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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 861 - Slashing the Eye of Heavenly Dao

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 861 - Slashing the Eye of Heavenly Dao

Chapter 861: Slas.h.i.+ng the Eye of Heavenly Dao

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From the point of view of the Eye of Heavenly Dao, it had to be feeling very gloomy.

It was a grand, majestic embodiment of the will of the realm, yet it actually was wounded repet.i.tively. This was something that had never happened before. However, it had no sentience, and would not really become angry. It merely stimulated powers of the realm and launched a counterattack against Ma Duo Bao.

“Too weak!” Ma Duo Bao smirked coldly. He brandished the Mountain and River Axe in large movements, striking the Eye of Heavenly Dao so that it retreated little by little.

Actually, it was not the Eye of Heavenly Dao that was weak, but Ma Duo Bao, who was expressing his full potential, that was too strong, so strong that even the Eye of Heavenly Dao was no match for him.

The Eye of Heavenly Dao was endlessly sent flying from the axe strikes. This allowed the people below to see clearly, and they all began cheering loudly to encourage Ma Duo Bao.

“The emperor is mighty!”

“The emperor is imperious!”

“The emperor is invincible!”

In the Lower Realm, every person was filled with reverence towards the Eye of Heavenly Dao. This was the embodiment of the will of the realm, and no one dared to disrespect it. If one did too many b.l.o.o.d.y atrocities that offended Heaven and Earth, they could possibly draw out the Eye of Heavenly Dao to kill them, and that meant definite death.

But now, the Eye of Heavenly Dao was being madly oppressed, and this naturally made everyone feel extremely invigorated as if they were slaves that had finally managed to turn the tables on their master.

They were all excited, their scalps numb. They shouted out hoa.r.s.ely as if they themselves were that fatty that was showing off his G.o.dly might.

Ma Duo Bao’s attacks became more and more intense. Every slash from the axe would cause the Eye of Heavenly Dao to retreat a few dozen miles. He very obviously had the upper hand.

However, the Eye of Heavenly Dao had no choice but to fight.

Previously, those two ultimate elites from the Roc Palace had already thrashed it severely, but they had not intended to split open the skies, nor had they threatened the existence of the Lower Realm. That was not the case now. Ma Duo Bao’s actions would determine whether it could continue to exist or otherwise.

Hence, there was no retreat for the Eye of Heavenly Dao; its only option was to fight, and that was the meaning of its existence.

If it did not fight, its fate was death.

The Eye of Heavenly Dao glowed. This was the resistance of the whole realm. It enlarged endlessly, and multiple golden chains shot out from the eyeball. These were solidified by the powers of the realm, and represented the regulations of the realm.

In theory, the whole realm was definitely stronger than any individual being. The power you obtained had originated from this realm, so how was it possible that you would be able to surpa.s.s your origins?

Twenty Stars of strength was the limit!

However, since splitting open the skies was possible, naturally, it would not be a completely hopeless endeavor. The battle prowess limit of the Eye of Heavenly Dao was only twenty-two Stars as well, and the one splitting open the skies could draw power from power of the nation, and thus possessed a wider capacity for advancement.

As the saying went, never give up hope.

However, how terrifying would battle prowess of twenty-two Stars be?

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The chains formed by powers of the realm whipped out continuously, and seemed to have woven a net that could strangle to death any living being that dared to resist in the skies.

Ma Duo Bao was indeed very strong, but 22 Stars of battle prowess was already his limit. Although he could still fight back now, there was a limit to human ability! The moment his power was exhausted, the Eye of Heavenly Dao would turn the tables on him and kill him instead.

“Your Majesty!” the Seven Kings mumbled softly, their expressions incredibly anxious. Innumerable years ago, they, too, had traveled to this point. Ma Duo Bao still had not managed to break through his limits, and they were forced to give up the venture of splitting open the skies. Furthermore, to hide from the punishment from the Eye of Heavenly Dao, they had to seal themselves away with the Time Liquid.

Could it be that they would have a repeat of their disastrous failure, and once again be left with grievances?

“Hehe, so much time has already pa.s.sed, and you think that I have not improved in the slightest?” With a loud shout, Ma Duo Bao’s body shook, and his whole body actually stretched out.

Initially, he wasn’t short, about the height of any ordinary person. However, his girth was much too astonis.h.i.+ng, which made him appear short. Now, his girth was quickly shrinking, whereas his body was becoming taller.

