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Dragon Blood and Martial Soul

Author:You Shang Jian Ling Genre:Fantasy
Status:Completed Num.:21810.00 k

Chu Qianye had been betrayed and abandoned at the back of the mo... more


  1. 1C1 heartless betrayal
  2. 2C2 The Blood Fury Skill of the Gods, peerless battle technique!
  3. 3C3 Enter martial arts tower
  4. 4C4 Kneel!
  5. 5C5 opening the pulses
  6. 6C6 Bones shattered and blood flowed, they couldn't stop me!
  7. 7C7 Martial Arts Pavilion met a dog and dog
  8. 8C8 Yellow Springs Heavenly Fury
  9. 9C9 Enter Ironwood
  10. 10C10 Put your face on it?
  11. 11C11 self-inflicted humiliation
  12. 12C12 Spiritual Road Experience
  13. 13C13 Yellow Spring Finger Seal
  14. 14C14 Start Test
  15. 15C15 The Martial Soul's grade test
  16. 16C16 Who was the actual trash?
  17. 17C17 Second stage of the examination
  18. 18C18 Combat Partners
  19. 19C19 The Xiao Bao acted pitifully.
  20. 20C20 tower made a breakthrough
  21. 21C21 Don't bully a poor youth!
  22. 22C22 Drawing the sword? You are not qualified!
  23. 23C23 Sword Skill Scroll
  24. 24C24 Earth Rank Martial Skills!
  25. 25C25 Wushi Stadium
  26. 26C26 Challenge the Yellow Ranking
  27. 27C27 domineering posture
  28. 28C28 winning streak
  29. 29C29 electric sword clock
  30. 30C30 adversary
  31. 31C31 Eleven wins in a row!
  32. 32C32 Eighth Prince expressed goodwill
  33. 33C33 belle
  34. 34C34 dauntless killing
  35. 35C35 Unseal hemolith
  36. 36C36 Heaven Burning Holy Sword
  37. 37C37 Long Aotian
  38. 38C38 Prepared to enter the Mansion
  39. 39C39 Entering Inner Mansion
  40. 40C40 Start assessment
  41. 41C41 Xia Wanqing
  42. 42C42 Completion of assessment
  43. 43C43 Constant Trouble
  44. 44C44 Who allowed him to use the sword?
  45. 45C45 Male, so what if he was alone against ten thousand enemies?
  46. 46C46 Reversed Black and White
  47. 47C47 Beautiful Senior Sister to testify
  48. 48C48 Identity of Chu Qianye's Mother
  49. 49C49 Bodily movement
  50. 50C50 face-smacking in public
  51. 51C51 Article 4. Meridians
  52. 52C52 Purgatory Opening
  53. 53C53 blood soul Evil Sealing Array
  54. 54C54 energy body
  55. 55C55 Encountering blood soul on the way
  56. 56C56 You can't win against me!
  57. 57C57 Thunder Movement Sword Tablet
  58. 58C58 Purgatory Great Hall
  59. 59C59 holding grudges
  60. 60C60 energy body of the seventh level
  61. 61C61 Crazy! This is a newbie?
  62. 62C62 thunder sword crown
  63. 63C63 Nine Tribulations, 30,000-meter crown!
  64. 64C64 complete midpole position
  65. 65C65 borrowing force
  66. 66C66 The energy nucleus was in his hands!
  67. 67C67 Fifth level of Huangji Stage!
  68. 68C68 Scroll Unsealed
  69. 69C69 fight over the Scroll
  70. 70C70 Fighting
  71. 71C71 coerced
  72. 72C72 despicable means
  73. 73C73 blood oath
  74. 74C74 Xiao Bao unleashed his divine might!
  75. 75C75 calculation
  76. 76C76 Longwu Mystical Weapon
  77. 77C77 A young man does not flatter a young man
  78. 78C78 Radix Flavescentis
  79. 79C79 Fifth Meridians
  80. 80C80 Triple Transformation Battle Body!
  81. 81C81 Thunder Spirit Heart
  82. 82C82 Dinner Site
  83. 83C83 Can you lift your dog-leg?
  84. 84C84 Martial Arts Genius
  85. 85C85 The world is too small
  86. 86C86 Raging Flame Throne
  87. 87C87 surge
  88. 88C88 snake scales of Xuanji Stage
  89. 89C89 A demonic cultivation technique!
  90. 90C90 force vibration of internal organs
  91. 91C91 soul-medicinal material
  92. 92C92 The teenager was very stubborn!
  93. 93C93 Let the volunteers
  94. 94C94 Refining Puppet
  95. 95C95 throne entrance
  96. 96C96 Xuan Ranking Fighter
  97. 97C97 Who do you think you are!
  98. 98C98 My Disciple Niu Qiu
  99. 99C99 The son of the old man was famous in the world.
  100. 100C100 Enter Qingyun River
  101. 101C101 Meeting on a narrow path
  102. 102C102 envy, jealousy and hatred
  103. 103C103 Turtle King
  104. 104C104 I'm talking about your garbage.
  105. 105C105 Heaven defying Xiao Bao
  106. 106C106 Angry Beheading Blood beast
  107. 107C107 lightning pool
  108. 108C108 wind and thunder apnea
  109. 109C109 With all my heart and
  110. 110C110 And snatch Wu Kuntong again
  111. 111C111 hexagonal heart of thunder
  112. 112C112 initial confrontation
  113. 113C113 Use of cards
  114. 114C114 Expert of Xuanji Stage
  115. 115C115 His strength increased explosively!
  116. 116C116 Give the teacher elder sister raylink heart
  117. 117C117 impact Sixth level of Huangji Stage
  118. 118C118 Sixth level of Huangji Stage!
  119. 119C119 Zhang Kuang's Sword Intent
  120. 120C120 belated arrival
  121. 121C121 He wanted to correct his own reputation!
  122. 122C122 Wait half a year, just for this one night!
  123. 123C123 Was it really just a fluke?
  124. 124C124 mystical arts
  125. 125C125 One slash!
  126. 126C126 Splitting the sky, stomping the ground!
  127. 127C127 peerless sword
  128. 128C128 Reincarnation?
  129. 129C129 Death of Ning Yifan
  130. 130C130 Stage Completion
  131. 131C131 The name moves the country
  132. 132C132 collusion
  133. 133C133 drug refining
  134. 134C134 Chu home had an accident
  135. 135C135 internal fighting
  136. 136C136 I'm trash?
  137. 137C137 Geniuses have risen again!
  138. 138C138 Whoever offends the Chu Clan, dies!
  139. 139C139 You dare to make a ruckus with this kind of courage?
  140. 140C140 phoenixes and phoenixes among men
  141. 141C141 river of blood
  142. 142C142 Advice from the Eldest Uncle
  143. 143C143 War Letter
  144. 144C144 fencing
  145. 145C145 Sky Splitting Spear Art
  146. 146C146 bad nourishing knowledge
  147. 147C147 Too light a punishment?
  148. 148C148 He was really reading!
  149. 149C149 Genius, photographic memory!
  150. 150C150 Get some good out of it
  151. 151C151 book reading
  152. 152C152 Pit crafting material
  153. 153C153 Grand Heaven Halberd
  154. 154C154 Aperture
  155. 155C155 Xuan Fire: Bone Spirit Cold Fire
  156. 156C156 have to fight
  157. 157C157 Terrible talent
  158. 158C158 Breakthrough once again!
  159. 159C159 Below the Imperial City
  160. 160C160 The Dream of the Clear Sky
  161. 161C161 Are you even worthy of competing in swordplay?
  162. 162C162 Pressure
  163. 163C163 Just luck?
  164. 164C164 Lovely in cultivation
  165. 165C165 The Beginning of Auction
  166. 166C166 like a raging fire
  167. 167C167 Spending money like dirt
  168. 168C168 Have a good time
  169. 169C169 Roc wing
  170. 170C170 Amber hemolith
  171. 171C171 Spiritual Concentration Array
  172. 172C172 Such terrifying speed!
  173. 173C173 Spear Intent Breakthrough
  174. 174C174 Open Clan Mark
  175. 175C175 Hegemonical Competition begins!
  176. 176C176 Rule of elimination
  177. 177C177 Encountered Ambush
  178. 178C178 trace exposure
  179. 179C179 Meeting on a narrow path
  180. 180C180 An army of ten li!
  181. 181C181 Martial Arts Space
  182. 182C182 Suicide
  183. 183C183 acuteness of mind
  184. 184C184 deliberate suppression
  185. 185C185 Martial Skills Clash
  186. 186C186 Batle halberd, Heaven Seeking Form!
  187. 187C187 Shameless
  188. 188C188 The Xiao Bao is an expert
  189. 189C189 seven orifices bloodline
  190. 190C190 Challenge Tournament
  191. 191C191 royal blood
  192. 192C192 Arena Dark Surge
  193. 193C193 Rules of Ring
  194. 194C194 Select a Battlestage
  195. 195C195 impalpable
  196. 196C196 You so-called geniuses are nothing!
  197. 197C197 Six prodigies removed from the list!
  198. 198C198 Old dog, I'll make you scheme against me!
  199. 199C199 Xiao Bao is an evil merchant
  200. 200C200 Second round
  201. 201C201 Small target, 100 million
  202. 202C202 There was no way out!
  203. 203C203 Performing Secret Techniques
  204. 204C204 Heaven Swallowing Sword Cage
  205. 205C205 win out
  206. 206C206 End of knockout
  207. 207C207 Macro
  208. 208C208 impact bottleneck
  209. 209C209 startle the four directions
  210. 210C210 Eighth level of Huangji Stage!
  211. 211C211 blood power
  212. 212C212 Preface to the Ranking Competition
  213. 213C213 Draw
  214. 214C214 Competition Rules
  215. 215C215 Longwu Mystical Weapon
  216. 216C216 Holy Light Batle halberd
  217. 217C217 Expert
  218. 218C218 dummy, perform well!
  219. 219C219 Defeating the opponent in one move!
  220. 220C220 innate talent
  221. 221C221 Second round
  222. 222C222 Burning Soul Cauldron
  223. 223C223 A rage for a woman
  224. 224C224 Li's father made his move
  225. 225C225 If you are strong, I will make way for you!
  226. 226C226 Martial Saint Bloodline
  227. 227C227 Grand Perfection, Grand Extreme
  228. 228C228 One finger, cripple you!
  229. 229C229 Enter five strong!
  230. 230C230 rich fluid oil
  231. 231C231 The battle for the top three!
  232. 232C232 A bloody battle was an honor!
  233. 233C233 Three seats
  234. 234C234 Champion:
  235. 235C235 rule change
  236. 236C236 oral vomiting of golden sword
  237. 237C237 The Seventh Prince erupted with power!
  238. 238C238 Unreconciled, unyielding!
  239. 239C239 Today, I want to be number one!
  240. 240C240 I don't have the qualifications to be the champion?
  241. 241C241 Chief!
  242. 242C242 Join Lingxiao Palace
  243. 243C243 King Kong Pagoda Sword!
  244. 244C244 Strength increase!
  245. 245C245 and going back to the Chu Clan
  246. 246C246 Blank
  247. 247C247 Sword Marquis Mansion under attack
  248. 248C248 Blood Race
  249. 249C249 waiting for an opportunity
  250. 250C250 The Xuan Fire was in his hands!
  251. 251C251 devouring Xuan Fire
  252. 252C252 fire seed
  253. 253C253 Greencloud Country
  254. 254C254 You can't afford to offend him!
  255. 255C255 Jun Lin Banquet
  256. 256C256 vile heart
  257. 257C257 Crushing a few streets!
  258. 258C258 Request for my country!
  259. 259C259 Better?
  260. 260C260 It shook the heavens!
  261. 261C261 Ferocious Rules
  262. 262C262 The Third Princess appeared
  263. 263C263 Infatuation of Sword Intent
  264. 264C264 Indestructible?
  265. 265C265 Massacre the entire arena!
  266. 266C266 robbing disturbance
  267. 267C267 Grab a person by storm (2)
  268. 268C268 Qi of Creation
  269. 269C269 Master
  270. 270C270 nocturnal killing
  271. 271C271 Behind the scenes
  272. 272C272 to see Wang Yuyan.
  273. 273C273 Three year agreement
  274. 274C274 Arrange to fight in the martial arts field
  275. 275C275 crowd convergence
  276. 276C276 Are you really a genius?
  277. 277C277 One finger could sever the Heavens!
  278. 278C278 Knock on the mountain and shake the tiger
  279. 279C279 Brother-in-law, please give me some pointers!
  280. 280C280 Alchemy Guild
  281. 281C281 Apothecary Examination
  282. 282C282 Pill Thunder
  283. 283C283 Empty Punch on the Pill Thunder
  284. 284C284 A true monster!
  285. 285C285 reencountering Blood bead
  286. 286C286 Tactic Evolution
  287. 287C287 Sword old man gifted
  288. 288C288 kung fu
  289. 289C289 Visitation by the King
  290. 290C290 One punch exterminated 200,000 soldiers!
