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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1320 - Evil Beas

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1320 - Evil Beas

That was a monster!

Ling Han didn’t know how to describe this monster. It was tremendously large, reaching at least 300 meters in size. It was also humanoid in shape. If this were all, it would be a stretch to call it a monster. Indeed, what made this creature monstrous was the fact that its flesh and muscles were all composed of corpses.

Some of the corpses belonged to cultivators, while some of the corpses belonged to Demonic Beasts. Regardless of who the corpses belonged to, they were all attached to the monster’s body just like that.

It was… incredibly repulsive!

As disgusting as this creature was, it still had a nose, eyes, and a large mouth. When it opened its mouth, it would generate an overwhelming suction force, which was the source of the strange wind that had sucked people away. Those who had been sucked in were all chomped into two.

So, it turned out that this monster was the source of the strange suction force!

Ling Han and the others were all stunned. This monster was able to generate such a powerful suction force just by inhaling air. Moreover, it had obliterated the Wind Rider Divine King’s attack so casually. Its strength was petrifying.

It was definitely at the Eternal River Tier. Not only this, but it was also at the high extreme, perhaps even the consummate level.

However, there was no way that it was at the Genesis Tier. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have needed to move to block the Wind Rider Divine King’s attack. If it were a Genesis Tier Saint, just a wisp of its aura would have been enough to suppress an Eternal River Tier elite.

Anyhow, it was shocking that such a monstrosity lay under the Two Realm Battlefield.

“What kind of evil beast is this?” the Wide Travel Monk King asked. He was a bald monk whose scalp was covered in a dense pattern of divine seals. These seals continued to light up one after another.

“Countless corpses and blood seeped into the earth and transformed into this evil beast?” the pale-faced scholar from the Netherworld guessed. One of his eyes represented yin, like the moon, and one of his eyes represented yang, like the sun. They both radiated with an uncanny aura.

“That’s extremely likely!” the Wind Rider Divine King said with a nod. Although there was a long-standing conflict between the two realms, the Eternal River Tier elites were still leaning toward cooperation to deal with this unknown beast now.

After all, beings from both the Immortal Realm and Netherworld were capable of logic and understanding. However, the evil beast in the dark cave was only capable of slaughter and consumption of flesh and blood.


The strange wind swept over again.

Surprisingly, the evil beast wasn’t infuriated by the Wind Rider Divine King’s attack. Instead, it continued to hunt for food. In some way, this evil beast could be regarded as extremely lazy and extremely gluttonous.


The four Eternal River Tier elites attacked in unison, all unleas.h.i.+ng their silver rivers toward the evil beast in the cave.

These were the projections of the eternal river that they had formed, and they possessed a devastating might that was capable of killing even elites at the early stage of the Eternal River Tier.


An enraged roar echoed from the cave as the four silver rivers slashed over.

Peng, peng, peng!

The ground tremored, and the evil beast finally exited the cave, revealing itself to everyone.

It didn’t walk out, but crawled out instead. The corpses that hung from its body continued to open and close their mouths, creating strange sounds that sounded like the crying of ghosts. Those who heard it would become pale and feel a strong urge to cover their ears.

These eerie sounds pierced straight into one’s mind, and it was as if they were going to tear one’s brain and soul apart.

The color drained from everyone’s face. What kind of monster was this?

“Interesting!” A smile appeared on the Stone Emperor’s face as his robe started to glow.

Meanwhile, the North Emperor shook the saber in his hand lightly, fighting spirit oozing from his body.

Ling Han shook his head. Although these two individuals were extremely strong, with one owning a Level 15 G.o.d Tool and one owning a Saint Tool, there was simply no way that their battle prowess could reach the high extreme or consummate level of the Eternal River Tier.

They were definitely no match for the evil beast. Their main hope of defeating this beast still lay with the four Eternal River Tier elites.

“Charge!” the wolf-headed brute from the Netherworld roared. He dashed toward the evil beast, and there was a cold flash as he unsheathed a large azure saber. As he slashed down, this saber instantly expanded to hundreds of times its original size, transforming into something like a heavenly saber.

The evil beast raised a hand to swat the heavenly saber aside. There was a loud crack, and the collision between hand and saber instantly sent devastating shock waves surging into the surroundings.

Peng, peng, peng, peng!

