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Martial God Asura Chapter 1655 - Too Shameless

Martial God Asura Chapter 1655 - Too Shameless

“Young man, the question you asked is too easy. Even if this poor monk were to close his eyes, he would still be able to answer your question,” After answering Chu Feng’s question, this fake monk was extremely proud of himself and actually flipped his head elegantly.

Speaking of it, even though he was so fat that there was no neck to be seen, his head was still quite nimble. He was able to flip his head without any issue. Furthermore, his head flip was quite rhythmic.

However, no matter how one looked at it, he had the appearance of trying to anger and annoy you. As there was only him and Chu Feng in this place, he was evidently trying to anger and annoy Chu Feng.

“Did I say that I was asking you that? What I wanted to ask is who currently possesses the Fire Immortal Profound Technique,” Chu Feng suddenly asked.

“Young man, you’re truly evil. Aren’t you simply trying to make things difficult for this monk?”

“That question of yours, if you were to ask others, there would really not be anyone that could answer your question. After all, the Fire Immortal Profound Technique has disappeared for a long time. It has already become a mystery.”

“However, your question is of no difficulty to this monk,” The fake monk laughed mischievously. Then, he said, “Speaking of it, it’s a long story. If you really want to investigate it, it’s something that happened fifteen thousand eight hundred and thirty-three years ago.”

“That was after Emperor Gong’s era, and before Emperor Qing’s era. Even though the human power’s Three Palaces, Four Clans and Nine Powers all existed in the Holy Land of Martialism, they were unable to contend against the Ancient Era’s Elves.”

“That was an era that was relatively mediocre. Thus, that was also an era that ended up being forgotten. In that era, there was a genius.”

“That person used poison techniques to super artistic achievements. His world spirit techniques were all poisonous, his martial skills were all poisonous, and even his weapons were all poisonous.”

“Du Wanwu was his name. He had given himself this name. The implication behind his name was that there was nothing in this world that he could not poison.”

[1. Du Wanwu → Poison All Living Things]

“Later on, due to the fact that the people whom he had killed with poison all died extremely ugly deaths and suffered enormously before death, the people gave him another name, Poison Demon.”

“After that, Poison Demon Du Wanwu was born. He became the most frightening existence in that era. The Great Evildoers of this era, when compared to that Du Wanwu, are all greatly inferior.”

“However, Du Wanwu was too arrogant. He had clearly only learned poisonous techniques. Yet, for the sake of pride, he actually insisted on fighting against the Three Palaces for the newly-emerged Fire Immortal Profound Technique.”

“In the end, even though he managed to successfully obtain the Fire Immortal Profound Technique, he had slaughtered a lot of people from the Three Palaces while fighting against them for the Fire Immortal Profound Technique.”

“This greatly enraged the Three Palaces. They ended up joining hands to suppress the Poison Demon. They planned to eliminate him completely. After investigating, they discovered the Poison Demon’s hometown. Then, they a.s.sembled great forces and proceed to the Poison Demon’s hometown. They wanted to use the Poison Demon’s family to threaten him.”

“However, when they reached his hometown, they found out that the village he was from had already disappeared. Since then, the Poison Demon had also disappeared alongside his village. Furthermore, it was not only him and that village; the Fire Immortal Profound Technique had also disappeared,” The fake monk narrated all this extremely vividly. In the end, he did not forget to sigh. It was as if what he had said was all real.

This monk was truly worthy of being a swindler. His acting skill was extremely excellent. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had seen this fake monk deceive that young girl earlier, Chu Feng might really have believed his words.

“Not bad, your story was made up extremely well,” Chu Feng smiled lightly and prepared to leave.

“My, you don’t believe me?” However, that monk grabbed Chu Feng and said, “It’s fine for you to not believe me. However, you must still pay the explanation fee.”

“Explanation fee?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s the fee of me explaining and answering the question you asked me earlier,” The monk replied.

“Didn’t you said that it’s free of charge?” Chu Feng stated.

