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  • Return of the Net Gaming Monarch

Return of the Net Gaming Monarch

Author:Yao Xie You Lei Genre:Video Games
Status:Completed Num.:6030.00 k

Violence, Rogue, two names that had long since faded away from t... more


  1. 1C1 Detonation Concealed
  2. 2C2 Empire Guild
  3. 3C3 Sneak Post
  4. 4C4 Go To Game
  5. 5C5 Task Acceptance
  6. 6C6 demon wolf
  7. 7C7 First in the Level Rankings
  8. 8C8 Encountered PK
  9. 9C9 I'm Level 10
  10. 10C10 Lin Fan's Past
  11. 11C11 Ring of Conversion
  12. 12C12 Gen
  13. 13C13 chaotic sky
  14. 14C14 white python
  15. 15C15 BOSS Black Panther King
  16. 16C16 Liu Mengxiao arrived
  17. 17C17 Thank you
  18. 18C18 Nightmare Castle
  19. 19C19 Vampire Baron
  20. 20C20 Purple Dagger
  21. 21C21 sharp suit
  22. 22C22 Real Second Layer
  23. 23C23 Paros dead
  24. 24C24 was hung back
  25. 25C25 Surprise
  26. 26C26 Deterrence and the Attributes of Malevolent Fangs
  27. 27C27 Ghost King Set
  28. 28C28 Yet another set of keen senses
  29. 29C29 Seven pieces set for Ghost King
  30. 30C30 self-detonation
  31. 31C31 Lamont's advancement
  32. 32C32 Task Complete
  33. 33C33 An amazing reward
  34. 34C34 Eternity
  35. 35C35 A one-sided fight
  36. 36C36 They are the Bandits and the Concealers
  37. 37C37 white horse
  38. 38C38 Not with that
  39. 39C39 brush again
  40. 40C40 harvesting technique
  41. 41C41 locust legion
  42. 42C42 Berserk Upgrade Speed
  43. 43C43 two perverts
  44. 44C44 locust hegemony
  45. 45C45 He had finally gotten rid of it
  46. 46C46 The Trouble of the Game Company
  47. 47C47 Divine Scroll of Gloomy
  48. 48C48 Demon God Source
  49. 49C49 Solve the problem
  50. 50C50 Alliances
  51. 51C51 acanthosis
  52. 52C52 apoplexy
  53. 53C53 occult killing
  54. 54C54 Dark Mage Scroll Stone Giant
  55. 55C55 Tyrant Rock Giant a Difficult Quest
  56. 56C56 Second stage Ice and Snow Worshipper
  57. 57C57 The fearsome Ice and Snow Worshipper
  58. 58C58 accident
  59. 59C59 The Fury of the Two Great Myths
  60. 60C60 deliberation
  61. 61C61 Horrifying Skeleton Knight
  62. 62C62 Third stage passed
  63. 63C63 Olsen's test Kill yourself
  64. 64C64 dark volume
  65. 65C65 Continental Crisis
  66. 66C66 Recruitment
  67. 67C67 arrival of troops
  68. 68C68 mythological reappearance
  69. 69C69 What I want is your heart
  70. 70C70 A jealous woman is terrible
  71. 71C71 Found them
  72. 72C72 Would you please accept it
  73. 73C73 Dinner is here
  74. 74C74 war
  75. 75C75 Fighting
  76. 76C76 extinction of eternity
  77. 77C77 Frost Wolf King
  78. 78C78 End of fight
  79. 79C79 obliterate into eternity
  80. 80C80 The Rise of the Empire
  81. 81C81 Beast altars
  82. 82C82 Orc Wolf General
  83. 83C83 Difficult to exterminate
  84. 84C84 Destroying the transmission array
  85. 85C85 Four-Star Tasks
  86. 86C86 underground labyrinth
  87. 87C87 orc warlord
  88. 88C88 Maps
  89. 89C89 Level 25
  90. 90C90 exterminating the overlord of the locust
  91. 91C91 Ling Nu
  92. 92C92 Back to the orc altar
  93. 93C93 forced intrusion
  94. 94C94 Death of the Overlord of the Locust
  95. 95C95 Orc Barbarian
  96. 96C96 intrusion channel
  97. 97C97 orc priest
  98. 98C98 Last
  99. 99C99 Complete Task
  100. 100C100 Imperial Mercenary Company
  101. 101C101 System Update
  102. 102C102 Proud Sky
  103. 103C103 Mercenary Tasks
  104. 104C104 Task Complete
  105. 105C105 eternal pursuit
  106. 106C106 Last
  107. 107C107 Victory
