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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1397 - Heaven Execution Order

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1397 - Heaven Execution Order

‘How is he so powerful?’

He took in a deep breath, and the totem of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire suddenly appeared above his head. In the end, he had still drawn on power of the nation.

Weng, the totem opened its eyes, focusing in on Ling Han.

It seemed to possess a life of its own. That pair of eyes exuded a frightening might as if merely its gaze was sufficient to suppress everything.

Ling Han knew that this was not merely the totem, but also possessed the pressure that came from the Eternity Sky Emperor himself.

All lands under the heavens belonged to the Imperial Authority.

As long as the nation’s leader willed it, he could check on any place inside the territory of his empire through the totem, and could even attack through the totem—of course, any attack like that would not reach the strongest it could be.

When a Heavenly Body Tier elite wanted to draw on power of the nation, it was naturally a huge matter. Thus, the Eternity Sky Emperor was alerted at the first instant, cast his divine sense here, and saw Ling Han through the totem.

Ling Han was standing proudly. So what if he was in the consummate level of the Heavenly Body Tier? Presently, it was indeed very difficult for him to fight such a character, but if he was no match for him, he could always run, couldn’t he?

As long as he was given a little more time, killing an elite of consummate level would be the same like killing a chicken or a dog to him.

Ling Han looked coldly at the totem. It could be considered a body doppelganger of the Eternity Sky Emperor. When the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire had invaded previously just to obtain the Nine Demons Sword, causing countless bloodshed and death, this also caused Ling Han to be filled with killing intent towards the Eternity Sky Emperor.

Lei Dong drew on power of the nation, and his power instantly increased greatly.

This boost of a single star of battle prowess meant being 10 times stronger!

Lei Dong gave a battle cry, and delivered a slash once more with his sword. The cold sword light lit up the whole sky, causing even the sun itself to darken. Probably one-tenth of the territory of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire could see this flash of sword light.

“The sword moves the Mountains and Rivers!” he roared, delivering this sword strike at Ling Han. The sword light turned into rain, and there was nowhere that Ling Han could dodge in this world.

Yet Ling Han still merely used a single finger. The Lightning Sword Technique shot out, and he was the true king of swords.

Peng, peng,peng, peng. The shower of swords that filled the skies all evaporated, but this sword light that Ling Han had flicked out was still slicing out towards Lei Dong. Its might had not decreased in the slightest.

“What!?” Lei Dong paled in shock. How could Ling Han possibly be so powerful?

He forcibly lifted his sword to parry, but when the sword light swept over him, his whole person was forced backwards. He had been sent flying over 100 miles before he finally stopped.

Weng, right at this moment, the totem in the skies suddenly moved, and a large hand stretched out from within and grabbed out at Ling Han.

The Eternity Sky Emperor moved!

Ling Han was disdainful, and greeted the incoming strike with a punch. “Eternity Sky Emperor, if you had come personally, you would still have been qualified to fight me. But if you want to take me down with merely the power of the totem, that could only happen in your dreams!”

Peng, the punch landed. The large hand was first, and instantly exploded into smithereens. Subsequently, the totem also crumbled. However, the totem in the skies was merely a shadowy image, so even if it crumbled, it was fine. Very quickly, it reappeared once more.

The Eternity Sky Emperor’s face appeared through the totem. He stared menacingly at Ling Han as if wanting to clearly see his face. After a long while, he declared, “By my imperial command, the Heaven Execution Order is placed on Ling Han.”

Hong, this was not merely said to Ling Han, but was broadcast to the whole Eternity Sky Majestic Empire through the totem.

“Hiss…” At this instant, there was initially a dead silence in the territory of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire, followed by a great commotion.

The Heaven Execution Order!

In the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire, there were a total of three types of Execution Orders, which were respectively Heaven, Earth, and Mortal, corresponding to different types of elites. If the Mortal Execution Order was issued, all Mountain River Tier cultivators in the Majestic Empire would be mobilized. They had to move if they encountered the person that had been issued the execution order, or they would be seen as traitors to the Majestic Empire.

