The Emperor Descending the Heavens


"Heavens …" "Wolf..."

In the blink of an eye, night came again.

Just when there was still a thousandth of a second before he could get his hands on it, a dragon's roar suddenly exploded in his ears and his soul sea.

The night that should have been peaceful was filled with an uneasy atmosphere.

Qin Yu was still seated cross-legged on the bed in the room.

Five groups of people were lurking outside the courtyard he was in.

They could see through the darkness of the night and stared fixedly at the courtyard, staring at the door where Qin Yu resided.

The Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning, the emperor of the Absolute Beginning dragon race, was also the strongest dragon in the entire Taiyuan Deity Realm!

"What's going on, why is there no signs of movement from this kid?"

Someone in one of the groups thought to himself.

Under the destructive explosion of air, he barely managed to stop the dragon claw, but he still spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He suddenly raised his head and roared hoarsely: "Hurry and go, don't bother with me!"

During the day, Qin Yu had already received the letter from the Great Clan Elder.

Around the fruit sat a large group of huge, gray-colored dragons. They were immersed in a rich divine aura. The formation of each Absolute Beginning Divine Fruit was a miracle bestowed by the heavens to the dragon race. Bathing in the divine aura of the Absolute Beginning Divine Fruit, not only did they receive the purification of the dragon aura and Dragon Soul, they might even be reborn.

Logically speaking, he should have already moved.

After all, an ordinary person would be extremely anxious when they were worried about their parents' safety. They wouldn't be able to grasp their bearings and would only wish to find their parents as soon as possible.

Once the Dragon Emperor made her move, their interference would only be a blasphemy to the Dragon Emperor's heavenly might!

But Qin Yu's performance was too abnormal.

In the blink of an eye, it was already deep into the night.

Everyone who was watching Qin Yu began to feel sleepy, and their vigilance began to decrease rapidly.

"Looks like this kid doesn't plan on taking action tonight. Let's go …" Let's go back! "

This cauldron was named "Huan Xu", and it was not only in the Eternal Heaven God Realm, but in the entire Eastern Divine Region, it was also the strongest spatial profound artifact. The super large dimensional formation that connected the Eternal Heaven God Realm to the borders of the Primal Chaos Dimension was built using this as a core carrier.

Yawning, one of them quickly chose to leave.

The flow of Venerable One was heavily smashed to the ground and the blood arrow dragged itself several tens of meters in the air. The moment his body touched the ground, the dragon claw had already covered him up once more, pressing down onto his body without any mercy.

The remaining four groups of people left after a short while.

Since they had entered the territory of the dragon race, they naturally had the possibility of encountering the Dragon Emperor. However, the two great Keeper s, Tai Ying and Liu, had made complete preparations and used the most powerful spatial method. The location they teleported to was even closer to the Absolute Beginning Divine Fruit … Even if it was the Dragon Emperor, facing them who appeared out of nowhere, she couldn't have reacted so quickly.

However, it was right after these two groups of people left.

As a Keeper, one's experience was abundant, and one's level of recognition was high; an ordinary Profound Practitioners would definitely not be able to compare to it. But what resounded at this moment was definitely the most terrifying dragon roar he had heard in his entire life.

A ghost-like figure suddenly appeared in the courtyard and disappeared in a certain direction.

Streamlined Venerable One fell to the ground and a large swath of furious dragon roars also sounded at this time. It shook the air and sky violently shook as countless powerful dragon breaths firmly locked onto the two at this time … Especially Venerable One who were extremely close to the Absolute Beginning Divine Fruit.

The remaining three groups of people were shaken up, and when they reacted, they hurriedly chased after them.

However, it was still night.

That weird figure had long since disappeared.

At the same time.

The figure that had just left the courtyard appeared once again without any warning.


Once the Dragon Emperor made her move, their interference would only be a blasphemy to the Dragon Emperor's heavenly might!

A door was pushed open and a faint sound could be heard.

When Chen Song, who was sleeping, heard the sound of the door opening, he immediately became alert and subconsciously opened his eyes.

Behind him, Venerable One also released their profound aura, supporting the spatial profound formation beneath their feet.

A face appeared before his eyes, and his mouth was covered by someone.

