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Super Leveling System

Author:Ping Bu Qing Yun Genre:Fantasy
Status:Completed Num.:10020.00 k

Have you ever seen someone kill a fly and obtain Gale Slash?Have... more


  1. 1C1 Upgrade the system!
  2. 2C2 Trigger Task
  3. 3C3 Who do you think you are?!]
  4. 4C4 Heart of Ice
  5. 5C5 So fierce!
  6. 6C6 Phantom Step
  7. 7C7 dragon claw hand
  8. 8C8 My rules!
  9. 9C9 Raise Strength
  10. 10C10 Big Breast Sister
  11. 11C11 Grade Nine Martial Disciple Whole Gale Eagle
  12. 12C12 Sword Qi Storm
  13. 13C13 If he didn't take it, it would be a waste of his time!
  14. 14C14 I'll smash you to death with the Pills.
  15. 15C15 Gui Yuan Pill
  16. 16C16 Inner court disciple test
  17. 17C17 black python
  18. 18C18 Bloodline Opening
  19. 19C19 earth defense
  20. 20C20 Cheating?
  21. 21C21 My meaning is very simple!
  22. 22C22 Crazy Gift Pack
  23. 23C23 Nine Suns Divine Art!
  24. 24C24 Fiery Day Fist
  25. 25C25 animal fire
  26. 26C26 'It's very easy! '
  27. 27C27 qilin lion Task
  28. 28C28 One Yang Spirit Art!
  29. 29C29 Ghost Task
  30. 30C30 If I can't play with you, I won't die!
  31. 31C31 Ghost Slaughtering Mission
  32. 32C32 The Ghost Beast appeared
  33. 33C33 Opening of War Pet
  34. 34C34 flame tower
  35. 35C35 tiger-like clue
  36. 36C36 Satisfy your wish to eat shit
  37. 37C37 Are you willing?
  38. 38C38 He had no eyes!
  39. 39C39 God-Slaying Knife
  40. 40C40 Beautiful Killer!
  41. 41C41 Viper Raid
  42. 42C42 bloodline evolution
  43. 43C43 Super Bullshit Summoning Card
  44. 44C44 Life and death are indifferent, if you don't accept it, then do it!
  45. 45C45 Cosmic Bag
  46. 46C46 Ox Forcing Master
  47. 47C47 You were very arrogant just now?
  48. 48C48 Kill you in minutes!
  49. 49C49 Tripodophyllum chinense Thunb
  50. 50C50 Auction
  51. 51C51 It was stolen!
  52. 52C52 Dragon Soul Task
  53. 53C53 Pang Family of the Blood Slaughter
  54. 54C54 It's just a detoxification
  55. 55C55 Let me help you cripple him!
  56. 56C56 Massage. He had to do it!
  57. 57C57 Eat more papaya
  58. 58C58 Take as much as you want?
  59. 59C59 Qi Increasing Dan with Qi
  60. 60C60 Mandatory tasks
  61. 61C61 cold body! Demonification!
  62. 62C62 Three minutes, a real man!
  63. 63C63 Grass Three Swordsman Gai Lun!
  64. 64C64 Long live Demacia
  65. 65C65 This was the ultimate move of the Gods and Demons!
  66. 66C66 Your father is awesome?
  67. 67C67 Good elasticity!
  68. 68C68 Come, let this brother inspect your body!
  69. 69C69 Underground Flame City
  70. 70C70 Senior Martial Brother Lu, I was wrong.
  71. 71C71 affinity density
  72. 72C72 Capture Heaven Grade War Pet
  73. 73C73 More people is awesome?
  74. 74C74 Three Kingdoms' War God, Lu Bu!
  75. 75C75 Golden Crow Bloodline
  76. 76C76 Why are you running?
  77. 77C77 Dare to dare not bet
  78. 78C78 Laozi is arrogant, what about it?
  79. 79C79 Kneel before Laozi
  80. 80C80 Use the flame s to smash it!
  81. 81C81 Qingyang Holy Land
  82. 82C82 Solitary Defeat
  83. 83C83 Kill your way in
  84. 84C84 Nine Transformations Jindan
  85. 85C85 blood fog array!
  86. 86C86 True Body of the Frigid Poisonous Flood Dragon
  87. 87C87 Nine Suns Divine Art Branch Mission Burning Sky Valley's Mission
  88. 88C88 I'll torture you to death!
  89. 89C89 Burning skylark's natural fire
  90. 90C90 Face smacking!
  91. 91C91 So what if he's handsome?
  92. 92C92 Idiot
  93. 93C93 A third stage wuxiaojie was already an incredible feat!
  94. 94C94 He had to give it to her!
  95. 95C95 So casual, is it really okay?
  96. 96C96 I really don't want to hit you
  97. 97C97 Upgrade! Upgrade!
  98. 98C98 Sacred Level Bloodline
  99. 99C99 Was the first stage of wuxiaojie that awesome?
  100. 100C100 Try one of you!
  101. 101C101 F * ck, come!
  102. 102C102 Tyrant's Saber Intent
  103. 103C103 The boss dropped!
  104. 104C104 Laozi is very unhappy!
  105. 105C105 Explode!
  106. 106C106 Body of the thick soil
  107. 107C107 "Boom!"
  108. 108C108 Medusa
  109. 109C109 Bloodline Summon!
  110. 110C110 Ancient Titan Ancestors
  111. 111C111 djinni
  112. 112C112 Violent abuse!
  113. 113C113 Beginning of the Demonic Cultivating Mission
  114. 114C114 primary demon body
  115. 115C115 Get out of the way, he's from Laozi!
  116. 116C116 You want to see the War Pet, right?
  117. 117C117 Charge in!
  118. 118C118 One versus fifty thousand!
  119. 119C119 Underground City
  120. 120C120 Demons Summoning Technique
  121. 121C121 heavenly thunder and earth fire
  122. 122C122 One on one against the Beast God!
