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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1319 - 1319 Abyss

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1319 - 1319 Abyss


The dot of light instantly transformed into a beam that shot at the Stone Emperor.

“You think only you have a Saint Tool?” the Stone Emperor said in disdain.


His clothes instantly lit up, forming a powerful defense.


The beam of light crashed into the Stone Emperor, yet it was unable to breach his defenses.

One had to realize that this robe was knitted from thread that was made from Phoenix Blood True Gold. This thread had been refined by the Cloud Stone Saint, and he had imbued it with his saintly martial intent, raising the Saintly Material to the peak of its abilities. So, just how powerful was this robe?

This was a clash between Saint Tools, and the Stone Emperor was no weaker than Chi Huangji. In fact, he still had some power to spare.

“I’ve no time to bully you, f*ck off!” the Stone Emperor chided. They were both at the Heavenly Body Tier, yet he was at the consummate level. They both owned Saint Tools, yet as a consummate level elite, he could naturally unleash more of its power and might.

Although Chi Huangji had almost been invincible in the Mountain River Forest, he wouldn’t necessarily be the strongest prodigy if everyone unleashed their full power.

For example, Ling Han had won first place, yet if they battled now, the North Emperor, the Stone Emperor, and Faceless could all suppress him—after all, he still hadn’t reached the pinnacle level of the Sun Moon Tier yet.

Chi Huangji gritted his teeth in anger. He possessed a Saint Tool that should have been able to kill any Heavenly Body Tier elite, yet he was unable to deal with a mealy Sun Moon Tier cultivator at this moment?


Everyone staggered as they felt a tremor beneath their feet.

‘What’s going on?’

Before they could come to their senses, there was a loud crack, and the earth beneath their feet collapsed with a deafening boom. Everyone fell into the earth.

A bottomless abyss had unexpectedly opened up beneath them!

This sudden turn of events left everyone flabbergasted. Some Heavenly Body Tier elites tried to fly up, yet they were shocked to discover that the Regulations of heaven and earth were far too chaotic in this place. In fact, they could use neither the Regulations of the Netherworld nor the Regulations of the Immortal Realm. Thus, the Heavenly Body Tier elites could only free-fall down the abyss alongside the Sun Moon Tier and Mountain River Tier cultivators.

Only Eternal River Tier elites could manage to hover upward, though there were only very few of them. They all wore solemn expressions. The sudden appearance of this abyss left even them feeling apprehensive. In fact, they were so apprehensive that none of them reached down to grab any of the other cultivators.

Otherwise, with their abilities, they should have been capable of rescuing at least one-tenth of the cultivators.


Many people were like furious arrows, shooting down the abyss quicker and quicker under the influence of gravity.

What was astonis.h.i.+ng was the fact that this abyss was incredibly deep. They had already been free-falling for 100 heartbeats, yet there was still no indication that they were nearing the bottom. All they could hear was the howling wind becoming louder and louder in their ears.

At this moment, those who possessed the bloodlines of Demonic Beasts capable of flight all activated their secret techniques and unfurled their wings. They quickly regained control over their bodies and started to fight against the gravitational pull of the abyss.

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden also spread her phoenix wings. However, in order to avoid injuring others by accident, she shrunk the size of her wings to nine meters in total. She beat her wings and flew toward Ling Han, and then pulled him into her embrace.

“I can’t fly up!” she yelped in astonishment.

Ling Han nodded upon hearing this. This abyss possessed a profound suction force. Otherwise, if there were only gravity involved, their speed wouldn’t have reached such a level in such a short amount of time.

“We’ll land at the bottom first,” Ling Han said. “This suction force can’t remain this powerful forever. We’ll fly back up when it weakens.”

“Mm-hm!” The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden nodded in agreement. She flapped her wings and started to soar toward the bottom of the abyss instead. They would see just how deep this abyss ran.