  291. 291C291 You guys, what can you do to me!
  292. 292C292 Shocking suction force
  293. 293C293 God's Eye
  294. 294C294 Fighter of Diji Stage
  295. 295C295 Retreating wisdom and strengthening enemies
  296. 296C296 Death of mother and son in Consort Xian
  297. 297C297 Kissing Senior Sister
  298. 298C298 New crises
  299. 299C299 Divine Rune Book
  300. 300C300 strong repression
  301. 301C301 Leaving the Chishui Country
  302. 302C302 Meet Brothers
  303. 303C303 Ready to go
  304. 304C304 Ice-crowned cork
  305. 305C305 dry cultivation
  306. 306C306 Xiao Bao is a six in name battle
  307. 307C307 Killing in the Night
  308. 308C308 run away
  309. 309C309 Entering the city
  310. 310C310 land of the Spirit treasure
  311. 311C311 Land of the Spirit treasure (2)
  312. 312C312 The Spirit treasure has appeared!
  313. 313C313 The Heart of the Expert
  314. 314C314 anemone
  315. 315C315 'This is such a coincidence! '
  316. 316C316 Seven Colors Lotus seed
  317. 317C317 refined lotus seed
  318. 318C318 Breakthrough, Xuanji Stage!
  319. 319C319 Hero Save Beauty
  320. 320C320 Dragon and Elephant Guard
  321. 321C321 Meet Qin Qianmo again
  322. 322C322 Spirit treasure Break the seal!
  323. 323C323 Blood Essence of White dragon
  324. 324C324 To fall into a melee
  325. 325C325 invincible power
  326. 326C326 Terrifying Sword Qi
  327. 327C327 The blood essence in his hands
  328. 328C328 merit value
  329. 329C329 Meritorious stone
  330. 330C330 Lingxiao Palace Patrol Unit
  331. 331C331 Road Interception
  332. 332C332 Female madman Zhang Tianqi
  333. 333C333 'Senior Sister, you are playing a hooligan towards me! '
  334. 334C334 Pregame Preparation
  335. 335C335 Second bloodline
  336. 336C336 surge of strength
  337. 337C337 cruel rule
  338. 338C338 grouping comparison
  339. 339C339 domineering appearance
  340. 340C340 No fear of storm
  341. 341C341 Defeating the opponent in one move!
  342. 342C342 A beauty in the bosom
  343. 343C343 enter the inner palace
  344. 344C344 nocturnal enemy
  345. 345C345 Pharmaceutical Refinery Department
  346. 346C346 agglomeration of sword crown
  347. 347C347 Did it feel good?
  348. 348C348 You're not even a piece of trash!
  349. 349C349 A battle to fame!
  350. 350C350 Heaven Splitting Spear Extreme: Heaven Seeking Form!
  351. 351C351 Martial Skills to exchange for contribution points
  352. 352C352 New residence
  353. 353C353 Instructor Su Qi
  354. 354C354 You're not human!
  355. 355C355 You can get out of here after you slap me in the face
  356. 356C356 Xuan Ranking Merit Points
  357. 357C357 Four Great Rank List s
  358. 358C358 Building power
  359. 359C359 Access to information
  360. 360C360 Slaughterer's List!
  361. 361C361 winning streak
  362. 362C362 Earn enough merit
  363. 363C363 and also met Wang Yuyan.
  364. 364C364 Servant Girl Yu Ting
  365. 365C365 The Battle of Three Hits
  366. 366C366 When strong, then strong
  367. 367C367 It's my turn!
  368. 368C368 strong three moves
  369. 369C369 to take Yu Ting to the palace
  370. 370C370 Nine Stage Thunder Soul
  371. 371C371 Great Hall of Wind and Thunder
  372. 372C372 Refining the blood essence
  373. 373C373 Refining blood essence
  374. 374C374 Bodily movement Breakthrough
  375. 375C375 Conspiracy Descends
  376. 376C376 Arrive in time
  377. 377C377 Increased Difficulty
  378. 378C378 Divine Grade Nine Stars
  379. 379C379 superdivine grade martial spirit!
  380. 380C380 IQ too low
  381. 381C381 350 ding!
  382. 382C382 Transfer Puppet
  383. 383C383 Once again shocking the entire audience
  384. 384C384 Pick up Big Cheap
  385. 385C385 rarefaction of merit points
  386. 386C386 Pill refining was unparalleled!
  387. 387C387 monstrous perception
  388. 388C388 Longmen
  389. 389C389 Provoked
  390. 390C390 I was forced to kiss
  391. 391C391 Inscribing Divine Symbols
  392. 392C392 Guilds of Monuments
  393. 393C393 Divine Imprint of the Nine Beasts
  394. 394C394 Expert
  395. 395C395 Liu Baqing
  396. 396C396 Dive Into Monuments
  397. 397C397 Buying Black Python
  398. 398C398 The destruction of the blood lion mass
  399. 399C399 The infernal energy soared to the sky …
  400. 400C400 Xumi Divine Pillar
  401. 401C401 Old Monster
  402. 402C402 Heaven and Earth Dark Red
  403. 403C403 The Dynasty Master descended.
  404. 404C404 touch
  405. 405C405 Fighting Outbreak
  406. 406C406 Mussel and clam fight
  407. 407C407 incoming magic pillar
  408. 408C408 Search for abode
  409. 409C409 Evil Fire (Drive!)
  410. 410C410 Senior Sister, I can't control myself!
  411. 411C411 Sword Spirit Reappearance
  412. 412C412 On his way home
  413. 413C413 thunder Great Suction Palm
  414. 414C414 Challenge Ye Chen!
  415. 415C415 Blood Devouring Divine Seal
  416. 416C416 Prewar splendor
  417. 417C417 Prewar splendor
  418. 418C418 Bodily movement was dazzling
  419. 419C419 Begin a head-on fight?
  420. 420C420 One punch to shatter the soul!
  421. 421C421 I have a dream
  422. 422C422 Earning Merit
  423. 423C423 free of charge
  424. 424C424 Inn sparring
  425. 425C425 divine breakthrough
  426. 426C426 fire seeking caldron
  427. 427C427 Attribution of Pill Cauldron
  428. 428C428 alchemy demonstration
  429. 429C429 Take out the wager
  430. 430C430 Plaza's arena!
  431. 431C431 demi-human race Emperors
  432. 432C432 flame control contest
  433. 433C433 Terrifying control of fire
  434. 434C434 No matter what you do, you lose
  435. 435C435 Qilin fire spirit
  436. 436C436 Seven-colored Profound Veins!
  437. 437C437 Grab the loot
  438. 438C438 Recruitment
  439. 439C439 Great Burning of the Great Wisdom
  440. 440C440 Ye Chen's Big Brother
  441. 441C441 start bitter cultivation
  442. 442C442 Enter blood field
  443. 443C443 Mix In City Plug
  444. 444C444 Barbarian Land
  445. 445C445 Xiao Bao woke up
  446. 446C446 Capture Shi Jiu
  447. 447C447 Five-Colored Deity's Lake
  448. 448C448 Start of the Jun Lin Banquet
  449. 449C449 turbulent undercurrent
  450. 450C450 Arrive in time
  451. 451C451 Formal war
  452. 452C452 I'll kill you with my eyes!
  453. 453C453 You're the sissy
  454. 454C454 Great Chaos
  455. 455C455 Battlestage chaos
  456. 456C456 Reclaim unspecialized
  457. 457C457 Team fighting
  458. 458C458 Martial Soul Suppression
  459. 459C459 Only you know how to suppress them?
  460. 460C460 breakthrough opportunity
  461. 461C461 man of honor
  462. 462C462 Li Ling's Strength
  463. 463C463 double breakthrough
  464. 464C464 Begin Accounting
  465. 465C465 one against three
  466. 466C466 Cocktail
  467. 467C467 Merciless
  468. 468C468 sparring battle
  469. 469C469 A true genius!
  470. 470C470 The momentum swallowed the heavens
  471. 471C471 End of Curtain
  472. 472C472 postharone
  473. 473C473 do not take the usual route
  474. 474C474 Dragon Gate Pattern
  475. 475C475 Ancient Divine Symbols
  476. 476C476 Longmen's robe
  477. 477C477 drugged
  478. 478C478 Delicious
  479. 479C479 Hao Mansion internal strife
  480. 480C480 There had to be something fishy!
  481. 481C481 Beetle's heart
  482. 482C482 cost of growth
  483. 483C483 Mirage Array killed people
  484. 484C484 Start fighting
  485. 485C485 androgyny
  486. 486C486 deep tiger acupoint
  487. 487C487 One room alone
  488. 488C488 He was pushed back!
  489. 489C489 Yu Ting was injured
  490. 490C490 oral dregs
  491. 491C491 man's bottom line
  492. 492C492 Space-time secret book
  493. 493C493 time ratio
  494. 494C494 mountain reclamation
  495. 495C495 Rules of the Martial arts festivities
  496. 496C496 Monuments Battlefield
  497. 497C497 Thunder Devouring Leviathan
  498. 498C498 Two Sides to Enemy
  499. 499C499 high cold female
  500. 500C500 Black and White Peerless
  501. 501C501 Bai Wushuang's death
  502. 502C502 Primarily Task
  503. 503C503 Slaughtering Beast King
  504. 504C504 saliva power
  505. 505C505 The Spear Light shook the heavens
  506. 506C506 Netherworld wave-devouring meter
  507. 507C507 comprehending ruler technique
  508. 508C508 inductive strategy
  509. 509C509 Murder in the Mausoleum
  510. 510C510 Wheel powerful m
  511. 511C511 Energy Rank List
  512. 512C512 strong breaking of seal
  513. 513C513 Would you please accept it?
  514. 514C514 Expert
  515. 515C515 Sword Divine Mark
  516. 516C516 The outbreak of war
  517. 517C517 Emperor Sword Secret Art
  518. 518C518 Killing a person in ten steps!
  519. 519C519 One ruler!
  520. 520C520 One against five!
  521. 521C521 It's your turn!
  522. 522C522 Power of one move
  523. 523C523 golden body of Darknorth
  524. 524C524 Origin of divine pillar
  525. 525C525 dominating aura
  526. 526C526 Qiu Jin's hook up
  527. 527C527 It will be fine if you change the date
  528. 528C528 Take your time
  529. 529C529 visualization of the Pantheon
  530. 530C530 Enter the rock painting
  531. 531C531 The third person!
  532. 532C532 Ancient Divine Symbols
  533. 533C533 Divine Tribulation
  534. 534C534 Longmen's Development
  535. 535C535 Meet Jin Mu again
  536. 536C536 I just look down on you!
  537. 537C537 lip, gun and tongue
  538. 538C538 Guild expulsions
  539. 539C539 Yu Ting's Worship
  540. 540C540 Emperor Qi Shen Dan
  541. 541C541 Four Continents, Five Regions, Seven Gods, Sixteen Desolate.
  542. 542C542 Dao of Alchemy Convention Rules
  543. 543C543 You have the temperament of a pig
  544. 544C544 Ye Tianjun's revenge
  545. 545C545 direct challenge
  546. 546C546 Anger of the Gods
  547. 547C547 Without Brothers, no dragon gate!
  548. 548C548 The number one flame control skill!
  549. 549C549 nine great dragon corpse
  550. 550C550 mysterious space
  551. 551C551 Refinement competition!
  552. 552C552 Difficult to fight against four hands?
  553. 553C553 Not even supporting roles!
  554. 554C554 A competition of Ning Dan
  555. 555C555 indestructible soul
  556. 556C556 The fight over the Flame
  557. 557C557 pellet forming aura
  558. 558C558 supernumerary alligator
  559. 559C559 The chief alchemist!
  560. 560C560 I'm still young!
  561. 561C561 Pharmaceutical Union invited
  562. 562C562 Qiu Jin was pressured
  563. 563C563 intangible disillusionment
  564. 564C564 Li Ling's First Kiss
  565. 565C565 Visitors from the Li Family
  566. 566C566 Burn for tomorrow!
  567. 567C567 Five-year deadline
  568. 568C568 Enter nine towers
  569. 569C569 thunder swamp
  570. 570C570 Puppet legion
  571. 571C571 Fifth level of Xuanji Stage!
  572. 572C572 Nine Layer Space
  573. 573C573 Angry Beheading Every dragon
  574. 574C574 Big Brother missing
  575. 575C575 Jun Wu Dao Tian Ya
  576. 576C576 Dragon-scale Fruit
  577. 577C577 absorption of Dragon-scale Fruit
  578. 578C578 He had the information!
  579. 579C579 blood field with Broken Soul
  580. 580C580 Sword Intent of Transcendence
  581. 581C581 Imperial Seal of Dominance!
  582. 582C582 Prepare for Printing
  583. 583C583 Enter blood field
  584. 584C584 Consult a balls
  585. 585C585 He finally met his father!
  586. 586C586 Big Brother Betrayal
  587. 587C587 The outbreak of war
  588. 588C588 Spear Intent Like Dragons
  589. 589C589 Yi Xiang Yun, Monarch Battle Sword!