  123. 123C123 Crazy Reward
  124. 124C124 Heart of the Beast God
  125. 125C125 Bloodthirsty God-Slaying Knife
  126. 126C126 Immortal slaying Sword Intent
  127. 127C127 F * ck him!
  128. 128C128 Master, I'm so lonely!
  129. 129C129 Sword Spirit of the Immortal Slayer
  130. 130C130 Sweep across Qingyang Holy Land
  131. 131C131 crystal ore
  132. 132C132 Demons!
  133. 133C133 Immortal slaying Sword Formation
  134. 134C134 Black Flame Devil Fire
  135. 135C135 Sword Spirit's Wrath!
  136. 136C136 Laozi still hasn't had enough!
  137. 137C137 demon king mission
  138. 138C138 Laozi has made you feel extremely good!
  139. 139C139 He couldn't accept it!
  140. 140C140 exterminating Giant Sword Sect
  141. 141C141 Myriad Sword Mountain
  142. 142C142 Confronting Rank five Martial Lord
  143. 143C143 Now, it was Laozi's turn!
  144. 144C144 Are you sure?
  145. 145C145 Comprehension of Ye Gu Cheng's Sword Truth
  146. 146C146 Hundred Step Flying Sword!
  147. 147C147 Laozi is very sad, right?
  148. 148C148 Skill Comprehension Card
  149. 149C149 Are you still showing off?
  150. 150C150 full blood resuscitation
  151. 151C151 Thousand Double Shadow Clone
  152. 152C152 Senior Martial Brother Lu, I'm so scared!
  153. 153C153 One versus twenty thousand Demonic Beast
  154. 154C154 Nine Candles
  155. 155C155 soul Martial Skill soul hunting arrow
  156. 156C156 Fatty
  157. 157C157 Call Big Brother
  158. 158C158 first order Martial Lord
  159. 159C159 Nine Cracks
  160. 160C160 Your brother's broadsword has long been unable to endure the thirst!
  161. 161C161 The consequences of provoking you?
  162. 162C162 yin soldier from the hellish
  163. 163C163 ghostlike blood
  164. 164C164 Ox-Head, I'll kill you!
  165. 165C165 Crazy big bang!
  166. 166C166 berserk armor Ignition!
  167. 167C167 Super Saiyan
  168. 168C168 Eldest, come on, release yourself!
  169. 169C169 Mysterious Sword Sect
  170. 170C170 Continue being arrogant?!
  171. 171C171 ready to sweep
  172. 172C172 Sword Beast Spatial Secret Realm
  173. 173C173 Bloodsword Massacre Spiritual Array
  174. 174C174 A group of Idiot s
  175. 175C175 The soul-taking could actually be used like this!
  176. 176C176 What the f * ck are you doing!
  177. 177C177 Bringing a few hundred people with them?
  178. 178C178 What for? Of course, kill him!
  179. 179C179 The Laozi is here to harvest!
  180. 180C180 Super Saiyan transformation!
  181. 181C181 Dragon Fist
  182. 182C182 All dead?
  183. 183C183 Laozi is waiting for you to kneel.
  184. 184C184 Whoever blocks Laozi, Laozi will kill!
  185. 185C185 Slaughter the Li Family.
  186. 186C186 Anger
  187. 187C187 Blood Puppet Technique
  188. 188C188 Damn Li Family!
  189. 189C189 Martial Saint Grade? Laozi is the same!
  190. 190C190 They wanted Laozi to die?
  191. 191C191 You've been abused by me
  192. 192C192 Rank seven Martial Lord
  193. 193C193 Soul Devouring Awakening
  194. 194C194 The Laozi did not have any cards left to play?
  195. 195C195 The result of posturing!
  196. 196C196 No need to wait, Laozi will trample on you now!
  197. 197C197 About to burst
  198. 198C198 The great move of the Barbarian King s with Infinite Fury
  199. 199C199 Chi You's mask
  200. 200C200 Laozi is very satisfied!
  201. 201C201 Rank nine Martial Lord
  202. 202C202 Chi Youxuying
  203. 203C203 Lottery system
  204. 204C204 Martial Emperor Pill
  205. 205C205 Is Martial Emperor that awesome?
  206. 206C206 Martial Emperor, Lu Zixuan!
  207. 207C207 Slag, the Laozi is here again!
  208. 208C208 So what if the Laozi is a demon?
  209. 209C209 Leaving the Mysterious Sword Sect
  210. 210C210 Sky Devil Remains Task
  211. 211C211 Awesome War Servant System
  212. 212C212 Was this really an ominous blade?
  213. 213C213 Heaven Class Demonic Beast?
  214. 214C214 1v1? Are you sure?
  215. 215C215 You're just a piece of trash!
  216. 216C216 You are forcing the Laozi to act tough!
  217. 217C217 You want to duel me?
  218. 218C218 pupils of Chi You
  219. 219C219 Magic version of Roulette!
  220. 220C220 Hands of God!
  221. 221C221 Holy shit, this is what Laozi likes!
  222. 222C222 Are you sure you are still strong? () Chapter One!)
  223. 223C223 The Eggs shattered! Chapter Two!)
  224. 224C224 Demonification Pill s (Chapter 3!)
  225. 225C225 Early birth (Chapter 4!)
  226. 226C226 Demonic Forest (Chapter 5!)
  227. 227C227 Lu Zixuan, go and die! Chapter Six!)
  228. 228C228 Advancing two levels consecutively (Chapter 7!)
  229. 229C229 Chapter 8!)
  230. 230C230 Chapter 9!)
  231. 231C231 fallen angel (Chapter 10!)
  232. 232C232 Duplicate a big move!
  233. 233C233 Submit!
  234. 234C234 The Great Techniques of the Ice-Blast Bear
  235. 235C235 How did you know my ultimate move?
  236. 236C236 Sky Devil Remains
  237. 237C237 Heavenly Devil Transformation
  238. 238C238 Kill him and I'll give you everything!
  239. 239C239 Laozi will not submit!
