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Immemorial Devil Lord


The clouds of the nine heavens madly surged, as if a flood dragon was trying to be fierce. The phoenix stood upright like a heavenly sword, the mountain peak piercing through the heavens. Clouds and mist enveloped the mountain peaks all year round, making people feel mysterious and grand.

This was the Celestial Sect of Clouds, situated on the Misty Peak of the Constant Country.

"Three days have already passed. I wonder if the princess has passed through the climbing ladder yet?"

Qin Tian held onto his cheek with his right hand and bit down on a stalk of grass, his back leaning on a bamboo shoot. He looked very wooden, but his pair of bright eyes sold him out.

He also yearned for the Immortal Dao.

When he was at the Duke Palaces, Qin Tian had heard too many legends about immortals.

What is an Immortal?

It was that power that could pull a mountain. Legends said that immortals could fly in the sky and escape the earth. It was capable of plucking stars and stealing moons. It was able to move mountains and overturn the seas.

However, when he was at the Duke Palaces, he was just a pageboy. Because she had raised her war wolves with all her heart, Princess Mingfeng had entered the Celestial Sect and brought him along.

As for the princess, she was only sixteen years old this year. However, she was already an expert in the seven hallucination, and with her noble identity as a princess of Yan Dynasty, she had obtained a spot in the Misty Cloud Sect.

Licking his lips, Qin Tian felt that his throat was so dry that smoke was about to come out, but he did not dare reveal it, and looked around cautiously to see that no one was around, before calming down.

After all, being able to enter the Celestial Sect of Clouds with his status of a slave was already an enormous fortune.

Just then, Qin Tian suddenly threw himself forward agilely, and rolled on the ground.


The fierce whip wind landed on the spot where Qin Tian was standing just now. He crawled up from the ground in a sorry state, his entire body looking like a cat's hair exploding from the shock.

He turned around and looked at the stalagmite. The whip was so powerful that even the stalagmites were smashed into smithereens. It was a sure guarantee that a single lash could split a person's skin and flesh.

"Wu Mu, what are you doing!"

Qin Tian was on guard, both alarmed and angry.

"Brat, your reactions are quite nimble."

The few of them rushed over, their imposing manner extraordinary, especially the man in the lead. His eyes were narrow and long, with a cold glint in his eyes. It was obvious that he was a vicious character. That whip just now had come from him.

This person had the same surname as the princess, and was called the Yan Kingdom. He was also the distant cousin of the princess, Wu Qingya.

"Qin Tian, the mission that the princess has given you is to gather the 'Violet Spirit Dew.' You're doing well, daring to laze around here?"

As Wu Mu played with the black python whip in his hand, the whip actually coiled around his wrist and weaved around it. It was exactly the same as Wu Mu, like a venomous snake baring its fangs.

The Purple Dawn Spiritual Dew was, in reality, the dew on strange flowers and plants.

Because Celestial Sect of Clouds was a blessed spot, it was filled with spirit energy and the dew had merged with the first light of the Rising Sun from the East, Purple Qi from the East. Thus, even if it was just morning dew, it could still nourish the organs, cleanse the mind, and other mysterious effects.

A single gram of Linglu was worth a single gram of gold.

"Princess's talent is outstanding, she has already set foot on the climbing ladder, once she passes it, she can become a disciple of Celestial Sect, and soar through the skies, free to do whatever she wants. At that time, there will be heavenly materials for her to cultivate, so how would she care about this mere Zichen Lingshuang!"

Qin Tian was well aware that the mission given by the princess was just an excuse by Wu Mu.

As for the spirit dew that they had collected, it had long been divided cleanly by Wu Mu and a few of his henchmen.

Although Qin Tian gnashed his teeth in hatred in his heart, he didn't dare to reveal the slightest bit of dissatisfaction.

Wu Mu was not only related to the princess by blood, he also cultivated the way of martial arts.

Although his aptitude was not very high, because he held the position of the Regional Academy's vice director, he had quite a lot of resources for cultivation. In these few years, his martial arts cultivation had truly stepped into the threshold, his vitality was vigorous, and his inner strength was strong and vigorous.

In Tian Yuan Continent, things were weird.

It was fortunate that the heavens were benevolent, giving them a chance at survival. Among them, the rise of the human race to break through the tide, to enter the holy realm through martial arts and cultivate immortals, finally forcing the demons to retreat. This kind of person was honored with the name of Taoist Saint, and everyone else was honored with the title of Guardian Priest.

All in all, Immortals and Fiendgods would never swear an oath to each other.

Other than the guards killing the demons, the mortals also practiced martial arts and cultivated their bodies. They all thought that one day they would also be able to break through the shackles of cultivation.

The Meat Sage Realm Realm was divided into ten parts: one side nurtured Qi, two sides gave birth to life, three sides had strong bodies, four sides had valiant spirits, five sides had violent auras, six sides had formed their troops, seven sides were illusions, eight sides were created, and nine sides were connected to the spirit, only then could the ten sides be called the 'Martial Saint'.

Every increase in a cultivation base was an earth-shattering stroke of good fortune.

The fourth party was called 'Shen-Yong Realm'.

A cauldron weighed a thousand pounds.

In the eyes of an immortal, perhaps Martial Saint was nothing. To be able to kill or seize with just a thought, but to Qin Tian, a powerful expert was an extraordinary person.

And Wu Mu was an expert on Shen-Yong Realm.

Seeing that Qin Tian was silent, a cold light flashed in Wu Mu's eyes. He shook his wrist, and the whip in his hand whistled out, causing an explosive sound as he whipped towards Qin Tian, "Kid, are you deaf or not, or are you dissatisfied with me?"

