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Super Dragon Cultivation System

Author:Jiu Bai Du Genre:Fantasy
Status:Completed Num.:17020.00 k

Zhang Xing used to be the supervisor of a well-known animation c... more


  1. 495C495 "All of you, come at me together!"
  2. 496C496 Hey, a bunch of idiots!
  3. 497C497 one burst each
  4. 498C498 I got another bunch of Storage Ring.
  5. 499C499 Shocking the Wan Wu City.
  6. 500C500 Gone, singing a birthday song
  7. 501C501 You want to arrest someone without my permission?!
  8. 502C502 is it Family Bu Lande or Family Fei Yi?
  9. 503C503 Even if you are in trouble, you can still be shot while lying down
  10. 504C504 super Family
  11. 505C505 A large group of people and horses were stationed in the Redbud City.
  12. 506C506 My little pals are in jail
  13. 507C507 The transfer array is too slow, let's just go back to the city
  14. 508C508 Back instantly and angry
  15. 509C509 Start without saying a word
  16. 510C510 Where the finger pointed, the Wulong was invincible!
  17. 511C511 Rage from the dragon, extinguish a thousand people with fire
  18. 512C512 It's your turn to be the elders
  19. 513C513 Zhang Xing was held hostage, but the Great Clan Elder was shattered …
  20. 514C514 His name shook the entire Martialism.
  21. 515C515 Once again, they shook Wan Wuyi.
  22. 516C516 Meet the fabled popinjay
  23. 517C517 Young Master Hong Feng
  24. 518C518 be treated as a thief
  25. 519C519 Zhang Xing, you have poked a hornet's nest?
  26. 520C520 Captain and Subordinate of the Oils of War
  27. 521C521 Everyone fell to the ground when they were hit
  28. 522C522 'This is bad, he's coming! '
  29. 523C523 The shocked Nuo Bao
  30. 524C524 However, the macrosoman had personally come.
  31. 525C525 Responsibility is all Icemist's.
  32. 526C526 He wanted to keep a low profile, but strength didn't allow him to
  33. 527C527 The first thing he did was to close his eyes and go to Wan Wu City.
  34. 528C528 Cough cough, this is my innate Magic.
  35. 529C529 Magician Talent Innovation Exchange Conference
  36. 530C530 "If there is a reward, it will be our responsibility."
  37. 531C531 The Rank One Mystical Shadow Beast is sick
  38. 532C532 Ranked physician Bu Erwo
  39. 533C533 Contradictory Rise
  40. 534C534 Did you, cephalo-, get kicked by a donkey?!
  41. 535C535 Stupid quack
  42. 536C536 Astonishing unique medical methods
  43. 537C537 Mystical Shadow Beast Promotions to seventh step
  44. 538C538 "May I borrow your valley to make a pill?"
  45. 539C539 Three months' worth of work at the beginning of the experiment
  46. 540C540 Spiritual Intelligence Development
  47. 541C541 Even ducks and geese and dogs can work
  48. 542C542 The worry of the Kai Qila Hall Master.
  49. 543C543 A little monkey steal the dregs
  50. 544C544 Unexpected accident
  51. 545C545 To be kind and tempting, to let the black stone show up and preach
  52. 546C546 Terror Mystical Shadow Beast
  53. 547C547 I can talk, I can become a human
  54. 548C548 Kai Qila's Hall Master who was boiling with rage
  55. 549C549 'Xuan Ying, have you transformed into a human form? '
  56. 550C550 "If you take the advantage, you can leave."
  57. 551C551 Two golden monkeys and a wolf cub were released
  58. 552C552 Exchange Conference Start
  59. 553C553 If you have nothing better to do, draw a prize
  60. 554C554 Unpopular Zhang Xing
  61. 555C555 You guys are laughing at me too early
  62. 556C556 Variation of Rank 1 velociraptor
  63. 557C557 He was actually eliminated!
  64. 558C558 force the pill formula to hand over
  65. 559C559 What if I don't give it up?!
  66. 560C560 I'il let you go if I win three games.
  67. 561C561 With an easy victory, Kuang Longdao was able to fight
  68. 562C562 Kuang Longdao's Reputation
  69. 563C563 He was not yet the opponent of the black stone.
  70. 564C564 Kuang Longdao was just a piece of trash
  71. 565C565 Undead Zombie
  72. 566C566 Long Tianyuan, hit him with the hammer!
  73. 567C567 Variant Corpse Tribe, Golden Corpse Technique
  74. 568C568 An arrogant golden corpse!]
  75. 569C569 Golden Corpse Cleansing, Triple Victory
  76. 570C570 "A sky-high price, a price to pay!"
  77. 571C571 Saint King of the Newco Empire
  78. 572C572 Had Zhang Xing turned into ashes?
  79. 573C573 The pile of crystals is gone
  80. 574C574 It really is you!]
  81. 575C575 To crazily absorb and be promoted to the Emperor Realm …
  82. 576C576 just add a point and you can level up to seventh step
  83. 577C577 hard Supreme Realm
  84. 578C578 The Dream of Greed and Desire
  85. 579C579 A Class VII dragon shatters your dream
  86. 580C580 The appearance of a group of dragons shook the entire audience
  87. 581C581 Burst Supreme Realm Saint King
  88. 582C582 Newco Empire, Ge Bulei.
  89. 583C583 The arrest warrant was Zhang Xing.
  90. 584C584 The Wu Nation awaits Zhang Xing's return
  91. 585C585 A dramatic scene appeared
  92. 586C586 Returning to the Wan Wu City to meet with the great leaders …
  93. 587C587 See you on the battlefield
  94. 588C588 Great force, the restrictions to hand over the picture
  95. 589C589 The defeated recruits from the juniors of the family
  96. 590C590 In that instant, Zhang Xing led his troops forward.
  97. 591C591 Oh my god, it's the Demon beast army!
  98. 592C592 He pushed forward as if he was pushing through rotten weeds
  99. 593C593 The godlike Zhang Xing
  100. 594C594 Fight against two hundred Dragon-fighting Legion.
  101. 595C595 Dragons Two Dragons Tear Up Two Hundred Dragons
  102. 596C596 Ge Bulei's emergency meeting
  103. 597C597 Newco Empire lost five cities in a row
  104. 598C598 Stepping over the Zadi River
  105. 599C599 The Last Three Cities Kneel Down
  106. 600C600 Great force, enemy at the gate
  107. 601C601 Ge Bulei vowed to fight to the death
  108. 602C602 protective breaking array
  109. 603C603 The forbidden spell World Exterminating Flame Rain from the MPA
  110. 604C604 Breaking the Forbidden Spell was extremely easy
  111. 605C605 The last defensive line
  112. 606C606 Ge Bulei died
  113. 607C607 It took two months to receive the gift
  114. 608C608 Zhang Xing felt extremely responsible.
  115. 609C609 Cyan Jade Town
  116. 610C610 When you see the power to seize and rob
  117. 611C611 Great character Ao Fante deputy general director
  118. 612C612 The despairing Ao Fante
  119. 613C613 The shock of the Nuo Lixi brothers
  120. 614C614 Arriving at the Qingyu Mining Area
  121. 615C615 Bu Fan who just arrived
  122. 616C616 Greetings, Castellan adult
  123. 617C617 macrostomia Ba-Xi Aoduo
  124. 618C618 An Enemy Like a Pig
  125. 619C619 Nuo Bao invited
  126. 620C620 It turned out to be her thirteenth birthday party
  127. 621C621 Waiting Empire s
  128. 622C622 Everyone compare the strength of both sides
  129. 623C623 I, Nuo Bao, am back
  130. 624C624 'Brat, stop right there! '
  131. 625C625 The atmosphere was tense
  132. 626C626 Sang Dela struck out with his palm
  133. 627C627 The black stone grabbed him!
  134. 628C628 A Iron dragon is a cold dish
  135. 629C629 I was wrong, I was reckless
  136. 630C630 If they were to call them all out, the Crown Prince would not be an exception
  137. 631C631 The Night Before the Storm
  138. 632C632 "Can he still create miracles?"
  139. 633C633 Crown Prince Patrol
  140. 634C634 Fang Yunzhi Wan Wu City
  141. 635C635 Black clouds, torrential rain, great enemies
  142. 636C636 Zhang Xing came out to die
  143. 637C637 A man treads upon the heavens in the face of a powerful enemy
  144. 638C638 I'll give you two options too
  145. 639C639 Do dragons know how to fight?!
