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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1394 - Stop over and Conflic

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1394 - Stop over and Conflic

The feeling of familiarity was because this was Joint Peace Planet, and unfamiliarity was because this was the territory of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire, and he had never been here before.

With Ling Han’s present abilities, he could easily do as he willed in this Majestic Empire. As long as the Eternity Sky Emperor did not appear, there was practically no one capable of matching him.

However, Ling Han had no wish to cause trouble, either. He checked the direction, and then headed towards the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire.

He had not seen the empress for so many years, so he did miss her slightly.

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was jealous, and couldn’t help but deliver a pinch to his waist. Ling Han said a great many sweet words to finally appease this jealous lover.

Ling Han was not worried that a conflict would occur when the two women met, mainly because Empress Luan Xing was too overbearing. Probably every other woman aside from Hu Niu would be intimidated by her presence; she was truly deserving of the t.i.tle of Big Sister without any doubt.

With such a leader of the harem standing by, it was guaranteed that there would be no chaos.

“Still, am I really going to establish a harem?” Ling Han asked himself, and couldn’t help but grin bitterly. Though he only had two actual wives, he was naturally going to wed the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. She had held the name of Ling Family’s Widow for over 10,000 years, so how could he bring himself to let her down?

The empress was exquisitely beautiful without compare, and Ling Han had to admit that he was very interested, and did not want to give her up.

This was already the fourth.

In the Celestial Realm, he could not disappoint Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan, either—if he dared to abandon them, he’d probably be chased out of the house by his own mother and father.


And there was also Hu Niu. This little girl was obviously determined to marry him. Furthermore, she was very much glued to him. He probably wouldn’t be able to fling her off no matter what he did.

“Then it’ll be seven[1], no more than that,” Ling Han said, counting on his fingers.

The group travelled in the territory of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire. They did not alert anyone of their presence, and kept a very low profile. Three days later, they had arrived at a small town, but this place was apparently a little strange. There were extraordinarily many people here, and many of them were elites too.

This “elite” was in terms of the overall cultivation level of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire. Heavenly Body Tier was the strongest elite, and Sun Moon Tier could claim to be elites. Thus, the elites here were in the Sun Moon Tier.

Ling Han naturally would not take them to heart. Putting aside that this was only Joint Peace Planet, there were not that many elites that deserved his serious attention in the whole galaxy.

Coincidentally, both the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden and Ding Ping actually broke through at this time, so Ling Han and his group could only stop over in this place and wait. The two of them each went to a deserted area, and began to release the restrictions on their cultivation level so they could attract a heavenly tribulation.

The remaining members of the group, meanwhile, found a teahouse to sit down for a while. Enduring a tribulation would be half a day, at least, and added with the trip to and fro, about a day’s time was still necessary. Hence, they sat down for a short while.

Furthermore, a restaurant was also a good place to obtain information. Ling Han had also left for quite a good number of years, and added with the fact that this place was obviously abnormal, there was no harm in probing for some information.

True enough, there were many people here willing to fill him in, and very soon, Ling Han found out the reason why this place would be so bustling with noise and excitement.

That was because a treasure was about to appear in this place.

It was still unknown what exactly it was. In the last few months, brilliant light had appeared from under the ground that shot through the skies, but the exact location was still unclear. Thus, there were increasingly more and more elites who had come here after they received the news.

“Master, should we also join in on the excitement?” Jiang Yuefeng asked, his expression filled with excitement.

He was a showy guy. Even after he had married, had a daughter, and 10,000 years had pa.s.sed, there was still not the slightest change to his personality.

Chen Ruijing and the others were also restless. They could only be called elites on Cloud Apex Planet, but were qualified to be called strong elites here, causing their confidence to boom. They very much wanted to show off a bit.

Ling Han gave the matter some thought, and said, “In any case, we are free. Go on. But you all must return after a day.”

“Yes, Master!” Chen Ruijing and the others dragged Jiuyao off with them as well. This youngest junior brother advanced at a very frightening rate, and was just a hair’s breadth away from the peak stage of the pinnacle level. He could just barely be called a Sun Moon Tier elite.

Can Ye, Yuan Cheng He, and the others also went with them. In any case, they wanted to gain some experience.