  108. 108C108 Death Warrior
  109. 109C109 necromancy
  110. 110C110 The Nightmare of Chaos
  111. 111C111 Buy
  112. 112C112 Celebrity Clubhouse
  113. 113C113 Liu Hanfeng
  114. 114C114 Threatening from the Chaos
  115. 115C115 Corrosion Magic Bracelet
  116. 116C116 Pet system
  117. 117C117 Frost Wolf King
  118. 118C118 Fighting the Wolf King Together
  119. 119C119 Mystery Ink Wind
  120. 120C120 Scoundrel Fatty
  121. 121C121 Learning Flying
  122. 122C122 Fly
  123. 123C123 The Secret of Mo Feng
  124. 124C124 Central Death Battlefield
  125. 125C125 Wild NPC Monster
  126. 126C126 Mandate of Torquus
  127. 127C127 Red Sun Firebird
  128. 128C128 Pirates of the Hungry Wolf
  129. 129C129 resurrection of Coutos
  130. 130C130 Save the village of Kouka
  131. 131C131 Fighting the Wolf
  132. 132C132 Killing the wolf
  133. 133C133 Guild Order Blood Kill
  134. 134C134 extermination of blood killing
  135. 135C135 Moon Deity Keeper
  136. 136C136 5-Star mercenary mission
  137. 137C137 Captain of the demon knights
  138. 138C138 group warfare
  139. 139C139 A malicious trick
  140. 140C140 You're going to be in trouble
  141. 141C141 Mo Feng
  142. 142C142 You have the guts to come over here
  143. 143C143 Fire Dragon Showing off its Power Concealed Immortal Ring
  144. 144C144 Fatty Mo's embarrassment
  145. 145C145 Thank you very much Unblock
  146. 146C146 Formal Accession
  147. 147C147 Huo Burning Heaven is your disciple
  148. 148C148 flying flower
  149. 149C149 Start of auction
  150. 150C150 Priceless Auctions
  151. 151C151 Territory Lord
  152. 152C152 Twin-headed Icy Bear King
  153. 153C153 cold roaring
  154. 154C154 Request in Rain
  155. 155C155 demon god passageway
  156. 156C156 Blocking
  157. 157C157 Forbidden Spell
  158. 158C158 Task Complete
  159. 159C159 primary enchantment
  160. 160C160 demonized tree demon
  161. 161C161 plant essence
  162. 162C162 lightning anger sand exterminating demon
  163. 163C163 Chasing by Sand Demons
  164. 164C164 Sand Demon Monarch
  165. 165C165 The New Slave
  166. 166C166 thick earth armor
  167. 167C167 elven village
  168. 168C168 Holy-rank Mission
  169. 169C169 orc
  170. 170C170 wolf-riding general
  171. 171C171 direwolf rider
  172. 172C172 elven tree
  173. 173C173 Silver Behemoths
  174. 174C174 Psionic Fruit and the End of Thunderclap
  175. 175C175 Mysterious Bee King
  176. 176C176 Pet of the Black Bee King
  177. 177C177 You are a millionaire not a pauper
  178. 178C178 Otherworld Martial Arts Competitions
  179. 179C179 Back to the city to rest and recuperate
  180. 180C180 Guardian Spirit Mountain Village
  181. 181C181 bitter struggle
  182. 182C182 Message from Cleric Hidden Profession
  183. 183C183 demon beast skeleton
  184. 184C184 shadow strangulation
  185. 185C185 broken spirit
  186. 186C186 Liu Yue's Crisis
  187. 187C187 XU Hu
  188. 188C188 Planning
  189. 189C189 Delegate of the old priest
  190. 190C190 The Lion King of the Beastmen
  191. 191C191 clergyman's staff
  192. 192C192 Hidden Job Triggers
  193. 193C193 Psionic Tree
  194. 194C194 Firefox Set
  195. 195C195 pastor of life
  196. 196C196 Ambion
  197. 197C197 internal disorder of crescent
  198. 198C198 Eternal Admission
  199. 199C199 Arrival of Burning Fire
  200. 200C200 Seventeen consecutive kills
  201. 201C201 Archaeus region
  202. 202C202 small dark snake
  203. 203C203 poison agent
  204. 204C204 Medusa's Phantom
  205. 205C205 Anger of Vengeance