  146. 640C640 Long Wu, One Thought, A Zi
  147. 641C641 Magic Dragon A Zi
  148. 642C642 Advancing to Intermediate Emperor Realm
  149. 643C643 Battle of the Four Great Monarchs
  150. 644C644 Shredded Throat
  151. 645C645 Sang Dela and Crown Prince died
  152. 646C646 A Venerable One who fled in fear …
  153. 647C647 Self-destruct, perishing together with Zhang Xing
  154. 648C648 Zhang Xing died
  155. 649C649 A birthday is still a birthday
  156. 650C650 "Not causing trouble, but not afraid of trouble."
  157. 651C651 I am the one you miss
  158. 652C652 Yes, I am alive again
  159. 653C653 Killing Primary Venerable One was like cutting vegetables
  160. 654C654 Nuo Bao's feelings towards Zhang Xing
  161. 655C655 Quick, ask Wu Xuankedagong
  162. 656C656 The frightened Wu Xuanke
  163. 657C657 Calculate a lesson for the Kaiser Zhu Ruidi
  164. 658C658 Wu Xing Yun Hai was the supreme formation
  165. 659C659 It is not a natural disaster, but a man-made disaster!]
  166. 660C660 Just who are you?!
  167. 661C661 With Wu Xuanke's death, the big prediction came true …
  168. 662C662 All of them accepted the challenge, and suddenly, the giant mountain appeared.
  169. 663C663 Mountain Breaking the Northwest Array
  170. 664C664 Death of Wu Xuanke
  171. 665C665 mountain from Dragon Island
  172. 666C666 mountain descended
  173. 667C667 Analyze the enemy, get close to the truth
  174. 668C668 For a long time, the entire audience was filled with terror …
  175. 669C669 So it really was Zhang Xing.
  176. 670C670 Conditions for compromise
  177. 671C671 charging through a series of battle arrays
  178. 672C672 Dragon Fist, Nine Dragons Converged into one
  179. 673C673 Interrupting Spell
  180. 674C674 Wait, we concede
  181. 675C675 Man in the Jianghu
  182. 676C676 Helping Nuo Bao to the level of Demon Emperor.
  183. 677C677 joy in horror
  184. 678C678 whom he had not seen in a long time
  185. 679C679 He seems to be Zhang Xing.
  186. 680C680 'A new force? '
  187. 681C681 They were still old acquaintances when they arrived at the new Mayor.
  188. 682C682 Lord of Horton
  189. 683C683 I say that the Council of Elders be wrong
  190. 684C684 The crisis for An Deluo and the girls
  191. 685C685 On Jun
  192. 686C686 I am Zhang Xing.
  193. 687C687 With the rain in her pear blossom, all the girls felt at ease
  194. 688C688 With a wave of his hand, all that was left was a handful of ashes …
  195. 689C689 Mayor invited
  196. 690C690 The frightened Hong Taisi
  197. 691C691 wind control family respectfully requests macrosoman to pass down the decree
  198. 692C692 I, Hai Bo, am a Captain.
  199. 693C693 Meng Xi and Meng Nuosuo's Crisis
  200. 694C694 black stone, Little White, Wen Jing, One Thought
  201. 695C695 He was walking on a golden light …
  202. 696C696 Why do I need you all here, Dragon-fighting Legion?!
  203. 697C697 I, Zhang Xing, will never die
  204. 698C698 Fei Luo from the Wanren Mountain
  205. 699C699 to catch Nuo Bao.
  206. 700C700 Zhang Xing rushed over, but Fei Luo actually ran away.
  207. 701C701 Fei Luo died, Morgan family was exterminated
  208. 702C702 world shock
  209. 703C703 to help Pratt rise to Demonic Lord.
  210. 704C704 Meng Xi had become the most powerful one
  211. 705C705 Meng Nuosuo levelled up
  212. 706C706 'It's that easy to advance to the advanced stage … .'
  213. 707C707 Zhang Xing was promoted to the high-level Emperor realm.
  214. 708C708 Transformation of velociraptor
  215. 709C709 Mutated velociraptor
  216. 710C710 Long Tianyuan who was as dumb as a goose
  217. 711C711 Long Tianyuan VS Meng Nuosuo
  218. 712C712 First, I'll help you level up
  219. 713C713 All of them were raised to the high-level Emperor realm.
  220. 714C714 Jie Ge, President, I have come to see you.
  221. 715C715 Hundreds of royal organ s
  222. 716C716 Jie Ge was promoted to Demonic Lord.
  223. 717C717 Worry about Suo Linnuo
  224. 718C718 to the Dharma Kingdom.
  225. 719C719 Station, Yongwang Island
  226. 720C720 Young master of Haisha City, Hai Minzhi
  227. 721C721 Suo Linnuo beaten up the Young Master Hai.
  228. 722C722 Elder Hai Gui
  229. 723C723 Hand over five thousand Low grade spirit stone.
  230. 724C724 If you have the guts, go to the City Lord's Mansion and get it
  231. 725C725 The quality of one's attitude determines one's life and death
  232. 726C726 Fourth Elder who did not believe in evil
  233. 727C727 If you don't believe it, you die
  234. 728C728 Hai Minzhi who was completely annihilated, in fear …
  235. 729C729 You missed the opportunity
  236. 730C730 Haisha City
  237. 731C731 Your surname is Zhang.
  238. 732C732 Son, I can only sacrifice you
  239. 733C733 Medicine King Valley
  240. 734C734 He also saw the demon wolf cub.
  241. 735C735 Little Friend need not worry
  242. 736C736 Big Brother, let's drink!
  243. 737C737 So the Venerable One is also divided into nine stars …
  244. 738C738 The demon wolf cub flew away
  245. 739C739 The identity of the Big Brother is not ordinary
  246. 740C740 Coffin Shop with murderous intent
  247. 741C741 Ask the shopkeeper to lie down In the coffin
  248. 742C742 Skyhawk killer strongholds in the city
  249. 743C743 choice of knife
  250. 744C744 truthful statement
  251. 745C745 To advance into the Tianya Mountain.
  252. 746C746 The Town of the Bandits
  253. 747C747 Dragon leaves
  254. 748C748 The red dragon appeared
  255. 749C749 Instant Extinguish
  256. 750C750 The Power of the Joint Attack of the Dragons
  257. 751C751 Wipe away a towering mountain
  258. 752C752 The Tianya Mountain was completely silent.
  259. 753C753 Great Master, we missed our chance
  260. 754C754 Long Wu's strange fighting style
  261. 755C755 Terrifying Formless Poison
  262. 756C756 millions of poisonings
  263. 757C757 No condition for summation
  264. 758C758 killing direction peak
  265. 759C759 The mountain collapsed
  266. 760C760 Difficult to choose from
  267. 761C761 Honorable Emperor had assassinated Zhang Xing.
  268. 762C762 You guys are not enough!]
  269. 763C763 The poison you used must be fake, right?!
  270. 764C764 Old Eight, we are about to be poisoned to death by you
  271. 765C765 six exterminations
  272. 766C766 peak-down
  273. 767C767 Accept Kneeling
  274. 768C768 peak kneeling
  275. 769C769 All members of the Tianya Mountain knelt down and kowtowed to Zhang Xing.
  276. 770C770 total reception
  277. 771C771 Establishment of the Celestial Dragon Gate
  278. 772C772 Dragons are all Sect Leader.
  279. 773C773 undercurrent surge
  280. 774C774 To the Brook Town.
  281. 775C775 "To meet a beautiful woman by chance, and travel together."
  282. 776C776 Night wind chimes relay station
  283. 777C777 uninvited guest
  284. 778C778 Young Master of Wangxiang City
  285. 779C779 Zhang Xing appeared
  286. 780C780 Instant killing of two people
  287. 781C781 The beauty's surname was originally Dongfang.
  288. 782C782 ambushing
  289. 783C783 What, you are Zhang Xing?
  290. 784C784 Young Master Li Jiu, who had collapsed …
  291. 785C785 Dongfang Biying
  292. 786C786 Wangxiang City Lord Li Ming chased after him.
  293. 787C787 If you want to die, send them back to the West.
  294. 788C788 If you don't hand over the treasure map, you die
  295. 789C789 I killed him
  296. 790C790 broken claw
  297. 791C791 split body
  298. 792C792 Read it, no need to hold back
  299. 793C793 decathlon
  300. 794C794 The Warring States Dragons
  301. 795C795 Extinguish 100 In the blink of an eye
  302. 796C796 He said that his name was Zhang Xing.
  303. 797C797 The terrified Li Ming
  304. 798C798 The conflict between the Dongfang family and the Sheng Jia
  305. 799C799 The Crisis of the Dongfang Family
  306. 800C800 The defeated Dongfang Chengye
  307. 801C801 I will be in charge of your family
  308. 802C802 Instant kill
  309. 803C803 group attack
  310. 804C804 See also
  311. 805C805 Feng Shui Rotation
  312. 806C806 Big Brother Zhao Yang, I'm here!
