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The cultivation of the rebirth of the city
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Chapter 890 - behind the scenes?

Chapter 890 - behind the scenes?

    five wild field, extremely vast, and millions, hundreds of counties, numerous cities, hundreds of millions of people. Novel 23US.COM update the fastest to vertex seven wild magic is strong, also can only occupy some of the main city, stronghold, want to completely rule, it takes hundreds of years.

    so the main force was annihilated, five people set off a huge domain to kill the magic attack, friar wuluketao. Lin Jiazhong old, and three who is in the lead, crazy garrotte.

    finally, only a handful of evil true gentleman, fled into the wilderness, disappeared in the Arctic.

    this battle completely shook the heavens and the billows. Chen Fan in the Lin Zucheng, that sword spirit aspect of the invincible is spread throughout the world. Many have called upon the king to be the Lord of the five worlds

    "Seven Magic invasion, north cold, Yuan Wu, the pastoral field hands, Lin struggled. Only the Chinese Chen Zhenjun, West sword, even cut seven Mo Zhu, looking at the five domain, who has the qualification to replace Chen Zhenjun king?"

    in spite of this.

    those in the top five domain, such as Wu Yuan royalty, pastoral royalty, do not want to see this scene, lips promised, behind hard to resist. But they fear Chen who dare to face hard.

    and now, Chen Fan has returned to the city of ancient china.

    "real Jun, you're back."."

    Sheih Xie Changying meet up.

    "respectful Chen Zhenjun."!"

    behind the six Dongtian Zhangjiao, and many family chiefs are behind the reverent and respectful. Chen Fan even saw a misty breath, always escape to space saver late Daejin Jun.

    "the true gentleman, this is vanity to teach on the elders, so true. He learned the true divinity, decided to qiantouming, and seven magic boundaries." Said Xie Changying, with a sneer in his eyes.

    the true gentleman, has lived for two thousand years, hefatongyan, Xuan Huang Daopao wave.

    although to ridicule Xie Changying said, still looking forward to real, respectful:

    teach "void void, see the true gentleman. The true gentleman in a battle in the city of Lin progenitor, Shenwei shock world smashed, seven evil plot, let us cheer. The path in my opinion, true as the momentum dominate the five domain, do this LAN King's position, maybe the future can only Tianjun, I also can be turned into five domains, domain."

    the true gentleman's remark, they all surprised.

    we are still immersed in the joy of magic defeat, temporarily didn't think of it, this time thinking opened, suddenly found that really is a very good opportunity to dominate the five domain.

    "cold north Wang Zhaojia was killing days, Lin Yuan Wu Lan domain rout, domain Royal merchants, pastoral royal authority is on the domain to be abandoned and fled, denounced the two domain. The Xuan breeze Xuan Zong in the wind field, which suffered heavy losses. If the opportunity is really you dominate the five domain time, to this very influential Zhenjun pomp, looking at the five domain, who dare not from?"

    secret cave Zhangjiao Xuan Fu life, also should be open.

    in the eyes of many people shine.

    they looked at Chen Fan's eyes and changed. Especially the Chinese elders, is breathing heavy start.

    Chen Fan before, no matter how strong, after all, just one person. But if you become the five main domain common, Chinese will become the five royal domain. From a small family of inflammatory state became remote, five days LAN domain high royalty, such as the north cold Zhao Jiaban, superior, the creation of Wang Ting, thousands of years governing billion peoples. Chinese everyone out, all wore the Royal identity, that is what a great attraction.

    even big elder palm, palm trembling.

    only Juexian, North Han Wang Zhao heard, eyes flashed a sharp awn, but he was quickly under pressure.

    "at this point, later."."

    Chen Fan not to say yes or no.

    and then, Chen Fan enters the main temple. Friends start city with ancient Chinese.

    Mu Mu, Yun Yi, Lin Wuhua, and servant Ding lao. These are years have not met, a see Chen van, are very excited. But after the excitement, it becomes formality.

    both the cloud to children, or Mu red, this time to see Chen fan, are respectful, dare not too presumptuous.

    Chen Fan at this time, is already the five domain first strong, faint Tianjun said. Many people regard Chen Fan as a dollar baby class quasi tianjun. It may even be the future master of the five domains.

    such big men, they want to be at will. Behind the family, teachers, elders, will exhort.

    in fact, the Mu family, cloud, and so began to play "feeling, idea, want to put three people gave Chen Fan a concubine. The thought of this, he provided flushed red heart, xiufen.

    only Lin Wuhua, hands clenched sword, head high, extremely proud, unwilling to bow.

    is Ding Lao, see Chen van, very anxious:

    "master, you are finally back.". Xiao Man girl, the woman was taken away, leaving the ancient Hua City has three years did not go home. There's no news at all, master. You must bring Xiao Man girl back. Her age is still small, on the outside who knows what accident, so many bad guys"

    the number of years to get along, Ding long ago put Xiao Man as her own daughter, said, The old man wept bitterly.

