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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1400 - Refusing to Accept Face

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1400 - Refusing to Accept Face

“Ling, Ling Han!” When Xiang Chengyun saw Ling Han, his eyes widened involuntarily.

In the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, especially in the Imperial Capital, Ling Han was a legendary character.

The empress had issued an imperial decree for him twice; his honor was boundless.

He had plucked Shui Yanyu, this supremely beautiful flower, and engendered the envy of who knew how many men in the Imperial Capital so much that they wanted to kill him.

Especially when he came into conflict with Zhao Lun; he dared to even offend the Seven Generals. How awesome was this guy.

Too bad, the Left Minister did not like him. Xiang Chengyun naturally adopted the Left Minister’s likes and dislikes as his own standard, and together with his own jealousy, he became more and more distant with Ling Han. In the end, the both of them had become practically strangers to one another.

Very soon, Ling Han vanished mysteriously. Occasionally, Xiang Chengyun would recall this prodigy that had once shone so brightly, but he would soon put the thought to the back of his mind.

But now, Ling Han had actually reappeared!

Where had he been all these years?

These thoughts merely flashed through Xiang Chengyun’s mind in an instant before vanis.h.i.+ng, and his bearing was still as proud as he had been.

This was not the past. At present, the Left Minister had great authority in his grasp, and he had the name of “Little Left Minister”. Even if he was in the Mountain River Tier, so what? Even the ancestor of the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier would have to be polite to him, and dared not offend him in the slightest.

So what would Ling Han count as?

What this world lacked the least was prodigies.

He looked at the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and felt very upset. In the past, it had been Shui Yanyu, and now it was this extremely beautiful woman whose beauty was not the slightest bit inferior to the former. Why did Ling Han have such good luck with women?

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “Since it is Brother Xiang, then let us give way.”

Feng Po Yun and the others were all astonished. Ling Han was not the type to suffer in silence, so why had he chosen to yield? However, they respected Ling Han’s decision. None of them objected, and all of them stood up.

Ling Han naturally did not fear Xiang Chengyun or the Left Minister, but rather did so purely because he owed Xiang Chengyun a favor, and since it could let a Heavenly Body Tier elite—or rather two Heavenly Body Tier elites—let them have the private room, this favor was naturally colossal.

And from the moment that Ling Han stood up, the friends.h.i.+p between the two of them had also come to an end.

Xiang Chengyun was filled with envy again. Ling Han was obviously very ordinary, but there was no shortage of the Sun Moon Tier elites who even obeyed his every command by his side. Just look, he told them to give way, and they did. They didn’t even say another word in objection.

Of course, it could also be possible that these people were wary of his ident.i.ty. After all, he was a popular person by the side of the Left Minister, so what was a Sun Moon Tier worth?

With these thoughts, his courage naturally increased even further. The evil intentions that he had long since born had also gotten out of hand, and he said, “This miss is not bad, so why don’t you stay and share some wine with us!”

The expressions of Chen Ruijing and the other senior disciples changed drastically. F***, he actually dared to insult their missus?

In their heads, their first priority was the missus, and the master was second!

Ding Ping and Jiuyao were also filled with killing intent in an instant. They were not filled with as much respect for the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden as Chen Ruijing and the others, but insulting the missus was equivalent to insulting the master, so how could they not be enraged?

But none of them made a move, and they were waiting to see what Ling Han’s decision would be.

“Hehe, Brother Xiang asked you to stay, so that is the good fortune that you have acc.u.mulated over three lives. Quickly thank Brother Xiang!” Lu Youjing quickly shouted at the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, salivating internally. He, too, desired such an exquisite beauty.

Ling Han’s eyes froze over. Pa, with a wave of his hand, he sent Lu Youjing flying out. Peng, there was instantly a human-shaped hole in the wall. Lu Youjing had already collapsed on the streets, his body in the form of the Chinese character 大.

“Ling Han, how dare you, you actually dare to cause injury in the Imperial Capital itself!?” Xiang Chengyun could not help but break out in a cold sweat. He had suddenly recalled that Ling Han was outrageously bold. He even dared to offend greatly the only son of the Great General Zhao.

