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Reborn to be a Self-indulgent Ruler

Author: Genre:Gay Romance
Status:Completed Num.:3080.00 k

Long Xiaoyuan had been reborn, he was extremely happy.However, w... more


  1. 75C75 Husband's conspiracy
  2. 76C76 Want to get a privilege
  3. 77C77 The person behind the scenes will cry to death
  4. 78C78 As expected, he was involved …
  5. 79C79 She went after her daughter-in-law …
  6. 80C80 The insidiousness of laughter
  7. 81C81 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole
  8. 82C82 sleepless, alone
  9. 83C83 aloofness
  10. 84C84 'Women are the ultimate skill! '
  11. 85C85 To sink into a landslide
  12. 86C86 I am so angry at you for waiting to give in
  13. 87C87 Beggar Adoption Program
  14. 88C88 In fact, it was just an embarrassment …
  15. 89C89 He caught up with me …
  16. 90C90 Death of Fang Qiuhua
  17. 91C91 Late Night Action
  18. 92C92 You want to get married and have children?
  19. 93C93 Do not allow
  20. 94C94 warm indulgence
  21. 95C95 almost vegetative man
  22. 96C96 It's good to have you with me
  23. 97C97 That woman …
  24. 98C98 Always wearing a green hat?
  25. 99C99 detoxification
  26. 100C100 assassination
  27. 101C101 Who was the one who took the risk?!
  28. 102C102 Unpaid
  29. 103C103 The success of a general is as dry as a thousand bones
  30. 104C104 History of Fang Shuoyang
  31. 105C105 Doomsday
  32. 106C106 What business do you have with me
  33. 107C107 Sooner or later, it will surface
  34. 108C108 Baby
  35. 109C109 issue
  36. 110C110 Year 1
  37. 111C111 The Nanshan is odd
  38. 112C112 a provocation to the royal family
  39. 113C113 immobility
  40. 114C114 Wrong time
  41. 115C115 The most likely insider
  42. 116C116 'Too much like a zombie! '
  43. 117C117 strange doctor
  44. 118C118 'They're so suspenseful! '
  45. 119C119 false alarm
  46. 120C120 Identity at first glance
  47. 121C121 Traitor
  48. 122C122 The evil
  49. 123C123 'This woman is really … '
  50. 124C124 I am also interested in him
  51. 125C125 Seal for One Month
  52. 126C126 The wound on his face
  53. 127C127 concomitant life and death
  54. 128C128 Last night
  55. 129C129 I can't let you do this
  56. 130C130 Zhou Yuer died
  57. 131C131 What kind of belief was this?!
  58. 132C132 I don't agree!
  59. 133C133 'So it was a misunderstanding! '
  60. 134C134 Common business
  61. 135C135 blood exchange
  62. 136C136 Who did I offend?!
  63. 137C137 sequelae
  64. 138C138 bloody ecstasy
  65. 139C139 complex mood
  66. 140C140 refreshed spirit
  67. 141C141 Then let's go in
  68. 142C142 Someone is screwing around
  69. 143C143 extreme measure
  70. 144C144 Occurrence of poisons
  71. 145C145 Discovered
  72. 146C146 Three Lives
  73. 147C147 Competition among the three princes
  74. 148C148 Most direct language
  75. 149C149 bitter medicine
  76. 150C150 counterattack
  77. 151C151 Missing
  78. 152C152 will not leave again
  79. 153C153 Rare Easy
  80. 154C154 Song Ye City waves
  81. 155C155 Ying Qiu was severely injured
  82. 156C156 longevity method
  83. 157C157 Song Mansion Fire
  84. 158C158 insolent
  85. 159C159 Death of the Madame Song
  86. 160C160 Treat for You Only
  87. 161C161 Then I won't go
  88. 162C162 "Qingzhou, I was wrong."
  89. 163C163 Provoke War Letter
  90. 164C164 daughter attack
  91. 165C165 Be prepared to come
  92. 166C166 was caught together
  93. 167C167 Have the courage
  94. 168C168 Where is it?]
  95. 169C169 Find a way out
  96. 170C170 Are you that confident?
  97. 171C171 internal injury
  98. 172C172 You trust him that much?
  99. 173C173 Fourteenth Floor Pagoda
  100. 174C174 Pretend to fall for it
  101. 175C175 I am a good person
  102. 176C176 I want to bring something for my son
  103. 177C177 Letter from Xu You
  104. 178C178 You came at the right time
  105. 179C179 It was actually in Song Mansion!
  106. 180C180 I'll wait for you!
  107. 181C181 The real Shi Qingzhou
  108. 182C182 personal protection
  109. 183C183 Find loved
  110. 184C184 momentary awkwardness
  111. 185C185 Mr. Chen
  112. 186C186 mend
  113. 187C187 late night attack
  114. 188C188 He's gambling
  115. 189C189 General environmental issues
  116. 190C190 The Abduction of a Tiger's Head and a Snake's Tail
  117. 191C191 Big trouble
  118. 192C192 Toxins from prey
  119. 193C193 I'm gonna be pissed off
