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Martial God Asura - Chapter 177 – World Spirit Guild

Martial God Asura - Chapter 177 – World Spirit Guild

MGA: Chapter 177 – World Spirit Guild

“That Su Mei is quite a nice girl! Her family situation isn’t bad and her talent isn’t weak as well. No need to say anything about her appearance. So, do you want me to help you propose a marriage?” After returning to the plaza, Zhuge Liuyun smiled and said.

“Master, thank you for your good intentions but I don’t want to marry too early.” Chu Feng smiled and replied.

“Let’s go!” Zhuge Liuyun leaped up and landed onto the White-headed Eagle. Chu Feng also rode on the other White-headed eagle.

Both of the eagles opened their wings at the same time and the huge wings were several meters long. Both of their wings flapped and wind rose.

The fierce wind roared and they were like sharp blades. Even the core disciples and core elders on the plaza found it hard to bear it as they got blown back.

Within the wild wind, two White-headed Eagles rose into the air and went straight up into the sky. They first circled the plaza two times before shooting towards the Spirit Province like arrows.

Everyone paid attention to that grand scene and most of their faces were filled with admiration and yearning. However, in a desolate corner in the core zone, there was also a small face that was raised. Su Mei, who stared at the White-headed Eagle, had worry within her eyes.

The White-headed Eagles’ speed was extremely quick and it only took a few days to go over the Azure Province as they arrived within the boundaries of the Spirit Province.

The White-headed Eagle could be counted as a rarity in the Azure Province. Every time it flew past in the air, the people underneath would raise their heads to look and sigh in admiration. However, after arriving at the Spirit Province, Chu Feng discovered that the White-headed Eagle wasn’t all that rare.

As they flew in the air, they even saw a few White-headed Eagles sweep past them. Their speed was even quicker than the ones that they were riding on, and clearly, they were of better quality.

That made Chu Feng think that the Azure Province that he lived in perhaps really was declining when compared to the Spirit Province. No wonder his master, Zhuge Liuyun, would say that.

The so-called geniuses in the Azure Province were only mediocre people and there were no more than ten people who could truly be called as geniuses. The so-called geniuses in the Azure Province really wasn’t much in the eyes of the other provinces.

In reality, the Azure Province wasn’t really all that strong. Within the Nine Provinces, it was deteriorating, and it could not really be compared to the other bigger provinces.

After flying for two more days in the Spirit Province, Chu Feng finally arrived at the so-called World Spirit Guild. As he looked down from above, he could see that the World Spirit Guild was located within the plains.

It was a huge city, and the city was so big that it covered entire mountains, rivers, and even forests. It was simply just like a kingdom and it was so big that it surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination.

From that, he could tell how strong the World Spirit Guild was. No wonder it could become the overlord of the Spirit Province.

The most important thing was that the World Spiritists who were seen so preciously within the Azure Province were everywhere. White-cloak World Spiritists like Zhuge Liuyun were certainly not anyone important.

In that area, only Grey-cloak World Spiritists could be seen highly by others because there were as many White-cloaked World Spiritists as there were “white vegetables” since they could be seen anywhere.

[TN: Chinese cabbage, aka. “bok choy”, is literally translated as “white vegetable” so I left it literal for the joke.]

“Is this the so-called, ‘there’s a sky beyond this sky, and there’s a person beyond this person’?”

Chu Feng and Zhuge Liuyun did not directly enter the World Spirit Guild because people could not enter the World Spirit Guild as they wished. Even if they were World Spiritists they could not. So, they arrived in a city outside of the World Spirit Guild and it was specialized for receiving World Spiritists like them.

At that place, people like Zhuge Liuyun who were White-cloak World Spiritists were everywhere. However, most of them had their hoods taken off and revealed their faces.

“No need to be shocked. The finest World Spiritists in the Nine Provinces are gathered here, so naturally, there would be quite a few World Spiritists.”

“Besides, the Spirit Province is titled as the richest province with the Nine Provinces. When compared to his place, the Azure Province does seem a bit poor and desolate.”

Zhuge Liuyun’s voice rang out and Chu Feng who turned his head to look couldn’t help but be greatly shocked because Zhuge Liuyun took off the hood that he covered his face with. For the first time, Chu Feng saw the face of the old man.

He looked quite different from Chu Feng’s imagination. Not only was he not scary, he seemed rather kind. With a glance, people would feel that the old man was quite amiable.

However, probably exactly because of that reason, Zhuge Liuyun did not let anyone see his appearance because he wanted to leave a dangerous impression on others. Only then could he protect himself better. Perhaps that was truly the best way for him to protect himself.

“Heh… No one is allowed to hide their face here and everyone must abide with that rule, or else they’ll be seen as challenging the might of World Spirit Guild!” Zhuge Liuyun explained and said.

“I like your current appearance better.” Chu Feng smiled and said the words from his heart.

“Boy, is my appearance so amusing to be be made fun of?” Zhuge Liuyun shot Chu Feng a glance then brought him to the registration place for the White-cloak Exam.

As they went there, Chu Feng saw many young people who were similar in age as him. Every single one of them had Spirit power, so it could be seen that they were there for the White-cloak Exam.

“The World Spiritist Exam isn’t too strict. As long as you can pass the first stage, you can get the World Spirit White-cloak.”

“The World Spirit White-cloak is made out of special materials. When you wear it, as long as you don’t emanate any aura, no one can detect your cultivation.”

“The most important thing is that the World Spirit White-cloak is a symbol of status. In the future, if you wear this white-cloak back to the Azure Province, I think that no one will look down on you again. Many powers would even want to befriend you and rope you in to be a guest.”

“But of course, laying a Spirit Formation is physical work, and laying formations of Spirit Formations would be even more physical work. Laying a Spirit Formation that envelops an entire power is a huge project.”

“The outsiders only see the glory of us World Spiritists, but they don’t even know the hard work we need to do.” Zhuge Liuyun reminded Chu Feng after helping Chu Feng get the qualification badge for participating in the exam.

“Master, other than the first stage, is there a second stage?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Of course, after passing the first stage, you can get the World Spirit White-cloak. However, even though you can get the World Spirit White-cloak like that, you need to pay the appropriate price to buy it.” Zhuge Liuyun replied.

“You need to buy it? How much does it cost?” Chu Feng closely asked.

“A single World Spirit White-cloak costs a thousand Origin beads, and that’s given if you pass the first stage. Or else, even if you want to buy one you couldn’t.” Zhuge Liuyun said.

“That expensive?” Chu Feng was endlessly shocked. To him, a thousand Origin beads was certainly a huge number to him.

“Don’t worry, I have already prepared them for you. As long as you can pass the first stage, the World Spirit White-cloak is yours.” Zhuge Liuyun dotingly looked at Chu Feng.

At that instant, if Chu Feng said he wasn’t touched, those would be lies. However, he still curiously asked, “Master, do you know how much a World Spirit Grey-cloak costs?”