The entire cave started to tremor under the overwhelming force of the shock waves, causing a rain of sand and stone to pour down. Strangely, however, the cave didn’t collapse.


The wolf-headed brute was sent flying back. However, he laughed loudly, and said, “It merely possesses the power of a consummate level elite, nothing else! There’s nothing to be afraid of!” He bellowed loudly and charged at the evil beast again.


A silver river materialized around him and whipped toward the evil beast.

The evil beast howled in rage, its incredibly deep voice reverberating throughout the cave. Some Mountain River Tier cultivators were unable to withstand this, their heads exploding under the powerful pulse of the sound waves. In fact, even some Sun Moon Tier cultivators wore distressed expressions.

“d.a.m.n it!” The Wide Travel Monk King, Wind Rider Divine King, and pale-faced scholar hurriedly dashed over to attack the evil beast. It seemed as if this evil beast didn’t possess any intelligence, with its sole purpose being to slaughter living beings. As such, the Eternal River Tier elites didn’t mind banding together to kill it.

With the four Eternal River Tier elites working together, what did it matter that the evil beast was extremely strong? It was immediately suppressed.

Just like the wolf-headed brute had said, this evil beast only possessed power at the consummate level of the Eternal River Tier, but nothing else. It couldn’t wield any Regulations. As such, its battle prowess was nowhere near the level of a genuine consummate level elite.

Meanwhile, the Wide Travel Monk King and the others were all at the high extreme of the Eternal River Tier. Not to mention that they were working together to battle it, they mightn’t necessarily lose to the evil beast even if they battled it one-on-one. Most importantly, this evil beast didn’t possess any intelligence. All it knew to do was to charge into battle mindlessly. Thus, there was nothing for them to be afraid of. It wasn’t long before they suppressed and killed the evil beast.

Shockingly, however, this evil beast was genuinely composed of all kinds of corpses. After dissecting it, it was clear that each of the corpses was extremely ordinary, with the strongest one only at the Heavenly Body Tier. Thus, it was unclear how this evil beast could wield power at the consummate level of the Eternal River Tier.

The four elites all turned their attention to the depths of the cave. With their vision, they could clearly see that there was another giant s.p.a.ce behind where the evil beast had lain.

‘Did this evil beast become like this because of the s.p.a.ce behind it?’

The four elites nodded as they exchanged a glance. Although they were from two hostile realms, the sudden appearance of this strange land caused them to all be on very high alert. They felt that it was necessary to explore this place.

Given that there were potentially common enemies ahead, the elites from the two realms decided to cooperate temporarily.

“You people can return on this wars.h.i.+p!” The Wide Travel Monk King tossed a Buddhist Lotus Platform into the air. It was a flight tool, and it started to expand once it landed on the ground, eventually growing to 900 meters in radius. It could s.h.i.+p everyone out of this abyss in just a few trips.

In reality, without the suction force caused by the evil beast, even Mountain River Tier cultivators could leave this abyss by scaling is walls.

The four elites ventured into the depths of the cave.

“Guys, should we follow?” the North Emperor asked with a smile.

“I don’t care whether you guys are going or not. However, I’m definitely going!” the Stone Emperor said resolutely. He was a Heavenly Body Tier elite, and he more so possessed a Saint Tool. Thus, he naturally wasn’t afraid.

“We naturally have to check this place out!” Ling Han said with a nod.

The king tiers all chose to venture into the cave. Meanwhile, on the side of the Netherworld, Chi Huangji also walked over with a dark expression on his face. His eyes occasionally flitted to Ling Han, and it was clear that he was still having thoughts about s.n.a.t.c.hing his essence divine flames back.

In any case, most people chose to leave this abyss on the Buddhist Lotus that the Wide Travel Monk King had provided. However, there were also some brave individuals who chose to stay, believing that this place might hold some great opportunities.

Anyhow, even if the sky collapsed, weren’t the four Eternal River Tier elites here to hold it up for them?

Although the Eternal River Tier elites were advancing cautiously, they were far too powerful, meaning that their speed was still as quick as lightning compared to the other cultivators. They quickly vanished from everyone’s sight. Fortunately, there was only one path here, so the cultivators didn’t need to worry about getting lost.

After walking for a short while, a vast plain suddenly appeared before them.