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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1393 - Returning to the Joint Peace Plane

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1393 - Returning to the Joint Peace Plane

‘My time limit is still far from expiring!’

The elites were also confused. ‘What in the world is going on?’

However, someone immediately recounted the appearance of the human skin old man. Of course, they also recounted how the Flower of Makara had been eaten by the old man.

The Eternal River Tier elites were instantly stupefied.

In order to obtain this flower, they had all done meticulous planning for tens of millions of years. Yet, a strange being had suddenly appeared and eaten the flower?

The elites were about to go crazy. Where on earth had that elite come from?

‘My dog?’

‘Have you seen my dog?’

What secret was hidden behind these words?

Ling Han couldn’t help but laugh in his mind. These people would never learn of the true events that had taken place inside the mystery realm. In any case, it wouldn’t be long before Gu Daoyi entered the world again. At that time, the nine levels of G.o.dly medicines would all be his property. Thus, the four major clans wouldn’t receive any more benefits from the Medicine King’s Cave in the future.

But why had the Medicine King’s Cave opened every once in a while and even rewarded the people who had entered?

Ling Han didn’t know why, but perhaps there was something wrong with Gu Daoyi’s brain.

Or perhaps he couldn’t stand the feeling of loneliness.

Because no one had managed to obtain the Flower of Makara, the Eternal River Tier elites all lost interest in inspecting the yield of the cultivators any further. After all, it was about the same every single time. Most people would bring back some low-level pill recipes, while those who were lucky would bring back some level 10 or so Great Herbs. How could such things interest them?

As such, Ling Han was able to leave casually with the large black dog. He didn’t bid farewell to Lin Yuqi, either. That woman was extremely bewitching, and it was probably best to stay as far away from her as possible.

‘It’s time to leave.’

The large black dog naturally wouldn’t tag along with Ling Han. In any case, he was extremely eager to travel around anyway. There was no sign that he was feeling grief after being abandoned by his owner. However, he said that he would go to the Myriad Directions Galaxy within 100 years and enter the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy.

In his words, he was going to capture a few beautiful women to act as his mounts.

How debauched!

Ling Han knew that this large black dog wasn’t someone with a good moral compa.s.s. He truly wanted to throw him in a group with the old ginseng and Rabbit, making them the group of three debauched beasts. However, with this large black dog’s personality, he would probably roast Rabbit and stew the old ginseng before long.

Ling Han pushed these thoughts from his mind as he retrieved his Cloud Piercing Shuttle and soared into the air, toward the vast and empty galaxy.

This signified the beginning of a two-year-long journey through the universe.

With the galactic coordinates, the Cloud Piercing Shuttle could fly autonomously. Thus, Ling Han entered the Black Tower to refine his cultivation. After this was done, he would then work to advance to the medium extreme.

Inside the Black Tower, everyone had achieved significant improvements.

Ding Ping had already reached the peak stage of the pinnacle level of the Mountain River Tier, while Jiuyao had also sensed the barrier to the pinnacle level of the Mountain River Tier. However, although Feng Po Yun and Murong Qing had both reached the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier, they were unable to sense the barrier to the pinnacle level no matter what.

Cultivation talent was indeed important. If advancing to the pinnacle level required one percent of talent and 99% of effort, then without that one percent of talent, one wouldn’t be able to reach the pinnacle level even if they exerted the other 99% of effort.

This was the case with Feng Po Yun and Murong Qing. After reaching the consummate level, they had witnessed Ling Han—and even his two disciples—advance to or begin to advance to the pinnacle level. Meanwhile, they were only able to wander around, unable to discover the barrier to the pinnacle level. As such, they had both become extremely determined, unwilling to admit defeat.

However, there were some things that just couldn’t be done with pure determination alone. It was the sliver of talent that separated true king tiers from countless other prodigies.

Even so, Ling Han didn’t convince his two brothers to stop aiming for the pinnacle level. Cultivators had to determine their own paths. Meanwhile, he would quietly support those dear to him, regardless of what they chose to do.

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was still a fair way off from reaching the Heavenly Body Tier. Perhaps she would reach the Heavenly Body Tier after cultivating under the Reincarnation Tree for two more years. After all, there was a Saint here, and he would provide them with guidance from time to time.