  590. 590C590 You all, have the qualifications?
  591. 591C591 thunder Blood Fury
  592. 592C592 stable breathing
  593. 593C593 mysterious green copper
  594. 594C594 Nine Transformations Jindan
  595. 595C595 Nether Extreme Realm
  596. 596C596 team up with someone
  597. 597C597 Mountain Piercing Divine Imprint
  598. 598C598 Spitting a mouthful of water can beat you
  599. 599C599 Dreadful Bodily movement
  600. 600C600 10 000 Cauldrons drool!
  601. 601C601 First Trimester of Wildland
  602. 602C602 centipede
  603. 603C603 framing
  604. 604C604 Not as good as an animal
  605. 605C605 rescue
  606. 606C606 escape plan
  607. 607C607 Enter Southland
  608. 608C608 Pill Trial
  609. 609C609 Compete in pill forging with me?
  610. 610C610 Pill Bet
  611. 611C611 You're playing with fire
  612. 612C612 Just kneel down and admit defeat!
  613. 613C613 Second round, Ning Dan!
  614. 614C614 Buddha's Fury Skill, Pill Emperor Seal!
  615. 615C615 Ten nine lines!
  616. 616C616 tyrannical Dunalim
  617. 617C617 Sweeping Pill Thunder!
  618. 618C618 little Infernal King
  619. 619C619 If you don't want to accept it, then do it!
  620. 620C620 Rip your face
  621. 621C621 The fist was the important thing!
  622. 622C622 Ninety million contribution points
  623. 623C623 Absorbing dragon blood
  624. 624C624 Great War with the Blood Dragon
  625. 625C625 mysterious purple gas
  626. 626C626 Goodbye to Lin Waner
  627. 627C627 master digger
  628. 628C628 Rejected
  629. 629C629 Visit to Pill King
  630. 630C630 Pharmacopoeia
  631. 631C631 Raise soul power
  632. 632C632 To suck many spirit
  633. 633C633 Soul Source Power
  634. 634C634 The aura of the soul skyrocketed
  635. 635C635 small polar position of seven stars
  636. 636C636 Sixth level of Xuanji Stage!
  637. 637C637 Deadqi
  638. 638C638 Moon Embracing Empire
  639. 639C639 Enter the Main City
  640. 640C640 I'll kill!
  641. 641C641 A New Resentment of Old Resentment
  642. 642C642 The medicine book began!
  643. 643C643 The struggle for Quasi-Pill King s
  644. 644C644 Soul-kill Ⅰ
  645. 645C645 Soul Slaughtering Ⅱ
  646. 646C646 Soul-kill ⅲ
  647. 647C647 Soul kill Ⅳ
  648. 648C648 Soul-Kill V
  649. 649C649 Soul Fighting VI
  650. 650C650 Soul Kill VII
  651. 651C651 Soul kill VIII
  652. 652C652 Second round
  653. 653C653 Pill Tower Invitation
  654. 654C654 To create the dream!
  655. 655C655 dream Slaughter
  656. 656C656 God emperor, Chu Beixuan!
  657. 657C657 The Pill Tower made its move
  658. 658C658 He began to stir up trouble!
  659. 659C659 The chief of the Medicinal material!
  660. 660C660 Chu Qianye's odds
  661. 661C661 Betting on yourself
  662. 662C662 fire of divine power
  663. 663C663 I have a common fire!
  664. 664C664 common fire, come out!
  665. 665C665 common fire garbage?
  666. 666C666 In fact, I can drool and break the seal
  667. 667C667 Broken Seal Number One!
  668. 668C668 Spatial Laws: Capture Empty
  669. 669C669 Xiao Bao woke up
  670. 670C670 The Smart Xiao Bao
  671. 671C671 A gamble!
  672. 672C672 DISCUSSION
  673. 673C673 exploded
  674. 674C674 Pill Prescription Appearance
  675. 675C675 brother's speed
  676. 676C676 Was he a human?
  677. 677C677 venomous cardiometer
  678. 678C678 Soul-Sealing Pill
  679. 679C679 The power of one punch!
  680. 680C680 quadripartite siege
  681. 681C681 Transcendent Sword Dao, return!
  682. 682C682 On the Pills s
  683. 683C683 Grade Eight Nine Marks!
  684. 684C684 manic Dunalim
  685. 685C685 The punch shattered the lightning!
  686. 686C686 The Puppet has levelled up!
  687. 687C687 I am invincible
  688. 688C688 Competing for Energy
  689. 689C689 Nine Transformations Golden Body Pill recipe
  690. 690C690 Pharmacopoeia End
  691. 691C691 Tower Master Bai Zizai
  692. 692C692 The Second Style of Heavenly Wrath of the Yellow Springs
  693. 693C693 Nine Transformations Golden Body Pill
  694. 694C694 It was difficult to see the truth!
  695. 695C695 Zhang Tianqi woke up
  696. 696C696 Sweetie
  697. 697C697 Create a armor
  698. 698C698 golden body power
  699. 699C699 Conflict
  700. 700C700 The Divine Nine Star rank, shook the Occidental!
  701. 701C701 Killing you within ten steps was like killing a chicken!
  702. 702C702 stately as a mountain
  703. 703C703 Auction Ceremony
  704. 704C704 rush to refine the Pills
  705. 705C705 Eating was very important!
  706. 706C706 Mentality
  707. 707C707 Priceless largehead
  708. 708C708 Tianqi Breakthrough
  709. 709C709 Terror
  710. 710C710 One hundred million contribution points of Tiger Whip!
  711. 711C711 The sardonia is a beauty!
  712. 712C712 Martial Skills bidding
  713. 713C713 astral endostitis
  714. 714C714 Purple Soul Flower
  715. 715C715 Primordial blood essence
  716. 716C716 Cultivating Heavenly Dipper
  717. 717C717 Seventh level of Xuanji Stage!
  718. 718C718 Encountering bragging
  719. 719C719 Someone helped to brag
  720. 720C720 Dominator Yingyue
  721. 721C721 Meet Qiu Jin again
  722. 722C722 feasting and drinking
  723. 723C723 Sonic attack to the west
  724. 724C724 Chen Hai made his move
  725. 725C725 None of you are qualified!
  726. 726C726 Men Should Kill
  727. 727C727 natural qi
  728. 728C728 Light Wind and Cloud
  729. 729C729 No one can insult my woman!
  730. 730C730 Fifth person of the Transcendent Sword Dao!
  731. 731C731 Old thing, it's my turn!
  732. 732C732 One sword for ten thousand bones!
  733. 733C733 rendezvous Dominator Yingyue
  734. 734C734 Hegemon's divine ability
  735. 735C735 The Chief Sovereign of Life and Death
  736. 736C736 dominant lattice
  737. 737C737 Mysterious Stone Giant Beast
  738. 738C738 Cultivation technique advancement!
  739. 739C739 Xiao Bao made a breakthrough
  740. 740C740 Give back the favor by concocting pills
  741. 741C741 Two drops of Meritorious water
  742. 742C742 Shao Lie showed off
  743. 743C743 apoplexy
  744. 744C744 Are you sure you can win?
  745. 745C745 energy capture
  746. 746C746 Earning Merit
  747. 747C747 Eighth level of Xuanji Stage
  748. 748C748 The Meritorious water in his hands
  749. 749C749 Deep within the Wasteland
  750. 750C750 Sword Qi Divine Symbol
  751. 751C751 To march into the Wasteland!
  752. 752C752 march into Grand Desolate II
  753. 753C753 Cloud-Up Quadruple
  754. 754C754 Nine Dragons to Control the Sky
  755. 755C755 The forces of four continents
  756. 756C756 enter wormhole
  757. 757C757 Mysterious Ancient Palace
  758. 758C758 Holy Tomb, crystal coffin!
  759. 759C759 Fighting Heaven-ranked puppet
  760. 760C760 Refining Puppet
  761. 761C761 The Slaughter Before Treasure Seizing
  762. 762C762 The most valuable treasure appeared in the world!
  763. 763C763 Saint heart
  764. 764C764 triple storehouse
  765. 765C765 peerless woman
  766. 766C766 heart, Altar
  767. 767C767 omnidirectional movement
  768. 768C768 Infernal domain space
  769. 769C769 The Sly Bai Yaojiang
  770. 770C770 Ancient Demonic Beast
  771. 771C771 It was Soul Hunting Hall!
  772. 772C772 Competition for the heart of the Demon Sage
  773. 773C773 The second Martial Heart Palace!
  774. 774C774 Breakthrough, Ninth level of Xuanji Stage!
  775. 775C775 blood explosive force
  776. 776C776 To lure the Demonic Beast to become a fisherman
  777. 777C777 Jiuxuan Huang Tower
  778. 778C778 Qilin Divine Beasts
  779. 779C779 Passing Three Lights
  780. 780C780 The Combat Power of the Kirin
  781. 781C781 Strong Sacred Heart
  782. 782C782 Mysterious stele
  783. 783C783 Tyrant's attack!
  784. 784C784 Divine Book of Shocking Appearance
  785. 785C785 If his fist was an inch closer, he would die!
  786. 786C786 Bullshit?
  787. 787C787 Transcendence's Sixth Sword!
  788. 788C788 No one can hurt my woman!
  789. 789C789 If you want the Desolate Tower, are you worthy?
  790. 790C790 Divine Desolate Great Demonic Blood
  791. 791C791 myriad pupils
  792. 792C792 Cultivation Method Breakthrough
  793. 793C793 Killing Character Formula
  794. 794C794 Great War with Guan Qiantong
  795. 795C795 I have a sister?
  796. 796C796 Chu Nannan
  797. 797C797 Qiu Jin cried for help
  798. 798C798 broken two stages consecutively
  799. 799C799 Huangquan Palm
  800. 800C800 The strength of 10 000 Cauldrons!
  801. 801C801 Acquisition of Huangquan Palm
  802. 802C802 Qiu Jin was threatened
  803. 803C803 compromise
  804. 804C804 He arrived in time!
  805. 805C805 strong killing
  806. 806C806 Wushi
  807. 807C807 Ru Zun!
  808. 808C808 Sonic attack to the west
  809. 809C809 You should stop when you have enough!
  810. 810C810 dragon escape column
  811. 811C811 Wushi is my wealth
  812. 812C812 The Way of the Venerable
  813. 813C813 nine feet of gilded gold
  814. 814C814 ugly Qiu Wude
  815. 815C815 Do you really think so?
  816. 816C816 Venerable One from the Primordial World
  817. 817C817 Absorbing Asura Blood
  818. 818C818 gas tumor
  819. 819C819 Nine-layered Martial Soul river
  820. 820C820 mysterious purple gas
  821. 821C821 Divine edict of martial power
  822. 822C822 Hongmeng purple gas
  823. 823C823 Death of Qiu Wude
  824. 824C824 surface
  825. 825C825 Celestial Destroyer Formation
  826. 826C826 Slaughtering Qingcheng Sect
  827. 827C827 'Let's go together! '
  828. 828C828 Swordcall Sky
  829. 829C829 Swordshock in the Great Wastelands
  830. 830C830 Would you please accept it?
  831. 831C831 the might of the sword formation
  832. 832C832 Ling God Step
  833. 833C833 The most precious treasure of the demi-human race
  834. 834C834 Zi Yue woke up
  835. 835C835 deduction of Martial arts
  836. 836C836 Separate
  837. 837C837 strong kiss
  838. 838C838 swarm surge
  839. 839C839 Chu Nannan's follower
  840. 840C840 An acquaintance from the Thunder Dominion
  841. 841C841 Saliva dryness turns you over
  842. 842C842 What nonsense!
  843. 843C843 Three days of parting should be a whole new level of respect
  844. 844C844 Saliva, go!
  845. 845C845 intimidate the whole audience
  846. 846C846 Search for lightning valley
  847. 847C847 valley lightning pool
  848. 848C848 heavenly tribulation
  849. 849C849 Earth Rank Fourth Order!
  850. 850C850 Wu Ji Sword Art
  851. 851C851 Trouble Came To My Door
  852. 852C852 To fight against the Thunderbeast together
  853. 853C853 Hong Wu Xuan Soldiers
  854. 854C854 ancient beast blood
  855. 855C855 refining archaic blood
  856. 856C856 dragon pulse awakening
  857. 857C857 Huangquan blood region
  858. 858C858 10 000 Cauldrons Dragon Strength
  859. 859C859 Profound power Liquid
  860. 860C860 besieged
  861. 861C861 A punch was sent flying!
  862. 862C862 deep group attack
  863. 863C863 Venerable Killings
  864. 864C864 Qiongqi venomous beast
  865. 865C865 Indestructible?
  866. 866C866 Chu Nannan was captured
  867. 867C867 overflowing anger
  868. 868C868 severe injury
  869. 869C869 shedding of cicada
  870. 870C870 sudden attack
  871. 871C871 activated ethnic stripe
  872. 872C872 Exhaustive Exhaustion
  873. 873C873 ghost resonance
  874. 874C874 deep escape
  875. 875C875 Mandarin duck bath!
