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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1316 - The Unfortunate Chi Huangji

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1316 - The Unfortunate Chi Huangji

“I only said that I’ll share a bit with you. However, I didn’t say how much!” Small Tower said shamelessly.

“Y-you’re even more shameless than me!” Ling Han was completely speechless at this moment. Small Tower was far too underhanded!

“Brat, you’ll only be well if I’m well,” Small Tower said. It even wore a philosophical look on its face as it spoke[1].

Ling Han was so angry that he wanted to ignore Small Tower. However, he was already at the peak stage of the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier at this moment, so if he didn’t break through, it would be useless no matter how much of the divine flames he was given. In fact, receiving too much would only overfill him and cause him to explode.

However, he was still furious that the f*cking Small Tower had screwed him over like this.

“Give! It! Back! To! Me!” Chi Huangji roared in fury. The person before him had clearly stolen his divine flames, yet he was actually wearing a p.i.s.sed off expression! Was he trying to infuriate him to death? He howled in anger, and black divine flames burst from his eyes. These were essence divine flames, and he had refined a tiny amount of them into his body.

He had genuinely only refined a very tiny amount. Due to the limit of his cultivation level, he couldn’t refine any more than he already had. After all, these were essence divine flames that even Saints were apprehensive of!

However, this tiny amount of essence divine flames had given him the ability to oppose the power of heaven’s might. Otherwise, if his battle prowess were decreased by two stars, he would fall from a supreme king tier to become an ordinary king tier.

“You’ve forced me to do this!” Chi Huangji’s hands became a blur as he started to form a series of complicated hand seals. His aura became even more powerful, and it was as if his battle prowess had elevated by one to two stars.

This was absolutely incredible. After reaching the level of supreme king tier, it should have been impossible for them to become any stronger.

However, Chi Huangji had to pay a significant price for this power. A lock of his hair immediately became white, and his appearance also seemed to age by numerous years. Wrinkles appeared on his forehead.

Ling Han instantly understood what had happened. Chi Huangji had indeed become more powerful, yet he had paid for this power with his lifespan. Moreover, he had paid a significant amount by the looks of it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have reflected on his appearance so clearly.

This made a lot of sense. If Chi Huangji were only a three or four-star genius, he would have obtained an extra two stars of battle prowess if he sacrificed several hundred or several thousand years of his lifespan. However, he had already reached the theoretical peak of the Mountain River Tier, so he would have needed to sacrifice an astronomical number of years of his lifespan to elevate his battle prowess by one to two stars.

This was similar to how Explosive Thunder Pills were useless to Ling Han now. After reaching the pinnacle level, trying to advance any further would be extremely, extremely difficult.

However, Chi Huangji had no choice but to sacrifice his lifespan for more power. The essence divine flames were of tremendous importance to him, and he definitely couldn’t lose them just like that. Otherwise, the speed of his cultivation would drop at least tenfold, perhaps even hundredfold.

Even if he were a genius, he couldn’t stand to lose so much time. If a Heavenly Body Tier elite were stuck at the same cultivation level for tens of millions of years, they would only end up dying at the Heavenly Body Tier. However, if they could raise the speed of their cultivation by hundredfold, it was very likely that they would be able to reach the Eternal River Tier or even Genesis Tier.

Cultivation was like a race against time. One had to advance to the next level before they reached the end of their lifespan. This was like sailing upstream—one would be swept back if they didn’t advance.

Anyhow, Chi Huangji’s power was definitely unparalleled in the Mountain River Tier at this moment. When he threw a punch, even s.p.a.ce shuddered, with swirls of shock waves traveling through the air.

Peng, peng, peng!

It mattered little that Faceless and the others were also king tiers. They were ruthlessly swept off their feet by the overwhelming shock waves.

Just the shock waves alone were already this powerful, so how could Ling Han defend against this strike?

He was the target of this strike, and he would have to face its domineering might head-on.


Ling Han threw a punch, and his fist collided with Chi Huangji’s.

The muscles on Ling Han’s arms rippled like the waves of a disturbed lake. The ripples traveled from his fist all the way up to his shoulder.

Pa, pa, pa!

His skin instantly cracked open, blood exploding into the air. Then, his entire body was sent flying.

The difference between their power was far too great.

