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The Ultimate Evolution
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Volume7 Chapter 35:Scalding fleshdance!

Volume7 Chapter 35:Scalding fleshdance!

    Chapter 376:Scalding fleshdance!

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    Yet in the next second,

    That next second after Sheyan’s eyes were brimming with anger, and trembling with wrath.

    Lacking a single warning, Sheyan’s left hand loosened as a black flask suddenly crashed to the ground. Piank! It shattered!

    In a split second, a formless shockwave swept out in a radius of 20 metre. Wherever the shockwave passed, clouds and fogs of murky yellow poisonous miasma formed. Any enemy who entered it would experience a decline in 4 agility and their movement speed drop by 20%.

    Sheyan breathed in deeply, inhaling the fresh air of Pandorian vegetation deep into his lungs. Then he faced a fresh green leaf as he basked in the evening sun, and drank from his soul equipment ‘Endless Spirited Vodka’ without hesitation.

    He then proceeded with an inconceivable action, something Lille nor Uzel hadn’t anticipated.

    Sheyan actually turn and fled!

    Concurrently, a loud yell emerged from his mouth.

    "There’s a Great Leeeeooonopteryxx skull here ahhhh!!!"

    Sheyan’s escape and his deafening yells were like a pair of incomparably vile daggers, deeply piercing into Lille and Uzel’s heart!!! Their eyes darkened, they were utterly astounded by this tremendous discrepancy

    What was the reason they didn’t mind squandering a boundary awakening? A supremely precious boundary awakening? Wasn’t it to annihilate the witnesses and preserve this immense secret of discovering a Great Leonopteryx skull?

    One must understand, there were still several loose contestants who had just left after accomplishing their milestone. It was hard to tell if they would still be residing nearby. Which goes to say, Sheyan’s current over 120 decibels yellingdefinitely had a chance of leaking to the remaining contestants!

    Moreover, Sheyan’s fleeing was in conjunction with striking a huge weakness of Uzel-the scope of influence of his illusions! Previously during that neuro-interference state, Uzel could mislead a contestant’s senses; causing them to hallucinate as though they were ‘ghost hitting the wall’, unable to escape.

    But under normal circumstances, Uzel’s weakness was greatly covered. Primarily because he could move according to his enemy, closely following the enemy to prevent him from leaving his scope of influence.

    Secondly was due to the illusions, the enemies would frequently decide to flee from Lille. However in such a case of the enemy attempting to flee, they would undoubtedly expose their vital backs to the incisive fatal dagger strikes of the agile contestant. Moreover, Lille’s speed was never inferior! Hence, they would still be able to unleash devastating damage in a short span of time.

    But Sheyan actually chose to flee! Furthermore, it was during a time when Lille and Uzel had least expected him to! He even still drank a comforting cup of alcohol while doing so, appearing as if his heart was completely unhindered at the fact of abandoning his comrades. Besides, his expression was a total look of contentedness.

    Just a second ago, he was still swearing with unwavering confidence of not discarding his comrades.

    The next, he was fleeing in trepidation, not even glancing back with second thoughts,

    Such an intense contrast almost caused Lille and Uzel to vomit blood. They had never come across such a shameless, such a hypocritical and despicable level of shamelessness!

    What was worse was that vile fog of poison miasma, and more importantlySheyan’s fleeing velocity wasn’t slow at all. He was yelling out news of the Great Leonopteryx skull while running speedily. He made it look so easy as if he was a veteran in this, probably someone who had accomplished this deed countless times.

    How could Lille and Uzel not chase Sheyan? How would they not dare to? Contestants who understood the value of a Great Leonopteryx skull weren’t considered many, but it wasn’t rare as well. Once this piece of information leaked out, then trying to swallow up this secret would become impossible, they could only obediently hand it over to Zeus.

    In their flustered exasperation, they urgently gave chase simultaneously; not resisting the urge as they cursed words like ‘I xxx your mother xxxx slut’. If this secret was leaked out, they may really faint from anger.

    They both felt a sense of extreme annoyance. Facing such a speechlessly despicable slut, their only desire was to carve out his tongue and force him to swallow it back into his own belly. Meanwhile, as they passed through the poison fog, they had their agility plunged by 4 points. Translating that into figures, it was like having a full 10% movement speed reduction!

    Thus, this chase went on for few minutes.

