demon beast transformation
  545. 670C670 There are also mysterious people …
  546. 671C671 Spirit Beast Heart
  547. 672C672 Ah Ya's Tracking
  548. 673C673 white-robed man
  549. 674C674 The Demon Emperor and Soaring Cloud
  550. 675C675 Huangsha River
  551. 676C676 The Yellow Sand Maze and the Yellow Sand Man
  552. 677C677 Ant Demon's assistance
  553. 678C678 Ant Demon race
  554. 679C679 Grand Elder
  555. 680C680 Sacred Artifact, Artifact Spirit
  556. 681C681 Ant Queen Ling Liquid
  557. 682C682 thrust into the yellow sand maze
  558. 683C683 Changes in the situation
  559. 684C684 Where the artifact spirit is located
  560. 685C685 The artifact spirit appears
  561. 686C686 The Great Elder's Conspiracy
  562. 687C687 On account
  563. 688C688 Sacred Land Appearance
  564. 689C689 The people of Extermination Sect had arrived
  565. 690C690 Kuang Hu
  566. 691C691 The Demon Emperor also came
  567. 692C692 combined
  568. 693C693 The Demon Emperor made his move
  569. 694C694 one against two
  570. 695C695 Hard fight
  571. 696C696 Ant Demon's assistance
  572. 697C697 treating the queen ant
  573. 698C698 Ant Queen, Bai Yi
  574. 699C699 Bai Yi and Hu Mei'er
  575. 700C700 The Transcendence of the Queen Ant
  576. 701C701 and Ah Ya
  577. 702C702 Ling Xiao's Idea
  578. 703C703 Kuang Hu's Night Assault
  579. 704C704 When Bai Yi made her move, Kuang Hu died
  580. 705C705 Lingxiao's reaction
  581. 706C706 There have been some insider stories
  582. 707C707 Back
  583. 708C708 Next, Canghai Region
  584. 709C709 Let's go, Xiao Miao followed along.
  585. 710C710 Seahold City
  586. 711C711 Canghai Region and Haihuang Sect
  587. 712C712 Hai Lanxin
  588. 713C713 Unexpected discovery
  589. 714C714 Invited
  590. 715C715 Second Prince of the Sea Clan
  591. 716C716 He was being watched by someone …
  592. 717C717 sense that something is amiss
  593. 718C718 Bai Lan
  594. 719C719 Additional arrangements
  595. 720C720 Meet Huang Du again
  596. 721C721 relic island
  597. 722C722 relic crisis
  598. 723C723 relic mutated monster
  599. 724C724 A lake, an ancient tree, someone had attacked …
  600. 725C725 Explode with all of his strength!
  601. 726C726 Poseidon
  602. 727C727 mysterious ancient tree
  603. 728C728 Ancient and Ancient Trees
  604. 729C729 double energy
  605. 730C730 Coming out of the Ruins
  606. 731C731 Third Prince, Hai Donghua
  607. 732C732 Strong
  608. 733C733 Fourth Prince
  609. 734C734 Assassin accident
  610. 735C735 Ambiguous situation
  611. 736C736 The assassin struck again
  612. 737C737 Master Tu and Master Hu
  613. 738C738 Fragrance?
  614. 739C739 Grand Princess invited
  615. 740C740 Grand Princess was also assassinated
  616. 741C741 The powerful Chen Xiao
  617. 742C742 Schedule paused
  618. 743C743 Second Prince
  619. 744C744 The Second Prince's Ability
  620. 745C745 Master Tu attack
  621. 746C746 'Terrifying power! '
  622. 747C747 Flee!
  623. 748C748 Search for relic entrance
  624. 749C749 get rid of, seriously injure, or lose consciousness
  625. 750C750 When the cocoon was formed, the Master Tu attacked once again.
  626. 751C751 The Ocean Emperor against the Master Tu
  627. 752C752 Powerful! Crush!
  628. 753C753 Power back
  629. 754C754 Another Lunar Bracelet
  630. 755C755 Changes in Haihuang Sect
  631. 756C756 Strong Resolution
  632. 757C757 Are you very strong?
  633. 758C758 Get rid of the second prince
  634. 759C759 The wind and waves that have come to a standstill
  635. 760C760 exchange of relics
  636. 761C761 Xiao Ling had come to the third region
  637. 762C762 Xiao Miao did not see him, blue light corridor
  638. 763C763 Ancient Trees and Blood-colored Organisms
  639. 764C764 people who live on ancient trees
  640. 765C765 Prophecy?