  240. 240C240 Transform, Heavenly Demon Grandmaster!
  241. 241C241 Soul Nurturing Orb
  242. 242C242 Strength! Laozi wants power!
  243. 243C243 Stealing monsters!
  244. 244C244 I am from Fire Demon Gate!
  245. 245C245 fire spirit
  246. 246C246 holy body of the Great Sun
  247. 247C247 The fire of life Divine Lotus Magic Flames
  248. 248C248 Fire Demon Gate
  249. 249C249 Warden of Soul Lock hammerstone
  250. 250C250 The Land of the Nine Nether
  251. 251C251 Force Defender Tasks
  252. 252C252 To pack to force
  253. 253C253 One on one!
  254. 254C254 Cultivating array disk
  255. 255C255 It was not just one person fighting!
  256. 256C256 Level One Martial Monarch!
  257. 257C257 Resurrection with Full Blood and Blue
  258. 258C258 A total of 56 times!
  259. 259C259 Take them all with one slash!
  260. 260C260 Brothers, let's go!
  261. 261C261 That's how you act!
  262. 262C262 Plunder a city!
  263. 263C263 Awesome to the point of exploding!
  264. 264C264 Let's attack together!
  265. 265C265 Sub Mission Hidden Trigger!
  266. 266C266 Xiao Jue, apologize to Master!
  267. 267C267 This was the true Big Sword!
  268. 268C268 lassie, I will strip your clothes!
  269. 269C269 This brother is a legend!
  270. 270C270 Brother's big move, Extermination of Divine Lotus Inflammation!
  271. 271C271 lassie, is this brother handsome?
  272. 272C272 As they chatted, the oars were reduced to ashes!
  273. 273C273 hellish
  274. 274C274 A mad kill along the way
  275. 275C275 Soul Fluid
  276. 276C276 Ox-Head, long time no see!
  277. 277C277 eighteen floors of hellish s
  278. 278C278 tongue-drawing hellish
  279. 279C279 Tremble, kid!
  280. 280C280 Three Thousand Death follower
  281. 281C281 The Bloodthirsty God-Slaying Knife was exterminated!
  282. 282C282 soul shears
  283. 283C283 The Laozi was like this!
  284. 284C284 Pushing eighteen layers of hellish s horizontally
  285. 285C285 Too weak!
  286. 286C286 hellish Vermillion Bird
  287. 287C287 The golden cudgel was huge!
  288. 288C288 Purgatory Demon Sabre
  289. 289C289 Bullhead
  290. 290C290 At the critical moment!
  291. 291C291 Summon Death
  292. 292C292 Death Realm and hellish's Resistance
  293. 293C293 Broken Yama King
  294. 294C294 Dreadful Ksitigarbha
  295. 295C295 If he didn't give it a try, how would he know?
  296. 296C296 Are you sure you want to kill me?
  297. 297C297 another wave
  298. 298C298 Extreme Violet Demon Sect
  299. 299C299 Flaming Rebirth Pill
  300. 300C300 The sect was being killed!
  301. 301C301 blood demon
  302. 302C302 blood-colored version of twisted treemine
  303. 303C303 Stunned blood demon
  304. 304C304 Capturing blood demon
  305. 305C305 Blood Cleansing Demon Sect
  306. 306C306 Thousand-Hands Giant Devil
  307. 307C307 Special Martial Skill, Thousand Hands!
  308. 308C308 Crazy big lottery draw!
  309. 309C309 Demonic Sect
  310. 310C310 Grand marriage
  311. 311C311 The wedding was going to be a big scene!
  312. 312C312 I, the General Forbidden, vow to protect the master!
  313. 313C313 Your tastes are very heavy!
  314. 314C314 masochism
  315. 315C315 Super recovery pill
  316. 316C316 Demon Gate Opening
  317. 317C317 Ten Thousand Lightning Roof Symbol
  318. 318C318 Laozi can't kill you?
  319. 319C319 Seven Deaths
  320. 320C320 and violent fan Martial Saint!
  321. 321C321 Amazing!
  322. 322C322 No, definitely not!
  323. 323C323 Return to Azure Sun Sect
  324. 324C324 Do it! Kill them!
  325. 325C325 giant spider?
  326. 326C326 The atmosphere was quite lively!
  327. 327C327 We're so scared!
  328. 328C328 adults, it's all a misunderstanding!
  329. 329C329 Subduing Nine-tailed Devil Scorpion King
  330. 330C330 Buddhist Region
  331. 331C331 Do you dare to bet?
  332. 332C332 Kneel!
  333. 333C333 Senior, what happened to you?
  334. 334C334 Heaven Sealing Array
  335. 335C335 Lei Mo appeared
  336. 336C336 Scary!
  337. 337C337 Actually, I'm even more amazing than that!
  338. 338C338 Laozi did not even think of leaving!
  339. 339C339 Eldest, don't be in such a hurry …
  340. 340C340 Next time there will be a chance
  341. 341C341 nonpassing secret
  342. 342C342 Tathagata's Palm
  343. 343C343 Dazhi Buddhist Sect
  344. 344C344 I'll take you up!
  345. 345C345 Master, are they the three idiots?
  346. 346C346 Damn it, who else could it be!
  347. 347C347 All of them exploded!
  348. 348C348 Tens of thousands of sepulchre
  349. 349C349 Digging the Grave
  350. 350C350 Rufus's strength card
  351. 351C351 Fighting Demon Ape
  352. 352C352 Guan Shiyin!
  353. 353C353 Holy shit, master has become a Buddha?
  354. 354C354 What are you doing?
  355. 355C355 More than cold mountain, lightning wild chrysanthemum
  356. 356C356 Fusion Sellitto
  357. 357C357 You want evidence?
  358. 358C358 Powerful faction, deceitful and deceitful!
  359. 359C359 I'm really part of the Heaven's Path!
  360. 360C360 Using a sword in front of the Laozi?
