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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 860 - Ma Duo Bao Splits Open the Skies

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 860 - Ma Duo Bao Splits Open the Skies

Chapter 860: Ma Duo Bao Splits Open the Skies

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“His Majesty has arrived!” a guard announced loudly.

“His Majesty has arrived!”

“His Majesty has arrived!”

“His Majesty has arrived!”

Any person who was a soldier of the Purple Moon Empire shouted loudly, causing the earth itself to shake and their cries to ring out in the air.

Ma Duo Bao appeared. He was dressed in his imperial robes, but due to the width of his waist, he had instantly lost his majestic aura completely, causing many a girl to cover her grin. However, there were also many women with unique tastes whose eyes lit up, and they exclaimed at how cute he was.

Only when the air he exuded surged past like a flood did many people shudder. This d.a.m.n fatty was the person in the highest position in the whole world, as well as the most powerful person there.

He had no equal!

Under the barrage of this kind of aura, there were only a rare few that could maintain their composure, such as Ling Han, Helian Tianyun, Feng Po Yun, and the seven Kings. They were pitifully few.

Ma Duo Bao strode over, and arrived in the center of the platform prepared to split open the skies. He stood firm, and declared, “I… shall split the skies open this day!”

“Long live Our Majesty!” the soldiers of the Purple Moon Empire all called out loudly, extremely excited.

Splitting open the skies was a grand, majestic feat that had never been done before.

Ma Duo Bao pressed his hands down, indicating for the ma.s.ses to quiet down. “As you all know, the five sects are heartless, and treat our Lower Realm like their herb garden. Every ten thousand years, they would harvest all the living creatures of the entire realm and refine them into an alchemical pill. Their actions are extremely abominable!

“Since that is the case, we can only save ourselves. We’ll split open the skies and strike the earth to raise our Lower Realm into the Immortal Realm! From now on, every citizen in the world would be a citizen of the Immortal Realm, and everyone would be like dragons!”

Hearing the last few words he said, everyone was incredibly excited.

Citizens of the Immortal Realm!

It was a qualitative upgrade. Being citizens of the Immortal Realm meant that there would be more cultivation resources, a better environment for martial arts, and brighter future prospects. If the initial limitation was the Flower Blossom Tier, then they could possible attain the Spiritual Infant or even Deity Transformation Tier in the future.

“Split open the skies!”

“Every man a dragon!”

“Long live the emperor!”

Everyone shouted loudly. There were even some whose voices were hoa.r.s.e from their shouts; they were so excited they almost pa.s.sed out.

Ma Duo Bao did not continue speaking. Splitting open the skies would be the strongest declaration, better and superior than anything else.

Ling Han was also paying close attention. If Ma Duo Bao could succeed, then he would immediately, instantly be able to enter into the Immortal Realm and find out the whereabouts of Hu Niu, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and the others. Furthermore, the cultivation rate in the Immortal Realm would definitely be much faster than in the Lower Realm; there was no need to doubt this fact.

Ma Duo Bao lifted the Mountain and River Axe in a single go. Weng , this treasured Tool immediately shone with brilliant light. Terrifying aura surged past, causing everyone to have a difficult time breathing.

This was the manifestation of all the powers of a Realm, the most powerful treasure of the Lower Realm.

Xiu , Ma Duo Bao trod on air and flew up, standing proudly in the sky.

“Open!” He brandished the Mountain and River Axe, and delivered a heavy slash at the skies.

Hong, long, long , the empty s.p.a.ce was torn open by his strike, revealing a dark, silent s.p.a.ce as if an eye had opened.

Weng , the Eye of Heavenly Dao appeared, still having an obvious injury. It stared coldly at Ma Duo Bao, but did not make any move. Ma Duo Bao had only struck once at this moment, and had yet to threaten the Realm itself. Thus, the Eye of Heavenly Dao did not move, but if Ma Duo Bao raised his battle prowess again and struck madly at the s.p.a.ce, it would definitely put a stop to his actions.

Its purpose was to maintain the balance and existence of this Realm. If the Lower Realm ascended into the Immortal Realm, its existence would naturally have lost its purpose.

Ma Duo Bao tossed a contemptuous look at it. His whole aura began to thicken madly, increasing little by little.

His whole person was exuding a brilliant golden light as if he had become a dazzling golden G.o.d. Merely that aura would make any Shattering Void Tier cultivator s.h.i.+ver.

This had already exceeded twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier.

With the support of power of the nation, Ma Duo Bao’s strength had reached a height that even the majority of Shattering Void Tier cultivators could not imagine.

