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  • The Three Kingdoms - Conquer the World

The Three Kingdoms - Conquer the World

Author: Genre:Historical
Status:Completed Num.:7540.00 k

In the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was in c... more


  1. 1C1 Rescuing Liu Yu with the People's Flying Horse
  2. 2C2 Who knows who's the weaker one
  3. 3C3 On the Enemy and Friend of the Gongsun Son
  4. 4C4 Tiger, Dog and Son Roadway
  5. 5C5 One of the people who chased after Zi Long under the moon (traceless)
  6. 6C6 Subordinate Yue Ye went down to chase after Zi Long 2 (Fight to Kill)
  7. 7C7 Subordinate Moon Chasing Zi Long Three (Guiyi)
  8. 8C8 Black Mountain Fighting
  9. 9C9 Anti-Skeleton Thief Nathaniel
  10. 10C10 Money, marriage rolling
  11. 11C11 Entering the Changli with self-confidence
  12. 12C12 Easily integrate and win people's hearts
  13. 13C13 He who has ulterior motives is a fool
  14. 14C14 wolfhound's ambition
  15. 15C15 I will go on stage after your fight
  16. 16C16 What if the Black and White Reverses Nai?
  17. 17C17 Before the Barbarian King, the King of Fallen Leopards
  18. 18C18 He was in high spirits, cutting off one's head at a time
  19. 19C19 Escaping into danger in a panic
  20. 20C20 Dying in a bloodbath
  21. 21C21 Zi Long also went to search for the divine doctor
  22. 22C22 Red Line Cloud Tracer
  23. 23C23 Talking about Medicine and Dao and Remaining Hua Tuo
  24. 24C24 Zhao Yun talked about the Changli (1).
  25. 25C25 Zhao Yun talked about the Changli (Part II)
  26. 26C26 Sneaking away a half-life
  27. 27C27 Xuan De Roads Busy Calculating and Calculating
  28. 28C28 An elegant man goes over the wall
  29. 29C29 A pot of cloudy tea on the whole world (1)
  30. 30C30 A pot of turbid tea on the whole world (2)
  31. 31C31 A pot of cloudy tea on the whole world (2)
  32. 32C32 Miss Xiong played Guo Jia.
  33. 33C33 Feng Lang, Ju Shu, Wu Weng
  34. 34C34 Balancing Wu Huan's Backhand
  35. 35C35 It is difficult for a beautiful woman to understand
  36. 36C36 Single is the unswerving
  37. 37C37 The midnight army surrounded the Liucheng.
  38. 38C38 To survey the terrain and prepare for battle
  39. 39C39 The King's Banner of the Liucheng (1)
  40. 40C40 The King's Banner of the Liucheng (2)
  41. 41C41 The King's Banner of the Liucheng (3)
  42. 42C42 The King's Banner of the Liucheng (4)
  43. 43C43 The King's Banner of the Liucheng (5)
  44. 44C44 The King's Flag of the Liucheng (6)
  45. 45C45 Ran away from the city and ran away
  46. 46C46 'Showing off everything in life! That's exactly what I want! '
  47. 47C47 Father and son are busy sparring
  48. 48C48 The spearhead pointed at the Tanhan Shan.
  49. 49C49 Reforming the Military System to Build a Strong Army (Part I)
  50. 50C50 Reforming the Military System to Build a Strong Army (China)
  51. 51C51 Reforming the Military System to Build a Strong Army (Part II)
  52. 52C52 Mogul was marked
  53. 53C53 Throw out the bait to lure the god of wealth
  54. 54C54 Hu Man stirred up the retreat of Confucian Scholars
  55. 55C55 One should not hold back in trying to recruit talent
  56. 56C56 Shifting the seaside to raise the sails
  57. 57C57 Reward and punishment clearly practice strong soldier
  58. 58C58 It is normal to bully others with one's power
  59. 59C59 The First Meeting of the East and West
  60. 60C60 Three second language on Korea
  61. 61C61 Refining fine steel with its tools
  62. 62C62 Zhang Yan of Montenegro
  63. 63C63 Marked tycoons also talking and laughing
  64. 64C64 How could Hu Man block his way?
  65. 65C65 Er Yu's Fighting in the Snow and Plum
  66. 66C66 How could Hu Man block his way?
  67. 67C67 speech and heart are not common
  68. 68C68 with foresight, Kebineng.
  69. 69C69 Lip, gun, tongue, and sword, showing off
  70. 70C70 speech and heart are not common
  71. 71C71 On the Trade in the Battle Music
  72. 72C72 The undoing of the bell must also be done with the person of the bell
  73. 73C73 Whispering and complaining
  74. 74C74 The was plotted in the middle of the night
  75. 75C75 Tanhan Shan (1)
  76. 76C76 Tanhan Shan (2)
  77. 77C77 Tanhan Shan (3)
  78. 78C78 Tanhan Shan (4)
  79. 79C79 Tanhan Shan (5)
  80. 80C80 Tanhan Shan (6)
  81. 81C81 Tanhan Shan (7)
  82. 82C82 Tanhan Shan (8)
  83. 83C83 Tanhan Shan (9)
  84. 84C84 Tanhan Shan (10)
  85. 85C85 Tanhan Shan (Eleven)
  86. 86C86 Tanhan Shan (Twelve)
  87. 87C87 Tanhan Shan (Thirteen)
  88. 88C88 Tanhan Shan (14)
  89. 89C89 Tanhan Shan (15)
  90. 90C90 Tanhan Shan (16)
  91. 91C91 Dusty decided to extort money at once
  92. 92C92 Leading the vanguard to the river
  93. 93C93 On Military Information in My House
  94. 94C94 Clapping your hands is a vow to be the first to go
  95. 95C95 Suddenly, he heard that Yuan Shao had sent someone over.
