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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1293 - The Strongest Lineup of the Five Sects

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1293 - The Strongest Lineup of the Five Sects

Chapter 1293 The Strongest Lineup of the Five Sects

“There finally is a qualitative improvement!” Ling Han was greatly pleased. Previously, though he had also been able to exude heaven’s might, and use the power of heavenly tribulation, it had not taken the form of a divine pattern, which also meant that his comprehension was inadequate, and it was yet incapable of becoming an independent battle prowess.

With a wave of his hand, a bolt of lightning struck and turned a tall mountain ahead of him into nothing.

From a certain perspective, Ling Han had now become the embodiment of the heavenly tribulation, and possessed the ability to use it. The might of his heavenly tribulation was naturally no match for the heaven and earth, but compared with other lightning cultivators, he was a great many times stronger.

“I will continue in seclusion, and this time, I want to reach the consummate level!”

Ling Han was dead set. As long as he reached the consummate level, with the extent of his battle prowess, he would be able to defeat any elite from the Five Sects.

He began to cultivate in seclusion.

He went on comprehending Dao under the Reincarnation Tree; when he got really bored, he would concoct some alchemical pills. In any case, Level 8 alchemical pills were extremely time-consuming, and one concoction would take half a month. He did not need to concoct too many times, and three months had already pa.s.sed.

Immortal flame tempered his body, and he ingested the Berserk Blood Spirit Pills, then comprehended Dao again and again. In the blink of an eye, a year’s time had pa.s.sed quietly.

Ling Han finally advanced into the consummate level.

This meant that his physique had reached the strength of above Level 8 G.o.dly metal, and slightly weaker than Level 9. Merely that kind of defensive ability would make him practically invincible among Sun Moon Tiers, and presently, he could also recover the appearance of a 4- to 5-year-old boy after being tempered by the immortal flame. This improvement… was extremely shocking.

Even Small Tower clucked in amazement, thinking that even if the master of the Black Tower came back to life, he could not possibly do better than Ling Han.

This caused Ling Han to feel overwhelmed. He was actually capable of being compared with the original master of the Black Tower?

“Hoho, you are thinking too much! The Holy Saint is the extraordinary genius that has founded the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, and creating a stunning divine scroll would naturally be a process of trial and error. It is impossible that he would succeed in a single go. Otherwise, with the Holy Saint’s talent, he would only need to be burnt in the immortal flame 10 times to reach small accomplishment level.” Small Saint beat down on Ling Han again.

“F***!” Ling Han gave it the middle finger. This tsundere tower just loved to oppose him.

However, now that he had finally reached the consummate level, it was about time for him to vent his anger. Furthermore, he was now also capable of suppressing the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden… heheh, hehehe!

‘Fierce woman, just wait and see.’

After Ling Han stabilized his cultivation level, he began to boldly return to Wolf Fang City. He had gathered a great many Realm Spirit Stones, and had concocted numerous alchemical pills as well. They could all be sold to purchase more G.o.dly metal to increase the grade of the Divine Demon Sword.

This was also his top priority.

He was showing off all the way, and as expected, he was discovered by the members of the Five Sects. Very soon, a circle surrounded him. Elites came one after the other, surrounding him tightly.

“d.a.m.n brat, to actually dare appear so boldly and directly. Though our positions are different, I still have to admit that I am impressed.” A sword-bearing man appeared, exuding an astonis.h.i.+ng sword intent.

He was a powerful member of the Heaven’s Sword Palace named Han Feng. He had long since reached the peak stage of the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier 1,000,000 years ago, and he himself was a four-star genius. After 1,000,000 years of acc.u.mulated wisdom, though his cultivation level had not progressed one step further, his battle prowess had been increased very, very much.

There was a saying—whoever could take a sword strike from Han Feng, they could be called an elite in the Sun Moon Tier, and it was enough to rank them in the top 100 most powerful Sun Moon Tiers!

This naturally was a bit of an exaggeration. After all, there were still true prodigies that had cultivated to the same level, but this kind of prodigy did not have much intersection with Han Feng, so they could not possibly spar. Thus, Han Feng’s reputation was extremely well-known among Sun Moon Tiers.