    Lille was an agility specialized contestant, while it was still unsure what track contestant Uzel specialized in; but if not spirit, then it would be intelligence. It was seemingly impossible to be associated with strength or agility. Hence naturally, Lille ran much faster than Uzel. Uzel had been tossed 50-60 metres away from the two, while Lille was constantly gaining ground on Sheyan. From 50 metres, to 40 metres, and now finally 20 metres

    "Bastard, I’m gonna kill you!" Lille’s face leaked out a cruel sneer, drawing a strange object from his body. Everytime he interacted with it, he would feel his fingertips tingling with elation.

    Lille suddenly made an abrupt leap; vividly seen beneath his leap, the soil exploding forth under the immense pressure. A brittle fracturing dried twig crackled, as a worm nestling beneath the leaves squirted out faint vomit colored fluids upon been squashed.

    Lille strived forward with his leap, in a flash traversing through 7-8 metres. At the peak of his leap, he hurled out that object! A weapon sparkled with metallic brilliance, taking a whirling shape of a slanted cross as it carved a perfect arc during its flight; dragging along an unceasing black trace, before whooping against Sheyan’s legs. A clear layer of snowflakes covered Sheyan’s legs, as the object spiralled back into Lille’s hands!

    This was a shocking black grade throwing weapon, it was called ‘Frost Boomerang’. It didn’t inflict high damage, and its negative attributes were even higher than its positive ones. Only a single property was extremely alluring; when it successfully hit its target, its ‘Frost-flakes’ would envelop the enemy’s legs. Movement speed reduced by 40%, duration for 5 seconds and its effect had precedence.

    As for the cooldown period for each ‘Frost-flakes’ it was only 3 seconds. Which implied one thing. Whenever it landed on a target, that target would be stucked in a perpetual frosty nightmare. It was really an unfortunate inescapable circumstance.

    Sheyan’s sharp decline in movement speed wasn’t merely due to the excellent speed reduction property of the ‘Frost Boomerang’. It was also due to his 28% speed bonus of the ‘Endless Spirited Vodka’ diminishing upon being struck, and ruthlessly dissipating.

    On one side a 40% speed reduction, and a 28% on the other; each compiling over each. Lille finally caught up with Sheyan, as Sheyan entered his effective attacking range. At this moment, Sheyan swung his head back, casting a panic and fearful expression towards Lille. But when he hastily swung his head back, his vision returned to a blazing untamed and wild lust.

    After witnessing Seaman’s flustered expression, Lille smiled craftily. In the heat of excitement, he extended his tongue as he insatiably licked against the blades of his dagger. What he didn’t know was, Sheyan had turned around to affirm the effective scope of Uzel’s illusion dimension.

    The feedback Sheyan got was extremely clear, there was only one Lille that was hot on his heels now. Undoubtedly, he had already escaped the region of Uzel’s illusion dimensionthis undoubtedly signified to him, from his perspective, that Uzel all the way 50 metres behind that was bitterly trying to catch up was real!

    At present, Lille had closed up to within 5 metres of Sheyan. He whistled conceitedly, his body surging forward, as he raised his twin daggers; as if they were the ivory fangs of a wild beast, shimmering with a pitiful brutality.

    Sheyan turned around, he could only turn around as he raised his arms to shelter his head. If he continued running, then- undoubtedly- that was akin to offering up his back to his enemy, and getting easily trampled over.

    An incessant flash of cutting silver overwhelmed him. Lille’s mobility had reached the pinnacle of his attack speed, with his twin silver daggers materializing as two silver linings. It tore through the space in eagerness, its velocity so tremendous that it repeatedly sliced out buzzing sharp ‘Hooo’ in the air; like a speechless mirage in the sky, brimming with domineering oppression.

    This was the ability that Lille had learnt from the werewolfs back in the Underworld world.

    Scalding fleshdance!

    In a flash, it would accord consecutive fury swipes with peak frequency at its enemy. Of course, every strike would have a 50% damage reduction.

    This move can be rated as brutal cruelty, it was akin to a death by a thousand cuts!

    Under such brutality, dozens of densely knitted wounds emerged on Sheyan’s body, oozing out blood at the same time. It was utterly bitter, and right at this moment, he chose to complement it would a pathetic moan. His sorry appearance told of an inevitable death in any second.