“Twenty Stars of strength, and battle prowess… possibly twenty-two Stars,” Ling Han said. He was the second emperor that had power of the nation, and the power of the nation he had attained was more or less about how much power of the nation Ma Duo Bao had, so he was the person qualified to speak the most.

Twenty Stars of strength was the limit. Shattering Void Tier cultivators couldn’t exceed that, and above that was the barrier to the Immortal level. That was an impenetrable barrier. However, while strength could not be further increased, battle prowess could.

Don’t underestimate the mere increase of two Stars of battle prowess. Improving further on the base of one’s limit was much too difficult! Moreover, it was a tremendous pressure on Ma Duo Bao’s physique as well, even if his physique was as tough as Level Ten precious metal.

The Eye of Heavenly Dao merely blinked once, and released the terrifying intimidation of the Realm.

This was a warning, telling Ma Duo Bao not to even dream of challenging the dignity of the Realm.

Ma Duo Bao laughed loudly, his hands once again brandis.h.i.+ng the Mountain and River Axe, delivering a slash straight at the skies.


This was an incredibly fearful strike. Not only was the empty s.p.a.ce blasted open, it was even widening, and formed a gigantic hold as if it was about to swallow the whole world.

Finally, the Eye of Heavenly Dao flew into a rage, and flipped out!

Xiu , a ray of light shot out from the eyeball, shooting quickly at Ma Duo Bao.

“Even you dare to stop me?” Ma Duo Bao tossed a disdainful expression at it in a domineering fas.h.i.+on. He brandished the Mountain and River Axe, and slashed at the Eye of Heavenly Dao.

If he wanted to split open the skies, he would have to first defeat the Eye of Heavenly Dao. This was the embodiment of the will of the Realm.

Pa , that ray of light struck the Mountain and River Axe, and an astonis.h.i.+ng light exploded. Everyone could not help but close their eyes in fear that their eyes would be burnt to blindness.

Ling Han activated the Eye of Truth, and instantly saw everything clearly.

He was not just here to attend the ceremony, but bore another heavy responsibility. If Ma Duo Bao failed, he would have to take over this heavy task. Thus, he now had to observe how powerful the Eye of Heavenly Dao was and what kind of deadly moves it possessed.

Even if it had been wounded twice by the great powerhouses of the Roc Palace and fled, that was because those two existences were much too powerful, and not because the Eye of Heavenly Dao was weak.

Hong, hong, hong. A great battle exploded in the skies. Floods of light surged out, every clash as loud as thunder, but aside from Ling Han and Helian Tianyun, no other person could clearly see the battle situation.

“This fatty can win!” Helian Tianyun said with a nod. “The Eye of Heavenly Dao’s battle prowess has just surpa.s.sed the limit, and reached twenty-one Stars, yet the d.a.m.n fatty has reached twenty-two Stars. If there are no accidents, the fatty is definitely going to win.”

Ling Han nodded, agreeing with Helian Tianyun’s opinion. Under power of the nation, he also had about eighteen Stars of battle prowess, so his judgement would naturally not be far off.

The Eye of Heavenly Dao’s attacks were upright and frank, and that was stimulating the powers of the Realm to slash out at Ma Duo Bao.

Powers of the Realm, also known as power of regulation, possessed incredibly frightening destructive abilities. Even a physique as tough as Level Ten precious metal was useless to resist it—it would be sliced apart just like any other. Thus, even Ma Duo Bao dared not allow the Eye of Heavenly Dao to hit him. His figure flitted about in the air whilst he continued to brandish the axe in counterattacks.

Not only was he a d.a.m.n fatty, he was also an incredibly agile d.a.m.n fatty. He was so fast he appeared like a blur to the eye.

“A manifestation of the realm has no spirit nor consciousness; are you qualified to stop me?” Ma Duo Bao smiled proudly. Hong , his aura suddenly spiked dramatically again, endless killing intent exuding from all over his body before it solidified.

Xiu, xiu, xiu . This killing intent, like swords, shot quickly towards the Eye of Heavenly Dao, and stabbed all over the eyeball.

The First Killing Formation of the world finally expressed his might.

Technically, Ma Duo Bao and the Eye of Heavenly Dao were actually from the same source, because the killing formation on his body was naturally etched by the realm onto him, and he was the strongest formation of this realm.

With a long shout, Ma Duo Bao waved the axe in an attack, wanting to slash apart the Eye of Heavenly Dao in a single go.