Even this kind of trump card elite had been mobilized, which showed how determined the Five Sects were to kill Ling Han.

Not only was there Han Feng, there was also Qian Yi from the Absolute Saber Sect, the Palace Leader Xi Hua from the Cloud Phoenix Sect, Shangguan Qiao from Blue Thunder Sect, and Tie Wuya from the Earth Dragon Sect. They were all existences that were not much weaker than Han Feng, and were considered the truly most powerful figures of each respective sect.

But now, all these powerful figures had actually appeared completely.

The longer Ling Han had been absent, the more panicky the Five Sects were. This brat’s power improved by leaps and bounds, and who knew if he would already be an elite in the consummate level if he was allowed to stay quiet for 8-10 years and reappear then.

“Consummate level!” Shangguan Qiao frowned. She was already an old woman, but one could still see the beautiful outline from her wrinkled face, which showed that she must have been a calamity-level magnificent beauty in her youth. Unfortunately, time spared no one, and no matter how beautiful a woman was, there would come a day when she would become old.

Over 100 people from the Five Sects all looked wary. They were worried that Ling Han would have advanced into consummate level when he reappeared after his disappearance, and this kind of worry had now become reality, yet the time taken was so short that they could not accept this fact!

It had only… been one year!

When they had seen Ling Han in the army, he was still in the late stage of the medium extreme.

“So what?!” Han Feng said proudly. He had an invincible belief that the Divine Sword in his hand could kill any Sun Moon Tier.

“That’s right. This time, not only have we sent out the strongest elites, we have also brought a few precious treasures and G.o.d Tools. How could it be that we would be killed by this boy?” Palace Leader Xi Hua said coldly. She had also been a beauty in the past, but now she was unfortunately just like Shangguan Qiao, her face filled with wrinkles and her youth forever gone.

“Everyone, let me take the lead!” Han Feng was a warlike character.

Shangguan Qiao and his companions exchanged looks, and nodded to each other.

Han Feng could be considered the top elite in the Five Sects as well; his battle prowess was indeed unmatchable. Of course, the height of his battle prowess did not mean that he could definitely survive to the end in a battle of life and death. In this aspect, the four of them were extremely confident that each of them would be the last one standing.

Han Feng strode out, his hand wielding a sword. His whole body was releasing sword projections, which solidified. Weng, weng, weng. A round of swords appeared behind him, forming a circle. All the blades’ tips were pointing outwards, and then a second round was formed, a third round, and in an instant, there were several hundred rounds formed, forming more than 10,000 sword projections.

Pu! A great many disciples of the Five Sects in the surroundings immediately threw up blood. So what if they were in Sun Moon Tier? They were completely incapable of bearing such sword intent.

Han Feng was qualified to be called the strongest of the Five Sects, and that had not come from mere boasts.

Ling Han crossed his arms behind his back, completely indifferent.

Putting aside the fact that his present battle prowess was not that much inferior to the other’s, merely the strength of his physique alone had already determined that Han Feng wouldn’t be able to wound him at all.

…If the other had cultivated to the pinnacle level of the Sun Moon Tier, or even the peak stage, then Ling Han would’ve frowned slightly. After all, this was capable of matching the battle prowess of the Heavenly Body Tier.

“Yi, isn’t this Brother Ling?” A loud laugh rang out, and a white-robed man emerged out of the crowd. There was still a piece of cloth covering his face, fully concealing his ears, nose, mouth, eyes and hair.

Seeing him walk over so easily, those who didn’t know would think that he was a member of the Five Sects. But the members of the Five Sects were practically scared out of their wits because when this person walked over, he brought with him a supreme aura, and they were completely incapable of resistance.

No, it was not them unable to resist, but rather completely having no means of resistance. They only felt that they were as weak and tiny as an ant in front of him.

“Brother Faceless!” Ling Han laughed loudly. His eyes swept over the newcomer, and he immediately said, “Congratulations, Brother Faceless. You have finally taken another step forward!”

The other had reached the peak stage of the pinnacle level of the Sun Moon Tier!