In a short while, he had reached ten meters tall, his body tall and slender. What was fat about him anymore?

He was a handsome, gigantic, and amazing man!

“Boss!” The seven Kings’ cheeks streamed with tears. This was their king, so handsome that even they would be envious!

Ma Duo Bao had not just become fat. With a loud yell, even more power of the nation surged into his body, stimulating his battle prowess to increase further.


His body seemed like it would explode at any moment. At first, he was only tall and slender, but now, he was shockingly st.u.r.dy. Every bit of muscle was trembling as if it were gus.h.i.+ng out with enough power that could destroy the heavens and exterminate the earth.

23 Stars of battle prowess!

Realization suddenly came to Ling Han, and he said, “This fatty has cultivated an unusual technique, causing him to look shockingly fat at usual times. Yet, in truth, it is a unique body cultivation method that would greatly increase the tolerance of his body!”

For a genius like Ma Duo Bao, after failing once to split open the skies, how could it be that he would repeat his previous actions once more?

In the Shattering Void Tier, the difference of a Star meant the difference between Heaven and Earth!

The Eye of Heavenly Dao had reached the limit of its battle prowess, and, most likely, so had Ma Duo Bao. Looking at how veins were popping out on his forehead, he could not possibly maintain this kind of battle prowess for too long.

However, Ma Duo Bao had the oppressive advantage of a Star of battle prowess, and that was much too crucial.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

With him brandis.h.i.+ng the Mountain and River Axe in successive attacks, the Eye of Heavenly Dao was continuously sent flying. That place that had been torn open twice successively suddenly split open, and dripped blood.

“Long live!”

Beneath them, cheers surged like an ocean wave.

Even Ling Han could feel his his blood racing. Although the Eye of Heavenly Dao had been injured twice, that was the action of an Immortal, but what about now? It had finally been wounded by the hand of a mortal.

Battle prowess of 23 Stars of Shattering Void Tier could suppress even the Eye of Heavenly Dao!

The Eye of Heavenly Dao was bleeding, and a rain of blood also began streaming down. This was the sorrow of the realm.

“I, this day, shall ma.s.sacre the skies and establish my nation!” Ma Duo Bao laughed loudly, announcing his n.o.ble aspirations. The Mountain and River Axe exuded a brilliant light, delivering blows that gradually enlarged that wound on the Eye of Heavenly Dao.

At first, even if the Eye of Heavenly Dao was no match for him, it would not have lost so easily, either. However, it had been wounded by unprecedented ultimate elites two times recently, so it had actually lost a great deal of its vitality. And now, it had encountered an opponent with battle prowess of 23 Stars of Shattering Void Tier, which finally became the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The Eye of Heavenly Dao retreated in defeat, little by little. The heavens were weeping blood, but there were also trumpet calls echoing in the world that would cause one’s blood to race. This was the encouragement for a hero. Splitting open the skies was the grandest, most important act of a small world.

“Eliminate!” Ma Duo Bao shouted loudly, and the Mountain and River Axe shot out its brightest strike.


The Eye of Heavenly Dao was actually slashed apart, endless blood spraying out, pouring out from either half from the skies. As blood poured, it continued to burn. Before even reaching the ground, the blood was burnt to ash.

Ma Duo Bao drew back the axe, his gaze fixed on the skies. Now that the stumbling block had been swept aside, he only needed to break through the Realm Barrier and tear open a large enough hole; he would then be able to bring this entire realm into the Immortal Realm.

“Open!” he shouted loudly, raising the Mountain and River Axe high, and mercilessly struck at the skies.

One strike followed another as battle prowess of 23 Stars blasted out without any reservations.

The world was torn apart, and it was no longer the darkness of the empty Void before them, for a foggy, extremely vague sight was revealed. Through this hazy view, everyone could vaguely see a new world.

Was that the Immortal Realm?

Ma Duo Bao showed off even more of his G.o.dly might. The Mountain and River Axe struck madly, determined to slash through this haze.

Open, open, it was really going to be split open. That world’s view was becoming increasingly distinct.

Ling Han could not help but feel excited, his hands gripped into fists, appearing to be very nervous.


However, right at that moment, a sword flash actually slashed out from that piece of sky, and struck Ma Duo Bao directly!