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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1295 - Ancestral Weapon

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1295 - Ancestral Weapon

Chapter 1295 Ancestral Weapon

Ling Han was wild with fury. Whenever he recalled the events of 10,000 years ago—when his friends and companions were treated as materials for Realm Pills—he would bubble with killing intent.

And this person in front of him, he was the true leader of the Five Sects! He was one of the main culprits who had advocated refining Realm Pills!

‘I’ll kill him!’

Streaks of divine patterns materialized over Ling Han as martial intent coursed through his body. A profound might radiated from his body.

Han Feng was stunned.

His battle prowess was indeed no weaker than his opponent’s. However, this youth was far too freakish. When he attacked the youth with his sword, the youth could face the attack head-on but still come out completely unscathed. At most, only his clothes would be ripped into shreds.

How could he achieve victory?

His reserve of Origin Power was limited, so what would he do once he consumed all of it? His opponent still possessed a terrifying physique, so he wouldn’t need to worry about Origin Power at all. Meanwhile, he would become so frail that perhaps even a Mountain River Tier cultivator would be able to kill him.

The thought of this caused intense terror to grip at his heart.

“Attack together!”

Shangguan Qiao and the three others had evidently noticed the precarious situation. Right now, there was no time to talk about honor and fighting one-on-one. Everyone drew their weapons and advanced toward Ling Han.

“Brother Ling?” Faceless asked softly.

“No need! I can deal with them myself!” Ling Han said with overflowing confidence.

“What an arrogant brat! I’ll send you to your afterlife in h.e.l.l!” Palace Leader Xi Hua said with a humph. A pair of phoenix wings that measured 600 meters in length unfurled behind her. Looking closely, however, one could see that the color of the phoenix wings was slightly patchy and uneven. Moreover, the divine flames that enveloped them were also lacking in purity.

Sure enough, her bloodline was far inferior to the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden’s.

“You stole the words right out of my mouth!” Ling Han said. He let out a long roar before unleas.h.i.+ng his full battle prowess.

Nine divine dragons danced around his body. When engaging in close-quarter combat, he could flawlessly integrate his stamina with his Origin Power. This was because fighting in such a way didn’t require any techniques. All he needed to do was pummel his enemies!

His method of fighting was simple and violent, yet it was effective and profoundly powerful.

Peng, peng, peng, peng!

So what if he was being attacked by five elites? Ling Han suppressed them all and forced them to stumble back in retreat.

His physique was far too powerful, and this allowed him to go on a full-on offensive without paying any attention to his defenses. His relentless attack meant that his enemies were barely able to hang on. After all, one would still have some holes in their defenses no matter how powerful they were, and once these holes appeared before Ling Han… that would be their death sentence!


Ling Han’s fist slammed into Tie Wuya’s face, causing half of it to shatter and disappear. Even his divine sense was severely wounded.

Tie Wuya groaned in pain as he frantically retreated into the distance. He needed to leave this battlefield to treat his wounds.

However, how could Ling Han let him flee?

Injuring all of a man’s fingers was not as effective as chopping off one!

He relentlessly chased after Tie Wuya.

“Summon the G.o.d Tools!” Han Feng shouted frantically.

To his side, there were five groups of Five Sects disciples, each consisting of 10 members. Each group summoned a G.o.d Tool. There was a sword, a saber, a mirror, a comb, and a pair of scissors.


The G.o.d Tools absorbed an exorbitant amount of power, causing the 50 disciples who had summoned them to instantly collapse on the ground in exhaustion. Their faces were deathly pale, and it was as if they had all been brought down by a severe illness. Meanwhile, the five G.o.d Tools awoke and radiated with a devastating and vicious aura.

Faceless was stunned, and he said, “Brother Ling, the might of these G.o.d Tools has likely reached the pinnacle level of the Sun Moon Tier already. Moreover, they’ve probably reached the middle stage. Are you sure you don’t need my help?”

If he joined in the battle, he would naturally be able to deal with these G.o.d Tools with ease. He didn’t see how Ling Han could deal with these himself.

“I’m certain!” Ling Han said without hesitation. He had full confidence in his physique, and he was even more confident in the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll. Even if his body were truly wounded, he would be able to recover immediately.

A powerful defense by itself wasn’t scary. However, his powerful defense coupled with his heaven-defying recovery ability was truly enough to make his enemies feel despair.