  876. 876C876 Qiu Jin kissed her deeply.
  877. 877C877 pool dual cultivation
  878. 878C878 Assemble the formation
  879. 879C879 blood crystal in hand
  880. 880C880 Legacy of the Xiao Bao
  881. 881C881 He had a brilliant plan in mind
  882. 882C882 Temple Gate
  883. 883C883 Yellow Springs stele
  884. 884C884 odd space
  885. 885C885 The real body of the Demon Sage
  886. 886C886 Demon Sage blood essence
  887. 887C887 Absorbing Demon Sage blood essence
  888. 888C888 vulnerable to a single blow
  889. 889C889 Great Killing Array
  890. 890C890 zodiac foetus
  891. 891C891 inheritance of Martial arts
  892. 892C892 The power of war is unbeatable
  893. 893C893 Kill!
  894. 894C894 Unleash your vigor
  895. 895C895 Dragon Jade Dao Seal
  896. 896C896 They wanted to capture him and use him to their advantage!
  897. 897C897 Four Dans
  898. 898C898 Agreement
  899. 899C899 Fighting the Four Great Monarchs with Strength
  900. 900C900 Slaughter all living creatures!
  901. 901C901 worst-case scenario
  902. 902C902 The Way of Immortality
  903. 903C903 nine dragon corpse
  904. 904C904 recast flesh
  905. 905C905 The power of the divine body
  906. 906C906 return to the lightning pool
  907. 907C907 Find Dangerous Areas
  908. 908C908 Refining Stellar stone
  909. 909C909 psychic eye
  910. 910C910 and going back to the Occidental
  911. 911C911 The Way Home
  912. 912C912 Two women's minds
  913. 913C913 A single calamity
  914. 914C914 touch
  915. 915C915 Date of marriage
  916. 916C916 Dragon Gate's founder!
  917. 917C917 Sword Rage in Four Directions
  918. 918C918 shock the audience
  919. 919C919 tyrannical divine body
  920. 920C920 Torture you!
  921. 921C921 Wu Changqing's fate
  922. 922C922 Sister-in-law, we're here!
  923. 923C923 Step foot onto the Chiyun Sect!
  924. 924C924 One at a time, or together?
  925. 925C925 You can't hurt me!
  926. 926C926 A cold snort
  927. 927C927 Merciless Killing
  928. 928C928 One stomp!
  929. 929C929 Scarlet Cloud battle formation
  930. 930C930 Jun Qing appeared
  931. 931C931 Start liquidation
  932. 932C932 One palm shattered the air!
  933. 933C933 The Power of Heaven's Fury
  934. 934C934 Longmen Guard
  935. 935C935 and going back to the Chishui Country
  936. 936C936 bottomless abyss
  937. 937C937 Lord Ancient Palace
  938. 938C938 Portrait of the Female Emperor
  939. 939C939 inheritance of Martial arts
  940. 940C940 Blood Race intelligence
  941. 941C941 Cleaning up Blood Race
  942. 942C942 Blood Race
  943. 943C943 Blood Race, you want to help?
  944. 944C944 Eldest Brother Not Betrayed
  945. 945C945 Venerable Kugu
  946. 946C946 A heaven-defying record
  947. 947C947 One Stone, Two Birds
  948. 948C948 Who do you think you are, killing even the Venerable!
  949. 949C949 'As expected, there is a connection! '
  950. 950C950 Threat
  951. 951C951 Jedi Counterattack
  952. 952C952 Fighting between the two sides
  953. 953C953 go all out
  954. 954C954 powerful blood body
  955. 955C955 Power fight
  956. 956C956 nine great blood print
  957. 957C957 Destroy the blood print
  958. 958C958 The destruction of the Blood Race
  959. 959C959 Power of Faith
  960. 960C960 breakthrough method
  961. 961C961 Soul Techniques Scroll
  962. 962C962 Unmoving Hades' body
  963. 963C963 Hades' body
  964. 964C964 Blood Dragon Tyrant Spear
  965. 965C965 Become an Overlord Spear
  966. 966C966 Mixed into Auction
  967. 967C967 Nine Yang Saint Technique
  968. 968C968 Initial recognition of Ye Yue
  969. 969C969 zoosaurus
  970. 970C970 Celestial Arena
  971. 971C971 Heavenly Ranking Reward
  972. 972C972 Tian Ji Curtain
  973. 973C973 Admit defeat with a punch
  974. 974C974 Comparing physical body?
  975. 975C975 It's all acting
  976. 976C976 Not worthy of using a sword?
  977. 977C977 Nine-layered Sword Defense
  978. 978C978 Face unchanged
  979. 979C979 Complete silence
  980. 980C980 Counterattack Wushi
  981. 981C981 Earning merit points like crazy
  982. 982C982 Li Family made his move
  983. 983C983 The Kiss of Mandala
  984. 984C984 Wang Yuyan's First Kiss
  985. 985C985 Holy Flame Message
  986. 986C986 Mirage Magic Sword
  987. 987C987 The momentum was soaring
  988. 988C988 Capture Photos
  989. 989C989 Female Commander Zhao Wanjun
  990. 990C990 Negotiation strategies
  991. 991C991 Shrinkage ability
  992. 992C992 Soldiers in two directions
  993. 993C993 multiparty reaction
  994. 994C994 Blazing Flame Splitting Sky Valley
  995. 995C995 The descent of the All Saints Holy Flame!
  996. 996C996 Mutated Xuan Fire
  997. 997C997 Soul Hunting Hall's auxiliary hall
  998. 998C998 white race appearance
  999. 999C999 Meet Li Ling again
  1000. 1000C1000 amount of information
  1001. 1001C1001 Unjustifiable censure
  1002. 1002C1002 You want to teach me a lesson with this kind of strength?
  1003. 1003C1003 They began to fight for it!
  1004. 1004C1004 wormhole maze
  1005. 1005C1005 mental breakdown
  1006. 1006C1006 spermatogenic inflammation
  1007. 1007C1007 space cage
  1008. 1008C1008 nine-nine-centrifuge array
  1009. 1009C1009 First to Break the Array
  1010. 1010C1010 good stratagem
  1011. 1011C1011 Continuously breaking through
  1012. 1012C1012 first appearance of sword power in image
  1013. 1013C1013 Infinite Flower ability
  1014. 1014C1014 The True Dragon also had to kneel … …
  1015. 1015C1015 This was just an illusion!
  1016. 1016C1016 All Saints Holy Flame!
  1017. 1017C1017 acuteness
  1018. 1018C1018 Indestructible Divine Imprint
  1019. 1019C1019 The ambition of the All Saints Holy Flame
  1020. 1020C1020 temporary alliance
  1021. 1021C1021 rage
  1022. 1022C1022 Divine instrument level
  1023. 1023C1023 Combine
  1024. 1024C1024 The intelligent Wang Yiling
  1025. 1025C1025 anti-control divine imprint
  1026. 1026C1026 Success Control
  1027. 1027C1027 Ancient Great Formation
  1028. 1028C1028 The Soul Hunting Hall seized Sacred Flame?
  1029. 1029C1029 Fight for the Origin of Holy Flame (i)
  1030. 1030C1030 Conquering for the Origin of Holy Flame (ii)
  1031. 1031C1031 Fight for the Origin of Holy Flame (iii)
  1032. 1032C1032 Fight for the Origin of Holy Flame (iv)
  1033. 1033C1033 Fight for the Origin of the Sacred Flame (v)
  1034. 1034C1034 Fight for the Origin of Holy Flame (vi)
  1035. 1035C1035 Source energy in hand!
  1036. 1036C1036 Hall Master
  1037. 1037C1037 yellow spring rage, Road to River Styx!
  1038. 1038C1038 shock aftershock
  1039. 1039C1039 Holy Star Order
  1040. 1040C1040 He was going to fight the Eight Great Masters on his own!
  1041. 1041C1041 Huang Shang
  1042. 1042C1042 Four Stars Honored Warrior
  1043. 1043C1043 Ninth level of the Diji Stage!
  1044. 1044C1044 Would you please accept it?
  1045. 1045C1045 Cocktail
  1046. 1046C1046 Coalition Attacks
  1047. 1047C1047 repel the enemy
  1048. 1048C1048 Nannan was kidnapped
  1049. 1049C1049 Pill Tower Dandong
  1050. 1050C1050 Fish water and fishermen
  1051. 1051C1051 disjunction
  1052. 1052C1052 pattern concept
  1053. 1053C1053 inwardness and inwardness
  1054. 1054C1054 A land of extreme cold
  1055. 1055C1055 The Song of the Thousand Years
  1056. 1056C1056 Raise soul power
  1057. 1057C1057 The Pills was in place!
  1058. 1058C1058 march into the coldest land
  1059. 1059C1059 Arrival destination
  1060. 1060C1060 Refining Hua Sheng Flame!
  1061. 1061C1061 Refining Hua Sheng Yan (ii)
  1062. 1062C1062 Refining Hua Sheng Yan (iii)
  1063. 1063C1063 Second level of Tianji Stage!
  1064. 1064C1064 Refining of the Nine Revolving Pill (i)
  1065. 1065C1065 Refining the Nine Revolving Pill (ii)
  1066. 1066C1066 Article seven wen Dan ray
  1067. 1067C1067 fire race was exterminated?
  1068. 1068C1068 The Way of Killings
  1069. 1069C1069 Witch race internal strife
  1070. 1070C1070 Hurry to Witch race
  1071. 1071C1071 Cataclysm
  1072. 1072C1072 The Cold World
  1073. 1073C1073 A single sword strike had slain ten thousand enemies!
  1074. 1074C1074 Out of wrath
  1075. 1075C1075 abusive
  1076. 1076C1076 Policies of the Witch race
  1077. 1077C1077 Xuan Soldiers Competition
  1078. 1078C1078 Fighting the 10 of them head on!
  1079. 1079C1079 intangible mortal enemy
  1080. 1080C1080 His soul moved through the Heavens!
  1081. 1081C1081 Shining Light
  1082. 1082C1082 'Slaughter him like a dog! '
  1083. 1083C1083 Broken Array Divine Imprints
  1084. 1084C1084 converging divine runes
  1085. 1085C1085 Nine divine tattoos!
  1086. 1086C1086 One Sword Break Array
  1087. 1087C1087 prescience
  1088. 1088C1088 Subduing Witch race
  1089. 1089C1089 Wushi was shocked.
  1090. 1090C1090 bottleneck Sense
  1091. 1091C1091 Bidding Start
  1092. 1092C1092 Meet Gao Lihong again
  1093. 1093C1093 fire spirit
  1094. 1094C1094 Visit to Mu Family
  1095. 1095C1095 Pill King's favors
  1096. 1096C1096 Third level of Tianji Stage!
  1097. 1097C1097 prelude to Ru Zun
  1098. 1098C1098 Ru Zun!
  1099. 1099C1099 Bodhisattva sanguinis
  1100. 1100C1100 Allied Mu Family
  1101. 1101C1101 Cultivation Method After Ascending
  1102. 1102C1102 uplift of soul
  1103. 1103C1103 Logistics Empire!
  1104. 1104C1104 Assembling Pill Thunder
  1105. 1105C1105 Hand-held thunder
  1106. 1106C1106 overturning the clouds and overturning the rain
  1107. 1107C1107 Taobao City Establishment
  1108. 1108C1108 Message from the Soul Hunting Hall
  1109. 1109C1109 Nine Godly Thunder Mountain
  1110. 1110C1110 To Thundermount
  1111. 1111C1111 Unparalleled Flame
  1112. 1112C1112 Arrive at Thunderhill
  1113. 1113C1113 replication ability
  1114. 1114C1114 Dandong venue
  1115. 1115C1115 Wang Yangxin
  1116. 1116C1116 taking advantage of the situation to oppress
  1117. 1117C1117 Soul Hunting Hall Alchemist
  1118. 1118C1118 Pill Emperor messenger
  1119. 1119C1119 Rules of the Dandong
  1120. 1120C1120 Risks
  1121. 1121C1121 The first round began!
  1122. 1122C1122 A massacre
  1123. 1123C1123 Camp vs. Camp
  1124. 1124C1124 Second round [Fire Control]
  1125. 1125C1125 The Venerable is very strong?
  1126. 1126C1126 Accumulation
  1127. 1127C1127 Do you really think so?
  1128. 1128C1128 You dare to swear poison?!
  1129. 1129C1129 Heaven Swallowing Seal
  1130. 1130C1130 The two seals shone with the same brilliance!
  1131. 1131C1131 Sonic attack to the west
  1132. 1132C1132 Retention of strength
  1133. 1133C1133 ghost shadow Soul Search
  1134. 1134C1134 Submit to you?
  1135. 1135C1135 replication capacity
  1136. 1136C1136 Control of Pharmaceutical Union Alchemy Master
  1137. 1137C1137 Pharmaceutical Union fell
  1138. 1138C1138 Resurrection Competition
  1139. 1139C1139 The final round!