  641. 766C766 Tail of the Devil Dragon
  642. 767C767 Xiao Miao's location
  643. 768C768 Devil Dragon and Great Hand
  644. 769C769 The alien domain was opened
  645. 770C770 magic dragon transformation
  646. 771C771 Fourth floor of the Tower of Void with chicken ribs
  647. 772C772 leave a relic
  648. 773C773 Extermination Sect arrived
  649. 774C774 Zhuang Yu's request
  650. 775C775 The Great Harvest on the Island
  651. 776C776 Surprise
  652. 777C777 exodomain
  653. 778C778 labyrinth
  654. 779C779 tentacle monster
  655. 780C780 Strong Monsters
  656. 781C781 The true strength of Peak of the War God
  657. 782C782 The Sea of Blood and the Stone of Immortality
  658. 783C783 Six-headed Blood Python
  659. 784C784 Xiao Miao woke up
  660. 785C785 Inside the Demon Suppressing Pagoda
  661. 786C786 Meeting Soaring Cloud
  662. 787C787 force out
  663. 788C788 Hide
  664. 789C789 Active entry into snake belly
  665. 790C790 snake belly
  666. 791C791 Slightly worse
  667. 792C792 Let the Black Dragon Do It
  668. 793C793 Capturing Six-headed Blood Python
  669. 794C794 third layer
  670. 795C795 Black Dragon
  671. 796C796 Progress of the Xuanyuan siblings
  672. 797C797 The second level, Void Chaos.
  673. 798C798 Four Beasts Alliance
  674. 799C799 Control of Demon Suppressing Pagoda
  675. 800C800 Go to Bottom
  676. 801C801 Get rid of the monster
  677. 802C802 Special picture footage
  678. 803C803 reunion
  679. 804C804 The Battle of Martial Emperors in the Void
  680. 805C805 Fight against Lord Hu
  681. 806C806 Yi Li Di
  682. 807C807 World Extinguishing Sword Slash
  683. 808C808 A world beyond the Three Realms
  684. 809C809 A message from Soaring Cloud
  685. 810C810 To the Extermination Sect.
  686. 811C811 Unusual Recovery Method
  687. 812C812 Ling Xiao's arrangement
  688. 813C813 The power of the formation
  689. 814C814 broken array
  690. 815C815 Soaring Cloud's Trap
  691. 816C816 People from the Four Beasts Alliance
  692. 817C817 Transient peace
  693. 818C818 Qing Xuan returned
  694. 819C819 three women
  695. 820C820 Drinking
  696. 821C821 Internal Concern
  697. 822C822 The night was too dark!
  698. 823C823 Warm Morning
  699. 824C824 Formations in the treasury
  700. 825C825 Yun Xianglan and the Celestial Cave Palace
  701. 826C826 secret chamber
  702. 827C827 Void Chaos Formula
  703. 828C828 Method of return
  704. 829C829 Arrangements by Bai Zhenghu
  705. 830C830 Cultivating Void Chaos Formula
  706. 831C831 Dantian exploding? void state
  707. 832C832 A new crisis hit
  708. 833C833 Qiu Hao and Qiu Ran
  709. 834C834 The strength of Xiao Miao and the Demon Suppressing Pagoda.
  710. 835C835 "I've come out of seclusion."
  711. 836C836 taking advantage of the opportunity to hone his skills
  712. 837C837 The situation was critical!
  713. 838C838 The President Xuan is here
  714. 839C839 Divine Stone? Quite a lot.
  715. 840C840 Once again entering Demon Land
  716. 841C841 Something is wrong
  717. 842C842 Demon Land's Spatial Collapse
  718. 843C843 To save Bai Yi
  719. 844C844 Familiar Feelings
  720. 845C845 acute crescent
  721. 846C846 to recover Hu Mei'er's memories
  722. 847C847 The origin of the Demon Land
  723. 848C848 Head In
  724. 849C849 He saw a big hand again …
  725. 850C850 Master of Destruction
  726. 851C851 'Yue Yao is in trouble! '
  727. 852C852 Sandman leading the way
  728. 853C853 Another illusion?
  729. 854C854 He was furious!
