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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1292 - The Netherworld Army Retreats

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1292 - The Netherworld Army Retreats

1292 The Netherworld Army Retreats

The Netherworld army retreated.

Just like how this war had started in a baffling manner, it ended in an incredibly abrupt way.

But now that the conflict had concluded, it was natural that everyone would be cheering with joy. Who would care why the war had started in the first place?

When Ling Han returned, he saw teams of Netherworld soldiers turn back. Because he was enshrouded in the aura of a Demon Master, he was treated like one of their own by the people of the Netherworld. Absolutely no one had the slightest bit of suspicion about him.

He did not avoid them, and just boldly and directly journeyed ahead. In any case, the war had ended, and everything had gone back to its original course. Those that should be training here would still be training here, and those who were looking for Realm Spirit Stones here would continue looking.

The majority of Netherworld soldiers probably did not even know why this war had started. Otherwise, it would be inevitable that too many people in the know would eventually leak the secret. Those who truly knew the reason were limited to the higher-ups of the Netherworld who had started this war. No matter what, they would have to be Heavenly Body Tier or stronger.

Ling Han thought back to when the Netherworld had just began their invasion. That white-robed elite had once said that he wanted to ask him a question, and no matter what the answer was, the former would still kill him. Now that he thought about it, it should’ve been about whether he had seen the little beast.

If he had been questioned clearly at the time, perhaps the following war would not have started, and so many people would not have died.

Ling Han shook his head. Waaaaay too many people had fought a muddle-headed war.

He returned to base camp, and could see everyone waving their arms and cheering, especially those at the lower ranks. All of them were incredibly excited.

War was merciless. In a war, it was naturally those weaker who would have much, much higher chances of dying. They were people who lived with their lives on the line all the time. Some had even written their wills, and if they died in battle, they would have someone bring their will back to their hometown.

Now that the war had suddenly ended, everyone felt lucky that they had survived by the skin of their teeth.

However, the armies were not called back, because it could not be confirmed whether the Netherworld was merely putting on an act. Maybe the Netherworld would suddenly turn back and catch them off guard when they relaxed?

Yet Ling Han knew that the Netherworld could not possibly charge back here. They would only be like how they used to be. Everyone would be confronting each other in the Two Realm Battlefield. I would guard against you charging here, and you would stay on guard against me charging over.

All this was actually because of a little beast. Even if Ling Han revealed the truth now, there probably wouldn’t even be a single person who would believe him—aside from the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.

Precisely because the Netherworld army had retreated in such an inexplicable manner, everyone was saying that the Netherworld had obtained the treasure trove that they had been searching for. After they had opened it, they had brought it back to be studied in the Netherworld.

This theory was very popular, and some extremists even talked about launching a counterattack on the Netherworld to s.n.a.t.c.h back the treasure.

There were very many greedy people, but only a very few supporters.

Charging into the Netherworld would mean having to fight under the Regulations of the heaven and earth of the Netherworld. The deeper they went, the more their battle prowess would be decreased. That would be too dangerous! It should be known that the Netherworld also had Genesis and Eternal River Tiers. There were similarly many elites in the Netherworld.

Furthermore, resisting invasion from the Netherworld was everyone’s joint duty and responsibility. It could not be shucked off. However, if it was a matter of launching a counterattack on the Netherworld, then it could not possibly be a matter of compulsion. Only those who had reached the strongest level of the Cloud Apex Planet would be arrogant enough to invade the Netherworld.

Thus, declaration of a counterattack was mere empty words. The majority thought that the overall level of cultivation of the Cloud Apex Planet was still insufficient to overwhelm the Netherworld, and if they launched a counterattack, it would only weaken their forces.

Another 10 days later, the Purple Moon Army, the Wind Riders Army, and the Holy Army all returned to their base camps, and the mercenary units were disbanded. The troops that had come as reinforcements also returned, and this great war between the two Realms finally ended officially.

Even after innumerable years, countless people of the Immortal Realm were still confused. At that time, why had the Netherworld started this war? It had caused both sides to suffer heavy casualties for no reason.