  1140. 1140C1140 Translator's Bleeding Pill
  1141. 1141C1141 Rare Peace
  1142. 1142C1142 The battle for the Medicinal material s
  1143. 1143C1143 Counterattack on Medicinal material
  1144. 1144C1144 Killing!
  1145. 1145C1145 The first person on the Ning Dan
  1146. 1146C1146 Energy Competition
  1147. 1147C1147 Enraged
  1148. 1148C1148 Qingyun Flames
  1149. 1149C1149 Threatened again
  1150. 1150C1150 Amplification Divine Imprint
  1151. 1151C1151 Nine-striped Pills
  1152. 1152C1152 Red Pill Thunder
  1153. 1153C1153 gathering qi
  1154. 1154C1154 Condensing Divine Inscriptions
  1155. 1155C1155 Emissary betting
  1156. 1156C1156 He had condensed a Divine Inscription!
  1157. 1157C1157 Ten thousand Ning Dan!
  1158. 1158C1158 Men naturally did!
  1159. 1159C1159 eight or nine Pill Thunder
  1160. 1160C1160 hard resistant Pill Thunder
  1161. 1161C1161 tyrannical Martial body
  1162. 1162C1162 ruining
  1163. 1163C1163 Sword Breaks Ten Thousand Arts!
  1164. 1164C1164 The chief is worthy of his title
  1165. 1165C1165 Invitation from Pill Emperor
  1166. 1166C1166 enter tower to refine fire
  1167. 1167C1167 Ninth floor space
  1168. 1168C1168 Unparalleled Flame
  1169. 1169C1169 weak water constitution
  1170. 1170C1170 stripping of the phallus
  1171. 1171C1171 Source energy disappeared?
  1172. 1172C1172 Preparing to refine
  1173. 1173C1173 refining virtual inflammation
  1174. 1174C1174 Give yourself up
  1175. 1175C1175 It was time to make a move
  1176. 1176C1176 Four Stars Honored Warrior!
  1177. 1177C1177 fire spirit body
  1178. 1178C1178 Beep
  1179. 1179C1179 DuDu's Strength
  1180. 1180C1180 This was a huge killing field!
  1181. 1181C1181 strong posture
  1182. 1182C1182 Leaving the Pill Tower
  1183. 1183C1183 Fighter Spirit Body
  1184. 1184C1184 Strong lineup
  1185. 1185C1185 The Expert is Stronger
  1186. 1186C1186 Gold Burning blood
  1187. 1187C1187 Reverse Air ability
  1188. 1188C1188 Huge Chess
  1189. 1189C1189 Emperor order and Martial Skills
  1190. 1190C1190 domineering support
  1191. 1191C1191 Geiger Mountain Range
  1192. 1192C1192 blood-pupil skeleton
  1193. 1193C1193 Unstoppable!
  1194. 1194C1194 tyrannical punch
  1195. 1195C1195 secondary Divine instrument
  1196. 1196C1196 Secret Techniques
  1197. 1197C1197 rage killing
  1198. 1198C1198 be trapped in a formation
  1199. 1199C1199 Searching for array eye
  1200. 1200C1200 [1,200]. Brothers Guardian
  1201. 1201C1201 Ways to Delay
  1202. 1202C1202 extinction rebirth
  1203. 1203C1203 Dudu protector
  1204. 1204C1204 matrix base Found
  1205. 1205C1205 anthracene
  1206. 1206C1206 Break through the formation!
  1207. 1207C1207 stratagem of bitter meat
  1208. 1208C1208 The slaughter began!
  1209. 1209C1209 To settle a grudge
  1210. 1210C1210 moment of life and death
  1211. 1211C1211 At last true
  1212. 1212C1212 All the hard
  1213. 1213C1213 tricuspid pupillary sword
  1214. 1214C1214 Mutually assured destruction
  1215. 1215C1215 Reversed scale leads to death
  1216. 1216C1216 Guan Xi self-destructed
  1217. 1217C1217 post-war recovery
  1218. 1218C1218 Wushi made his move
  1219. 1219C1219 New Policy
  1220. 1220C1220 Cultivate a sense of belonging
  1221. 1221C1221 linkage array
  1222. 1222C1222 Sacrilege
  1223. 1223C1223 Buy Land
  1224. 1224C1224 Blood Moon and Blood Moon
  1225. 1225C1225 dominant trait
  1226. 1226C1226 raising the heart of the Tao
  1227. 1227C1227 The woman from Venerable who had just died
  1228. 1228C1228 Hall Design
  1229. 1229C1229 Longmen Confluence
  1230. 1230C1230 Wan Mu
  1231. 1231C1231 Staffing
  1232. 1232C1232 Hot Open Market
  1233. 1233C1233 The result of the battle be astonishing
  1234. 1234C1234 Black-Faced God
  1235. 1235C1235 Wushi's strategy
  1236. 1236C1236 Major decisions
  1237. 1237C1237 Once again creating a good record!
  1238. 1238C1238 Counterattack Wushi
  1239. 1239C1239 smack in the face on the spot
  1240. 1240C1240 Treasure Auction
  1241. 1241C1241 The effect was astonishing
  1242. 1242C1242 break through barrier
  1243. 1243C1243 Dominant Attention
  1244. 1244C1244 Wan Mu's Strategy
  1245. 1245C1245 shaking technique
  1246. 1246C1246 develop a scheme of deceit
  1247. 1247C1247 Mind Training and Dao Understanding
  1248. 1248C1248 mixed element syndrome
  1249. 1249C1249 Borrowing the power of the ability
  1250. 1250C1250 Conflict
  1251. 1251C1251 shitty urine flow
  1252. 1252C1252 Beautiful and charming
  1253. 1253C1253 Flat-talk
  1254. 1254C1254 Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!
  1255. 1255C1255 All of you are garbage!
  1256. 1256C1256 Smash into Hanoi
  1257. 1257C1257 fearless
  1258. 1258C1258 A single sword strike had defeated tens of thousands of enemies!
  1259. 1259C1259 Would he be able to escape?
  1260. 1260C1260 Yue Xin San
  1261. 1261C1261 Unforeseen benefits
  1262. 1262C1262 Direction of development
  1263. 1263C1263 Death of the Master
  1264. 1264C1264 touchdown
  1265. 1265C1265 Martial Arts Aura
  1266. 1266C1266 Power Breakthrough
  1267. 1267C1267 Three parts wine, three parts repentance, seven parts
  1268. 1268C1268 revisit
  1269. 1269C1269 Return to Chu Residence
  1270. 1270C1270 It is difficult to find a lucky chance
  1271. 1271C1271 Thinking Layout
  1272. 1272C1272 Subtlety of mind
  1273. 1273C1273 Divine Huang Lietian
  1274. 1274C1274 herding forest
  1275. 1275C1275 macrostomia
  1276. 1276C1276 refreshed person
  1277. 1277C1277 associate peer
  1278. 1278C1278 The sword light was like frost …
  1279. 1279C1279 dexterous appearance and charm
  1280. 1280C1280 Leviathan Berserk Transformation
  1281. 1281C1281 stomach-snatching food
  1282. 1282C1282 Thinking Countermeasures
  1283. 1283C1283 free time to kill people
  1284. 1284C1284 Become a Alien Minister
  1285. 1285C1285 absorption and refining
  1286. 1286C1286 Flame Cultivation Method
  1287. 1287C1287 Home Style Quiet
  1288. 1288C1288 Puff puff
  1289. 1289C1289 Day of assessment
  1290. 1290C1290 Assessment Rules
  1291. 1291C1291 Start assessment
  1292. 1292C1292 out of control
  1293. 1293C1293 Xuan Soldiers assessment
  1294. 1294C1294 Exquisite Sword Art
  1295. 1295C1295 nine steps up
  1296. 1296C1296 Increased blood power
  1297. 1297C1297 sacrificial celebration
  1298. 1298C1298 False Weapons
  1299. 1299C1299 Master Ping Yang
  1300. 1300C1300 learned fur
  1301. 1301C1301 feigned mystification
  1302. 1302C1302 Pavilion Master summoned
  1303. 1303C1303 Daughter of the Divine King
  1304. 1304C1304 Heaven's End Sword Spell
  1305. 1305C1305 impact Six Stars
  1306. 1306C1306 Sword Intent as King
  1307. 1307C1307 universal state
  1308. 1308C1308 Power of the Five Elements
  1309. 1309C1309 Two oddities
  1310. 1310C1310 fighting gate was not convinced!
  1311. 1311C1311 teasing name
  1312. 1312C1312 yin fiend body
  1313. 1313C1313 The Sword moves the Desolation
  1314. 1314C1314 into the depths
  1315. 1315C1315 Unfriendly approach
  1316. 1316C1316 A strategy for delaying the war
  1317. 1317C1317 Sorry to be late
  1318. 1318C1318 great shame and disgrace
  1319. 1319C1319 A surge
  1320. 1320C1320 A single sword strike had shattered the heavens!
  1321. 1321C1321 unparalleled divine being
  1322. 1322C1322 perineum
  1323. 1323C1323 resurgence of strength
  1324. 1324C1324 Pillar Breaking Seal
  1325. 1325C1325 Fallen Divine Temple
  1326. 1326C1326 Netherworld Sparrow
  1327. 1327C1327 Black blood essence
  1328. 1328C1328 Breaking Array by Array
  1329. 1329C1329 Mysterious Yuanfu
  1330. 1330C1330 The War of Greed
  1331. 1331C1331 No Choice
  1332. 1332C1332 Fishing in Muddy Waters
  1333. 1333C1333 Refining Netherworld Blood
  1334. 1334C1334 Cultivation Method Upgrading
  1335. 1335C1335 Comprehension divine pillar
  1336. 1336C1336 alligator alteration
  1337. 1337C1337 heaven-shaking change
  1338. 1338C1338 wind-whitened bone
  1339. 1339C1339 The Netherworld was showing!
  1340. 1340C1340 Heavenly Thunder Fury
  1341. 1341C1341 internal change
  1342. 1342C1342 His identity was seen through
  1343. 1343C1343 You don't believe it?
  1344. 1344C1344 Power gap
  1345. 1345C1345 Struggling to kill
  1346. 1346C1346 one sword, ten thousand bones
  1347. 1347C1347 Netherworld's Flames
  1348. 1348C1348 Refining Xuan Fire
  1349. 1349C1349 Chinese camellia flower
  1350. 1350C1350 converging open pulse
  1351. 1351C1351 Exhaustion of Meridians
  1352. 1352C1352 Control time
  1353. 1353C1353 Step foot onto the Longyun Sect!
  1354. 1354C1354 inexplicable gas
  1355. 1355C1355 Assassination
  1356. 1356C1356 A single strike to kill the enemy
  1357. 1357C1357 Five Elements Scepter
  1358. 1358C1358 repetitive manipulation
  1359. 1359C1359 Stabilizing Tao Heart
  1360. 1360C1360 Impossible?
  1361. 1361C1361 Master arrived
  1362. 1362C1362 'Let's go together! '
  1363. 1363C1363 It was a rage that could shatter the Heavens!
  1364. 1364C1364 Activate Array
  1365. 1365C1365 sign of sanctification
  1366. 1366C1366 karmic acid
  1367. 1367C1367 help from the Longyun Sect
  1368. 1368C1368 zodiac foetus
  1369. 1369C1369 descending hilum
  1370. 1370C1370 Crisis Surge
  1371. 1371C1371 Zhou Ruolan's Strength
  1372. 1372C1372 critical time
  1373. 1373C1373 perilous condition
  1374. 1374C1374 Book of God of the Wasteland Pagoda
  1375. 1375C1375 The formation was destroyed
  1376. 1376C1376 The atmosphere suddenly changed!
  1377. 1377C1377 about to enter the Hua Sheng!
  1378. 1378C1378 Enter the Saint!
  1379. 1379C1379 Personal Sword Canon
  1380. 1380C1380 Ultimate Heavenly sword lotus
  1381. 1381C1381 Heaven's End Sword Extinguishing
  1382. 1382C1382 Heaven's End Sword Shadow
  1383. 1383C1383 soul stripping
  1384. 1384C1384 A sword that was ten feet in the air!
  1385. 1385C1385 Heaven's End Sword Moon
  1386. 1386C1386 Heaven's End Sword Swallowing
  1387. 1387C1387 One Sword Annihilation!
  1388. 1388C1388 incident aftershock
  1389. 1389C1389 Sky-splitting Main City
  1390. 1390C1390 Comprehending Martial Skills
  1391. 1391C1391 Find Adventure Team
  1392. 1392C1392 snow charcoal
  1393. 1393C1393 Arriving at the Main City
  1394. 1394C1394 Send Long Ren out
  1395. 1395C1395 Empowerment
  1396. 1396C1396 reentry Wanxiang
  1397. 1397C1397 Scoundrel like you
  1398. 1398C1398 Are you qualified?
  1399. 1399C1399 Explain to you?
  1400. 1400C1400 Half-Moon's Heart!
