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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1396 - Lei Dong

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1396 - Lei Dong

Everyone else was dumbfounded. Only Heavenly Body Tier elites would have such ma.s.sive wealth to offer a price of 100,000,000 True Origin Stones at the very beginning. Could it be that that young man was really so strong? Otherwise, what need was there for Lei Dong to use True Origin Stones to trade for the treasure? He could directly resort to force to s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure.

In the cultivation world, using one’s overwhelming power was not called s.n.a.t.c.hing, but a matter of course.

If you were not strong enough, then you were not qualified to possess the treasure.

“Is this the ‘Floating Divine Sword’, Lei Dong, Lord Lei?”

“En, precisely!”

“I never thought that even Lord Lei would be tempted by this treasure. Hiss, it must be extraordinary!”

“He must have just happened to pa.s.s by coincidentally, right? Otherwise, how would that minor character have managed to obtain it?”


Everyone was whispering among themselves, and had called out the name of this supreme elite of the Heavenly Body Tier.

“Not enough.” Ling Han shook his head. Though he did not know the true use of this sword, it was definitely worth more than 100,000,000 True Origin Stones.

Everyone inhaled sharply. ‘100,000,000 True Origin Stones are still not enough? You’re asking for too much, aren’t you?’

A sliver of displeasure also appeared on Lei Dong’s face. On Joint Peace Planet, 100,000,000 True Origin Stones was definitely an astronomical number, and was just about his entire savings. If it was not for the fact that he could tell Ling Han was also in the medium extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier, he would definitely not be offering a price, but rather resorting to forcibly s.n.a.t.c.hing the sword.

However, precisely because Ling Han was equal in cultivation level to him, he did not wish to easily provoke him, either. Those that had reached a height like them naturally would not start a fight easily with another of the same cultivation level, as that would implicate too much.

He muttered irresolutely, and asked, “Dare I ask how I may address you and where have you come from?”

There were only that many supreme elites of the Heavenly Body Tier on the whole Joint Peace Planet. Though some of them lived in isolation and did not appear in public, those were all old monsters that had cultivated for innumerable millions of years. How could they possibly be this young?

His life essence shot up into the skies. This was definitely a young king tier that was no more than 500 years old.

This caused him to be wary. Being able to advance into the Heavenly Body Tier before reaching 500 years old was too frightening. Who knew, he might have some great abilities that could not be imagined.

Ling Han smiled lightly, and asked, “Before you ask others, should you not introduce yourself first?”

Such nerve!

The Ten Tigers of the w.a.n.g Clan were all shocked. No wonder Ling Han dared to kill a member of their w.a.n.g Clan. F***, he dared to speak so frankly even with a supreme elite of the Heavenly Body Tier.

Yet Lei Dong did not look angry at all. He knew Ling Han’s cultivation level, so he would naturally not put on any airs. “I am Lei Dong, from the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire.”

He had purposely spoken the words “Eternity Sky Majestic Empire” because he thought that Ling Han could not possibly be from the Majestic Empire. Otherwise, if such a young Heavenly Body Tier had appeared in the Majestic Empire, he would definitely have heard about it.

Ling Han smiled faintly. “Ling Han, from the Great Ling Empire.”

Great Ling Empire?

Lei Dong looked blank. Where was that?

“Yi, the Great Ling Empire, I know that!” Someone suddenly slapped a hand in realization on his thigh. “This is a small nation subordinate to the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire. It should have come through opening the sky over 20 years ago.”


Lei Dong immediately spluttered in spite of himself. What joke was he playing? He had come by opening the sky 20 over years ago; then wouldn’t that mean that Ling Han had reached Heavenly Body Tier all the way from Shattering Void Tier in that little amount of time?

‘That’s got to be a lie!’

“You belong to the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire?” Lei Dong asked darkly. That was what he thought.

Ling Han shrugged, and replied, “If you want to think that way, you may do so.” The empress would definitely be his in future, so it was no mistake to say that he belonged to the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, either.

“Sir, you’ve gone too far!” Lei Dong’s expression was written all over with ‘as expected’.

A person of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire actually dared to come here, and even dared to s.n.a.t.c.h a treasure of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire? Had he even taken the elites of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire to heart?