Only a very few people knew that this was probably because of a little beast’s mischief and playfulness, causing it to accidentally barge into the Two Realm Battlefield, and if it weren’t the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden that the little beast had encountered but only Ling Han alone, it would probably have been killed and made into a big feast.

In that case, the Netherworld would’ve gone berserk. For the sake of revenge, it was not impossible that they would bring ruin to the entire Cloud Apex Planet.

Ling Han wiped off his cold sweat, thinking that his love for food almost destroyed a whole planet. Wouldn’t that be the highest level for a glutton?

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden had a limited time she had to serve as a soldier. There were still about two years left of her military service, and it just so happened that it would be when the Two Realm Prodigy Gathering would take place. Thus, Ling Han was not in a rush to leave, and continued to look for Realm Spirit Stones in the Two Realm Battlefield.

However, the Five Sects also similarly began hunting him down again.

To recount, there were several tens of thousands of cultivators that had died from both the Netherworld and the Immortal Realm, and in terms of their respective sects, the Five Sects were definitely those who had suffered the worst losses. That was because they had practically sent all their Sun Moon Tiers to this place. They could not become deserters, so all of them had joined the battlefield.

With such large numbers, there were naturally many deaths as well, causing the higher-ups of the Five Sects to cry tears of blood. This was really too f******* much of a loss.

Yet they could not let Ling Han stay alive. The remaining people were still looking for Ling Han’s whereabouts everywhere, and continuously hunting him down.

At first, the Five Sects had mobilized a total of close to 2,000 people, and all of them were in the Sun Moon Tier, but now this number had already decreased to 1,100. The majority of them had died in the previous war, and a minority of them had been killed by Ling Han.

The Five Sects again transferred over a considerable number of elites, and they were all in the peak stage of the consummate level. Some were even two-star geniuses and above. However, the Five Sects did not have too many of such prodigies. Otherwise, Ling Han would be having a headache.

On one occasion, when he threw off his pursuers, Ling Han entered into the Black Tower.

Another three months’ time had pa.s.sed, and he could again undergo being tempered by the immortal flames.

Ling Han took a deep breath, and determinedly threw himself into the cauldron. Three days later, his body formed from nothing, and his appearance had changed to about a year old toddler.

“Very fast improvement!” Small Tower praised sincerely. It was a rare thing for it not to taunt Ling Han, but offer him a compliment.

Ling Han smiled slightly. His yearning for strength was too powerful. Under this kind of pressure, even his comprehension of the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll had been sped up considerably, and he had attained a very great improvement in this stage of Rising From The Ashes.

He consumed a Berserk Blood Spirit Pill, and began to cultivate in seclusion underneath the Reincarnation Tree.

This time, he did not plan to go out. He was always being hunted by the Five Sects, and this was much, much too displeasing. He wanted to rush up to a level at which he could steamroll all the strongest elites of the Five Sects in a single go and vent his irritation.

Three days later, he digested the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill, and his cultivation level advanced to the peak stage of the medium extreme.

After acc.u.mulating for a few “years”, he wanted to break through to the high extreme.

Underneath the Reincarnation Tree, days would be equivalent to years, and time sped past rapidly, but Ling Han had still spent 43 days to obtain enough acc.u.mulation. He exited the Black Tower to experience the heavenly tribulation. This, on the other hand, turned out to be a small matter. He took the initiative to shatter his G.o.dly bones, improve his physique, and observe the heavenly tribulation to turn it into his own comprehension.


He raised his right hand, and a terrifying light of electricity surged. Shockingly, there were blue divine patterns glowing on his palm. This divine pattern looked like a lightning bolt, but if one looked closely, it seemed to consist of billions of letters. One look would cause one to become dizzy.

This was martial intent obtained from observing heavenly tribulation, which took the form of a divine pattern. Only Ling Han could comprehend it, because this was his comprehension. As for others, if they gazed at it for too long, they would only be throwing up blood.

Even Saints would not be able to comprehend it. This was a technique that belonged only to Ling Han.