  361. 361C361 Buddha
  362. 362C362 Keep a low profile! He had to keep a low profile!
  363. 363C363 Laozi will help you!
  364. 364C364 Continue acting cool!
  365. 365C365 double repair card
  366. 366C366 Let the storm come harder!
  367. 367C367 What a scam!
  368. 368C368 Medicine God Sect
  369. 369C369 Medicine God Sect mission
  370. 370C370 Ninth Grade Heaven Grade!
  371. 371C371 Men had to endure for a long time!
  372. 372C372 perceiving inheritance
  373. 373C373 Laozi will help you!
  374. 374C374 tread burst
  375. 375C375 Lottery draw! Lottery draw!
  376. 376C376 Old Lord Taishang Possession Card!
  377. 377C377 Challenge the entire Medicine God Sect
  378. 378C378 Do you dare to bet?
  379. 379C379 Complete opprobrium!
  380. 380C380 Impossible to win?
  381. 381C381 Who else!
  382. 382C382 Sacred Level Three? It was the same!
  383. 383C383 The Laozi is not good enough?
  384. 384C384 Lei Mo, fight for the Laozi!
  385. 385C385 Nine-striped Heavenly Thunder Pill, face smacking!
  386. 386C386 Throw them all out!
  387. 387C387 divine instrument and Herbal Spirit Cauldron!
  388. 388C388 Admit defeat?
  389. 389C389 Saint Rank Six Devil Blood Pill!
  390. 390C390 Grade Nine Deity Pellet!
  391. 391C391 Zhu Rong, come out!
  392. 392C392 Laozi will torture you to death!
  393. 393C393 Medicine God Sect mission completed!
  394. 394C394 He said that he would fuse them together just like that!
  395. 395C395 Greetings Eldest!
  396. 396C396 This realization was too high!
  397. 397C397 and once again entered the medicinal god valley!
  398. 398C398 The Great Master, who had been beaten to a pulp
  399. 399C399 What the heck are you trying to act cool for!
  400. 400C400 Let me give it a try
  401. 401C401 nine dragon homing
  402. 402C402 This brother is here!
  403. 403C403 To become sworn brothers with the Grand Elder?
  404. 404C404 You must accept it!]
  405. 405C405 hepatalgia
  406. 406C406 We are brothers!
  407. 407C407 Departure Demon Area
  408. 408C408 A head to head comparison?
  409. 409C409 I'm gay, I'm gay!
  410. 410C410 "Then let's kill our way in!"
  411. 411C411 Prepare a gift
  412. 412C412 Damn it, who else could it be?
  413. 413C413 Can't summon it?
  414. 414C414 rage killing Upgrade
  415. 415C415 The Limitless Sword Dao Wei Zhentian!
  416. 416C416 Eldest, I'm so touched!
  417. 417C417 Absolutely amazing!
  418. 418C418 Vampire, Gai Yin's descendant
  419. 419C419 An overpowered Nine Suns Fire God Prison!
  420. 420C420 Not qualified?
  421. 421C421 Burst out his chrysanthemum!
  422. 422C422 Big Gift Package Open
  423. 423C423 Refining blood lake
  424. 424C424 Laozi will kill you all!
  425. 425C425 Fusion successful!
  426. 426C426 A Erfa made a surprise attack
  427. 427C427 At the critical moment!
  428. 428C428 Divine Punisher Sword Diagram Sub Mission
  429. 429C429 berserk card, open!
  430. 430C430 Talking with strength!
  431. 431C431 Don't say that I didn't give you a chance!
  432. 432C432 You guys are too weak!
  433. 433C433 It was cooked and eaten!
  434. 434C434 Fourth floor of the indestructible body!
  435. 435C435 Kneel down?
  436. 436C436 In my eyes, you are all trash!
  437. 437C437 You have it, and I have it too!
  438. 438C438 Swordbox
  439. 439C439 super powerful Sword kinesis!
  440. 440C440 Bet?
  441. 441C441 Laugh, don't laugh anymore!
  442. 442C442 A group of residue ratio
  443. 443C443 Freezing Plain mission
  444. 444C444 Sword kinesis vs cryotoxin Thrust!
  445. 445C445 kaleidoscope
  446. 446C446 Is Laozi cheating?
  447. 447C447 When Laozi fought, it was always a 1v1 group!
  448. 448C448 Just these few people?
  449. 449C449 Kill as many as came!
  450. 450C450 Death by a single slap
  451. 451C451 Punishment!
  452. 452C452 Upgrade!
  453. 453C453 Laozi doesn't have time!
  454. 454C454 You want a fight? The Laozi s all accepted it!
  455. 455C455 Complete annihilation!
  456. 456C456 I'll do it!
  457. 457C457 This was a wealthy fighting style!
  458. 458C458 Prepare for battle, you dregs!
  459. 459C459 You want to challenge the Laozi?
  460. 460C460 20 million contribution points in hand!
  461. 461C461 Shen Long Tianyun Cannon!
  462. 462C462 Eldest, break his chrysanthemum!
  463. 463C463 Laozi is very satisfied with this gift!
  464. 464C464 Acting cool? Then let's do it!
  465. 465C465 Knife Attendant
  466. 466C466 hemoderm
  467. 467C467 mad explosion
  468. 468C468 fatalist
  469. 469C469 Fallen abyssal
  470. 470C470 exterminating Slaughter them all
  471. 471C471 fallen angel
  472. 472C472 "Boom!"
  473. 473C473 superdivine blood
  474. 474C474 Acting cool!
  475. 475C475 Next, who else?
  476. 476C476 As they talked, the oars would be reduced to ashes!
  477. 477C477 It's another Fifth Martial God!
  478. 478C478 The High Priestess strength card!
  479. 479C479 Another wave!
  480. 480C480 The thing was from the Laozi!
  481. 481C481 Run, Ox-Head!
  482. 482C482 'Who dares to touch him today? '
  483. 483C483 fatalist? Not interested!
  484. 484C484 Meeting gift!
