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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1392 - Body of Nine Lives

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1392 - Body of Nine Lives

“I swear that I’ll definitely return!

“After leaving that world, I was unable to resist the power of time and prevent myself from aging, even though I possessed boundless power. Thus, I took a risk and started practicing a secret technique, the Nine Deaths Heaven Art!

“After living nine lives and burying my nine previous bodies, I’ll finally obtain boundless glory in my 10th life.

“In each of my first nine lives, I could only live for a mere 1,000,000 years. I would then have to grab on to the tiny sliver of life as I approached eventual death. After dying nine times, I was finally able to nurture a Divine Fetus. This Divine Fetus is the body for my 10th life!

“I’m sure you’ve already seen the Heavenly Origin Dao Fruits planted in each level of this mysterious realm. However, you’re probably unaware that a wisp of my divine sense is buried beneath each of these Heavenly Origin Dao Fruit. After experiencing 900,000,000 years, each of these divine senses will become tremendously powerful!

“When my nine divine senses fuse, the power my divine sense will be unparalleled, not only in the present, but also when casting our eyes into the ancient past and distant future!

“During this life, I’ll have heaven open its eyes to me, and have earth bow its head to me. I, Gu Daoyi, was a supreme genius even in my initial life. Even time has failed to kill me. I’ll definitely attain glory in this life, a glory even more dazzling than what I’ve experienced in my first life.”

The childish voice of Gu Daoyi reverberated around the ninth level.

“Oh,” Ling Han replied. He finally understood what this Medicine King’s Cave was all about. “You’re from the Celestial Realm, correct?”


If Gu Daoyi were standing before Ling Han right now, his expression would definitely be one of pure shock. He was certain that the Celestial Realm was a supreme secret, yet the first person that he met in this life had already casually uttered its name. It was only natural that he felt stunned.

His feeling of superiority vanished into smoke.

Gu Daoyi couldn’t help but ask, “How do you know about the Celestial Realm?”

The beings of this world definitely shouldn’t have known about the existence of the Celestial Realm. After all, the Celestial Realm had been sealed off from this world countless years ago.

“Someone told me about it,” Ling Han casually replied. He naturally wouldn’t say that he even knew people from the Celestial Realm—not just any random person, but people from the mighty Roc Palace.

Gu Daoyi was speechless. Tsk, more than one person knew about the existence of the Celestial Realm. This was quite a big blow to his ego.

“Oh, that’s right, where did this dog come from?” Ling Han asked.

The human skin old man had relentlessly asked him for the whereabouts of this dog before. In fact, he had repeated the same question at least tens of thousands of times. Thus, even Ling Han was curious about this dog now.

“During my first life, I found an egg in some ancient site of the Celestial Realm. Unexpectedly, this useless black dog was what hatched from it,” Gu Daoyi said in disdain.

“Woof! You’re useless! Your entire family is useless!” The large black dog immediately cursed in retort. He definitely wouldn’t lose in a war of words.

“Although I still have yet to be born, and although I can only begin as mortal when I’m eventually born, this entire place is controlled by my divine sense. Once I activate my supreme formation, no one in the Immortal Realm will be able to withstand my power,” Gu Daoyi said calmly.

The large black dog immediately backed down, muttering, “Wise dogs don’t fight losing battles. When I leave this place, I’ll definitely curse until I’m content.”

Ling Han felt that the large black dog was quite extraordinary. At the very least, he could cause him pain when he bit him. This was something that perhaps no other Heavenly Body Tier elite could achieve.

Just this ability alone caused Ling Han to think that the large black dog was indeed worthy of being a dog that had hatched from some egg from an ancient site of the Celestial Realm.

However, it was quite strange that this large black dog had hatched from an egg. Had his father copulated with a swan?

The large black dog immediately raised his paw, and said, “Brat, there’s something very wrong with your expression. Are you mentally masturbating over my father?”

‘The observation skills of this dog are incredible!’

“This dog is quite strange too,” Gu Daoyi said. “He actually managed to come to this place and seal his own life force. It’s clear that he’s only at the Heavenly Body Tier, yet he was actually able to survive until now. However, I’ve already severed the karma and fate of my nine previous lives. How about this, I’ll gift this dog to you. With a companion by your side, neither of you will feel lonely in the afterlife.”

