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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1399 - Meeting Xiang Chengyun Again

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1399 - Meeting Xiang Chengyun Again

Previously, when he had come through opening the sky, it was Xiang Chengyun who had come by the will of the Left Minister and taken the Great Ling Empire in as one of the subordinate nations under the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire. At the beginning, their relations were not too bad, but as Ling Han gradually became more and more successful, Xiang Chengyun felt jealous of his success, and the two of them naturally became distant.

Especially when it was after the Left Minister warned Ling Han not to be too close with Li Weiwei. Xiang Chengyun naturally followed the footsteps of the Left Minister closely, and completely drew a clear dividing line between himself and Ling Han as if they were absolute strangers.

Subsequently, Ling Han went to Flying Cloud Planet, and did not see Xiang Chengyun again.

So many years had pa.s.sed since their separation… actually, it had not been that many years. In the Immortal Realm, the time of more than 10 years would pa.s.s like the blink of an eye, so Xiang Chengyun naturally would not change that much. As a popular person at the side of the Left Minister, especially when the two Ministers had full control of the Imperial Court at present, Xiang Chengyun’s self-confidence was naturally booming.

“Lord Xiang, please wait for a moment. I will immediately clear the private room.” The waiter was covered in cold sweat. At present, he could offend anyone but Xiang Chengyun. Putting aside the fact that he was just a minor character, even Sun Moon Tier-level forces would collapse easily if Xiang Chengyun spoke badly of them in front of the Left Minister.

“Humph, what kind of people are they to actually procrastinate so much? How insolent!” Another voice rang out. They saw that a young man had barged in. He had just broken through to the Mountain River Tier, but the arrogance in his expression was very heavy, as if the heavens were the boss and he was the second most powerful after the heavens themselves.

He saw that there were not just humans inside the private room, there was also a rabbit and a ginseng that were sitting high up like lords. Involuntarily, a muscle twitched in his cheek.

Demonic Beasts were commonly seen, but this was a little beyond common sense to see them act so boldly in the Imperial Capital of human cultivators like this.

Furthermore, the three women here were all very beautiful. One was sweet and naive, one was mature and shapely, and the last was even more attractive. She was as beautiful as a fairy, her beauty incomparable. She was practically like the legendary empress, who could cause one to lose his spirit with a single look.

But the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was not Empress Luan Xing, after all. Thus, the young man soon came back to himself, and proudly asked, “Who are you all?”

As he spoke, Xiang Chengyun had also walked into the private room, but due to the angle he was standing at, he did not see Ling Han. Furthermore, because Ling Han’s cultivation level was too high, his aura reserved, he completely could not tell how strong Ling Han was.

Of course, no matter how hard he thought, he could not possibly think that this was Ling Han, and that he had furthermore advanced into the Heavenly Body Tier. He could easily send even the Lord Left Minister flying with a single smack!

His bearing was arrogant. Though there was not the slightest bit of change in his official position, the Left Minister presently had control of half the authority of the empire, so his status naturally increased innumerable times, and he appeared even more arrogant and prouder.

He could obviously tell that there were a few people here whose auras had unfathomable depths, yet he still did not take them to heart.

There were only those few Heavenly Body Tiers in the entire Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, so these few people definitely could not be such types of elites. At most, they should only be in the Sun Moon Tier. If they were only in the Sun Moon Tier, what did he have to fear? Not only did he not fear them, this kind of existence would even have to turn around to curry his favor!

For example, the young man that was treating him to wine today was the prodigy of the Lu Clan, a Sun Moon Tier-level force, Lu Youjing. He was playing the matchmaker this time, and there was an intention to betroth the beloved daughter of the Lu Clan to him.

It should be known that this beloved daughter of the Lu Clan had been very much in the limelight these few years, and had become one of the four great beauties of the Imperial Capital, replacing Li Weiwei and the others—who asked them to have advanced into the Mountain River Tier? The new generation would replace the older generation; it had always been that way in history.

At first, Xiang Chengyun had some designs on Li Weiwei, but he had self-awareness. In the eyes of the Left Minister, he was only a useful, obedient dog. How could he be qualified to marry Li Weiwei?

