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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1401 - Retreating 10 Miles with a Single Punch

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1401 - Retreating 10 Miles with a Single Punch

The empire had its laws. It was forbidden to commit murder in the Imperial Capital. At least even the Left and Right Ministers and the Seven Generals had to adhere to this law in public. Only the Nine Kings were exceptions to this rule. However, the Nine Kings kept too low a profile, and rarely even left their residence.

He wanted to anger and force Ling Han to kill a few members of the Lu Clan. Then he could deploy the imperial army and kill Ling Han.

“So what?” Ling Han asked calmly. Putting aside his relations with Empress Luan Xing, merely based on his present abilities alone, he could come and go as he willed in the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire itself. There were really not many laws that he would take to heart.

Unfortunately, the news from the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire had not spread over yet. Otherwise, Xiang Chengyun would never have dared to trifle with Ling Han like this.

He was a bringer of misfortune, and he had always been one. Previously, it had only been because his cultivation level was not too high, so he “only” dared to trifle with the son of Great General Zhao, but now his courage had increased by leaps and bounds.

“Hoho, could it be that you dare commit murder?” Xiang Chengyun asked coldly. This was naturally a provocation. Of course, he himself had hidden by the side of Lu Chengfeng. Even if the skies collapsed, wouldn’t there always be someone taller holding it up?

The n.o.ble daughter of the Lu Clan saw this, and couldn’t help but reveal an expression of disdain.

No matter how ruthless you were with your words, you did not take any bit of responsibility. Was this even a man?

Before this, she had only seen Xiang Chengyun’s well-regarded face. This kind of Xiang Chengyun was very bright, and everyone would flatter him, but the fact that he would be so embarra.s.sing when encountering the slightest predicament caused her to be greatly disappointed. Her positive opinion of him fell ma.s.sively.

Ling Han did not speak. Was there still any need for him to argue with a Mountain River Tier? He pressed down with a palm onto empty air, and pa, Xiang Chengyun immediately could not bear the pressure. His legs weakened, and he was forced to kneel. The great amount of force caused the whole street to tremble lightly, and his bones broke and shattered instantly.

“Ah…!” Xiang Chengyun screamed terribly. This pain had gone bone-deep.

Lu Chengfeng’s expression had completely frozen over. This man was too bold; he actually dared to make a move right in front of him!

“You’re seeking death!” He brandished a fist, and shot out a punch at the restaurant.

“Let me!” Ding Ping rushed out.

“Let me!” Jiuyao was not about to give him the chance.

The two of them moved at the same time. Peng, peng. Their attacks combined together. However, Ding Ping had just broken through into the Sun Moon Tier, whereas Jiuyao was only in the peak stage of the Mountain River Tier. Neither of them could possibly be a match for the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier. They were both instantly sent flying, and became an arrow of blood in the air.

Thankfully, they had all cultivated the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art. Though their physique was not as freakish as Ling Han’s, they were still considerably st.u.r.dier than the average cultivator. Otherwise, with such a big difference in their cultivation levels, they would definitely be shattered into dust with a single move.

“Ignorance!” Lu Chengfeng smirked coldly. In the Immortal level, every gap of a sub-minor level meant a world of difference, what more when he was in the consummate level. The strongest of the two was only in the low extreme, and there was a whole gap of three sub-minor levels.

But he was also slightly astonished. That young man in the low extreme was too young, and was absolutely younger than 500 years old!

He had broken through into the Sun Moon Tier before 500 years old. Only over a dozen people could match that kind of achievement in the whole history of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire. The most recent was definitely Zhao Lun, but he had only broken through into the Sun Moon Tier when he had been 700 to 800 years old.

Ling Han grabbed out at empty air, and pulled back both Ding Ping and Jiuyao. He had his own judgement. His two disciples cooperating would mean that their lives were safe, at the very least. Otherwise, he would definitely have moved to stop them.