The Notionless Saint naturally enjoyed the most rapid cultivation speed out of everyone in the Black Tower. Right now, he had already reached the high extreme of the Mountain River Tier. Of course, this was partly because he had been a Saint in the past, meaning that he didn’t need to overcome any new barriers during his cultivation. Moreover, he had a huge amount of alchemical pills to support his cultivation.

However, the most important aspect was probably his Five Element Body unleas.h.i.+ng its potential. Although this would cause the Celestial Decline to befall him 10 times more frequently, its positive effect on cultivation was also incredibly potent and evident.

In fact, even Ling Han was envious of his Five Element Body, wanting to possess such a body for himself. Of course, this was only a momentary urge.

Ling Han started to cultivate earnestly. However, he didn’t go into absolute seclusion. Sometimes he comprehended the great dao, and sometimes he studied alchemy. After all, he was only aiming to advance one minor level. This wouldn’t be too difficult.

After spending two months under the Reincarnation Tree, Ling Han finally mastered the refinement process of the Flying Fire Pill. Although this was a Level 10 Divine Pill, its refinement process was starkly different due to its nature as a weapon rather than an alchemical pill that was ingested.

However, once the refinement process of this Flying Fire Pill was mastered, it would be extremely easy to refine.

Ling Han continued to refine Flying Fire Pills as he cultivated, his stock of Flying Fire Pills slowly growing. Only when he ran out of Explosion Fruits did Ling Han stop refining alchemical pills and s.h.i.+ft his full focus to cultivation.

Half a year pa.s.sed, and he was the first to achieve a breakthrough.

The Cloud Piercing Shuttle stopped in the universe so that Ling Han could exit to face his heavenly tribulation. After enduring the torturous pain of shattering his own G.o.dly bones again, Ling Han successfully advanced to the medium extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier. Meanwhile, the murderous aura of the Divine Demon Sword grew even stronger after facing the tribulation alongside him.

Afterward, the people in the Black Tower advanced one after another.

Regarding those who advanced to the Sun Moon Tier, they could ingest a Berserk Blood Spirit Pill with each minor level that they advanced, all the way until they reached the pinnacle of the Sun Moon Tier. 12 years in the real world—or 5000 years under the Reincarnation Tree—would be enough time for them to acc.u.mulate enough comprehension and advance to the next minor level.

Although their return trip would only take two years, everyone in Black Tower was advancing in leaps and bounds.

Right now, the Black Tower was already complete with the five elements. Thus, Ling Han started to comprehend the plethora of unique techniques of the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll. According to Small Tower, he would gain the ability to block a single strike from a Genesis Tier Saint if he managed to comprehend all of these unique techniques and if he channeled them with his full power.

Of course, the limit was only one strike.

However, this was already an unbelievable ability. Those were Genesis Tier Saints! With a single strike, even Eternal River Tier elites would only be able to accept their fate of death. However, he—a Heavenly Body Tier elite—would be able to block a single strike!

Moreover, he also possessed Rising From The Ashes, a technique that would allow him to rise from the dead. In other words, he could potentially block two strikes from a Genesis Tier Saint!

This was unfathomable!

Ling Han poured all of his time and effort into these unique techniques. However, even with the help of the Reincarnation Tree, he could only reach a stage of small accomplishment by the time he arrived back at the Joint Peace Planet. This wasn’t enough for him to block a strike of a Genesis Tier Saint. However, he could probably block the strike of an Eternal River Tier elite, even if they were at the consummate level.

The Cloud Piercing Shuttle landed on the familiar yet unfamiliar planet.

‘I’ve returned!’ Ling Han exclaimed in his mind.

Everyone came out of the Black Tower. After cultivating hard for so many “years”, there was naturally a need to relax a bit. Simply working hard on cultivation was not the best method of cultivation.

Because the Cloud Piercing Shuttle was actually a stars.h.i.+p at present, it was suited to fly through the galaxy, but if it was a planetary flight, it was extremely difficult to control its landing. They landed in the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire, which gave Ling Han a feeling of both familiarity and unfamiliarity.