  96. 96C96 treacherous Xu Ziyuan
  97. 97C97 Makes the spot plan
  98. 98C98 Demonstrate as a Weak Earner for Tao Sheng
  99. 99C99 Tao's uncle and nephew play tricks on the mind
  100. 100C100 Song Luoshen's kind father, Yuan Benchu
  101. 101C101 Domineering and suicidal, only Qu Yi
  102. 102C102 Deep into the night, Zhang Yan of the People
  103. 103C103 Both sides were plotting against Qu Yi.
  104. 104C104 The first to cross the river to war
  105. 105C105 Qu Yi, Zi Long, against General
  106. 106C106 Qu Yi was heavily injured and he fell off his horse.
  107. 107C107 Xiao Xiao Yun San first camp
  108. 108C108 Mistake in the wrong, Wang Wei dies
  109. 109C109 An exchange of corpses intimidated the enemy
  110. 110C110 Victory returns to fame
  111. 111C111 Tao Dameng forcibly snatched away the girl
  112. 112C112 Inside the house, the girls were fighting with each other
  113. 113C113 Zhang He kept watch on the high city
  114. 114C114 The army besieged the Galleon.
  115. 115C115 Go back and capture Zhang He.
  116. 116C116 Yuan Shao had gathered a large crowd to discuss the military intelligence.
  117. 117C117 Yuan Shao's gathering on military affairs (continued)
  118. 118C118 Gongsun Xu pleaded for forgiveness
  119. 119C119 Children's Warm Wine Slaying Wen Chou (1)
  120. 120C120 Children's Warm Wine Slaying Wen Chou (Part II)
  121. 121C121 A few words caused Guo Gongze to lose color
  122. 122C122 Xu You lied to Yan Liang.
  123. 123C123 Ice Plum Design Pit Xu You
  124. 124C124 "[124]" Faithful and loyal 'Xu Ziyuan
  125. 125C125 Buy peace at the expense of your family
  126. 126C126 Suddenly, they heard about Xu You's urgent message
  127. 127C127 Yuan Shao's reinforcements to Gao
  128. 128C128 Chapter 29 - The Son of Heaven
  129. 129C129 Yan Liang was caught in the act at the time
  130. 130C130 Yan Liang's Broken Nameless Road (Part 1)
  131. 131C131 Yan Liang's Broken Nameless Road (Part II)
  132. 132C132 Gauguin's desire for persuasion
  133. 133C133 Zhang He led the crowd and descended.
  134. 134C134 To return to one's mind at a banquet
  135. 135C135 Incineration and Incineration of Xu Residence by Plum Blossom
  136. 136C136 Everything is ready to go south
  137. 137C137 Ben Chu asked for Meng De's help
  138. 138C138 Yuan Benchu called for reinforcements
  139. 139C139 A barrage of verbal and verbal curses
  140. 140C140 The lithograph showed off its might
  141. 141C141 Cao'a hid his intentions and decided to raise the army
  142. 142C142 Cao'a hid his presence and called for reinforcements
  143. 143C143 Suspend the offensive to fill the river
  144. 144C144 The people of China are to be sent to Hanoi
  145. 145C145 Le Jin was cautious and lost his life (1).
  146. 146C146 Prudent Le Jin also lost his life (Part II)
  147. 147C147 Zhang He led the way for Zhang He.
  148. 148C148 tiger leopard riding made his move in the early morning
  149. 149C149 The White Horse, Tiger, Panther and Leopard
  150. 150C150 Both sides suffer a real loss
  151. 151C151 Cao Chun was trapped in a perilous situation
  152. 152C152 Gongsun Xu took Cao Chun lightly
  153. 153C153 The sudden news of the evil news infuriated Cao Cao
  154. 154C154 Children's Meng De Speak to one another
  155. 155C155 fraternal love, Meng De was sorrowful
  156. 156C156 He wanted to return to the Yanzhou.
  157. 157C157 Xun You was in a hurry to debate
  158. 158C158 Meng De wants to visit Sima Yi
  159. 159C159 Ice Plum Soundlessly Goes to Hanoi
  160. 160C160 Deep into the night to visit the Sima's (1)
  161. 161C161 Deep into the night to visit the Sima's (Part II)
  162. 162C162 Meng De also visited the Sima's.
  163. 163C163 Meng De's cross calculation
  164. 164C164 First General Sima Yi
  165. 165C165 The White Horse Camp army attacked Hanoi.
  166. 166C166 Truncated River Present Accident
  167. 167C167 Bearing on the destiny kyushu ding
  168. 168C168 Breaking up morale and people's hearts
  169. 169C169 The morale of the army is getting low
  170. 170C170 Revising the Plan
  171. 171C171 Intense siege casualties
  172. 172C172 Ice Plum Reappearance at Sima Mansion
  173. 173C173 Sima family
  174. 174C174 The guards of the west side of the city pledged their allegiance to the dark
  175. 175C175 Sneak home letter while busy
  176. 176C176 Confusion in Qing He City
  177. 177C177 Releasing Cao Chun to deceive people
  178. 178C178 Releasing Cao Chun to lie to him (continued)
  179. 179C179 Cao Mengde intended to retreat
  180. 180C180 Meng De forced Sima Yi
  181. 181C181 Bing Mei temporarily staying in Zhang Wang Palace
  182. 182C182 In terms of power, the Gao brothers
  183. 183C183 Gao Tie set fire to the granary
  184. 184C184 It is a pity to watch the fire from across the city
  185. 185C185 Sima Yi's Dealing with Fire
  186. 186C186 Meng De's people agreed with each other
  187. 187C187 They wanted to send Zhang He to seize the city gate
  188. 188C188 Set up an ambush when the plan is put in place
  189. 189C189 The sharpening knife is ready to fight
  190. 190C190 The Calculations of the People of Plum Blossom
  191. 191C191 Zhang He successfully brought the city gate to the palace.
