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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1294 - Duelling Han Feng

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1294 - Duelling Han Feng

1294 Duelling Han Feng

In truth, Ling Han was not capable of seeing through to Faceless’s cultivation level.

However, the other had previously admitted that he was in the late stage of the peak, and then went into seclusion to attempt advancing into the peak stage of the pinnacle level. Now that he had come out, his aura had strengthened greatly—that meant that he must have succeeded.

If not the peak stage of the pinnacle level, what else could he be?

The members of the Five Sects were all frightened and angered. Why had an outsider appeared at this time? Furthermore, he looked to be Ling Han’s friend as well. And this person… seemed to be very, very strong!

Faceless smiled, and said, “After all, my discussion with Brother Ling has gifted me with enough appreciation! Hoho, Brother Ling, do you have time for another discussion?” He looked to be in high spirits, paying completely no attention to the members of the Five Sects all around them.

In truth, he indeed was qualified to do that. He had already cultivated to the peak stage of the pinnacle level, so he was equivalent to a Heavenly Body Tier elite.

Would an elite of the Heavenly Body Tier take note of Sun Moon Tiers? No matter how big their numbers were, it could not possibly compensate for the great gulf between their cultivation levels.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, “Please wait at the side for a while, Brother Faceless. Allow me to deal with these people first!”

“Should I help you?” Faceless’s eyes swept over the ma.s.ses, appearing to be incredibly carefree and relaxed.

“No need!” Ling Han shook his head.

“All right then!” Faceless nodded, and walked to the sidelines where he sat down.

Han Feng and the others were all angered, but though Faceless had revealed nothing, it could still be discerned that his abilities were amazing. Hence, since he was not joining the battle, it was still best not to trifle with him.

The priority now was to kill Ling Han to remove a great danger for the Five Sects.

“Die!” Han Feng made the first move, and as his sword waved, weng, the sword projections behind him exploded. 10,000 sword projections all shot out madly at Ling Han.

Faceless couldn’t help but nod his head, and said, “This person’s not weak. Though his power is only limited to four stars, his sword mastery is extraordinarily high. If he has just cultivated to the pinnacle level of the Sun Moon Tier, he may not be a match.”

Cultivating to the pinnacle level might still not be a match for Han Feng!

This was an exceedingly high judgement, and also implied one thing: cultivation level did not represent battle prowess.

10,000 sword projections shot out at Ling Han in a mad barrage, and every single projection possessed the might capable of killing one in the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier. When these 10,000 sword projections gathered together in a single attack, even a king tier like Faceless dared not take it head-on; he would have to either parry or dodge.

An experienced elite definitely did not have an undeserved reputation.

Yet Ling Han raised his right hand, formed a fist, and then shot it out in a punch.

Peng, peng, peng, peng. The sword projections collided into Ling Han’s fist, and innumerable sparks of light appeared like a grand fireworks display. As every sword swept past, Ling Han’s figure was only slightly pushed back, and when the thousands of sword projections all swept past him, Ling Han took about 100 steps back.

But that was all. The skin on his fist didn’t even split.


The members of the Five Sects were all dumbfounded. In terms of just destructive ability, sword cultivators were definitely prominent among their peers, and Han Feng was one of the most prominent among these prominent, and had long been known for being invincible.

Yet his full-power strike was actually blocked so easily by a punch from Ling Han. Who would not be gaping at that?

This was nature-defying! This lowly commoner from a small world was practically nature-defying!

Ling Han waved his hand around with a smile, and said, “Not bad, you still have some ability, it seems. I feel a little pain.”

Only a little pain!

The members of the Five Sects did not know whether to laugh or cry. At least this strike from Han Feng still caused Ling Han to feel some pain, but it was only mere pain. It didn’t even manage to break his skin.

Meanwhile, Faceless rubbed his hands and laughed loudly. He said, “So it seems that Brother Ling’s physique can improve along with your cultivation level, how amazing! I probably would have to use my full power to be capable of penetrating through Brother Ling’s defenses.”

Everyone was stunned. Han Feng’s full power strike was not even capable of breaking Ling Han’s skin, yet this person actually said that he could slice through Ling Han’s defenses. Was this mere boasting or the truth?