“You should also take a punch from me,” Ling Han stated calmly, and shot out a punch.

This punch looked to be very slow, but when it was delivered, it appeared in front of Lu Chengfeng, giving him a great shock. He hurriedly shot out a fist to parry this oncoming attack.


The two fists collided. Lu Chengfeng was completely motionless, and he proudly declared, “Is that all—” He had yet to finish his words when his expression changed abruptly. He retreated three consecutive steps, and then finally stopped. He was just about to open his mouth to speak again, yet retreated another three steps again. He stopped, wanted to speak, and then went into a retreat again.

And just like that, Lu Chengfeng stopped and retreated, stopped and retreated. He repeatedly tried to speak, but he could not do as he willed every time.

At first, this was very funny, but after over a dozen times, no one else thought it was amusing. Instead, they all looked shocked and stunned.

It was just a single punch. How could the force of the punch stay for such a long time? Furthermore, Lu Chengfeng was in the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier!

Xiang Chengyun forced himself to raise his head. He was filled with shock. Exactly what level had Ling Han reached?

Previously, this guy was already a freak of cultivation, and while he had a late beginning, he had soon outstripped and exceeded even himself, who had started earlier than him. Now, not only had he advanced into the Sun Moon Tier, he had even reached the consummate level or even the utmost peak level. Otherwise, how could he possibly have sent Lu Chengfeng into an endless retreat with a single punch?

Of course, no matter how Xiang Chengyun dared to imagine, he could not possibly imagine that Ling Han was in the Heavenly Body Tier. This was too unreasonable. That was because he had seen with his own eyes that Ling Han had only been in the Shattering Void Tier previously, and he could have easily killed him with a single palm strike.

Lu Chengfeng continued to retreat, and the other members of the Lu Clan naturally would not just sit idly by and watch. They followed him, whereas two of them helped Xiang Chengyun up. Each person held onto one of his arms, and helped him flee in a sorry state.

Meanwhile, the eyes of the n.o.ble daughter of the Lu Clan shone brightly. She had also heard of the legend of Ling Han. She had never imagined that the legend would appear personally in front of her. Furthermore, he was even stronger than she had heard.

Meanwhile, Lu Chengfeng continued to retreat, and could not stop at all. He had broken through who knew how many walls, and destroyed who knew how many buildings. Thankfully, the Lu Clan was very wealthy, so they could still afford to pay this little bit of compensation. However, it was as if the eldest son of the Lu Clan had gone mad. He did not crash into the street, but chose to crash into walls. Not only did he crash into walls, he did the cras.h.i.+ng while he was going backwards. This quickly spread throughout the whole Imperial Capital.

It continued all the way until he had retreated 10 miles away, at which point Lu Chengfeng finally collapsed and sat on the ground. The corner of his mouth twitched continuously. He felt that cold sweat had covered his whole body, all his hair standing on ends.

Previously, he had really been unable to control himself. That feeling was too frightening.

“Quick, go and find Ancestor!” he exclaimed with a shudder. This Ling Han’s abilities were too strong. It definitely had to be someone in the peak stage of the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier that he would be able to suppress him. No, no, no, perhaps that would only be an equal match for him, and would not be able to suppress him.

They hurriedly rushed back to the Lu Clan Residence. When he heard of what Lu Chengfeng had experienced, the ancestor of the Lu Clan had a moment of slight hesitation.

Was it worth it to start a fight with an elite in the peak stage of the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier?

But Xiang Chengyun immediately spoke up and placed pressure on him, so the ancestor of the Lu Clan could only grit his teeth and bear it.

To claim a connection to the Left Minister, there was a need to obtain the favor of Xiang Chengyun. He would have to throw caution to the wind!

He personally moved. Leading more than half of the clansmen of the Lu Clan, he headed to the restaurant.

And the Lu Clan moving out back and forth, especially when Lu Chengfeng had broken through 10 miles of walls, naturally alerted a great many people, who all rushed over to watch the excitement.