  192. 192C192 Control of unforeseen situations
  193. 193C193 Who said I'm not a hero?!
  194. 194C194 A chaotic and tragic battle (I)
  195. 195C195 A chaotic and tragic battle (2)
  196. 196C196 A chaotic and tragic battle (III)
  197. 197C197 A chaotic and tragic battle (4)
  198. 198C198 A chaotic and tragic battle (5)
  199. 199C199 A chaotic and tragic battle (6)
  200. 200C200 A chaotic and tragic battle (7)
  201. 201C201 A chaotic and tragic battle (8)
  202. 202C202 A chaotic and tragic battle (9)
  203. 203C203 A chaotic and tragic battle (X)
  204. 204C204 A chaotic and tragic war of attrition (XI)
  205. 205C205 Occupy of chaos and slaughter (Twelve)
  206. 206C206 A chaotic and tragic battle (final).
  207. 207C207 Wise and clever little spring flower
  208. 208C208 Gao Lan wanted to go to Yanzhou.
  209. 209C209 Xuan De planned to help Ben Chu.
  210. 210C210 Xuan De is plotting to help Ben Chu (continued)
  211. 211C211 Gong Tai plotted for the future
  212. 212C212 Ben Chu planned to attack the enemy camp …
  213. 213C213 High Dry Leadership Attacks the Battalion
  214. 214C214 Attack Battalion Smooth and Smooth Black Hole Chaos (Part I)
  215. 215C215 Attack Battalion Smooth and Smooth Black Hole Chaos (Part II)
  216. 216C216 Witnessing the crushing defeat of Zhang Yan, Zhang Yan was furious
  217. 217C217
  218. 218C218 I would like to see Lv Bu.
  219. 219C219 Stubborn Yuan Shao syndrome
  220. 220C220 Brave beyond compare Lv Fengxian
  221. 221C221 Lv Bu wanted to vote for Gongsun family
  222. 222C222 Gongsun Zimin to Xuzhou
  223. 223C223 People at the beginning of "flat
  224. 224C224 Duo Men's Club of the Abandoned Barracks (1)
  225. 225C225 Duo Men's Association of Abandoned Barracks (China)
  226. 226C226 Duo Men's Association of Abandoned Barracks (Part II)
  227. 227C227 A contest of dragons and tigers
  228. 228C228 Reorganize Cao Mengde
  229. 229C229 Gongsun Xu then closed the shop
  230. 230C230 Closing of the first meeting of Gongsun Xu (continued)
  231. 231C231 Once suddenly suspicious people
  232. 232C232 Gongsun Zimin saw Diao Chan.
  233. 233C233 Xiao Pei's Night Banquet
  234. 234C234 Liu Bei wanted to plot against Gongsun Xu
  235. 235C235 Mi Zhu suddenly appeared in the Xiao Pei.
  236. 236C236 Lv Bu led the army to Xuzhou.
  237. 237C237 Xuan De tried to lie to Feng Xian.
  238. 238C238 Mi Zhu was unable to calm down
  239. 239C239 Subordinate Review of xianzhen camp
  240. 240C240 Clever and adorable Lv Linger
  241. 241C241 Fearful that Xuan De was already aware of this …
  242. 242C242 All parties plot and plot against each other
  243. 243C243 Gongsun Zimin asked Mei Zhong.
  244. 244C244 Xuan De Yuan Long
  245. 245C245 It's hard to say what you want
  246. 246C246 Yun Chang led the army to Xiao Pei.
  247. 247C247 The people of Yun Chang fought fiercely with each other
  248. 248C248 Citizens, Yun Chang, in a fierce battle (continued)
  249. 249C249 Cao Xing chased after Lv Bu as well.
  250. 250C250 Cao Xing promptly replied with a message.
  251. 251C251 All kinds of people are busy calculating
  252. 252C252 Xuan De was cautious in his counterplan
  253. 253C253 Ferocious torrents of water swept across the camp
  254. 254C254 Each of them started to fight
  255. 255C255 Wen Yuan fought with Yi De
  256. 256C256 Yi De had barely won against Wen Yuan.
  257. 257C257 Xuan De was lucky enough to escape.
  258. 258C258 Gongsun Zimin wanted to attack!
  259. 259C259 There was another plan, which was to plot against Feng Xian.
  260. 260C260 Zhang Yide lured the enemy in deeper.
  261. 261C261 To come and go as one pleases
  262. 262C262 The oriole is on the back road
  263. 263C263 Tens of thousands of soldiers surrounded Lv Bu.
  264. 264C264 The encirclement around Lv Fengxian
  265. 265C265 Chen Gongtai broke through the encirclement with great difficulty
  266. 266C266 Gongsun Xu, on the other hand, had been preparing for a rainy day
  267. 267C267 Only Cao Xing would go and die generously
  268. 268C268 Ji Ling lost his life to Feng Xian.
  269. 269C269 to send women and children out of the Xiao Pei
  270. 270C270 The last leg of the poor road, Lv Fengxian
  271. 271C271 Chen Gongtai rescued Chen Gongtai in time
  272. 272C272 A heavy armor charging to the front to show off its might
  273. 273C273 Halfway through, he suddenly heard the news of Yuan Shu's arrival.
  274. 274C274 Yuan Road Tentative Abandonment
  275. 275C275 Suddenly, the road changed to Qiao County.
  276. 276C276 Xuan De Road Crossing River Busy
  277. 277C277 Block the way and ambush Lv Fengxian.