  313. 807C807 A joke
  314. 808C808 truthful information
  315. 809C809 "Come as you please, go as you please"
  316. 810C810 Retribution
  317. 811C811 Welcome to the Ancestor's Return
  318. 812C812 Li's Three Brothers Conspiracy
  319. 813C813 Inform the mysterious
  320. 814C814 succeed in provoking the murderous intent of the mysterious person
  321. 815C815 Li Sheng's wishful thinking
  322. 816C816 Search for treasure
  323. 817C817 Enter Treasury
  324. 818C818 Star Dark Knight
  325. 819C819 Mang Star Cracks
  326. 820C820 Breaking the seal
  327. 821C821 Surprise black and white Array
  328. 822C822 suicide
  329. 823C823 to devour Zhang Xing's soul
  330. 824C824 Once you enter the Dragon Island, you will not be so presumptuous
  331. 825C825 Have mercy, I recognize you as my master
  332. 826C826 absorption, promotion of Supreme Realm
  333. 827C827 He was so shocked that he couldn't believe it …
  334. 828C828 He also heard the legend of the mysterious person …
  335. 829C829 I'll help you increase your cultivation
  336. 830C830 The confused Dongfang Wang
  337. 831C831 'Unbelievable! '
  338. 832C832 They had joined hands to deal with Zhang Xing.
  339. 833C833 The army attacked
  340. 834C834 A birthday party at the age of one
  341. 835C835 Dongfang Zhaoyang's worry
  342. 836C836 "Don't worry, don't be afraid."
  343. 837C837 The army arrives
  344. 838C838 With a flash of cold light, he was cut into two
  345. 839C839 Dark Knight Mo Li appeared
  346. 840C840 The Coalition forces's strategy
  347. 841C841 Remote attacks
  348. 842C842 Powerful Moley
  349. 843C843 Dragon Attack
  350. 844C844 Terrifying Knife Knife
  351. 845C845 A clear division of labor and a carefree slaughter of the enemy
  352. 846C846 The four infuriated chiefs
  353. 847C847 "The dragon shows off its might, and plays with the other dragons."
  354. 848C848 Coalition forces suffered heavy losses
  355. 849C849 My backer is Dongfang Zhengyang.
  356. 850C850 The assassination began with Dongfang Zhaoyang.
  357. 851C851 Three Star Killer
  358. 852C852 lack of strength
  359. 853C853 critical moment
  360. 854C854 Pick up the kitchen knife
  361. 855C855 He appeared and disappeared like a ghost, killing eight people in a row …
  362. 856C856 Assassins who want to run for their lives
  363. 857C857 Surround and intercept, and kill each other
  364. 858C858 The trapped beast is still fighting
  365. 859C859 All the assassins of the Star Wars Sovereign died …
  366. 860C860 The Great Leader of the Coalition forces who was in fear
  367. 861C861 Coalition forces fled
  368. 862C862 Start Chasing
  369. 863C863 Li Sheng pleaded for help from Dongfang Zhengyang.
  370. 864C864 Dongfang Zhengyang was also at a loss as to what to do.
  371. 865C865 The road sees rough a roar
  372. 866C866 He is killing the people from your Li Family.
  373. 867C867 Paid interest first
  374. 868C868 And also kill Li Ximing.
  375. 869C869 Capital Inner City, First Prince Li Tailai
  376. 870C870 Li Tailai died
  377. 871C871 His Majesty Zhang Xing had called.
  378. 872C872 In short, are you worthy?]
  379. 873C873 Make a good offer
  380. 874C874 The black stone killed him
  381. 875C875 The death of the Li Sheng brothers
  382. 876C876 Li Family surrendered
  383. 877C877 Let me become the Kaiser.]
  384. 878C878 The shocked Dongfang Chengye
  385. 879C879 Announcement to the world, Wan Zhongshan refused to accept this!
  386. 880C880 Some people will surrender others will return to the west
  387. 881C881 Drag him out and cut him
  388. 882C882 intimidating everyone …
  389. 883C883 To the Wanren Mountain.
  390. 884C884 The beautiful White Phoenix Pavilion Lord
  391. 885C885 bandit attack
  392. 886C886 the new head bandit
  393. 887C887 The powerful Second Boss
  394. 888C888 There was still a teenager who had not knelt down yet
  395. 889C889 Terror Second Boss
  396. 890C890 Killing the Bandit Head
  397. 891C891 The Worship of the People
  398. 892C892 nocturnal group of demon wolf
  399. 893C893 It turned out to be the controlled Magical Beast …
  400. 894C894 The appearance of the Giant dragon, easy to handle
  401. 895C895 Black Riders Appear, Worship
  402. 896C896 Discover hidden Necromancer
  403. 897C897 Thank you from the crowd
  404. 898C898 Great Elder had requested …
  405. 899C899 uphill
  406. 900C900 Negotiation with Great Clan Elder Wan Zhongshan
  407. 901C901 No concessions
  408. 902C902 Triple Picking
  409. 903C903 Sad Three Elders
  410. 904C904 Kill three elders and continue to negotiate
  411. 905C905 No Spirit Stone, visiting hilum
  412. 906C906 Legend of the Holy Sword
  413. 907C907 Legend against legend
  414. 908C908 Remnants of the Sword Saint
  415. 909C909 Holy Sword, take him away.
  416. 910C910 Don't Do It
  417. 911C911 The moved Sword Saint Wu Mei
  418. 912C912 Wan Zhongshan, who had excellent acting skills
  419. 913C913 Push the boat with the current and enter the treasury
  420. 914C914 Killing intent from Wan Zhongshan
  421. 915C915 I lost my life because of greed
  422. 916C916 Take over the Wanren Mountain
  423. 917C917 Greetings, Great Clan Elder Zhang Xing
  424. 918C918 Surprise, Elder Ox
  425. 919C919 Niu Jiaoshan's proposal
  426. 920C920 Agree to convene the Alliance Assembly
  427. 921C921 Alliance Chief Zhang Xing
  428. 922C922 Uninvited guest, Dongfang Zhengyang.
  429. 923C923 Life-Death Challenge
  430. 924C924 Star Wars Sovereign Zuo Shan
  431. 925C925 "Brat, I'll let you have three moves!"
  432. 926C926 come from the Holy Sword
  433. 927C927 Following that, he killed Zuo Shan and Zuo Gang.
  434. 928C928 I challenge the thirty-seven of you
  435. 929C929 The Alliance Head Zhang has ruled the world for generations and generations
  436. 930C930 Shuangfu Empire, Kaiser, Dongfang Xiongye
  437. 931C931 The frightened father and son trio
  438. 932C932 Divergence within the Killer Group
  439. 933C933 Silver Palace Lord Mo Liuxia
  440. 934C934 The young Zhang Xing
  441. 935C935 Sassi City Taobao
  442. 936C936 To find fault with Qi Ge.
  443. 937C937 A million dollars thrown away at random
  444. 938C938 The shameless Qi Ge
  445. 939C939 fainted before his eyes
  446. 940C940 Nangong Qirui
  447. 941C941 What, you are Zhang Xing?
  448. 942C942 Submissive apology
  449. 943C943 He had given Nan Gong Qi Ge two tight slaps
  450. 944C944 Contradictory levelled up, one slash kill
  451. 945C945 patriarch Nan Gong against Hei Qimoli
  452. 946C946 latent murderous intent
  453. 947C947 Zhang Xing was injured
  454. 948C948 They all hid in the Dragon Island.
  455. 949C949 Even the smoke, massive experience
  456. 950C950 When a dragon ascended to Eighth Order, Zhang Xing broke through to 3-star
  457. 951C951 Long Wu, Wen Jing leveled up to Class 8 dragon.
  458. 952C952 Exiting the island to face the Silver Palace Lord
  459. 953C953 "Hehe, let me give you an idea!"
  460. 954C954 Hard Six Star Warlord not losing out
  461. 955C955 Retreat quickly, it's the Class 8 dragon!
  462. 956C956 Tearing up three 5-Star Warlord s
  463. 957C957 Mo Liuxia had the thought of retreating
  464. 958C958 kick to death
  465. 959C959 Nangong Family Extinguish
  466. 960C960 I will not interfere in the affairs of the Dongfang family
  467. 961C961 Automatically hand over the throne
  468. 962C962 Let Dongfang Wang be the Kaiser.