  1401. 1401C1401 Five Elements Lightning Element Cultivator
  1402. 1402C1402 Lightning Book
  1403. 1403C1403 weimen
  1404. 1404C1404 Propranolol
  1405. 1405C1405 undecayed wood of six fires
  1406. 1406C1406 Life Extinguishing Demon Thunder
  1407. 1407C1407 Two Star Saint!
  1408. 1408C1408 A roadblock robbery?
  1409. 1409C1409 Zhen Yuan Zhen Di
  1410. 1410C1410 Expansion of the body does not mean expansion of strength
  1411. 1411C1411 Six Great The Divine Realm s
  1412. 1412C1412 Geographical hazards
  1413. 1413C1413 Search for mineral veins
  1414. 1414C1414 Stars Ore
  1415. 1415C1415 lithophagous monster
  1416. 1416C1416 Calculations and Counts
  1417. 1417C1417 The Stellar stone in his hands
  1418. 1418C1418 Bloodline crystal ore
  1419. 1419C1419 Bu Qianchen
  1420. 1420C1420 Talent contest
  1421. 1421C1421 Xuan Ji Ba Dao
  1422. 1422C1422 The sound shook the nine heavens!
  1423. 1423C1423 Yu Ting had a breakthrough
  1424. 1424C1424 recrystallite
  1425. 1425C1425 Purplish Gold Liquid
  1426. 1426C1426 finish refining
  1427. 1427C1427 A god-rank bloodline!
  1428. 1428C1428 Three Star Saint s
  1429. 1429C1429 His strength increased explosively!
  1430. 1430C1430 mountain reclamation
  1431. 1431C1431 hollow palm
  1432. 1432C1432 I've been waiting for you
  1433. 1433C1433 It did not move at all!
  1434. 1434C1434 'Nothing much! '
  1435. 1435C1435 More people would help?
  1436. 1436C1436 Death from conceit
  1437. 1437C1437 To the Tian Xuan Sect!
  1438. 1438C1438 Get out and die!
  1439. 1439C1439 malevolent killing intent
  1440. 1440C1440 Extermination Ⅰ
  1441. 1441C1441 Great Death
  1442. 1442C1442 Extermination III
  1443. 1443C1443 Arrest IV
  1444. 1444C1444 The smell of conspiracy
  1445. 1445C1445 re-establishment of the sect
  1446. 1446C1446 Four Great Realms
  1447. 1447C1447 Recent plans
  1448. 1448C1448 Other people
  1449. 1449C1449 Polygonum cuspidatum Thunb.
  1450. 1450C1450 The Secret of Gate of Creation
  1451. 1451C1451 three steps of probing
  1452. 1452C1452 Wang Yiling was enlightened
  1453. 1453C1453 Meet an old friend
  1454. 1454C1454 yin damage cultivation technique
  1455. 1455C1455 Bloody Hall
  1456. 1456C1456 burial sage
  1457. 1457C1457 reunion with sassafras
  1458. 1458C1458 Zhou Ruolan's Strength
  1459. 1459C1459 soul fight
  1460. 1460C1460 five rounds of fire
  1461. 1461C1461 amalgamation of soldiers and men
  1462. 1462C1462 Comparing speed?
  1463. 1463C1463 ruthless extermination
  1464. 1464C1464 draconic bone
  1465. 1465C1465 release of soul
  1466. 1466C1466 Heaven Descending Merit
  1467. 1467C1467 Soul Source
  1468. 1468C1468 surging wave
  1469. 1469C1469 Soul Source Absorption
  1470. 1470C1470 The soul of the Eight Stars!
  1471. 1471C1471 pre and post breakthrough
  1472. 1472C1472 Golden Spirit Emperor Flames
  1473. 1473C1473 Spirit Ruins Space
  1474. 1474C1474 Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon
  1475. 1475C1475 Gate of Eternity
  1476. 1476C1476 four imperial nine emperors
  1477. 1477C1477 Secret Soul Techniques
  1478. 1478C1478 The Limitless Sword
  1479. 1479C1479 strength of throwing knife
  1480. 1480C1480 Enter Spirit Ruins
  1481. 1481C1481 energy body
  1482. 1482C1482 harvesting body
  1483. 1483C1483 super energetic body
  1484. 1484C1484 ambushed
  1485. 1485C1485 proud daughter
  1486. 1486C1486 Lin Wanxue
  1487. 1487C1487 Not a divine inscription?
  1488. 1488C1488 Expert
  1489. 1489C1489 Do I need you to give me a chance?
  1490. 1490C1490 Don't you think it's too late?
  1491. 1491C1491 Eight Seal Pillars
  1492. 1492C1492 incineration mountain range
  1493. 1493C1493 Di Yan had descended!
  1494. 1494C1494 dark aged
  1495. 1495C1495 dead body for soul
  1496. 1496C1496 Ancient Battlefield
  1497. 1497C1497 Scholar Confucius
  1498. 1498C1498 Sword Genius
  1499. 1499C1499 Abandoned youth
  1500. 1500C1500 Second Sword Attendant
  1501. 1501C1501 harvesting energy
  1502. 1502C1502 passing through the maze
  1503. 1503C1503 You talk too much nonsense
  1504. 1504C1504 Qingcheng Sect, help
  1505. 1505C1505 zodiac foetus
  1506. 1506C1506 Third Spirit Realm
  1507. 1507C1507 Purgatory race
  1508. 1508C1508 He was like a piece of trash!
  1509. 1509C1509 When you are the strongest?
  1510. 1510C1510 Four stages of Spirit Realm
  1511. 1511C1511 Dark Vicious Beasts
  1512. 1512C1512 Yao Ri was in the air
  1513. 1513C1513 Exit found
  1514. 1514C1514 hallucinogenic Flame
  1515. 1515C1515 Nine Ancient Palace
  1516. 1516C1516 The gathering of power
  1517. 1517C1517 Critical situation
  1518. 1518C1518 Enter the Ancient Palace
  1519. 1519C1519 Elder Wang Chuan
  1520. 1520C1520 Space entrances
  1521. 1521C1521 Battle-King Ake
  1522. 1522C1522 Conversation with the Battle-King
  1523. 1523C1523 Emperor order and Martial Skills
  1524. 1524C1524 Finally meet the Golden Spirit Emperor
  1525. 1525C1525 Flaming Skull
  1526. 1526C1526 golden lotus flame
  1527. 1527C1527 coincident by accident
  1528. 1528C1528 space cage
  1529. 1529C1529 combined
  1530. 1530C1530 The SAN dou a emperor
  1531. 1531C1531 both of them
  1532. 1532C1532 To eliminate the Skull King
  1533. 1533C1533 Mutually assured destruction
  1534. 1534C1534 Struggle for Di Yan
  1535. 1535C1535 Summoning the Everlasting Army
  1536. 1536C1536 Willing to Cover Awareness
  1537. 1537C1537 Beast King Wan Kun
  1538. 1538C1538 That's all
  1539. 1539C1539 Sprinkler
  1540. 1540C1540 The sword shook the Three Desolations!
  1541. 1541C1541 on-the-spot training
  1542. 1542C1542 race for time
  1543. 1543C1543 Ten thousand men cannot open it!
  1544. 1544C1544 space cage
  1545. 1545C1545 This woman is sick!
  1546. 1546C1546 Dao Sage of Decapitating Corpses
  1547. 1547C1547 Green Lantern Holy Man
  1548. 1548C1548 Solely fighting the four Dao-Saints.
  1549. 1549C1549 Powerful Bloodline
  1550. 1550C1550 A piece of cake?
  1551. 1551C1551 He had to hold back his attack!
  1552. 1552C1552 worshiping stone
  1553. 1553C1553 Power of Faith
  1554. 1554C1554 Unremitting Faith
  1555. 1555C1555 spatiotemporal ratio
  1556. 1556C1556 Fostering believers
  1557. 1557C1557 Seal divine pillar
  1558. 1558C1558 impact Martial arts
  1559. 1559C1559 Trauma to Longmen
  1560. 1560C1560 Critical situation
  1561. 1561C1561 startle the four directions
  1562. 1562C1562 I am Fairy gentleman?
  1563. 1563C1563 Scram!
  1564. 1564C1564 Return to Profound Qi Continent
  1565. 1565C1565 Heaven's Path: Unfathomable
  1566. 1566C1566 Back to the Desolate Land of the Occidental
  1567. 1567C1567 Super strong grip strength!
  1568. 1568C1568 free of charge
  1569. 1569C1569 From beginning to end
  1570. 1570C1570 Damaged Old Tribe
  1571. 1571C1571 to the Carefree Island again
  1572. 1572C1572 surface
  1573. 1573C1573 palm-sky control earth
  1574. 1574C1574 Bloody Day
  1575. 1575C1575 Plan effective
  1576. 1576C1576 opening the pulses
  1577. 1577C1577 Awakening the Martial Soul!
  1578. 1578C1578 Dragon Pool Stars
  1579. 1579C1579 Martial Soul Ling Xi
  1580. 1580C1580 condensate clone
  1581. 1581C1581 Raise the Clouds and See the Sun
  1582. 1582C1582 You are no match for me
  1583. 1583C1583 Powerful Slaughtering Technique
  1584. 1584C1584 Straight Rise
  1585. 1585C1585 Teach me how to be a good person?
  1586. 1586C1586 shedding of cicada
  1587. 1587C1587 Summoning Hands
  1588. 1588C1588 Soul extinguish scholar
  1589. 1589C1589 King of Ten Thousand Fires
  1590. 1590C1590 Flame Compression
  1591. 1591C1591 Mysterious Golden Book
  1592. 1592C1592 common clematis herb
  1593. 1593C1593 Empty
  1594. 1594C1594 They again?
  1595. 1595C1595 The way forward
  1596. 1596C1596 Golden Book artifact spirit
  1597. 1597C1597 Hetu Luoshu
  1598. 1598C1598 Chaos artifacts
  1599. 1599C1599 Gossip deduction
  1600. 1600C1600 Recurrence of the past
  1601. 1601C1601 Illusions and reality
  1602. 1602C1602 Don't you want to do something?
  1603. 1603C1603 Star Domain of the War God
  1604. 1604C1604 energy flow rate
  1605. 1605C1605 Mu Ya Crystal
  1606. 1606C1606 The rarer the goods, the more precious they are
  1607. 1607C1607 Ask for information
  1608. 1608C1608 Soul Hunting Beast
  1609. 1609C1609 Forced to act
  1610. 1610C1610 The energy of the wood bud crystal
  1611. 1611C1611 deduce location
  1612. 1612C1612 Royal Mu Ya Crystal
  1613. 1613C1613 lightning harvesting
  1614. 1614C1614 Bleeding of Yellow Springs
  1615. 1615C1615 Hillside on the back of a hill
  1616. 1616C1616 8-Star Saint!
  1617. 1617C1617 Hundred 10 000 Cauldrons Great Strength
  1618. 1618C1618 horrendous bladed fragment
  1619. 1619C1619 Go back
  1620. 1620C1620 Joy as a father?
  1621. 1621C1621 reconstituted offspring
  1622. 1622C1622 Go to Old Monster Tribe
  1623. 1623C1623 Dragon Tusk Island
  1624. 1624C1624 Longmen's traitor
  1625. 1625C1625 familiar aura
  1626. 1626C1626 It was time for the Sword of Truth!
  1627. 1627C1627 Operation Slaughtering
  1628. 1628C1628 Waving Fist
  1629. 1629C1629 You can't speak!
  1630. 1630C1630 Head Down
  1631. 1631C1631 Allow you to flee
  1632. 1632C1632 invisible blade
  1633. 1633C1633 Crushing Saint
  1634. 1634C1634 They were all ants …
  1635. 1635C1635 Peak Contest I
  1636. 1636C1636 Peak Contest II
  1637. 1637C1637 Peak Contest III
  1638. 1638C1638 Peak Contest Ⅳ
  1639. 1639C1639 Peak Contest V
  1640. 1640C1640 One punch annihilated!
  1641. 1641C1641 whooshing sounds
  1642. 1642C1642 Wordless Book
  1643. 1643C1643 Nine sacred tombs
  1644. 1644C1644 dominating cloud
  1645. 1645C1645 Thousand Goblin Candidates
  1646. 1646C1646 cadaveric method
  1647. 1647C1647 Molding evil corpse
  1648. 1648C1648 evil corpse incarnate
  1649. 1649C1649 ready to cut the body
  1650. 1650C1650 Two Corpse Daoists!
  1651. 1651C1651 intelligence digestion
  1652. 1652C1652 Unjustifiable censure
  1653. 1653C1653 Competitive Reward
  1654. 1654C1654 Let the storm come!
  1655. 1655C1655 Meet Lin Wanxue again
  1656. 1656C1656 Not favored
  1657. 1657C1657 dominating mutual hatred
  1658. 1658C1658 Forced Marriage
  1659. 1659C1659 The incarnation of the Heavenly Dao
  1660. 1660C1660 Rules of contention
  1661. 1661C1661 ultra-high payout
  1662. 1662C1662 Martial Soul Ranking
  1663. 1663C1663 He was more than a hundred times stronger!