  278. 278C278 The people of Xuzhou made their own calculations
  279. 279C279 Lv Fengxian finally fell into a tight encirclement
  280. 280C280 What if we are all wiped out?!
  281. 281C281 Wen Yuan died, Feng Xian escaped
  282. 282C282 When people ask for advice, they will also go south
  283. 283C283 Gongsun Xu came to help in time
  284. 284C284 crossbow scared off the Huainan Army.
  285. 285C285 The elite riders of the Huainan chased after them.
  286. 286C286 Hou Yong led his troops to stop the pursuers.
  287. 287C287 Two hundred Heavy Armors to Break the Enemy
  288. 288C288 Guan Yunchang went south to block
  289. 289C289 Poor Feng Xian wanted to return to his heart
  290. 290C290 Guan Yunchang blocked the way and ambushed them
  291. 291C291 Guan Yunchang hurriedly escaped.
  292. 292C292 Dispatch the elites to pursue the people
  293. 293C293 The old trick of bewitching the enemy again
  294. 294C294 Cold Arrow Wound Highway for Children
  295. 295C295 Huainan Hu Ben chased after his people
  296. 296C296 stop the pursuer with an oligopoly
  297. 297C297 Using a small number of victors to show off one's might
  298. 298C298 Gao Shun had gathered a large number of people to break out of the encirclement.
  299. 299C299 The old soldiers of Huizhou are still alive today
  300. 300C300 There is no regret in dying graciously
  301. 301C301 Heavy Armor Rushing Tackle
  302. 302C302 Struggling in a defensive formation was also blocked
  303. 303C303 Gongsun Xu arrived in time to kill him.
  304. 304C304 Taking the chance to enter and save Gao Shun …
  305. 305C305 trust to the children of the people in distress
  306. 306C306 come to the Eagle's Castle
  307. 307C307 Allied forces to the Xiao Pei
  308. 308C308 Wishing to surround the people with a great army
  309. 309C309 Chasing troops to Eagle's Castle
  310. 310C310 Gao Shun bravely resisted the strong enemy
  311. 311C311 They would retreat to the back of the mountain in order to hold on
  312. 312C312 Retreat to the back of the mountain and try to hold on (continued)
  313. 313C313 The siege tried to persuade him to surrender
  314. 314C314 The people have a venomous tongue to repel the enemy
  315. 315C315 Marquis Jin will head south after hearing the news
  316. 316C316
  317. 317C317 Surprise that the Marquis Jin will come south
  318. 318C318 Xuan De Road
  319. 319C319 The generous speech said that Feng Xian
  320. 320C320 Only Feng Xian would be able to boost their morale
  321. 321C321 Blocking Gongsun Zan's path
  322. 322C322 Deceiving Xuan De at full cost
  323. 323C323 He wanted to leave the back of the mountain quietly …
  324. 324C324 The people and the people meet again
  325. 325C325 Take advantage of the night to leave the back mountains
  326. 326C326 escape by a fluke
  327. 327C327 Waiting for the rabbit to be killed
  328. 328C328 Conspiracy to ambush Gongsun Zan
  329. 329C329 Ben Chu wanted to link up with Xuan De …
  330. 330C330 The Great Army of Hu'er to the Qing River
  331. 331C331 Gongsun Zimin went back to the Qing River
  332. 332C332 Beating the King of Freshness before his departure
  333. 333C333 Ji Hou's forceful attack was also blocked
  334. 334C334 In the name of righteousness, there will be more dogs to slay
  335. 335C335 I have to take this opportunity to unleash Liu Xuande.
  336. 336C336 Xuan De deceives Bo Bo with his clever words
  337. 337C337 Only Zhao An had the right to speak like this
  338. 338C338 Uncle Gongsun left the camp
  339. 339C339 Elite scouts lured the enemy away
  340. 340C340 Marquis Jin took advantage of the night time to rapidly march
  341. 341C341 The army had gathered to find Xuan De.
  342. 342C342 Xuan De Yue Ye
  343. 343C343 A heart of stone wants to burn the mountain
  344. 344C344 The flames were ferocious and trapped Xuan De.
  345. 345C345 Yuan Road Cover and Kill from the Back
  346. 346C346 Instead of retreating, he charged into the enemy's formation
  347. 347C347 The people's reinforcements came at the same time
  348. 348C348 Marquis Jin's Three Asks for Morale
  349. 349C349 They once again surrounded Gongsun Zan.
  350. 350C350 It is difficult to break through in blood-soaked struggle
  351. 351C351 Waiting for Liu Xuande
  352. 352C352 Immersed in the body and trying to kill himself
  353. 353C353 Close call reinforcements to
  354. 354C354 They would rather die than submit!
  355. 355C355 Chasing the Deer to the World and Turning the Spitfire
  356. 356C356 Zi Long chased after Xuan De with all his might.
  357. 357C357
  358. 358C358 Zi Long insisted on releasing Xuan De.
  359. 359C359 Guojiazun, the son of the people seeking medical treatment
  360. 360C360 To return to Zi Long empty-handed
  361. 361C361 Nocturnal Attack on Guojia Village
  362. 362C362 He took advantage of the night to arrive at Guojia Village
  363. 363C363
  364. 364C364 Sonic Attack on the West to Arson Fire
  365. 365C365 And then the fire came down from the sky
  366. 366C366 Unexpectedly, the fire attack didn't work
  367. 367C367
  368. 368C368 Zi Long Dai Sin as the Vanguard
  369. 369C369
  370. 370C370
  371. 371C371 Zi Long accidentally fell into danger
  372. 372C372 Kurna, who had experienced the same fate as Kurna …
  373. 373C373 Total annihilation of the Wan-Sheng Camp.