  730. 855C855 First Demon Emperor
  731. 856C856 The Rebirth Corridor recognizes its master
  732. 857C857 Resolved
  733. 858C858 Returning to the Wind Moon Continent
  734. 859C859 Warlord Union
  735. 860C860 Set out, Peach Blossom Village
  736. 861C861 Organs found
  737. 862C862 Little World Exterminating Demon Dragon?
  738. 863C863 About the Previous Events
  739. 864C864 The fastest way to upgrade
  740. 865C865 Qinglong Hall
  741. 866C866 Pause
  742. 867C867 Astonishing Facts
  743. 868C868 leave
  744. 869C869 Find a suitable place of practice
  745. 870C870 Start training
  746. 871C871 No effect?
  747. 872C872 There's another insidious surge
  748. 873C873 Energy Confrontation
  749. 874C874 black hole shuttle
  750. 875C875 interplate
  751. 876C876 Endless Sea of Stars
  752. 877C877 Meteor Cluster
  753. 878C878 Sword Cut Meteor
  754. 879C879 A good chance to break through
  755. 880C880 Passing through the crisis
  756. 881C881 Shao Family's Voidboat
  757. 882C882 inboard
  758. 883C883 the foppish young lord of the Shao Family
  759. 884C884 He made his move
  760. 885C885 Shao Ying's request
  761. 886C886 Modifying Cultivation Methods
  762. 887C887 Chaos Formula
  763. 888C888 Two Martial Emperors
  764. 889C889 Different breakthroughs
  765. 890C890 The outskirts of the New Star Conference.
  766. 891C891 Phellodendron
  767. 892C892 There is plenty of divine stone
  768. 893C893 Fishing
  769. 894C894 Black Blade Gang of Four
  770. 895C895 Instantly solve and assassins
  771. 896C896 Three Martial Emperors
  772. 897C897 War Phantom Sword
  773. 898C898 The true strength of Phantom Sword …
  774. 899C899 Kill! The last Martial Emperor had appeared …
  775. 900C900 death energy
  776. 901C901 New Star Conference began.
  777. 902C902 Brother and sister coming on stage
  778. 903C903 shock the audience
  779. 904C904 Chen Xiao also went up on stage.
  780. 905C905 Was it really the War God?
  781. 906C906 Master of Time!
  782. 907C907 Question of the Master of Time
  783. 908C908 probing
  784. 909C909 frontal eruption
  785. 910C910 He had finally passed through a calamity …
  786. 911C911 'Is he an enemy or a friend? '
  787. 912C912 chaotic maelstrom
  788. 913C913 full breaking through
  789. 914C914 Reach Destructive Stage
  790. 915C915 chaos crystal
  791. 916C916 Failed
  792. 917C917 Master of Time made his move
  793. 918C918 Faster chaos crystal
  794. 919C919 Deputy Patriarch of the Shao Family
  795. 920C920 Shao Jianbai's conspiracy
  796. 921C921 Huge Ascension
  797. 922C922 go back
  798. 923C923 Warlord Union mutation
  799. 924C924 Yun Xianglan appeared
  800. 925C925 The Cloud Clan made his move.
  801. 926C926 To the Nine Heavens
  802. 927C927 Within the Nine Heavens
  803. 928C928 Strong opponent
  804. 929C929 Black Scaled Draconian
  805. 930C930 Second Black Dragon Body
  806. 931C931 final barrier
  807. 932C932 Attack the Alliance of Four Beasts
  808. 933C933 Arrangements by the Cloud Clan
  809. 934C934 Consecutive slaying of Martial Emperors
  810. 935C935 Inside the Cloud Clan
  811. 936C936 He was stunned …
  812. 937C937 Find Chen Lin
  813. 938C938 father and son meeting
  814. 939C939 Breakthrough! Martial Emperor
  815. 940C940 What happened
  816. 941C941 To the Cloud Clan.