However, Ling Han somersaulted in the air and landed firmly on the ground. He then channeled the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, healing his right arm at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. These were merely flesh wounds, and his G.o.dly bones were completely unscathed. Thus, healing these wounds couldn’t be any easier.


Everyone spluttered in surprise. There was a difference of two stars between their power, meaning that Chi Huangji should have enjoyed a crus.h.i.+ng advantage, yet Ling Han had only received some minor flesh wounds? Moreover, he had even healed these wounds in an instant? What kind of defense was this? What kind of recovery ability was this?

In reality, how could the Stone Emperor and North Emperor—a descendant and a disciple of a Saint, respectively—not have secret techniques to elevate their battle prowess? However, like with Chi Huangji, these secret techniques required them to pay a heavy price. In fact, this price was so heavy that it was far more valuable than obtaining the first place in this Two Realm Prodigy Gathering.

Chi Huangji was only going so far because his essence divine flames had been stolen by Ling Han. Thus, he was willing to sacrifice millions of years of his lifespan to s.n.a.t.c.h these essence divine flames back.

However… Chi Huangji was destined to suffer a huge loss.

“Freak!” the Rock Spirit muttered. Among the spirits of the five elements, the Wood Spirits were the most gifted in terms of recovery ability, while the Rock Spirits were the most gifted in terms of defensive ability. However, Ling Han’s defense was no weaker than his, and his recovery ability was also no weaker than that of Wood Spirits. Thus, even he couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise and admiration.

With how incredibly freakish he was, could anyone at the same cultivation level as him kill him?

The Stone Emperor turned to look at the North Emperor, who responded with a shake of his head. This was the first time he had felt so helpless against someone.

Chi Huangji’s face was a picture of shock and disbelief. He stared at Ling Han dazedly, and he almost felt an urge to rub his eyes to see whether or not he was seeing things right. However, as a supreme king tier, he was confident that he wasn’t hallucinating.

Ling Han was genuinely unfazed after eating his strike!

“I don’t believe this!” Chi Huangji said through gritted teeth. He threw another punch.


Crimson flames curled through the air as his iron-like fist smashed toward Ling Han. The might of this fist had already soared to a level infinitesimally close to the peak stage of the low extreme of the Sun Moon Tier.


As expected, Ling Han was sent flying again. A difference of two stars was truly too great, especially since they were both supreme prodigies who were very evenly matched to begin with.

Like before, Ling Han’s flesh cracked open again, sending blood spraying through the air. However, his G.o.dly bones were still unscathed. There was a burst of golden light, and Ling Han recovered at an incredible rate. It wasn’t long before he was fully healed again.

This was Ling Han’s strongest quality. The Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll was a cultivation technique from the Celestial Realm—this was a cultivation technique that even Saints couldn’t match.

“I don’t believe this! I don’t believe this! I don’t believe this!!!” Chi Huangji descended into a frenzy, refusing to accept such an outcome. He launched a flurry of strikes, all of them imbued with his full power and belief of invincibility. He was going to obliterate Ling Han!

Unfortunately, however, his efforts were all in vain. In fact, even his power was starting to drop by the minute.

He had sacrificed a huge amount of his lifespan to elevate his 10-star battle prowess by another two stars, yet the millions of years of his lifespan had gone to waste just like that!

10 stars was a pinnacle to begin with, and this wasn’t something that could be transcended!

If one wanted to defy heaven, they would have to pay an exorbitant price.

“I’m truly sorry. It was… your greatest misfortune to come across me,” Ling Han said. He started to counterattack. With his powerful physique to support him, he didn’t need to worry about defending at all.

Being as powerful as Chi Huangji was, he could naturally still look down on everyone else present. Even if the seven prodigies teamed up, they would still be no match for him. However, he was unable to breach Ling Han’s defenses no matter what he did. His attack—which could easily crush any other king tier—was completely useless against Ling Han. All it could do was give him some minor flesh wounds.

Was this truly the final battle of the Two Realm Prodigy Gathering? Why did it look like a one-sided pummeling?

Moreover, it wasn’t the stronger Chi Huangji that was pummeling Ling Han, but instead Ling Han who was pummeling the stronger Chi Huangji!

Faceless and the others all wore strange expressions.

[1] Considering it’s a tower and has no face, this line is prolly supposed to refer to the tone of voice instead.