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Martial God Asura - Chapter 255 – Beheading Gong Luyun

Martial God Asura - Chapter 255 – Beheading Gong Luyun

MGA: Chapter 255 – Beheading Gong Luyun

“Hatred of family extermination? What actually happened? There’s a deep hatred of family extermination between Chu Feng and Gong Luyun?”

“I know, I know! I heard that roughly half a year ago, an absolutely tragic massacre happened in the Golden-purple City. In a single night, everyone in the Golden-purple City was completely annihilated.”

“As for Chu Feng’s family, incidentally, they were also the people who died the most miserably in the Golden-purple City. Almost every single Chu family member were beheaded and their heads were hung to deter the public. Accordingly, there were even words of blood written in the Golden-purple City, and it stated that the people who died in the Golden-purple City all died because of Chu Feng.”

“I’ve also heard of the incident from the Golden-purple City, but I didn’t know that the Chu family was in it. Were the words of blood real? If they were real, then the Golden-purple City massacre was really caused by the Chu family.”

“How did Chu Feng anger such a huge enemy at such an age? Is it possible that the Golden-purple City’s massacre really were Gong Luyun’s actions?”

A few words, “family extermination hatred”, caused emotions to abruptly rise. Some people who were quite well informed immediately associated the Golden-purple City’s bloody case with Gong Luyun. However, even though the connection did not seem significant, after joining the two together, they were quite frightened. They couldn’t help but cast strange gazes towards Gong Luyun.

The massacre in the Golden-purple City was truly too cruel. Every single person in the city: the old, young, female, children… none of them lived. That heartless killing method made one’s hair stand up. If it was truly caused by Gong Luyun, then he was a bit too ruthless.

“My friend Chu Feng, you can eat whatever you want to eat, but you cannot say whatever you want to say. The incident in the Golden-purple City has already been clearly investigated. It was done by the Five Tiger Village, and the Five Tiger Village has already gotten the punishment that it should have gotten. The truth has already been known and clear. You cannot accuse someone else unfairly.” When he heard that Chu Feng gave his son some crimes, Lin Ran’s tone started to turn cold.

“I’m sure everyone here knows what kind of place the Five Tiger Village is. If they were not hired by anyone, why would they attack my Chu family for no cause or reason? And I can tell everyone that the person who hired the Five Tiger Village was Gong Luyun.” Chu Feng ignored Lin Ran and he loudly yelled at the crowd.

“Rubbish! Do you have evidence for your words?” Lin Ran was all muddled up by anger, and at the same time, Gong Tianping and the others started to angrily howl at Chu Feng.

“Evidence? I don’t need evidence. Right now, Gong Luyun’s life is in my hands. I can take it whenever I want to take it. Why do I need evidence?” Chu Feng kept on sneering, and as he spoke, he couldn’t help but clench the big blade in his hand.

“You dare?! If you dare to even touch him, I’ll stamp over your Azure Dragon School!”

Lin Ran was completely angered. After he spoke, the army from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion behind him all prepared for battle. A single furious roar shook the sky and the earth. They emanated unstoppable might. They were the true masters of kings.

“I don’t dare? I’ll let you see whether I dare or not right now!!”

Chu Feng only laughed, then the golden blade in his hand became into a half-moon golden blur and it chopped towards Gong Luyun’s neck.


Seeing that, Lin Ran and Gong Tianping were shocked. Even Gong Luyun’s face who was brimming with smiles from the corner of his mouth changed greatly. His eyes were widened so big that they were round and his gaze was filled with fear. At that instant, he truly felt the taste of death.


A golden blur swept past, and with a poof, blood sprayed over a large area and Gong Luyun’s head, under the dumbfounded gazes of the crowd, flew off as it was chopped by Chu Feng.

*bang* After slicing, Chu Feng reached and grabbed. He took Gong Luyun’s brain from mid-air, and threw it towards Lin Ran who was still outside of the arena and howled, “Have it back!”

“Heavens, this…”

“Chu Feng really killed Gong Luyun, and he even killed him in front of Lin Ran!”

“His nerves are a bit too big aren’t they? Does he truly not fear the heavens or the earth?”

Chu Feng’s actions caused everyone in the arena to tremble. After Chu Feng’s blade sliced down, not only did Gong Luyun feel the pain. almost everyone’s hearts were moved along with it. They were frightened by Chu Feng’s actions.

If it was said that Chu Feng killing Gong Luyun was completely reasonable, that would be because it was a life and death battle, and the victor had the right to kill the loser.

However, when Lin Ran already spoke, and said that if Chu Feng dared to touch Gong Luyun again, he would stamp the Azure Dragon School flat, everything turned by 180 degrees.

What status did Lin Ran have? What position? What strength? In front of the old man, the rules of the Azure Dragon School weren’t even rules, yet Chu Feng still dug his face away like that.

At that moment, it wasn’t already as simple as Chu Feng killing Gong Luyun. He went against Lin Ran’s wishes, and slapped his face in front of a million people. That matter had been made into a huge thing!


Lin Ran held Gong Luyun’s head, and as he looked at his eyes which were not shut, it was as though he was looking as his own son. His body was violently quivering, and indescribable fury was surging in his body.

“Ahh~~~~~~~~~~~~” Suddenly, Lin Ran angrily roared towards the sky and it caused the earth to tremble. After that, he pointed towards the people in the arena, pointed towards Chu Feng, pointed towards everyone, and coldly yelled, “I want every single person here dead and no one alive!!”

“Yes sir!” At the same time that he finished speaking, the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion behind him gave a thunder-like response. Under Lin Ran’s lead, and with killing intent that rose to the heavens, they charged into the arena.

“Really? What is happening? Killing everyone here… Does that mean we need to be killed as well?”

At that instant, everyone in the arena panicked. Not only the people from the Azure Dragon School. Even the expressions of the people from the other schools changed greatly.

They could tell how furious the current Lin Ran was. With his blood-red eyes, clearly, he had already lost all reason. The Qilin army behind him also followed his command, so it seemed that they were truly going to start a massacre.

The Qilin army was too strong. Putting aside Lin Ran’s cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm which could already kill every single person on scene, the people within the Qilin army which had several tens of thousands of people were not mediocre. The weakest were at the 5th level of the Origin realm, but many people already entered the Profound realm. With that formation, it could certainly demolish the Azure Dragon School and kill every single person on scene.

“We’re finished. We’re dead. Chu Feng completely angered Lin Ran, and we have been dragged down by him as well!”

At that instant, many people’s faces were like ashes as they powerlessly sat on the ground limply. As they faced the Qilin army who had golden armor while riding golden horses, they only thing they could do was to wait for death. Many people even lost consciousness from the might of the Qilin army. They felt that they were near death. They felt that they would undoubtedly die.

“As the ruler of the Azure Province, you view human life as though it was grass. The Qilin Prince’s Mansion is truly trash!”

Just at that time, an aged voice suddenly rang out. Following that, from a certain place in the guest viewing seats, twenty blurs abruptly rushed out, and at the end, they solidly landed near the entrance to the arena, and they stopped in front of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion’s huge army of several tens of thousands.