  206. 206C206 The Illusion of Killing Medusa
  207. 207C207 Skeleton Snake Monster
  208. 208C208 Nine-headed Dragon Snake
  209. 209C209 Medusa's scepter
  210. 210C210 Opening ceremony of a martial arts event from a different world
  211. 211C211 rage
  212. 212C212 Choose a mount
  213. 213C213 meeting old people
  214. 214C214 Promotion
  215. 215C215 Decision to travel in the rain
  216. 216C216 Aqua Blue Sky Break
  217. 217C217 I have no objection
  218. 218C218 Vile revenge
  219. 219C219 adversary
  220. 220C220 Wretched the emperor
  221. 221C221 Fighting Sky Shooting Sun
  222. 222C222 Peerless versus Weitian
  223. 223C223 Clash Three
  224. 224C224 Explosive VS Overlord
  225. 225C225 Curtainfall
  226. 226C226 Abroad
  227. 227C227 New arrival in Japan
  228. 228C228 trace exposure
  229. 229C229 encounter obstruction
  230. 230C230 Probing the Spirit Realm
  231. 231C231 Escape to Ascending
  232. 232C232 regression
  233. 233C233 war
  234. 234C234 Gambling
  235. 235C235 Scoundrelly Ink-Flowing Wind
  236. 236C236 Playing in the open air and in the open air
  237. 237C237 white dust
  238. 238C238 Titan's War God Break the Heavens
  239. 239C239 Bidding
  240. 240C240 Eternal withdrawal from the holy city
  241. 241C241 Reentry into the Demonic Serpent Hall
  242. 242C242 To fight the illusion of Medusa again
  243. 243C243 Medusalinol
  244. 244C244 Heracleus erinaceus
  245. 245C245 Auction
  246. 246C246 Opening of the individual competition
  247. 247C247 Devil Altar
  248. 248C248 Vampire
  249. 249C249 Arena Extinguish Korea City
  250. 250C250 Undead Blood Evil
  251. 251C251 Negotiation
  252. 252C252 Dragons in the Sea
  253. 253C253 thousand miles of single horse
  254. 254C254 Entering
  255. 255C255 hellhound
  256. 256C256 Cerberus
  257. 257C257 Great War to the Three-Headed Hellhound
  258. 258C258 Cerberus pet
  259. 259C259 Lightning Fury
  260. 260C260 Marquis of Vampires
  261. 261C261 Devil-Spirit Bloodthirsty Set Hell's Blade
  262. 262C262 Chase
  263. 263C263 Human form BOSS Scorching Sun Soul Hex
  264. 264C264 Curse Necromancer Blood Demon
  265. 265C265 Fifteenth best born
  266. 266C266 The Arrogant Blood Evil of the Undead
  267. 267C267 The Jihad VS Cangyue Overlord
  268. 268C268 Explosion to the Arch of the Gods
  269. 269C269 Sky-upholding Fire Dragon
  270. 270C270 Mo Feng was as wretched as ever
  271. 271C271 Top 8 rise
  272. 272C272 The Emotional Tribulation of Ink Wind
  273. 273C273 Chaos VS Undead Blood Evil
  274. 274C274 detonation
  275. 275C275 blast VS Holy War
  276. 276C276 hard impact
  277. 277C277 The Vicious Power of the Golden Dragon
  278. 278C278 four-strong birth
  279. 279C279 The War of the Law God
  280. 280C280 Thunder Annihilate Undead Blood Evil
  281. 281C281 bone dragon
  282. 282C282 One Axe Shattering the Sky
  283. 283C283 The battle of the peak the battle of the kings
  284. 284C284 decisive battle
  285. 285C285 decisive battle 2
  286. 286C286 Reward
  287. 287C287 Opening Treasure Chest
  288. 288C288 animal crystal
  289. 289C289 Orc Camp
  290. 290C290 The Dark Blaze Ghost Phoenix that Swallows Beast Crystals
  291. 291C291 The skill of the Netherworld Ghost Phoenix
  292. 292C292 extermination
  293. 293C293 pet evolution
  294. 294C294 Bedevilment
  295. 295C295 The War of the Demon Lord
  296. 296C296 The chase by magical beasts
  297. 297C297 block
  298. 298C298 Choose a treasure
  299. 299C299 divine instrument
  300. 300C300 Bye Olsen
  301. 301C301 herbicide