  469. 963C963 human expectation
  470. 964C964 Alternative speech
  471. 965C965 In the speech, people keep coming to a breakthrough
  472. 966C966 Just a few pointers and it would be several times more powerful …
  473. 967C967 It actually broke through to the 'one with the world' realm …
  474. 968C968 The shocked Xi Geer
  475. 969C969 Come to the lecture
  476. 970C970 Instruct 900,000 young people
  477. 971C971 a strange way of doing things
  478. 972C972 Greetings, Master
  479. 973C973 Benefits are bundled together
  480. 974C974 Resolution on Peace Negotiations adopted by the Parliament of the Silver Palace
  481. 975C975 To the Hammer Empire.
  482. 976C976 The Flash Outpost Meet the Heart Piercing Woman by Chance
  483. 977C977 The young master of the Shaojia, Shao Dading
  484. 978C978 Break one of your arms
  485. 979C979 Fear
  486. 980C980 waste your limbs
  487. 981C981 Shao San San is dead, the wyvern wants revenge
  488. 982C982 Waving his fist and smashing the Seventh-grade Flying Dragon to death
  489. 983C983 Shaojia Ancestor appeared
  490. 984C984 Plagiodon
  491. 985C985 of unknown origin
  492. 986C986 Shao Wentian
  493. 987C987 A wave of natural and unrestrained
  494. 988C988 Battling Shaojia Ancestor
  495. 989C989 The punch flew for a kilometer
  496. 990C990 I'm just a little bit hot
  497. 991C991 talk more
  498. 992C992 You're so lucky
  499. 993C993 Shaojia found out about Zhang Xing's origins.
  500. 994C994 Nagging lackey
  501. 995C995 You and I are irreconcilable
  502. 996C996 Old Master Zheng's birthday banquet
  503. 997C997 came to present the treasure
  504. 998C998 The Old Master Zheng had been ambushed
  505. 999C999 fortuitous encounter with Zhang Xing
  506. 1000C1000 He felt a familiar killing intent …
  507. 1001C1001 Kill One First
  508. 1002C1002 He Tian died
  509. 1003C1003 Apologize
  510. 1004C1004 the terrified Chu Huang
  511. 1005C1005 Enter Silver Palace
  512. 1006C1006 I object
  513. 1007C1007 'Useless hand! Break it! '
  514. 1008C1008 The frightened Yan Tong
  515. 1009C1009 You go up against the four of them
  516. 1010C1010 Yu Li who was kicked to death by four dragons
  517. 1011C1011 Clock Trembling
  518. 1012C1012 Ruan Mei recounted his origins
  519. 1013C1013 Blue Feather City only met Kai Qila by chance
  520. 1014C1014 A war broke out in the Glory Fortress.
  521. 1015C1015 was taken to be cannon fodder
  522. 1016C1016 Encountering The army of the Shocking Flood Empire
  523. 1017C1017 Once the Giant dragon is found, not a single blade of grass will grow
  524. 1018C1018 In the blink of an eye, a hundred thousand men were annihilated …
  525. 1019C1019 The Giant dragon unleashed its might, destroying the world …
  526. 1020C1020 Aromatic Poison Released by the Toxic Dragon Five
  527. 1021C1021 A quiet wind blows and rain falls and all things wither
  528. 1022C1022 Husband VS Zhang Xing
  529. 1023C1023 I'm risking my life for this old life …
  530. 1024C1024 Return
  531. 1025C1025 Prepare for war
  532. 1026C1026 Outdoor reconnaissance
  533. 1027C1027 There is a battle, there is a moon
  534. 1028C1028 We just have to watch the play
  535. 1029C1029 The siege began
  536. 1030C1030 To lead the army to war
  537. 1031C1031 whole army attack
  538. 1032C1032 When the Black Dragon came out, one was for two people!
  539. 1033C1033 Exiting the city to fight
  540. 1034C1034 The dragon was treated as a Magician.
  541. 1035C1035 Dragon posturing
  542. 1036C1036 "It's too big, it's too big to take care of."
  543. 1037C1037 daily habit of posturing
  544. 1038C1038 "In a moment of glory, there will be no difference"
  545. 1039C1039 Castle Owner was shaken
  546. 1040C1040 Zhang San, you are too arrogant.
  547. 1041C1041 The disgraced Shentu Xiong
  548. 1042C1042 Shentu Xiong's organ of honour Set
  549. 1043C1043 Kick your foot into the wall
  550. 1044C1044 Draconis
  551. 1045C1045 The Shocking Flood Empire sent another army.
  552. 1046C1046 The officer be too small to be proper
  553. 1047C1047 lion's mouth
  554. 1048C1048 Who else objects
  555. 1049C1049 The two sides confronted each other
  556. 1050C1050 Ye Xiong was defeated
  557. 1051C1051 When the black stone appeared, Mei Shan died
  558. 1052C1052 Coalition forces is weak
  559. 1053C1053 forge the warrior
  560. 1054C1054 Rescue, Gratitude
  561. 1055C1055 the end of the
  562. 1056C1056 Remote-attack, useless
  563. 1057C1057 Dragon vs Mage Corps
  564. 1058C1058 forbidden spell
  565. 1059C1059 Dragon's Divine Manipulation
  566. 1060C1060 I'm gonna smash you to death, you fake dragon.
  567. 1061C1061 to tear you apart, you pseudosaurus.
  568. 1062C1062 take the initiative
  569. 1063C1063 Easily exterminated
  570. 1064C1064 The striker army was defeated
  571. 1065C1065 I want money, I want my life
  572. 1066C1066 They wanted to capture Zhang Xing as their hostage
  573. 1067C1067 You will never be able to do it in your entire life
  574. 1068C1068 Arriving at the Shocker Army's base camp
  575. 1069C1069 Let me put you on a pedestal first
  576. 1070C1070 Was laughed at by the enemy
  577. 1071C1071 The white skirt made its move
  578. 1072C1072 No one can stop me
  579. 1073C1073 Wen Tianxia's Decision
  580. 1074C1074 dragon appearance
  581. 1075C1075 intimidating ten thousand dragons
  582. 1076C1076 Lv Yuan remembered Zhang Xing's origin.
  583. 1077C1077 squashed fly
  584. 1078C1078 Evil Summoning Array
  585. 1079C1079 summoning an alien creature
  586. 1080C1080 Hell Demons
  587. 1081C1081 blood eating
  588. 1082C1082 The insatiable lesser demon
  589. 1083C1083 You still can't stop sucking up the flying dragons
  590. 1084C1084 Dark Knight appeared
  591. 1085C1085 A real Dark Knight of the Seven Stars
  592. 1086C1086 Horseshoes can also be deadly
  593. 1087C1087 The devil is dead, the war is over
  594. 1088C1088 Ai Heluo peeked in late at night, feeling inexplicably terrified
  595. 1089C1089 Zhang Xing answered the question
  596. 1090C1090 leave the stronghold
  597. 1091C1091 Capital meets silkpants
  598. 1092C1092 You are the scum of Ximen Family.
  599. 1093C1093 You're still a pug
  600. 1094C1094 finger pricking throat
  601. 1095C1095 I can help you
  602. 1096C1096 Crush Uncle Li's wrist
  603. 1097C1097 The Ximen Family's army had arrived.
  604. 1098C1098 Clean up garbage in the sky
  605. 1099C1099 The rubbish on the ground also has to be swept away
  606. 1100C1100 Was scared silly
  607. 1101C1101 Beat up your son
  608. 1102C1102 personal appearance of the Emperor Xifeng
  609. 1103C1103 I have been slow
  610. 1104C1104 He led Ruan Mei to Eastern Continent.
  611. 1105C1105 I am the mother of three children
  612. 1106C1106 Angry Young Masters
  613. 1107C1107 One million nine hundred twenty thousand each. Pay up!
  614. 1108C1108 group poor ghost
  615. 1109C1109 It wasn't an interaction!
  616. 1110C1110 Joint calculation of Zhang Xing
  617. 1111C1111 Teasing in the palm of your hand
  618. 1112C1112 A full day of homecoming
  619. 1113C1113 changed pattern
  620. 1114C1114 had won more than 26 million Spirit Stone.
  621. 1115C1115 Even if I did trick you guys, you wouldn't dare to follow me
  622. 1116C1116 Sorry, I won
  623. 1117C1117 He is Zhang San.
  624. 1118C1118 Mr. Zhang San, it's a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!
  625. 1119C1119 Since I have nothing better to do, I'll help you increase your cultivation
  626. 1120C1120 "It can't be, it has leveled up again?"
  627. 1121C1121 Are you a bottomless pit
  628. 1122C1122 If you use the Spirit Stone that you won from, it would be great!
  629. 1123C1123 To compete in alchemy
  630. 1124C1124 zodiac foetus
  631. 1125C1125 Who is calculating who
  632. 1126C1126 Take all the Spirit Stone
  633. 1127C1127 Lv Liang had succeeded in refining the pill
  634. 1128C1128 A ruthless blow
  635. 1129C1129 We were fooled
  636. 1130C1130 To the East Continent.