  817. 942C942 Family reunion
  818. 943C943 Discovered
  819. 944C944 The great war is at hand
  820. 945C945 The Cloud Clan's men
  821. 946C946 continuous destruction
  822. 947C947 Yun Tianlong
  823. 948C948 Destruction Contest Creation
  824. 949C949 Fighting goes on and on
  825. 950C950 Black Dragon Head Appear
  826. 951C951 There is a problem with the head of the dragon
  827. 952C952 Recovering Strength
  828. 953C953 nihility attack
  829. 954C954 Undead Master of Destruction
  830. 955C955 body, last segment
  831. 956C956 The Sea of Nothingness
  832. 957C957 fight again against nothingness
  833. 958C958 Found, unexpected
  834. 959C959 the Master of Time made his move
  835. 960C960 New Master of Destruction
  836. 961C961 Strong Strength
  837. 962C962 The Sovereign appeared …
  838. 963C963 Sovereign of War
  839. 964C964 To sink into the depths
  840. 965C965 Problems at the ninth level
  841. 966C966 Power of origin
  842. 967C967 The War of the Sovereigns
  843. 968C968 Last Crazy
  844. 969C969 Heavily injured!
  845. 970C970 Laner
  846. 971C971 wound recovery
  847. 972C972 Lant's death
  848. 973C973 a heart palpitating colossus
  849. 974C974 Dangerous Sea
  850. 975C975 timely rescue
  851. 976C976 Are you a god?
  852. 977C977 Big Brother is so smart
  853. 978C978 sea god
  854. 979C979 fishing village
  855. 980C980 Martial realm
  856. 981C981 Mood Enhancement
  857. 982C982 Uncle Lin was injured
  858. 983C983 Zongxian
  859. 984C984 treasure map
  860. 985C985 Is it true?
  861. 986C986 brachium hardening
  862. 987C987 The shocked Zhao He
  863. 988C988 Famous
  864. 989C989 Looking for islands
  865. 990C990 Message
  866. 991C991 robbing
  867. 992C992 bandit killing
  868. 993C993 reencounter
  869. 994C994 Instant kill
  870. 995C995 Stepping in first?
  871. 996C996 reencounter
  872. 997C997 Discovery of ruins
  873. 998C998 broken array
  874. 999C999 Divine Beast Vermillion Bird
  875. 1000C1000 cinnabar fruit
  876. 1001C1001 Previous relics
  877. 1002C1002 New discovery
  878. 1003C1003 godly vein
  879. 1004C1004 Killing a dolphin
  880. 1005C1005 Split up
  881. 1006C1006 destination
  882. 1007C1007 open stone chamber
  883. 1008C1008 Legacy of the Divine Emperor
  884. 1009C1009 insidious
  885. 1010C1010 strenuous possession
  886. 1011C1011 metamorphosis
  887. 1012C1012 self-created cultivation technique
  888. 1013C1013 deducing technique
  889. 1014C1014 Difficulties of fishing villages
  890. 1015C1015 take down
  891. 1016C1016 Did he run away?
  892. 1017C1017 No one dares to believe
  893. 1018C1018 God of Killings
  894. 1019C1019 Leaving no Chicken or Dog
  895. 1020C1020 Shrill
  896. 1021C1021 A village destroyed
  897. 1022C1022 go
  898. 1023C1023 Settle
  899. 1024C1024 larch Cultivate
  900. 1025C1025 Chen Xiao's revenge
  901. 1026C1026 assault and killing
  902. 1027C1027 Search
  903. 1028C1028 falsely true
  904. 1029C1029 Assassination
  905. 1030C1030 thyme, fructus
  906. 1031C1031 One extra person
  907. 1032C1032 leaked
  908. 1033C1033 The Immortal Sword Formation
  909. 1034C1034 Poison!
  910. 1035C1035 Pit and kill
  911. 1036C1036 Slash!
  912. 1037C1037 shatter
  913. 1038C1038 magic dragon transformation
  914. 1039C1039 Chasing down the Grand Elder
  915. 1040C1040 Wuhai Peak
  916. 1041C1041 entanglement
  917. 1042C1042 A terrifying expert of the Deity Realm
  918. 1043C1043 Crack Escape
  919. 1044C1044 subterranean river
  920. 1045C1045 A third-level divine formation
  921. 1046C1046 array in array
  922. 1047C1047 Three years
  923. 1048C1048 Three years
  924. 1049C1049 They were facing a great enemy …
  925. 1050C1050 Three days of farewell
  926. 1051C1051 Escape
  927. 1052C1052 Against Empyrean Gods?