  485. 485C485 Bloodline Fusion Crystal
  486. 486C486 strongest bloodline Task
  487. 487C487 Do you dare to bet again?
  488. 488C488 Everyone, please don't send us off …
  489. 489C489 Enter Demon God Spatial Realm
  490. 490C490 Behemothus Legion
  491. 491C491 Group War Card, explode for Laozi!
  492. 492C492 Gold Beamon
  493. 493C493 Power of bloodline origin
  494. 494C494 Compared to posturing, Laozi had never been afraid of anyone!
  495. 495C495 Savage beyond belief!
  496. 496C496 The transformation of Bloodline Fusion Crystal!
  497. 497C497 Comparing the number of people against the Laozi s?
  498. 498C498 You made me shout out!
  499. 499C499 A super sepulchre!
  500. 500C500 Flame Li Shen Python
  501. 501C501 Di Jun's sepulchre!
  502. 502C502 Be crazy, beast taming!
  503. 503C503 Forced control!
  504. 504C504 The peak of Laozi's life was coming!
  505. 505C505 A super glutton!
  506. 506C506 Then I'll just give it to you!
  507. 507C507 This is an insult to our intelligence!
  508. 508C508 Stealing the women of Laozi?
  509. 509C509 Destroy them all!
  510. 510C510 The Grand Moon Legacy quest!
  511. 511C511 Depart!
  512. 512C512 Come on, harvest!
  513. 513C513 Leader?
  514. 514C514 Legion system on
  515. 515C515 My little brother is awesome!
  516. 516C516 Scum?
  517. 517C517 Explosion of the Celestial Yin Beast!
  518. 518C518 The task was triggered!
  519. 519C519 Vicious Fusang divine tree
  520. 520C520 War God, Lu Zixuan!
  521. 521C521 super powerful Taiji Primordius Art!
  522. 522C522 Level Eight Martial God, what the heck are you doing!
  523. 523C523 Kill him!
  524. 524C524 It felt so good!
  525. 525C525 superdivine blood?
  526. 526C526 All of them were from the Laozi!
  527. 527C527 He had swallowed the door of god!
  528. 528C528 The aura of the The Western World!
  529. 529C529 Tripodophyllum chinense Thunb Task
  530. 530C530 You want to leave after acting so haughtily?
  531. 531C531 Do you dare to fight with Laozi one on one?
  532. 532C532 Let the team battle begin!
  533. 533C533 Don't even think about leaving!
  534. 534C534 The Treasure that Di Jun left behind!
  535. 535C535 Di Jun's Natural Fire
  536. 536C536 undead bird
  537. 537C537 Is Laozi qualified?
  538. 538C538 The boss of supergod level!
  539. 539C539 Why don't you to heaven, and Yang side by side and day!
  540. 540C540 The War God of the East and the West!
  541. 541C541 Set up pages!
  542. 542C542 Departure Draconic domain
  543. 543C543 Who said that, stand up for Laozi!
  544. 544C544 Do you dare to annihilate them with the Laozi?
  545. 545C545 giant tank
  546. 546C546 first-order supergod?
  547. 547C547 A 1v1 first-order supergod!
  548. 548C548 Taiji Primordius Killing technique, retaliate!
  549. 549C549 Acting tough gift pack!
  550. 550C550 Branch Task
  551. 551C551 Life was long, and acting cool was a part of it!
  552. 552C552 Acting tough to the limit!
  553. 553C553 Bloodline Melting Pill
  554. 554C554 The recommendation of the trumpet broadcast. Come out!
  555. 555C555 Nine Heavens Divine Thunder Talisman!
  556. 556C556 nine kinds of superspirit Dragon God Sword!
  557. 557C557 Dragon God Tomb
  558. 558C558 sixth-order supergod!
  559. 559C559 Ten thousand dragons entering the body!
  560. 560C560 Now, it was Laozi's turn!
  561. 561C561 A three month life!
  562. 562C562 Leaving the Draconic domain
  563. 563C563 Infernal domain!
  564. 564C564 Big Bro will sweep you away
  565. 565C565 demon god Fruit
  566. 566C566 League of Heroes turret
  567. 567C567 Group fight?
  568. 568C568 You want to rob me?
  569. 569C569 Refining demon god Fruit
  570. 570C570 Buddha Indestructible Body
  571. 571C571 Teach you how to be a person in minutes
  572. 572C572 Who else?
  573. 573C573 All of you get out of the way of the Laozi.
  574. 574C574 A bunch of weaklings!
  575. 575C575 Instant kill!
  576. 576C576 Chi You's disciple!
  577. 577C577 It's the Laozi!
  578. 578C578 Brother, we'll follow you!
  579. 579C579 What was going on?
  580. 580C580 Open your dog eye wide!
  581. 581C581 Bet!
  582. 582C582 Good stuff!
  583. 583C583 Kill the Laozi?
  584. 584C584 Unfair!
  585. 585C585 It was about to take form!
  586. 586C586 Laozi is waiting for you
  587. 587C587 The Ruins of All Fiends
  588. 588C588 Raptor fighter dropped
  589. 589C589 The Demonic Beast is here!
  590. 590C590 Come out!
  591. 591C591 Blast In
  592. 592C592 Demon Ox
  593. 593C593 He had gone berserk!
  594. 594C594 You don't accept it, right?
  595. 595C595 Subduing Demon Ox
  596. 596C596 Ninth Martial God
  597. 597C597 Kill Chi You's descendants
  598. 598C598 Demon Ox, come out!
  599. 599C599 Leng Ren!
  600. 600C600 Compete with Laozi in arrogance?
  601. 601C601 demonic will entering the body
  602. 602C602 evil god
  603. 603C603 I'm going to blow you up!
  604. 604C604 The white tiger pulled the coffin
  605. 605C605 little brother white tiger!
  606. 606C606 Demon God of Chi You!
  607. 607C607 demon god Transformation!
  608. 608C608 Conquering for the demon god Stone
  609. 609C609 You are very arrogant!
