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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 152

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 152

The spirit was the basis of a human being, and once divine sense was destroyed, what was left behind would only be an empty sh.e.l.l.

Just now, Ling Han had nearly stepped through the gates of h.e.l.l.

‘Curiosity really killed the cat!’ Ling Han shook his head. If there had not been a monster inside his body as well, he would definitely have landed in a horrible state just now.

Without question, the G.o.dly medicine activated some kind of “power” in Hu Niu, or awakened her, which should have happened at least after another four or five years.

Yet a very weird feeling rose up in Ling Han, because that Spirit Base within Hu Niu’s body, that magnificent beauty, gave him a more powerful feeling than any ultimate warrior of Heaven Tier! In his last life, the Sword Emperor and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden had been the strongest existences among the ranks of Heaven Tier elites, yet neither of them had caused him to feel such heavy pressure before.

He was well aware that even if he had recovered the power he had at Heaven Tier, he would be completely defenseless facing such a being, just like how his body was easily shattered by a shockwave from the black tower in his last life.

This was definitely not a power that belonged to the mortal plane!

The black tower was already a great mystery on its own, taking his body as its new home, but Hu Niu was even more mysterious, having what he suspected to be an ultimate being taking the place of her Spirit Base!

Yet she was obviously just a little girl in Body Refining Tier.

But when he thought about it, weren’t the two of them quite similar?

Could that magnificent beauty be developed by some kind of ultimate treasure? If that was really the case, then forming into a very real human-like appearance did not seem that strange.

To h.e.l.l with it!

Ling Han pressed a hand to his aching head. This lifetime was really weird. He had just seen the corpse of an ultimate warrior of Shattering Void Tier that he suspected had been killed off in a battle royale against an uncountable number of Heaven Tier elites not too long ago, a great amount of Level Nine Spiritual Tools floating out with the flow of an underground river, and there even appeared a rogue G.o.dly medicine and the formation of a Strange Fire.

And now, there was a being that was likely above Heaven Tier within Hu Niu’s body, while he had an ultimate powerful ent.i.ty—the black tower—residing inside his body.

It seemed as if Shattering Void Tier had become cheap all of a sudden.

Hu Niu obviously did not have much patience. She only cultivated for a short while before stopping, and when she saw Ling Han was looking at her, she grinned and jumped into Ling Han’s arms. She rubbed her stomach and declared, “Hungry!”

That’s right. The little girl had not had any food for quite a few days.

“Cultivate obediently, and I’ll go and cook. If you don’t cultivate obediently, you won’t get any meat.” Ling Han issued a condition.

“Oh.” Hu Niu pouted, obviously not very happy. She did not like cultivation. It was too dull and boring.

Ling Han went into the kitchen to cook. Since the glutton was back, the food that had acc.u.mulated like a little mountain here would most likely be completely finished within a few days—he guessed that Hu Niu’s appet.i.te must have increased considerably after such a drastic transformation.

He was already prepared, but the great increase to Hu Niu’s appet.i.te still gave him a scare.

Her appet.i.te… actually more than doubled!

“Thank goodness I have money now, and can take advantage of the Third Imperial Prince’s kindness. Otherwise, I really would not be able to keep this little girl fed,” he said, shaking his head.

When they were half-way done with their meal, the Liu sisters had also awakened. When they arrived at the kitchen, they were shocked and their faces could not help but twitch.

That really was a little girl?

When she saw the girls, Hu Niu immediately moved as if she was protecting her food, her eyes glaring ferociously at the two girls. A low growl came out of her throat, and she had a violent expression that said, ‘if you dare to stretch out your hands, I will bite off your heads.’

“d.a.m.n scoundrel, you really are a pervert!” Liu Ru Er’s face paled drastically. There was a little girl living in the home of a young man, so this was obviously a very big problem.

“I am not a pervert, just a bad man,” Ling Han said, editing Gu Feng Hua’s trademark words.

“Little girl, come over here quickly, we’ll protect you!” Liu Ru Er beckoned a hand at Hu Niu. However, in Hu Niu’s eyes, such a move was seen as a challenge, causing the little girl to leap onto the table. She had all four limbs on the table, and looked ready to move at any moment.