After an entire hour of flight, they finally saw signs of the bottom. However, like a carpet of thorns, columns of razor-sharp stones poked out from the ground. Many of those who had reached the bottom before them were impaled on these stone columns, causing their intestines and organs to spill everywhere. It was truly a wretched sight.

Fortunately, they were all Immortals, so this amount of damage wouldn’t be fatal. The wounded cultivators were all trying their best to pull themselves off the stone columns.


A burst of wind swept toward a cave that lay before them. It was this wind that had formed the powerful suction force.

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden retracted her wings. Then, both she and Ling Han found a stone column to hold onto so that they could resist the powerful pull of the suction force.

Ling Han surveyed the surroundings. This was an underground cave, and it was extremely, extremely large. Meanwhile, another pitch-black cave lay before them, and he couldn’t see into its depths even with his incredible eyesight.


The burst of wind swept through the surroundings with incredible force.

“Ah…!” someone cried out in astonishment. They had failed to resist the pull of the wind, and they were quickly swept away, disappearing into the depths of the pitch-black cave. After a short while, their scream suddenly ceased, not to be heard again.

The darkness in this abyss could swallow even sight, and thus it was simply impossible to see the depths of the cave clearly.

What in the world was going on?


A palm-sized object landed on the ground not far from where Ling Han was. This object was surprisingly heavy, and it caused terrifying shock waves to surge into the surroundings.

Peng, peng, peng!

The stone columns around it were instantly shattered into pieces.

“F*ck! I almost died from that!” A miniature person of three inches tall crawled up from the ground. Wasn’t this the Stone Emperor?

He possessed the bloodline of Rock Spirits, so he was actually heavier than a mountain even though he was so small in stature. Thus, he didn’t need to activate his Origin Power at all, as the suction force wasn’t able to move him a single bit.

“This place is quite strange!” the North Emperor said as he strode over. He had already activated the saber in his hand. This was a Level 15 G.o.d Tool, the most powerful G.o.d Tool below the level of Saint Tools. However, due to his cultivation level, the North Emperor wasn’t able to unleash the full might of this saber.

Yue Ying, the Cloud Maiden, Yang Lin, and the other king tiers all walked over. They were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with Origin Power, so they could maintain their balance and resist the wind even if they didn’t hold onto the stone columns. Meanwhile, the prodigies of the Netherworld also gathered together on the other side. Right now, neither side trusted each other.

The Netherworld believed that this was a trap laid by the Immortal Realm, while the Immortal Realm believed that this was a trap laid by the Netherworld. However, no one knew the truth of the situation.

“Aaah…!” Screams continued to ring out as more and more people were swept away into the pitch-black cave by the strange wind. Their voices would all vanish after a short moment.

Moreover, those who were swept away were all Mountain River Tier cultivators. It was evident that they were too weak to resist the power of the strange wind.

However, this still astonished Ling Han and the others. They naturally didn’t pay much heed to the Mountain River Tier cultivators, but they were surprised by the fact that just this wind alone was already so formidable. This being the case, would there be other more astonis.h.i.+ng things lying in wait for them?

“Humph!” Four Eternal River Tier elites walked over. For the Immortal Realm, this was the Wide Travel Monk King and the Wind Rider Divine King. As for the Netherworld, Ling Han wasn’t too sure who they were. One looked like a pale-faced scholar, while the other was a wolf-headed brute. They were both incredibly powerful.

“Why are you hiding in the shadows? Show yourself!” the Wind Rider Divine King roared. He lashed out with his palm, sending a silver river into the pitch-black cave.

There were hundreds of glowing heavenly bodies in the silver river, and they illuminated the entire cave.


Some unknown being in the depths of the cave attacked the silver river, instantly shattering it into pieces. The cave instantly became pitch-black again.

However, a shocked expression spread across Ling Han’s face. He had activated the Eye of Truth and seen the cave especially clearly. Meanwhile, the Stone Emperor and the others were either more powerful than him or also possessed a similar secret technique to him. As such, they were also able to catch a glimpse of the depths of the cave.