  610. 610C610 The Laozi had something even more ferocious!
  611. 611C611 Lord of the Demonic Shrine
  612. 612C612 The Burning Fire God Flame Sect
  613. 613C613 Do you dare to compete with me in bloodlines!
  614. 614C614 He had to be fast and handsome!
  615. 615C615 Zhao Jinger
  616. 616C616 blood essence
  617. 617C617 blood crystal
  618. 618C618 Do you still want to compete now?
  619. 619C619 It was all over in one go!
  620. 620C620 Hunting, begin!
  621. 621C621 The growth of his bloodline!
  622. 622C622 Level 9 Supergod blood beast
  623. 623C623 Nezha, come out!
  624. 624C624 All of them were supergods!
  625. 625C625 second-order supergod
  626. 626C626 Do you want to take a gamble?
  627. 627C627 Open your eyes wide for Laozi to continue watching!
  628. 628C628 Can't hurt you?
  629. 629C629 Competing in pill forging?
  630. 630C630 Old Lord Taishang possession card
  631. 631C631 Soul Nurturing Pill
  632. 632C632 Wu Hua
  633. 633C633 Acting like you only respect Ye Liangchen, and this Wu Hua.
  634. 634C634 turn decay into magic
  635. 635C635 Human Level Qi Enraged Pill?
  636. 636C636 Laozi started to slap his face!
  637. 637C637 Continue acting cool!
  638. 638C638 I admire your persistence
  639. 639C639 Fire Beast Pill
  640. 640C640 Enter ancestral land
  641. 641C641 Kill! Kill! Kill!
  642. 642C642 fire spirit
  643. 643C643 You're dead meat!
  644. 644C644 A large summon!
  645. 645C645 Shaking the hearts of people
  646. 646C646 demon god made his move
  647. 647C647 Old Lord Taishang's Alchemy Furnace and three kinds of true fire
  648. 648C648 Come in!
  649. 649C649 Such explosive news!
  650. 650C650 nine kinds of superspirit taiji chaotic fire!
  651. 651C651 Demonified Pangu's Bloodline
  652. 652C652 Wu Hua made a bet
  653. 653C653 You've been abused by me
  654. 654C654 Wu Hua, come and fight with Laozi one on one!
  655. 655C655 Descending from the sky!
  656. 656C656 Vice Sect Leader!
  657. 657C657 Allied System!
  658. 658C658 Eldest!
  659. 659C659 direct explosion
  660. 660C660 Follow me and annihilate the entire clan!
  661. 661C661 His Ninth Martial God is very powerful?
  662. 662C662 They were all wiped out!
  663. 663C663 Mysterious Sword Sect mission
  664. 664C664 Western world cultivator
  665. 665C665 Weakness does not speak
  666. 666C666 demon god was unhappy!
  667. 667C667 to destroy the Tian Que Sect.
  668. 668C668 Skull
  669. 669C669 Meng to force the
  670. 670C670 Holy Mountain?!
  671. 671C671 The transformation was successful!
  672. 672C672 Holy Mountain
  673. 673C673 Continue being arrogant?
  674. 674C674 The villain complains first
  675. 675C675 Ladies and gentlemen, uphold justice for me!
  676. 676C676 The Great Reverse!
  677. 677C677 The Ten Thousand Buddha Sealing Array opened!
  678. 678C678 Buddhist Secret Realm
  679. 679C679 He went in?
  680. 680C680 1st level
  681. 681C681 A sudden explosion of Formation Techniques!
  682. 682C682 Why?!
  683. 683C683 Holy shit, what did I find out?
  684. 684C684 A live broadcast was coming!
  685. 685C685 Shock!
  686. 686C686 Continue to kill!
  687. 687C687 Gold Needle Divine Spear Art!
  688. 688C688 The entire journey was shocking!
  689. 689C689 Super Big Boss
  690. 690C690 To have Chi You as his underling?
  691. 691C691 Blazing Angel Jia Bailie
  692. 692C692 Close the door and release the dog
  693. 693C693 Roasted chicken wings!
  694. 694C694 The Power of Death
  695. 695C695 A duel, right?
  696. 696C696 Waiting to be delivered to the door!
  697. 697C697 Super arsenal!
  698. 698C698 What was going on?
  699. 699C699 centripetal movement
  700. 700C700 You are very arrogant, aren't you?
  701. 701C701 Equipment!
  702. 702C702 Heaven Sealing Array!
  703. 703C703 Crazy ideas!
  704. 704C704 irrepressible rage
  705. 705C705 Was he feeling good now?
  706. 706C706 Don't even think about leaving!
  707. 707C707 aircraft carrier, come out!
  708. 708C708 Quest level up!
  709. 709C709 Lu Xifa appeared
  710. 710C710 rage killing strengthening card
  711. 711C711 Fair?
  712. 712C712 The Western World, I'm here!
  713. 713C713 They're all mine!
  714. 714C714 Lucky boy!
  715. 715C715 atomic bomb!
  716. 716C716 Target Mount Olympus
  717. 717C717 carnage
  718. 718C718 A hundred thousand atomic bomb!
  719. 719C719 Unable to fuse it?
  720. 720C720 Crazy random strengthening card!
  721. 721C721 Descendant of the god race
  722. 722C722 Come on, duel!
  723. 723C723 spirit induction
  724. 724C724 World Source!
  725. 725C725 The Source of Heaven and Earth!
  726. 726C726 Explode, atomic bomb!
  727. 727C727 ready to slaughter the gods
  728. 728C728 Must burst
  729. 729C729 The eye of the demon god in the kaleidoscope!
  730. 730C730 Task Complete
  731. 731C731 Unfair!
  732. 732C732 Ascending!
  733. 733C733 This is not the right way to open it!
  734. 734C734 Beast Battling Arena!
  735. 735C735 You are the Eldest?
  736. 736C736 Who else?
  737. 737C737 mortician strength card!
  738. 738C738 Hurry up!