  928. 1053C1053 blood-light knife
  929. 1054C1054 Crash
  930. 1055C1055 Heavenly Court
  931. 1056C1056 Nine Layered Heavens
  932. 1057C1057 space bug clan
  933. 1058C1058 Void Battlefield
  934. 1059C1059 Sign up
  935. 1060C1060 Lan-Er
  936. 1061C1061 New weapons
  937. 1062C1062 Universal City
  938. 1063C1063 Star Seizer City
  939. 1064C1064 fire crystal
  940. 1065C1065 Pill King Huang Shao Slanted
  941. 1066C1066 Stallings
  942. 1067C1067 Alchemy
  943. 1068C1068 I've made a lot of money
  944. 1069C1069 Invitation from the Pill King
  945. 1070C1070 sea of people
  946. 1071C1071 To the Universal City.
  947. 1072C1072 barbecue
  948. 1073C1073 Star
  949. 1074C1074 City Under the Moon
  950. 1075C1075 battle armor
  951. 1076C1076 Auction
  952. 1077C1077 incidental
  953. 1078C1078 Attend Auction
  954. 1079C1079 Start of auction
  955. 1080C1080 eighth stage spirit armor
  956. 1081C1081 descendant of the Divine Emperor
  957. 1082C1082 Buying hearts
  958. 1083C1083 Lingyin fox
  959. 1084C1084 strike
  960. 1085C1085 successive attacks
  961. 1086C1086 Got it
  962. 1087C1087 Message
  963. 1088C1088 almighty's abode
  964. 1089C1089 The division of the guards in the Heavenly Court
  965. 1090C1090 Depart, Star Wars Battlefield!
  966. 1091C1091 weapon of terror
  967. 1092C1092 incipient bug
  968. 1093C1093 Risky situation
  969. 1094C1094 Bloody fighting
  970. 1095C1095 Star City Square
  971. 1096C1096 Dangerous battlefields
  972. 1097C1097 Meet Again
  973. 1098C1098 larva
  974. 1099C1099 entomological nest
  975. 1100C1100 desperate situation
  976. 1101C1101 Break through the formation!
  977. 1102C1102 found vein
  978. 1103C1103 assaulting the acupoint of the God of Heaven
  979. 1104C1104 Break through the Deity Realm?
  980. 1105C1105 They all broke through!
  981. 1106C1106 profuse harvest
  982. 1107C1107 Chase
  983. 1108C1108 Inexplicable Lying Gun
  984. 1109C1109 force out
  985. 1110C1110 fighting method
  986. 1111C1111 Kill the Old Man
  987. 1112C1112 Play the pig to eat the tiger?
  988. 1113C1113 Chase
  989. 1114C1114 adhesive
  990. 1115C1115 assaulting
  991. 1116C1116 The white-clothed youth in the blood sea
  992. 1117C1117 Insect Tide
  993. 1118C1118 Endangered Insect Tide
  994. 1119C1119 Struggle
  995. 1120C1120 lightning escape
  996. 1121C1121 Qingyan
  997. 1122C1122 flying shuttle
  998. 1123C1123 Chasing meteorite
  999. 1124C1124 A palace on a meteorite
  1000. 1125C1125 burst
  1001. 1126C1126 Divine King Realm expert
  1002. 1127C1127 inside
  1003. 1128C1128 spatial method
  1004. 1129C1129 Temple
  1005. 1130C1130 Insect Tide
  1006. 1131C1131 escape
  1007. 1132C1132 A Divine Emperor Relic?
  1008. 1133C1133 scam
  1009. 1134C1134 calculation
  1010. 1135C1135 Insect Tsunami Riots
  1011. 1136C1136 mutual pit
  1012. 1137C1137 reinforcements arriving
  1013. 1138C1138 The appearance of the almighty's abode
  1014. 1139C1139 The might of the Soul-Extinguishing Cannon
  1015. 1140C1140 standard bow and arrow
  1016. 1141C1141 mixed fighting
  1017. 1142C1142 heart of solicitation
  1018. 1143C1143 Star card integral
  1019. 1144C1144 Unexpected
  1020. 1145C1145 blood-fighting
  1021. 1146C1146 lingering ghost
  1022. 1147C1147 insidious
  1023. 1148C1148 turnaround
  1024. 1149C1149 Was there a problem with the void?
  1025. 1150C1150 Divine Emperor made his move
  1026. 1151C1151 twelve-winged black mantis
  1027. 1152C1152 spatial fissure
  1028. 1153C1153 wailing
  1029. 1154C1154 Mysterious palace in the crevice
  1030. 1155C1155 Entering the secret realm?