When the Earth Execution Order was issued, all elites of the Sun Moon Tier would have to move, and if it was the Heaven Execution Order… then even Heavenly Body Tiers would have to leave everything else and hunt down and kill this person.

In the history of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire, how many years had it been since the Heaven Execution Order had been issued?

In that moment, Ling Han’s name and appearance were broadcast through the whole Eternity Sky Majestic Empire through the totem. All Heavenly Body Tier elites left whatever they had been doing at the time. Even those that had been cultivating in isolation immediately called a stop to their cultivation.

Only the old monsters in the consummate level of the Heavenly Body Tier could ignore the Heaven Execution Order. Their status was already outstanding enough that they could ignore the imperial authority.

But how would others dare to do the same?

All of a sudden, at least 50 Heavenly Body Tier elites moved. This was more or less the full power of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire.

“Hahahaha!” Lei Dong laughed loudly. “I really never thought that His Majesty would actually issue the Heaven Execution Order for you! Ling Han, why don’t you quickly scramble back to the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire with your tail between your legs? However, you would have to leave behind that wooden sword for me. Otherwise, I will do my utter best to detain you so that you would be besieged on all sides. No matter how powerful your abilities are, your only fate would be death.”

Ling Han shook his head, and said, “If you stop me, you will definitely die! Furthermore, you are completely unqualified to stop me. I could kill you with a single move.”

Lei Dong was so furious he laughed. Ling Han actually said that he could be killed with a single move? Where had his confidence come from? Previously, the abilities that Ling Han had shown were indeed very strong, but it had definitely not reached the extent that could destroy the heavens and earth.

“Fine then. I really want to see how you can kill me with a single move—”


A human head soared into the skies. Lei Dong’s head danced in the air. He still dared not believe it. He could see Ling Han was wielding a Divine Sword, the sword’s blade not having the slightest bit of blood, and his headless body was presently falling down from the skies.

It really was only a single move!

He did not even manage to see how Ling Han had attacked with his sword. He merely felt a frightening pressure attack him, and his reaction speed had slowed slightly. Disregarding his will, he had not moved to dodge when he should have, and his defenses were completely ineffective as well.

Boom, a destructive murderous aura forged into his murderous aura, and Lei Dong lost all his senses, heading towards death.

Ling Han descended from the skies with a single step. At this moment, Lei Dong’s body and head fell onto the ground. Peng, peng. Even when a Heavenly Body Tier elite died, he still possessed terrifying might. The impact of his body and head caused the ground to shake violently as if an earthquake was happening.

Everyone’s eyes were popping out in their extreme shock. Though they were not able to fly, they could clearly see the battle commencing in the skies, including the interference of the Eternity Sky Emperor through the totem as well as the issuing of the Heaven Execution Order.

Then, Ling Han suddenly showed his might, and killed Lei Dong with a single strike.

On Joint Peace Planet, Heavenly Body Tier were the supreme rulers, and the huge matter of a ruler dying would only happen in who knew how many years, and now it actually happened right in front of their eyes.

With a single sword strike!

Hiss, what kind of freak was this!

The Ten Tigers of the w.a.n.g Clan were scared witless. They really wanted to faint.

Ling Han stood proudly, and said, “If there is anyone who wants to kill me, just come. I will be here for half a day’s time.”

He still had to wait for Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden and Ding Ping, so he temporarily would not be able to leave.

All the people of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire felt their faces twitching. A great many felt incredibly angered. An elite from an opposing nation came into their territory and still dared to strut around boldly like this? But there were also some who admired Ling Han. The Eternity Sky Emperor had already issued the Heaven Execution Order, yet Ling Han actually dared to stills stay here. He was really courageous!

After a day had pa.s.sed, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden and Ding Ping came back one after the other. One had broken through to the Heavenly Body Tier, whereas the other had advanced into the Sun Moon Tier, which added two powerful helpers to Ling Han’s side.