“Founder, Rabbit, Ginseng, and I will go play then.” Jiang Qiaoling’s personality was also similar to her father’s. She was the type that could not sit still at all.

“Go on.” Ling Han waved her off, appearing to be completely nonchalant.

Meanwhile, Ling Han sipped tea with his two brothers, discussing cultivation, trying to give them a bit of inspiration so they would suddenly be enlightened and comprehend the profound mysteries of the pinnacle level.

But a four-star genius was already very rare, what more when it was the pinnacle level?

Ling Han sighed internally. Natural talent was really very important, and the higher the cultivation level, the more obvious how important it was.

Going by this theory, Gu Daoyi really could not be underestimated. He had cultivated the fruits of cultivation of 10 lives with his body of nine lives; Great Saint level and Saint level had partic.i.p.ated in the reforging of his physique. What astonis.h.i.+ng physique could have been nurtured from that?

‘That is what incited my fighting spirit. Otherwise, what meaning would there be to be invincible among all those in the same cultivation level? If there did not exist a few rivals in one’s life, that would really be lonely,’ Ling Han thought.

He was not too bad himself. Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll was his powerful trump card, and his grasp of heaven’s might was becoming more and more proficient, and added with the strength of the Divine Demon Sword, it was really unbelievable that anyone in the same cultivation level as he could be an equal match for him.

Less than half a day layer, Jiang Qiaoling had actually returned with Rabbit and the old ginseng.

Ling Han was very surprised. This trio had actually come back so soon. This was very illogical.

His eyes swept over them. Jiang Qiaoling, Rabbit, and the old ginseng all avoided his gaze, not daring to make eye contact with him. Ling Han immediately knew that something was off, and asked, “What is it? Got into trouble?”

“Hehe.” Jiang Qiaoling did not fear her founder, Ling Han, mainly because Ling Han was too young, and was even younger than her. However, she dared not be impudent in front of him, either. In her heart, Ling Han was more like the role of an imposing elder brother.

“Little Han, this time is really not Qiaoqiao’s fault. A b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually wanted to hara.s.s Qiaoqiao, Grandpa Ginseng and Brother Rabbit were naturally angered. We each gave him a kick, and respectively destroyed that idiot’s b.a.l.l.s,” the old ginseng boldly proclaimed.

“Haha, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d has two less b.a.l.l.s, so wouldn’t he become King Six Eggs?” Rabbit laughed loudly[2].

Ling Han had always been one to defend his own people, so he nodded, and said, “Since that is the case, that is naturally no fault of yours. You have done very well. We do not bully others, but we cannot allow others to bully us, either.”

“Hoho, how boastful of you!” A cold laugh rang out from the entrance of the teahouse.

“Yi, this voice sounds very familiar,” someone gasped.

“Of course, this is the Seventh Tiger of the w.a.n.g Clan!”

“What, w.a.n.g Chuanxi?”

“Run, when Seventh Tiger w.a.n.g arrives, it will definitely become a bloodbath!”

In an instant, all the other customers of the restaurant ran off completely.

Ling Han and his group were on the first floor, so they merely needed to cast their eyes towards the entrance and they could see who had arrived.

That was a man with a st.u.r.dy build, a complete tiger’s hide draped around him. It could be seen that the lifelike tiger’s head was covering his head, exuding an air of malevolence.

“You’ve beaten a member of our w.a.n.g Clan, so do you think you can still slip away?” w.a.n.g Chuanxi asked coldly.

[1] You may notice two weren’t named. Iirc, they were the dragon girl surnamed Helian from smaller world and the academy teacher.

[2] This is a bit difficult to explain. Basically, b.a.s.t.a.r.d in Chinese directly translates to King Eight Eggs, with ‘egg’ being synonymous to t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es, so since the poor guy has had his destroyed, he becomes King Six Eggs.

The w.a.n.g Clan were not residents of this town, but rather came from a large city.

The ancestor of the w.a.n.g Clan, w.a.n.g Hao, was merely over 2,000,000 years old at present, and he had already reached the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier. In the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire, this was already considered a first-grade force—Heavenly Body Tier naturally was the top-grade force.

Ordinarily, the higher the power, the fewer the children. This was because his essence had condensed, and added with the fact that cultivation itself was something that went against natural law, and he would receive a backlash from the heaven and earth, it was very difficult to leave behind descendants.