  120. 194C194 Crush Conspiracy
  121. 195C195 Leaving the Song Ye City
  122. 196C196 Back to the palace
  123. 197C197 We're already in the Imperial City.
  124. 198C198 How long will it take you?
  125. 199C199 Death of the Mr. Chen
  126. 200C200 Liu Suifeng woke up
  127. 201C201 Conspiracy
  128. 202C202 [What a disgrace!]
  129. 203C203 Two Same Women
  130. 204C204 It's just a minor injury
  131. 205C205 End with failure
  132. 206C206 'Too handsome! '
  133. 207C207 That's a great idea!
  134. 208C208 I'm not going to keep my mouth shut
  135. 209C209 Sick
  136. 210C210 There is no place for him
  137. 211C211 That face is unworthy
  138. 212C212 Arrive at Shuanglin City
  139. 213C213 Angry
  140. 214C214 Don't worry, I promise!]
  141. 215C215 Light boat, wait for me to come back
  142. 216C216 Wait for them to take the initiative to speak …
  143. 217C217 What a good luck
  144. 218C218 " "Run with all our might!"
  145. 219C219 How about you be the emperor?
  146. 220C220 Negotiation
  147. 221C221 What was his goal?
  148. 222C222 Shi Qingzhou caught up with them
  149. 223C223 osmotic plan
  150. 224C224 Progress Satisfied
  151. 225C225 I just need your help
  152. 226C226 Before the banquet assassination
  153. 227C227 Investigate! A thorough investigation!
  154. 228C228 Would he be afraid?
  155. 229C229 Are you sure you don't like him?
  156. 230C230 Who are you?
  157. 231C231 You can't do bad things
  158. 232C232 Death of the Third Prince
  159. 233C233 That depends on what the empress does
  160. 234C234 Suspicion raised
  161. 235C235 It's time for the show
  162. 236C236 Imperial party
  163. 237C237 Publication of information in a fair and aboveboard manner
  164. 238C238 Was this a miracle from the heavens?
  165. 239C239 The Emperor is not so easy to be
  166. 240C240 People Action Plan
  167. 241C241 The border crossing started a war
  168. 242C242 'Can you turn the tide? '
  169. 243C243 great defeat
  170. 244C244 Important books
  171. 245C245 Death of the Crown Prince
  172. 246C246 Huhe Huangcheng had arrived
  173. 247C247 a deadly good thing
  174. 248C248 Enjoying
  175. 249C249 psychological shadow
  176. 250C250 Think of a way to get rid of him too
  177. 251C251 royal father, your son is guilty!
  178. 252C252 The King of Assassins
  179. 253C253 The King Zhou felt a chill in his heart.
  180. 254C254 'Really, it's different! '
  181. 255C255 antidote
  182. 256C256 This is the real me
  183. 257C257 making another drug
  184. 258C258 Puzzled and unkind
  185. 259C259 It was exposed …
  186. 260C260 calculation
  187. 261C261 Entering trap
  188. 262C262 a noble captive
  189. 263C263 Rest assured, everything will go smoothly …
  190. 264C264 Planned development
  191. 265C265 The cruelty of war
  192. 266C266 regression
  193. 267C267 Husband Together
  194. 268C268 'It's tougher by a lot! '
  195. 269C269 Wait a minute, don't go over there
  196. 270C270 He wanted the world to be thrown into chaos …
  197. 271C271 There must be no mishap
  198. 272C272 Is there a problem
  199. 273C273 Go home to your parents
  200. 274C274 What happened to him?!
  201. 275C275 Cleaning up the General's Estate
  202. 276C276 Wipe out of sight
  203. 277C277 accidental collision
  204. 278C278 I want to protect you
  205. 279C279 driving death
  206. 280C280 Enrollment
  207. 281C281 Shi Qingshan was assassinated
  208. 282C282 He didn't want to let even one of them go!
  209. 283C283 Heavencraft Tower accident
  210. 284C284 Madame Shi's Birthday
  211. 285C285 Where are people
  212. 286C286 How do you want to get it over with?
  213. 287C287 disbanding harem
  214. 288C288 Where have I seen such a thing before?]
  215. 289C289 The man's identity
  216. 290C290 Decoy Action
  217. 291C291 the advent of small life
  218. 292C292 past and present life
  219. 293C293 The Emperor set out on a high-profile journey
  220. 294C294 The feeling of being watched
  221. 295C295 It must all be Liu Suifeng's fault!
  222. 296C296 Captured
  223. 297C297 Don't worry, he's fine
  224. 298C298 lucid
  225. 299C299 Old man
  226. 300C300 Move, kill the three kings!
  227. 301C301 Final Victory
  228. 302C302 The result is the best
  229. 303C303 Opening of Big Brand Hospital
  230. 304C304 The little guy is born
  231. 305C305 Full Moon
  232. 306C306 So dazzling …
  233. 307C307 double insomnia
  234. 308C308 Text End