  1664. 1664C1664 Immeasurable Heaven Suffering
  1665. 1665C1665 Ling Xi's ability
  1666. 1666C1666 Let's make do with this …
  1667. 1667C1667 Group ranking
  1668. 1668C1668 echelon competition
  1669. 1669C1669 impact echelon position
  1670. 1670C1670 War Avoidance Strategy
  1671. 1671C1671 real storm
  1672. 1672C1672 To the face?
  1673. 1673C1673 I started to fight like a madman …
  1674. 1674C1674 flame halberd
  1675. 1675C1675 echelon competition
  1676. 1676C1676 Hit All
  1677. 1677C1677 Who would drag them back?
  1678. 1678C1678 Group Competition
  1679. 1679C1679 Panel Draw
  1680. 1680C1680 Identify opponent
  1681. 1681C1681 Sky Law
  1682. 1682C1682 Nine Heavenly Rivers
  1683. 1683C1683 Enter Astral River Hall
  1684. 1684C1684 Martial Soul fusion
  1685. 1685C1685 will to destroy
  1686. 1686C1686 Light Up the Starry Sky
  1687. 1687C1687 Absence First
  1688. 1688C1688 Policy Means
  1689. 1689C1689 Group fight
  1690. 1690C1690 Fifty percent out
  1691. 1691C1691 Enemies have a narrow road
  1692. 1692C1692 Disappointed sighs
  1693. 1693C1693 Di Ba made his move
  1694. 1694C1694 He waved his hand casually …
  1695. 1695C1695 Dominating the battlefield (1)
  1696. 1696C1696 Dominating the battlefield (Part II)
  1697. 1697C1697 Public Disclosure
  1698. 1698C1698 Frenzied Hammer
  1699. 1699C1699 Abandoned
  1700. 1700C1700 Pattern defined
  1701. 1701C1701 Losers' Group and Ranking Battle
  1702. 1702C1702 Grand Perfection!
  1703. 1703C1703 thinning
  1704. 1704C1704 Stars Sword Rain
  1705. 1705C1705 Vicious thoughts, I will cripple your arm!
  1706. 1706C1706 The power of the wind gentleman
  1707. 1707C1707 The Dao of Heaven had the cycle of reincarnation, who was the heaven sparing?
  1708. 1708C1708 Seize the opportunity
  1709. 1709C1709 Wan Kun's Strength
  1710. 1710C1710 Why fight
  1711. 1711C1711 Bai He Solo
  1712. 1712C1712 If you are not enemies, don't meet up
  1713. 1713C1713 casual guidance
  1714. 1714C1714 Power gap
  1715. 1715C1715 Compete with me in Bodily movement?
  1716. 1716C1716 Unfavourable situation
  1717. 1717C1717 Ten thousand swords appeared at the same time!
  1718. 1718C1718 Crushing
  1719. 1719C1719 Divine Tattooed Stars Sword
  1720. 1720C1720 Bloodline power
  1721. 1721C1721 The battle of Martial Soul
  1722. 1722C1722 Dead silence
  1723. 1723C1723 Instantaneous Variations
  1724. 1724C1724 Change of divine tree
  1725. 1725C1725 Hades' pupil
  1726. 1726C1726 kindling of war
  1727. 1727C1727 Infuriate the lion!
  1728. 1728C1728 He was courting death?
  1729. 1729C1729 Defeating the opponent in one move!
  1730. 1730C1730 Hugh's wildness
  1731. 1731C1731 Swordplay only
  1732. 1732C1732 Techniques for storing the pupil
  1733. 1733C1733 Xu Realm
  1734. 1734C1734 A board game
  1735. 1735C1735 Death of Wan Kun
  1736. 1736C1736 dark surge
  1737. 1737C1737 Final ranking
  1738. 1738C1738 Competition for Overlord Ⅰ
  1739. 1739C1739 Overlord Contention Ⅱ
  1740. 1740C1740 Overlord's Contention for hegemony III
  1741. 1741C1741 The struggle for hegemony in the Overlord Ⅳ.
  1742. 1742C1742 Divine Path Nine Transformations
  1743. 1743C1743 Entering the Shrine
  1744. 1744C1744 difficult choice
  1745. 1745C1745 Nine Emperors, Three Emperors
  1746. 1746C1746 An unsolved mystery
  1747. 1747C1747 giant yin meridian
  1748. 1748C1748 To create a Holy Vein
  1749. 1749C1749 Road Interception and Interception
  1750. 1750C1750 Sword Qi Enraged the Sky
  1751. 1751C1751 soul power Clash
  1752. 1752C1752 seven sacred tombs
  1753. 1753C1753 Chase all the way
  1754. 1754C1754 Are you a person?
  1755. 1755C1755 Play hide and seek
  1756. 1756C1756 eighth level divine tomb
  1757. 1757C1757 tombs summoned
  1758. 1758C1758 Ancient stele
  1759. 1759C1759 Martial Emperor bloodline
  1760. 1760C1760 divine beast blood essence
  1761. 1761C1761 Inheritance Complete
  1762. 1762C1762 Slaughter the Three Saints with a single slash!
  1763. 1763C1763 energy storm
  1764. 1764C1764 hemolytic godly pill
  1765. 1765C1765 master of bottleneck
  1766. 1766C1766 Immeasurable Heaven Suffering
  1767. 1767C1767 tribulation
  1768. 1768C1768 Become the ruler!
  1769. 1769C1769 Unparalleled
  1770. 1770C1770 Slaughter the Four Directions
  1771. 1771C1771 Nal and the others sacrificed their lives for the heavens!
  1772. 1772C1772 understatement
  1773. 1773C1773 Thousand Choppers
  1774. 1774C1774 Divine Bloodline
  1775. 1775C1775 Divine instrument resonance
  1776. 1776C1776 Asura said.
  1777. 1777C1777 You want to self-destruct, are you worthy?
  1778. 1778C1778 Yao Ri took control of the fall
  1779. 1779C1779 Netherworld's blue eyes
  1780. 1780C1780 simultaneous appearance of Martial arts
  1781. 1781C1781 Unparalleled Contest I
  1782. 1782C1782 Unparalleled Contest Ⅱ
  1783. 1783C1783 Unparalleled Contest Ⅲ
  1784. 1784C1784 Unparalleled Contest Ⅳ
  1785. 1785C1785 Unparalleled Contest V
  1786. 1786C1786 Grand Heaven Halberd
  1787. 1787C1787 All the hard
  1788. 1788C1788 Would he be able to escape?
  1789. 1789C1789 important clue
  1790. 1790C1790 Soul Hunting Hall's Destruction I
  1791. 1791C1791 Soul Hunting Hall's Destruction Ⅱ
  1792. 1792C1792 Great Desolate Layout
  1793. 1793C1793 Zi Yan's Inherent skill
  1794. 1794C1794 Longmen Assembly
  1795. 1795C1795 supreme ruler
  1796. 1796C1796 Master above
  1797. 1797C1797 stroke
  1798. 1798C1798 Attack the Four Great Realms.
  1799. 1799C1799 Experience Start
  1800. 1800C1800 Scorpio
  1801. 1801C1801 Sword Skills Guidance
  1802. 1802C1802 Accompanied by
  1803. 1803C1803 to meet with Pill Emperor Mu Chen
  1804. 1804C1804 cognitive subversion
  1805. 1805C1805 surface
  1806. 1806C1806 five holy images
  1807. 1807C1807 Sword Truth Rule
  1808. 1808C1808 return to original nature
  1809. 1809C1809 Emperor order cultivation technique
  1810. 1810C1810 Emperor order Cultivation Method Ⅱ
  1811. 1811C1811 Marriage Message
  1812. 1812C1812 parties' minds
  1813. 1813C1813 Five kinds of Xuan Fire
  1814. 1814C1814 Refining Xuan Fire
  1815. 1815C1815 beep growth
  1816. 1816C1816 bridal procession
  1817. 1817C1817 yearning for action
  1818. 1818C1818 Grand Dominator Realm!
  1819. 1819C1819 absolute crushing
  1820. 1820C1820 A single roar shattered the sky!
  1821. 1821C1821 Li Family
  1822. 1822C1822 Assignments
  1823. 1823C1823 flexion finger flick
  1824. 1824C1824 immobility
  1825. 1825C1825 On one condition
  1826. 1826C1826 Sword-drawn Anxiety
  1827. 1827C1827 A kick flew out!
  1828. 1828C1828 The Battle of the Grand Dominator
  1829. 1829C1829 Rules of the Martial Way
  1830. 1830C1830 Nihility Heaven Swallowing Flame
  1831. 1831C1831 Let's have a good fight
  1832. 1832C1832 evenly matched
  1833. 1833C1833 Imperial Decree
  1834. 1834C1834 Conquering for the Heaven Swallowing Flame
  1835. 1835C1835 fusion of the 'Heaven Swallowing Flame' and 'Heaven Swallowing Flame'
  1836. 1836C1836 Xuan Fire Everlasting Sword
  1837. 1837C1837 spiritual energy
  1838. 1838C1838 A battle of exertion
  1839. 1839C1839 condensing Shen Yuan
  1840. 1840C1840 The Thousand Feet Tower
  1841. 1841C1841 Climb out of the pit!
  1842. 1842C1842 kneel
  1843. 1843C1843 Wedding gift
  1844. 1844C1844 To open the Divine Wasteland!
  1845. 1845C1845 Find out the culprit
  1846. 1846C1846 Holy Bone News
  1847. 1847C1847 child-bearing
  1848. 1848C1848 Divine Fallen Ruins
  1849. 1849C1849 Enter Divine Fallen Ruins
  1850. 1850C1850 Holy Bone Qi
  1851. 1851C1851 Narcissus
  1852. 1852C1852 The Two Insects on the Coffin
  1853. 1853C1853 insecticidal alliance
  1854. 1854C1854 A thorny flying worm
  1855. 1855C1855 Open coffin
  1856. 1856C1856 living sacrificial shrine
  1857. 1857C1857 The routine is deep
  1858. 1858C1858 controlled
  1859. 1859C1859 apocalyptic fissure
  1860. 1860C1860 Solutions
  1861. 1861C1861 The Ancestor appeared!
  1862. 1862C1862 Flame s filled the sky
  1863. 1863C1863 divine array
  1864. 1864C1864 Divine Sword Inscription
  1865. 1865C1865 Absorbing Shen Yuan
  1866. 1866C1866 Altar Breaking Seal
  1867. 1867C1867 fight over the Holy Bone
  1868. 1868C1868 Competition for Holy Bone (2)
  1869. 1869C1869 Capture the Holy Bone
  1870. 1870C1870 Three drops of divine blood
  1871. 1871C1871 Destruction of the dragon gate?
  1872. 1872C1872 He couldn't live, he couldn't die!
  1873. 1873C1873 All must die!
  1874. 1874C1874 Behind the scenes
  1875. 1875C1875 Would he be able to escape?
  1876. 1876C1876 terminal division
  1877. 1877C1877 Dominion over the continent
  1878. 1878C1878 First sermon
  1879. 1879C1879 Married Day
  1880. 1880C1880 cavity double repair
  1881. 1881C1881 Real identity of the Mother
  1882. 1882C1882 Shen Yuan Surge
  1883. 1883C1883 devouring heavenly fire
  1884. 1884C1884 Descent of Death
  1885. 1885C1885 Descent of Death (Part II)
  1886. 1886C1886 Goodbye to Long Aotian
  1887. 1887C1887 land of the Godhood
  1888. 1888C1888 re-entry into the Divine Fallen Ruins
  1889. 1889C1889 Godhood
  1890. 1890C1890 Deicide Array
  1891. 1891C1891 Shen Yuan pearl
  1892. 1892C1892 Collect Godhood
  1893. 1893C1893 Black Robe
  1894. 1894C1894 Gift of Godhood
  1895. 1895C1895 heavy casualties
  1896. 1896C1896 Project Divinity
  1897. 1897C1897 Allocation of Godhood
  1898. 1898C1898 Immediately round the room!
  1899. 1899C1899 Li Ling's first time
  1900. 1900C1900 Upper Yellow Springs, Lower Green Descent
  1901. 1901C1901 five kinds of divine powers
  1902. 1902C1902 multicolored divine blood
  1903. 1903C1903 Enter the Shenren Realm!
  1904. 1904C1904 Devouring Power
  1905. 1905C1905 Innate sacristy
  1906. 1906C1906 Stabilizing Cultivation Level
  1907. 1907C1907 Zhang Tianqi had a breakthrough
  1908. 1908C1908 Return to Profound Qi Continent
  1909. 1909C1909 Schedule
  1910. 1910C1910 Tongbao Pavilion of the Three Realms
  1911. 1911C1911 dark world
  1912. 1912C1912 Ling Xuanqing
  1913. 1913C1913 strategy and strategy
  1914. 1914C1914 The scene is spectacular
  1915. 1915C1915 shock stage
  1916. 1916C1916 Ready!
  1917. 1917C1917 Would you please accept it?