  374. 374C374 Zi Long fell into the trap once more.
  375. 375C375 Unparalleled Loyalty – Only Zhao Yun
  376. 376C376 It is difficult to break through in blood-soaked struggle
  377. 377C377 People close to the
  378. 378C378 Suddenly, they split up their troops and took a detour
  379. 379C379 The parties are anxious to fight
  380. 380C380 Surround and intercept Kurna.
  381. 381C381
  382. 382C382 The scouts of the two armies fought first
  383. 383C383 Breaking through Kurna's encirclement with all his might
  384. 384C384
  385. 385C385 Xuan De Road
  386. 386C386 Marquis Jin suddenly woke up
  387. 387C387 The People's Yi De Meet Again
  388. 388C388 was wounded again
  389. 389C389 Kurna took a detour to the east direction
  390. 390C390 The people are suddenly blocked again
  391. 391C391 two-phase pincer attack
  392. 392C392 Struggling to break through the encirclement and reach the enemy
  393. 393C393 Instead of going away, I went back to save Hu'er.
  394. 394C394 Joy, sadness, and sadness …
  395. 395C395
  396. 396C396 Liu Xuande chased after his people …
  397. 397C397 It would be futile to pursue her …
  398. 398C398 Cao Ling immediately took action
  399. 399C399 Simply talk and move on
  400. 400C400 To strike at the east to set up a trap
  401. 401C401 Blank and oblivious to the running trap
  402. 402C402
  403. 403C403 They would rather die fighting than live alone
  404. 404C404 "When I am on the brink of death, I will come to your aid."
  405. 405C405 The ups and downs are difficult to break out of
  406. 406C406
  407. 407C407
  408. 408C408 Zhang He's reinforcements came unexpectedly
  409. 409C409 Final Break Out
  410. 410C410 Shan Meng wanted to connect with the others from the south
  411. 411C411 Taishan bandit suddenly came to vote
  412. 412C412
  413. 413C413 Discussion on the Countermeasures of Gathering Crowd in the Large Account
  414. 414C414 With Emperor Lian and His Majesty, Chen and his son, Night's Conspiracy
  415. 415C415 And a secret letter from Julien comes in the night
  416. 416C416 Late night patrolling morale
  417. 417C417 Julien was forced to take the vanguard
  418. 418C418 The first attack of the cavalry of Xianbei
  419. 419C419 Murong City of Bitter Meat Trickster
  420. 420C420 And the scheme of the company have succeed
  421. 421C421 Ju Shou went out of the city to meet Li and Lian.
  422. 422C422
  423. 423C423 He was ready to strike at any moment
  424. 424C424 Jizhou's army rushed in.
  425. 425C425 To make a foray into the camp
  426. 426C426 Great Spear Soldier was unstoppable.
  427. 427C427 helpless desire to evacuate
  428. 428C428
  429. 429C429 The cavalry of Xianbei had come to launch a surprise attack
  430. 430C430 Dark Arrow suddenly caused Zhang Yan's death
  431. 431C431 The situation urge to retreat
  432. 432C432 Bandit Wu Dun attacked again
  433. 433C433
  434. 434C434 They set up a trap for each other
  435. 435C435 Chen Gong walked in a panic
  436. 436C436 Gongsun Xu led his troops and came back to provide reinforcements.
  437. 437C437 Ruin the pursuer
  438. 438C438
  439. 439C439 Ju Shou's counterattack and defeat
  440. 440C440 cavalry of Xianbei Army
  441. 441C441 First to raise his head, then to suppress Ben Chu's anger
  442. 442C442 Ben Chu wanted to attack Bo Ling.
  443. 443C443 New Pact with Lien Yuan Shao
  444. 444C444
  445. 445C445 To dispatch the vanguard to the Pembo Mausoleum
  446. 446C446 Du Chang was the first to leave the city.
  447. 447C447 Du Chang had left the city to fight Tao Sheng (2).
  448. 448C448 Du Chang left the city to fight Tao Sheng (2).
  449. 449C449 Killing without discussion
  450. 450C450 Stupid Du Chang missed the plane
  451. 451C451 Suddenly, they heard that Boiling had fallen into disarray
  452. 452C452 All of Du Chang's memories
  453. 453C453 Straw bag big fierce pit father again
  454. 454C454 Chaos was ripping up the city gates
  455. 455C455 The stray dog fled in panic
  456. 456C456 After Yuan Shao had been properly arranged
  457. 457C457 Ben Chu was tricked into going to the Pembo Mausoleum
  458. 458C458 Yuan Cheng had been caught in the middle of the three armies
  459. 459C459 The ambushing troops killed their way out of the encirclement of Ben Chu.
  460. 460C460 It is a failure to meet with an obstruction
  461. 461C461 perilous perilous death
  462. 462C462 However, it was difficult to calm down
  463. 463C463 Yuan Shi Xian Fu's first cry
  464. 464C464 Embarrassed, Shen Pei invited Guo Jia.
  465. 465C465 Argumentative terms and conditions
  466. 466C466 Negotiate the conditions to be changed for the captive
  467. 467C467 Tao Sheng is the only one who is at the end of the road
  468. 468C468 Changan internal and external disorder
  469. 469C469 Ice may quietly into the house
  470. 470C470 Fan Chou's Death Ice Plum Hands
  471. 471C471 Li Guo, the second thief will look at the other side
  472. 472C472 Li Que started to attack Guo Si.
  473. 473C473 To strike at the east and enter the upper echelon of the Party
  474. 474C474 Dong Cheng went to say that Guo Li
  475. 475C475 Gongsun Xu 'coincidentally' met Zhang Xiu.
  476. 476C476 My son said Zhang Xiu.