In comparison, what was a popular person by the side of the Left Minister worth? Was a dog as important as a son?

He shuddered, and broke out in a cold sweat.

“So much for the thoughtfulness I gave you!” Ling Han waved another palm, and pa, Xiang Chengyun was also sent flying out. There was a second human-shaped hole on the wall, and Xiang Chengyun also fell next to Lu Youjing on the streets below.

This scene was a little humorous, and those nearby all bore strange expressions. Some couldn’t help laughing out loud, but when they found out that these two people were Xiang Chengyun and Lu Youjing, naturally all of them turned pale in fear. They hurriedly broke into a run and fled.

This would soon become the place of a battle; they should not stay too long here!

Ling Han grinned, and said, “Since the flies have flown off, let’s continue eating.”

“Yes!” Everyone nodded.”

Ling Han related that bit of relations he shared with Xiang Chengyun, and everyone nodded. With Ling Han’s current status, he took a step back, yet Xiang Chengyun still acted overbearing, so it was his own fault for seeking his own embarra.s.sment.

Ling Han had hidden his cultivation level? What a joke, why did he have to tell him his cultivation level? Was he duty-bound to do so? If he truly thought of him as a friend, then no matter if he was weak or strong, they would be still friends, so why would there have to be a restrictive condition?

On the streets, both Xiang Chengyun and Lu Youjing slowly got back to their feet; their faces had turned red and swollen from the impact. The two looked at one another, and revealed a powerful hatred.

No, this matter could not end just like this.

“Brother Xiang, let’s go back and get reinforcements,” Lu Youjing said ferociously.

“Let’s go!” Xiang Chengyun was also crazed with rage. As a popular person by the side of the Left Minister, if he could not avenge himself after taking such a great loss, he wouldn’t be able to hold his face up in the Imperial Capital in future.

However, the Left Minister was not his father, and was not his servant, either. How could he possibly be moved just because he had been beaten?

Thus, they first went to the Lu Clan.

There was nothing, except for matters that involved those top-rate forces of the Heavenly Body Tier, that the Lu Clan, as a top-rate force among Sun Moon Tiers, could not resolve.

The duo arrived at the Lu Clan Residence. When they found out that Xiang Chengyun had been beaten, even the ancestor of the Lu Clan was alerted. He personally instructed his eldest son to go and apprehend Ling Han’s group so they could be severely punished.

The eldest son of the Lu Clan was named Chengfeng. He had just crossed over into the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier, and was also a top-notch existence among elites.

With him moving out, the matter would a.s.suredly be resolved.

Xiang Chengyun was also very satisfied, except for the fact that his future fiance had seen the sorry look he was portraying now, which was slightly displeasing. But it was all right. When she saw how he trampled on Ling Han’s face later, he would regain all his pride and face.

The group went off aggressively, and very soon charged to the restaurant.

The group halted, and a young man from the Lu Clan loudly shouted out, “Insolent maniac, get out here quickly, kneel down and accept your punishment!”

They had mobilized a total of 17 people from their clan, so there were quite a large number of them.

“Master, leave it to me!” Ding Ping asked permission to fight.

“No, leave it to me!” Jiuyao argued. After he had lost to Ding Ping, he ******** wanted to be better than Ding Ping, so he would fight over everything with Ding Ping.

Ling Han ignored them. He merely sent a palm strike into the air, and pa, the young man from the Lu Clan was immediately pressed into the ground, his body forming the Chinese character 大. A human-shaped hole immediately appeared in the floor that had been tiled with blue-green tiles like it was made of tofu.

“How dare you!!” Lu Chengfeng’s eyes involuntarily froze over. He dared to commit violence even right in front of him.

“Ling Han, this is the Imperial Capital!” Xiang Chengyun declared icily. He had been thrown onto the ground in public, and this filled him with a cold killing intent. His fury was definitely not something that could be vented just by giving Ling Han a beating.

He wanted to kill Ling Han!