The five G.o.d Tools unleashed their might. These weren’t as simple as ordinary Level Eight G.o.d Tools. Rather, they were a level above. After all, the elites of the Five Sects had spent heaven knew how many years tempering and nurturing them. Moreover, they had poured an unimaginable amount of rare materials into making them stronger. Thus, these G.o.d Tools were indeed devastating.

They were equivalent to five elites who had all reached the middle stage of the pinnacle level.

More importantly, these G.o.d Tools wouldn’t be affected by the power of heaven’s might.

Ling Han nodded in his mind. Sure enough, his decision to bide his time before attacking the main base of the Five Sects was an intelligent one. After all, ancient forces like this would definitely possess sect protection formations. Add to that these G.o.d Tools, and even those who had reached the pinnacle level of the Sun Moon Tier wouldn’t necessarily be able to defeat them.

The Five Sects had acc.u.mulated these formations and G.o.d Tools through millions of years, so they definitely couldn’t be underestimated.

Ling Han retrieved his Divine Demon Sword, and Sword Qi soared into the sky as G.o.d Tools clashed with G.o.d Tools.

The level of the Divine Demon Sword wasn’t high, yet it had experienced the tempering of heavenly tribulation alongside Ling Han. Thus, its might was naturally higher than its level. Add to that the fact that it was forged from Divine Metal, and Ling Han’s Divine Demon Sword was definitely no weaker than Level Eight G.o.d Tools. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have piqued Faceless’ interest and caused him to battle against Ling Han.

Sword Qi swept through the surroundings as Ling Han launched a flurry of furious counterattacks. However, the advantage of the five pinnacle level “elites” gradually became obvious, and Ling Han was finally forced to give up on chasing Tie Wuya. Tie Wuya hurriedly jumped to the side and ingested a huge amount of alchemical pills.

Although they had temporarily suppressed Ling Han, the members of the Five Sects were still gripped with fear.

They had already unleashed their five supreme G.o.d Tools, yet all they were able to do was keep Ling Han occupied. However, Ling Han still had huge room for improvement. To say nothing of the pinnacle level, he could at least still advance three sub-minor levels and reach the peak stage of the consummate level.

Most importantly, who could guarantee that Ling Han wouldn’t reach the Heavenly Body Tier?

At that time, the only fate awaiting the Five Sects would be death and destruction!

“We have to kill him at all costs!” Han Feng shouted sharply. If they missed this opportunity to kill him, perhaps there would be no other chance.

“Control the ancestral weapons[1] together!”

The five elites stopped attacking Ling Han. Anyhow, they were weaker than the five G.o.d Tools, so it would be fairly useless even if they continued to attack Ling Han. Instead of attacking him, it would be far more useful if they focused their full attention on controlling the G.o.d Tools and unleas.h.i.+ng their full might.

However, although these five G.o.d Tools were powerful, activating them had taken a huge toll on the users. The 50 disciples had been completely drained of their power, and they were now lying on the ground in exhaustion.

If the Five Sects wanted to suppress Ling Han, they would naturally need to unleash the full power of these G.o.d Tools. However, this wouldn’t last long, as these G.o.d Tools would gradually weaken after a short while.

After all, these five G.o.d Tools had been pa.s.sed down for far too long. As a result, the divine patterns within them had already worn out and completely vanished. Although they still retained their might, the amount of time they could be activated for was far below that in the past.

“Maintain these G.o.d Tools as if your lives depend on it!” Han Feng commanded the disciples of the Five Sects to take turns injecting their energy into the five G.o.d Tools so that they could continue to battle against Ling Han.

However, there were only so many disciples, and those who had injected their energy at the start were already forced to inject their energy again before they had even recovered. How could they provide enough energy? The answer was simple—if they didn’t have enough Origin Power, they could inject their blood essence!

At this moment, the disciples weren’t just pale. After having their blood essence and vitality sucked away, their lifespan was brutally cut short and their path of cultivation was severed!

If the situation weren’t so dire, Han Feng wouldn’t have been willing to commit to such a suicidal option, either. However, Ling Han was far too terrifying. If they didn’t kill him now, the Five Sects would be as good as destroyed.

Thus, even if the 100 or so disciples all died, he would still insist upon it as long as they could kill Ling Han.

Under the relentless attacks of the five G.o.d Tools, Ling Han gradually became riddled with wounds. Not only was he drenched in blood, but even his G.o.dly bones had started to fracture and break into pieces. After all, his physique still had yet to reach the toughness of Level Nine G.o.dly metal.

The members of the Five Sects were all beside themselves with joy. After paying such a huge price, they were finally going to kill their biggest enemy!

[1] Referring to the G.o.d Tools