“Yes, it’s free of charge. But, you will still have to pay the explanation fee,” The fat monk said with a beaming smile.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng sneered in his heart. Sure enough, this monk was a swindler. While it was one thing to deceive others, he actually dared to come deceive him too. Chu Feng would definitely not let him get away with it.

However, right at this moment, that monk muttered with a low voice, “If you do not pay me the explanation fee, I’ll go and find the Nangong Imperial Clan.”

After hearing what the monk said, Chu Feng’s heart was startled. He felt that the situation was bad. Why would this monk mention the Nangong Imperial Clan all of a sudden? Could it be that he had discovered something? Even though Chu Feng was feeling very uneasy, he still acted extremely calm. Not only was he not afraid, he instead sneered, “Find the Nangong Imperial Clan? What do you mean by that? Could it be that you dare to deceive others like this because the Nangong Imperial Clan is your backer?”

“Young man, stop pretending. You yourself know best who the people in your burlap sack are. Not only did you kidnap the Nangong Imperial Clan’s princes, you’ve even beaten them to such a state. If I were to report you, you would likely have to suffer an enormous consequence,” said the monk.


Hearing those words, Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and strength suddenly entered his foot. He was planning to escape the monk.

He had managed to realize that this monk was not simple. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to instantly see through the burlap sack. One must know that the burlap sack was a treasure that ordinary people could not see through at all.

“Young man, where are you going?”

However, that monk continued to grab onto Chu Feng’s hand. His grasp was so firm that Chu Feng was unable to break free no matter how hard he tried. This monk was many times more powerful than Chu Feng had imagined him to be. His cultivation was definitely above Chu Feng’s, and he was likely many times stronger than Chu Feng too. Chu Feng was evidently no match for him.

It turned out that this monk was not only a swindler, he was also an expert.

“Exactly who are you?” Chu Feng was frowning deeply and feeling extremely uneasy. He began to suspect that this monk might have come precisely for him.

“Hehe, young man, who else could this monk possible me? I am know-it-all,” The monk laughed mischievously.

“Exactly what do you plan to do?” Chu Feng asked.

“Young man, don’t be afraid. I do not care about the grudges between you and the Nangong Imperial Clan. I merely want my explanation fee,” The monk said.

“Explanation fee? How much do you want?” Chu Feng asked.

“I want the scroll sealed in that Cosmos Sack that’s sealed by a world spirit formation,” The monk pointed to Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack with a gleeful smile.

Chu Feng was immediately stunned to hear those words. It turned out that this monk had not come for him. Instead, he had come for that scroll. Could it be that this monk was related to that ferocious witch?

“Senior, this scroll was given to me to keep safe for someone else. I’m afraid that I cannot hand it to you. Would it be possible for me to use other items in place of that scroll?” After discovering that the monk was not a simple character, Chu Feng’s face was immediately filled with smiles. As the saying goes, before eaves, one must lower one’s head. At this moment, this was the exact situation Chu Feng was in.

Chu Feng was grabbed by the monk. It was simply impossible for him to escape. Not to mention whether the monk planned to hand Chu Feng to the Nangong Imperial Clan or not, the monk himself possessed the ability to kill Chu Feng.

Before him, if Chu Feng dared to act tough, he would definitely be courting death. When he could not act tough, he had no choice but to act soft.

“Young man, this monk only wants that scroll,” said the monk.

“Senior, if I were to give that scroll to you, I would likely be killed,” Chu Feng said.

“Young man, you will only be killed if you keep that scroll. I am taking it away in order to neutralize your calamity,” said the monk.

“Senior, what do you mean by that?” Chu Feng asked.

“If you do not hand the scroll to me, I will hand you to the Nangong Imperial Clan. Do you think that the Nangong Imperial Clan will let you get away? Naturally, it will be your calamity.”

“However, if you are to hand the scroll to me, I will let you leave right away. From then on, we will not owe each other anything. Naturally, I will also have neutralized your calamity,” said the monk with a beaming smile.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt like vomiting blood. He had seen a lot of shameless people. However, he had never seen a person as shameless as this monk. This monk was clearly threatening him. Yet, he kept insisting on saying that he was helping him neutralize a calamity. This was simply too shameless.