  302. 302C302 Grass Vine King
  303. 303C303 The Demonic Vine King's Strange Skill
  304. 304C304 Nightmare Beach
  305. 305C305 Nightmare Turtle
  306. 306C306 eccentric pharmacist Long Hai
  307. 307C307 Nightmare crocodile
  308. 308C308 Hidden profession of pharmacist
  309. 309C309 Mission Kill nightmare beasts
  310. 310C310 A level 70 nightmare beast
  311. 311C311 Terrifying Nightmare Beast
  312. 312C312 Revealing Lightning Fury
  313. 313C313 Task Complete
  314. 314C314 deep seabed
  315. 315C315 Demon World Sand Demon Army
  316. 316C316 The number of demons is full
  317. 317C317 enter the camp
  318. 318C318 Mad Bull General
  319. 319C319 Become Lord
  320. 320C320 Building cities
  321. 321C321 mono exercise
  322. 322C322 Deep within the orc empire
  323. 323C323 Sweep the Beastmen
  324. 324C324 The Monster Siege Begins
  325. 325C325 Guarding the city
  326. 326C326 Guarding 2
  327. 327C327 Guarding 3
  328. 328C328 The plot of the Undead Blood Demon
  329. 329C329 Second Attack
  330. 330C330 assassination
  331. 331C331 Beamon's army
  332. 332C332 Lord of Beamon
  333. 333C333 A huge explosion
  334. 334C334 BOSS Death
  335. 335C335 Undead Blood Demon he's here
  336. 336C336 Trap in the City Lord's Mansion
  337. 337C337 Imperial City
  338. 338C338 Task Scrolls
  339. 339C339 Demon Suppressing Pagoda
  340. 340C340 Skeleton Knight
  341. 341C341 Skeleton Cavalry Commander Skeleton King
  342. 342C342 Archdevil of Hell
  343. 343C343 Devil Flame Beast
  344. 344C344 self-detonation
  345. 345C345 second transition success
  346. 346C346 Take you home
  347. 347C347 Home
  348. 348C348 Beaumont's village
  349. 349C349 Golden Behemoths
  350. 350C350 Beamon's knight
  351. 351C351 For you I am willing
  352. 352C352 Confession
  353. 353C353 Merge
  354. 354C354 Great War
  355. 355C355 Golden dragon cub
  356. 356C356 Fighting
  357. 357C357 The enemy is coming
  358. 358C358 desperate situation
  359. 359C359 A battle in a cave
  360. 360C360 force back
  361. 361C361 Graveyard of the King of the barbarians
  362. 362C362 Barbarian Warlord
  363. 363C363 Shaman
  364. 364C364 Orc King
  365. 365C365 Condition
  366. 366C366 God Sword of Tyrant
  367. 367C367 Bounty
  368. 368C368 Assassin regiment out
  369. 369C369 thunderous blow
  370. 370C370 Yellow Sand City
  371. 371C371 break out of the encirclement
  372. 372C372 Ancient Tomb of the Undead
  373. 373C373 Skeleton King
  374. 374C374 Undead Tomb 2nd Level
  375. 375C375 King Corpse
  376. 376C376 The Tyrant Zombie Master
  377. 377C377 return
  378. 378C378 paroxysmal anomalies
  379. 379C379 Shark Bay
  380. 380C380 Wild Shark King
  381. 381C381 The Feelings of Chaos
  382. 382C382 killing outside the city
  383. 383C383 full experience value
  384. 384C384 Shaman Demon Soul Master
  385. 385C385 A withered beastman's staff
  386. 386C386 Old friends
  387. 387C387 zodiac
  388. 388C388 Cold Ice Fortress Massacre
  389. 389C389 Do you dare
  390. 390C390 killing
  391. 391C391 Winning a bet
  392. 392C392 One to Four
  393. 393C393 Fighting in the Arena
  394. 394C394 You're so generous
  395. 395C395 Once again entering the tomb of the undead
  396. 396C396 dauntless appendage
  397. 397C397 third layer
  398. 398C398 Undead Bone Devil
  399. 399C399 Statue BOSS
  400. 400C400 The Lord of the Asura
  401. 401C401 Clear Blue Suite
  402. 402C402 Undead Corpse Demons
  403. 403C403 evil spirit yaksha
  404. 404C404 Undead Monarch
