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Rebirth: The Abandoned Cultivator
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C1 Dream back to present and present times

C1 Dream back to present and present times

Let him stay with you, and don't neglect him.

Jiang City, the noblest high school.

At a certain corner of the field, a lost youth was looking at all the familiar places, his mind in a mess.

A few seconds ago, Ye Tian was still on another planet, surviving the final heavenly tribulation.

"Be obedient, Xin'er, and don't make Grandmother angry."

In the blink of an eye, the world had turned upside down and he was back in high school.

"Oh, isn't this Young Master Ye? What a coincidence. "How can you be so relaxed and elegant, sitting here alone to admire the scenery?"

He then asked: "Where is Xiao Xin? natural son came to find him, why hasn't he come out to welcome him? "

As he lifted his head, a plain-looking short-haired man with a playful smile slowly walked towards Ye Tian.

"Wang Zhiming?"

The young master of the Wang family, who had humiliated him so many times in high school, had actually appeared in front of him again?

"Little brother, Yunshi is here." Beside him, the third young lady Xiao Ya pulled at her brother, only to discover that he did not even turn his head, as he glared at him with a look of disappointment.

From a distance, a graceful and graceful figure had similarly walked over, causing Wang Zhiming's smile to suddenly disappear.

"natural son doesn't blame him. You can leave now!" Chu Yun interrupted her words, he did not even look at her, and waved his hands to chase his away.

"Wang Zhiming, please don't bully Ye Tian!" Mu Bingxue who was walking over shouted. She wore a snow-white dress that was so gorgeous that it would cause one to be unable to shift their gaze away.


"What's wrong, Young Master Ye can't be trying to hide behind a woman, right?"

Wang Zhiming's tone was cold, his entire body shivered, and his eyes lit up.

That unfamiliar yet familiar memory poured into his mind.

Seeing Ye Tian did not move, Wang Zhiming thought he was scared by him, and the corners of his mouth rose again: "Ye Tian, I understand, the feeling of being abandoned by the clan, is it not good? Just like how you used to be stronger than me, all you need to do now is to be a puppy.

"Be obedient, Xin'er, and don't make Grandmother angry."

"Also, stay away from Miss Mu. She is not someone you can reach now. Being at ease with the current situation, being an ordinary person is very suitable for you. "

That demonic smile whispered into Ye Tian's ears, and only ended when Mu Bingxue arrived.

Ye Tian didn't say a word, and only coldly looked at Wang Zhiming.

"Wang Zhiming, what did you say to Ye Tian!" Mu Bingxue placed her hands on her waist and asked.

"It's nothing," Wang Zhiming raised his hands, with an innocent look on his face.

"Don't miss tonight's gathering, Young Master Ye."

Xiao Xin shook his sleeves in extreme anger. He looked at First Lady and said in an especially loud voice, "Even more so, I don't dare trouble Mother."

Ye Tian glanced at him with a smile, but Ye Tian did not reply even after he left. This made Wang Zhiming feel that Ye Tian had already begun to surrender.

"You can leave." But he was still polite.

But this was still not enough — only by ruthlessly trampling Ye Tian under his feet in front of Mu Bingxue would he be able to vent out his anger.

At Seventh Madame's residence, Xiao Xin was released by someone, and was also reported to the Yunshi.

Tonight's senior year gathering was an excellent opportunity.

"Madam, Madam, young son of the Ninth Prince's Estate is here to visit you."

"I want to let Little Snow know that the current me can easily kill her former fiancé!" With a cold snort, Wang Zhiming left.

First Lady sat at the side with a helpless look on her face. It was obvious that she had advised for a long time.

Mu Bingxue didn't know what the two of them had said. Although Ye Tian was no longer her fiancé, his family's abandonment made her feel some sympathy.

Her kind heart made her unable to restrain herself from opening her mouth:

Chu Yun was used to seeing little adults like Xiao Xin, so the sad aura he was giving off right now made him uncomfortable.

", I know that you may have experienced hardships, but there will always be a time when your life is at a low point. Even without a clan's background, studying hard and using your education to find a good job in the future is still a good way out … Also, maybe she can match me. However... Thus … "You have to work hard …"

Mu Bingxue's face was burning red. After saying that, she seemed to have used up all of her strength. She did not dare look at Ye Tian anymore, and turned and ran away.

She didn't know what she was talking about or why.

"That's right, your father will wake up eventually, but, but this aunt, will never come back …"

With her conservative personality, how much courage would it take to say such words?

An hour later, at the entrance of the Xiao Mansion.

Looking at her gentle and kind back, Ye Tian felt that he had done something wrong for the first time.

The other concubines had already returned to their rooms, and seeing the old mistress and First Lady looking at each other, they were all surprised.

When he was in high school, he had never cared about this person who was with him.

"Be obedient, Xin'er, and don't make Grandmother angry."

"In my previous life, I did not listen to your advice in the end and went all out, stepping into the trap that Wang Zhiming had set for me. "In the end, I was pushed down on the roof of the hospital. If it wasn't for Master passing through Earth, I probably would have died without a complete corpse."