  1918. 1918C1918 borrow power
  1919. 1919C1919 Both have different intentions
  1920. 1920C1920 Death of Gu Chen
  1921. 1921C1921 meeting old people
  1922. 1922C1922 Start fighting
  1923. 1923C1923 magical artifact
  1924. 1924C1924 Subduing Holy Emperor's Flame
  1925. 1925C1925 Fusion fire lotus
  1926. 1926C1926 All the hard
  1927. 1927C1927 mad fusion
  1928. 1928C1928 Long Aotian's Strength
  1929. 1929C1929 Bilateral fighting
  1930. 1930C1930 Xu Wanhong escaped for his life
  1931. 1931C1931 Layout Before Leaving
  1932. 1932C1932 The Gods of All Worlds
  1933. 1933C1933 Divine Calamity Descends
  1934. 1934C1934 calmness
  1935. 1935C1935 Divine Tribulation
  1936. 1936C1936 The last bolt of lightning …
  1937. 1937C1937 Flying The Divine Realm
  1938. 1938C1938 divine power perfusion
  1939. 1939C1939 impact Martial arts
  1940. 1940C1940 Continuously breaking through!
  1941. 1941C1941 Add a Divine Records
  1942. 1942C1942 Commander Yuchi
  1943. 1943C1943 You can't afford to offend him!
  1944. 1944C1944 Assignments
  1945. 1945C1945 prophase of Spirit Realm
  1946. 1946C1946 poor lunatic pill concocting
  1947. 1947C1947 exchange for divine stone
  1948. 1948C1948 Immortal Sword Truth
  1949. 1949C1949 godly wood Dragon Shadow
  1950. 1950C1950 Brother Ao Tian
  1951. 1951C1951 Arrogance and Doubt
  1952. 1952C1952 The Divine Realm Eastern Lands
  1953. 1953C1953 Have a pillow when you're tired
  1954. 1954C1954 White Wolf with Empty Glove
  1955. 1955C1955 wave treading forward
  1956. 1956C1956 Entering the Sword Tower
  1957. 1957C1957 Drying up the food for each other
  1958. 1958C1958 Begin passing the trial
  1959. 1959C1959 Shock Passing Pass
  1960. 1960C1960 primary soul test
  1961. 1961C1961 Third Sword Tower
  1962. 1962C1962 Find Limit
  1963. 1963C1963 charm sword intent
  1964. 1964C1964 Leaving the Sword Tower
  1965. 1965C1965 Expert Suppression
  1966. 1966C1966 absolute skill of brewing
  1967. 1967C1967 Very impolite!
  1968. 1968C1968 horrendous blow
  1969. 1969C1969 Du Er Shen Dan
  1970. 1970C1970 conditional exchange
  1971. 1971C1971 sense of urgency
  1972. 1972C1972 Long time no see
  1973. 1973C1973 Recruitment of Dan Apostle
  1974. 1974C1974 Ten days to half a month
  1975. 1975C1975 stupefied
  1976. 1976C1976 Struggling Pill Thunder
  1977. 1977C1977 Corner Crisis
  1978. 1978C1978 hunter
  1979. 1979C1979 Behind the scenes
  1980. 1980C1980 Selection Dan Apostle
  1981. 1981C1981 Catch the thief first and capture the king first
  1982. 1982C1982 Consumption Quantity
  1983. 1983C1983 God Slaughtering Ant Emperor
  1984. 1984C1984 Divine Brush Beginning
  1985. 1985C1985 equilibrium fusion
  1986. 1986C1986 Dragon Gate Root
  1987. 1987C1987 Initial Size
  1988. 1988C1988 Second Floor of Wasteland Tower
  1989. 1989C1989 Tiandao Library
  1990. 1990C1990 static spacetime
  1991. 1991C1991 Library of Heaven Defying
  1992. 1992C1992 three kinds of ability
  1993. 1993C1993 Promise of Ten Thousand Years
  1994. 1994C1994 Planning Strategy
  1995. 1995C1995 The first reading into a book
  1996. 1996C1996 Qin Youde who had collapsed
  1997. 1997C1997 early stage of the Divine King realm
  1998. 1998C1998 godly vein
  1999. 1999C1999 Expert Iron Law
  2000. 2000C2000 Seal vein
  2001. 2001C2001 Completed Seal
  2002. 2002C2002 The child's name
  2003. 2003C2003 Assess Dan Apostle
  2004. 2004C2004 Crazy training!
  2005. 2005C2005 Summoning the Everlasting Army
  2006. 2006C2006 Mutual Benefit
  2007. 2007C2007 legion
  2008. 2008C2008 Formation Test
  2009. 2009C2009 Break down the formation
  2010. 2010C2010 Suspicion of Qiao Yun
  2011. 2011C2011 Discussion on Formation Codex
  2012. 2012C2012 Objective status quo
  2013. 2013C2013 Achieving cooperation
  2014. 2014C2014 Develop strategy
  2015. 2015C2015 The destruction of the Qin Family
  2016. 2016C2016 Participate in Analects
  2017. 2017C2017 Intense competition
  2018. 2018C2018 single cutting straight
  2019. 2019C2019 Danger
  2020. 2020C2020 cruel elimination
  2021. 2021C2021 Sweep in all directions!
  2022. 2022C2022 End of first round
  2023. 2023C2023 The tragic destruction of the array
  2024. 2024C2024 Successfully breaking the formation!
  2025. 2025C2025 Fourth round
  2026. 2026C2026 great array
  2027. 2027C2027 a wave of fame
  2028. 2028C2028 A burst of fame (2)
  2029. 2029C2029 A burst of fame (3)
  2030. 2030C2030 Meet Gu Chen again
  2031. 2031C2031 Beautiful as a pig
  2032. 2032C2032 empathy
  2033. 2033C2033 Endure the humiliation!
  2034. 2034C2034 radical treatment
  2035. 2035C2035 self-relief
  2036. 2036C2036 It vanished like smoke in thin air!
  2037. 2037C2037 Thinking Strategies
  2038. 2038C2038 resacrifice
  2039. 2039C2039 One Stone, Two Birds
  2040. 2040C2040 God emperor Command
  2041. 2041C2041 Unwavering!
  2042. 2042C2042 Dioscorea zingiberensis Maxim
  2043. 2043C2043 Enter the mural
  2044. 2044C2044 Other Universe
  2045. 2045C2045 zenith mega-eye
  2046. 2046C2046 middle stage Celestial King
  2047. 2047C2047 Break through in sight
  2048. 2048C2048 Ming Emperor's power
  2049. 2049C2049 re-entry Flying up pool
  2050. 2050C2050 Late stage Divine King Realm!
  2051. 2051C2051 Signs of the
  2052. 2052C2052 List of persons
  2053. 2053C2053 A miracle, had appeared!
  2054. 2054C2054 miracle fluctuation
  2055. 2055C2055 residual moon in water
  2056. 2056C2056 Python
  2057. 2057C2057 Clearing Obstacles
  2058. 2058C2058 Close to Half Emperors
  2059. 2059C2059 heatwave
  2060. 2060C2060 nine great Vicious Beasts
  2061. 2061C2061 Star Wars Formation
  2062. 2062C2062 Enter the miracles!
  2063. 2063C2063 Enter the miracle (2)
  2064. 2064C2064 Deep in the miracle
  2065. 2065C2065 Grand Canyon
  2066. 2066C2066 borrowing force
  2067. 2067C2067 array
  2068. 2068C2068 off-array
  2069. 2069C2069 Yet another danger
  2070. 2070C2070 Right to speak
  2071. 2071C2071 play tricks
  2072. 2072C2072 Chaos artifacts
  2073. 2073C2073 na?ve man
  2074. 2074C2074 Thoughts of the chicken
  2075. 2075C2075 Consumption
  2076. 2076C2076 Divine Spear
  2077. 2077C2077 Wang Xiangjun
  2078. 2078C2078 loot assembly
  2079. 2079C2079 Harmonization of views
  2080. 2080C2080 Breaking Array by Array
  2081. 2081C2081 Make more plans
  2082. 2082C2082 The entire formation was broken!
  2083. 2083C2083 Policy is Top
  2084. 2084C2084 human greed
  2085. 2085C2085 Take out the Divine Spear!
  2086. 2086C2086 Primal Chaos artifact spirit
  2087. 2087C2087 Jedi fighting
  2088. 2088C2088 Contract Space
  2089. 2089C2089 The Gates of Hell Open
  2090. 2090C2090 An all-out attack!
  2091. 2091C2091 A powerful Protecting Barrier!
  2092. 2092C2092 Collection of costs of hardship
  2093. 2093C2093 Fully loaded and returned
  2094. 2094C2094 Resurrection Lily
  2095. 2095C2095 Early stage of the Divine Emperor Realm
  2096. 2096C2096 avatar vision
  2097. 2097C2097 Divine Spear artifact spirit
  2098. 2098C2098 launch total attack
  2099. 2099C2099 Information on the destruction of the dragon race
  2100. 2100C2100 Enter Shen Wu Sect
  2101. 2101C2101 Fusion of New Sky Fire
  2102. 2102C2102 General Assembly
  2103. 2103C2103 Formation unfolding
  2104. 2104C2104 Shen Wu Sect!
  2105. 2105C2105 vile ancient array
  2106. 2106C2106 His identity was seen through
  2107. 2107C2107 Formation Confrontation
  2108. 2108C2108 acute intuition
  2109. 2109C2109 Talent gap!
  2110. 2110C2110 dark world probe
  2111. 2111C2111 Burning God Heavenly Flame
  2112. 2112C2112 Avoiding Warfare
  2113. 2113C2113 Primordial Spirit Clone
  2114. 2114C2114 ternary evil star array
  2115. 2115C2115 Black Dragon Strength
  2116. 2116C2116 mixed fighting
  2117. 2117C2117 control array
  2118. 2118C2118 unprepared
  2119. 2119C2119 Demon Emperor
  2120. 2120C2120 dragon race Clan Land
  2121. 2121C2121 Divine level cultivation technique!
  2122. 2122C2122 Thirty thousand bloodlines
  2123. 2123C2123 Strange suction force!
  2124. 2124C2124 black earth of death
  2125. 2125C2125 sacred crystal
  2126. 2126C2126 mad injection
  2127. 2127C2127 Cultivation Level Advanced
  2128. 2128C2128 dragon race Clan Land
  2129. 2129C2129 There are more and more mysteries
  2130. 2130C2130 root of annihilation
  2131. 2131C2131 Holy See Astral Souls
  2132. 2132C2132 condensing Astral Souls
  2133. 2133C2133 Dragon Elephant Power
  2134. 2134C2134 internal three changes
  2135. 2135C2135 Time elapse
  2136. 2136C2136 Manipulation of the Nine Prefectures
  2137. 2137C2137 Not kneeling on the ground of Female Emperor!
  2138. 2138C2138 Reminiscences of the past are reminiscent of the prime of life
  2139. 2139C2139 Light up nine towers!
  2140. 2140C2140 Summon Old Part
  2141. 2141C2141 Doubt (I)
  2142. 2142C2142 Doubt (II)
  2143. 2143C2143 Little Chu Qianye
  2144. 2144C2144 black seed
  2145. 2145C2145 Xing Tian
  2146. 2146C2146 Chi You's Demon Emperor
  2147. 2147C2147 deep tiger acupoint
  2148. 2148C2148 Homo sapiens
  2149. 2149C2149 The Great War of the Demon
  2150. 2150C2150 deduction of Martial arts
  2151. 2151C2151 Heavenly sword formation of the Divine Martial Realm
  2152. 2152C2152 Late stage of the Divine Emperor Realm
  2153. 2153C2153 Lobbying both Emperors
  2154. 2154C2154 Visit to Ming Emperor
  2155. 2155C2155 Sword Emperor
  2156. 2156C2156 deliberation
  2157. 2157C2157 Xiao family Warrior Emperor
  2158. 2158C2158 A sealed location!
  2159. 2159C2159 Intermediate Divine Emperor Realm!
  2160. 2160C2160 travel
  2161. 2161C2161 reconstructed killing move
  2162. 2162C2162 Holy Ruins
  2163. 2163C2163 Layout of the Black Emperor
  2164. 2164C2164 Arriving at the destination!
  2165. 2165C2165 magma World
  2166. 2166C2166 mysterious organism
  2167. 2167C2167 immortal and indestructible
  2168. 2168C2168 Hongmeng purple gas
  2169. 2169C2169 The Battle of the Emperors (I)
  2170. 2170C2170 The War of the Emperors (II)
  2171. 2171C2171 The Battle of the Emperors (III)
  2172. 2172C2172 The Battle of the Emperors (IV)
  2173. 2173C2173 The Battle of the Emperors (V)
  2174. 2174C2174 The Battle of the Sovereigns (VI)
  2175. 2175C2175 coercion
  2176. 2176C2176 if the meat is strong
  2177. 2177C2177 one stroke of the hand
  2178. 2178C2178 go all out
  2179. 2179C2179 put into conversation
  2180. 2180C2180 Sage of Daomization
  2181. 2181C2181 Holy See (Final Chapter)