“Have I?” Ling Han smiled slightly, incredibly nonchalant.

Finally, Lei Dong’s fighting spirit was incited.

Firstly, this was an elite from an opposing nation who had now barged here. Going by reason, since he had encountered such a person, even if there was no treasure involved, he had to make a move to suppress him as well. Otherwise, it would be a loss of national pride.

Secondly, with the treasure added into the equation, he had even more of a reason to make a move.

Thirdly, since Ling Han was a member of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, he would not be able to draw on power of the nation here, but he could, and it could give him an additional boost of a star of battle prowess.

For elites like them, how could they afford the gap of a star of battle prowess?

Thus, his confidence was soaring, and he decided to make a move.

“Sir, since you dare come to our empire, you must bear the consequences!” He brazenly moved, two heavenly bodies appearing behind him. Both of them were the same size.

This meant… he had reached the peak stage of the medium extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier!

Boom, his hand turned into a black demonic claw that rolled out towards Ling Han. The shock wave swept past, and it was strong enough to kill Chen Ruijing and the others.

This was what Heavenly Body Tier was; they possessed absolutely overwhelming strength.

Ling Han pointed a finger, completely indifferent.

Pu, this demonic claw instantly shattered. Origin Power surged like a mad wave, forcibly destroying the top of the tea house. The remaining power did not decrease. Peng, peng, peng, it razed the entire town, and only then did it settle.

Thankfully, this was only the remaining shock wave after the direct impact. Though innumerable buildings had been destroyed, it did not possess much destructive power against living beings. Those that had reached the Immortal level fortunately survived the disaster, but there were still countless casualties and injuries among those below Immortal level.

This was also why Heavenly Body Tiers had to fight in midair; their destructive power was too frightening.

Lei Dong was completely unconcerned. In his eyes, even those in the Sun Moon Tier were ants, so how could he possibly care about the life and death of mere mortals?

He appeared solemn. The other’s strength had exceeded his expectations slightly; he had so easily dispelled his attack.

And the Ten Tigers of the w.a.n.g Clan had all turned pale with fear. They did not know how strong Ling Han was, but he was capable of receiving the strike of a supreme elite of the Heavenly Body Tier. What did that signify?

That Ling Han was really in the Heavenly Body Tier!

They actually dared seek vengeance from this kind of elite. That would be like an old man committing suicide: too tired of living!

Lei Dong drew his sword. He was named the Floating Divine Sword, so his strength was naturally in swordsmans.h.i.+p. The moment he drew his sword, fragrance would float far and wide. Death would happen without any signs in advance.

Ling Han was still sitting calmly as he had been. He had even killed someone in the high extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier, so he really did not take Lei Dong to heart.

“Let us battle in the skies!” Lei Dong declared darkly. It was an exchange of blows with an elite from an enemy empire, after all. If their battle caused too much death and destruction, it was inevitable that his reputation would be damaged. The hearts of the people would abandon him, and the power of the nation would become poison to him.

“As you like,” Ling Han replied calmly.

The two of them shot up into the skies, and confronted each other 30 kilometers in the air.

“Fragrance floats ten thousand miles, the sword leaving no mark!” Lei Dong drew his sword. Shua, the sword struck, turning into countless flashes of sword light, and forming a sword formation that pushed towards Ling Han.

This sword light was earth-shattering, and there was nowhere to dodge.

“Take a strike from me as well.” Ling Han using his fingers like he would a sword, and swiped forwards.

Lightning Sword Technique, the sword of heaven’s might!

It was very simple, yet brought with it a supreme aggression, enough to suppress all else.

Compared with Lei Dong’s sword light that filled the skies, Ling Han had only delivered a single flash of sword light, which appeared very frail.

Yet it was this solitary flash of sword light that seemed like the king among swords, possessing an aura of invincibility.

In front of my might of king tier, all others, no matter how many their number were, would only be overwhelmed.

Pu, the attack swept over, and all the skies paled.

Lei Dong showed an expression of deep astonishment. Previously, though Ling Han had easily dispelled his attack, he had only appeared slightly more serious because that was also an attack he had delivered casually.

But this strike was different. He had already used an ultimate move, but Ling Han had still easily dispelled it. This caused a tempest of shock to rise up in his heart.