Breaking away from the suppression of the dragon claw, the flow of Venerable One finally gave his a short respite. He quickly gathered his energy and revolved the Space Laws … However, just as he gathered his mind, in his soul sea of consciousness, the silhouette of a terrifying wolf appeared, bringing along a cold aura that instantly overflowed his entire body.

Carefully looking at it, it was actually Qin Yu, who was currently putting a finger to his mouth, making a silent motion.

However, at this time, a dome like draconis radix suddenly descended and the surrounding space immediately became sealed. Venerable One s that traveled less than a hundred meters were forcefully obstructed.

"Shh, don't make a sound, just listen to me!"

Qin Yu said to him.

Right now, I am being watched by many people from the martial arts factions. Qin Tian and the Great Elder are extremely arrogant and inconvenient to carry out their tasks, but they urgently need to do something, so if I wanted to trouble you, would you take a look?

Under the dragon's roar, his vision abruptly turned black. His body that was rushing forward fell down heavily, and his hand that was about to touch the Absolute Beginning Divine Fruit also grabbed empty air.

Qin Yu asked his telepathic transmission.

"Fleeting Time!" The Venerable One also roared out loud. After a moment of hesitation, he left the profound formation and pounced in front of them. A giant hand imprinted itself into the air and spread out, striking straight at the dragon claw.

After Chen Song heard his words, he nodded.

Qin Yu immediately let go of his hand that was covering his mouth.

With a flick of his wrist, a letter appeared in his hands.

However, under the power of the two great protectors and the Astral Void Cauldron, it was completely perfect!

"Listen, go out immediately and find the third elder who is in closed door cultivation and pass this letter to him!"

In the next moment, the body of the Divine Master that the sword had pierced through violently exploded, but before the dismembered body's blood had even scattered, it had already been directly annihilated in the air, becoming the smallest dust in the world.

Qin Yu once again used the telepathic transmission, and explained in a serious tone.

In front of it, even if they were Eternal Sky s, they could still be buried in the abyss of death.

"Those people outside have been lured away by me for the time being. You should leave immediately and come back after dawn!"

After Chen Song heard this, he took the letter and stood up.

Without saying a single word, he quickly disappeared into the night under Qin Yu's guidance.

What came at the same time as the draconis radix was Divine auras, dense to the point where it seemed to come from a distant The Divine Realm.

At this moment, there were three groups of people chasing after him.

He was shocked to discover that he had been lost.

In order to bathe in the divine aura of a divine fruit, the surrounding area of the Absolute Beginning Divine Fruit was naturally not isolated by the barrier. As long as he succeeded, he, whose auras was connected to the Canon of Void, would be able to instantly return to the dimensional formation and flee far away from the Venerable One in the great expanse that supported the dimensional profound formation.

The three groups of people looked at each other in dismay when they met.

"What's going on, laozi clearly saw that Qin Yu was heading this way, why did he suddenly disappear?"

The ground of the Absolute beginning began to crack with exaggeration, the entire territory of the Absolute Beginning dragon race swept up a terrifying space storm, one could imagine the might of this claw.

The martial arts master from Luo Fucheng was puzzled.

Once the Dragon Emperor made her move, their interference would only be a blasphemy to the Dragon Emperor's heavenly might!

According to common sense, with their cultivation as late stage Martial Masters, it shouldn't be too embarrassing to follow a little kid.

"Could it be that the rumors are true?" Qin Yu really obtained the The Way of Immortality of the cultivator, has he become stronger? "

Hua Xianer stood in the darkness of the night, pinching her chin as she pondered.

It was one thing for Luo Fucheng to lose his martial arts master, but she was an early stage Martial Grand Master.

It seemed to be the figure of a young lady. Glistening colors flashed past, and it was already enveloped by the dazzling azure blue divine light. A three meter long great sword suddenly came crashing down, accompanied by the roar of a Heavenly Wolf that shook the sky and shook the earth.

Unless Qin Yu's cultivation was even higher than hers.

The endless draconis radix descended abruptly. It was incredibly heavy, and also incomparably ancient, as if it had come from the Ancient Desolation.

Just when the several people were puzzled, a strange figure hidden in the darkness suddenly turned around and looked behind them, and his body violently shook.