  637. 1131C1131 The enemies' path was narrow, and they met the Starwater City.
  638. 1132C1132 Find out more about the Ruan's house.
  639. 1133C1133 Finally got the message
  640. 1134C1134 Sad Elder Tianyi
  641. 1135C1135 "If you can't cut me down, you'll be cut down."
  642. 1136C1136 To the City Lord's Mansion.
  643. 1137C1137 The black stone's fists are hard
  644. 1138C1138 King Kong Protector Elder
  645. 1139C1139 The Four Great Vajra that was beaten up
  646. 1140C1140 as much as there is
  647. 1141C1141 The Mayor Xia who had been forced into a corner …
  648. 1142C1142 Poison Hand, Master and Servant Gu
  649. 1143C1143 I learned the reason of the death of the Ruan's house.
  650. 1144C1144 Zhang Xing, you have been infected with my parasite!
  651. 1145C1145 In the blink of an eye, he exterminated the Servant Gu and Mo Li appeared …
  652. 1146C1146 Xia Tianshui died
  653. 1147C1147 King Kong begged for mercy
  654. 1148C1148 Ruan Mei killed his enemy with his bare hands.
  655. 1149C1149 There is no return
  656. 1150C1150 Arriving at Zi Yanshan
  657. 1151C1151 "Let all the trash attack together!"
  658. 1152C1152 Unconvinced Elder Jiang
  659. 1153C1153 who was about to die from exhaustion
  660. 1154C1154 There was still the Eighth Order Magical Beast to eat
  661. 1155C1155 Arrogant Purple Flame Beast
  662. 1156C1156 Was mocked by the four dragons
  663. 1157C1157 stinging Purple Flame Beast
  664. 1158C1158 raw eating Purple Flame Beast
  665. 1159C1159 They were so frightened that they dispersed …
  666. 1160C1160 Killing after playing
  667. 1161C1161 Demonic Jade Mountain Great Elder Mo Caiyi
  668. 1162C1162 They wanted to take Ruan Mei as their disciple
  669. 1163C1163 barely bringing Zhang Xing along
  670. 1164C1164 became the service disciple
  671. 1165C1165 Let Moley chop firewood
  672. 1166C1166 stupefied
  673. 1167C1167 Incredible scene
  674. 1168C1168 Difficult as it is
  675. 1169C1169 group idiocy
  676. 1170C1170 Kneeling honestly
  677. 1171C1171 Ma Zhuang's Chief Steward
  678. 1172C1172 Herbal soup with lotus leaf cap
  679. 1173C1173 The Horrifying Power of Eyes
  680. 1174C1174 Ma Chief Steward kneeled down
  681. 1175C1175 Do me a favor
  682. 1176C1176 Three of the Seniors Who Come to Send the Message
  683. 1177C1177 The boss of the fire kitchen
  684. 1178C1178 Zhang Xing's worry
  685. 1179C1179 Human Support
  686. 1180C1180 Eldest Brother, Feng Bao
  687. 1181C1181 A casual kick
  688. 1182C1182 The depressed Feng Bao
  689. 1183C1183 Feng Bao who was pressed into the ground
  690. 1184C1184 Meet Ruan Mei
  691. 1185C1185 Ru Xian who came to cause trouble
  692. 1186C1186 To tolerate being treated as a coward …
  693. 1187C1187 "I don't beat women, but someone does it for me."
  694. 1188C1188 The sorrowful Eldest Senior Sister Ru Xian
  695. 1189C1189 Life Ferocious Berserk Tyrannosaurus Wen Jing
  696. 1190C1190 Ru Family appeared
  697. 1191C1191 still not Long Wenjing's opponent
  698. 1192C1192 The strong Zhang Xing
  699. 1193C1193 Who is stronger
  700. 1194C1194 Giant dragon vs. flood dragon
  701. 1195C1195 Wait a minute, the Giant dragon will level up first
  702. 1196C1196 The regretful Mo Caiyi
  703. 1197C1197 Dragon-hanging flood dragon
  704. 1198C1198 Ru Ye challenged Zhang Xing.
  705. 1199C1199 Hit you like a fly
  706. 1200C1200 [1,200]. It's too dark, call him out
  707. 1201C1201 You are not a match, change hands
  708. 1202C1202 Third generation disciple of Feng Family, Feng Bubai
  709. 1203C1203 Zhang Xing, I will give you three punches!
  710. 1204C1204 Feng Bubai, who had been slapped in the face
  711. 1205C1205 You will level up and I will
  712. 1206C1206 leveling up, a sentence, etc
  713. 1207C1207 I think it would be better to increase it by another grade …
  714. 1208C1208 Uninterrupted Magic Attack
  715. 1209C1209 to hire Zhang Xing as my revered elder
  716. 1210C1210 If there is anything good, you can agree to it
  717. 1211C1211 Its strength was equal to that of the Spirit Stone.
  718. 1212C1212 Such brotherly camaraderie!]
  719. 1213C1213 A competition in a ceremony of worship
  720. 1214C1214 Feng Wuji challenged Master Zhang Xing
  721. 1215C1215 A Zi is not a human, he's a dragon!
  722. 1216C1216 Easily block
  723. 1217C1217 Blue Flames Beast kneeling
  724. 1218C1218 Feng Wuji lost
  725. 1219C1219 Si Nantian asked for guidance
  726. 1220C1220 He was beaten up pretty badly …
  727. 1221C1221 elastic hand
  728. 1222C1222 Taking advantage of this, he pointed at the Spirit Stone.
  729. 1223C1223 Kick again quickly
  730. 1224C1224 and defeat Si Hao.
  731. 1225C1225 Mayor Si Kong came forward to challenge.
  732. 1226C1226 Pengniao
  733. 1227C1227 The appearance of all the dragons shook the heaven and earth
  734. 1228C1228 The Pengniao fled without a fight
  735. 1229C1229 Brilliant Victory
  736. 1230C1230 In the mine city
  737. 1231C1231 There are Billionaire in the city
  738. 1232C1232 There were protolith in the Billionaire.
  739. 1233C1233 There was a hand bone of sage in the protolith.
  740. 1234C1234 Zhang Xing and Young Master Li started their bidding
  741. 1235C1235 God, Hero and Brush
  742. 1236C1236 Too rich
  743. 1237C1237 A billion is just a number to me
  744. 1238C1238 A sacristy appeared!
  745. 1239C1239 There was still one more piece of hand bone of sage …
  746. 1240C1240 get saintly seed
  747. 1241C1241 Priceless Prices
  748. 1242C1242 they were asking for a price of five hundred million Middle grade spirit stone.
  749. 1243C1243 The fifty billion Low grade spirit stone
  750. 1244C1244 animal fighting ring took a walk
  751. 1245C1245 Digging for Zhang Xing
  752. 1246C1246 Battle Beast Beginning
  753. 1247C1247 There is always something unexpected
  754. 1248C1248 Young Master Li lost miserably …
  755. 1249C1249 Battle Beast Beginning
  756. 1250C1250 kill the whole place
  757. 1251C1251 play garden, listen to the play and eat
  758. 1252C1252 Courtesan Belle selection, a reward from a godly figure
  759. 1253C1253 A hundred million!]
  760. 1254C1254 Young Master Zhang and Young Master Bai, open brush
  761. 1255C1255 Zhang Shaofan bought 25 billion yuan
  762. 1256C1256 Bai Shaojie
  763. 1257C1257 The life of Ling Er, the number one Courtesan Belle.
  764. 1258C1258 Billionaire, Big Boss, Jin Xiaolou
  765. 1259C1259 Owner owes Young Master Zhang 500 billion.
  766. 1260C1260 The back of a familiar face
  767. 1261C1261 Si Nantian who was paralyzed on the face
  768. 1262C1262 Nobody expected …
  769. 1263C1263 "No, I want 500 billion."
  770. 1264C1264 Jin Xiaolou wanted to use force
  771. 1265C1265 The appearance of a dragon and its domineering aura …
  772. 1266C1266 "I want the Spirit Stone as well as the human!"
  773. 1267C1267 Surprised Ling Er
  774. 1268C1268 I will take you back to Demonic Jade Mountain
  775. 1269C1269 Junior Brother Xiaoxing, who was implicated …
  776. 1270C1270 The Humiliated Laughing Star
  777. 1271C1271 Ru Xian's retribution
  778. 1272C1272 What goes around comes around, like a dog food
  779. 1273C1273 Ruan Mei and Ling Er were blood-related sisters
  780. 1274C1274 "Do you have a book? Let me take a look at it."
  781. 1275C1275 The various Palace Mistress s were looking for Zhang Xing for an explanation.
