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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 4

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 4

Liu Yu Tong was affected in her heart, but to agree to become Ling Han’s follower was an impossible request. Biting her red lips slightly, she spoke, “Change your condition!”

Ling Han smiled slightly. “You should be at the top of the eighth layer of Element Gathering Tier, right? I’ll gift you two verbal chants to show my sincerity: Three Yin Supporting Element, Plan of Square Path, Three Flowers a.s.semble at the Apex, Shattering the Approach of Heaven!”

At first, Liu Yu Tong was not concerned. This brat was only at the second layer of Body Refining Tier, what kind of shocking verbal chant could he know? He was most likely only pretending to be mysterious. But when she heard these two verbal chants, the Origin Energy within her body began to stir without reason, as if the door to the ninth level of Element Gathering Tier was opening!

She was moved. Although she knew that she would be able to break through to the ninth level of Element Gathering Tier, but the estimated time should be around a month later. However, she had a strong feeling that now she only needed about a day, no… even right at this moment, she could enter seclusion and proceed to break through!

This was too much; it was just two verbal chants, and yet they had so much effect on her!

“Those were two verbal chants from Three Yin Mysterious Art. How is it?” Ling Han smiled. Consecutively, he raised his voice and said, “Become my follower, and I will teach you supreme G.o.dly skills!”


Ling Zhong Kuan and group puffed, unable to hold back their hearty laughter any longer.

What could be more hilarious than this? Just a piece of trash, and he wanted to have a genius from Hu Yang Academy become his follower? And even said he would teach her supreme G.o.dly skills! Such bragging skills and guts were truly remarkable, and probably the only things supreme and G.o.dly amongst his skills.

The idiot had no measure of his own ability; it was such a joke!

The maidservants covered their small mouths. They too knew Ling Han’s background and, looking at the att.i.tude that Ling Zhong Kuan displayed towards Liu Yu Tong, knew of how n.o.ble a status this young girl was.

Liu Yu Tong’s expression turned cold, and suddenly she had arrived in front of Ling Han. Her right hand flashed out and held his neck. “Recite Three Yin Mysterious Arts, or else I will kill you!” She coldly said.

Since Ling Han dared to ask such a thing from Liu Yu Tong, he naturally foresaw such a reaction from her, so he only smiled and said, “Then kill me, I wouldn’t need to wait too long before I see you on the path to the Netherworld. We can be travel companions at that time!”

Liu Yu Tong’s hold tightened. Although her five fingers looked small and smooth, but at this moment, they seemed like iron claws, strangling Ling Han to the point of suffocation. Soon, his face turned red, and his eyes became bloodshot. Ling Han’s four limbs started to twitch violently.

Ling Zhong Kuan and his companions had no intention of interfering. In fact, their deepest hope was to have Liu Yu Tong kill Ling Han.

“Are you going to say it or not?” Liu Yu Tong slightly loosened her grip.

Ling Han forced out a smile, and shook his head determinedly.

The current Ling Clan was an extremely dangerous place to him. He had to find a strong bodyguard, and would not agree to whatever else Liu Yu Tong suggested to him. He had to make her his protector.

What he lacked now was time. As long as he had the time he needed to become stronger, what did a mere Ling Clan count as?

Liu Yu Tong once again tightened her grip, and Ling Han’s body started to twitch violently before his four limbs suddenly drooped. There was no more movement.

‘How stubborn!’

Liu Yu Tong sighed internally, and her Origin Power rushed out and restarted Ling Han’s heartbeat. Exhaling, Ling Han once again opened his eyes, and took in large mouthfuls of air.

“Three years!” Liu Yu Tong said, “No more than three years, and within these three years, I will obey your commands!” Three years later, she would be twenty years old. If she would not lose consciousness and no longer awaken, then she would be completely free.

“Pu!” Ling Zhong Kuan and his group once again made a snort-like sound with their mouths; but this time, it was because of their great shock. They were completely at a loss.

Was there some problem with their hearing? They seemed to have heard Liu Yu Tong a.s.sent? a.s.sent to become Ling Han’s follower? To become an underling of a piece of trash?

This, this, this, they must have heard wrongly! Definitely so!

Ling Han came back to attention and smiled, before raising his hand. “Deal!” Three years would be long enough for him to mature. At least, it would be long enough for him to rise above the level of Ling Zhong Kuan and his groupies. He would no longer have to worry about any threat to his life.


Liu Yu Tong extended her hand as well, and joined it with his upraised palm. This was a promise between martial artists.

What a delicate hand!