  1031. 1156C1156 Entering the Secret Realm
  1032. 1157C1157 Blocked
  1033. 1158C1158 probing array
  1034. 1159C1159 broken array
  1035. 1160C1160 Sword Formation Technique
  1036. 1161C1161 The Silent Palace
  1037. 1162C1162 eerie
  1038. 1163C1163 Ghosts
  1039. 1164C1164 Face-smacking?
  1040. 1165C1165 Invite Team
  1041. 1166C1166 ghoul attack
  1042. 1167C1167 eerie secret passage
  1043. 1168C1168 Soul-Beads
  1044. 1169C1169 Five Elements Pearl
  1045. 1170C1170 spatial collapse
  1046. 1171C1171 Recruitment
  1047. 1172C1172 Enter the Heavenly Court?
  1048. 1173C1173 Refining the Yin Pearls
  1049. 1174C1174 Face Preserving Pill
  1050. 1175C1175 Recruitment
  1051. 1176C1176 hunting army
  1052. 1177C1177 Cage Out
  1053. 1178C1178 The Celestial King made his move
  1054. 1179C1179 gold eating bug
  1055. 1180C1180 formation
  1056. 1181C1181 Collision?
  1057. 1182C1182 The golden beetle appeared again
  1058. 1183C1183 The Insect Army Arrived
  1059. 1184C1184 besieged
  1060. 1185C1185 mutation
  1061. 1186C1186 delay time
  1062. 1187C1187 Help
  1063. 1188C1188 join forces against an enemy
  1064. 1189C1189 Stabilize the situation
  1065. 1190C1190 flow stone
  1066. 1191C1191 matrix breakdown
  1067. 1192C1192 Chen Xiao was severely injured
  1068. 1193C1193 eccentric meteorite
  1069. 1194C1194 Ancient Teleportation Array
  1070. 1195C1195 Use transfer array
  1071. 1196C1196 Low level plane?
  1072. 1197C1197 A group of people
  1073. 1198C1198 Incomprehensible
  1074. 1199C1199 Old Man
  1075. 1200C1200 [1,200]. Old Man's Request
  1076. 1201C1201 Tianshan
  1077. 1202C1202 uncontrollable body
  1078. 1203C1203 Cowherd boys
  1079. 1204C1204 To Tianshan Mountain
  1080. 1205C1205 Changyi
  1081. 1206C1206 facial presentation
  1082. 1207C1207 The origin of the Decline Heaven Realm
  1083. 1208C1208 Meta From
  1084. 1209C1209 Return
  1085. 1210C1210 A strange grand formation
  1086. 1211C1211 secret information
  1087. 1212C1212 Jedi
  1088. 1213C1213 It's been a hundred years since I looked back
  1089. 1214C1214 Void Drawing
  1090. 1215C1215 Failed
  1091. 1216C1216 To the Jedi
  1092. 1217C1217 innate spiritual treasure
  1093. 1218C1218 pseudo-sage
  1094. 1219C1219 shipbuilding
  1095. 1220C1220 combined refining
  1096. 1221C1221 Test Spirit Boat
  1097. 1222C1222 crisis
  1098. 1223C1223 Refining Complete
  1099. 1224C1224 Crossing (Up)
  1100. 1225C1225 Crossing (Medium)
  1101. 1226C1226 Crossing (Down)
  1102. 1227C1227 falling into the void
  1103. 1228C1228 Black
  1104. 1229C1229 escape day
  1105. 1230C1230 Trouble?