If it was truth, then that would be too frightening. A person like that was watching them from the sidelines, and could move for Ling Han at any time!

“Don’t worry, I won’t make a move.” Faceless smiled, and said, “For pieces of trash like you all, Brother Ling alone will be able to deal with you.”


Hearing him say this, all the members of the Five Sects felt a boiling killing intent against him rise up. If they were not wary of his power, there would definitely be a number who would have rushed up to attack him by now. In the territory of the Five Sects, they were used to being oppressive and tyrannical.

Han Feng took a deep breath, and said, “I have never been impressed by anyone, but you, brat, though you are a person that I must kill… I still have to admit that I am impressed by you. Being able to cultivate to this kind of cultivation level in a mere 10 years’ time since you opened the sky, and still possess this type of power, it is indeed impressive.”

“No need for such hypocrisy,” Ling Han said coldly. “I have obtained my battle prowess through my own effort, but what about you? Probably a great part of it is due to the Realm Pill, right? Old wretch, today, I will behead you and use your head as a sacrificial offering for those billions of living beings that have died so tragically.”

“En?” Faceless released a cold humph, and turned his stare on Han Feng.

Obviously, he knew what the Realm Pill represented.

Han Feng’s killing intent blazed, and he said, “You are already close to death, and still talk too much! You should die 100 times!” He tapped his forehead, and weng, his forehead actually split open, and out flew four Divine Swords. Each Divine Sword was floating around him, exuding an aura that was not the slightest bit weaker than himself.

User and tool becoming one!

The G.o.d Tool in his hands had not fused with his Suns and Moons, and was merely an ordinary G.o.dly weapon.

Ordinarily, though tool and user becoming one could increase battle prowess, the cultivator himself would definitely be weakened. After all, he had broken up his Suns and Moons. But Han Feng had obviously fused all four Suns and Moons into his G.o.d Tools, yet he himself seemed to be unaffected. He was still incomparably forceful.

‘Realm Pill!’ Ling Han thought. This had to be the benefit brought by the Realm Pill. As an alchemical pill that was concocted from refining billions of living beings, how could it be merely as ordinary as increasing the rate of cultivation?

His killing intent boiled as well. Becoming invincible among one’s peers by depending on the Realm Pill? This kind of so-called elite only garnered his scorn!

“The one who should die is you!” Ling Han roared in fury, and brandished his fists in punches at Han Feng. Weng, he directly channelled the heaven’s might, exuding a supreme forcefulness that belonged to a master of his world.

This was not the aura of a king tier, but had surpa.s.sed king tier.

…No matter how much of a king tier you were, you would still have to bend under these skies, yet Ling Han had directly represented the will of the heaven and earth of this place!

Han Feng’s battle prowess suddenly decreased.

Ling Han’s heaven’s might could weaken his opponent by a star of battle prowess in the first place, but as his heaven’s might had finally reached small accomplishment, this degree of weakening had reached two stars.

There was a gap of 3 sub-minor levels between the two of them, and Han Feng was a four-star genius as well as a sword cultivator. With the boost given by the Realm Pill, his true battle prowess should be capable of surpa.s.sing five stars. Ling Han, meanwhile, was a six-star genius, and taking into account the gap of three sub-minor levels, he was two stars of battle prowess weaker than the other.

But the moment heaven’s might appeared, this gap of two stars disappeared.

This was a battle between two equals!

Ling Han roared like thunder, and madly delivered punches at Han Feng. There was power of lightning interwoven on his fists, and the destructive ability of his attacks was incredibly terrifying.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

He single-handedly fought Han Feng’s four Divine Swords, along with Han Feng himself. The battle prowess of the five great individuals was about the same, and any one of them could conquer the whole ma.s.s of Sun Moon Tiers, but in front of Ling Han, they were not on the upper hand in the slightest.

The members of the Five Sects were all twitching madly. Han Feng was the top elite of the Five Sects, and has gone through the test of time and age. Even in the Great Crimson Sun Imperial Empire, when one spoke of the elites of Sun Moon Tier, Han Feng would definitely be mentioned.

But now, he was unable to defeat a rookie that had just advanced into consummate level.

Everyone could not help but shudder. Could it be that the Five Great Sects that had thrived for endless years would really be ruined in Ling Han’s hands one day?