Qin Tian was unable to dodge this whip, and his sleeves were instantly ripped apart. A bloody wound appeared on his left arm that was extremely shocking.

"Hiss …"

Qin Tian's eyes were almost wide open as beads of perspiration gushed out of his forehead. Although his entire body was trembling slightly, he was forcefully holding it in with all his might, and a salty, fishy smell came from the corner of his mouth, from the fact that he had bit his lips, "I'm still short of half a gourd of spirit dew."

"The sun is about to rise. When the time comes, I'll be even less than a gram."

Wu Mu snorted coldly, feeling as if he was being watched by a poisonous snake. He growled: "Whip your corpse!"

After throwing that sentence, Wu Mu left with the swarms of his subordinates.

Regarding Wu Mu's threats, Qin Tian would not take it as a joke.

When they were in the Duke Palaces, the number of servants and maids who lost their lives to Wu Mu had definitely exceeded two.

"Wu Mu, don't give me the chance to turn things around."

Qin Tian watched as he walked further and further away. He clenched his fists, and his eyes turned blood-red.

However, he also knew that the most important thing right now was to get through this crisis.

As Qin Tian headed towards the Spirit Orchid Garden to gather more Purple Dawn Spirit Dew, the palace that was suspended in the depths of the clouds suddenly trembled. The vibration was extremely intense, like a meteor falling to the ground.

Within the Immortal palace … A conical platform floated beside the two of them. Each platform took up several acres of land, and there were even many grand diagrams carved into the platform. The size was terrifying, as if it was the country of giants.

At the same time, on the platform were many Dharma Idol's.

The Dharma Idol gave off an indescribably mysterious aura. The Dharma Idol had the appearance of an emperor, a general, a scholar, and a woman. The Dharma Idol even looked like an ancient sacred emperor wearing a fur skirt that exposed the upper half of its body. They were all the protectors of the Misty Cloud Sect, and each of their powers were strong enough to pick up the stars and steal the moon.

As the saying goes, the heart gives birth to the true self.

To powerful cultivators, these Dharma Idol were the true portrayals of what they truly felt in their hearts.

An almighty being with true fairyland could use their thoughts to reveal themselves, transforming their true nature into a Dharma Idol, and revealing their true spirit bodies.

For example, the emperor among mortals. If the opponent had mastered the way of cultivation and possessed the aura of an emperor, then when he stepped into the true fairyland one day, the Dharma Idol that would be revealed would be the emperor.

Elementary Scholars, the Dharma Idol could be a scholar.

Or it could be said that once he becomes a true Immortal, his Dharma Idol will be a dragon.

At this moment, the Dharma Idol was looking at the figure seated at the head of the hall.

Their eyes were filled with admiration and deep admiration.

He looked to be about twenty years of age, and had a picturesque appearance. He was elegant and calm, and his temperament was as clear as the moonlight, and even though he was right in front of the eyes of the crowd, he gave off the feeling that he was far away from the world, as if he was a mirror and the moon. It was as if he was not in the same time and space as everyone else.

The figure in black was the Misty Cloud Sect's Sect Leader.

Each of his shoulders had a huge, silver-white Horned Dragon that was hundreds of meters long. The Horned Dragon's body would release a great dragon's power with just a slight movement of its body, making others not dare to desecrate it and even want to prostrate and worship it.

Although the Horned Dragon was not a Sky Dragon, it still had the bloodline of a Sky Dragon.

But now, it was protecting the Misty Cloud Sect Lord. This showed that it had been subdued, so how powerful could the Misty Cloud Sect Lord be?

"Sigh …"

The Misty Cloud Sect Lord sighed.

What difficulty?

The Misty Cloud Sect Lord was actually worried?

"Sect head, do the heavens want my Immortal Dao to be destroyed?"

The one who spoke was a 20-30 year old lady. Not only was this woman beautiful, her voice was also gentle and slender, her eyebrows were like willow leaves, her waist was thin, and her figure was like a water lotus flower without equal. She looked like a lady from the mortal world.

However, no one dared to underestimate this woman.

She was the only female out of the nine Great Guardian Elders of the Misty Cloud Sect.

"Lang Xie's starlight is dim, the Broken Wolf is fierce, the Broken Wolf is the Master is killing, the Demons are rampant, the Demons and Demons have been hibernating for millions of years and have begun to move. If they want to dominate the six paths of life, it is unknown just how many living beings will perish.

The Misty Cloud Sect Lord sighed with melancholy.

"What!?" "A Primaltwin?"

The nine Protectors' faces were filled with shock.

The Apocalypse of the Era was a calamity which could destroy the world.

From ancient times until now, every single calamity was a purge. More than half of the living would perish during the calamity, and even cultivators like them would be no exception.

"Sect Leader, is there no chance of survival?"

A Dharma Idol Elder dressed in the attire of a civil servant asked.

"Everything in the world has its limits. Whether or not we can avoid this catastrophe is not something that we can turn the tide …"

The Misty Cloud Sect Lord's voice was faint and full of charm, "I hope that Supreme Force can issue a decree calling upon the 'Daoist Defenders' to work together to kill the demons and resist this apocalypse."

What kind of calamity was this!

He actually needed to use a guardian to turn the tide?

The Protector Elders all had a serious expression on their faces.

"Sovereign, then we will just sit and wait for death. We won't do anything?"

The female Guardian Elder became anxious.

"It's not that we're just sitting there waiting for death, it's just that the opportunity hasn't arrived yet. We need to wait for the right moment."

The Misty Cloud Sect Lord shook her head slightly, her gaze deep. Then, he used a voice that she could only just hear, and muttered to herself, "Apocalypse, why would there be a trace of warning appearing in my Misty Cloud Sect? Is this a blessing or a curse?!"