“Forget it, don’t argue with someone ignorant.” Ling Han picked Hu Niu up, and stuffed a piece of meat into the little girl’s mouth in pa.s.sing, causing the little girl to instantly become happy as she chewed on it.

“Who are you calling ignorant?” Liu Ru Er asked, not accepting Ling Han’s opinion of her.

Ling Han snickered, and said, “The two of you have been recovering your wounds here in my place for quite a few days, right? Isn’t it about time for you to pay rent or something of the sort?”

“Heng, so you want money?” Liu Ru Er said in a derogatory tone, “How much do you want?”

“Then I’ll casually collect this amount per person.” Ling Han raised a single finger.

“A million coins?” Liu Ru Er humphed, “Deal! However, once you take our money, we’ll become your employers, so we will have the right to command you!”

“Che, a million coins?” Ling Han shook his head, “You have to understand that if I hand you over, the two of you will definitely die, so what we’re talking about now is the price of selling yourselves. Do you really think a mere million coins is appropriate?”

“Sell, selling ourselves? You’re the one selling yourself!” Liu Ru Er suddenly paled, but immediately said, “Then how much do you want, ten or twenty million?” she shocked even herself when she said ten million.

It was not because they could not earn such a large amount of money, but because they did not have so much money saved up, since they had just recently started their careers.

“That’s wrong. Beauties like yourselves would have to be at least worth a hundred million, right? Don’t be modest with me. Why don’t I deliver the two of you to the Cheris.h.i.+ng Flower Pavilion to ask how good the business would be for two beauties in Gus.h.i.+ng Spring Tier?” Ling Han appeared to be very impa.s.sioned and generous.

Liu Ru Er blinked. She felt that agreeing and disagreeing were both not an option.

If she agreed, where would she get so much money from? If she disagreed, then wouldn’t that be lowering her own value?

She did not have enough ability to adapt, and was instantly left stuttering, obviously at a loss at what to say.

“Brother Ling, don’t bully my little sister so much,” Liu Feng Er smiled faintly.

“You d.a.m.n scoundrel, you were actually playing with me!” Liu Ru Er finally reacted, an angered expression on her face.

“Silly girl,” Ling Han shook his head, “If you want to stay here, then you’ll have to follow my rules. Doing something like entering without knocking would be what a scoundrel would do.”

Liu Ru Er knew that he was talking about how she had accidentally peeked at him bathing the night before and could not help feeling very embarra.s.sed. She pouted. She was not a scoundrel. Who would have guessed that there would be someone bathing in the kitchen in the middle of the night? Were you was.h.i.+ng pig’s feet, getting ready to cook pig trotters?

When she thought this, she could not help but show a weird smile. This was what was called a mental victory.

“In the future, preparing all meals will be your responsibility,” Ling Han said.

After he told Hu Niu not to come into conflict with the other two girls, he told her to cultivate obediently. At first, he wanted to visit Mo Gao, but when he recalled that Mo Gao should have begun his seclusion to break through to Gus.h.i.+ng Spring Tier, he could only give up.

Ling Han switched to a farther location to cultivate to avoid staying too close to the little girl. Otherwise, they would be fighting over the Spiritual Qi in the vicinity, and it would impede the greatest display of the advantage of a Heaven Grade Spirit Base.

After cultivating for about half a day, Ling Han smiled in satisfaction. After about another five or six days, he would be able to advance to the next level, and not too long after, he would be able to give Feng Yan a very big surprise.

At about noon, Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan both arrived, bringing with them a big piece of news.

Early that morning, the imperial guards arrived at the Academy to apprehend Feng Yan, but encountered resistance from him. In the end, it became a big issue that even alerted Lian Guang Zu who placed his full support behind Feng Yan and expelled the imperial guards from the Academy grounds.

It was either the Third Imperial Prince’s command or Lady Yan’s complaint that caused the imperial guards to come today to apprehend Feng Yan. Feng Yan had committed a great offense against these two high-ranking individuals just the day before, after all.

Yet Feng Yan was actually so recklessly bold as to resist arrest, and Lian Guang Zu actually defended him fully. This was really such a great shock that no one could believe it.