Ye Tian was a little depressed, but in the next moment, the regret turned into determination.

Now was not the time to regret. He had been reborn! In other words, he still had a chance to start over!

While speaking, Chu Yun already slipped down from the chair and walked out, there was no room for discussion at all.

After sensing his weak and frail body, although he had trained bitterly for countless of years, Ye Tian was not dejected at all. Instead, he was happy.

Chu Yun was used to seeing little adults like Xiao Xin, so the sad aura he was giving off right now made him uncomfortable.

"That's good too. In my past life, my cultivation speed was too fast, causing my foundation to be unstable. The cultivation technique I chose was also a bit lacking."

They naturally knew that Xiao Xin had gone to the Ninth Prince's Estate two days ago.

"In this life, I want to fight steadily, one step at a time!"

The other concubines had already returned to their rooms, and seeing the old mistress and First Lady looking at each other, they were all surprised.

In Ye Tian's eyes, there was no longer any unwillingness to part with him. There was only the sharpness and scorching flames.

"Yunshi is overthinking, this child is overly sad, and is not easy to see."

"I will make sure that all the regrets and mistakes that I once made will never happen again. I will make sure that those who have made things difficult for me and humiliated me will all be returned!"

After she left, the few burly men closed the door and stood guard outside, blocking the curious gazes of the crowd.

"Dad, and Mom, I'm back. This time, I won't retreat! I won't let anyone hurt you again! I will prove to the Ye Family that it was a wrong decision to abandon me! "

The experience of him being torn to shreds and wounded all over — that had even brought him countless demons of the heart — seemed to once again flow into the corner of the wheel of time.

As if a million kilogram chain had fallen into the abyss, it released a loud and heavy sound, and churned and churned inside Ye Tian's heart.

The figure no longer hesitated, taking firm steps.

Amongst them, there was an ordinary-looking, but delicate lady who stood out, because she was not with the other aunts. Instead, she was kneeling on the ground with Xiao Xin standing beside her.

… ….

"That's right, your father will wake up eventually, but, but this aunt, will never come back …"

Ye Tian walked along the mountain behind the school for a few kilometers before finally coming to a stop.

"The Earth's spiritual energy is so thin, this should be the place with the densest concentration of spiritual energy." He looked around him. In front of a small stone pool, covered with dense bamboo, it was growing bright in this spring day and age.

The warm sunlight sprinkled on his body. The gentle breeze refreshed his mind.

Let him stay with you, and don't neglect him.

Ye Tian sat on the ground, closed his eyes and entered into a meditative state.

"Is your father still not awake?" Xiao Xin sniffed and asked.

With a place filled with spiritual energy, he would have to start the first step of his cultivation on Earth.

Foundation Establishment.

"If I were to choose the Foundation Establishment stage of the Bone Ablutionary Scripture like in my previous life, even though the length of the technique is complete, the upper limit of the technique would already be dead. Moreover, the greatest danger is still the instability of one's foundation. "

He flipped through the few cultivation techniques in his mind, and finally stopped in front of a cultivation technique with the words "supreme Tao technique" written on it.

"Madam, Madam, young son of the Ninth Prince's Estate is here to visit you."

This cultivation method was the only incomplete one out of all the cultivation techniques he had mastered. This was a cultivation method that did not belong to the universe. It was unknown which universe's people had left it here.

Currently, he only had the first four levels of this technique, but according to the catalog on the first level of supreme Tao technique, this technique actually had a total of nine levels.

Although a four or five-year-old boy dressed in brocade clothes looked very handsome, he had a haughty look on his face. Behind him were six guards with sabers. No matter how one looked at it, he had come with ill intentions!

In other words, if he reached the fourth floor and Ye Tian still hadn't found the next part, then his cultivation method would be broken.

However, the benefits of Ye Tian choosing it far outweighed the disadvantages.

Xiao Ya was a little angry in her heart. Why was this child so arrogant, but seeing the six bodyguards that followed after Chu Yun, she left with her tail between her legs.

This was the most "comprehensive" technique he had ever seen in hundreds of years of travelling through the universe.

"What?" What is he doing? " No matter what, the madame had arranged for people to welcome them.

The reason why he called it 'comprehensive' was because no matter which cultivation technique he chose, there would be energy for his cultivation and a suitable cultivation technique. It was just like the Burning Fire Arts, where one had to use fire energy as an auxiliary, and the techniques they used were also closely related to fire.

But the difference with this supreme Tao technique was that it was vast and all-encompassing.

"Wuuu..." I'll never see her again … " Xiao Xin began to sob, and he was very sad.

The universe is vast, the space is limitless, the energy is myriad, but regardless of whether it is the star power or the earth vein demon energy, there is nothing in the supreme Tao technique that it can't refine.

young son also wanted to ask how that little carrot was, he didn't expect his to hear these words.

"It is said that once one has cultivated this cultivation technique to the peak of each stage, one's mana would be several times richer than other cultivators of the same level. Furthermore, their foundation would be firm and would not affect their later transformations in the slightest."

Such a tyrannical art, made Ye Tian's eyes light up.

After careful deliberation, Ye Tian finally made the decision in his heart.