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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1317 - King Among Kings

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1317 - King Among Kings

In terms of battle prowess alone, this battle was indeed worthy of being the final battle.

Right now, Chi Huangji’s power had already soared to the late stage of the low extreme of the Sun Moon Tier. He had already surpa.s.sed the pinnacle limit of 10 stars, and this was absolutely petrifying.

However, in terms of outcome, this battle was an absolute joke.

When Chi Huangji’s devastating strikes. .h.i.t Ling Han, all they could do was break a bit of his skin. They were unable to cause any damage to his G.o.dly bones. Ling Han was like an indestructible battle G.o.d.

Meanwhile, although Ling Han was counterattacking, he didn’t aim to kill Chi Huangji. Chi Huangji was blessed by the fortune of heaven, so perhaps he could still obtain many precious treasures in the future. That being the case, it was better to let him live so that Ling Han could rob him again in the future.

It would be a shame to kill him now!

If Chi Huangji knew of Ling Han’s thoughts at this moment, he would definitely vomit blood in anger. Now, however, he had already expended most of his sacrificed lifespan. His power continued to weaken, dropping from two stars above the pinnacle to one star, and then down to zero stars.

With their battle prowess now even, how could Chi Huangji possibly be Ling Han’s opponent?

He was suppressed in all fields, with his defense and recovery ability both weaker than Ling Han’s. In terms of G.o.d Tools, Ling Han’s Divine Demon Sword was a future Celestial Tool!

Chi Huangji vomited three mouthfuls of blood as he frantically retreated hundreds of steps. He didn’t launch any further attack.

There was a baleful look in his eyes as he glowered at Ling Han.

In this place, he genuinely couldn’t defeat Ling Han. However, this didn’t matter, as they wouldn’t remain in this place forever. Once they left, he could return to his cultivation level of the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier. Meanwhile, Ling Han would only be a Sun Moon Tier cultivator. As such, Ling Han wouldn’t be able to withstand a single strike of his.

At that time, he could personally kill Ling Han and take back his essence divine flames.

Ling Han smiled faintly. Even if Chi Huanji could defeat him, his essence divine flames had already been refined by the hooligan Small Tower. Right now, there wasn’t even a wisp of the essence divine flame remaining. So, how could Chi Huangji s.n.a.t.c.h it back?

“Are you admitting defeat?” he asked with a smile.

Chi Huangji breathed heavily, and it was as if he wanted to chop Ling Han into 10,000 pieces. However, he was a king tier, after all, so he was still able to contain his fury. He flung his sleeves and walked to the side.

It was always him who had said these words to other people. Now that he was hearing it from Ling Han, it was as if his heart were being cut by a blade. This was an excruciating feeling!

In any case, the king among kings had finally been born.

It was Ling Han!

Who would have guessed this? The final victor wasn’t Chi Huangji, nor was it the Stone Emperor or North Emperor. It certainly wasn’t Yang Lin, the Cloud Maiden, or Yue Ying, either. Instead, it was this little-known youth!

Only those who had heard of Ling Han’s name in the Two Realm Battlefield would wave their hands in excitement, and exclaim, “I knew this would be the result!”

Because the three-day time limit hadn’t expired yet, the blessing of heaven and earth didn’t immediately descend, even though the final victor had already been determined.

“Congratulations, Brother Ling!” The Stone Emperor, North Emperor, Faceless, and the others all walked over to congratulate Ling Han. Even Yang Lin and the Cloud Maiden came over to congratulate him. In fact, there was a bright glimmer in the Cloud Maiden’s beautiful eyes as she looked at him, and it was clear that there were other feelings brewing in her mind.

Beautiful women… loved heroic men.

Ling Han smiled as he accepted their congratulations. At this moment, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden finally arrived after walking up from the foot of the mountain. She had seen the battle clearly from there, so she was also filled with joy and delight.

Who would’ve imagined that Ling Han—someone she had bullied at will before—would grow to become such a powerful individual?

“This is my wife!” Ling Han said with a smile. He introduced the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden to everyone. Of course, this “everyone” only included the five people from the Immortal Realm. The two beings from the Netherworld stood far away from him as if he were plague.

