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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 859 - Unequaled physique

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 859 - Unequaled physique

Chapter 859: Unequaled physique

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“They’re about to fight! They’re about to fight!” Various people from the Liu Family watched with excitement. Naturally, each and every one of them wished for Ling Han to lose.

Ling Han smiled casually as he stepped into the air. It was as though there were invisible stairs in the sky which allowed him to ascend as if he was climbing a hill.

“In consideration of your seniority, you can have the first three moves.” He beckoned the other party over with a finger.

“How haughty!” Man Jingyi’s anger reached the limit, causing his white hair to dance in the air. He began to burn his Qi and blood,

determined to fight to the fullest of his power. He wanted to defeat this arrogant youngster in one move. Even if you’re amazing enough to enter the Void Shattering Tier at your young age, you should still learn that there is always someone better out there!

Hong , his imposing aura continuously became stronger, reaching the battle prowess of Void Shattering Tier’s 8 stars, matching his cultivation!

“Be suppressed for me!” He flew across the air, going towards Ling Han as he focused his suppression on him!

Ling Han neither dodged nor retreated, letting the other party come attack him.Pa , he was immediately hit with a palm on his chest.

Hiss, this was what he called a three-move handicap?

The corners of everyone’s mouths twitched; they sucked in cold air as they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Allowing someone a number of moves was only about letting the other party attack first—one still had to resist what they should resist, and one still had to avoid what they should avoid. It did not by any means refer to neither dodging nor defending, suffering the attacks by taking them head on with just one’s body!

The fact that Shattering Void Tier martial artists didn’t die was simply because no one could obstruct them if they wanted to escape, yet by messing around this way, even those in the Shattering Void Tier can die quickly!

Now, he would definitely instant-kill him with one move!

“Ah…” Yet, Man Jingyi screamed. Both his arms trembled, and appeared unfathomably distorted—his bones were dislocated.


Everyone hardly dared believe their eyes. G.o.dd.a.m.n, one person attacked the other with a powerful palm strike, yet the result was that the former’s arms broke? Just where was logic in that?

Pa, pa , Man Jingyi’s Origin power shook, resetting the bones that had dislocated. His cheek twitched, disbelief written all over his face. How was this possible? The other party bore the power of his palm, yet not only was he unharmed, it was himself who got his bones dislocated?

This defensive power… was completely unnatural!

“There are still two moves,” Ling Han said indifferently.

There was absolute silence—no one spoke, and only the sound of heavy breathing could be heard besides the echo of Ling Han’s voice.

Even the seven Kings were indescribably astonished.

“It looks like this boy’s physique became stronger again.”

“Before, it was at the level of a Tenth Tier precious metal, so did it now become as strong as a divine metal?

“F*ck, is there still anyone in this world who can kill him?”

“Let alone kill, is there anyone who can even wound him?”

An agonized expression appeared on Man Jingyi’s face. Even if he could defeat Ling Han, so what? There would be no glory in that! How could such an abnormal person exist? It was no wonder that Ling Han could be given the highest position by the Purple Moon Court. Once someone experienced this sort of defensive power, who would be unable to accept him?

He took a deep breath. It was too late to retreat, so he could only hope that Ling Han’s defensive power couldn’t be so awesome at all times. If he could do a bit better against Ling Han, he would be able to retain some face.

After holding his breath for three full breaths, he unleashed an ultimate technique.

“Ash-gray River Stream, Annihilating 10,000 Miles!”

Hong , he stirred the water element in the world, transforming it into a black river, which faced Ling Han, trying to attack him.

Each drop of the river water was congealed from pure Origin Power. It was heavy like a mountain, so if the river landed a direct hit against someone, then even if the target was a person in the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier, they would still be immediately crushed and die.

Ling Han was standing midair with hands behind his back as before, having no intention to evade.

“Hey, hey, hey, is he planning to take this move head on as well?” The Clear Solar King gasped in astonishment. With his strength, he could take out Man Jingyi in a flash, but he wouldn’t dare to take his attacks head on so nonchalantly like this!