  405. 405C405 The power of the Apocalyptic Solar Flame Explosion
  406. 406C406 The mighty Undead Monarch Hamming
  407. 407C407 Mo Feng who had gone berserk
  408. 408C408 Summoning Medal of the Undead Monarch
  409. 409C409 Monster siege
  410. 410C410 Easily defending the city
  411. 411C411 End
  412. 412C412 new material
  413. 413C413 Kill your way in
  414. 414C414 Purple Lin Fan
  415. 415C415 Strange occupation
  416. 416C416 Nine Nethershadow flash
  417. 417C417 Nine shadow prey into the association
  418. 418C418 Thousand Slaughter
  419. 419C419 Secret History of the Barbarians
  420. 420C420 Attributes of Thunder Hammer
  421. 421C421 This group of people are really abnormal
  422. 422C422 Return to the Imperial City
  423. 423C423 The war is coming
  424. 424C424 General Beamon
  425. 425C425 Monarch Xie Jun
  426. 426C426 A bitter fight
  427. 427C427 aerial orc
  428. 428C428 Solo BOSS
  429. 429C429 Extermination Orc Air Force
  430. 430C430 Defensive battle
  431. 431C431 The Beast is about to be carved into the ground
  432. 432C432 Defensive battle 2
  433. 433C433 Moraxon's death
  434. 434C434 Defend and perish
  435. 435C435 Killing Association
  436. 436C436 Magic Tower
  437. 437C437 bullying people
  438. 438C438 Crystal Domain
  439. 439C439 Crystal Giant King
  440. 440C440 pet evolution
  441. 441C441 Elemental Gems
  442. 442C442 Ice Giant Dragon Parrot
  443. 443C443 KILL
  444. 444C444 encounter obstruction
  445. 445C445 assault and killing
  446. 446C446 Refining Magic Core
  447. 447C447 The Misery of Hammett
  448. 448C448 metaplasia
  449. 449C449 Battlefield killing
  450. 450C450 bloodthirsty killing
  451. 451C451 total annihilation
  452. 452C452 Task
  453. 453C453 sacrilege
  454. 454C454 orc
  455. 455C455 A Mad Battlefield
  456. 456C456 Evil Demon Lord
  457. 457C457 Showing up of the Demonic Lord
  458. 458C458 Shadow scarf Forbidden Spell Painting
  459. 459C459 berserk hypersensitive dog
  460. 460C460 Griffin mount
  461. 461C461 Flying Griffin
  462. 462C462 Flying Griffin
  463. 463C463 Gryphon War
  464. 464C464 big harvest
  465. 465C465 Time to return
  466. 466C466 Demon Lord Legion
  467. 467C467 Mad Evil Demon Lord
  468. 468C468 great darkness
  469. 469C469 flight special equipment
  470. 470C470 Weave of Demons
  471. 471C471 Lin Fan arrived
  472. 472C472 Demon Destroyer
  473. 473C473 Three divine instruments
  474. 474C474 The God Equipment of the Dark Mage
  475. 475C475 determinant
  476. 476C476 war
  477. 477C477 City of the Dead
  478. 478C478 Imperial City Battle
  479. 479C479 Korean Occupation
  480. 480C480 Terrifying Assassin
  481. 481C481 apocalypse
  482. 482C482 With the end of the Great War the Beastmen were defeated
  483. 483C483 The Tyrant Horstler
  484. 484C484 Horstler's advancement
  485. 485C485 Horstler's death
  486. 486C486 The apocalypse of thunder-rage completed
  487. 487C487 Holy Wand of the Dragon God
  488. 488C488 Weave of Demons
  489. 489C489 pioneering
  490. 490C490 Deep into the Infernal Realm
  491. 491C491 News of the magic array
  492. 492C492 Devil Soul Array Master
  493. 493C493 Anger
  494. 494C494 extermination
  495. 495C495 Accounting
  496. 496C496 Undead Blood Evil Group Annihilation
  497. 497C497 venomous wood domain
  498. 498C498 Teleportation and Magic Arrays
  499. 499C499 Enter the realm of evil spirits
  500. 500C500 Ghastly Shadow Assassin Roth
  501. 501C501 Attack the city gate
  502. 502C502 Berserk Thunder Angry Apocalypse