  782. 1276C1276 Zhang Xing's Flowing Water Manipulation
  783. 1277C1277 The Palace Mistress s who were watching foolishly …
  784. 1278C1278 Preparation before the Large Competition
  785. 1279C1279 Rules are used to break rules
  786. 1280C1280 The match began with violence breaking the formation
  787. 1281C1281 Break the formation and then go to identify the herbs
  788. 1282C1282 It took only one hour
  789. 1283C1283 Tremor Panellists
  790. 1284C1284 The Assembly Master fought for Zhang Xing.
  791. 1285C1285 It was actually an incomplete level two Bloodline Pill!
  792. 1286C1286 Pill Differentiation Completion
  793. 1287C1287 "Do you know how to refine pills?"
  794. 1288C1288 Slap Face with Achievement
  795. 1289C1289 Constellation Zhang Bufan
  796. 1290C1290 roping
  797. 1291C1291 Great Star King Clan,
  798. 1292C1292 compress
  799. 1293C1293 Failed Crash
  800. 1294C1294 Formation PK Competition
  801. 1295C1295 An unlucky person
  802. 1296C1296 He wanted to catch the rabbit, but a wolf came by
  803. 1297C1297 No time, I'm in a hurry
  804. 1298C1298 Refining Soul Gathering Pellet
  805. 1299C1299 Heavens, this was the highest grade among the seventh grade …
  806. 1300C1300 The leader of the Great Assembly started to flame for Zhang Xing.
  807. 1301C1301 Second collision with Zhang Bufan
  808. 1302C1302 Struggle for Top 5
  809. 1303C1303 I said I'm gonna beat you out of here
  810. 1304C1304 Panic Zhang Qi
  811. 1305C1305 You all go out and cool off
  812. 1306C1306 's eyes darkened
  813. 1307C1307 Cauldron Promotion Pill
  814. 1308C1308 Attention from Tian Feng's Princess
  815. 1309C1309 Use dragonfire
  816. 1310C1310 Break through to the spiritual stage
  817. 1311C1311 Tian Feng had refined two Nine Cauldron Pill s
  818. 1312C1312 Only one out of eight is needed
  819. 1313C1313 All the big shots were asking Zhang Xing for help.
  820. 1314C1314 Suggested Master Zhang Lectures
  821. 1315C1315 To be held in the arms of the lords
  822. 1316C1316 Arriving at Formation Masters Guild Headquarters
  823. 1317C1317 Reject Su Changhe's invitation
  824. 1318C1318 Perfecting the ancient remnant array
  825. 1319C1319 attract attention from all directions
  826. 1320C1320 Maze or array
  827. 1321C1321 Master Zhang, please activate the Ancient Killing Array
  828. 1322C1322 It was actually a Level Nine Killing Formation!
  829. 1323C1323 One after another, they came to pay their respects
  830. 1324C1324 Giving Zhang Xing a mansion
  831. 1325C1325 What ought to come and what ought not to come
  832. 1326C1326 Ancient Tri-Clearing Pill
  833. 1327C1327 Easily concoct pills
  834. 1328C1328 Pills tribulation
  835. 1329C1329 The unreconciled Princess Tian Feng
  836. 1330C1330 Tian Feng stepped forward
  837. 1331C1331 thunder tribulation
  838. 1332C1332 Ultimate Tri-Clearing Pill
  839. 1333C1333 Tian Feng's Princess was counter-devoured
  840. 1334C1334 Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens Pill
  841. 1335C1335 Embarrassed Prince of the North Sky
  842. 1336C1336 Thunder Calamity Fierce, I want to level up through the lottery
  843. 1337C1337 No, wait till I get a promotion
  844. 1338C1338 To rise to Six Stars, it was simple.
  845. 1339C1339 Fighting the Tribulation while Upgrading
  846. 1340C1340 If the level doesn't work, then it's level three.
  847. 1341C1341 Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens semi-sage Pill
  848. 1342C1342 The shocked Princess Tian Feng
  849. 1343C1343 who was about to faint from anger
  850. 1344C1344 Appear in the distance
  851. 1345C1345 It's just a fire in the stove
  852. 1346C1346 Defeat Tian Feng in the blink of an eye
  853. 1347C1347 Zhang Yuanfang went on stage
  854. 1348C1348 But is forced to weak chicken, the lost one punch
  855. 1349C1349 A bird knows its ambition
  856. 1350C1350 Zhang's side branch
  857. 1351C1351 Not Accepted
  858. 1352C1352 The border of the moor of the heron nation
  859. 1353C1353 Lots of prizes at night
  860. 1354C1354 Central Army Invasion
  861. 1355C1355 He had offended someone he should not have provoked
  862. 1356C1356 Ling Family
  863. 1357C1357 They wanted to take Zhang Xing as their little brother
  864. 1358C1358 Consecutive levelled up two levels, One Star Saint
  865. 1359C1359 All the dragon cubs have come out to advance to the next level
  866. 1360C1360 beat up two Ling Family s with one star Battle Sage
  867. 1361C1361 Get rid of a crowd and a gang
  868. 1362C1362 Ba Hu who was about to die from fright
  869. 1363C1363 Retreat to Xuandu
  870. 1364C1364 We meet again
  871. 1365C1365 "My rule is that there is no rule."
  872. 1366C1366 The despairing Zhang Xuan
  873. 1367C1367 The shocked people of Zhang family
  874. 1368C1368 Help Zhang Xuan become a saint
  875. 1369C1369 Demon Jade Mountain Difficulties
  876. 1370C1370 Descending Demonic Jade Mountain
  877. 1371C1371 killing
  878. 1372C1372 direct use of Magic arrows
  879. 1373C1373 is to kick your feet
  880. 1374C1374 The Demon Jade Mountain was the forbidden area after that …
  881. 1375C1375 Historians have invited a large group of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.
  882. 1376C1376 Ready to Start
  883. 1377C1377 Dragonform: Intimidate the Polygonum multiflorum Thunb
  884. 1378C1378 A Polygonum multiflorum Thunb that could not withstand a single blow
  885. 1379C1379 The black stone washes the brain
  886. 1380C1380 Famous Broadcast
  887. 1381C1381 To invite nine Polygonum multiflorum Thunb s
  888. 1382C1382 Paint the Polygonum multiflorum Thunb
  889. 1383C1383 Hei Bao miscalculated
  890. 1384C1384 I heard that Zhang Xing is going to form his climate soon.
  891. 1385C1385 Punishing Zhang Xing
  892. 1386C1386 Give the ninety dragons a name
  893. 1387C1387 Are you looking down on me, these dragons?
  894. 1388C1388 Then I'll upgrade all ninety dragons
  895. 1389C1389 All of them rose to the level of Tenth Order after each ring of the finger
  896. 1390C1390 Violent beating of 300 Crimson Flame Dragon
  897. 1391C1391 To knock out and steal three hundred Crimson Flame Dragon
  898. 1392C1392 End war
  899. 1393C1393 The vow of the year is not the same as that of man
  900. 1394C1394 There's an old man who wants to marry the Xue Er Sisters.
  901. 1395C1395 So it was the remnant of the Wen Family.
  902. 1396C1396 in danger
  903. 1397C1397 Master, is that you?
  904. 1398C1398 I have become a saint
  905. 1399C1399 Age still walking alone
  906. 1400C1400 See also undead race
  907. 1401C1401 Upgrade Ceremony
  908. 1402C1402 Bobo dracauria for a while
  909. 1403C1403 Long Yinian made his move
  910. 1404C1404 Let me show you the magnificent world of dragons
  911. 1405C1405 Instantly learning of Secret Scripture of the Ghost King
  912. 1406C1406 Take over the Undead Legion
  913. 1407C1407 Change, quickly ask the Zhang Sheng
  914. 1408C1408 Chase down Jiang Sheng
  915. 1409C1409 Zhang Xing appeared in the nick of time
  916. 1410C1410 "Then let's go to war!"
  917. 1411C1411 Go to Rescue
  918. 1412C1412 Sage poisoning
  919. 1413C1413 Zhang Xing's Undead army
  920. 1414C1414 transverse rolling
  921. 1415C1415 Chase down Necromancy.
  922. 1416C1416 Grab the ghost cloak
  923. 1417C1417 chase and kill
  924. 1418C1418 Undead Association Headquarters
  925. 1419C1419 to know the purpose of the Necromancy.
  926. 1420C1420 bone extermination array
  927. 1421C1421 Angry dragonfire
  928. 1422C1422 Welcome to Zhang Sheng's triumphant return
  929. 1423C1423 In six fleeing sent them all
  930. 1424C1424 The Giant dragon showed her power as she cast the forbidden spell together …
  931. 1425C1425 And you still want to command Zhang Xing?