  1106. 1231C1231 question
  1107. 1232C1232 The excited Yu Yuan
  1108. 1233C1233 pill making
  1109. 1234C1234 besieging Spirit Sword Sect
  1110. 1235C1235 killing intent
  1111. 1236C1236 Kick-start
  1112. 1237C1237 Yu Yuan's thoughts
  1113. 1238C1238 power of a single glance
  1114. 1239C1239 force to turn the tide
  1115. 1240C1240 shock
  1116. 1241C1241 ransom
  1117. 1242C1242 breakthrough
  1118. 1243C1243 return to wind and moon
  1119. 1244C1244 Back to the Chen Family
  1120. 1245C1245 Back to the Celestial Domain
  1121. 1246C1246 News from the White Emperor
  1122. 1247C1247 Yi Feng
  1123. 1248C1248 Pill King assessment
  1124. 1249C1249 Start assessment
  1125. 1250C1250 Continue
  1126. 1251C1251 'Monster! '
  1127. 1252C1252 guidance
  1128. 1253C1253 Huangfu Wangrong
  1129. 1254C1254 Group Invitation
  1130. 1255C1255 dense meeting
  1131. 1256C1256 Chaotic Sea of Stars
  1132. 1257C1257 Mystic danger
  1133. 1258C1258 Fishes and Vicious Beasts
  1134. 1259C1259 endosperm
  1135. 1260C1260 Chen Xiao's Experiment
  1136. 1261C1261 hoodwink
  1137. 1262C1262 shocked people
  1138. 1263C1263 Reach Entrance
  1139. 1264C1264 third layer
  1140. 1265C1265 fourth layer
  1141. 1266C1266 glacial spirit
  1142. 1267C1267 miss
  1143. 1268C1268 white bear
  1144. 1269C1269 blemish
  1145. 1270C1270 broken array
  1146. 1271C1271 berserk beast tide
  1147. 1272C1272 enter the forest
  1148. 1273C1273 Mysterious Ice Palace
  1149. 1274C1274 intrauterine ice
  1150. 1275C1275 Ice Spirit Reappearance
  1151. 1276C1276 ice flame mutation
  1152. 1277C1277 Qingyan restlessness
  1153. 1278C1278 Qingyan evolution
  1154. 1279C1279 seclusion training
  1155. 1280C1280 Advanced, late Divine King!
  1156. 1281C1281 Continue Exploring
  1157. 1282C1282 Passerby
  1158. 1283C1283 disciple of White Emperor
  1159. 1284C1284 face
  1160. 1285C1285 fifth layer
  1161. 1286C1286 flaming wolf
  1162. 1287C1287 Unbelievable
  1163. 1288C1288 Six Celestial Kings
  1164. 1289C1289 Gone
  1165. 1290C1290 Decision
  1166. 1291C1291 mists
  1167. 1292C1292 fruit tree
  1168. 1293C1293 dauricus, fructus
  1169. 1294C1294 Li Dragon
  1170. 1295C1295 Blocking Li Dragon
  1171. 1296C1296 A powerful Li Dragon
  1172. 1297C1297 Someone else arrived …
  1173. 1298C1298 Yellow sparrow?
  1174. 1299C1299 Chen Xiao made his move
  1175. 1300C1300 I can't stop it anymore
  1176. 1301C1301 meetings
  1177. 1302C1302 I am a disciple of the White Emperor.
  1178. 1303C1303 Got it
  1179. 1304C1304 kinesis
  1180. 1305C1305 parting
  1181. 1306C1306 smooth escape
  1182. 1307C1307 reencountering black mantis
  1183. 1308C1308 mists
  1184. 1309C1309 Sixth level
  1185. 1310C1310 parenteral fruit
  1186. 1311C1311 Comprehension of the Law of Space
  1187. 1312C1312 smooth breakthrough
  1188. 1313C1313 wind calming bead
  1189. 1314C1314 dragon-shaped spirit vein
  1190. 1315C1315 evil qi
  1191. 1316C1316 Thunder and lightning from heaven?
  1192. 1317C1317 Lightning pool, thunbergii fructus!
  1193. 1318C1318 Lightning pool cultivation!
  1194. 1319C1319 body tempering
  1195. 1320C1320 eighth layer
  1196. 1321C1321 Ninth level
  1197. 1322C1322 Ares-class weapon
  1198. 1323C1323 relic
  1199. 1324C1324 mad phagocytosis
  1200. 1325C1325 minor world
  1201. 1326C1326 A terrifying sword intent!