The Stone Emperor and the others all greeted the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden with a smile. Their att.i.tudes were extremely kind and cordial.

Even if they didn’t think much about her, they would still have to show her respect simply because of her relations.h.i.+p with Ling Han. Anyhow, Ling Han had already left a deep impression in their mind, so they naturally didn’t mind being more friendly with those close to him—though the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden couldn’t even be considered a true king tier.

In the beginning, the Cloud Maiden had only been curious about Ling Han. She was curious about how someone could cultivate to become such a freak. However, after seeing Ling Han being all lovey-dovey with the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, she started to feel a little dissatisfied. Had he not noticed her stunning beauty?

Why was he so into the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden?

In terms of looks, neither she nor the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was more beautiful than the other. However, in terms of cultivation, talent, and status, she was galaxies ahead of the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. So, why did Ling Han only have eyes for the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden?

Her compet.i.tive nature was roused, so she purposefully badgered Ling Han to make small talk with him. Whenever the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden spoke, she would definitely target her with rebukes. She wanted to rile the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden up so that she would try to compete with her. Once she did, it would be blatantly obvious which of them was the more talented.

Ling Han didn’t pay any heed to this. He liked the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden not because of her beauty, but because of their relations.h.i.+p and lovesickness that had spanned 10,000 years. Their love was already determined by fate, and this was something that the Cloud Maiden could never make up for.

The time limit of three days finally expired.


A column of light descended from the sky and enveloped Ling Han, the only remaining person on the platform.

He was receiving a blessing of fortune!

Immediately after, however, another column of light descended and enveloped Chi Huangji. He was also receiving a blessing of fortune!


Pa, pa, pa, pa!

Another four columns of light descended, enveloping Faceless, the North Emperor, the Stone Emperor, and Yang Lin. They also received a blessing of fortune.

‘Isn’t the blessing of heaven and earth only meant for the final victor, the king among kings?’

Everyone was stunned. This was far too strange, no?

“Could it be that one will be recognized by this place as long as they surpa.s.s the peak stage of the pinnacle level?”

“Then why has this never occurred before?”

“Simple! Because only one king tier has ever appeared in each of the past gatherings. In other words, supreme king tiers have never appeared before! This time, however, a whopping six supreme king tiers have appeared all at once! They’ve all unleashed a battle prowess above the peak stage of the pinnacle level!”

Even though Yang Lin had relied on alchemical pills to surpa.s.s the peak stage of the pinnacle level, he had indeed obtained a battle prowess powerful enough to challenge king among kings during that limited amount of time. In other words, he had become a king among kings for that short period of time.

Yang Lin and Faceless were naturally beside themselves with delight, and they hurriedly sat down to absorb the Celestial Qi. This Celestial Qi could help them complete their comprehension of the Regulations. The Stone Emperor and the North Emperor were also overjoyed. After all, they had come here especially for this Celestial Qi.

The rewards offered by the two Imperial Empires certainly weren’t enough to attract them here. After all, one of them was the descendant of a Saint, while the other was a disciple of a Saint.

Only Chi Huangji wanted to vomit blood in anger.

If he had known this earlier, would he have still fought tooth and nail with Ling Han? Not only had he lost his essence divine flames, but he had even lost millions of years of his lifespan! Although he was still young, and could definitely advance to the Eternal River Tier—where he would gain hundreds of millions of years of lifespan—who was willing to shave so many years off their life?

He had sacrificed so much, yet he had still been unable to s.n.a.t.c.h his essence divine flames back. Even the blessing of heaven and earth was unable to bring him any joy.

Simply put, the value of this blessing was completely insignificant compared to the value of the essence divine flames.

‘I’ll deal with him when we get out of this place!’ he said in his mind.

He definitely had to s.n.a.t.c.h the essence divine flames back! Definitely!

Weng, weng, weng!

Celestial Qi permeated through the air, yet it was a shame that the Cloud Maiden, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and Tuoba Dong could only watch on in envy from the sides.

There was nothing they could do about this. This was a reward that belonged to supreme king tiers.

Ling Han sat cross-legged as he aggressively absorbed the Celestial Qi, perfecting his comprehension of the Regulations for each of his cultivation levels.