  503. 503C503 Spiritual Bead Evolution
  504. 504C504 malignant tumor
  505. 505C505 Devil Siege
  506. 506C506 Pluto
  507. 507C507 End
  508. 508C508 Temple of God
  509. 509C509 Rushing into the palace of the gods
  510. 510C510 First level of the Temple of God
  511. 511C511 Holy Dragon
  512. 512C512 Holy Knight
  513. 513C513 Forbidden Spell
  514. 514C514 Third level of the Temple of the Gods
  515. 515C515 Medusa
  516. 516C516 Final challenges
  517. 517C517 Priestess Gabriel
  518. 518C518 bitter struggle
  519. 519C519 Equipment
  520. 520C520 The opening of a national war
  521. 521C521 Large Handwriting
  522. 522C522 division
  523. 523C523 It's over
  524. 524C524 Break open the gates of the city
  525. 525C525 Eternal destruction returning to the Beginner Village
  526. 526C526 Opening of the National War
  527. 527C527 Gambling
  528. 528C528 Nine shadow prey to the day bite
  529. 529C529 continuous defeat
  530. 530C530 successive victories
  531. 531C531 pummeling
  532. 532C532 Titan's War God VS Demon Shadow War God
  533. 533C533 ten magical artifacts
  534. 534C534 repel the enemy
  535. 535C535 Demonic Beast Cave
  536. 536C536 Demonic Beast Demonic Lord
  537. 537C537 Miserable battles
  538. 538C538 big harvest
  539. 539C539 Swap
  540. 540C540 Reappearance to Japan
  541. 541C541 Yi Xie Na Temple of Life
  542. 542C542 eliminating yellow spring
  543. 543C543 Fatty Mo the Rascal
  544. 544C544 Szechuanshinyi
  545. 545C545 Yi Xie Nai Jing Nai
  546. 546C546 Passed through replica
  547. 547C547 Proceed to Korea
  548. 548C548 Enter Korea
  549. 549C549 shock change
  550. 550C550 incoming attack
  551. 551C551 combo
  552. 552C552 Scoundrel is contagious
  553. 553C553 defeat of enemy
  554. 554C554 extermination
  555. 555C555 A new round of competition
  556. 556C556 Hunting War
  557. 557C557 Promotion
  558. 558C558 Fusu
  559. 559C559 Heaven Breaker Hanged
  560. 560C560 six strong
  561. 561C561 strong enemy
  562. 562C562 Strong Enemy 2
  563. 563C563 You are a fool without a brain
  564. 564C564 Undying Flame Cavalry unfair unfair unfair
  565. 565C565 Explosive VS Wild King
  566. 566C566 Demon Emperor Descent
  567. 567C567 new slide open
  568. 568C568 The Demon Emperor descended
  569. 569C569 out of the mouth of a tiger
  570. 570C570 Introduction to the new slide
  571. 571C571 Sneaking into the Infernal domain
  572. 572C572 Peak Forbidden Spell
  573. 573C573 Evacuation
  574. 574C574 Chaos of the Weave
  575. 575C575 Final first round
  576. 576C576 Tianya Island
  577. 577C577 Turtle King
  578. 578C578 instantaneous killing
  579. 579C579 Bismarck
  580. 580C580 Swordsman of Soul-Absorbing
  581. 581C581 Mutually assured destruction
  582. 582C582 Game closed satisfied
  583. 583C583 Skeletons that can level up
  584. 584C584 Meet Little White Again
  585. 585C585 Monster siege
  586. 586C586 Guarding the city
  587. 587C587 Retreat
  588. 588C588 Reseizing the Xuanlong Pavilion
  589. 589C589 counterattack
  590. 590C590 The War of the Demon Lord
  591. 591C591 Battle of Saint Soul City
  592. 592C592 Demons' Retreat
  593. 593C593 The Water of Eternity
  594. 594C594 The Arch Magus necromancer had levelled up
  595. 595C595 Undead Sanskrit
  596. 596C596 escape
  597. 597C597 Olsen's breakout
  598. 598C598 zodiac
  599. 599C599 Attack the Weave of Demons
  600. 600C600 The Demon Emperor appeared
  601. 601C601 Olsen is here
  602. 602C602 Dark Soul Fire
  603. 603C603 End