“Companion your mom!” the large black dog immediately cursed. He turned to Ling Han, and said, “Brat, hurry up and unleash whatever trump cards you have. This brat is so toxic! Destroy him! There’s no need to give me face.”

Ling Han’s expression was cold. Judging by Gu Daoyi’s words, he would start from scratch once he was born. Thus, regardless of how talented he was, he would still need time to grow. However, there were nine supreme killing formations in this mystery realm, each of which could exterminate a Saint King. Moreover, these supreme killing formations were all under the complete control of Gu Daoyi.

As such, Gu Daoyi could kill them with absolute ease if he wanted too.

“Since you claim invincibility in this world, what’s the point of killing us?” Ling Han questioned. Unless he was forced into a dead end, he didn’t want to use his Black Tower, especially not before an elite of the Celestial Realm. “In any case, we’re not able to threaten you, are we?”

Gu Daoyi fell silent as he mulled over this. After obtaining a 10th life, his personality had already undergone huge changes. Otherwise, with the maturity that he possessed in his first life, how could he allow others to sway his resolve? What would he care about the recognition of others? However, hundreds of millions of years of loneliness had caused him to develop a craving for recognition.

Although he would be born a mortal, the foundation laid out by his nine previous lives would mean that he possessed peerless talent. Thus, it wouldn’t be long before he reached the pinnacle of the Immortal Realm. Anyhow, could anyone from the Immortal Realm enter the Celestial Realm?

No way!

The gates to the Celestial Realm had been closed long ago. Moreover, only those who had grasped both the power of creation and power of destruction could blast open a pa.s.sageway between the two realms. As such, he wasn’t worried that Ling Han would enter the Celestial Realm in the future and reveal his secret.

“So be it. I’ll allow you two ants to witness the birth of my legend. I’ll allow you to sing praises of my might to the world.”

Gu Daoyi finally reached a decision.

Ling Han’s mind whirred, and he said, “The Star Sand Martial Arts Academy Myriad Directions Galaxy will open within the next 100 years, and the young king tiers from the hundreds of nearby galaxies will all converge there. However, only those who have reached the Heavenly Body Tier will have the right to enter this academy.”

Gu Daoyi’s interest was immediately piqued. This was the beginning of his 10th life, and thus his mind was also undergoing development. As a result, he also craved fame and recognition like all young people did. If he could defeat all of the young king tiers of the world, that would naturally bring him boundless fame and glory.

Ling Han chuckled in his mind. He knew that Gu Daoyi’s interest had been piqued. In any case, he obviously hadn’t mentioned this for the benefit of Gu Daoyi. Instead, he had mentioned it so that he could personally pummel Gu Daoyi at that time!

So what if Gu Daoyi had lived nine lives to create the foundation for his 10th life? Ling Han was confident that he was invincible against those at the same cultivation level. If anyone wanted to challenge him, he would beat them into the ground!

Gu Daoyi laughed heartily, and said, “Fine, with my cultivation speed, I’ll have definitely reached the Heavenly Body Tier by that time. At that time, I’ll let the beings of this world witness my true strength!

“You two can leave now. Remember, go to the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy in 100 years’ time. There, you’ll witness the beginning of my legend!”


Ling Han felt his body become heavy, and before he knew it, he was already outside the Medicine King’s Cave. Several powerful divine senses instantly swept over his body. These were the divine senses of Eternal River Tier elites, and they made him feel as if he couldn’t hide any secrets.

Taking into account the time, it was very likely that the compet.i.tion over the Flower of Makara had already come to an end. Thus, the elites were all very attentive, carefully inspecting every Heavenly Body Tier elite that left the mystery realm.

They were all h.e.l.l-bent on obtaining this poisonous flower. In fact, they had all prepared for countless years just for this one compet.i.tion.

Shua, shua, shua!

However, right at this moment, more and more people appeared outside the Medicine King’s Cave. In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of people had already appeared.

Everyone had been teleported out from the Medicine King’s Cave.

Some people had been plucking G.o.dly medicines, while others had been taking examinations. Some people had also been preparing themselves in the palaces. However, without exception, they were all tossed out from the mysterious realm at this moment. This caused confusion in many people’s minds.