  477. 477C477 Dong Cheng despotic seeking death
  478. 478C478 The ice plum quietly killed Dong Cheng.
  479. 479C479 "Restraining the will of the people to leave the city"
  480. 480C480 The Son of Heaven left Chang'an quietly
  481. 481C481 Two thieves to jing son of heaven
  482. 482C482 Li Xiangran was hit by an arrow and fell from a horse
  483. 483C483 Gongsun Zhi at a critical juncture
  484. 484C484 Open the net wide and let go of Guo Si.
  485. 485C485 Persuading the Son of Heaven to go to Youzhou
  486. 486C486 He took a detour around Hong Nong and headed towards the Jia Yue Province.
  487. 487C487 Maarten's desire to wrest Chang'an
  488. 488C488
  489. 489C489 A sword of farewell to the beauty
  490. 490C490 Gongsun Xu tried to protect Er Yang
  491. 491C491
  492. 492C492 Li Que insisted on attacking Guo Si.
  493. 493C493 Maarten's Army Assault to Chang'an
  494. 494C494 Jia Xu discussed on the way out
  495. 495C495
  496. 496C496 Hou Fen Gui Palace Guo Si escaped
  497. 497C497 Zhang He chased after the enemy with his army
  498. 498C498
  499. 499C499 A Match Between Two Women at First Sight
  500. 500C500
  501. 501C501
  502. 502C502
  503. 503C503 The Son of Heaven Goes to Youzhou City
  504. 504C504 The vassals wish to confer title to their people
  505. 505C505
  506. 506C506 Family visit to Youzhou City
  507. 507C507
  508. 508C508 On the Cruelty of the Night Language in the Zhenyuan
  509. 509C509 Xun You, stealthily meeting Liu Yu
  510. 510C510 On Zhu Jun and Liu Yu
  511. 511C511
  512. 512C512 Zi Long had an unexpected encounter with a spy
  513. 513C513 Is Lu Shi the mastermind
  514. 514C514 Guo Jia afternoon to Chang'an
  515. 515C515 On the Marriage of Guo Jia Ma Teng
  516. 516C516
  517. 517C517
  518. 518C518 Zhang Jingzhou and Liu Biao were at a loss.
  519. 519C519 At the beginning of the dynasty of the people
  520. 520C520 It was a shock to hear that Chang'an had been reclaimed
  521. 521C521 The great army will go west to meet the bride
  522. 522C522 Gongsun Zimin to Fan Yang
  523. 523C523 Yan Rou saw Gongsun Xu on his way.
  524. 524C524 Gongsun Xu Luo Shui
  525. 525C525 Ye Li had luckily obtained Li Que.
  526. 526C526 Jia Xu had chosen his subjects
  527. 527C527 Talking about the World (1)
  528. 528C528 Talking about the World (Next)
  529. 529C529 Sneaking into the army and leaving Hong Nong …
  530. 530C530 Arrange the customs office to the official ferry
  531. 531C531 Zhang Yide suddenly appeared in Hanoi.
  532. 532C532 Meeting Yi De in the dead of the night
  533. 533C533 Chasing Gongsun with the Stars and the Night
  534. 534C534 take the initiative to stop the pursuers
  535. 535C535 The reinforcements suddenly fled towards Yi De.
  536. 536C536 Gao Shun chased after him.
  537. 537C537 Zhang Yide jumped into the water and escaped
  538. 538C538 Gongsun Xu went back to the Boiling Stone Summit
  539. 539C539 It is difficult to make a decision on an urgent report
  540. 540C540 Three or five things in the single task of entrustment
  541. 541C541 Lv Fengxian Soldier to Luoyang
  542. 542C542 Meng De suggested to seek Lv Bu.
  543. 543C543 Wishing to invite Kong Rong to attack Tianjin
  544. 544C544 Ma Yunlu intimidated Gao Qian.
  545. 545C545 Subordinate, Ben Chu, Zhangshui (First)
  546. 546C546 Subordinate, Ben Chu, Zhangshui (Part II)
  547. 547C547 The road chanced to catch up with the poor
  548. 548C548 Zhang Yide was lucky enough to escape.
  549. 549C549 The bed crossbow managed to deter the enemy
  550. 550C550 Jian Yong lobbied Kong Beihai.
  551. 551C551 night assault with unstable footing
  552. 552C552 Lv Fengxian also wanted to attack at night
  553. 553C553 Skip past individual lurks
  554. 554C554 Incidentally starting a messy battle in the middle of the journey (1)
  555. 555C555 Lv Fengxian took the initiative to retreat.
  556. 556C556
  557. 557C557 Lv Fengxian retreated back to the army camp
  558. 558C558 Zhang Xiu's Morning to the Official Du
  559. 559C559 to lure the enemy into attacking the grain roads
  560. 560C560 On Lv Bu, Gongsun and Gongsun
  561. 561C561 Zi Long will attack!
  562. 562C562 The Three Qu General s of Qingzhou
  563. 563C563 Guan Hai was perverse and wanted to fight
  564. 564C564 Zhao Yun took Guan Hai in one move.
  565. 565C565 Guo Jia to Guang County
  566. 566C566 Amazing guesses that struck fear in people's hearts
  567. 567C567 Tiger head, Snake tail Kong Beihai
  568. 568C568 Kong Beihai was stubborn and pedantic
  569. 569C569 Gongsun Xu had crossed Zhangshui in the middle of the night
  570. 570C570 Yuan Benchu abandoned his camp and left
  571. 571C571 Throwing away the armor and fleeing in panic
  572. 572C572 Zhao Yun Road Meet Hanoi Army
  573. 573C573 Zhao Zilong took the initiative to retreat.
  574. 574C574 Zhao Yun travelled north to the Zhangshui.