  739. 739C739 Unhappy!
  740. 740C740 one against one against one hundred
  741. 741C741 Unrestricted hellish Iron Cage Competition
  742. 742C742 burying grandpa!
  743. 743C743 at all costs
  744. 744C744 Try moving it!
  745. 745C745 Machine gun, up!
  746. 746C746 Berserk Kill!
  747. 747C747 A Lottery system after leveling up!
  748. 748C748 Hide Task On
  749. 749C749 Big deal!
  750. 750C750 Sirius Gang Headquarters
  751. 751C751 A huge bet!
  752. 752C752 golden cudgel, come out!
  753. 753C753 golden cudgel!
  754. 754C754 He had to kill!
  755. 755C755 Continue showing off!
  756. 756C756 Extortion!
  757. 757C757 A vision of the future!
  758. 758C758 Go on, Xiongba!
  759. 759C759 Beast Blast Pill
  760. 760C760 You want to rob them? They're all mine!
  761. 761C761 Together?
  762. 762C762 Bloodline Suppression?
  763. 763C763 Crazy big bang!
  764. 764C764 Sword Qi Pill
  765. 765C765 Armored Guardian!
  766. 766C766 Asura Eight Desolations Slash!
  767. 767C767 sanguine fruit
  768. 768C768 Blood God Domain
  769. 769C769 Tian Que Sect
  770. 770C770 Robbery?
  771. 771C771 For the third brother, for honor!
  772. 772C772 Old Third?
  773. 773C773 Pengci!
  774. 774C774 I didn't even use any strength and you fell!
  775. 775C775 Auction
  776. 776C776 A good person!
  777. 777C777 To control the fate of others!
  778. 778C778 You guys can play on your own
  779. 779C779 Secrets
  780. 780C780 bloodline stone
  781. 781C781 I'll torture you to death!
  782. 782C782 Come quickly
  783. 783C783 Absolutely not
  784. 784C784 You really don't need to compensate me?
  785. 785C785 Crazy improvement!
  786. 786C786 Go quickly
  787. 787C787 Ten Thousand Swords Space
  788. 788C788 Instant kill!
  789. 789C789 Thousand Swords Mission
  790. 790C790 Blood-red Sword Qi
  791. 791C791 Second stage awakened sword control!
  792. 792C792 Threats!
  793. 793C793 Crazy!
  794. 794C794 Swordqi City
  795. 795C795 White Bone Road
  796. 796C796 Grief!
  797. 797C797 Destroy the entire Laozi!
  798. 798C798 mad explosion
  799. 799C799 Not serious enough!
  800. 800C800 Immortal Execution Diagram!
  801. 801C801 Cooperation?
  802. 802C802 I won't let you die from disgust!
  803. 803C803 The four Immortal swords had awoken!
  804. 804C804 four Immortal swords's Tempering Mission
  805. 805C805 This was an explosive attribute!
  806. 806C806 Sorry, I really do!
  807. 807C807 What a powerful little brother!
  808. 808C808 Refining Sword Qi
  809. 809C809 The Sword Qi of Slaughter after transformation!
  810. 810C810 I killed them all!
  811. 811C811 Give it a try?
  812. 812C812 strongest state
  813. 813C813 Zhang Hun
  814. 814C814 How come he didn't die?
  815. 815C815 Do you dare?
  816. 816C816 All the people here are trash
  817. 817C817 Beat you?
  818. 818C818 Who else?
  819. 819C819 block
  820. 820C820 Anger!
  821. 821C821 One hit kill!
  822. 822C822 Kneel down?
  823. 823C823 Bite me!
  824. 824C824 I've tolerated you for a long time!
  825. 825C825 Who else?!
  826. 826C826 Slaves, what?
  827. 827C827 How to prove it?
  828. 828C828 compulsion
  829. 829C829 Asura Stone
  830. 830C830 Crazy refining!
  831. 831C831 Do you really think that I am easy to bully?
  832. 832C832 Then go to hell!
  833. 833C833 Was he really a slave?
  834. 834C834 Do you have the qualifications?
  835. 835C835 Wang Yan
  836. 836C836 Anger Rising to the Sky
  837. 837C837 Nine Revolutions Blood Pill
  838. 838C838 I'll be back
  839. 839C839 Zombie
  840. 840C840 Vampire
  841. 841C841 spiritual art of Darknorth
  842. 842C842 Vampire King
  843. 843C843 Now, it's my turn!
  844. 844C844 I'll suck it in!
  845. 845C845 Heaven Breaking Yao Lao Possession Card!
  846. 846C846 blood-red sarcophagus s!
  847. 847C847 All of you, scram!
  848. 848C848 To transform into a Vampire Beast!
  849. 849C849 Come out, Vampire!
  850. 850C850 I don't need it!
  851. 851C851 Come out, Bloody Coffin Door Cannon!
  852. 852C852 The instance dungeon system was activated!
  853. 853C853 Kusanagi
  854. 854C854 The people of Asura's Gate had arrived
  855. 855C855 Shut up!
  856. 856C856 I'll torture you to death!
  857. 857C857 The biggest joke in the world?
  858. 858C858 He succeeded!
  859. 859C859 Was it really what the Elder Xue Sha said?
  860. 860C860 I'll satisfy you!
  861. 861C861 I'll give you a chance!
  862. 862C862 This bearing, I admit it!
  863. 863C863 Kill him!
  864. 864C864 Not a single one was spared!
  865. 865C865 Shura's Bleeding
  866. 866C866 You have me as well!
  867. 867C867 Sucking me?
  868. 868C868 Asura's Gate mission
  869. 869C869 Immortal Blood Divine Body!
  870. 870C870 To the Asura's Gate.
  871. 871C871 Identity certificate
  872. 872C872 Li Ergou
  873. 873C873 Golden Winged Great Roc Splitting Sky Claw
  874. 874C874 Asura Ore Cave
  875. 875C875 Asura Ore Cave
  876. 876C876 This is bullshit!