  1202. 1327C1327 Sword Spirit
  1203. 1328C1328 Capture and subdue the Sword Spirit [forward]
  1204. 1329C1329 Subdue the Sword Spirit
  1205. 1330C1330 The Battle of the Divine Emperor
  1206. 1331C1331 slaying Divine Emperor
  1207. 1332C1332 carnage
  1208. 1333C1333 One Sword and Four Gods
  1209. 1334C1334 one-way killing
  1210. 1335C1335 regurgitation
  1211. 1336C1336 The Eight Treasures Inn
  1212. 1337C1337 pengci
  1213. 1338C1338 Hand-to-hand
  1214. 1339C1339 Everyone was terrified
  1215. 1340C1340 The mayor appeared
  1216. 1341C1341 President's invitation
  1217. 1342C1342 Name
  1218. 1343C1343 Location
  1219. 1344C1344 array arrangement
  1220. 1345C1345 Set up a large formation
  1221. 1346C1346 Depart, Fifth Heaven!
  1222. 1347C1347 Tianyang City
  1223. 1348C1348 Cao Huan
  1224. 1349C1349 Meet Han Zifeng again
  1225. 1350C1350 Virtual Heaven Gate
  1226. 1351C1351 Emptiness Realm
  1227. 1352C1352 griffin
  1228. 1353C1353 Monster Fighting Beast
  1229. 1354C1354 Divine Emperor Realm Goblin Beast
  1230. 1355C1355 Grand Sun True Inflammation
  1231. 1356C1356 sealing Grand Sun Primordial Flame
  1232. 1357C1357 Origin of Sword Tomb
  1233. 1358C1358 Roar
  1234. 1359C1359 Giant ape demon beast
  1235. 1360C1360 underestimation
  1236. 1361C1361 Struggle
  1237. 1362C1362 critical injury
  1238. 1363C1363 help
  1239. 1364C1364 Successful resolution
  1240. 1365C1365 Arrival
  1241. 1366C1366 Don't white
  1242. 1367C1367 Virtual Sky Palace
  1243. 1368C1368 test array
  1244. 1369C1369 Clear vision, enter the formation!
  1245. 1370C1370 The door opened
  1246. 1371C1371 Valley Spring Rain
  1247. 1372C1372 Stop
  1248. 1373C1373 Gathered in the Void Temple
  1249. 1374C1374 Threat
  1250. 1375C1375 Channel occurrence
  1251. 1376C1376 eerie second level
  1252. 1377C1377 2nd level
  1253. 1378C1378 What was going on?
  1254. 1379C1379 third layer
  1255. 1380C1380 Sword Skills
  1256. 1381C1381 Tracing
  1257. 1382C1382 one hit break
  1258. 1383C1383 The power of the sword skill
  1259. 1384C1384 Moment of life and death
  1260. 1385C1385 hard resistance
  1261. 1386C1386 Slaying Divine Emperor
  1262. 1387C1387 KILL
  1263. 1388C1388 Kill Han Zifeng
  1264. 1389C1389 Jade Spirit Plate
  1265. 1390C1390 The furious White Emperor
  1266. 1391C1391 Senior Dongfang
  1267. 1392C1392 soul summoning
  1268. 1393C1393 His cultivation had advanced yet again
  1269. 1394C1394 Uncover
  1270. 1395C1395 escape
  1271. 1396C1396 backkill
  1272. 1397C1397 instantaneous killing
  1273. 1398C1398 Kill another person
  1274. 1399C1399 redox
  1275. 1400C1400 Auction
  1276. 1401C1401 Auction of the Black Dragon
  1277. 1402C1402 Farewell to Mo Long
  1278. 1403C1403 Hands
  1279. 1404C1404 stand up of your own accord
  1280. 1405C1405 The whereabouts of others
  1281. 1406C1406 Bidding
  1282. 1407C1407 Qing Xuan and Xiao Miao
  1283. 1408C1408 Once upon a time
  1284. 1409C1409 Heaven Covering Soul Suppressing Technique
  1285. 1410C1410 Chen Xiao's consideration
  1286. 1411C1411 loss of clue
  1287. 1412C1412 Chase down
  1288. 1413C1413 Unable to catch up
  1289. 1414C1414 Reporting
  1290. 1415C1415 setup
  1291. 1416C1416 suppressive killing
  1292. 1417C1417 Crazy suicidal
  1293. 1418C1418 Stillness
  1294. 1419C1419 Cheap Attack
  1295. 1420C1420 chopping
  1296. 1421C1421 The White Emperor closed in.
  1297. 1422C1422 The terror of the Borderless Stage
  1298. 1423C1423 Stellar Gate
  1299. 1424C1424 escape day
  1300. 1425C1425 Star Trek
  1301. 1426C1426 Encountering the Heaven's End Sect by chance