  575. 575C575 Escape to Hanoi
  576. 576C576 Ma Yunlu encountered Xu Huang on his way.
  577. 577C577 Ma Yunlu defeated Xu Huang
  578. 578C578 Yuan Shao Ye, Sima Fang
  579. 579C579 Cao Mengde attacked Lv Bu at night
  580. 580C580 Liu Xuande ran towards the Mi County at night
  581. 581C581 Astonishing News Retreat
  582. 582C582 Ice Plum Reappearance at Sima Mansion
  583. 583C583 There's no way out and you want to give it up
  584. 584C584 Go north to welcome Gongsun Xu
  585. 585C585 Happy News, Repeated Sons, Folk Music
  586. 586C586 Yuan Benchu left the city and surrendered.
  587. 587C587 Zang Ba had come down from Mt. Tai
  588. 588C588 Taishan bandit collapsed instantly.
  589. 589C589 Xiahou Yuan took the Li City lightly
  590. 590C590 Liu Cao took advantage of the night to attack Qing He (1)
  591. 591C591 Liu Cao took advantage of the night to attack the Qinghe River (China)
  592. 592C592 Liu Cao took advantage of the night to attack Qing He
  593. 593C593 prefecture chief mansion Gongsun Night Banquet
  594. 594C594 The reception will be on hold
  595. 595C595 Kong Qi ingeniously advised Liu Family
  596. 596C596 army of Youzhou to Qing River
  597. 597C597 Declare that you have two things to do
  598. 598C598 Geng Keng Kong Rong was fooled again
  599. 599C599 Yuan Benchu 's' generous' donation
  600. 600C600 Kong Qi met with Gongsun Xu.
  601. 601C601 Meng De was forced into the mountains
  602. 602C602 Feng Xiao suggested to slow down the south descent
  603. 603C603 Gongsun Xu wanted to open the Imperial Examinations
  604. 604C604 Prefecture Chamber of Secrets
  605. 605C605 A poison master plotting with a son of heaven
  606. 606C606 Li Wen You coerced Li Que
  607. 607C607 greyish guard barged into Cui Residence.
  608. 608C608 Li Ru forced the officials to do as he pleased
  609. 609C609 Liu Yu Ling Chen Wang Dan
  610. 610C610 A pigeon sends a message to the Qing River
  611. 611C611 Xu You rushed towards Qing He
  612. 612C612 Cao Cao respectfully welcomed Xu You.
  613. 613C613 Xu You Cao Cao recounted his old feelings
  614. 614C614 conscription of the three armies to the south
  615. 615C615 The movements of the three armies in order to cover up one's ears and one's eyes
  616. 616C616 Cao Mengde lied to the right and left
  617. 617C617 Liu Xuande was short of money
  618. 618C618 Suddenly, Gao Shun arrived at midnight
  619. 619C619 South of the mountain sun
  620. 620C620 They were like a hot knife through butter as they entered the city
  621. 621C621 The army of the Third Route enters the city
  622. 622C622 Cao Mengde successfully escaped
  623. 623C623 Three roads out of the city to chase Cao Cao
  624. 624C624 The Cao Cao couple fled in panic
  625. 625C625 Bing Mei flew over to save Cao Chong
  626. 626C626 Xiahou Yuan escaped from the river
  627. 627C627 Guishan Yang is the South Down
  628. 628C628 The army surrounded the Xiao Pei in the middle of the rain
  629. 629C629 Wu Quang cupped his hands and allowed the Xiao Pei to enter.
  630. 630C630 Lv Fengxian chased after Zhang Yide.
  631. 631C631 Lv Fengxian took Peng Cheng lightly
  632. 632C632 Liu Xuande intended to abandon the city
  633. 633C633 Summary Constitution and proposed withdrawal
  634. 634C634 Mi Zhu, meeting Cao Bao in the early hours of the morning
  635. 635C635 Mi Zhen galloped as fast as he could to Qing He
  636. 636C636 Guan Yu rode into Suqian alone.
  637. 637C637 Zhang Fei retreated several steps back.
  638. 638C638 Liu Xuande borrowed the path of the Suqian.
  639. 639C639 Zi Long to Suqian
  640. 640C640 Three Families of Chenghua Feed
  641. 641C641 Late night to Xiao Pei
  642. 642C642 Yuan Shu had no choice but to beg Sun Ce.
  643. 643C643 Chen Deng talked about military affairs
  644. 644C644 army of Youzhou to Xuzhou
  645. 645C645 Discussion on Disciple Zi Zhong's Study Room
  646. 646C646 Yan Xiang ferried a river to see Sun Ce
  647. 647C647 Consultation of Construction Chamber of Commerce in Car
  648. 648C648 Confirmation message will go south
  649. 649C649 Jining had to hear from Zhuge
  650. 650C650 Jiangdong Navy will head north
  651. 651C651 army of Youzhou surrounding Suqian
  652. 652C652 Lv Fengxian wanted to go to Jiangdong.
  653. 653C653 Qiao Rui intended to abandon the city and leave
  654. 654C654 Huainan Army left the city and attacked the camp
  655. 655C655 Qiao Rui took advantage of the night time to leave the Suqian.
  656. 656C656 Gongsun Xu Army over Huaishui
  657. 657C657 Yuan Road Alarm News
  658. 658C658 Gongsun Yi's unexpected success
  659. 659C659 Liu Xuande arrived at Jiangxia.
  660. 660C660 Liu Jingsheng had gathered a large group of people for a meeting
  661. 661C661 Kong Ming wanted to see Gongsun Xu.
  662. 662C662 The army goes south to spring
  663. 663C663 fortuitous meeting
  664. 664C664 Flame Bomb Sea Warfare Fighting Fierce
  665. 665C665 Huang Gai injured Lv Bu with a cold arrow.