  877. 877C877 From now on, I am the new Eldest!
  878. 878C878 Crazy?
  879. 879C879 It was amazing how crazy he was!
  880. 880C880 I submit
  881. 881C881 tyrannical power
  882. 882C882 baldness
  883. 883C883 deity silence!
  884. 884C884 Robbing She Ji
  885. 885C885 Do you want to go out?
  886. 886C886 Let the blood beast come more violent!
  887. 887C887 She Ji
  888. 888C888 Eat my cannon!
  889. 889C889 Sucking you to death!
  890. 890C890 He had to be pure!
  891. 891C891 The place where the blood fog had gathered!
  892. 892C892 Blood Refining Abyss!
  893. 893C893 Asura Emperor
  894. 894C894 What are you doing?
  895. 895C895 All gone?
  896. 896C896 Kneel down?
  897. 897C897 domineering qi
  898. 898C898 Wait for me to come back!
  899. 899C899 How could it be him!
  900. 900C900 skyrocketing suction
  901. 901C901 It's mine!
  902. 902C902 Stefaden
  903. 903C903 Asura ancestral land
  904. 904C904 Besieged by the boss!
  905. 905C905 Berserk God Destroying Fist
  906. 906C906 The hemopyrexia in its beast form!
  907. 907C907 Shura Blood River
  908. 908C908 Undead Guard
  909. 909C909 You didn't leave?
  910. 910C910 Hunting Undead Guard!
  911. 911C911 Bold ideas
  912. 912C912 Lu Zixuan, you tricked me!
  913. 913C913 General nail fragment
  914. 914C914 Crazy
  915. 915C915 Blood River Warship
  916. 916C916 The Purgatory Blood Demon Saber had awakened!
  917. 917C917 Asura Martial God Treasure Stealth Glyph
  918. 918C918 The biggest one!
  919. 919C919 The sky-high sky-stealing technique!
  920. 920C920 Discovered!
  921. 921C921 Come on, let's see who's afraid of who!
  922. 922C922 blood river summoning!
  923. 923C923 I'm worried about your future!
  924. 924C924 Asura Hall
  925. 925C925 Shura Blood
  926. 926C926 Receive experience while lying down!
  927. 927C927 Crazy Asura Emperor
  928. 928C928 Do you have to be so brave?
  929. 929C929 Die!
  930. 930C930 Was he qualified?!
  931. 931C931 Asura Sealing Array
  932. 932C932 Why so excited?
  933. 933C933 Come out, Shura Blood River!
  934. 934C934 How could he take revenge?
  935. 935C935 What happened to your enmity?
  936. 936C936 Heaven Punisher Mirror
  937. 937C937 blood-red sarcophagus second state!
  938. 938C938 Leaving the ancestral land
  939. 939C939 You, come here!
  940. 940C940 Shura's blood mirror
  941. 941C941 Welcome, Young Sect Master!
  942. 942C942 It is difficult to draw a tiger's skin or a bone
  943. 943C943 These four words, overturn them!
  944. 944C944 Formation Techniques leveled up!
  945. 945C945 I'll fight you guys alone!
  946. 946C946 Let's attack together!
  947. 947C947 Come on, I'll give you a chance!
  948. 948C948 The first time that the Asura Sealing Array had appeared!
  949. 949C949 All of you, scram!
  950. 950C950 dragon race Tomb
  951. 951C951 Formation barrier
  952. 952C952 Primordius Mysterious Black Fiend Array
  953. 953C953 It's fun, isn't it?
  954. 954C954 The terrifying aphrodisiac …
  955. 955C955 Let me out!
  956. 956C956 Divine Dragon Sky Roaring Fist
  957. 957C957 Dragon-Clan War Generals!
  958. 958C958 Do you dare to compete?!
  959. 959C959 Second set of radio gymnastics for primary school students in China
  960. 960C960 Buried Dragon Nail!
  961. 961C961 KILL
  962. 962C962 Come out, life and death millstone!
  963. 963C963 "Boom!"
  964. 964C964 devouring dragon corpse
  965. 965C965 Bloodline divine ability fusion!
  966. 966C966 metamorphosis of soul
  967. 967C967 Confusion of Deceit
  968. 968C968 Who fused who?
  969. 969C969 Why was it suddenly so cold?
  970. 970C970 Those who block me, die!
  971. 971C971 Get them over with!
  972. 972C972 What do you want us to do?
  973. 973C973 Damn eunuch!
  974. 974C974 You guys are too weak!
  975. 975C975 The powerful Elder Xiahou
  976. 976C976 Rank two beast transformation Blood Dragon Great Ape!
  977. 977C977 The King of Heaven covered the Earth Tiger, the Eldest is so mighty!
  978. 978C978 Ten-Thousand Dragon Guardian
  979. 979C979 burning fruit
  980. 980C980 Superclass of fire fist Inflammation
  981. 981C981 Let them all come!
  982. 982C982 Absolute Killing Technique: Flame Ring, Fire Pillar
  983. 983C983 Great Flame Ring, Flame Emperor
  984. 984C984 A big shot dialogue!
  985. 985C985 Plain of Death!
  986. 986C986 Beast Tide!
  987. 987C987 city of death
  988. 988C988 Nine Heavens of Ice and Fire
  989. 989C989 Eldest, look!
  990. 990C990 You were kidnapped by the Laozi.
  991. 991C991 Compulsory questioning
  992. 992C992 Go blow up that Mayor!
  993. 993C993 I like the way you guys are taking the initiative
  994. 994C994 Green Jade Cushion
  995. 995C995 hellish Two-headed Dog!
  996. 996C996 A bitter battle
  997. 997C997 You still want to run?
  998. 998C998 blood sucking bone animal
  999. 999C999 Pressing on the ground to rub
  1000. 1000C1000 Ultimate mission of the hellish
  1001. 1001C1001 Formal war
  1002. 1002C1002 The Lord of All Realms (Final Chapter)