Thus, he had long since given up, and had also seen that beloved daughter of the Lu Clan before. She was indeed enchantingly beautiful, definitely not inferior to Li Weiwei. Furthermore, the Lu Clan also had an ancestor in the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier, so it could be considered a first-rate clan.

If he could become the son-in-law of the Lu Clan, there would be many gains for Xiang Chengyun. Additionally, the Lu Clan could also forge a good relations.h.i.+p with the Left Minister through him. Thus, the two sides naturally hit it off.

At present, Xiang Chengyun’s pride had already soared to the skies. As long as it was not the Right Minister or the Seven Generals, he feared no one. Even if the ancestor in the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier came, he still dared to point at the former’s nose and scold him. Thus, he simply allowed Lu Youjing to act out.

Moreover, he was also very displeased himself. A very popular person by the side of the Left Minister himself had come for some wine, and his request to have a private room had actually been delayed for so long. What was left of his pride?

The old ginseng slapped the table, and said, “F*** you!”

Lu Youjing was furious. Why was this treasured ginseng such a ruffian? If he did not cook it and devour it, it would not be enough to vent his fury!

“You can all get lost, but you must leave this treasured ginseng behind. We want to cook it into a stew!” he declared malevolently. Furthermore, he was indeed tempted as well. A treasured ginseng that had gained its own consciousness could cultivate on its own, so its medicinal effects would be far stronger than those of other G.o.dly medicines in the same level.

It could even be used to extend one’s lifespan. For cultivators, there was nothing more important than lifespan. A longer life meant that the chances of ascending to a higher peak in the path of cultivation would be higher.

“You actually want to eat your Grandpa Ginseng, you’re still hundred thousand years too early. It’s more likely you’d be drinking my feet was.h.i.+ng water!” The old ginseng jumped onto Ding Ping’s shoulder, and commanded, “Brat Ding, go!”

He knew that Ding Ping was the strongest at present among Ling Han’s disciples, so he naturally had to cling to him.

Ding Ping’s character was calm, not bloodthirsty and rash like Jiuyao’s, not as flashy as Jiang Yuefeng’s, and not as inflexible as Chen Ruijing’s, either—there was no need to mention Yun Yongw.a.n.g and Kang Xiuyuan. Both of them focused mainly on alchemy, and martial arts was merely their side occupation.

He darkly declared, “We still have to eat. Please leave. After we finish eating, we will naturally leave.”

These words could be claimed to be neither servile nor overbearing, and were reasonable and justified. We were here first, and it was naturally first-come-first-serve for a business.

“Great, you’re quite bold!” Lu Youjing’s expression turned cold, but he did not make a move.

He could also tell that Ding Ping and his group were very powerful. At least their cultivation level was much higher than his, so he directly declared his backer as he said, “Could it be that you all have never heard of Brother Xiang’s ident.i.ty? He is the most popular person by the side of the Lord Left Minister!”

As he spoke, he was very pleased with himself. Even Xiang Chengyun couldn’t help but stand up straighter, while his eyes paused on the beautiful face of the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, his expression extremely stunned by her beauty.

In the Imperial Capital, only the empress was more beautiful than this woman. Shui Yanyu could match her in beauty, though. It was too bad that this woman had gone missing after the Majestic Heaven Sect had been mysteriously destroyed. According to theories, she should have long since died.

His overwhelming confidence caused him to be considerably braver, evil intentions surging up in his heart.

Since Lu Youjing had called out Xiang Chengyun’s name, Ling Han could not pretend that he had not realized the latter was there any longer.

Hence, he spoke up. “So it is Brother Xiang.”

Actually, with Ling Han’s present abilities, even if it was the Left Minister himself who had come, he could still treat him as an equal. The Left Minister might even have to turn around and call him Brother Ling instead.

Apparently, the Left Minister was only in the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier. This gap of a minor level was equivalent to the gap between the heaven and earth.

However, Ling Han was a nostalgic person. When he had first come to the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, Xiang Chengyun had spoken of a lot of matters to him, and had done him the favor of providing him guidance. They had also had a mostly amiable relations.h.i.+p, so Ling Han had to admit that he recognized the fact that he owed Xiang Chengyun a favor.