  932. 1426C1426 Counter Start
  933. 1427C1427 Angry Necromancy
  934. 1428C1428 defeat, follow
  935. 1429C1429 The Great Clan Elder's dream of becoming a Phantom Dragon
  936. 1430C1430 Appearance, ninety-nine dragons plus one person
  937. 1431C1431 They were dragons, immune to the Magic.
  938. 1432C1432 The people of underworld family are here
  939. 1433C1433 Let you enter a world of practice
  940. 1434C1434 To shake off Zhang Xing, there had to be a Long Yinian!
  941. 1435C1435 Comparing speed, the Flying unicorn was as tired as a dog
  942. 1436C1436 [A friendship is not a matter of a pot of wine]
  943. 1437C1437 To the world of the underworld family.
  944. 1438C1438 The Great Leaders of the Meng Family
  945. 1439C1439 Become an Elder and Accept the Challenge
  946. 1440C1440 Zhang Xing against Meng Tian
  947. 1441C1441 Black Twin Fire-Dragons
  948. 1442C1442 A pair against a Zi Yi unicorn.
  949. 1443C1443 She's finally been fooled
  950. 1444C1444 Punching Zi Yi unicorn madly
  951. 1445C1445 Meng Longqiang, Zhang Xing stronger …
  952. 1446C1446 The Defeated Meng Long
  953. 1447C1447 Meng Hu and Hercules Bovis appeared
  954. 1448C1448 The stratagem of the Hercules Bovis
  955. 1449C1449 In the end, it was still the spatiotemporal dragon that had a high stratagem
  956. 1450C1450 Meng Hu trembled in fear
  957. 1451C1451 The power of the Dragon Fist
  958. 1452C1452 Meng Jiao and longneck dragonfly
  959. 1453C1453 a poison capable of pouring Four Star Battle-Saint
  960. 1454C1454 Your toxicology is not enough yet
  961. 1455C1455 'Is there still a poison pill? '
  962. 1456C1456 dragon snake fight
  963. 1457C1457 It seemed to be a critical moment …
  964. 1458C1458 head snake diarrhea
  965. 1459C1459 atony
  966. 1460C1460 "Luck is not the usual good thing."
  967. 1461C1461 Array Pharaoh Master Meng Bao
  968. 1462C1462 Seek time to recall the past
  969. 1463C1463 Dragon Soul Nine Killing Array
  970. 1464C1464 Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit, Fit.
  971. 1465C1465 It doesn't matter if you're unpopular
  972. 1466C1466 Ancestor's visit
  973. 1467C1467 They wanted to order Zhang Xing to fight in their place
  974. 1468C1468 Strong rejection of Zhang Xing
  975. 1469C1469 When Zhang Xing left, darkness appeared …
  976. 1470C1470 Zhang Xing came back
  977. 1471C1471 Black Dragon Advanced
  978. 1472C1472 The white dragon continued to evolve
  979. 1473C1473 Holy Light Annihilation
  980. 1474C1474 Road to Nine Star Saint
  981. 1475C1475 Comprehending step Dao Realm
  982. 1476C1476 With a sweep of his spiritual will, darkness appeared …
  983. 1477C1477 "Let all the ugly monsters die!"
  984. 1478C1478 The coming Master of Darkness
  985. 1479C1479 Surprise After Terror
  986. 1480C1480 Angry Master of Darkness
  987. 1481C1481 Descent, battle to the death
  988. 1482C1482 A flight of dragons united against a strong enemy
  989. 1483C1483 He entered the belly of the Master of Darkness.
  990. 1484C1484 Use of space warships
  991. 1485C1485 actuating self-detonation device
  992. 1486C1486 The warship exploded in its belly
  993. 1487C1487 Zhang Xing was ambushed
  994. 1488C1488 Having lost the aura of Zhang Xing …
  995. 1489C1489 In a strange world, a man who has lost his memory
  996. 1490C1490 Piracy ships subjected to the burst
  997. 1491C1491 Your knife is broken
  998. 1492C1492 invulnerable to swords and spears, impervious to poisons
  999. 1493C1493 We have to kill them first
  1000. 1494C1494 Merciless Attack
  1001. 1495C1495 Leave the fishing village
  1002. 1496C1496 Selling along the street
  1003. 1497C1497 Guest at Hong Mansion
  1004. 1498C1498 uninvited guest
  1005. 1499C1499 The power of the Dragon Fist
  1006. 1500C1500 Chase
  1007. 1501C1501 Recover a bit of spiritual will
  1008. 1502C1502 Life on the verge of death
  1009. 1503C1503 recovery of memory
  1010. 1504C1504 Extinguish Song Zhong with a flick of a finger
  1011. 1505C1505 convoy of white lotus
  1012. 1506C1506 hatching holy dragon
  1013. 1507C1507 Naming of Holy One
  1014. 1508C1508 Zhong Li wanted to subdue the First Sage.
  1015. 1509C1509 Innate Skills Fear
  1016. 1510C1510 Black Door, Master Ancestor, Sun Hai
  1017. 1511C1511 The furious Sun Hai
  1018. 1512C1512 Look at my concealed weapon
  1019. 1513C1513 A python fleeing in panic
  1020. 1514C1514 Predecessor, please save us!
  1021. 1515C1515 "Blue Flames, Destroy Two Elders …"
  1022. 1516C1516 It was actually a dragon! Dragon Lord, spare our lives!
  1023. 1517C1517 Not a single one could escape
  1024. 1518C1518 How about Fellow Fish taking the next step?
  1025. 1519C1519 Leng Xin self-destructed
  1026. 1520C1520 Little Qian Shan Search for Treasure
  1027. 1521C1521 Entering the treasure room
  1028. 1522C1522 It was just breaking the formation …
  1029. 1523C1523 Fist Crack Array
  1030. 1524C1524 Thirty-two Lights About to Extinguish
  1031. 1525C1525 Confusion
  1032. 1526C1526 Demons trapped in the ground
  1033. 1527C1527 The Old Devil Mo Ye showed his might.
  1034. 1528C1528 The Jinbao complained
  1035. 1529C1529 Jinbao showing off its might
  1036. 1530C1530 Kneel down and kowtow to my lord first
  1037. 1531C1531 Visitors from the Purple Sword Pavilion
  1038. 1532C1532 Idiot Young Master Kang Cheng
  1039. 1533C1533 'Sword seems to be very tasty! '
  1040. 1534C1534 He ate three more Flying Sword and stole a belt
  1041. 1535C1535 The kick disappeared
  1042. 1536C1536 Elder Yan Yijian's unique skill
  1043. 1537C1537 Tink, tink, tickle
  1044. 1538C1538 Purple Sword Pavilion won't rest until you die
  1045. 1539C1539 Elder Yan Yijian died
  1046. 1540C1540 Kang Cheng who had been found
  1047. 1541C1541 The white-bearded Old Man of unknown origin
  1048. 1542C1542 Zuo Qi, a Tier 6 Pill Refiner of the Heavenly Mystery Mountain
  1049. 1543C1543 I also have a Pills for you
  1050. 1544C1544 Longevity Dan s who shocked the whole field
  1051. 1545C1545 Take it and study it
  1052. 1546C1546 Extinguish Kang Cheng, each side stand on their own team
  1053. 1547C1547 Willing to fight a battle with the Predecessor.
  1054. 1548C1548 When the battle began, Kang Wei shouted for battle.
  1055. 1549C1549 Holy One
  1056. 1550C1550 Opportunity is self-created
  1057. 1551C1551 Kang Wei died
  1058. 1552C1552 Campbell, a foot BaiDi
  1059. 1553C1553 Is Magic a sacred art?
  1060. 1554C1554 Capture Zhang Xing and take away his ability
  1061. 1555C1555 Did you greet my Jinbao?
  1062. 1556C1556 Kang Lengfeng burst out
  1063. 1557C1557 Please ask Zhang Xing to be the Sect Leader
  1064. 1558C1558 Visit to Sect Leader
  1065. 1559C1559 Request for help from Southern King's Manor
  1066. 1560C1560 I heard that the Southern King's Manor is very scary.
  1067. 1561C1561 The dignity of the Tai Ah Sword Sect could not be questioned
  1068. 1562C1562 Play with you
  1069. 1563C1563 [The killer turned out to be an ordinary man in the city!]
  1070. 1564C1564 With a wave of his hand, the soul disappears into smoke and disappears …
  1071. 1565C1565 Giant wyvern
  1072. 1566C1566 The blade shattered Tai Ah Sword Sect's hilum
  1073. 1567C1567 He could not cut a single hair off the Jinbao.