When their palms were joined together, Ling Han could not help but feel his heart stir. Although he was once a strong warrior of the Heaven Tier, and furthermore, the Alchemy Emperor, and there were uncountable beautiful women who threw themselves at him in his previous life, since his soul had melded with his predecessor’s, it was as if he too had returned to a youthful, impulsive age. The pa.s.sion that he had not experienced for a long time was burning inside his body, making him feel as if he truly had returned to the age of sixteen years old.

Ling Han enjoyed this kind of change. This was what living meant.

“Miss Liu, don’t listen to the nonsense this little beast is spouting, let’s return to discussing official matters,” Ling Zhong Kuan interrupted. He didn’t want Ling Han to continue making mess out of things. And that Zhang Yuan, he truly was an idiot. He couldn’t even keep proper watch over a piece of tras.h.!.+ Once he returned, he’d make sure to kill him!

“Chief Butler,” Ling Han coldly looked at him, “This position in Hu Yang Academy is what my father risked his own life to obtain. Now my father is risking his life in Purple Light Ground Valley, and yet you shamelessly attempt to s.n.a.t.c.h this position. Don’t you feel your face burning?”

“Impudence, how dare you speak to me this way?” Ling Zhong Kuan suddenly shouted.

Liu Yu Tong previously did not bother about such a matter, but since she now had a deal with Ling Han, her att.i.tude naturally changed. “Butler Ling, what is going on here? I need an explanation!”

Ling Zhong Kuan could pretend he did not hear Ling Han’s words, but he definitely would not be able to do the same with Liu Yu Tong’s words.

Not only was she the representative of Hu Yang Academ, her own ability was above his. What right did he have to ignore Liu Yu Tong’s words?

He hurriedly said, “It’s like this, this boy is the son of Ling Clan Head, Ling Dong Xing. Thus, Ling Dong Xing became selfish, and wanted to give this placement privately to this boy. I’m only thinking of the big picture, to make the most out of this precious position!”

“What grand words, ‘thinking of the big picture’!” Ling Han smiled coldly. “Ling Zhong Kuan, are you completely without shame? This position was obtained by my father, who is risking his life even now now as we speak. What does it have to do with the clan? Why do you need to concern yourself with it? You only want to give this position to your own grandchild, and in future, when his level exceeds my father’s, he would be able to help you seize the position of Clan Head.

You want to do such a shameless thing, yet claim to be doing it out of loyalty to the clan, what a shameless dog!”

Having received such a big, hearty scolding from Ling Han, Ling Zhong Kuan was furious to the point that his whole body was trembling. He had even come close to spitting out blood in anger.

“Little beast, how dare you insult me this way?” Ling Zhong Kuan was filled with wrath.

He was actually scolded by a piece of trash. If he could not heavily punish Ling Han, he would definitely be angered to the point of internal injury.

Ling Han only calmly smiled, and turned to Liu Yu Tong. “I have completely zero interest in enrolling at Hu Yang Academy. The agreement about the position is canceled. In exchange, let Hu Yang Academy compensate me with some medicinal potions.”

“Agreed!” Liu Yu Tong nodded. To expend all efforts to cultivate an individual student would, in the first place, require a large pool of medicinal potions.

“No!” Ling Zhong Kuan immediately shouted loudly. “This position belongs to Mu Yun, none of you can steal it away!”

“Old dog, is there something wrong with your hearing? This position was obviously obtained by my father, what does it have to do with you?” Ling Han scoffed. Then he looked at Liu Yu Tong, saying, “Now, this is my first command for you.”

He paused for a moment before saying, “Restrain this old dog for me, I want to give a few good slaps to this shameless old b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Liu Yu Tong only hesitated for a moment before she nodded. “All right!”

Ling Han had already expressed his sincerity by gifting her two valuable verbal chants. Now, she too had to express her own sincerity.

What? Liu Yu Tong truly agreed to become Ling Han’s follower?

The word “follower” seemed grand, but in truth, it was something like an attendant, a servant! A grand genius from Hu Yang Academy actually agreed to become someone else’s follower? What was this inconceivable affair?

But it was reality. Liu Yu Tong had already stood up, her beautiful eyes focused on Ling Zhong Kuan and a fierce battle spirit exuded from her graceful figure.

“Elder Sister Disciple Liu, don’t be deceived by this brat!” Ling Mu Yun yelled, his face filled with shock. He had no way to accept the fact that a talented, intelligent woman like Liu Yu Tong would actually be deceived by Ling Han’s flowery words!

Particularly when this stunning beauty was someone he wanted to do his utmost to pursue. Now, it was as if he had eaten ten thousand flies—he felt completely suffocated.

“Are you going to surrender, or will you wait for me to act?” Liu Yu Tong asked calmly.