    "rest assured, I see."."

    Chen Fan clapped his palm.

    returned to the temple, the big elder Xie Changying embarrassing: "some day God came to visit Xi in three years, when she said by your trust to Saint cycle back to horizon. I waited for shallow, can not stop. But Joan didn't want to leave, you want to stay in the ancient Hua City, but eventually cried Xi captured by God."

    "this is really my orders, Xiao Man was born in the Chinese god veins, no protection, too dangerous. To God in the reincarnation of the reincarnation of heaven, should be able to protect her."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    the moment he came back to the day, "Haizhu" is not feel cold in the northern region, guess God Xi set Haizhu and Xiao Man, all away. But Chen is not panic at all.

    that he is personally refining cave magic, except him, no one can erase the association, as long as you like, you can recover.

    Chen Fan in the Great Hall of the pacing, see Xie Changying don't laughed about to speak, but saying nothing:

    "the elders also think, why I do not promise too true, to be the 'LAN Wang' thing?"

    Xie Changying has no answer, next to the Murray elders have openings:

    "yes, today Chi Jiao Wang, also to see the true gentleman, again raised this matter. To the real king at this time in the five domain of prestige, as long as standing out, who dares to challenge the real king? The Yuan Wu royalty, pastoral royalty, simply cannot withstand a single blow. Also Lin family a little trouble, but also can not stop the real king thunderbolt."

    Qin Hao et al, although not answered, but the same thing in the eyes.

    Chen Fan hand, stand up the temple, the Chinese ancestors hang the picture looked at the wall, the cold voice: "you think, more days LAN Wang position, or a baby Tianjun more noble?"

    the people were stupefied; Xie Changying frowned:

    "Tianjun is of course more respect. Wang North shortage because of a long, Tianjun sits, ruled north drought area, many barren fields of coercion. I wait five days LAN domain, have to rely on the Royal breath. This family of Wanzai, orthodoxy stretches. A disciple of a family, may be higher than the Old Dan position."

    "yes, and baby compared to the so-called North Han Wang, Wang, Wang Lan pastoral days what? If the place of God, is a party to suppress the star field, a few barren fields, a few can be destroyed, such as dust."

    chenfan sigh.

    everyone knew right now.

    so we very respected Yanre days LAN throne, don't in the eyes of Chen Fan.

    moreover, the north is cold with royal Python swallowing day blood, as can be the enemy after the baby. Lin Lan day, inherited from the foot Tianzong, countless family tianjiao. The three old world earthquake. The pastoral royal family, inherited Sirius blood, each generation will Dan Yuan Wu Xuan Zong, the Royal wind, either blood or tough, so can the profound Confucian orthodoxy, passed on from generation to generation, strong men, the rule of domain. I have Chinese, what?"

    Chen Fan said this, turned the head, eyes cold.

    "well, the Chinese are not even a saver. Even the royal family and how? Who will be convinced? They have to rely on my majesty, in the five domain all borrowing power to do evil, head off? If one day, I go, how do the Chinese?"

    Chen fan, cold hum.

    many Chinese elders suddenly heard, sweating, face full of shame.

    Xuan Zi et al. Also nod secretly.

    five to the royal domain, although the strong respect. But the royal family's blood, the same powerful and noble. The Chinese are blood shackles, even sitting on the royal one, no new elixir was born, will be at the five domain.

    "going down, a good reflection, not ambitious."

    chenfan fuxiu.

    in many elders are embarrassed to retreat, Xie also want to leave when, Chen Fan was called to live: "big elders, about the shackles of the matter, I want to talk to you."."

    Xie Chang Ying smells speech one Leng, not from hope to chenfan behind his Gong Li North Han Wang Zhao Juexian.

    in the end, the only three people, chen fan cooling channel:

    "Zhao Juexian, in these three years, there are some things I never asked, now you should say.". Then what happened, why Chinese suddenly from a strong race, fell into such groups? Qi Tianjun et al., strange to disappear, even the horizon will collapse. Is the curse of blood applied? If so, who put it down? Can you undo it?"

    "you don't want to deceive me, if there is a lie, I just put out your spirit, nail in the flame, burning for ten thousand years!"

    hear Chen Xian cold voice, Zhao Juexian a shock, eyes flash humiliation, but had to open:


    Xie Changying zuanjinquantou, and looked at him, with his red eyes, body trembling. He knew, Zhao Juexian next to speak, will determine the future of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, countless years of fate.

    in the two eyes, Zhao Juexian slowly spit out a word:

    "all this behind the scenes is the emperor Kamiyama."."

    "emperor Kamiyama"?"

    when the three word moment, Xie Changying like lightning, the moment people face as white as snow, his eyes were very astonished.

    :. :