  666. 666C666 The final outcome of the remaining fleet of ships (Part I)
  667. 667C667 Surviving fleet to determine the victor (next)
  668. 668C668 A sudden rainstorm stopped at sea
  669. 669C669 Gongsun Xu saw Sun Bofu.
  670. 670C670 Gongsun Xu punched Sun Ce.
  671. 671C671 Gongsun Xu against Sun Ce (continued)
  672. 672C672 Sun Ce used clever words to bully Yuan Shu.
  673. 673C673 It was a shock to hear that the watermaster had failed miserably
  674. 674C674 Gongsun Xu will see Sun Ce again
  675. 675C675 Taishi Ci advised Sun Ce.
  676. 676C676 The people of Jiangdong desired to surrender
  677. 677C677 Le Hedang chanced upon Kong Ming.
  678. 678C678 help the mother out of pity for her baby
  679. 679C679 Taishi Ci sent a letter at night
  680. 680C680 A map startled Sun Ce.
  681. 681C681 Yuan Road has other plans
  682. 682C682 Cooperation sincerely bewitched Yuan Shu
  683. 683C683 Sun Bofu entered the camp to cast his magic
  684. 684C684 Huainan Army's collapse in one night (1)
  685. 685C685 Huainan Army's collapse in one night (Medium)
  686. 686C686 The Huainan Army collapsed overnight (Part II)
  687. 687C687 Taishi Ci followed along the main road
  688. 688C688 Escape back to Shouchun on Yuehan Road
  689. 689C689 The Road to Yuen Road's End
  690. 690C690 Yan Xiang headed to Bagong Mount
  691. 691C691 Gongsun Xu looked at Yan Xiang.
  692. 692C692 Kong Ming in the debt of his subjects (1)
  693. 693C693 Kong Ming in the debt of his subjects (Part II)
  694. 694C694 Gongsun Xu moved into Shouchun
  695. 695C695 Disposal
  696. 696C696 He wanted to order the four sides of the garrison
  697. 697C697 Lujiang of Yuan Benchu called him emperor (1)
  698. 698C698 Lujiang of Yuan Benchu called him emperor (next)
  699. 699C699 Giving the Imperial Seal to Chen Yi
  700. 700C700 Zhao Yun entered Yang Zhou City.
  701. 701C701 Gongsun Xu wanted to collect business tax
  702. 702C702 Longevity Spring in Major Town of Salt Industry
  703. 703C703 Gongsun Xu saw Da Qiao for the first time
  704. 704C704 My people brought the United States to the Lujiang
  705. 705C705 My people win the heart of beauty
  706. 706C706 Picking wild fruit
  707. 707C707 Yuan Shu's rule is harsher than a tiger's
  708. 708C708 Gongsun Zimin to Changfeng
  709. 709C709 Gongsun Xu in public trial
  710. 710C710 Wishing to invite Da Qiao to take the news
  711. 711C711 Da Qiao's Embroidered Clothing Home
  712. 712C712 Thick Da Qiao obliterates grudges
  713. 713C713 The funeral of the Lujiang County Magistrate
  714. 714C714 Colored Phoenix Wings
  715. 715C715 Fishing fortuitous meeting with foreign visitors
  716. 716C716 Xuan De was startled when he heard the report.
  717. 717C717 Liu Jingsheng only wanted to protect himself …
  718. 718C718 (1)
  719. 719C719 The Youzhou was shocked by the sound of thunder.
  720. 720C720 The Youzhou was shocked by the sound of thunder.
  721. 721C721 Lu's of Fanyang wants to cause trouble
  722. 722C722 Nocturnal visit to Liu Yuding
  723. 723C723 A net waiting for fish to come in
  724. 724C724 All kinds of plans and plans are for nothing
  725. 725C725 Gongsun Xu turned back to the Huainan
  726. 726C726 iron-faced selfless prefectural governor Yan
  727. 727C727 A restaurant on the street
  728. 728C728 Kong Ming headed towards the Jingzhou first.
  729. 729C729 Tactics of you Sun Bofu
  730. 730C730 The three women suddenly headed towards the Huainan
  731. 731C731 Only the children of righteous and loyal people
  732. 732C732 Zhuge Kongming to Jiangxia
  733. 733C733 Zhuge Liang said Cai Mao.
  734. 734C734 Kong Ming plotted against the Jiangxia (1)
  735. 735C735 Kong Ming plotted against the Jiangxia (Medium)
  736. 736C736 Kong Ming plotted against the Jiangxia (Part II)
  737. 737C737 Kong Ming plotted against the Jiangxia (continued)
  738. 738C738 Liu Biao had no choice but to surrender.
  739. 739C739 Suddenly, they heard that the Jingzhou had taken over
  740. 740C740 Gongsun Xu entered the Jiangxia.
  741. 741C741 Liu Jingsheng opened his city gates and surrendered.
  742. 742C742 Liu Biao dejectedly left the Jingzhou.
  743. 743C743 Liu Zhang surrendered the responsibility
  744. 744C744 The treasure ship set sail for Liaodong
  745. 745C745 Sun again
  746. 746C746 and the death of the Tanhan Shan
  747. 747C747 Meng De Goes to Sea to North America
  748. 748C748 To ask the Son of Heaven to bestow upon his people
  749. 749C749 Liu Bei crossed the sea and headed to the Southern Ocean
  750. 750C750 Sun Bofu Jianguo Body Poison
  751. 751C751 Gongsun Kang's Luoyang exterminated buddha
  752. 752C752 Li Que travelled westward towards Europe
  753. 753C753 Gongsun Fan took the Japan lightly
  754. 754C754 Tian Zi Zen Gongsun Xu (Final Chapter)