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Martial God Asura Chapter 1915 - Strange Creature

Martial God Asura Chapter 1915 - Strange Creature

“What sort of legend?” Chu Feng asked.

“According to the legend, the Blood Devouring Insects are not the only living creature in the depths of the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. In addition to them, there is also a kind of very special, stupid and interesting creature,” Xian Miaomiao said.

“Very stupid and interesting creature? What is it?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

Chu Feng felt that the creatures that could survive in this place would all be very extraordinary creatures. For Xian Miaomiao to describe that creature that mystically, it was even more evident that the creature was extraordinary.

“As for its exact appearance, I am also not certain. Merely, I’ve heard from my royal father that the creature originated from the Ancient Era. Then, for some unknown reason, it hid itself in the depths of the Blood Devouring Killing Formation.”

“Furthermore, my royal father said that that creature is very stupid. However, it possesses a special sort of power that seems to be extremely beneficial to world spiritists.”

“Furthermore, that creature is capable of speaking the moment it is born, and will consider the first creature that it sees to be its parent. Furthermore, it will wholeheartedly devote its life to that creature.”

“You just so happen to be a very powerful world spiritist. If you are to encounter that creature, you will be able to gain enormous benefits,” Xian Miaomiao said.

“Hearing what you said, I also wish for that legend to be real,” Chu Feng smiled.

Afterward, in the following days, Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao continued to search for the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers.

Chu Feng was using his Heaven’s Eyes to carefully observe his surroundings, and Xian Miaomiao was using her special perception to search her surroundings too.

However, in the blink of an eye, three days pa.s.sed. Yet, they were unable to obtain any harvest.

Due to the fact that they were using their perceptive abilities the entire time, Chu Feng discovered that Xian Miaomiao appeared to be somewhat exhausted. Thus, he suggested that they take a rest.

Right after Chu Feng suggested that they take a rest, Xian Miaomiao fell asleep on the large tree beside Chu Feng. It could be seen that the girl had truly exhausted herself.

Seeing Xian Miaomiao like this, Chu Feng felt a bit of heartache. Although she was always laughing and appeared to be very carefree, she was actually someone who worked very hard.

Over the course of the several days he had been with her, Chu Feng was able to determine that.

“Chu Feng, it won’t do to continue like this, Is that girl truly certain that there are Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers here?” At that moment, Eggy started to worry.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao had searched for three days straight. However, over the course of those three days, the two of them had not even managed to travel five percent of the entire Blood Devouring Killing Formation’s central region. From this, it could be seen how vast this place was.

Furthermore, although Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao were wearing Blood Devouring Armors, their abilities were still restricted in this place. As such, they were unable to unleash their maximum speed.

Thus, judging from the current state of affairs, even if Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao were to continue searching for the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers without stopping to sleep or rest, they would still need tens of days in order to travel through this entire central region.

However, the Blood Devouring Armors could only be used for a limited time. Furthermore, Chu Feng was unable to immediately manufacture new Blood Devouring Armors.

Thus, if their Blood Devouring Armors were to lose their effectiveness, Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao would end up dying in this place. This was what Her Lady Queen was worried about.

“I can sense that the Blood Devouring Armors are capable of persisting for at most thirty more days.”

“In order to prevent the unexpected, Xian Miaomiao and I can only stay here for at most twenty more days. We must save ten days of time to get out of here. If we are unable to find any Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers in twenty days, we will have no choice but to give up,” Chu Feng said.

“Mn, you must put your own safety first,” Seeing that Chu Feng had already considered the matter, Eggy finally felt relieved.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng stood up and set up a concealment formation that covered Xian Miaomiao. Then, he left by himself.

Chu Feng was not planning to rest. He did not wish to waste time. Thus, he planned to search for the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower by himself while Xian Miaomiao was asleep.

After searching for roughly two hours, Chu Feng’s speed suddenly slowed down, and he revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

Although he had not managed to discover any Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers, he had managed to discover a creature. It was the first creature other than the Blood Devouring Insects that he had seen here.

It was a little red insect. Its length was about as long as one’s index finger. However, it was extremely thin, and resembled a little earthworm.

However, with only a single glance, Chu Feng was able to sense that it was emitting an extraordinary aura. It was most definitely not an ordinary insect.

“Eggy look, that insect looks so stupid. Could it be that legendary creature that Miaomiao spoke of?” Chu Feng said in a very joyous manner.

“It’s very possible. Based on its appearance, it seems to have just been born, and still a larva. Chu Feng, quickly, get over there. See whether or not it will recognize you as its master,” Eggy said.


At that moment, Chu Feng suddenly accelerated. Like a flash of lightning, he leapt and immediately arrived on the giant tree which that insect was lying on.

The sudden gale caused that little red insect’s body to tremble. However, it did not try to escape. Instead, it turned its head around and used its large black eyes to stare at Chu Feng. It said, “Who are you?”

‘Holy, it actually really knows how to speak. It seemed that what Miaomiao said is true,’ Seeing that the insect was actually speaking, Chu Feng was overjoyed. Thus, he steadied himself and said with a very amiable face and a soft voice, “I am your mother.”

Hearing those words, the little red insect immediately shrunk back. Then it said, “You’re a male.”

‘Holy, it was actually able to see through my gender? It seems that it is not as stupid as I imagined it to be,’ Chu Feng was startled. However, he did not panic. Instead, he said, “I am your father.”

“Oh?” Hearing those words, the little red insect revealed a questioning gaze. It ignored Chu Feng and began to slowly crawl away. Then, it stopped and curved its body.

At the moment when Chu Feng was carefully observing it, confused by what it was doing, the little insect suddenly turned around and revealed an insectoid smile, “I am your grandma.”

After it finished saying those words, the little insect suddenly leapt into the air. It turned into a ray of red light and shot toward the distance. It was so fast that even Chu Feng was startled by its speed.

“Trying to escape after scolding me? You little insect, see if I do not catch you,” After encountering such a strange creature, Chu Feng would naturally not let it escape. Chu Feng’s body s.h.i.+fted, and he directly unleashed his Azure Dragon Das.h.i.+ng Technique to chase after the insect.

Chu Feng did not dare to underestimate that insect. Although it was very small, it was extremely fast.

However, even though Chu Feng had unleashed the Azure Dragon Das.h.i.+ng Technique, he was still unable to catch up to that little red insect.

“Come, grandson, come chase after your grandma. Come, come, quickly, come,” The insect was extremely vile. Not only was it running away with great speed, it was also insulting Chu Feng nonstop.

“d.a.m.n bug, you actually dare to look down on me,” With a thought, Chu Feng immediately revealed his Thunder Armor. After his cultivation increased to rank two Martial Emperor, his speed also increased rapidly.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

However, after Chu Feng increased his speed, that red little insect’s speed actually also rose dramatically. It became many times faster than before. Even though Chu Feng had increased his cultivation, he was still only able to maintain his distance to that insect, and remained incapable of catching up to it.






“You actually tried to deceive your grandma?”

“You’re destined to only be a grandson.”

“Come, chase after me, come catch me.”


Seeing that Chu Feng was unable to catch up to it, that insect actually began to mock and ridicule Chu Feng. Chu Feng was even able to see that the little insect was actually sticking out its tongue at him and emitting a provocative sound with his tongue. It was mocking Chu Feng using all sorts of methods.