“So having defense at the level of a divine weapon’s allows you to be so willful, huh!” the Heavenly Astral King said with a sigh. Physique was the most difficult to cultivate. Although the kings also had some accomplishments in this area, theirs were only at the Heaven Tier’s level. It was impossible for any of them to make the last, final step.

Hong , the black river struck, hitting Ling Han’s body heavily, submerging him in an instant.

Amidst the heavy noise, the black river poured downwards, cras.h.i.+ng down onto the sky-splitting platform, which terrified countless people.

It was not a random attack of just any Shattering Void Tier elite, but an ultimate move of someone at the eighth layer of the Tier! Even for most of them at the Shattering Void Tier, if they received it, they would only end up taken out in a flas.h.!.+

“Leave it to me!” The Flame King’s figure flashed, and was already in the path of the incoming black river. He reached out his hand, and turned the whole river into ashes in an instant.

He already had the battle prowess of Shattering Void Tier 15 stars in the first place, and now, with the addition of the power of the nation, his battle prowess skyrocketed to 18 stars. As such, if he wanted to disperse a powerful attack of someone with the battle prowess of 8 stars of the Shattering Void tier, it was naturally easy and relaxing for him.

With the catastrophe averted, everyone finally relaxed. Their attention didn’t focus on the Flame King’s figure—to them, it was only natural that he had such power.

Their focus was on Ling Han, who took this move head on. Was he heavily wounded, or was he still like before, with not even a single hair of his harmed?

The black river dispersed, and they only now saw that Ling Han was actually still standing proudly, the blood and Qi all over his body churning like in a heavenly furnace!

This… this freak!

The old ancestor of the Liu Family was trembling. It wasn’t good, it wasn’t good at all! He had to immediately come up to Ling Han and apologize and make reparations; this kind of person was really fearful! If he bore a grudge, the Liu Family would definitely be done for!

Without even mentioning anything else, he wasn’t even Ling Han’s match in how long their lives had been.

“Still one move,” Ling Han said with a smile. His Qi wasn’t depleted at all.

At this moment, everyone suddenly understood. It wasn’t that Ling Han was arrogant, but rather that he was indeed too strong. With such a physique, let alone three moves, what did 300 moves count as?

Man Jingyi simply had no idea what to do. He’d already used his strongest move just now, but just like before, he had been unable to hurt even a single hair on Ling Han’s head. Even if he used the same move again, just what kind of effect would it have?

“No need, this old man… concedes defeat!” His whole heart was thoroughly filled with bitterness.

It wasn’t like he had never lost in his whole life, but he’d never encountered an opponent in the same Tier who forced him to admit defeat without attacking once—this was the first time it had ever happened.

Being capable of reaching the Shattering Void Tier—several hundred years ago at that—meant that he was a genius! Of course Man Jingyi would become arrogant. Yet, he still couldn’t help but admit that he was getting old now—it was no longer his heyday.

“You let me win,” Ling Han said faintly. He showed no arrogance, and didn’t harp on the matter with Man Jingyi.

Man Jingyi turned around casually, returning to his seat. However, at this moment, there was no longer anyone glancing at him at all. Instead, everyone’s attention was completely focused on Ling Han now.

He was a super new star!

“What, he’s Ling Han, that Heaven grade alchemist?”

“I really didn’t expect that there would exist such a genius in this world, not only reaching the apex of alchemy, but also becoming so formidable on the martial path.”

“He’ll certainly become one of those who will dominate the world!”

“Hehe, if His Majesty succeeds at splitting open the sky, we will all become people of the divine grade, and at that time we can obtain the divine realm’s resources to cultivate. Later, we won’t necessarily lose to him!”


Most of the people had recognized Ling Han’s talent, but there were also those who looked at him with unkind eyes, not at all willing to accept him.

However, Ling Han once more headed toward that seat, and there no longer was anyone who tried to stop him.

If you aren’t convinced, why not try delivering three moves?

The old ancestor of the Liu Family immediately approached with his juniors in tow, apologizing to Ling Han. Those juniors also finally knew that there was always someone better, and every single one of them was covered in cold sweat. With Ling Han’s current strength, dealing with them would be like killing livestock; would the old ancestor still dare have any objections now?