  1074. 1568C1568 Young man have good eyesight
  1075. 1569C1569 Recover some of your strength
  1076. 1570C1570 It's a common thing to keep leveling up
  1077. 1571C1571 When collective upgrade is in progress
  1078. 1572C1572 The Late Star Condensation Realm was no big deal.
  1079. 1573C1573 Hu Si's conspiracy
  1080. 1574C1574 Tai Ah Sword Sect's New Meteorology
  1081. 1575C1575 giant race attack
  1082. 1576C1576 giant race knew the truth
  1083. 1577C1577 Recruitment limit, settle grudges
  1084. 1578C1578 Let Kui admit defeat
  1085. 1579C1579 They thought that Zhang Xing was a Predecessor from the sage realm.
  1086. 1580C1580 giant warrior rushed towards Xizhuang.
  1087. 1581C1581 Hide behind your back and guide
  1088. 1582C1582 Hu Si forced his way out of the encirclement
  1089. 1583C1583 Hu Si was sent back
  1090. 1584C1584 martial arts competition of various forces in the south
  1091. 1585C1585 Continued Lottery Draw in Dragon Island
  1092. 1586C1586 "Luck is still as good as ever."
  1093. 1587C1587 Beginning of the Small Cangshan Martial Arena
  1094. 1588C1588 Bai He used the miraculous Magic.
  1095. 1589C1589 Bai He won again
  1096. 1590C1590 Some people laugh and some people cry
  1097. 1591C1591 "To be mocked even after winning, the sect is not strong enough"
  1098. 1592C1592 Ethereal Opening Realm again
  1099. 1593C1593 Abilities, Heaven and Earth Finger
  1100. 1594C1594 The Strongest Sect Leader
  1101. 1595C1595 Zhang Yu was also stupefied by his palm strike.
  1102. 1596C1596 Xie Chang consulted the Sect Leader Zhang for her skills
  1103. 1597C1597 Under the Dragon Fist, everything was covered in clouds and smoke
  1104. 1598C1598 Take your life like a bag of trash
  1105. 1599C1599 Sikou Xiang against the Jinbao
  1106. 1600C1600 Dust only
  1107. 1601C1601 He actually ate the battle armor!?
  1108. 1602C1602 Yuan Tai who had stubbornly resisted
  1109. 1603C1603 unexpected visitor
  1110. 1604C1604 You are the most righteous Sect Leader.
  1111. 1605C1605 Southern King and Yang Chun
  1112. 1606C1606 Cooperation in the development of new Mainland
  1113. 1607C1607 Step onto the new Mainland
  1114. 1608C1608 Certain Sect Leader who do not listen to the command
  1115. 1609C1609 man-eating plant
  1116. 1610C1610 Some people are unworthy of sympathy
  1117. 1611C1611 Jinbao, you have to give Southern Palace Army some fun!
  1118. 1612C1612 Astonished Frog Emperor
  1119. 1613C1613 Southern Palace Army suffered heavy casualties
  1120. 1614C1614 Frog Emperor against Liu Xia
  1121. 1615C1615 "Something is amiss when you run into something unexpected."
  1122. 1616C1616 The arrival of the demi-human race and the appearance of the natives …
  1123. 1617C1617 Master, Lao Yuan has wished for you to come here.
  1124. 1618C1618 It must be the Young Master.
  1125. 1619C1619 Riding a giant ape across a snowy mountain
  1126. 1620C1620 Attack the Lion City.
  1127. 1621C1621 werewolf went out of the city to fight them
  1128. 1622C1622 Lang Er was knocked unconscious by his own rattan stick
  1129. 1623C1623 Is it a worm or a parasite
  1130. 1624C1624 Fear Skills, werewolf Stunned
  1131. 1625C1625 When the King Leonis left the city, three thousand people were enraged.
  1132. 1626C1626 King Leonis who almost died from anger
  1133. 1627C1627 The Berserk Transformation of the Beastmen, The Appearance of the Holy One
  1134. 1628C1628 You still need me to nod my head
  1135. 1629C1629 King Leonis promised to obey Predecessor's commands
  1136. 1630C1630 He was the son of the Tiger King.
  1137. 1631C1631 No matter how insidious or cunning he was, it was useless!
  1138. 1632C1632 Arriving at the Tiger King Palace
  1139. 1633C1633 The stratagem of the Tiger King
  1140. 1634C1634 An elephant is nothing but a joke
  1141. 1635C1635 Tiger King who had been violently beaten up
  1142. 1636C1636 Tiger King kneeled down and kowtowed
  1143. 1637C1637 Please punish Predecessor.
  1144. 1638C1638 Once again pretending to be a Lord Divine Dragon.
  1145. 1639C1639 After arriving at the Bearman City, he continued to pretend.
  1146. 1640C1640 I'll let you off this once
  1147. 1641C1641 Legend of the Xuanwu Continent
  1148. 1642C1642 Please let our ancestors go, Lord Dragon God.
  1149. 1643C1643 Break the formation and release the Beastman Ancestor.
  1150. 1644C1644 The Ancestor of the Beastman had a sincere respect for him
  1151. 1645C1645 King Beaumont attacked
  1152. 1646C1646 King Beaumont taught a lesson by the Patriarch
  1153. 1647C1647 Zhang Xing became the parent of the Beastmen.
  1154. 1648C1648 Elder Le Tu of the totem clan
  1155. 1649C1649 Biwudine's subordinate
  1156. 1650C1650 So it was like this …
  1157. 1651C1651 demon race Ghost-Face Sheep
  1158. 1652C1652 kill the Ghost-Face Sheep with a pinch
  1159. 1653C1653 The First Victory of the Sage, the Jinbao
  1160. 1654C1654 Another cattlehead arrived
  1161. 1655C1655 You're dead
  1162. 1656C1656 "You're so crafty, I'm going to level up!"
  1163. 1657C1657 Cultivation base restored, amputated arm grow
  1164. 1658C1658 Crazy a batch
  1165. 1659C1659 Holy One Promotions Tenth Order
  1166. 1660C1660 Jin Jilie against Battle Sage One
  1167. 1661C1661 Great Demon now
  1168. 1662C1662 sacristy is still trash in my hands
  1169. 1663C1663 Great Demon died
  1170. 1664C1664 redestruction of Gemeel
  1171. 1665C1665 Le Tu went out to fight, summoning the true evil.
  1172. 1666C1666 So they were all clones of the Great Demon …
  1173. 1667C1667 true evil was no match for Zhang Xing.
  1174. 1668C1668 true evil died
  1175. 1669C1669 Chief and High Priest
  1176. 1670C1670 Mo Fan and Ba Letai killed themselves
  1177. 1671C1671 The Southern Palace Army attacked the Tai Ah Sword Sect.
  1178. 1672C1672 Shen San smiled at Li Jun.
  1179. 1673C1673 Qiu Ye waved his hand and seriously injured Li Xiao.
  1180. 1674C1674 Sect Leader is back
  1181. 1675C1675 It was just a child's cultivation technique …
  1182. 1676C1676 I will only return a finger to you
  1183. 1677C1677 Sect Leader agreed, but we did not.
  1184. 1678C1678 "When a soldier does not fight, fear appears again."
  1185. 1679C1679 The new Southern King is me, Zhang Xing.
  1186. 1680C1680 orc army arrived
  1187. 1681C1681 defensive line Southpan County
  1188. 1682C1682 The crystal cannon and the Beastmen were utterly defeated
  1189. 1683C1683 Proposal by the King Beaumont
  1190. 1684C1684 When a King fights, he is not afraid of death
  1191. 1685C1685 Wang Zhiqiang
  1192. 1686C1686 wolf egg herd
  1193. 1687C1687 Elder Qiu Shuang who did not believe in evil
  1194. 1688C1688 Attack the defensive line.
  1195. 1689C1689 Geothermal Lake, the appearance of the Southern King.
  1196. 1690C1690 The Terror of the Southern King
  1197. 1691C1691 Wang Bastard, the strange thing was …
  1198. 1692C1692 If you want to destroy me, I will also destroy you!]
  1199. 1693C1693 Southern King is better left to me, Zhang Xing.
  1200. 1694C1694 The unlucky Southern King wanted Battle Sage one.
  1201. 1695C1695 With the appearance of the dragon claw, it shook heaven and earth …
  1202. 1696C1696 When the claw landed, it was a horrible sight …
  1203. 1697C1697 Assault on Zhang Xing, Dragon Fist returned to One.
  1204. 1698C1698 With the death of the Southern King, the new King was born!
  1205. 1699C1699 Fang Dong's movement attacked the Southern King's Manor.
  1206. 1700C1700 Smoke filled the air as the war began
  1207. 1701C1701 A holy dragon made of Tenth Order was born
  1208. 1702C1702 King Beaumont against Mo Beila